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February 28th, 2005
Parents horrified at schools' treatment of their children Philo (37 comments)
The Bachelorette Kevin Federline (32)
Gunner Palace + (3)
cms admin protocol guy from IT Dept, not Marketing Dept. (9)
Laptops from Sharp, Fujitsu and NEC Karthik (8)
Kinsey Rick Tang (22)
What do you do during lunch hours? I went for an interview (16)
I am having a moment reading this piece. An Admirer (19)
What's a MBA good for? Li-fan Chen (20)
Do I sound rude? JD (14)
Is Syria is responsible for the latest attack on Isrial? SSG Sam Eaton AUS ret (19)
Back from FOSDEM Simon Lucy (7)
Question for everyone here. Lies of Society (15)
Accounting is top choice in US colleges WorriedAboutIT (7)
February 27th, 2005
Anyone agree with Bill? (23)
Law & Order - Dick Wolf has a sense of humor Philo (10)
Improbable church marketing slogans Bored Bystander (5)
gmail is down muppet (8)
Entertaining piece on the language police (26)
February 26th, 2005
Green check mark Unchecked (2)
Where do you get your news? MarkTAW (15)
Refunds for failed solutions Flasher T (2)
Microsoft Offer Mr O.R. Dinary (6)
February 25th, 2005
Microsoft technical support rated FullNameRequired (4)
VoIP at home - is it ready? igor (20)
USA beer sucks. Why do I live here? (30)
What's wrong with Alabama? (13)
Career move....recruiters in/around NYC Ms JobSearching (7)
Bayesian or some other spam blocker for outlook express Bo bo (4)
What does this means...: Grasshopper Mentality Another poster... (24)
February 24th, 2005
Marketing 101, anyone? Aaron F Stanton (6)
Apprentice guess Philo (7)
Hate a politician Rick Tang (19)
w00t!.wav hoser (11)
Anyone here interested in iptables? Li-fan Chen (0)
God owes me Berlin Brown (7)
You couldn't make up stuff like this. Misanthrope (21)
Long lunches, late starts and selective enforcement so who do i tell (34)
I've just come up with the title for my new non-fiction book muppet (3)
Anybody here used Mambo? Aaron F Stanton (13)
Eventually, I had to Agree with *Something* Bob Dylan Said... Godless Visigoth (5)
Does Bush say 'nucular' on purpose? Alex (31)
Looks like Syria is withdrawing from Lebanon Name withheld out of cowardice (3)
Jews for Jesus trollop (22)
I have fucked the carpet in my house. Suggestions? Blank (31)
February 23rd, 2005
FireFox Visited Links Colour JOSer 133 (5)
O'Reilly Immigrants,ACLU,Judges,Europe Berlin Brown (16)
Great, cheap vacation anon (10)
How did Bush win if all of you hate him? CONFUsed (123)
People really do judge you by what you wear (7)
Landlords Rick Tang (16)
moderation guidlines? usually a lurker (3)
Now playing: Jimi Hendrix Geert-Jan Thomas (3)
Man-Hours Wasted at JoS Godless Visigoth (7)
Even worse than people who laugh at their own jokes muppet (23)
If you're sick, stay home! example (2)
Discrimination now official government policy BigU (32)
For those interested in Dubai.. Furious George (15)
The theme for the Day is Froogle replacement Simon Lucy (0)
February 22nd, 2005
Need a tiny MP3 player that rips ... suggestions? Zahid (6)
Looking for notebook Peter Monsson (22)
Your pick for American Idol Martin (9)
How many people have seen the image? Almost Anonymous (23)
A web question... Mat Hall (16)
Computerized sewing machines Nathan (1)
Passport ANTI_LOSING Device? Karthik (42)
Federal political contribution tax credit Rick Tang (2)
Who takes their job THAT seriously? Innocent bystander (10)
Forum renamed Advice Wanted Simon Lucy (3)
Programming challenge Hieronimus (2)
Bring your pets to work? Dog Lover (12)
Why get married? (27)
What constitutes a man being whipped? unwhipp me (27)
Theft in the office (10)
Bored@work Anon as always (13)
The Real, Real-Real World Berlin Brown (23)
February 21st, 2005
Psychology Tests (17)
Sweet new browser kicks Firefox and IE's butt Kent (17)
Is There a BIGGER LOSER in Life? atomicroach (17)
Anyone lost their identity lately? hoser (12)
Wikipedia not responding Rick Tang (7)
Swing app that works. Hieronimus (2)
February 20th, 2005
Author: Dan Brown hoser (13)
Is it safer now? Ricky (1)
Playboy's Promised Women of Software Issue atomicroach (12)
Inevitable consequence of bad manners... Misanthrope (9)
resolutions Just Asking (7)
**FREE*** Registry Cleaner Needed Karthik (39)
Mechwarrior 3 muppet (4)
HELP!!! How do I safely remove a SYSTEM file (8)
Button Me Not Sathyaish Chakravarthy (13)
But how will I get the fixes? Sathyaish Chakravarthy (4)
February 19th, 2005
"Hip" parents crack the leetspeek! bionicroach (6)
An example of when automatic configuration is bad bionicroach (4)
Really weird problem. HELP! Mat Hall (3)
Prague to Vilnius? Philo (14)
McDonald's Bathroom Attendant bionicroach (2)
February 18th, 2005
Ashoura Day Plans ... (21)
Step aside, Christo... bionicroach (8)
muppet: are you getting married? Berlin Brown (8)
Old Europe Rocks! (not) Dumb Denman (22)
Going out with 2 chicks at once IamAplayer ... acceptIT (20)
.NET Assemblies vs. PE File Format Pee Eeeeeee (5)
!!!***WIN***!!! Sathyaish Chakravarthy (8) has had over 500 visitors since last month muppet (21)
Cool Spellchecker feature in Google Toolbar 3 Kent (1)
Yes! muppet (19)
Implementing a Bayesian filter in code muppet (6)
O(n)T for the O(ff)T forum Steamrolla (8)
I'm stricken with a sudden, unrelenting desire to own an Amiga muppet (21)
good stuff muppet (4)
New Courteous machine at fast food Berlin Brown (27)
Congress Sux MarkTAW (10)
February 17th, 2005
Neo-cons hangout place Dan Denman (26)
"Blockbuster" displays their complete lack of understanding Philo (21)
Life on Mars MarkTAW (17)
Lazy employees taking long lunches (24)
"The world is a pain factory run by madmen" Karthik (10)
Pimping for the Whitehouse? Peter (5)
The Sims 2 muppet (5)
Life Insurance Rick Tang (5)
My computer has a green check virus Steamrolla (16)
NYT Likud maddog Judith Miller faces jail sentence Karthik (3)
Maureen Dowd: Torture Chicks gone wild hoser (34)
Recommend a barebones CPU/Motherboard retailer? Philo (14)
Read This & You Will Convert Instantly Born Again Poster (14)
holy crap I'm doubled over from laughing so hard muppet (7)
The impressive feature/cost ratio of electronics ,..., (4)
Attack on Christain Fundamentalists Continues Unabated GOPatrioticAmerican (5)
Oh this is rubbish muppet (36)
WTF Please tell me (3)
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy MarkTAW (26)
God Owes Us an Apology Misanthrope (11)
February 16th, 2005
How did muppet get a green/white check mark by his name? Steve-O (24)
Sixty Glorious Years Simon Lucy (6)
When "hacking" isn't Philo (6)
Iran and Syria form 'common front' Coalition of willing? Dan Denman (20)
Anybody like "Greg the Bunny"? (3)
Hotels in NYC SQL Guy (10)
Revelation muppet (16)
Aircraft carriers Aaron F Stanton (25)
Here it comes. Someone has fired missiles at Iranian nuclear muppet (35)
Screw the human actors guild. Li-fan Chen (13)
Government tax addiction D (21)
and oh yes my girlfriend accepted my proposal Saturday muppet (24)
is new battlestar galactica good? BT Lim (7)
Women in combat Another poster... (65)
Things I hate about news media Another poster... (9)
Taboos Shhhh (4)
Boiling Water All Wet (30)
February 15th, 2005
Holofgraphic Atari Misanthrope (9)
Now that it's mentioned... Best movies? Alex (27)
Anyone else burnt out? (13)
How wonderfully odd. AllanL5 (7)
Here's what my buddy and I did last weekend The Reverend Horton Heat (10)
Crazy Diarrhea MarkTAW (4)
Television you watch ,..., (35)
Ever gone through depression? Anon4ThisOne (13)
The Meaning of Life The Reverend Horton Heat (40)
This will make you laugh The Duke of URL (7)
Most Beautiful Man Ever? The Vicar of Dibley (14)
February 14th, 2005
I participated in pre-marital infidelity. (32)
Most Beautiful Woman Ever? The Reverend Horton Heat (23)
Why don't people understand jury trials? Philo (14)
has anyone seen "Strangers with Candy?" (9)
Thinking out loud about... Misanthrope (3)
awk-like on windows? Sithlord (10)
Your best friend's wife is cheating on you The Reverend Horton Heat (8)
NYC salary Big fan of Sex and the Cash by Hugh Macleod (6)
Your friend is cheating on his... Terry (2)
Intelligent Conservative Rick Tang (6)
Most annoying grammatical error? John C. (48)
Your wife is cheating on you MarkTAW (20)
No Mullah Left Behind Dan Denman (15)
Why can't three people married legally? Rick Tang (23)
Dating lesson NathanJ (7)
On bullshit hoser (1)
"If you don't follow [American] football, you're a loser" Philo (24)
Q on Schizophrenia Terry (29)
"graduated University" xyzzy (17)
So much old software... Curmudgeon (9)
"The Apprentice" (catching up) Philo (8)
Digital Creationism? MarkTAW (21)
Valentine's Day Sathyaish Chakravarthy (33)
February 13th, 2005
Go daddy's ad Dan Denman (44)
This forum could do with more civility anon (25)
Identity and the meaning of life Sebastian (34)
survey sez Richard Dawson (11)
this site is.. err.. interesting. muppet (6)
Anyone taken/studied debate? Philo (25)
I support the war but not our troops The Reverend Horton Heat (10)
Would you want a Wal-Mart in your community ... .... -.--  -.- (32)
Gay lobby doesn't get it Philo (43)
JoS Get Together? The Reverend Horton Heat (4)
You catch your best friend cheating MarkTAW (42)
SNL nails it Philo (2)
February 12th, 2005
Anyone *not* like watching women kiss? Depraved male poster (16)
Fill in the next line... Ian Boys (18)
++ Here's my theory on why many need a "god" The Reverend Horton Heat (33)
When are you gonna come down muppet (6)
New Wierdness AllanL5 (8)
Gmail Yoey (6)
New co-worker is the bitch from HELL ziggy (8)
My explanation & sincerest apology to me esteemed peers John Ashcroft (0)
Moderating tip Li-fan Chen (5)
Have you invited Jesus into your heart? Duane McCready (12)
Is it moral to call another person immoral? Another poster... (12)
Fiorina Successor forThis.anon (20)
actual Lawnmower handles Full name colon (6)
I whon more about Ivica Brkic (aki paki) (2)
Mornington Crescent a cynic writes... (33)
Am I no longer welcomed here? Lies of Society (12)
February 11th, 2005
America showed its weakness FullNameRequired (18)
Moral obligation Curtis (71)
Missing ipod case? Roose (7)
Stupid news: Chicago police curbs taser usage Bored Bystander (7)
School administrators display ignorance of psychology, physics Philo (7)
Va. Senate Drops Baggy Pants Bill zed (6)
Vaseline Actively Disengaged (7)
Iran defiant over nuclear programme Dan Denman (15)
Thanks for your help Concerned Father (9)
technical details on the bayesian filter? Rootebega McBayesworth (4)
Eastern Philosophy Rick Tang (16)
MSN Messenger Critical Security becomes Marketing. Simon Lucy (8)
Networking basics books recommendation Monkey Boy (4)
Cheddar Gorge Comment AllanL5 (13)
Lawnmower handles Philo (19)
Where did Joseph go? anoop (20)
Cheddar Gorge (look it up before posting) Simon Lucy (93)
Eats, shoots and leaves. Flasher T (16)
stanford prison experiment zed (32)
About those checkmarks. Just being persnickety, again. (6)
well, my posts in Joel on Software are automatically deleted muppet (4)
More The Register goodness Flasher T (28)
BugMeNot fails for nytimes Anonymously anon (9)
Smart People Choke Under Pressure MarkTAW (14)
"The coup has succeeded. The revolution will not be televised." muppet (20)
grounding (for kids)- american culture? effective? BT Lim (11)
February 10th, 2005
On a project, listening to same song Berlin Brown (7)
Men *are* different than women Philo (20)
Bayesian filtering Pythonic (12)
Regarding unmoderated forum communities muppet (3)
Unbalance of Power Dan Denman (3)
I Just Noticed (2)
Students Evaluation Rick Tang (4)
Domains you own Dennis Forbes (21)
Are economics different today than in the past? Ian Boys (11)
North Korea as well FullNameRequired (3)
Remote control hardware Daniel (6)
do the moderators see my IP address? zed (84)
Differences ScaryMovie (8)
So is it too late? muppet (27)
At last, caring about the community Pythonic (25)
Congratulations! Another poster... (25)
But what will happen now muppet (12)
"Morality" of sex? Philo (36)
Your Off Topic Hosts Uniquely Unqualified (27)
Well, I went and got joel's email address muppet (9)
My son's internet habits Concerned Father (6)
Crying (4)
February 9th, 2005
I like the idea of displaying IP numbers FullNameRequired (0)
Americans, Here is why Iran hates you Sathyaish Chakravarthy (23)
Low riding pants penalty Dan Denman (13)
What happened to old Europe comment? Piere Lorange (4)
Off Topic more Popular than On Topic Berlin Brown (5)
V for Vendetta Christopher Wells (6)
we will we get another off topic zed (10)
There should be no such thing as a victimless crime muppet (25)
Iran tells the US to sod off FullNameRequired (24)
Poll: Conspiracy Theory trollop (6)
Don't like the scientific findings? Misanthrope (1)
Sathyaish Chakravarthy had vanquished mumpet from the chatroom Sathyaish Chakravarthy (0)
Would this piss you off? Philo (20)
yea' Mandesa Crane (1)
The Apprentice - UK Duncan Smart (9)
So, Joseph guy is posting in my name then Sathyaish Chakravarthy (4)
We need a sherrif not a moderator Sathyaish Chakravarthy (4)
Where's anoop Joseph (2)
I am the only one man enough to clean up this place Sathyaish Chakravarthy (2)
Where's Aussie Chick? Sathyaish Chakravarthy (3)
To-be Moderator Commitee Rick Tang (6)
No heterosexual man would ever call himself "muppet" Sathyaish Chakravarthy (5)
Allright Joel, here's our proposal muppet (23)
Feeling a tad peckish last night after hitting the bong... Sathyaish Chakravarthy (4)
My thoughts on the proposed moderation of this forum Sathyaish Chakravarthy (3)
Joel to mumppet Christopher Wells (9)
if I were gonna draw a webcomic, it'd be like this one muppet (4)
Support my nomination for ANOOP! Joseph (8)
Moderation schemes Philo (19)
The Universality of Slang Steamrolla (10)
And the nominees are... muppet (89)
Can someone please explain to me muppet (14)
"Quest" shows? Philo (13)
Finally got it out Ian Boys (4)
Hotmail Hotmail Historian (3)
February 8th, 2005
Gmail invites... Aaron F Stanton (9)
Are people fundamentally good? kim (10)
The Misogyny Runs as Thicke as Molasses Here Misogyny Never Sleeps (12)
I have the buddha belly, good sir! Divyesh "David" Gadhia, CA (0)
A Most Embassaring Confecsion to Make Sathyaish Chakravarthy (15)
Sure would like an IP check... Philo (19)
This is the official "Poo" forum right? newbie (3)
Theory: == muppet's bitch Joseph (1)
Anyone read any CS Friedman? Philo (30)
Get me a girl friend Sathyaish Chakravarthy (30)
Theory: Joseph == muppet Sathyaish Chakravarthy (36)
Israel plans release of 500 Palestinian prisoners ASFGDAS (4)
We don't need moderators, we need decent postings. zed (12)
Muppet for President (45)
Men Only Q Exposed Stump (65)
The National Lampoon had this fecal stuff nailed ... (4)
Using your e-mail address as a password Steamrolla (11)
Influx of Americans going to Canada Dan Denman (7)
well then... muppet (1)