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January 31st, 2008
wasting life in front of a computer sharkfish (13 comments)
Damn, damn, damn; I f**ked up bad. really bad Bot (30)
Obama doing good in this debate Bot (13)
Tonight's dinner Michael B (6)
let the car go you dolt fag (17)
Fixed the server; expect less slowdowns around here. Wayne (9)
Interesting dialoque related to language choices Ricky (3)
One thing about the language debate Bot (8)
Is your work exiting? Ricky (11)
Have you seen this? JoC (6)
We are getting old Bot (13)
mr. purple the great purple (1)
I had 6 months notice + 6 months severance + big plans .. A beer in one hand .. (15)
I'm such an idiot Kenny (8)
started Clomid today the great purple (19)
oy, Paul Graham being dissed by the entire intarweb sharkfish (32)
Why? man on the stair (3)
Back to the Future son of parnas (2)
I have this problem, too sharkfish (11)
Technical question: VPNs and IP conflicts Practical Geezer (10)
I'm Now Cheap Labor for India son of parnas (4)
Happy birthday, Aaron! jingalala jingalala ™ (7)
Mariella Frostrup man on the stair (2)
Topical listening for our American friends man on the stair (1)
Sorry about the cheeseburger link Locutus of Borg (2)
more hot teacher sexcapades Boston Legal (14)
Marijuana vending machine sharkfish (9)
January 30th, 2008
reddit becoming fark sharkfish (0)
How to tell when somebody knows they are about to get fired sharkfish (4)
Protest at a funeral? Brown Coat (9)
Passive Voice Ricky (5)
so how many The voice of reason (6)
why black men get on my nerves sharkfish (35)
positive thread sharkfish (12)
Ladies, startle your menfolk trollop (3)
How do you stay positive Friday (16)
White Elites and Blacks like Obama Bot (4)
Joel supports Obama Ricky (19)
Flint: More miserable than your city Clay Dowling (9)
Javascript question Bot (6)
SQL Server inherited tables? Clay Dowling (9)
Fired after tendering 2 weeks... Michael B (13)
Truly crazy Bot (4)
Above the law Aaron (9)
Charting type -- the rectangles in like a surface map DF (6)
Wing Bluebeard (2)
Women understood: How Star Women Build Portable Skills Lombrado (7)
Edwards leaving the race xampl (4)
Single sign on solutions? Colm (19)
Cool opensource package (inkscape) Bot (6)
Save our outmoded crap!! muppet (10)
Striking script writers - no sympathy from me Philip (42)
Free Speech? Hate Speech? Over the line? ThugLife (3)
Giant piece of sheet metal peeled off our roof and... Michael B (21)
Now, that is geek Bot (8)
President who was confident than a President who was certain Lombrado (6)
Here's a Mother of the Year candidate. What do you think? Captain C# (30)
Pardon me... JoC (2)
Well, I try my best man on the stair (0)
Why bother cheating at CS classes? Boston Legal (13)
Cheeseburger, in a can. Wayne (18)
"Security" updates Computer User (3)
Biking Peter (2)
January 29th, 2008
Engineers and terrorists Ricky (5)
That is new; 2008 Lincoln, powered by Microsoft Windows Bot (6)
Brice Richard wows them on JoS Cheapskate (1)
what we are watching at the office right now sharkfish (0)
Watch in real time as reddit bashs Paul Graham's arc Bot (5)
Power changing hands without violence... Michael B (9)
Joel abandoning the discussion forums for reddit? Wayne (3)
JOS is getting weirder than this place LH (9)
Foreclosure pets xampl (12)
Hmm, Joel gayified the Obama logo and is supporting him. Bot (19)
Vet school xampl (8)
wSV for moderator! grass roots (17)
Real reason why men code and why women don't; it is the math Bot (53)
"What I really wanted to say: Fuck you!" worldsSmallestViolin (8)
new timewaster sharkfish (5)
Why men code sharkfish (8)
So all the supermarkets near me are now selling reusable grocery muppet (26)
Video editing man on the stair (24)
Global warming & developing nations xampl (18)
If you want get off an email list son of parnas (13)
Shirley Q Liquor on homosexicals and black people Tapiwa (2)
I'm off the red wine and curry from now on man on the stair (6)
Rule 42? man on the stair (17)
Shields up! man on the stair (0)
Oh. My. G... man on the stair (16)
A tip for Clay Locutus of Borg (16)
Jaberwock man on the stair (5)
Interesting Slashdot poll Ricky (4)
Whispers in the Dark Linder Vroegop (1)
FBI questions Blogger Boston Legal (7)
January 28th, 2008
How many Heath Ledgers died in Iraq this month? sharkfish (7)
I just want to gloat that... shane (4)
The definitive answer on why girls don't do programming sharkfish (51)
Mondays SUCK sharkfish (20)
state of the union interview Friday (2)
state of the union thread arg! (38)
How do they do this? xampl (3)
Boobies xampl (2)
MinWin is minimal Ricky (4)
Met a real live republican today!! Bot (7)
This is an outrage son of parnas (37)
This does not matter JoC (4)
Priceless JoC (0)
It lives! Clay Dowling (13)
Looks like I have some phone calls to make Tapiwa (5)
WebCT Vista is a horrible, horrid piece of putrid shit muppet (12)
It snowed here over the weekend. Aaron (10)
More importantly than any of the other crap this morning: muppet (12)
Zed speaks again!!!! Bot (14)
I should clarify a bit muppet (37)
Yale Lecturer: Flush the Prozac & Hack Your Own Happiness son of parnas (5)
Best Book of the Decade son of parnas (13)
C++ weenies are weenies and here's proof Boston Legal (19)
Oh yeah I forgot to mention muppet (5)
the boring stock market crash Boston Legal (18)
Would you hire an assassin off CraigsList? Boston Legal (6)
The Gods of muppetland a2800276 (17)
Unresponsive JoS bon vivant (3)
Life is good Aaron (2)
short burst of sleep Andy (0)
January 27th, 2008
How many of you have had an extra-marital affair? Truth or Dare (24)
Number 23 Review: It was ok Bot (4)
This is an enormous load of shit muppet (16)
Republicans want federal ID card required to access internet Boston Legal (13)
Idea - information database Bot (6)
Muppet abuse thread muppet (50)
Plug for sharkfish, only female hacker I know of Bot (19)
Michael B muppet (4)
Saw "No Country for Old Men" last night. Terrible movie. Captain C# (5)
australian open Friday (3)
Suharto dies Pak Djoko from Jogjakarta (2)
now joel is taking over CoT? Friday (2)
'Stone Age' violence in the 21st century Bluebeard (6)
January 26th, 2008
bonus money and possible purchases Bot (23)
Renaming things. trollop (7)
"We will not rest until mankind is cleared" Boston Legal (4)
Entire Synthetic Genome Created Patrick (4)
Going to check out this Number 23, it better not suck Bot (10)
Chicken sharkfish (14)
A song for you all. sharkfish (0)
heh-heh fun at the gym sharkfish (6)
strap a dog to a carrier on the roof sharkfish (5)
I bought a book today. sharkfish (30)
Mormon porn king arrested Boston Legal (3)
A Netflix for books? Michael B (5)
Cast iron pans DF (26)
No Country Left Behind - The Bush Legacy son of parnas (2)
Strya Die trollop (0)
Now That's a Fine Oxymoron son of parnas (0)
Happy Birthday, Locutus of Borg! jingalala jingalala ™ (3)
January 25th, 2008
Ron Jeremy Friday (1)
My Kind of Church son of parnas (0)
Guess who is doing Allan Bot (7)
Sick of the rats nest of cables Boston Legal (8)
We're fucked fucked fucked - Part II Bluebeard (9)
Did you read 120 books this year? Bot (17)
Strange dream oil painting Bot (4)
Thanks for the xul recommendation Bot (2)
attention god botherers Bluebeard (9)
lull sharkfish (10)
This place is in no way "crazy" Sanjay Kumar is in da House! (2)
"Before foreclosure, I bought a cheaper house" sharkfish (34)
C#'s Javadoc is horrible son of parnas (2)
I hope muppet is not involved in this mistake Ricky (5)
Well on the way to the funeral this morning muppet (9)
Tesla Goes Vrooooom son of parnas (6)
I wonder how well the USians would do in this test? Tapiwa (21)
Plot to hijack and crash airliner JoC (13)
Bob Marley had it right xampl (2)
"Born in East LA" comes true for some Americans. Peter (11)
what IT idea gona change the world Raja (10)
human resource Raja (6)
Why Joel's Board sucks and has jumped the shark Boston Legal (33)
As good as it gets trollop (3)
Spam You To Hell PsychicReader (10)
Happy 2nd Birthday, Crazy on Tap. Wayne (21)
Linux developers Ricky (3)
I just drank a bottel of whiskey Boston Legal (45)
January 24th, 2008
tax rebate Friday (9)
good company no raise Friday (9)
Getting a girl in bed has nothing to do with anything you say Michael B (13)
DWB, is this the best they can do? Boston Legal (13)
"I may never want to sleep with my husband again" Student of life (29)
Kinder Capitalism? Bill Gates? Ricky (6)
The nose of the ceremonial penguin? LH (0)
Sharky, damn it muppet (9)
Child abuse by government authorities bon vivant (2)
Muppet might have another genetic condition besides Crohns... Wayne (0)
Tough guys support republicans Bot (3)
I am changing my vote for Dennis Bot (8)
Would would be cool; GUI desktop development through Firefox API Bot (16)
Custom user scripts in Firefox DF (10)
Name that flick JoC (19)
gawk Friday (1)
Now I can put it on my resume, just beat Portal Bot (5)
Biggest complaints about government in the 1700s Michael B (8)
The Bogosity of Population Based Arguments son of parnas (4)
Market Research Question Clay Dowling (6)
Vas deferens/testicle pain Michael B (2)
Rogue Trader sharkfish (7)
University endowments xampl (11)
midnight phone call the great purple (49)
WTF WTF? JoC (5)
I think I got about 20 minutes actual sleep last night muppet (13)
Whoops there goes another man on the stair (2)
Goth pets el (12)
Anyone here read Thomas More's Utopia? man on the stair (3)
What are the odds this is important? trollop (1)
Rick can't be trusted - eat at Ken's instead Ward (7)
C# and Visual Studio is a Good Combo son of parnas (11)
SOHK Friday (0)
xml question (.NET) sharkfish (4)
January 23rd, 2008
I think I may d*ck around Bot (10)
Underboob xampl (2)
If you tender two weeks notice... Michael B (11)
Only two good ways to make money on IT Bot (57)
women's sixth makeout sense. hello. (11)
Are you still fascinated by the code? Bot (15)
ms office pro, visio, project Asian Contingent of COTers. (9)
will you pay to be passenger for virgin spaceship? Asian Contingent of COTers. (12)
What's a job that requires... Michael B (16)
Help me fill my Netflix queue sharkfish (30) sharkfish (0)
Bus encounter sharkfish (18)
Town greets alien visitors (1)
Is this really fraud? DF (13)
The Genius Politicians. Featuring McCain Lombrado (12)
You only need 3 things to be happy LH (7)
You know, I wonder... Aaron (4)
Hydrocephalus Case Study, With Pictures son of parnas (24)
Best joke you'll hear this week about Heath Ledger Michael B (5)
Our man Joel DF (7)
Why doesn't everyone take LSD? son of parnas (14)
Why is the sky blue? xampl (11)
Why only five whys? xampl (6)
Why do people xampl (6)
Why Apple is better than Microsoft xampl (11)
Why is MLK Blvd always a high-crime area? xampl (6)
Chris' grandpa died last night in CT Hospice, 2 am. muppet (7)
Croc runs amok with chainsaw man on the stair (2)
You see... man on the stair (1)
January 22nd, 2008
World of Coca-Cola the great purple (12)
The  neighbor's dog sharkfish (7)
Lolly Gobble Bliss-Bombs trollop (4)
Rashness on my part Clay Dowling (8)
Mysterious DNS blocks Boston Legal (5)
Opinions on Jacksonville FL? xampl (9)
Screw debian, ubuntu is good for servers too Bot (7)
And the Oscar goes to......(Oscar prediction thread) ..because i work for oil company (9)
How old is 40 years old, really? sharkfish (41)
Whenever (0)
This is the state of Joel on Software, long live Chris Bot (0)
Heath is dead, what about Winehouse? Bot (3)
Brokeback Mountain actor dead JoC (10)
Toshiba caught in marketting lies Boston Legal (12)
end of work unexpected bonus hello. (1)
Bernanke goes wild! xampl (5)
Ok, the truth sharkfish (9)
Reddit, of course 8000 people know what they are talking about Bot (0)
Microsoft Word backup files Bot (3)
If you're a capable person in a stable society Michael B (20)
Useful Subversive Activities Clay Dowling (7)
I can't believe it.  I AM USING THE ACTIVE VOICE!!! Bot (13)
Now dogs allowed on the bus?!? Boston Legal (22)
Will Hillary and Huckabee get the fat vote? Bot (10)
This whole Wired thing muppet (5)
Look at reddit business (sky is falling) Bot (6)
OMFG this may be the best comic/image ever muppet (13)
Most People Saying CS Students Suck Suck Worse son of parnas (38)
If we just had a little federal leadership son of parnas (0)
Isn't Hiding the Optimal Reaction? son of parnas (26)
Bedtime Story trollop (0)
FTSE's treading water trollop (3)
So my wife's grandfather will probably die today muppet (3)
So now I'm stuck with the new HFA asthma inhalers muppet (17)
Are You Still Christian Without Going To Church for Years? Simplio (15)
Search all accounts in Thunderbird? Practical Geezer (2)
Mutant super cockroaches in space! man on the stair (0)
Happy birthday Sharkfish! Locutus of Borg (16)
I dont get this worldsSmallestVolin (5)
January 21st, 2008
Anyone see Sunshine movie (SPOILERS INSIDE)? sharkfish (1)
Are nicotine gum companies owned by the tobacco companies? DF (4)
Poor Colin Powell anon (25)
HD-DVD dead? google will get you more (16)
This is funny, Hillary and Obama going at it Bot (22)
huge display MTP (4)
Is there a tool to run Linux commands over SSH from Windows? Wayne (9)
Something to put on my resume Bot (6)
So, not to flog a dead horse or anything... Colm (24)
I do this during church, too Bot (10)
Does it freak you out when sharkfish (8)
The Republicans really are going to take the Whitehouse again DF (38)
Gotta luv these recruiters Mr. Sanjay Kumar is in Da House! (7)
saw cornelius at the fillmore hello. (2)
TV remote controls sharkfish (3)
Child Bankrupts Make-A-Wish Foundation DF (5)
CoT slow today? xampl (13)
New job Aaron (34)
I Want Moon Base Alpha Damn It son of parnas (29)
edit in place sharkfish (9)
Distributed Version Control Doesn't Matter son of parnas (14)
Happy Martin Luther King Day son of parnas (17)
Read this if you are planning to write a technical book sharkfish (37)
Amusing juxtaposition Abstract Typist (6)
Time to buy some shares? Erik Springelkamp (22)
Why does everything suck? Boston Legal (24)
Another conspiracy theory of mine, media is destroying America. Bot (9)
How do you feel about non-assimilators sharkfish (29)
January 20th, 2008
"I know it hurts you for an older, more experienced woman to .." worldsSmallestViolin (1)
Black Enough Boston Legal (23)
Long live Chris, some interesting posts from his blog Bot (12)
who the fuck defects from Taiwan to China? Parker (26)
religious losers Parker (41)
1.20.09 Parker (11)
economics Parker (17)
COT POLL: Were you ever in the armed forces? Parker (19)
Is sharky a good racist or a bad racist? Colm (57)
bluray player Parker (2)
My Elevator Pitch son of parnas (2)
dynamic ip --> accessible web site sharkfish (7)
Ted Kazcynski sharkfish (13)
When was the last time you go to church? Simplio (19)
Wow, the ignorance of my family is astounding muppet (10)
Baptist Churches shunning members Boston Legal (16)
336,000 veterans were homeless in 2006 Boston Legal (9)
You know why there are so many web frameworks? sharkfish (8)
So much for trickle down sharkfish (34)
nametag sharkfish (9)
anyone into beer Friday (17)
January 19th, 2008
Robots learn to lie Ricky (3)
The upcoming F1 season Asian Contingent of COTers. (5)
historical antagonism between Latinos and blacks. Asian Contingent of COTers. (14)
I've added "quoted in Wired Magazine" to my technical CV muppet (11)
My lovely grandmother today forwarded me an email muppet (24)
Paul to get 2nd or 3rd in Neveda Bot (7)
Is this mainstream American thought? sharkfish (4)
Rule for copyrighted code in books Bot (12)
LOL Dreamhost removed every one of my posts muppet (10)
Ward in Wired: "Let us know if there's anything beyond the 7th d 2.1 or 7.6? (16)
how much were the overcharges? 2.1 or 7.6? (0)
How can you make sure your favicon shows up? No Show (1)
Prelude to COT How time flies (29)
Mit Romney caught in bald faced lies Boston Legal (7)
e-harmony Friday (5)
perl Friday (7)
January 18th, 2008
Wikipedia: DereamHost billing issue resolved. Brown Coat (5)
Joel on Software price gouging Bot (10)
Montessori school for 3-4 yrs old Patrick (12)
how to find a cause for hang in xp? Rudolf (4)
Not drinking has been good for me Bot (5)
My pick for cool web applications Bot (2)
Amazon ignored French Court Order Ricky (12)
Vonage experiences? xampl (4)
Bush Wants to Jack the Debt Up Even Higher son of parnas (22)
shock the monkey Boston Legal (6)
plea for help sharkfish (5)
My loony bun is fine Benny Lava! Bluebeard (4)
new job hello. (13)
Now, you really can live forever Bot (11)
I need a natural high Bot (9)
Bobby Fisher RIP sharkfish (15)
dog attack sharkfish (32)
Perl's the wrong tool for credit card processing Michael B (8)
Everything is a spreadsheet support burnout (16)
I wanna be a spaceman! man on the stair (4)
Fuckers revisited man on the stair (8)
Fried Squirrel Recipe Boston Legal (15)
Should all developers learn perl Bot (17)
The business of gaming, a look at Dec sales Bot (1)
January 17th, 2008
People's ideas about custom development Boston Legal (41)
kkk chat Friday (11)
More things you didn't know about credit cards Michael B (15)
Cultural Literacy: FCC bans Blumpkin Boston Legal (1)
See muppet, not even the banks test their code Michael B (39)
software business model question sharkfish (10)
Budget Car aplogy ShyK (6)
maybe not moving to london hello. (11)
Regexs in Perl are so much better son of parnas (32)
I can't get away!!! Cory Foy (8)
The charge hasn't been reversed, in fact it's been confirmed muppet (53)
selfish capitalism sharkfish (19)
Who did he deceive? JoC (22)
Boeing 777 glides into Heathrow man on the stair (22)
A Dream I Had Last Night DF (16)
Does anyone here have any experience with LunarPages? muppet (2)
Still no refund muppet (28)
Need an Issue/Ticket Tracker what are you reading for? (13)
You go, girl trollop (2)
Britney is converting to Islam! Boston Legal (12)
The elegant art of feminine conflict Michael B (2)
January 16th, 2008
System boot speedup hack Michael B (13)
Business tips I've learned from Dreamhost Michael B (8)
now accepting applicants A suffering soul (1)
so how much quality time do you spend MILF seeker (0)
People on the official Dreamhost blogs (other commenters) are muppet (41)
Immigration gumballs xampl (1)
Ayn Rand A white leather sofa (33)
I like vim but I also like intellisense Michael B (3)
Memorable Dreams Yellow Roses (2)
More OJ Simpson news xampl (5)
What commercial software is a better replacement for... Michael B (17)
What Happens When Rappers Get Ahold of Powerpoint Full name (1)
Acquisitions, acquisitions Ricky (11)
Working man -1; Bloodsucking bastards 999,999 JoC (2)
Lots more flying dreams lately muppet (16)
Evangelical Pastor Doped kids, then ate their hearts Boston Legal (9)
Is this anonymous enough? maybe possibly (10)
What a power move Bot (3)
I don't think an electromagnetic watch can deflect a bullet son of parnas (9)
I have a pewter golfer JoC (0)
Ultra High Resolution 13-19ft screen JoC (3)
Ultra High Resolution Hubble Deep Space Field Poster Michael B (4)
I Feel Dummer Already son of parnas (6)
It's Complicated son of parnas (0)
Nifong files for bankruptcy xampl (0)
trying for a baby update: we have an egg the great purple (11)
engrish Friday (0)
YouTube is filtered JoC (4)
Still no refund from Dreamhost, 12 hours after their muppet (39)
lol.  Good political summary LORB (12)
What is today? plus ça change (9)
Trader Made Billions on Subprime Lombrado (3)
Head of Interpol charged with corruption Bluebeard (3)
F# Bluebeard (2)
January 15th, 2008
See, what was quick Bot (7)
Glenn Beck is such a hick Bot (5)
So if you call America Dan Denman (6)
creepy sharkfish (15)
Muppet, real professional host you have there? Bot (45)
UK's SOCPA law makes peaceful protest a serious crime Boston Legal (3)
If people don't understand lotteries JoC (9)
C# .Net events threads delagets very confusing son of parnas (32)
My sister gave birth last night Scott (5)
New Mac Air is Out son of parnas (14)
paneity sharkfish (9)
Killing and cleaning Michael B (12)
Dreamhost has either disabled their control panel, or it's muppet (4)
Apocalypto sharkfish (21)
I'm getting this as a tattoo muppet (7)
Ford taken over by the spirit if RIAA son of parnas (3)
A Large Christian Based American Company Seeks Managers son of parnas (22)
Cloverfield might be interesting son of parnas (8)
Is PrimalScript worth buying? Captain C# (7)
Dreamhost just erroneously charged my checking account nearly muppet (37)
No, I'm not going to take my glasses off trollop (12)
Fresh blonde joke Momloocadral (0)
Zed's Ruby Confidential Lombrado (0)
January 14th, 2008
Another One of the Many Reasons I (heart) Python Michael B (9)
Including code from OSS sharkfish (12)
Hyper-segregation sharkfish (20)
Atom vs RSS idiots! (1)
Deal or No Deal Ricky (18)
My new hobby muppet (12)
Fuckers Aaron (10)
In other news, the rich are intelligent trollop (27)
Can we improve CoT? Bot (30)
IE6 is piece of shit... Wayne (3)
HEY... wtf is sharkfish? Bluebeard (9)
I love the unix admins Bot (7)
Performance enhancing drinks? (10)
So, we've all had that urge, right? muppet (3)
Wesley Snipes JoC (4)
Died in a blogging accident... SaveTheHubble (1)
Compiere (for Sharkfish) LORB (3)
OHHHHHHHHHH muppet (14)
Best commercial of all time muppet (3)
SLAM-DUNK BUSINESS IDEA: Recreational Bubble Wrap! Michael B (10)
Imagining the past and the future use the same hardware son of parnas (3)
Company laying off 20k Bot (14)
Parsing in Javascript and writing to an array Stephen Jones (15)
'Skins' trollop (0)
A meter is about a yard trollop (12)
I didnÄs post this man on the stair (7)
Beach life man on the stair (0)
The Tilapia was great! Locutus of Borg (11)
More geek stuff, I like virtual machines Bot (19)
January 13th, 2008
Just one of the many reasons I love Python Michael B (62)
Do ANY cosmetics sold today have scientific basis? urmom (2)
Are we excited about the Sarah Connor chronicles? Bot (16)
George Bush has syphillis Boston Legal (8)
I'm offering a presidential pardon to everyone Duff (4)
State of America, by Mike Gravel Bot (0)
Is a cat's purr part of its parasympathetic nervous system? Michael B (3)
Best PHP framework? son of parnas (10)
I was watching "Cheaters" and I had a great idea: "Bitchy Wives" The Producer's Casting Couch (9)
January 12th, 2008
Open Disaronno bar until midnight -- come join the party Michael B (1)
Paul offers presidential pardon to all drug offenders Boston Legal (14)
Ever thrown a party trollop (17)
Family Guy or Scrubs? Pollster (3)
PTL xampl (4)
Huge gas cloud will hit Milky Way! man on the stair (5)
awkward naked girl (NSFW) does magic phone (20)
STH = odd duck o (0)
PETA on pit bulls Michael B (15)
The Consolidation Pump Has Begun son of parnas (11)
You Don't Look @ Your Phone Every Two Minutes and I Won't son of parnas (11)
Um.... ,..., (1)
The Kite Runner what are you reading for? (2)
Life in HongKong worldsSmallestViolin (4)
Friday night, CoT not fun.... Friday (4)
Anonymous nurse account of Crohn's patients Michael B (38)
January 11th, 2008
netflix anyone? Friday (2)
Ron Paul is no racist Bot (3) Friday (1)
Zarathustra JoC (8)
Okay, but in English it means, "small breasts". SaveTheHubble (10)
How awful/funny is this? JoC (10)
Blast from the past -- the Worst Keyboards Ever SaveTheHubble (9)
*tap tap* Bathroom Stall Republican (9)
Gave notice today xampl (14)
Molly's now wearing an inflatable e-collar (pro-collar) AND muppet (59)
"Economic Stimulus"? SaveTheHubble (15)
dungeonmaker worldsSmallestViolin (3)
rock paper scissors simulation worldsSmallestViolin (8)
Most useless gadget of the year award, 2008? man on the stair (17)
the beach life is almost over worldsSmallestViolin (22)
Ultimate Hacker Derails Trains, wrecks regional havoc Boston Legal (8)
bbc writers on drugs worldsSmallestViolin (7)
so new job ... heartsheep (4)
January 10th, 2008
UK startup salaries hello. (12)
Tonight's masterpiece Michael B (14)
Kerry endorsing Obama Friday (6)
Blackwater's chemical weapons Boston Legal (10)
What Hilary needs is Dan Denman (3)
Molly's mange has spread again muppet (13)
Did you know that "gullible" isn't in the dictionary? Ward (3)
Ron Paul on the race thing Bot (15)
The other Hillary el (3)
"gullible" worldsSmallestViolin (19)
Starting to appreciate dom and javascript Bot (9)
Cross-promoting Clay Dowling (0)
Gratuitous LOLCat Spam Clay Dowling (2)
Making your business cycle dependent upon Google traffic is dumb muppet (20)
Do negative things said about google get you buried Bot (4)
Hilarious Aaron (4)
Is there any proof that URL slugs are effective? Michael B (22)
Victory is great, but honor is greater. Defend your Southern her son of parnas (13)
Go here to find god son of parnas (1)
Does coding wipe you out? Michael B (10)
Something's wrong with me. Michael B (1)
Are women sexist for voting for Hillary? Michael B (17)
Tay Zonday Clay Dowling (3)
How stupid must you be to become a fundamentalist Christian? (48)
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Best product advertisement ev4r Locutus of Borg (6)
fuck me, THIS is hilarious. Locutus of Borg (15)
"employers want nothing more then easily replacable drones " worldsSmallestViolin (14)
Drug Gang Finances, a formal Economic Study Boston Legal (1)
The thing about ron paul's racism... worldsSmallestViolin (8)
January 9th, 2008
god/allah/budha/several unknown(to me) deities help us Friday (6)
I am done with Ron Paul Bot (15)
Nokia Internet Tablet LH (3)
What are your morals/ethics?  Why? Michael B (64)
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The Need for Our Candidates to Appear Human son of parnas (11)
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XMas Fun, but cold Boston Legal (2)
So Google *does* have a sense of humour man on the stair (2)
NH primary was fraudulent Boston Legal (9)
January 8th, 2008
"Cut your hair or don't graduate, hippie!" Boston Legal (18)
any more links? Friday (1)
For today's programming project: beer and assembly code Peter (1)
bbc projects mccain Colm (10)
Oh yeah did I mention that the town upped all of our assessments muppet (6)
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The hierarchy of CoT attractiveness has been well established worldsSmallestViolin (7)
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Is now a good time to buy e-book reader ? Patrick (3)
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are there basketball courts in London? hello. (16)
Golden Balls Up man on the stair (6)
I propose a fucking bill. arg! (6)
To this I can only say JoC (4)
There are developers scouting my neighborhood muppet (32)
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Ernest Hemingway Bot (4)
Tiger vs Polar Bear Rich Japanese man (20)
January 7th, 2008
Republicans, sure are rich Bot (3)
So, who wins NH, Bot (5)
This page cannot be displaced because Ricky (2)
Anybody got a good Vista Sidebar widget for iTunes? muppet (9)
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Terragen on a dual core = win muppet (2)
Everything Paul said in the debate made sense (BL) son of parnas (6)
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Losers Wish for Scarcity Winners Leverage Scale son of parnas (4)
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So I visited Zed Shaws website again today worldsSmallestViolin (6)
Can't You Dance the Polka? man on the stair (1)
Republicans Should Shutup and Do What They are Told son of parnas (4)
Orson Scott Card is.. worldsSmallestViolin (10)
January 6th, 2008
American Gladiator sharkfish (15)
let's experiment Friday (13)
Finally beginning to get some pretty output from my phantom proj muppet (12)
wtf? who deleted dans post?  I hadn't read it yet. worldsSmallestViolin (3)
So ya'll know which of one these Dan Denman (1)
Did you miss me (yeah!) while I was away? man on the stair (5)
my new recording device worldsSmallestViolin (1)
DNA Friday (6)
An interesting view on religion monitor (5)
Yes, friends . . . Pass the plate around Bluebeard (1)
Open Source Device - Cool Boston Legal (3)
BBC Science show, or porn? You decide. Boston Legal (9)
Gee, you know what I really want in a girl? muppet (9)
On the whole evolution debate, has anyone look at biology/comput Bot (7)
We don't have trust funds, that's why sharkfish (28)
Muppet is that you? sharkfish (3)
Dear Muppet, worldsSmallestViolin (1)
Sweet child of mine is yellow worldsSmallestViolin (5)
More resolutions, no more Bull-Sh@t Bot (22)
January 5th, 2008
tlbimp.exe sharkfish (33)
why would anyone vote republican Friday (21)
Vista SP1 Ricky (3)
Funny, Sean Paul Bot (0)
Thanks Intel, that knife in my back feels so good son of parnas (12)
For sharky: Chris Rock on the elections Colm (10)
New US coinage xampl (2)
heh.  this is logical. worldsSmallestViolin (5)
How many objects can you put into an asshole? jingalala jingalala ™ (1)
9/11 Planes remote controlled worldsSmallestViolin (15)
a moment of silence for my brothers and sisters sharkfish (1)
eurobleh link worldsSmallestViolin (4)
New Fundie Code Word: "Vertical" Peter (9)
I posit that sharkfish (10)
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Am I the only one? Locutus of Borg (7)
Apple Killing Linux on Desktop son of parnas (56)
Your favorite presidential ticket LORB (11)
(below) average white band Clay Dowling (9)
Bluray for the win! DF (9)
halooo Friday (2)
January 4th, 2008
I love Zed Shaw more than wSV does Bluebeard (3)
streams sharkfish (10)
Philosophy Time Michael B (41)
Smart guy gives a good interview on PBS Bot (3)
playing with state machines worldsSmallestViolin (0)
celtics Friday (8)
Zed Shaw interview on mp3 worldsSmallestViolin (2)
Does ms wSV know about your Zed man crush? worldsSmallestViolin (1)
Dilbert, the blue period Michael B (4)
Zed Shaw:  Guitar Player worldsSmallestViolin (4)
Wait for next Mac laptops? son of parnas (17)
bot, linux media center. hello. (5)
important announcement. hello. (2)
zed rocks worldsSmallestViolin (7)
4.0 GPA so far after the Fall semester muppet (4)
MarkTAW and I figured it out muppet (18)
Difference between Obama and Jesse Jackson Bot (9)
Quick, where did google get its name from? Bot (6)
When I am bored, I use the Dilbert mission statement generator jingalala jingalala ™ (1)
Sometimes I can't fathom how dumb people are. Bot (23)
Dear Lazyweb, Find me this. Michael B (2)
nauseous and unhappy the great purple (24)
Out of Office notification Patrick (11)
wSV muppet (0)
The girl who was supposed to come visit Sushi today for adoption muppet (29)
Snow birds el (2)
This zed twat has a screw loose Bluebeard (10)
Dear Bluebeard, worldsSmallestViolin (1)
Dear Bluebeard, worldsSmallestViolin (0)
Dear Bluebeard, worldsSmallestViolin (1)
so I finally got around to visiting bleh in the new year and... worldsSmallestViolin (13)
Announcement:  PaciBlah schism worldsSmallestViolin (12)
to work from home or not Friday (4)
January 3rd, 2008
Zed's not zed Aaron (19)
Obama can beat Huckabee Bot (15)
Obama to win Iowa Bot (16)
ok. It's cold. sharkfish (9)
Wayne, seriously muppet (16)
romance sharkfish (17)
Looking for a new job, Rick? Wayne (7)
Fastest way to immigrate to US (from Canada) for a mISV? (5)
susanna hoffs, still hot. hello. (12)
How to do this with a unix script or one-liner Bot (9)
My left index finger is held together with butterfly closures muppet (22)
Anyone watch Wired? son of parnas (3)
New CoT Byline worldsSmallestViolin (7)
Learning English what are you reading for? (15)
"Because Mongrel is faster and easier to use you..." worldsSmallestViolin (22)
This is the "craziest" rant I've read in my life LORB (25)
Why did JOS erase the post? LORB (8)
Iowa bets, place your bets now? Bot (16)
Work is pointless, too much cool stuff in the software world Bot (6) Colm (7)
Granny pants save the day xampl (2)
Organic food in its natural wrapper Return of the Sperminator (6)
Moving to all online services son of parnas (17)
Web service to cut image from web page? son of parnas (10)
On religion Tapiwa (3)
Is it a life style choice?  Or is it innate? Return of the Sperminator (22)
If god hates fags so much... hello. (8)
Dear Miss Manners, Caught bare-assed in Calcutta (3)
January 2nd, 2008
see mup, I have another reason to feel persecuted sharkfish (5)
It just isn't flamingly gay sharkfish (33)
The world was created 6000 years ago xampl (23)
muppet, I freely admit... Bluebeard (4)
Irrefutable evidence that God created Earth Clue Phone (1)
The other credit shoe is about to drop xampl (5)
Difference between evolution fact and evolution theory. Bot (12)
Another reason people dont carry cash, stuff so expensive? Bot (12)
I resolve sharkfish (12)
How has your life changed? Bot (10)
Well. It happened. Colm (21)
Solving the Muslim problem, Guliani style (31)
Radiohead made more on "free" record than all others combined son of parnas (14)
Using the Wii as a media player DF (14)
All Boolean Arguments are False son of parnas (5)
fragment, consider revving Tokyo Moon (12)
LOL worldsSmallestViolin (1)
Dickipedia worldsSmallestViolin (4)
Fly Pie (recipe enclosed) Catapult trollop (0)
OLPC CTO quits to commercialize tech she invented Ricky (1)
January 1st, 2008
Does this remind you of anybody CoT Fat Patrol (17)
huckabee lost 100 pounds? CoT Fat Patrol (7)
Who do you think the media will pick to win the primaries Bot (24)
Job I wouldn't want xampl (1)
Just finished "I Am Legend" muppet (1)
First post on Wii Scott (on Wii) (20)
rapture idiocy worldsSmallestViolin (7)
The Year on CoT Review sharkfish (5)
heh-heh. sharkfish (3)
I thought the NYer might make a little traction Bot (3)
Happy new year to all of you Dan Denman (2)
I never understood this; google, google maps, youtube, XP, Apple Bot (17)
whoa .. no wonder DF is so fat you piggy americans (6)
This is a dark mirror son of parnas (29)
impeachment of Clinton: huge victory for republicans? politico (7)
global online freedom police, google, and india suck (7)
Competition can be good for you xampl (8)
Pandora is kickin' it xampl (6)
How a predator depopulates its environment son of parnas (20)
Universities just giving it away son of parnas (8)
I must have been drunk because I don't remember posting this Bot (0)
It's a new year, Dan Denman 2008 (0)
If you wear one of these sharkfish (3)
I'll never drink again! sharkfish (10)
Happy New Year! And new year wish Ricky (7)
we should solicit some west coast people Friday (2)
HAPPY NEW YEAR COT 2008!!! Bot (5)