RIP Philo

February 28th, 2015
Is Lodewijk my stalker? Bot Berlin (14 comments)
Roomba Jousting xampl9 (4)
city of chicago runs torture center Bot Berlin (16)
A Song Lodewijk (1)
Another CoT member makes the news Bored Bystander (36)
I just watched an ad all the way through... Q (7)
facts about Point Break Bot Berlin (4)
Algorithms df (17)
The Hijab df (43)
February 27th, 2015
Snap Russian election held trollop (39)
Finally, a real reason to go vegetarian Shylock (27)
Coffee snobbery at its worst :) Quant (9)
Leonard Nimoy has passed away xampl9 (19)
Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more Kepala Kelapa (1)
Sylvester Stallone back as Rocky Paulie (7)
Who is moopat? WildRiver (10)
Do you ever let your emotions show at work? Kenny the Robot (15)
Harrison Ford back as Deckard xampl9 (6)
Apple's current market cap $760 billion Bluebeard (17)
Is is better to be really good at one thing... Vince (38)
Since I now work for the business technically... moopat (15)
Do you like to party? LeMonde (14)
Yes we have bloody bananas ... trollop (11)
spot the errors in the wiring n/a (8)
February 26th, 2015
Alright guys, I've had enough, getting a job at McDonalds Ronald McDonald (3)
Hahahahahhhhaha Bit Berlin (0)
Do any of you guys work on side projects? Tom (16)
For those of you who have thought about leaving IT Jack of all Trades (4)
If not in IT, which function interests you? Options (9)
Questioning your boss NPR (18)
For Quant Lodewijk (0)
EEVblog guy has a good rant eek (8)
Why PigPen is wrong Quant (8)
Something is in the air NPR (12)
cool new banksy film n/a (0)
Why your local record store employee is an asshole xampl9 (6)
Are you thinking about changing careers? Boglehead (19)
Archiving MSSQL spatial data Shylock on a phone (4)
Could an M.S. degree in Data Science be a worthwhile investment? Tom (31)
People who call and put you on speaker phone Chuck (5)
An example of a European country who let the US carry the burden WildRiver (18)
Muslims at Abercrombie & Fitch xampl9 (19)
Does it matter if you're an enormous asshole if Michael B (33)
Android mouse support ~ (1)
Worried I'd get fired for getting caught reading this Michael B (22)
A face of Islam Lodewijk (4)
Hehehee Trog (1)
February 25th, 2015
"Impossibly" large black hole - 12 billion solar masses Suck Cup (8)
Another example of double standards Quant (33)
Al-Jazeera journalists imprisoned again Quant (3)
Why headphones, earbuds, and bluetooth speakers are so expensive WildRiver (13)
Did he assault Billy Graham? Quant (11)
How far are your eyes from the computer monitor? Lance (9)
Up to the old tricks again. Somebody (11)
square plates n/a (7)
Tesco price promise Wick (14)
Chris Kyle shooter found guilty xampl9 (12)
Musings on breakups Michael B (37)
And ... The Oirish Toimes has a solution... eek (15)
Don't panic. It's our money. PigPen (5)
February 24th, 2015
YO!  Where the fuck did everyone go?! ?? (8)
This thing is heavy mup (10)
Did you keep your college books, folders, etc? dude (7)
If you reach out, he'll pull you under with him Woe Cup (1)
The Oatmeal on Tesla eek (13)
Loving gays is good business - just ask Colonel Sanders! NPR (18)
Will credit cards debt increase LeMonde (18)
Rampant consumerism df (2)
Interesting topic! Are you or are you not? WildRiver (16)
We have been looking for aliens in space?  We are them! WildRiver (2)
What is the reason Obama says No to Keystone oil pipeline? WildRiver (23)
Doing business with family - redux Canned Gods Inc. (4)
Interstellar df (12)
Waffle House -- as a package delivery hub xampl9 (18)
what do you think of this offer by BR + DP Fijearue (4)
It's Boobies Tuesday! WildRiver (16)
Follow the money Quant (6)
Funny keyboard names brone (4)
UPDATE: Doing business with relatives Tony (20)
The Explosion of Mobile Spending df (17)
Whitefeather, this is for you! WildRiver (7)
So, two nights ago I had a dream ~ (15)
Warning: monsters are real Michael B (5)
Between jobs with two months off, where should I go? Michael B (20)
Can you sum up a few words about your life? WildRiver (22)
Accepting your mortality ~ (19)
Self help gurus fire walk Full Name (7)
Rick Perry indictment Craggie (1)
Have I mentioned Tony Abbott might be insane Lock Cup (2)
Bloody hell part II Lodewijk (34)
Mars Missions a farce Legion (5)
February 23rd, 2015
MH370 intact, hijacked by islamicists n/a (2)
Kathy Sierra: Silicon Valley needs to be more like Afghanistan n/a (2)
Spoilers, does anyone care? PigPen (3)
Shran vs the Third Option n/a (0)
Notworking trollop (10)
Which pizza delivery is least bad? NPR (16)
al jazeera gets leak n/a (7)
How shareholders in companies get robbed legally? WildRiver (9)
Embarrassing situation brone (20)
So the boss's boss got the ax Tony (2)
Bloody hell Trog (12)
How much Bud do you guys drink? dave (13)
Lunch Observation Brice Richard (15)
wifi key and stuff eek (56)
Michael Keaton is the reason I never became a landlord Tony (14)
How much traveling do you guys do? Joe (10)
Muppet needs to show me the flow charts of his job moves! WildRiver (10)
Jarryd Hayne to sign with Detroit Lions Pigs Cup (2)
what I use facebook for lately hoyZa (5)
MRI prices Michael B (33)
Freedom over ~ (51)
So how much is all this biometric bullshit worth? Quant (21)
Making money on Central Limit Theorem Quant (5)
Hilarious ORM shitfit Bluebeard (46)
February 22nd, 2015
Citizen four wins the oscar Bit Berlin (11)
Imitation game Bit Berlin (1)
Star Trek Continues xampl9 (8)
The system let us down Bot Badsense (16)
Blue Monday xampl9 (6)
ISIS POWs Full Name (6)
Fahrenheit is better! Legion (37)
5 hours walking through Milan n/a (14)
Removable game cartridges xampl9 (1)
"Office Space" AD 2015 Quant (18)
any areas of the world without mobile phone coverage? dave (18)
February 21st, 2015
Anyone tried Testosterone therapy? GettingOldSucks :-( (12)
Linux virtual machines Shylock (18)
Developer curses at man on subway, meet again in job interview Mike (35)
Windows 8.1 brone (13)
Something for Michael B and me! Quant (2)
WildRiver and Somebody should go Bot Berlin (6)
TSA crooks Bit Berlin (0)
AT&T's prices n/a (9)
how bad is superfish? n/a (19)
Troll boys delete cabal at work Bot Berlin (29)
Sure miss DR H Bot Berlin (1)
You know... mup (27)
Ultimate Giuliani takedown Bot Berlin (8)
Assholes on the internet Bot Berlin (29)
Republican thought Bot Berlin (7)
February 20th, 2015
Got this letter Bot Berlin (15)
Oscar Bot Berlin (7)
prison Whitefeather (5)
The killer app for driverless cars Shylock (8)
Who's behind the anti-vaccination movement? Quant (21)
How many of you like to read math books and solve problems WildRiver (61)
Vax leaders n/a (3)
I decided to self-limit my internet usage . (9)
Love what you do and the money will follow? Gonzo (27)
Angela Merkel does want to become Putin's bitch! WildRiver (17)
unemployed muslims n/a (10)
most racist state in the us? answer may surprise you n/a (16)
jobs for jihadis n/a (10)
February 19th, 2015
Obamacare Bot Berlin (19)
Xps13 Bot Berlin (9)
Persian Jews returning to Iran n/a (9)
Thw war in Syria Dan (4)
that warm feeling... n/a (15)
SIM card keys exposed xampl9 (0)
Accept norms or leave Lodewijk (29)
Vaccination common sense Bored Bystander (6)
On COT, if you don't like Obama or Democrats, you will be WildRiver (17)
more lying journalists n/a (3)
So Obama is having another White House summit this week WildRiver (17)
Disney raises prices xampl9 (6)
Interviews and current salary Trog (20)
Hackable or hacked? Quant (15)
Gong Xi Fa Cai LeMonde (6)
Oliver Sacks saying goodbye Shylock (8)
February 18th, 2015
verizon cell in EU Friday (2)
Adult Wednesday Addams xampl9 (5)
Was really baffled by all the people Shylock (10)
how rich are you vis a vis the rest of the world The Business Outlet (25)
People keep re-inventing the wheel and subverse standard. WildRiver (9)
nutella linked to islamic terrorism n/a (4)
"Who is..." spam SaveTheHubble (4)
Newspaper paywalls Wick (26)
Hey Somebody, why do you treat Lemonde like shit? . (13)
Well, back to corporate IT on Monday mup (16)
sex assault of minor girls "ok if done respectfully" n/a (3)
Apple G5 Rick Tang at home (3)
February 17th, 2015
The iCar xampl9 (0)
32 bit or 64 bit MSSQL? Shylock (37)
There were 3 Anglo-Dutch wars? Shylock (30)
I can't wait until everything is on video or audio on the web Bot Berlin (7)
sexism in computer science n/a (43)
"not in my backyard" eek (0)
10 hours of walking in Paris n/a (22)
concerned about climate change? n/a (2)
Hubble, do you agree? WildRiver (5)
tesla's new battery pack n/a (6)
Update to "pymssql is £$%£$! slow" Quant (4)
Make money from a typing app? Crank Cup (13)
February 16th, 2015
Somebody is an admitted troll Bot Berlin (14)
Filthy rich guy murders a security gurard(India). Matchu (8)
How bad could it be? Shylock (23)
Etiquette Legion (6)
grammar Bot Berlin (21)
tax changes that hurt the rich Bot Berlin (17)
How to solve it, step by step. brone (2)
they're here! they're here! eek (5)
new jobs in NYC n/a (26)
Hubble on drone strikes COT historian (1)
Your company survival test. WildRiver (34)
Canton Ohio reporting Bot Badsense (20)
Hello CoT friends LeMonDe (15)
ISIS Bot Badsense (11)
So I went to see a career counselor Joe (9)
Cool animation on sorting WildRiver (6)
A poster shared his recent interview experience. Amazon? WildRiver (63)
Where do you store your music? Mike (11)
Is it no longer worth it to be an entreprenuer in the US? Joe (7)
Amazon to the government: bow to us, bitches Quant (16)
water eek (9)
February 15th, 2015
Glad I got that out of my system Legion (30)
Touch Typing Crank Cup (14)
OS X Yosemite, oh how I hate you xampl9 (20)
City X unknown fool (19)
Quiz Lodewijk (49)
Tweetbashing ... People have always been mean PigPen (33)
The selfie stick Bot Badsense (21)
Some stars on income over lifetime Bot Badsense (3)
February 14th, 2015
another police beating the great purple (66)
just replying to this to bookmark for myself to read later. sry Bot Berlin (4)
Star Trek discussions at work Legion (16)
Poor Muslims once again victims of propaganda Lodewijk (2)
US extremist arrested n/a (2)
So they put Accounting in charge of IT Techie (23)
why was my post deleted? unknown fool (9)
Hey Mupp, there's hope for you yet... Bill42x (2)
February 13th, 2015
She's still got it xampl9 (0)
Supposed to be 10-15 degrees below avg through mid March not a weather man (14)
Bloody sausage brone (11)
Apple car Lee (8)
debbie schlussel wtf Wick (6)
Brice Richard is our COT Leisure Suit Larry! WildRiver (6)
overheard at work Regular Poster (5)
Fix that Hybrid! n/a (12)
why do people use outlook Wick (33)
Kingsman: The Secret Service SaveTheHubble (9)
Standing desk options..... Joe (14)
do dinosaur mentions at school violate religious freedom? n/a (26)
Why did they make an Iron Eagle 2? Mike (15)
Is it bad too have too much empathy? Vince (14)
Do you ever take 2 or more weeks of vacation straight in the US? WildRiver (23)
How much traveling do you all do? qwerty (44)
Hey n/a, what do you think of this? WildRiver (2)
ISIS improving life for citizens n/a (2)
Engelsman over Groningen (1804) Lodewijk (1)
Fri 13th Buck Cup (5)
Meanwhile, in Africa... Bluebeard (5)
February 12th, 2015
getting a trademark n/a (11)
RadioShack execs wtf Bot Berlin (8)
What do you have against American cars? Mike (16)
Valentine's Day NPR (16)
Should I get a bigger car? NPR (19)
At what mileage do you do your oil change? WildRiver (8)
Reddit 503 xampl9 (3)
Which do you like? WildRiver (20)
Is your career everything you thought it would be and more? Todd (27)
Broken Archives PigPen (0)
Planegate redux PigPen (4)
Just saw Birdman. WTF was that all about anyway? Bloggo the Clown (3)
pymssql is £$%£$! slow Quant (15)
Robert Fisk eek (2)
Combat weathermen xampl9 (1)
February 11th, 2015
EU Friday (36)
MS Access DBA Shylock (7)
This is so cool.  Make sure you watch it. WildRiver (4)
WTF? Obama??? WildRiver (13)
Akismet Problems FSK (5)
question about my web sites unknown fool (7)
Teen tweets self out of job Bored Bystander (23)
What happened to all the rare material got burned up WildRiver (18)
Spacex trying again tonight at 18.03 EST Bill42x (4)
Brice is saying that we are all morons...can we think harder WildRiver (11)
Crazy Thought in re: Financial Engineering Brice Richard (65)
white atheist kills muslim family n/a (48)
The hierarchy of Asian girls in porn pornhound (7)
The boring life of Dominique Strauss-Kahn Quant (31)
Good article on hardware startups Bill42x (5)
February 10th, 2015
Jupiter Ascending SaveTheHubble (11)
Project Almanac xampl9 (0)
Project manager salary WildRiver (10)
50 Shades of Grey xampl9 (5)
Isn't it true? Quant (13)
Spelling keeps kids from reading!  The Atlantic SaveTheHubble (13)
Questions asked when coming back to the US from Canada! WildRiver (13)
SQL is for hipsters Quant (14)
lost tenure case n/a (68)
February 9th, 2015
Is it legal for Immigration and ICE to pull vehicles over on US WildRiver (19)
1.6 meters of snow in 16 days Shylock (5)
Police stops in California checking on nationality Leaf (7)
Which car insurance company would you guy recommend? WildRiver (12)
Hubble's smiley Look Cup (13)
Richard Brice believes we were born to suffer. WildRiver (7)
What has France and Germany done for America since ww2? WildRiver (21)
How safe is a sedan (car)? WildRiver (11)
Which airline is your favorite when traveling domestic US? WildRiver (10)
New test with driver automation Lodewijk (52)
No direct flight from East Coast to West Coast???? WildRiver (51)
Who is behind ISIS? n/a (36)
Why is my distributed query slow? Quant (11)
Word. Dot. Word. Is not a substitute for evidence Bot Badsense (18)
February 8th, 2015
philosophical question n/a (16)
SpaceX DSCOVR mission live feed xampl9 (4)
Movie: Knights of Badassdom Kenny the Robot (2)
Chris Christie Administration Is Target Of New Federal Criminal Bot Berlin (2)
Lawnchair Larry PigPen (14)
Bob Dylan music cares speech Bot Berlin (0)
measles deaths Scott (53)
carpenter metaphor n/a (18)
Empire (TV Series) Asian guy (0)
February 7th, 2015
Power Fist™ Saw review xampl9 (2)
The joys of algorithms Shylock (24)
North Korea has gone too far this time Legion (5)
Anonymous foreigners buy nyc condos Bot Berlin (16)
This guy is going to hell Bot Berlin (5)
More E-Cat Bill42x (1)
Government theft? Bot Berlin (7)
vpn test tutu (2)
Bridgegate update Bot Berlin (0)
February 6th, 2015
Better Off Ted Me, myself and I (4)
Remember this hard-working and humble guy? WildRiver (6)
Consequences of the Iraq War Bot Badsense (21)
non-combatant should stay away from danger zone, don't you? WildRiver (18)
Grunting/swallowing noises xampl9 (9)
Seriously considering homeschooling for the youngest mup (37)
Will you buy an electric car? WildRiver (5)
The most common job in each state Ducknald Don (6)
Coffee novice coffee drinker (31)
Tony Abbott's last day as PM will be Fri 13th Paralysed from the Neck Cup (8)
abortion validation and catholicism vatican insider (23)
Copying video from VHS to DVD Mike (10)
February 5th, 2015
business opportunity Cat Rancher (20)
Good TV: Allegiance, The 100 n/a (5)
"You're all peasants" xampl9 (23)
"Responds faster to commands" Wayne (10)
Silicon Valley Homeschooling Homeschooling Mom (49)
Work overtime or do side projects? Software Developer (15)
Pregnancy Today Brice Richard (23)
Identity theft df (0)
Attaching a database in MSSQL on AWS Shylock on a phone (13)
Subreddits you didn't know existed xampl9 (4)
King Abdullah - mission accomplished n/a (72)
Staples buys Office Depot.... Mike (13)
February 4th, 2015
I thought of Lodewijk when I saw this Shylock (11)
Weird encoding data sent to my web server WildRiver (6)
Why so many Indian men want to move to USA as developers Quant (19)
Global Living Costs Around the World LeMonde (16)
Hey Wayne, about vpn's.... tutu (7)
Help me to understand.. LeMonde (4)
Interviewing and Indecision Undercover Agent (24)
It's not eugenics, not at all! Quant (6)
Had some spam make it through Google's filters xampl9 (1)
Why did the US attack Iraq? n/a (33)
February 3rd, 2015
Eurotrip Friday (9)
Equal Opportunity Self-Identification? FSK (9)
what do you think about amazon buying radio shack n/a (26)
Inherent Vice Quant (0)
Is this overkill Wick (6)
I farted in the elevator Kenny the Robot (10)
3rd World Space Program? SaveTheHubble (9)
Love Letters to Dawkins df (1)
How many of you Democrats still think Obama is not a liar? WildRiver (16)
Software Development vs. General IT IT guy (22)
prejudiced bakery discriminating based on sex orientation n/a (36)
Hacker News df (13)
Budweiser ad xampl9 (7)
Perry show, techniques n/a (1)
Hey Ozzies! Shylock (10)
Escaping in javascript in html pages Lodewijk (13)
February 2nd, 2015
Piebald Australia trollop (0)
First Black Congressman from Texas Undercover Agent (7)
Trial date set for 'Auschwitz bookkeeper' Groening Quant (23)
Quick quiz brone (32)
Phablets Me, myself and I (16)
For all the lazy people out there, you are a disgrace! WildRiver (26)
Windows 10 for Rasperry Pi 2 SaveTheHubble (34)
Hey, it's Monday SaveTheHubble (11)
texas child in sorcery scandal n/a (19)
Freemium games df (7)
Do not buy shares in an offshore subsidiary Quant (7)
On learning times tables MobyDobie (25)
February 1st, 2015
secure cabin doors n/a (9)
The problem with dollar stores... Q (17)
SMAP has launched! SaveTheHubble (5)
Overton window Bot Baden (3)
I made a thing ~ (6)
Super Bowl! Sunday! SaveTheHubble (30)
Military contractors, yay! Quant (9)
Drone pilot has odd hand tattoo Bot Berlin (2)
Porn student arrested n/a (5)
US boy, three, shoots both parents in New Mexico Quant (23)
Broke on 400k per year Bot Berlin (10)
I found out how my Mom gets cancer treatment covered Shylock (1)
Ebola Bot Berlin (1)
Fresh start Quant (22)
Device-based startups...cost of prototypes? dave (19)