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February 28th, 2010
Vancouver df (18 comments)
I have no passion for anything Bot Berlin - No Opinions (10)
Richard Dawkins Intellectual responds to trolls Bot Berlin - No Opinions (9)
Olympics Closing Ward (17)
Do You Work Remotely? ç (3)
No miricle on ice. Fan boy (13)
God The Universe and Everything else Bot Berlin - No Opinions (7)
Science fail, Nature: 3 Science: -200,000 Bot Berlin - No Opinions (22)
Should Programming Be Licensed? ç (23)
Maybe programmers are just factory workers Bot Berlin - No Opinions (30)
Is it possible for a programmer to be a hermit? ç (11)
Programming Domains ç (3)
Do you believe that software is relevant in all fields Bot Berlin - No Opinions (12)
February 27th, 2010
Computational complexity of air travel xampl (7)
The Law of CoT, featuring the case of CoT vs Bot Bot Berlin - No Opinions (21)
For Q and SaveTheHubble ç (8)
CC, have you read Dawkins? Bot Berlin - No Opinions (8)
The Power of Suggestion LordBored (5)
fucking colleges 2.0 ... (13)
2 Golds in a row! Ward (3)
Sapiens, Erectus and what else Bot Berlin - No Opinions (11)
president will have dictatorial powers in event of "cyberattack" CC (10)
Good news everyone! Futurama as prophecy... Peter (4)
Love shrimp Fan boy (11)
A WTF from Twitter LH (13)
Holy crap Aaron (12)
This is why I read The Guardian Billy the Fish (1)
Erectus and Sapiens Attila (9)
Vivid and Canadian women hockey team </America> (10)
February 26th, 2010
Was the referee got paid up by Canadians </America> (5)
Seinfeld parody comic Full name (0)
Retard debate from Dawkins Bot Berlin - No Opinions (85)
toyota kills poeple and covers it up f (3)
"we tried" sharkfish (5)
Sorry Peter, but this sounds like Smarta?! Nerdy Rick Tang (11)
sea world thrilled with increased attendance following attack CC (8)
Pwned Smarta?! Nerdy Rick Tang (2)
fucking colleges sharkfish (23)
JoC, What is the min cost for a gaming PC? Bot Berlin - No Opinion (5)
I love Steam Kenny (7)
Bewildered Nerdy Rick Tang (1)
JoSers recycle topics! Nerdy Rick Tang (0)
Canadian women in sports df (20)
twithawk Morons (0)
Ten billionth song sold on iTunes xampl (9)
DVR set-top boxes xampl (6)
motherfucking librarians CC (1)
Darksiders xbox, best environment game Bot Berlin - No Opinions (3)
Culture matters in entrepreneurship xampl (12)
remember the milk eek (14)
LMFAO!!!  This principal should be promoted, not fired Zangor, Prince of Mutilation (72)
Disguised As A School what are you reading for? (12)
good one liner eek (16)
Palm is pretty much dead Wayne (28)
February 25th, 2010
economist says black women are in a market failure CC (47)
Is the global economy a scheme to keep rich humans wealthy? Bot Berlin - No Opinion (7)
Obama's health care summit sharkfish (11)
Toyota f (8)
my dental bill sharkfish (10)
Coding project do in 12 hours Bot Berlin - No Opinion (7)
Worthless jobs that pay well for yuppies Bot Berlin - No Opinion (12)
curling is big new craze among quants CC (2)
Statistically df is male Nerdy Rick Tang (4)
ohh yeah. Fired ALL the teachers sharkfish (14)
Interesting and surprisingly honest response df (16)
oh, no they didn't argv[0] (6)
401(k)s becoming more expensive xampl (1)
Test Driven Development Notes Bot Berlin - No Opinion (9)
new bank rule: funds seized if you blog against them CC (39)
The biggest stumbling block to being wealthy is LH (32)
Gulf Coast Western Region Scams & Complaints related to Dept of avaiciach (0)
Heh Zangor, Prince of Mutilation (13)
Father of panov df (2)
For </America> df (1)
the backwards state of utah the great purple (8)
Wheeeeee! Billy the Fish (3)
FOOF trollop (5)
The data are clear Fan boy (5)
February 24th, 2010
beware of sitting:  health implications for programmers Beware of the Chair (9)
banner year for wallstreet CC (22)
and all of America enjoys a little schadenfreude sharkfish (9)
follow up on banks no withdrawl rule CC (22)
Peter, LH, Q .... f (35)
People are predictable Bot Berlin - No Opinions (8)
A Message for CC.. Morons (9)
"... maybe it was bored." trollop (19)
why Toyota is a basket case that makes crappy cars CC (13)
rocket scientist layoffs coming CC (9)
[facepalm] argv[0] (2)
"Traditional hosting is dead" Nerdy Rick Tang (2)
This guy cares about his job Bot Berlin - No Opinions (2)
Last words from the outed IT columnist using a fake credential Rick Tang (8)
" have a piercing in some place other than earlobe" Rick Tang (9)
Does argv[0] spend 4 hours in traffice everyday now? Rick Tang (4)
LOL... Hillary Duff... female logic in action Bluebeard (2)
Chestburster xampl (2)
Newsweek debates when to use the 'terrorist' label Full name (13)
Bill O'Reilly gets RickRolled xampl (4)
RAWR!!! JoC (11)
i discovered a repo of ... eek (5)
In memory relational databases ASDF (23)
Really Stupid UI Question.. Morons (32)
If only mods here were so appreciated Aaron (3)
squeezebox eek (4)
So I'm confused Zangor, Prince of Mutilation (23)
Big ones, little ones, and all sizes inbetween Q (8)
new Matt Taibbi article CC (4)
only corporate products to be allowed at school bake sales CC (10)
February 23rd, 2010
movie themes sharkfish (3)
CC "inactivity" fee sharkfish (8)
Emailtu of the day </America> (3)
Pediatrician admits to filming his rape of 103 patients CC (33)
Why Joe Stack Was A Big, White Whiner Full name (31)
toyotas do have computer problem after all CC (17)
Deposit money by taking a photo of the Check Morons (6)
What is a browser df (37)
A good link Aaron (1)
Sad sack re-emerges on DtH Bored Bystander (9)
Why outsourcing doesn't work and you should move to Denmark Spaceloid (16)
Canadian PM goes to US for health procedure Bot Berlin - No Opinion (64)
3D logjam xampl (17)
iText guy wants to block his government to use his software Rich Tsang (11)
net to gross me (25)
@ZPoM - Whispers in the dark Billy the Fish (6)
"Oops, you found an error!" Billy the Fish (0)
fbi claims knew about austin attack in advance CC (3)
Continually shocked at how out-to-lunch many/most people are... Palmer Eldritch (30)
February 22nd, 2010
Nancy Grace sharkfish (7)
oh dear. sharkfish (8)
this cartoon really captures it well sharkfish (4)
The biggest crappy epic, ever Bot Berlin - No Opinions (18)
Google is bad for authors trollop (6)
What do you think?  Is the school a bad fascist? Bot Berlin - No Opinion (9)
Suicide Engineer's Daughter Moved to Norway CC (21)
Fritz Henderson has a sweet deal xampl (8)
How do I improve my "soft skills" Rick Tang (22)
Movie: Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief SaveTheHubble (1)
Movie: Edge Of Darkness SaveTheHubble (5)
Google is bad for children! Rick Tang (3)
Purpose of management Bot Berlin - No Opinion (4)
How the Machine will come into being df (4)
The purpose of management is xampl (6)
'Burn Notice' Gets in on the David Caruso Spoof Meme Full name (3)
dealing with negative/jealous people who zap your energy Clyde (29)
Want Aaron (9)
Saw V for Vendetta Zangor, Prince of Mutilation (23)
U.S. Ambassador Susan Rice: "working on the beginnings: Morons (8)
avatar @ BAFTA eek (2)
How the dubai hit was carried out Colm (17)
Parser Patterns? Rapter (15)
College Education and Unemployment JAX (5)
February 21st, 2010
sending kids to prison sharkfish (23)
found this for ward on reddit f (4)
Reaching the point where you finally get it: There is no plan B (10)
10 seconds is not an eternity sharkfish (15)
first condo association meeting sharkfish (12)
are you worried? sharkfish (17)
Joel ending the Joel on Software blog Wayne (19)
Bot Movie Review: In the Loop Bot Berlin - No Opinions (2)
5 Ms Cert Certs By 10 Morons (13)
Why does this iphone app exist? df (51)
So, I see Haig's dead Billy the Fish (2)
February 20th, 2010
jobless stats/chart sierra (8)
usability study: what is a browser CC (19)
Are you a consultant or self-employed? Tmux (10)
warrants not needed to seize/search cell phones, computers, etc CC (11)
Tax Rate, top earners Bot Berlin - No Opinions (1)
Sharkfish, facebook me Bot Berlin - No Opinions (33)
hero eek (2)
Jobs with a lack of women Bot Berlin - No Opinions (12)
stem cell treatment for HIV f (3)
Bid! Or you will be.. Billy the Fish (0)
Clay is right. Irony (8)
The IRS is your friend CC (8)
Fusion Centers - good or bad CC (3)
self flagellation, do you partake? CC (5)
pro athletes sierra (3)
February 19th, 2010
help an old lady split the cable signal sharkfish (42)
web sites that suck made by CS professors CC (22)
It's hard to have a rational debate about Israel trollop (4)
"are you stupid?" sharkfish (16)
Click to switch Explorer windows.. Wayne (0)
whining broke-ass people sharkfish (3)
What doesn't kill you makes you stronger JoC (1)
and this is why you have to look for the harder jobs sharkfish (5)
was Evgeni robbed? sharkfish (10)
to Bot re tea CC (2)
time to leave Citibank, NOW sharkfish (7)
I understand idiot Americans sharkfish (7)
places NOT to move to sharkfish (31)
any xcode nerds out there sharkfish (20)
Neightbor plowed my driveway, would it be tacky to... Not Tiger Woods (14)
games in html5, what about audio? CC (21)
Tax law for programmer consultants sharkfish (5)
XP BSOD df (6)
This is why marriage is b**sh*t Bot Berlin - No Opinions (48)
Good news! Full name (5)
THE GUVNOR! Full name (2)
Anyone cheat in college? xampl (13)
Tiger Woods Press Statement - LiveStream Brice Richard (11)
The role of media today xampl (6)
My daughter evacuated our house yesterday Zangor, Prince of Mutilation (35)
Joe Stack was an Atheist Morons (15)
People try to sell crazy shit Billy the Fish (12)
Bored of CoT, I've turned to trolling Amazon Zangor, Prince of Mutilation (7)
Had to replace yet another router yesterday Zangor, Prince of Mutilation (17)
We are once again suckling at Comcast's teat Zangor, Prince of Mutilation (4)
Engineers and Scientists Are Going Crazy!!! . (3)
February 18th, 2010
Heaven Rick Tang (12)
English as second language == no hire? Fan boy (32)
Joel wants money Fan boy (21) sharkfish (3)
how shall i spend my tax refund sharkfish (13)
toe truck sharkfish (7)
More from Christopher Alexander in the same Foreword This is great. (5) visiters exceed This is great. (2)
Motorola Milestone, unlocked, CAD 549 at BestBuy This is great. (2)
1969/12/31 This is great. (7)
Obama confronts China on Tibet, Taiwan CC (11)
school punishes student for "inappropriate behavior at home" CC (6)
military attack against iran in the cards says white house CC (11)
Sick of Canadians stroking themselves Leon (2)
I am not for mass murder or anything. Bot Berlin - No Opinion (20)
Quote by Patanjali Water Cooler v2 (11)
Better Business Bureau’s name stolen for scam Full name (0)
Procrastor or incubator Wayne (3)
Google Buzz  Blow back Morons (13)
Plane crash in Austin xampl (25)
"Gary, come back!" Full name (3)
Would you outsource your IT xampl (14)
Most Dangerous Programming Errors Spaceloid (21)
swype eek (17)
Mental Illness Bot Berlin - No Opinion (14)
smartphones with onboard maps eek (4)
Martin Fowler speaks on VCS systems xampl (32)
bridge rename causes upset eek (2)
2 more taliban arrested f (4)
what would be neat eek (6)
Google News This is great. (0)
There you go, google tron challenge code Bot Berlin - No Opinions (3)
book reading time per day xx (23)
February 17th, 2010
black vs white with the wrong crowd CC (2)
Next film for CoT: French film, With a friend like harry Bot Berlin - No Opinions (6)
Who is Jorge Puello? CC (3)
Best store bought, accessible tea brand? Bot Berlin - No Opinions (14)
UK cut ties with Israel over Mossad's Leon (6)
Olympics. Yawn. Fan boy (10)
Japanese Woman Speed Skaters Ward (1)
insanely complex mars lander CC (2)
I'm broke because I tithe sharkfish (24)
the way they introduce Shani Davis is so racist sharkfish (6)
“common sense, decency and humanity.” f (3)
Thank You, Bot... Morons (1)
Philosophical essay 101 This is great. (25)
Officer, you have the wrong person LiarPreeria (18)
dating older woman, the statistics from harvard CC (24)
Rachel Maddow Calls Out Republican Stimulus Hypocrites Full name (11)
more on the no-science science fairs in Colorado CC (0)
What culture is CC This is great. (13)
Afghanistan Full name (6)
White culture: hiding your employees gender and racial profile! This is great. (30)
SQL Server help! what are you reading for? (8)
How many of you came here after off? This is great. (28)
Atoms for everyone! xampl (7)
tagline ... eek (5)
Blonde xx (3)
UI people are annoying and useless Humane Factors (11)
Cultures collide, white vs black Bot Berlin - No Opinions (4)
February 16th, 2010
insane ex girlfriend? CC (13)
they don't look israeli CC (14)
LinkedIn and recruiters that troll it suck I am really pissed today (21)
Obama is graying xampl (8)
White culture in one word </America> (10)
obligated to reproduce sharkfish (16)
Culture Congruence, Sarah Palin at Hip-Hop awards Bot Berlin (5)
viola? eek (19)
white culture ... eek (1)
The popular Asperger movie, Adam Bot Berlin (4)
Colm is the only non-racist on this forum Bot Berlin (9)
Putting this “White Culture” subject to rest… Morons (22)
Why a certain American culture exists? Bot Berlin - No Opinions (14)
muslim terrorists still blowing up things in india CC (5)
This can't be true sharkfish (11)
Complain about your family (blood relatives especially) Palmer Eldritch (3)
White, Black or Neither Bot Berlin (12)
TechCrunch what are you reading for? (2)
CoT lottery numbers for Tuesday xampl (12)
Obama is now “agnostic” about raising Morons (11)
Firefox Billy the Fish (3)
Rich Hall sings of drinking Bundy trollop (1)
another murder today! CC (2)
alabama gun lunatic newsletter CC (4)
seeking foreign woman? CC (17)
never heard of this one sharkfish (7)
February 15th, 2010
Hillary: "US must invade Iran to preserve freedom" CC (10)
White Culture Bot Berlin - No Opinions (38)
Tried PF Chang's for the first time Zangor, Prince of Mutilation (26)
Obama's focus on Afghanistan yielding results GBA (0)
Bot's Google Challenge Tron Bot Bot Berlin - No Opinions (3)
BLS on your job prospects f (8)
"This looks like spam." Rick Tang (4)
White culture Rick Tang (11)
official thread for saying shitty things about "df" f (8)
Lots of Schlock "univeristy" ads all over TV rod (24)
libraries obsolete CC (7)
Calling Python heads Bored Bystander (21)
IT market down in Raleigh-Durham xampl (4)
laughing so hard... sharkfish (10)
hacker moves from sydney to estonia f (25)
Juries tire of bullshit cases CC (3)
Kitten version of Alien Chestburster (animated GIF) Palmer Eldritch (6)
Christians criticize Narcissistic Religionists in Haiti CC (16)
One of those strange things xampl (12)
babyproofing the great purple (22)
What are the best cities for tech jobs in the midwest? . (15)
Windows Mobile 7 df (5)
Microsoft is in trouble now. Water Cooler v2 (3)
!?AVATAR???!! MS (3)
avatar eek (91)
Moview Review - A Serious Man Bot Berlin - No Opinions (7)
February 14th, 2010
Good bye, Walter Fredrick Morrison (90) Rick Tang (1)
Haitians need your cock donations CC (1)
Canada takes a Gold! Clay Dowling (5)
Killer Professor Worked on NSA and CIA Projects! DD (5)
Ban Dale Beggs from the Olympics! Clay Dowling (9)
idiocracy in action CC (9)
InstallShield FreePizza4OverTimeOhBoy (12)
figure skating CC (1)
biology professor was suspect in 1993 bombing CC (9)
I fucking LOVE Javascript CC (5)
Colorado bans science in science fairs CC (7)
disguisable weapons eek (4)
When your job is affecting your health Cliff (32)
Blundering around in the scrub trollop (2)
You guys are doing fine Rick Tang (4)
OK. Olympics rules. Rick Tang (3)
HTML5 canvas is not going to replace flash CC (13)
avatizer CC (1)
More Insanity for The Crazy Biology Prof Bitch! Yertog (4)
perceived success sierra (6)
I have nothing to say tonight sierra (4)
February 13th, 2010
elderly neurobiology professor rampage CC (23)
Interest income xampl (10)
Hos Do I Start a Bank? :-) (6)
test post regarding the new filter that wayne has installed kow boi (17)
could someone explain this sharkfish (23)
I'm blocking Reddit at the router! df (15)
Olympics day 1 Ward (12)
Hurry hard Fan boy (5)
Carnival Attila (11)
toyota blowback CC (23)
The Olympics prove popular to start your military operations Attila (26)
80% credit card interest rate offers CC (15)
anyone remember the syntax of a for loop? CC (11)
See the Luge snuff video CC (17)
Keep Prostitution Illegal CC (7)
Georgia should sue the shit out of VANOC </America> (3)
February 12th, 2010
My Grad School Bot Berlin - No Opinions (7)
Android app development sharkfish (10)
paying mortgage early f (25)
Olympic opening ceremony sharkfish (80)
I am buying my first Barbie doll! CC (12)
Captain America shows Tea Baggers == White Supremacists CC (5)
*snicker* JoC (0)
Blue-Ray Disc recommendations? Kenny (6)
Olympic torch Ward (14)
Amazing Signs in Front of a Restaurant Bored Bystander (36)
I was amused Aaron (3)
Small business idea for the day Bored Bystander (22)
Spam el (3)
female doctor sharkfish (12)
Next country to collapse Rick Tsang (16)
Toyota, Ford eek (9)
Printers el (18)
sleep training the great purple (12)
Does this link work for anyone? Zangor, Prince of Mutilation (7)
(For those in the EU) Euromillions Billy the Fish (4)
profound thought sharkfish (6)
February 11th, 2010
using git at work instead of subversion now sharkfish (18)
So, we got this model TV today Zangor, Prince of Mutilation (18)
Another perfect day in paradise trollop (12)
So my daughter's Polish friend was over this evening for dinner Zangor, Prince of Mutilation (17)
Starting the recovery console? Wayne (7)
France seems nice place to live Derrick Rose (5)
Quote by Mother Teresa Water Cooler v2 (5)
Moderators suck. Rick Tang (6)
Federal government closed for 4th straight day xampl (0)
The Olympic torch just went by my house Wayne (5)
If you're feeling low Water Cooler v2 (15)
Painless way of moving Access into MSSQL ASDF (25)
Web services throttling Aaron (23)
Homeowner Assn. FrakBuccaneer (16)
Charlie Wilson dead xampl (2)
hmm.  Not news but interesting.  "Life of the Mind" sharkfish (7)
Sorry I'm late xampl (8)
This article just depressed the shit out of me Zangor, Prince of Mutilation (27)
Adobe, wtf, seriously Bot Berlin (1)
You spend to much time online A dusty corner of a room (4)
toyota doesn't care their crappy cars are death traps CC (16)
Would it be worth moving closer to work to save 15 minutes.... . (13)
February 10th, 2010
Ever feel like you are going to snap? Fan boy (26)
Quoting the bible qwerty (3)
A children's garden of poo Rice Brichards (14)
It's the end of the world ASDF (3)
Globally changing keyboard layout in Windows brone (8)
Obama is fixing Afghanistan CC (2)
Sarah Palin, obesity threat to national security Bot Berlin (15)
Scope creep xampl (4)
Londoners Water Cooler v2 (24)
45 inches of snow in DC CC (20)
Load Balancing Solutions Water Cooler v2 (15)
Multi- Monitor Support For Remote Control Apps Morons (8)
Bold Keywords\Phrases on resume Morons (6)
Not the typical culprit df (5)
county recorder of deeds sharkfish (9)
February 9th, 2010
teaching kids sharkfish (14)
do I dare try contracting sharkfish (41)
It still takes "Zanger" (and me) to make this place interesting. Rick Tang (21)
Funny comments Water Cooler v2 (7)
System.Timers.Timer's SynchronizingObject property Water Cooler v2 (5)
Denny's free breakfast xampl (5)
Threading 101 Water Cooler v2 (19)
Cultural belt-tightening JoC (1)
Texas DMV xampl (10)
the realization is setting in sharkfish (49)
Slightly chilling reading Clouseau (74)
February 8th, 2010
more lego gun troubles CC (3)
Palin hand notes Fan boy (17)
Open and shut trollop (11)
worst HS students sent to college for free in new program CC (15)
Which is better? Colm (17)
life in prison possible for haiti child kidnappers CC (6)
White space in XML ASDF (13)
obama makes good on health care campaign promise argv[0] (4)
The Doritos commercials were the best $ Zangor, Prince of Mutilation (11)
Hackers blow up your yellow van! Wayne (2)
post-gestational abortion CC (12)
Snowed In D.C. SaveTheHubble (10)
Oops Aaron (11)
TiVo and/or AV receiver question question Zangor, Prince of Mutilation (3)
We love xkcd Aaron (1)
Thinking about a 36 inch TV to replace the failing one in our li Zangor, Prince of Mutilation (51)
How dare they! xampl (0)
Best tattoo ever. LH (4)
February 7th, 2010
xampl, Brees played ball in Austin Bot Berlin - No Opinions (2)
Smoke Alarms xampl (5)
Super Bowl halftime show xampl (12)
Undercover Boss CC (6)
muppet - kaboom in CT? Q (3)
What living in Hong Kong does to people ... Palmer Eldritch (5)
Legit online retailers partner with scam artists to squeeze more A. A. Hatt (6)
Arrington's "Tiananman Moment" ... your reactions Palmer Eldritch (9)
should nurses be imprisoned for reporting malpractice? CC (2)
3 strikes law eek (13)
Never short a country with $2 trillion in reserves Colm (13)
Parisian love globetrotter (9)
Bad behavior sharkfish (17)
February 6th, 2010
super cool app shows who connects to who CC (1)
99% certain house at end of our street is a meth lab Zangor, Prince of Mutilation (28)
Shrimp pizza sharkfish (7)
pretending to be from a foreign country to get work sharkfish (7)
What's the deal with Shutterfly? Q (4)
stereo/dvd/cable hookup question sharkfish (30)
For sharkfish... Wayne (2)
LBJ Presidential Museum xampl (6)
Giant single cell creature threatens to eat the world! * Billy the Fish (1)
Computers in cars, reprise Spaceloid (24)
$ man vagina Billy the Fish (7)
IT for family Fan boy (28)
February 5th, 2010
uh oh. Over two weeks straight, I have longed to be single again sharkfish (16)
moore's law lives f (3)
Don't put manuals and warranty paperwork for a new stove... sharkfish (18)
Dick Sweat on Jon Stewart Bot Berlin - No Opinions (1)
Brice lorb (7)
Access DB question, need your help! lorb (26)
No more discs xampl (6)
Joker in Pakistan CC (8)
Nasty smell of double dip in the air Spaceloid (6)
Few remain as 1962 Pa. coal town fire still burns Kurtis 2012 (1)
Cosmetic Enhancement to Increase Attractiveness Brice Richard (61)
The Credibility of Don Dodge df (10)
Chorizo sausage xampl (6)
Microsoft Has Jumped The Shark... Brice Richard (35)
Google teams up with NSA Billy the Fish (2)
gmail bug ... how do you report this!? eek (9)
mustapha eek (3)
Obama's african aunt in the news CC (6)
I've been at the hospital for 4 hours! Wayne (18)
February 4th, 2010
Dick sharkfish (6)
iGrow, marijuana superstore Bot Berlin - No Opinions (7)
UAE donates more to Haiti than the US CC (16)
"I shoot all my employees!" Peter (0)
they have ruined everything from my childhood sharkfish (0)
It's about time Morons (7)
Could a case be made for Universal everything. Bot Berlin - No Opinions (15)
Idaho child abduction cult formally charged CC (11)
Terrorists to use telepathic powers to start fires JoC (2)
Bluebrain - brain models Bot Berlin (0)
Sorry for not trolling Bot Berlin (3)
Poor guy Rick Tang (2)
Windows and Office compared with S.U.V and Trucks Rick Tang (10)
Have you worked in Seattle area? Rick Tang (19)
For STH Aaron (6)
What Republicans Believe A. A. Hatt (40)
Draw, punk! Billy the Fish (13)
What a bizarre spam JoC (3)
Memory df (7)
BofA to pay $4.4 billion in bonuses xampl (10)
Monster Buys Hotjobs Morons (14)
Toyota quality xampl (39)
Symbian now Open Source Spaceloid (7)
Domain Expertise More Important Than Programming Expertise ! (16)
February 3rd, 2010
Courtney Cox? What were they thinking? trollop (12)
“We should assemble all those who are pure and cannot abide Likely Longer (8)
For CC again: this one must look better than you Likely Longer (3)
Fox News to run for Congress. Bot Berlin - No Opinions (9)
16 steps vs 12 steps Likely Longer (1)
Hollywood slain in Oz trollop (0)
Clay, this is for you. Likely Longer (7)
Another ugly guy for CC to congratulate himself Likely Longer (15)
corporation running for Congress sharkfish (4)
unix command 'yes' CC (16)
Blame the victim Likely Longer (38)
Expertise Level Knowledge Challenged in Software Development Brice Richard (77)
Girl Scout cookies xampl (26)
A schizophrenic 60 year old nutbag and his immigration wife Zangor, Prince of Mutilation (56)
new trend: murder suicide note on the web CC (11)
Iran's manned space program CC (18)
Hubble photographs Klingon Bird of Prey CC (9)
Save your pennies and nickels... Peter (18)
February 2nd, 2010
Obama: "I will raise taxes on middle class by $63 billion" CC (12)
Death in a family Likely longer (2)
Remote support - free (as in beer) Copilot equiv? Bored Bystander (17)
that australian internet identity law CC (21)
Obama to increase Bush's War of Terror employees Bot Berlin - No Opinions (10)
betrayed by employer argv[0] (27)
Do no evil Likely Longer (12)
Supreme Court JoC (11)
NipHop Likely Longer (9)
bankers working hard for their bonuses CC (2)
My new favorite exercise vids xampl (0)
The Olympics are screwed up Ward (4)
There was never a female winner of Oscar Best Director Likely Longer (1)
Rodent says more winter weather to come xampl (7)
Chicks dig jerks Colm (21)
Recruiter Question… Morons (28)
Interesting anime, ergo proxy Bot Berlin - No Opinions (12)
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February 1st, 2010
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