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February 29th, 2016
porn addiction eek (2 comments)
Slashdot media xampl9 (3)
Happy Monday! I hope you all behave or else! President of WildRiver fan club (3)
Happy Leap Year Day xampl9 (12)
a philosophical question eek (94)
The problem with employment, part #2 ... Io (26)
We're agreed - Hillary vs Trump, Hillary wins? Maddie (37)
Hillary's racism problem Pie is good (4)
February 28th, 2016
Brooklyn Job for FSK Bob Baden (15)
Catholic Church Reddit reporter (11)
Trump's reply when asked about the KKK ... eek (11)
Has Trump insulted you or your peeps? Pigpen (1)
Who is the best Trump repellant? Hillary or Bernie? Trump 2016! (5)
so, my dear american friends ... eek (21)
Interesting take on the Gulf War Shylock (25)
If you want to get laid Pigpen (27)
GrumpyOldMan is a stupid troll, or a bot Priapus the Handy Garden Phallus (17)
Lars Van Trier eek (5)
Obama should nominate a centrist, in concession to Republicans?? Bob Baden (15)
Is having a beard looked down on in the corporate world? clean shaven (8)
wtf nyc 4 Bob Baden (1)
"The Bombshell in Donald Trump's Taxes" Bob Baden (24)
Do you strive to become successful or are you a minimalist? Developer (15)
kindle cons ... eek (19)
"I hope you choke on shame" or how to fire the CEO Pigpen (4)
Trump refuses to explain his tax audit problems GrumpyOldMan (1)
Why do Orthodox Jews hate women? GrumpyOldMan (46)
February 27th, 2016
Saudi backwards fucks Bob Baden (3)
What's the best flat screen tv for small size living room? WildRiver (15)
Negative Interest Rate Lord of the Flies (20)
Dear my foreign friends, Trump's policy already works! WildRiver (17)
If 401Ks suck where do we put our money$? Check Book (12)
Bill Clinton snaps at veteran "Shut up and listen!" President of the Brice Fan Club (6)
Hillary's supporters do not know why they support her GrumpyOldMan (10)
So my neighbor plowed my driveway, should I pay him? Tony (15)
Fucking banksters GrumpyOldMan (1)
young jezzy -- my president is a black man Bob Baden (0)
401k plans fall short NPR (19)
Koch brothers plan to stop Trump NPR (1)
Update on my research results so far and advice on what follows Io (13)
Boss or Leader? Io (5)
The problem with employment Io (10)
fuck the police -- wiretap ya! Bob Baden (0)
February 26th, 2016
TIL: Friday (3)
Since I'm almost a little disappointed mup (14)
The myth of Trump the self-made man GrumpyOldMan (7)
Goddamn Indian phishing callers can suck my cock Priapus the Handy Garden Phallus (25)
Conversation With A Headhunter FSK (26)
Deadpool and the R rating xampl9 (11)
All the foreigners please raise your hand to vote for WildRiver (7)
Would it not make sense for Microsoft to ... Bluebeard (12)
So What's a Supreme Court Justice Worth to Business Still (0)
America can't vote for a Spanish President yet! WildRiver (3)
Any of you guys have food allergies or intolerances? dude (10)
obviously you dickshits ... eek (2)
Republican Debate eek (21)
Nothing makes me start looking for another job more than... Ruseman (11)
Lindsay Graham on his party Shylock (5)
language learning eek (16)
February 25th, 2016
Dear Bernie Sorry I'm the Problem with America Booblicker (8)
There seems to be no compomise for two camps of political belief President of WildRiver fan club (30)
Chrome is a pig xampl9 (3)
How much taxes are the American middle class people paying??? President of WildRiver fan club (16)
A COT / HN unholy union Io (13)
Let go Texans! Avenge the Alamo by voting for Trump! President of WildRiver fan club (1)
Posting under a new screen name Priapus the Handy Garden Phallus (19)
"We still have other people to interview" Johnny Ekstrom (15)
The craziness of the HFT arms race GrumpyOldMan (16)
I don't really blame her! President of WildRiver fan club (0)
WTF? This company is still around. President of WildRiver fan club (14)
Donald Trump Taps Foreign Work Force for His Florida Club Still (5)
Hey Shylock, have you seen this movie? GrumpyOldMan (11)
Nobody brings out the stupid like Trump Shylock (38)
PigPen's choices for POTUS, in order Pigpen (20)
February 24th, 2016
NYC wtf 3 Bob Baden (0)
Power outage Friday (2)
Bernie Sanders is the worst presidential candidate Hill loss better than Bern win (19)
A Look Inside Trump's Global Deals Exposes Trouble in Many Spots Still (12)
Rejected with no phone screen or anything NPR (25)
sorry,  did you say "who owns the robots"? eek (1)
new terminology needed Rk (9)
Take that Glen Beck! hahaha, you faker! President of WildRiver fan club (3)
Trump now overtaking Eddie Munster in his own home state lol President of the Brice Fan Club (3)
What people say about Trump President of WildRiver fan club (15)
DO NOT REPLY Ralph (3)
President Trump at his first State of the Union speech xampl9 (9)
Sicario Ralph (4)
Yo Hoyza, how do you get and keep a pizza delivery job? President of the Brice Fan Club (6)
The media is corrupted and need to shut down just like President of WildRiver fan club (8)
Another crappy IT salary - 75K in the tri state area dude (9)
"Written Notice to Seller" first time homebuyer gone insane (26)
Buiding a life you don't want to escape from Milton (20)
Donald Trump in New York: Deep Roots, but Little Influence Still (0)
Failures Rk (6)
Main cause of employee disengagement Io (3)
Too much money given by the Feds to Wall Street resulting in President of WildRiver fan club (25)
Wrong metric for judgin Trump Pigpen (46)
kindle or tablet eek (42)
On Apple and the FBI ... a modest theory Pigpen (3)
Bad math notation Pigpen (32)
Spacex SES-9 launch planned tonight TricksyBanterman (3)
February 23rd, 2016
Click to summon: Be careful! Bored Bystander (4)
Hey cell phone whizzes Bored Bystander (20)
Boring depressing day NPR (7)
interesting talk on Paul Robeson eek (7)
Other peoples money Markowitch (24)
Behavioral interviews NPR (28)
Ever stay at a job that is "beneath you" for the job security? . (24)
Hubble, with the exception of FDR during WW2, tell me when President of WildRiver fan club (4)
Move away, RSA GrumpyOldMan (4)
Americans, y u no have any decent Presidential choices? Bluebeard (27)
February 22nd, 2016
Glassdoor reviews from employee working at a Trump companies President of the Brice Fan Club (20)
Hillary barks like a dog President of the Brice Fan Club (6)
Proactive NYC police Bob Baden (0)
Yo!  HOw about some fucking replies to these threads? President of the Brice Fan Club (13)
Zuck's crusade: spread social isolation, personality disorders Bored Bystander (10)
Keeping water from spreading - garage floor Tom (5)
Pigs Bob Baden (10)
Some on here think the way to solve illegal immigration is to President of WildRiver fan club (21)
What's it like being a young, well off young person.... Geek (13)
Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were walking down the street... President of the Brice Fan Club (15)
Here's a political thought xampl9 (27)
standing desk + bar stool v. adj standing desk vs varidesk .... Joe (10)
You need to practice your shooting skills! President of WildRiver fan club (3)
Anyone has seen Michael Moore's movie "Where to Invade Next"? President of WildRiver fan club (1)
First JOBS Act company goes live GrumpyOldMan (7)
Why don't the people living in Flint just leave? xampl9 (17)
Found the problem, America! Ralph (6)
February 21st, 2016
Anti-Trump personels WildRiver (7)
Why IT people suck xampl9 (12)
I don't have any social media accounts. Trev (15)
The Republican party is crazy if they support Cruz or Rubio! WildRiver (7)
Pharmacy and stock broker supported Jeb Bush! WildRiver (28)
Soy shwarma Shylock (17)
Why the IT Industry sucks Joe (27)
How to retire at age 33 Tony (34)
A different take on MOC Io (7)
does the government have an intrinsic right to read cell phones Regular Poster (13)
definition of community Regular Poster (3)
February 20th, 2016
Goodbye Bushies! Your family sucks America dry with corruption WildRiver (19)
Juicy He Said She Said (FBI) Regular Poster (1)
Clinton beats Sanders in Nevada GrumpyOldMan (9)
talked to my laywer Regular Poster (17)
Sad sacks on BoS Bored Bystander (4)
Why Apple is Fighting the Court Order to Unlock Phone Bored Bystander (12)
Krugman gets torn to pieces by his own comment section . (2)
Yo PigPen, I already tried calling out Hubble on his hypocrisy President of the Brice Fan Club (15)
like peppers? eek (0)
Education trollop (3)
Umberto Eco has died Grim Reaper (2)
Whites only! Bluebeard (3)
February 19th, 2016
Vertical turntable xampl9 (3)
fix for iOS security problem Regular Poster (11)
Oh no! Microchip acquiring Atmel! No more competitions in this President of WildRiver fan club (5)
Mini electronic guitar for 54 bucks! Cool shit. President of WildRiver fan club (7)
Welcome to shit jobs economy where the avg income is 2.8K President of WildRiver fan club (5)
Is Romanian Latin or Slavic or both? IO? President of WildRiver fan club (8)
Harper Lee has died TricksyBanterman (1)
Who in here can go to and search for tr808? President of WildRiver fan club (0)
EE, this software is writen with JavaScript! Check it out. President of WildRiver fan club (13)
Does Trump really want to win? Michael Dukakis (17)
Eastern Block had IT startups? Markowitch (11)
Krugman bitch slaps Bernie Shylock (29)
Romanian == Gipsies Io (7)
I may be getting into a deal with a NY based startup Io (10)
Scrum is Waterfall Io (34)
February 18th, 2016
Most unlikely vegan converts Shylock (2)
Interesting take on the Saudi regime Shylock (14)
RP, here is an Italian woman for you. President of WildRiver fan club (3)
Hey, EE...put your pictures on here! President of WildRiver fan club (1)
Yo Muppet, who do you want to win the Democratic nomination? President of the Brice Fan Club (9)
Where is Odumbo? He didn't make a speech about this incident? President of WildRiver fan club (2)
Funny how Hubble keeps on ignoring Hillary's shortcomings President of the Brice Fan Club (16)
Catholic Pope declares fatwa on Trump GrumpyOldMan (76)
Brice Fan Prez, can you slap some people on here?  They need President of WildRiver fan club (6)
Sathyaish Chakravarthy? Who the hell is this?  Is this a joke? President of WildRiver fan club (9)
Millenials drink nearly half of all wine NPR (9)
hello CoTers... LeMonDe (3)
bad day for the stock market? hoyZa (7)
Second month of 100% remote employment Bluebeard (14)
Fighting terrorist crops GrumpyOldMan (2)
Princess Bride + 25 Shylock (14)
So Pee Wee Herman is back with a new movie Large Marge (4)
What's the deal with my boss? Grunt (26)
February 17th, 2016
SaveTheHubble: Be honest--Tell us about this video Legion (12)
Sathyaish Chakravarthy,  I support you. Bob Baden (17)
Is that all the satay we get? Bob Baden (8)
I don't like your tshirt Craggie (1)
The world's leading geneticist calls Wabi-sabi (19)
Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Watch Bob Baden (7)
@FSK Trog (21)
Posts of the week! President of WildRiver fan club (6)
Useless Headhunters FSK (10)
Does EU need a foreign legion? Io (18)
Jeb Bush "America!" tweet hoyZa (16)
Obama, the yapper in chief! President of WildRiver fan club (3)
Hubble, you still haven't answered my question. President of the Brice Fan Club (13)
How to lose friends and alienate people GrumpyOldMan (6)
When you search for your old posts here... Maddie (1)
iphone security and terrorism Regular Poster (4)
I don't know a single person working in IT that has advised.... Joe (25)
You tell 'em Tim... TricksyBanterman (9)
What is the best free anti-virus program? dude (8)
Dear Americans, please meet your new First Lady Bluebeard (7)
How is that different from radical Islam? GrumpyOldMan (79)
Hillary coughing at the podium again Bored Bystander (32)
Sathy McFee Is Not Me Sathyaish Chakravarthy (6)
Yo Hubble, what if Hillary steals the nomination from Bernie? President of the Brice Fan Club (3)
February 16th, 2016
has the VC market turned? Bob Baden (8)
What Were They Smoking - One Key Piano Android Ad? FSK (6)
Are StH and Brice Turing-Complete? Bored Bystander (8)
R or not R Friday (26)
McAchievement xampl9 (3)
Is ISIS Simply A "Saudi Army In Disguise"? Markowitch (4)
How to restore fairness and the damage has been done to America? President of WildRiver fan club (8)
Stephen Fry on the politically correct lynch mobs... Bluebeard (1)
This is what bad foods in America about: adulterated. President of WildRiver fan club (21)
Term limit for Supreme court justices! President of WildRiver fan club (5)
Who will win the elections in America in the coming decades will President of WildRiver fan club (26)
How generous are you as a tipper at restaurant? President of WildRiver fan club (20)
How to compare salaries Io (33)
Turkey is shelling Syria Markowitch (15)
Hillary's email meddling with media re Assange Regular Poster (8)
Disturbing thought about a Trump win You Might Know Me, Or Not (4)
Disgusting: Clarence Thomas Trends on Twitter President of the Brice Fan Club (31)
February 15th, 2016
Yo Hubble!  Let's make a deal.... President of the Brice Fan Club (8)
Schumer/Obama come out in favor of Supreme Court filibuster Bob Baden (1)
My neighbor has an unsecured WiFi printer xampl9 (25)
all those rapists in germany? were really refugees Regular Poster (11)
Poly Bob Baden (5)
The guy who lost $100K being short Bob Baden (11)
The crazy voting combinations for 2016 elections. Please put in WildRiver (29)
Am I a newcomer? Too long a bystander (19)
Eliot Spitzer Bob Baden (16)
Which posters on here are full of crap? Fat guy in a little Coat (41)
whole word is going to live like the chinese? Bob Baden (3)
Stephen Fry on Twitter TricksyBanterman (5)
Mexico will pay for the wall! WildRiver (2)
I ran Somebody out of here. Bob Baden (4)
The Balkan Front Dr. Christine Frfr. von Münchha (18)
Mr Cranky Got Called by Indian named "Steve" Today Bored Bystander (20)
Yo Hubble!  Do you ever not talk about Republicans? President of the Brice Fan Club (4)
What does an ignorant and low IQ society give you? WildRiver (19)
The HN effect? brone (8)
UK moves to ban laser pointers GrumpyOldMan (28)
Sharecroppers Ralph (32)
q for shylock hoyZa (5)
Backblaze vs. Adobe TricksyBanterman (4)
How to code with no bugs Io (13)
R-Pi Zero Regular Poster (22)
don't be an extremist please Regular Poster (8)
An oldie from Joel Wayne (16)
Krugman Bob Baden (2)
When did you learn to read? Io (19)
February 14th, 2016
Scalia the hunter Bob Baden (6)
$10/barrel oil tax Regular Poster (16)
Do the lives of programmers matter? Regular Poster (5)
Beach Weather Shylock (3)
Formation Bob Baden (3)
Deadpool xampl9 (Moto phone) (6)
Valentine’s Day Poems for Married People Walter (4)
liberty flowers blooming from scalia's dessicated eye sockets Wabi-sabi (3)
Scalia should appreciate this Wabi-sabi (11)
Bunch of fucked up reject pathetic losers here Bored Bystander (14)
Hubble and Wabi wish death on people that don't agree.... President of the IE Fan Club (12)
Antonin Scalia dies -- just in time SaveTheHubble (30)
Cuba loophole Regular Poster (3)
Recess Appointment? Bob Baden (1)
Zika caused by pesticides... TricksyBanterman (30)
The Pragmatic Programmer Io (7)
Scalia Wabi-sabi (33)
rant video by feminist prostitute Regular Poster (8)
Dilbert offline TricksyBanterman (6)
Interesting guy... TricksyBanterman (7)
These look like light and silly readings Io (1)
This could happen if Kanye West becomes president Maddie (0)
February 13th, 2016
GOP DEBATE Bob Baden (17)
Turkey is attacking Syria Markowitch (22)
John McAfee wins presidential nomination Regular Poster (16)
robbed at gunpoint, now charged with murder Bob Baden (22)
End of an era xampl9 (11)
Scalia died. Now, the question is his replacement will be a WildRiver (33)
sex tape i want to see Walter (1)
shhh... the TV is listening Walter (1)
There are certain COTers take numbers provided by gov as face WildRiver (7)
Dawkins, stroke and CoE GrumpyOldMan (12)
In case you were still wondering how worthless MongoDB really is Trog (12)
Where are... This space for rent. Call owner. (9)
February 12th, 2016
personal lifespan Friday (15)
Trump and Carson can't win? One Programmer's Opinion (15)
Do we really need this? xampl9 (0)
Who gets rich Drop Cup (4)
Buying the vote Bob Baden (16)
For the masochists out there Shylock (54)
88 Kilos Shylock (25)
"classical liberal" hoyZa (13)
Spent $200 to fly for an interview and didn't get the job Johnny Ekstrom (39)
Ted Cruz's Campaign Pulls Ad Featuring Softcore Porn Actress Bob Baden (12)
Ex-priest John Feit arrested in Irene Garza murder from 1960 Bob Baden (1)
Consulting offer Io (37)
I'm gonna write 3 mails. Io (4)
Stupid English alphabet pronontiation Io (20)
Feminine for guy Io (8)
February 11th, 2016
Hillary has 394 delegates, and Bernie has 44 President of the Brice Fan Club (16)
I love you, NYC Bob Baden (0)
GitHub has been under fire after an anti-white agenda developer (17)
You won't believe these too sexy for Korean TV videos! xampl9 (11)
This might get me to finally switch to Mac Shylock (6)
Yo, Brice fan club Prez! WildRiver (6)
My daddy Alabama, Momma Louisiana Bob Baden (4)
All your papers are belong to us GrumpyOldMan (4)
Democratized social media business! President of WildRiver fan club (6)
A website that lists all concerts done by local bands dude (10)
work MAKES you and reinforces personality traits Joe (8)
It is all about cash flow! President of WildRiver fan club (8)
Yo WildRiver, did I ever tell you that you are the man? President of the Brice Fan Club (11)
How long could you go without working? xampl9 (11)
Jobs today are scarce....and extremely competitive Joe (37)
Seems that every idea I have is taken dude (11)
What's the point of trying a 94 year old? Bluebeard (11)
Gravitational waves may have been confirmed Curve Cup (22)
The Deficit Shylock (2)
Vintage computers Io (29)
February 10th, 2016
Yo Bored Bystander, what do you think of Kasich? President of the Brice Fan Club (4)
Tamir Rice, the black 12-year old who was fatally shot by police Bob Baden (3)
FBI Moves In To End Oregon Standoff Bob Baden (6)
What do you guys think about David Karp? WildRiver (1)
Trump vs Somebody Bob Baden (5)
Long Time No Ching Chong Regular Poster (9)
Don't call me Shirley Shylock (2)
I remember the last time Shylock (19)
Do you like to time travel and how often? doc brown (14)
On strategy LeMonDe (0)
Trump biopic rediscovered! Regular Poster (0)
Jeb Bush Says He Doesn't Care His Favorability Has Plunged President of the Brice Fan Club (22)
Any cowboy coders here? President of the Brice Fan Club (23)
New Hampshire results Regular Poster (22)
Do you like to travel and how often? developer (17)
Playboy's new cover - everybody loses their minds Bluebeard (22)
Solar city takes a dive TricksyBanterman (3)
Bosco goes interactive TricksyBanterman (1)
Fucking banks again TricksyBanterman (4)
Hey, fat Americans Bluebeard (4)
Yo Hubble, why do you always answer questions the same way? President of the Brice Fan Club (14)
February 9th, 2016
Mac Book Pro xampl9 (8)
aand sometimes things go well hoyza (5)
Move to SF? NPR (30)
Shake Shack xampl9 (Moto phone) (14)
Rubio to come 2nd in NH due to vote rigging TricksyBanterman (6)
Why I Clash with Brice, Hoyza, other true believers Bored Bystander (19)
Bill Clinton offended because Sanders says HRC is part of the... President of the Brice Fan Club (10)
Kacich and Sanders are winning New Hampshire President of the Brice Fan Club (2)
My 401k is getting annihilated. "Vince" (30)
Yo Bored, when are you going to post on President of the Brice Fan Club (6)
a different perspective on PG hoyza (40)
Sharecroppers Ralph (2)
Priorities Ralph (14)
People become rich by getting others to develop for them dude (12)
February 8th, 2016
HN comments Bob Baden (0)
Update on "Confused, isn't Agile supposed to help here?" NPR (6)
Quotas in Tech - social engineering or necessary? Bluebeard (9)
Why Ted Cruz is not eligible to be President Shylock (10)
Which industry or business sectors now that workers can retire WildRiver (11)
Hate, American Style - black on white aggression Rednatsyb Derob (14)
ESL misunderstanding Char Coal (6)
Solution to this question President of WildRiver fan club (16)
DB experts, got a question for you! President of WildRiver fan club (11)
OED is a misogynist dictionary Regular Poster (7)
The Americans - 2 observasions Code 668 (12)
Illuminati xampl9 (9)
career advice from PG? hoyza (5)
Poster Lurker needs to visit the following forum if he ... One Programmer's Opinion (11)
Yo, Brice Fan Prez, are you married? President of WildRiver fan club (7)
Anyone here work a regular IT gig? IT Trev (17)
Click the app xampl9 (3)
Gentrification xampl9 (2)
TED talks Ralph (9)
Larry Bird reaction gif Bob Baden (2)
Syndney Australia WTF? Nanny State Edition PigPen (5)
self defence training eek (37)
Prepping for a colonoscopy Shylock (13)
Gong Xi Fat Chai LeMonkey (3)
Yo, question for the libtards on this forum President of the Brice Fan Club (16)
February 7th, 2016
Denver Broncos WIN SUPERBOWL 50 Bob Baden (11)
Peyton Manning is so american Le Monde (4)
G** D*** I love this forum Bored Bystander (16)
Von Miller Lucky Cup (1)
Brady Being "Honored" FSK (11)
TV Just Asking (9)
Any light and silly readings? Io (12)
Vote for Hillary or face eternal damnation GrumpyOldMan (27)
Living with depression GrumpyOldMan (22)
ABC screws up the intros at the debate...Carson looks stupid dude (18)
Being a dick++ Io (32)
The flip side Io (3)
Mobile service in the US: 4G LTE vs GSM ... which? Bored Bystander (7)
"Fuck yeah, I'll do some bath salts!" Bored Bystander (2)
I Wonder If My Ex-Boss Is Quitting? FSK (37)
February 6th, 2016
Denver will win Super Cup (10)
gop debate Bob Baden (14)
Eminem is a cool dude Bob Baden (8)
Will the iFrigerator change the world? Regular Poster (12)
Banks adopt blockchain Block Cup (6)
On Toxicity Trog (3)
Sexual assault? Bob Baden (2)
that guy killed by the crane yesterday Regular Poster (3)
high-level description of NFL yellow line technology Bob Baden (0)
Tech worker planning to unionize? Regular Poster (15)
so sanders is going to win in NH? Bob Baden (15)
six nations eek (0)
Who should be bidding whom? GrumpyOldMan (3)
top 1% / top 5% by US City Bob Baden (3)
Kik? Bob Baden (1)
Meanwhile in Vienna GrumpyOldMan (8)
Has anyone here had a job where you didn't have toxic people President of the Brice Fan Club (22)
Ronald Reagan Day Nutso (2)
Those of you who have toxic co-workers and bosses President of the Brice Fan Club (11)
speaker stands eek (2)
fuck the police (EU version) eek (4)
How to sabotage source code when you are about to get fired? Johnny Ekstrom (17)
Crapple trollop (0)
Every chick i speak to got a bf College Dood (22)
Jobs For Convicts And Sex Offenders FSK (3)
February 5th, 2016
cool Bob Baden (3)
More on DCTs Ralph (12)
Lemonde day LeMonDe (6)
High salaries haunt job seekers NPR (17)
Number of years of working in computer industry survey! President of WildRiver fan club (11)
forum is depressing  - on ways out hoyza (15)
forum is depressing - how liars operate hoyza (10)
forum is depressing - on contracting hoyza (21)
Some place in Japan in 1908 President of WildRiver fan club (3)
Ancient aliens' laptop Bored Bystander (7)
Can't sleep through the night Joe (44)
Dates as words John (11)
Calculations Io (12)
That guitar on Hateful 8 TricksyBanterman (9)
Women presidents TricksyBanterman (6)
From Developers to system admins Rk (22)
Zika - deliberate infection? TricksyBanterman (7)
This board is a massive case of... Bored Bystander (2)
February 4th, 2016
“But you’re certified in CPR?” Bob Baden (8)
Daallo Airlines Bob Baden (2)
Atomic Design NPR (26)
How LSD cured my fear of death NPR (12)
Shrkeli testifies before Congress xampl9 (19)
How many of you like Rubio? President of WildRiver fan club (6)
If Trump is not elected as Republican Candidate, I will President of WildRiver fan club (3)
You guys on this forum are depressing!  Is it that bad? lurker (89)
OMG looking for a MongoDB DB Admin NPR (5)
SAAS can screw you royally! Be warned. President of WildRiver fan club (8)
Confused, isn't Agile supposed to help here? NPR (6)
Automatic on a motorcycle Ralph (16)
February 3rd, 2016
If your head isn't in the right place xampl9 (7)
Went to a startup event Io (9)
I Just Got Fired! FSK (96)
Who is hotter? Laura Ingraham or Ann Coulter? President of WildRiver fan club (9)
Is this a bullshit story? President of WildRiver fan club (35)
NATO front Dr. Christine Frfr. von Münchha (12)
Michael O Church Hiding? FSK (36)
Clusterfuck of a project at to handle? grunt (37)
A few manly type lesbians want to go into infantry and now President of WildRiver fan club (28)
Musk history of tantrums Regular Poster (9)
Shylock is my name Shylock (0)
Hyperlink Dr. Christine Frfr. von Münchha (3)
Dejima trades between Japan and the Dutch Io (4)
Can you try this link? Io (18)
Mom hears son's heartbeat after his death Wabi-sabi (2)
February 2nd, 2016
Feeling guilty about destroying source code history booblicker (45)
JSF C++ coding standard GrumpyOldMan (6)
gov christie doesn't like rubio "boy in the bubble" Bob Baden (10)
Negative interest rates xampl9 (23)
Stephen Mangango the only sensible one Outrage Cup (7)
Zika may be transmitted via sex! Whoaaaaa President of WildRiver fan club (1)
good sex eek (9)
Nano scale freznel lens TricksyBanterman (8)
Oil is heading downwards again TricksyBanterman (4)
Pyramid scheme economies Ralph (22)
Butthurt SJW abandons R Regular Poster (29)
Imperial Executive posted on another forum that Trump doesn't... President of the IE Fan Club (9)
Mark Rubio is an H-1B supporter, anyone voting for him? Tom (11)
Move over Apple .. there's a new giant on the block PigPen (18) Ralph (16)
US army minimum IQ TricksyBanterman (6)
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February 1st, 2016
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