RIP Philo

February 28th, 2013
Io believes this, muppet did not lemonhead (4 comments)
I realize I'm frequently angry NPR (11)
We Found Our Son in the Subway Bot Baden-Württemberg (31)
How the Chicken Conquered the World NPR (7)
teen kill NumLock (6)
Taking a job with a lesser title NPR (25)
vinyl eek (12)
Yesterday I was talking about snack Dan (10)
So I was told that there will be no raises this year . (18)
CGI Wayne (7)
Readers defend their ownership of so-called assault weapons NPR (11)
See, this is what I can't seem to duplicate on Etsy muppet (15)
Dick Tracy's watch is ready Shylock, Denman's a twit (1)
Freezing a drive? Shylock, Denman's a twit (8)
frauds and cheats the great purple (15)
aged 32 and 51 and 21 Bot Baden-Württemberg (3)
An Unremarkable Event in the Tenderloin Bot Baden-Württemberg (4)
February 27th, 2013
I just came out, I am gay Bot Berlin (8)
Gun Control + Recent Events...NOT the CONSTITUTION. Bot Berlin (15)
Are the best CEOs sociopaths? Fan boy (8)
How would you describe radiohead? Bot Berlin (5)
Courtesy of Digg df (0)
pizza coupon Idiot (9)
Seeking web page... brone (5)
First day on the job xampl9 (iPhone) (15)
What is your favorite snack? Dan (16)
XML must die! Shylock, really not Denman (31)
The people that come out of the woodwork muppet (14)
5 Muslims attack on a Dutch person Dan (2)
I paid for an oil change. Fan boy (31)
February 26th, 2013
Hard drive died NPR (65)
"In America, you have a right to be stupid" Bot Baden-Württemberg (15)
Maker How To: Refining Weapons Grade Uranium Idiot (7)
What is the Chuck Hagel issue? Idiot (23)
Congrats to the recent interracial couples in the news Bot Berlin (4)
Ron Paul supports gun control Idiot (6)
I went to an Islamic and Fascist Country NPR (53)
What would Beyonce say? L.r.b (2)
Cause to destroy your life L.r.b (3)
Swartz case motivation Idiot (2)
February 25th, 2013
iranians don't want US first lady looking like a whore gorem the gay (5)
Router purchases by government Idiot (20)
Investing vs. Trading gorem (3)
I'm going to get one.  Did he say dinobox? Bot Baden-Württemberg (0)
Enjoy your sushi Quant (8)
plot to kidnap the president Idiot (17)
Italian Election what are you reading for? (1)
Oh, angry, psychotic parents muppet (29)
Rebooting Linkedin Endorsements hoyza (16)
What are your thoughts on doing work after hours? dude (21)
the model rant EXXPO (2)
Ali Mugaba Gil (6)
Pistorius family : his bro charged L.r. (0)
the world is so backward Bot Baden-Württemberg (3)
February 24th, 2013
"Post-capitalist Feminist" xampl9 (14)
The Pirate Bay guys are scumbags yomama (8)
Space Shuttle & efficient transfer to orbit xampl9 (8)
google is deploying drones Bot Baden-Württemberg (1)
fruitshow bug? Bot Baden-Württemberg (6)
salary Bot Baden-Württemberg (16)
sorry blippy Bot Baden-Württemberg (3)
information theory Bot Baden-Württemberg (13)
remote workers more productive than office workers Idiot (3)
us govt r&d budget gorem the gay (3)
don't judge gorem the gay (10)
i was in crossfit session EXXPO (1)
Quant Question gorem (19)
Implications of the Affordable Care Act for American Business Quant (21)
The war in Syria Dan (19)
The mandate of Homeland Security df (1)
Who, What, Why: How can a 100-year-old run a marathon? NumLock (4)
charitable hospitals Idiot (5)
gun control is racism Idiot (4)
February 23rd, 2013
I'm so fucking sick Wayne (11)
float tank NPR (8)
is this going to take off gorem (10)
Dahiya doctrine Idiot (9)
Vivian Maier lemonhead (3)
We believe it. gorem (3)
nice hook gorem (9)
Automatic spending cuts Bot Baden-Württemberg (11)
I sure hope we wouldn't piss the windfall away on 28 mars rovers gorem (12)
When I was crazy Bot Baden-Württemberg (2)
Guns - Facts vs Myths Idiot (3)
Hacker News overload Bill42x (3)
Got Steam less is more (1)
February 22nd, 2013
Why the pope resigned Limoncello (0)
Microsoft screws the pooch in epic fashion Lurker Indeed (7)
Fried geckos trollop (6)
white house responds gorem (1)
I wish our own Bot Berlin was as funny as this guy gorem (7)
Who are the people the FED government is helping Bot Berlin (9)
Rye Whiskey Idiot (8)
Marissa a crappy CEO as it turns out Idiot (5)
Quitting COT forever Michael B (4)
Banksy arrested, charged with terrorism and counterfeiting Idiot (4)
Mass transit proposal xampl9 (17)
nausea, 13 weeks and counting the great purple (10)
I loaned my meth addict friend some money a few years ago Michael B (11)
Scientific study proves Republicans stupid, childish muppet (1)
battery tech Idiot (23)
Wilfred muppet (13)
leaving babies out in the snow Idiot (12)
Home with a sick kid Shylock, really not Denman (20)
Comparing two opportunities NPR (39)
Muppet's childhood in a nutshell muppet (63)
from the despairing for humanity files the great purple (5)
The war in Syria Dan (5)
Is Steam safe? less is more (23)
US fucking up Honduras Idiot (2)
Permisssion to Exist Idiot (4)
Musk claims moving to Mars in 2018 Idiot (5)
Maybe I've lived long enough. Fan boy (12)
February 21st, 2013
Who are the shittiest bachelor cooks on CoT? Bot Berlin (12)
DHS confiscates Michael Arrington's yacht Idiot (5)
should bankers be rewarded for hard work? Idiot (6)
Catchy 1% stats gorem (8)
How bad is your drinking? Michael B (19)
weaning Idiot (27)
261 MPG Idiot (16)
Fantastic poet df (2)
mp3 mixes NPR (15)
Blaxploitation western xampl9 (iPhone) (11)
What's the last programming language you learned? Michael B (40)
Stupid Google. Morons (7)
Feature Request Morons (10)
The Beautiful South Fan boy (4)
Java numbering? Fan boy (19)
Achievement unlocked: Employment xampl9 (18)
Unclaimed property for prominent CoT member Idiot (4)
terrorist attack averted on US bound flight Idiot (3)
Recent PhDs have 60% unemployment rate Idiot (3)
February 20th, 2013
Oh God, I replied to a Youtube comment muppet (8)
armstorng refuses to meet with USDA?  Prime beef? gorem (4)
One thing that reall divides Norway is bark less is more (4)
cot poll: pedophiles The real Bot Baden-Württemberg (13)
I love reddit Bot Baden-Württemberg (21)
richest Cotter ever? The real Bot Baden-Württemberg (12)
Banned from /politics Bot Berlin (15)
On the ability of media to change emotions (redux) Bot Baden-Württemberg (5)
unbelievable Tesla spin Idiot (7)
Switched at Birth Idiot (13)
TSA beating up crippled toddler Idiot (24)
Driving Stoned SaveTheHubble (25)
Sad thought Michael B (12)
Shanghai gang Gil (21)
pope arrest warrant? eek (8)
Why are the gas prices going up? Bot Berlin (24)
February 19th, 2013
What is the exact average speed you travelled today? Idiot (23)
Mistakenly shot girlfriend gornunmun (14)
tweak the media gorem (0)
People are INCREDIBLY stupid gorem (11)
Why does Ortiz get it all? gorem (5)
Someone leaves their gmail logged in at your place Michael B (12)
Good day on the market xampl9 (iPhone) (5)
Onboard USNS Gil (7)
excellent documentary about pedos Idiot (2)
engineer who runs amazon's data centers Idiot (21)
That moment Michael B (10)
All Dogs Go To Heaven SaveTheHubble (2)
whatever happened to Tuesdays? eek (17)
raise minimum wage now Kurggie (2)
February 18th, 2013
location of Chinese government's hacking operations Idiot (0)
So I had a rare few spare hours this weekend muppet (6)
Internet Posting Removal Act Idiot (10)
Online talent assessment tests xampl9 (11)
computerized anti-theft system Idiot (7)
The hardest to get item from IDF supply... Gil (4)
Recruiters Bot Berlin (13)
The Public Editor weighs in Shylock, really not Denman (1)
cool channel EXXPO (0)
Without new OS breakthrough mobile is boring now PatD (6)
My insurance company's website is designed by experts LH (8)
Greatest app evers Bot Berlin (3)
February 17th, 2013
singapore government research institute kills american engineer R.R. (3)
13th amendment finally passes Idiot (3)
son of  a bitch R.R. (0)
Pro-Dorner protesters Idiot (0)
lyrics R.R. (0)
Should Facebook pay taxes? Idiot (6)
Racism 2013 Bot Berlin (4)
Stackexchange reputation xampl9 (9)
retirement (2) R.R. (24)
Armed robbers at tax business Idiot (9)
Catch up, old man df (4)
Gas prices Io (18)
Electro car route R.R. (8)
Get up to Date with Vatican Politics Idiot (13)
black software guys in the news Idiot (10)
saving social security Idiot (9)
Feds Bail out Bank of America Idiot (0)
Modern Nazi apparel Quant (5)
Say hello to REAL gold bugs Quant (7)
Syrian Shawarma Gil (17)
We are a special country ... trollop (1)
Salary Bot Berlin (5)
Consumer Reports - liars! ELON MUSK (3)
February 16th, 2013
individual tasks already assigned R.R. (10)
Bill Gates, Nazi Party Member Idiot (3)
Fed investment in Tesla Idiot (17)
retirement R.R. (9)
Escape from the Psych Ward Idiot (1)
iWatch Idiot (7)
newspaper picks up pope immunity story Idiot (1)
this guy has not been to singapore or the ghetto R.R. (17)
Korean TV English lesson Quant (5)
Good ol' Boys Crisis of Salad (3)
Microsoft going after Google privacy trouble Idiot (1)
February 15th, 2013
OK Michael B Bot Baden-Württemberg (5)
Job Interview at Edison Labs Winston Bedford (1)
Got an offer NPR (14)
"The war in Syria" Dan (19)
Pope seeks immunity. brone (23)
Let's share reading lists Michael B (23)
Contract from hell NPR (43)
Hi-Frequency trading... with Excel Idiot (14)
Which watch? Quant (18)
Russian Meteor - or was it? Idiot (15)
Friday is MetaTuesday Idiot (5)
Lithium prices Economist (26)
February 14th, 2013
Decipher the Tesla S' speedometer Idiot (12)
snuff film of the day Idiot (4)
Shylock -- the teen years R. (8)
ghshephard is the stupid R. (12)
homeless people enjoy their lifestyle Idiot (9)
drone strikes are winning battle for hearts and minds Idiot (5)
awsome podcast channel EXXPO (0)
Convoy of 35 (History of Israel 1948) Dan (6)
Bought a 400 m2 villa on a lake, bordering forest Dr. Horrorwitz (23)
Transforming apartment xampl9 (6)
Should Disney be liable for frog kissing illnesses? Idiot (8)
mma big vs muscle Dan (3)
Another view on Dorner Shylock, really not Denman (12)
Smart people shocked mass media has no integrity. Michael B (22)
Anyone use R? Shylock, really not Denman (17)
Musk v Broder He Said/She Said Idiot (13)
CoT Stock Parade (US stocks only) Dan (2)
The 1980s, with muppet muppet (19)
Why old-fashioned phones still matter Fan boy (23)
Olympic Blade Runner shoots and kills his girlfriend Bluebeard (8)
February 13th, 2013
90-95% of what I'm posting lemonhead (0)
everyone in the world is batshit insane lemonhead (6)
Death coming soon to all Idiot (7)
nice kid lemonhead (4)
I am jerking off to this lemonhead (14)
Obama government Bot Baden-Württemberg (1)
Full cavity searches coming to airports Idiot (10)
BDSM Michael B (15)
I watched Fox News for Dorner and State of Union Bot Baden-Württemberg (1)
US trends Dan (3)
Riding classes Io (4)
Exec order to help RIAA/MPAA Idiot (0)
Communist party anchor babies Idiot (3)
Zuckerberg might be a Republican Bot Berlin (6)
Americans are assholes muppet (70)
Ahmed Gil (2)
Religion is for the mentally infirm barken (4)
Fucking boost day and timeOfDay Io (3)
February 12th, 2013
Dorner sighting in Texas NPR (2)
Rubio Response Movie Mike (5)
Obama: $222,000 is reasonable fine for file sharing 24 songs Idiot (3)
Burned Beyond all Recognition Idiot (25)
Breaking News: Obama to give same speech as last year Morons (124)
The Daily WTF & Gov't Waste Morons (11)
Whoa!  Time to get that vasectomy? Leaf (7)
friends... lemonhead (2)
Dorner Story - Not Looking Good For CJD Brice Richard (9)
Prisoner X dies in Israeli solitary trollop (1)
rich getting richer Idiot (11)
Here we go (again), Dorner shoot out Bot Berlin (5)
North Korea Bot Berlin (13)
The war in Syria Dan (6)
Manhunt in North Korea Bot Berlin (0)
Dr Who sucks but people like it? Idiot (7)
Guns in Canada Idiot (2)
So.. why is reddit so hell bent on giving Bill Gates a handjob? muppet (33)
So, I went back to the scene of the crime Shylock, really not Denman (10)
A daily dose of diet Dan (4)
State of the Union Worksheet - or drinking game the great purple (0)
Home owners are dead inside and so are their children Michael B (59)
What is especially sad about the ACA nonsense muppet (4)
to leaf Dan (14)
Marmite back in production, second hand price about to crash Leaf (10)
NYT: Musk is the one that is lying! Darwin (16)
February 11th, 2013
Death by Coca cola Leaf (12)
$1 million reward Idiot (7)
what does that mean? Bot Baden-Württemberg (12)
kudos Bot Baden-Württemberg (0)
Bill Gates says shit Bot Berlin (6)
This chick is a pyschopath Bot Berlin (6)
When analog and digital really love each other, in a special way Shylock, really not Denman (2)
The shooter Shylock, really not Denman (10)
NYT reporters lying again Idiot (9)
I'm fasting again Leaf (10)
What is next for LA rambo? Bot Berlin (19)
PMP vs. Scrum training the great purple (31)
Should banks pay taxes? Idiot (5)
Recruiters: Unemployed worse than being a Criminal Morons (6)
If someone knows your music collection xampl9 (iPhone) (3)
ObamaCare and Kids Morons (32)
Skype df (1)
Dorner: "It's a setup to push through gun control" Dr. Horrorwitz (11)
Pope resigning Somebody (19)
There are snow banks the size of several houses on the interstat muppet (8)
Article about Gil and Dan Idiot (7)
February 10th, 2013
They have a tip Bot Berlin (3)
LAPD officier beats bankster almost to death Bot Baden-Württemberg (3)
davidreiss666 Bot Baden-Württemberg (1)
Why isn't the FBI investigating the LAPD? Bot Berlin (11)
I'd freak if I had to deal with this. trollop (7)
ahmed Gil (10)
Krispy Kreme Challenge xampl9 (2)
Obama deploys armed drones in search for Dorner Idiot (7)
john posts Bot Baden-Württemberg (3)
john posts Bot Baden-Württemberg (0)
On the ability of media to change emotions Bot Baden-Württemberg (6)
Welsh Journalist writes of her experiences with LAPD Idiot (8)
How much money do you think she makes Bot Berlin (8)
Idiot has 5000 friends Bot Baden-Württemberg (3)
Police seeking Dorner opened fire in a second case of mistaken i Bot Baden-Württemberg (18)
Just finished CHL NPR (23)
February 9th, 2013
Futurama 7 Bot Baden-Württemberg (4)
how many coffee enemas is too many? Idiot (16)
Hide and Seek Idiot (9)
Linkedin Stuffs hoyza (6)
gosh I love snow muppet (8)
more no warrant searches Idiot (10)
My weekly report Gil (11)
Why was religion invented? Leaf (22)
Most powerful laptop? Dr. Horrorwitz (30)
A horse is a horse of course, of course ... trollop (6)
February 8th, 2013
I don't want to be famous Bot Baden-Württemberg (4)
martian door handle Idiot (4)
For those wishing to wean themselves from the white poison Bot Baden-Württemberg (9)
DEA Wants to Use a $37 Pot Sale to Seize a $1.5 Million Anaheim Bot Baden-Württemberg (5)
Taren Stinebrickner-Kauffman Bot Baden-Württemberg (3)
storeowner survives robbery Idiot (5)
Military attack helicopters Idiot (13)
Should Christopher Dorner receive the Nobel Peace Prize? Idiot (16)
Decent milk substitute Shylock, really not Denman (12)
free run EXXPO (2)
Article 10 Idiot (1)
Your country is in a sad state muppet (2)
In at work early so I can get the fuck out muppet (21)
Is it OK to lie to your friends? Idiot (3)
Swartz was an F student in primary school Idiot (7)
February 7th, 2013
payroll tax increase Practical Economist (20)
Smash Smash SMAASH! NPR (4)
Officer Christopher Jordan Dorner Idiot (44)
long-chain polymers Bot Baden-Württemberg (6)
What are you up to today? Leaf (11)
The visit Gil (7)
Service Charge vs Tip Idiot (14)
It's good for the planet xampl9 (5)
out of town and lonely so lonely (10)
OFfice for Linux Idiot (7)
My second earliest memory muppet (2)
nausea, again the great purple (9)
The Possibility of Unintentional and Embarrassing Disarray xampl9 (23)
Fat free half and half Shylock, really not Denman (13)
So Hubble what's the apologist rhetoric on this one again? muppet (12)
My earliest memory muppet (16)
Shatner's non-AMA Idiot (2)
Idiot, how about this one Bot Berlin (13)
Engineers are cold and dead inside? geek (18)
grammar and puctuation test trollop (20)
February 6th, 2013
YO, Michael B - hoyza (8)
My favorite beer like drink Bot Berlin (10)
SA beats India .... at rape PigPen (7)
Blackberry 10! Idiot (8)
"Only women who fucking hate themselves would hang out here." Michael B (9)
MIS beer after effect... Gil (15)
"100% of all americans want gun control" Idiot (15)
This is my Body - Take and Eat Idiot (7)
A daily dose of diet Dan (7)
Suppose your significant other said... Michael B (30)
idiots who can't lock up their guns the great purple (10)
Today is the day df (4)
Had a discussion with a friend about knowledge hoarding geek (29)
Can you love more than one wife or one husband? Michael B (24)
Interview yesterday xampl9 (iPhone) (20)
Stallone (age 66) and De Niro (age 69) to box in next movie Mike (5)
Muppet and Save The Hubble - are they men or women? Tony (18)
Dell buyout xampl9 (iPhone) (4)
When I was detained by MIS Moshe van koskesh (1)
So... people on /r/autism muppet (26)
cleaning up my act Idiot (5)
Easy Bot Baden-Württemberg (2)
February 5th, 2013
kid suspended for using imagination Morons (15)
nymphomaniac Michael B (2)
I'm out of MIS Guy (5)
12 yr old girl building custom car Idiot (12)
The case for killing Americans Bot Berlin (5)
Continious Integration what are you reading for? (12)
Kingston's new 1TB flash drive Idiot (8)
The war in Syria Dan (6)
Afghan Polo Idiot (1)
How much do you LOVE your job? Idiot (18)
Netflix Canada Kenny (16)
"Ditto, except my son is now 15." Kenny (41)
Obama's No Fly List Idiot (18)
Gil & Guy will not post here again Hila, MIS (8)
Decent Android tablet... is there one? muppet (21)
Intel Xeon Phi df (16)
autistic kids like engineering? huh? Idiot (12)
SEC: adoptic metric system was a huge mistake Idiot (5)
Tuesday muppet (3)
iOS 6 Jailbreak - technical details Wayne (1)
iOS 6 Jailbreak Wayne (9)
February 4th, 2013
cute nerd girl murder trial Idiot (11)
that shooting range killing Idiot (7)
eek, explain yourself Bot Baden-Württemberg (3)
Netflix: Where's Peep Show? NPR (7)
back at MIS Gil (1)
twitpic CTO Bot Baden-Württemberg (4)
V-day approaches Michael B (14)
Why don't you work for Google? Michael B (23)
for df Bot Baden-Württemberg (1)
study shows american, columbian women are ignorant Idiot (5)
For you Michael B df (1)
"Web Search" Question Bored Bystander (7)
girlfriend: "aaron wasn't depressed" Idiot (27)
Fundamentals of Online Education Idiot (0)
The downside of taxpayer funded medical care Leaf (10)
Interesting IBM letter Idiot (10)
College was my biggest mistake Bot Berlin (27)
Incidentally, my favorite was the Taco Bell commercial muppet (6)
Applebees: "The guest did in fact pay an 18% tip" Idiot (19)
PSA - Ooogey boogey!! muppet (3)
So, who DIDN'T watch the Super Bowl? Michael B (37)
Easy job? NPR (7)
where did I see this? eek (10)
Here's some slightly different crazy for everyone today muppet (0)
I'm all done with Bill Maher now muppet (6)
Newegg Crushes Patent Troll in Online 'Shopping Cart' Suit less is more (2)
Why banks are likely to face more software glitches Io (7)
Syria Guy (0)
WSJ: China hacked us too Idiot (2)
trouble with the transmission Idiot (0)
Cooming soon... Guy (16)
Turkey's PM slams Israel Moshe van koskesh (9)
February 3rd, 2013
Should 13 yr olds have children? Idiot (12)
Go Daddy superbowl ad xampl9 (9)
Workers of the world - reclaim your lives. trollop (0)
Copyright Law at the Elementary School Idiot (8)
Power failure at Superdome xampl9 (38)
Gil is dowing guard watch duty Guy (1)
Hot New start up - Buy a College Kids Future Morons (9)
There need to be more guns at shooting ranges Leaf (6)
Bill Cundiff Wikipedian (0)
A daily dose of diet Dan (6)
Plasma gun Gil (0)
Polyandry more common than thought? Shylock, really not Denman (12)
Middle classes of the Western World - come on down! trollop (11)
America is more dangerous than Iraq Lee (6)
February 2nd, 2013
Presets interview less is more (0)
Ha ha, old losers, fuck them... Mëtäl Ümläüt (12)
Why Police Lie Under Oath Bot Baden-Württemberg (8)
Eve Existed, its Genetic Fact, That means Adam likely did too Morons (34)
school shooter stopped by armed teacher Idiot (35)
Eve Online review Bot Berlin (4)
IOS n Android not much different Obvious (2)
Dan Gil (3)
Greetings from MIS center Gil (4)
Iranian stealth fighter!! Dr. Horrorwitz (19)
An American legend Moshe van koskesh (3)
February 1st, 2013
ATL Bot Baden-Württemberg (2)
why? Cot Historian (2)
Relying on tweets?  No. We're not.  Get a fucking grip, Alex. lemonhead (3)
notch on charity lemonhead (2)
carlycrunkbear Idiot (9)
So Koch dies Moshe van koskesh (11)
Could you cut it in IT on Silicon Roundabout? trollop (16)
That's the way love goes lemonhead (7)
First horsemeat in burgers, now... Quant (7)
Sweden cuts taxes, reduces size of government Idiot (11)
Dow breaks 14K.  Are you guys back in equities, yet? Kenny (17)
70-yo raw vegan looks 35 Dr. Horrorwitz (28)
Non-Competes xampl9 (12)
My Brother.. --noname for now (23)
my 2nd ayahuasca trip EXXPO (3)
RIP Ed Koch Morons (5)
National Veterans Crisis Hotline Idiot (19)
Food for the day Fan boy (10)