Y'all are a bunch of wankers!

March 31st, 2007
Steve Tyler quotable (0 comments)
we're buying a dead site to morph it into a site we already own? bob (1)
morgage stories in manhattan bob (6)
fruitshow on safari bob (5)
custom tp bob (1)
Spam filter for the FruitShow forums? Ted Graham (3)
scoble: not blogging for a week.... or not. bob (1)
scoble is a dork bob (10)
I'm a Democrat! No, wait a Republican! No, actually I'm a Dem... politico (6)
The vocabulary I picked up from Sheryl Crow lyrics... LeMonde (2)
Whatever nationallity you are... here is an insult for you :) Ahmed (3)
Why The Environment is FUCKED Michael B (6)
Also disappointed by Star Trek Geeks Michael B (1)
Conservative small towns dying son of parnas (6)
How often do you go out? Bot On Ubuntu (12)
Pixeleen Bluebeard (0)
Disappointed by GTA IV? Michael B (6)
Less is More and More is Less son of parnas (3)
Students must create a computerized trading program bob (18)
rageboy (chirs locke) on sierra chris locke is a piece of shit (1)
See our Universcale and experience the sizes of various objects. son of parnas (1)
A new medicine against Crohn's: Booze. Masiosare (2)
We Die Too Soon son of parnas (22)
WAR - US vs Iran from Iraq nemoforone (2)
Please explain this song words... LeMonde (2)
Political cynicism Je ne comprend pas (4)
March 30th, 2007
trade tarriffs with china? economista (5)
pretty good job ad in my opinion (7)
Tipping the Velvet sharkfish (4)
cover you ass Jeneane Sessum mean people suck (6)
Is everything in italics? Bot Berlin (4)
Simple text editor with macro? Сергей Рахманино (3)
MC Rove sharkfish (19)
Does CoT modify the JoS cookie? Lurk Machine (11)
I hate when the shipping on an item is almost twice it's cost! Wayne (15)
step AWAY from the womans boobs zestyZucchini (6)
bored, so responded to headhunter... sharkfish (28)
Martin Luther King told Uhuru to stay on Star Trek son of parnas (3)
ireland england $-- (2)
"Hard" Sci-Fi is dwindling in popularity trollop (13)
Computers have a long ways to go son of parnas (3)
Critical security vulnerability DF (6)
Does social change proceed econimic change? son of parnas (15)
The gloomy prognosis is that trollop (18)
.xxx domain shot down AMerrickanGirl (16)
Attention Bluebeard (3)
great coding anecdote (via reddit) $-- (16)
cricket : baseball translation $-- (11)
Never say never in medicine and biology. strawberry snowflake (3)
March 29th, 2007
Sharkfish, do you look like Halle Berry at 40 and are suicidal Bot Berlin from Cafe (6)
The Money Masters son of parnas (3)
Dan Denman trying to engage Bot Berlin from Cafe (2)
in love with russian oil politico (0)
What is your permanent age? Scott (10)
Seen the movie Tron? You are now a terrorist (4)
How do these guys generate revenue? Kate (7)
Checking In John Smith (17)
Anybody like the thinkpad laptops. Bot On Ubuntu (13)
Well, I did all right on my placement test muppet (13)
Ford and the $5 car leftie anyway (5)
Eliot Stein is a piece of shit. fox news? oh, she was a Repub. (9)
Never buy the place you are going to live in. Kenny (7)
It's alive... ALIVE!!! JoC (1)
Life is good if you are King son of parnas (13)
The meeting with muppet & ward... LeMonde (2)
The First Neo-Cons and “The Last Mughal” ipmal (0)
Is there any reason to get an apartment Bot On Ubuntu (43)
Rick Tseng and Muppet Kenny (18)
Minimum wage Kenny (46)
I'm starting a new job Kenny (4)
Petzold's Programming Windows eBook jingalala jingalala ™ (5)
Phil Valentine's take on military funding JoC (1)
crazy astronaut has a new job dept of follow-up (9)
Russian sperm spewing out from black whore's ears. (100 + 85)/2 (4)
So my placement exam is tonight muppet (25)
New York City screws up AMerrickanGirl (13)
4 wickets in 4 balls trollop (16)
Conversations Ward (3)
I really dont get it.  overreacting idiots on the internet. zestyZucchini (61)
Content creators waking up son of parnas (15)
Sexual selection can promote genetic diversity son of parnas (5)
Comcast sharkfish (7)
On the bus sharkfish (14)
March 28th, 2007
Finally, it got into wikipedia Dan Denman (0)
Sierra's Stalker - member of CoT? Practical Economist (26)
Economic theory of helping miserable losers out? Michael B (10)
10 dollars Dan Denman (0)
What would be the point? Sergei Rachmaninoff (0)
twitter - stupidest web thing ever? long winded blowhard (4)
stalking DF long winded blowhard (8)
learn to write with DF long winded blowhard (1)
Another sex question Bot On Ubuntu (15)
Answer the following questions NotGettingPaidForThisSurvey (24)
Battlestar Galactica Ward (5)
History began again, but in a new and even messier form. son of parnas (0)
trainwreck timbo trainspotting (3)
Does anyone really give a damn about "famous" bloggers? Ward (12)
An outpouring of geeky need flows on off-topic JoS of late Bluebeard (4)
trainwreck timbo trainspotting (0)
if you're not into something... old timer (11)
Awwww.  Too cute. sharkfish (2)
I'm a geek and I get girls Bluebeard (10)
is alan herrell lying? Alan Herrell is a piece of shit (10)
I'm taking a week off posting to CoT bob (4)
How are you friends? LeMonde (11)
Presidential Election Campaign Fund tax man (11)
Texas to stop all the inconvient talking in colllege son of parnas (33)
Jutta my new hero son of parnas (5)
Free Will Does Not Mean Perfect Will son of parnas (3)
Kids learn through emotional eavesdropping son of parnas (2)
Tang = idiot. Denis = egomanic. Reddy = reformed troll (49)
Can a geek find a woman? AMerrickanGirl (12)
Candy Fiveways Bluebeard (2)
oh bugger john mccain that tech stuff is tricky (12)
Holy shit that's a big toad son of parnas (7)
Love isn't in the stars son of parnas (2)
March 27th, 2007
Jeez, Israelis are really Dan Denman (4)
Convincing argument against evolution Colm (6)
Standoff in the Persian Gulf, Navy deployed close to Iran Bot Berlin (5)
Hey Sergei sharkfish (8)
More Vista bashing Masiosare (5)
GlaxoSmithKlein get spanked by a couple of Kiwi schoolgirls: trollop (7)
Proof that I'm right sharkfish (39)
So who here... JoC (8)
The Backdoor Bluebeard (3)
Thou venomed rough-hewn withered-hag! Bluebeard (6)
Global warming, god save Texas Bot Berlin (6)
Diebold sewing Massachusetts -- sour grapes? SaveTheHubble (6)
Tillman's family: not happy Practical Economist (0)
Dreaming in Code Kenny (3)
boobah is sharkfish (25)
gays sharkfish (12)
You Brain on Microchips son of parnas (2)
gore's carbon offsets school kid (2)
So, I'm wondering how long I have to get my family off-grid muppet (50)
Pee Po Belly Bum Drawers Bluebeard (1)
Americans consuming too many calories from beverages AMerrickanGirl (9)
I shaved half my scrotum just now arg! (3)
I shaved my head last night what are you reading for? (3)
It's Peanut Butter Jelly Time! Sergei Rachmaninoff (0)
Matlab: better than sex, but not as good as good shit Ward (1)
Can solar cells make use of a photonic cascade? son of parnas (11)
March 26th, 2007
America to invade Iran around april 6 worldsSmallestViolin (4)
I cant decide whether she is insane, or right worldsSmallestViolin (14)
LOL  OMGWTF?!?!?!? zestyZuchini (5)
Your options in the white house Dan Denman (2)
nice c puzzles zestyZucchini (0)
arrrghhhhh stupid, stupid, STUPID programmer zestyZucchini (5)
Philo is a sexual deviant. zestyZucchini (3)
Im a little bored.  therefore I am going to start deleting... zestyZucchini (13)
Is this headline a bit of a distortion of what he actually said? school kid (1)
the funny funny world of Dave Winer school kid (2)
Holy shit I need to go back to Florida muppet (4)
Every office needs some kind of cubicle sliding door or somethin Bot Berlin (17)
Anyone know how to view perfmon counter stats? son of parnas (4)
gore's carbon offsets school kid (21)
New machine JoC (8)
Vacation policy at Netflix: Take as much as you want school kid (2)
So let me see if I understand this muppet (14)
bashing poor fat people school kid (5)
Maggie Gyllenhaal, part young soccer mom, part hooker. Bot Berlin (2)
When labor is cheap xampl (7)
Alcohol Worse Than Ecstacy son of parnas (5)
I'm stuck in the Water Temple :P muppet (17)
THIS.  IS.  CAKE-TOWN!! muppet (3)
what's the matter with being flat-ass wrong? aurora mirae (2)
There's a terrorist suspect in your neighborhood. (23)
ok, NOW I wanna go to bed. zestyZucchini (0)
this is interesting. zestyZucchini (4)
dammit, but I dont wanna go to bed.. zestyZucchini (9)
"Democrat" is not wrong. After all, GWB is his father's son. (100 + 85)/2 (0)
I've made it what are you reading for? (2)
Another disturbing image. trollop (7)
heh.  rapists have a new reason to worry worldsSmallestViolin (9)
March 25th, 2007
christians marrying their daughters? worldsSmallestViolin (20)
I vote for Hedy Lamarr son of parnas (3)
The most disturbing image of the year so far (6)
idiot jewish scholar dribbles at college over muslims zestyZuchini (3)
Watched a whole movie on YouTube Ward (8)
How many kids to have? Alison Cornwall, Davis, Calif. (12)
public school vs private JoAnne Manse, Rutherford, N.J. (7)
if CoT threads bounced up.. zestyZucchini (16)
Come & Git Yo' Texas Bar-be-que! Practical Economist (4)
can you read this thread? JOSer (5)
Advertising maximus xampl (1)
The 5 most commmon topics at JoS (5)
revenge, best served cold.. zestyZucchini (3)
The Gore thing, I apologize Philo (4)
Like CoT, only live Bot Berlin (3)
How not to convert an atheist AMerrickanGirl (17)
300 Spartans movie lussigagas (12)
Resignation, Leadership, Explanation, Incomplete, Fishing zestyZucchini (6)
Goddamned "reputable" spammers Ward (3)
March 24th, 2007
They have ruined Law and Order (3)
Why programmers can't get laid Bot Berlin (5)
Al Gore: Poor speaker Philo (38)
SaveTheStubble sharkfish (2)
sigh. It's going to be Oz isn't it. $-- (0)
18% of Texans are recent victims of stalking Practical Economist (2)
Disapproval on Iraq Hits Record bad news bushie (3)
Use email to pursaude someone you are competitive with. son of parnas (0)
Extracting audio from Real Video Relying on kindness of strangers (7)
Can you catch hell from a hug? son of parnas (0)
People are confused on who the bad guys are Bot Berlin (16)
Myths. (100 + 85)/2 (11)
A bad day in the traffic trollop (6)
Stupid democrats Dan Denman (3)
70-something ex-Marine just killed a masked assailant dept. of don't mess with marines (6)
pizza bomb case solved dept. of follow=up (1)
March 23rd, 2007
AG liar. dept. of not a surprise (3)
Hilary Clinton Dan Denman (3)
My favorite xkcd's Ward (1)
Basics of HD video Ward (15)
"Symonds all-clear for group climax" arg! (2)
subpoena for rove z-z-zed (3)
Is there any uglier code than windows C++ code? son of parnas (13)
Houses in the States. O Canader (23)
$-- z-z-z-ed (6)
Another really easy busy, engineering idea ;TV/Internet watching Bot Berlin (3)
All new loathing for John Bolton Philo (15)
SO I've just started playing Zelda: Twilight Princess muppet (16)
This is a joke, right? Studly Studlerson (8)
First class airline perks Stephen Jones (30)
tits & ass Bluebeard (6)
Want another hit ? trollop (15)
Uhh.. yup. the vote is in. Stephen Jones sucks. (7)
sorry Fitz....... republican scum! (1)
March 22nd, 2007
work day is too damn long son of parnas (4)
Elevate yourself by Dan Denman (9)
Weird Firefox problem Not really a techie (3)
Cool factor project: Bot Berlin (2)
Woolmer murdered. (redux) programming's a lost art (4)
woo hoo, flying saucers for everyone! zestyZucchini (13)
Oh, the irony! Ward (8)
dear muppet zestyZucchini (3)
Miss me. sharkfish (29)
Internet Curfew for College Students Rick Zeng/Tseng (3)
Pole dancing for fitness & feminism xampl (5)
stephen jones asshole (12)
another great jos thread (7)
Back scratching xampl (0)
Office etiquette xampl (1)
JoS creates an ?off zestyZucchini (25)
The verdict: if you are ugly you are guilty son of parnas (13)
Lawn aeration XYZZY (9)
What's your excuse? Tired of bad behavior (6)
President Gore el (10)
My new job Bot Berlin (5)
Why do conservatives want Obama to win? Bot Berlin (14)
heh.  this is fun. worldsSmallestViolin (7)
arrrghhhhhhh worldsSmallestViolin (9)
March 21st, 2007
Different types of employees son of parnas (6)
Jews against zionist regime Dan Denman (7)
Differential diagnosis web site? Michael B (5)
Photo reveals Star Trek-like Human-posing Extraterrestrials who son of parnas (1)
The guy I replaced at my job muppet (22)
That Clinton thing Philo (18)
the only way some of you will ever get laid (4)
In windblows how do I log memory and CPU usage? son of parnas (4)
Wisdom of Children Michael B (4)
EasyMoblog Kenny (0)
Copyrights wrt Replicators Michael B (2)
Potty Parity xampl (14)
It's OK To Be Depressed Sometimes son of parnas (18)
I have learned that Atarax fucks me right up muppet (2)
woolmer murdered? $-- (5)
the funy thing about the pollution free off-grid electricity is. zestyZucchini (1)
bloody interface... zestyZucchini (11)
Self-righteous indignation Ward (1)
Okay, why doesn't this work? ~~~x (30)
"Free speech is not a simple thing and is subject to... worldsSmallestViolin (1)
Senate bitchslaps bush worldsSmallestViolin (7)
March 20th, 2007
like the matrix needs neo, jos needs an off-topic (3)
what did we learn from the clinton years? (10)
ken starr you little shit (9)
Email newsletters Rick Zeng/Tseng (4)
Cold callers and door-to-door salespeeps. trollop (11)
quick! everyone work together to make a bunch of self-obsessed.. worldsSmallestViolin (1)
First thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers Ward (9)
holy cow, as a lightweight bug tracker mantis... zestyZuchini (7)
Update on my Crap Life John Smith (9)
Willis and DumDum annex Sushi's carrier muppet (13)
Linux personas missing! Rick Zeng/Tseng (2)
More bogosity:  Hummer Greener Than Prius? son of parnas (8)
now _this_ is innovation in the banking industry zestyZucchini (3)
Lightscribe drives JoC (2)
Wow, things like House MD stories happen in real life bon vivant (12)
Still loving Amazon's Discuss feature muppet (2)
the infamous chartreuse snowplow sour grape snowflake (13)
this isn't right, apple laptop goes bung... zestyZucchini (9)
Credit Card theft... Ward (9)
Backup tape failure costs $38 billion Practical Economist (28)
A nose for piracy Practical Economist (3)
Adults as imagined by kids son of parnas (1)
So how's a guy supposed to get a little anhydrous ammonia muppet (10)
gangs & cowbirds: birds of a feather sour grape snowflake (1)
RT embedded guys are weirdos $-- (9)
RIP John W. Backus son of parnas (4)
New Family of Stars Found in Milky Way son of parnas (2)
Ok, Fine JoC (14)
Why don't we do our favorite things all the time? son of parnas (5)
Are you a stalker? JoC (3)
Site Counter you can hold in your hand trollop (5)
what I really want to know anout youtube is ... $-- (4)
March 19th, 2007
Iraq steps up anti-Israel boycott Dan Denman (7)
good argument against immigrant amnesty zestyZucchini (1)
good, simple, php based opensource bug tracking app? zestyZucchini (6)
wtf?  from nothing to this in 7 years? zestyZucchini (6)
Ubi sunt qui ante nos ... trollop (8)
Need blogosphere assistance blahty heartsheep (5)
going blind zestyZucchini (6)
I am singlehandedly responsible for the evolution of... zestyZucchini (6)
This is England what are you reading for? (0)
Why did you tube succeed? son of parnas (10)
Terrorist pick their target based on their earnins potential son of parnas (10)
He made more on his trades this morning than he made all week. son of parnas (2)
Burn Rove and Gonzalez. Bot Berlin (5)
Only nine new topics today Rick Zeng/Tseng (8)
Is that a banana in your pocket? xampl (1)
Live Air Traffic Control charts Ward (2)
I love Amazon's new(ish) "Discuss" feature! muppet (14)
oh, for fucks sake apple... zestyZucchini (7)
Racing video games make people drive more recklessly muppet (3)
PS is the worst cologne...ever....ever Bot Berlin (5)
Want to feel physically ill? muppet (10)
Nail biting = Common cold? Michael B (12)
this is pretty funky worldsSmallestViolin (6)
'Anti-Zionism is mask for anti-Semitism' Dan Denman (9)
Fuck. Iraq is really fucked up. Fuck, fuck, fuck! bon vivant (3)
March 18th, 2007
Want to be good again Bot Berlin (9)
Bill Maher on civil liberties AMerrickanGirl (6)
‘Microsoft sucks’, says top blogger Practical Economist (7)
question for sop zed (5)
Iraqis prefer life now zestyZucchini (11)
S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and you don't care Iwan (1)
300 quick review; it was ok...I guess Bot Berlin (7)
Should "Abandoned" DNA be admissable? xampl (14)
we're all doomed. DOOMED! zestyZucchini (6)
If there is no evidence for p, then p is “false”. son of parnas (21)
Walt Whitman son of parnas (1)
More about the Tony pizza interview... Tony MBA (9)
Copilot Billing Issue & Idea Vista includes CoPilot ! ...ouch (4)
oh we were so young and foolish then 4th anniversary baby (3)
jesus apple, if you dont want me to use the fucking thing... zestyZucchini (3)
R2D2 Mailboxes ~~~x (10)
An Interview with A. Stepanov software developer (22)
March 17th, 2007
fake! bullshit! software developer (4)
so long ze, we hardly knew ya software developer (0)
Ireland! $-- (3)
gmail client on OSX software developer (3)
I was promoted for solving issues I created son of parnas (7)
Stupid reasoning son of parnas (19)
Heroes on happiness son of parnas (2)
fruitshow security Iwan (3)
40K handbag revisited hello. (9)
Final Jeopardy! zed (7)
Judge rules man has a right to defend his home Philo (5)
11 year old nephew wants a job zestyZucchini (2)
Grandma says die fucker! (0)
Kyle Sampson, resigned, rehired. zed (1)
The Tony interview for geeks Tony MBA (11)
CoT is dead, long live CoT zed (5)
Final usable linux system Bot Berlin (1)
40 for 3. 15 overs. के. जे. (4)
Is this all we should expect from new technology Bot Berlin (14)
I work for my beautiful things. son of parnas (24)
NT burner Long time occasional lurker (6)
sun/java documentation download zestyZucchini (1)
send numeric page hello. (4)
neat maps mapquest (2)
I invented a new drink. hello. (12)
March 16th, 2007
There comes a time... Philo (4)
How to make linux go fast Bot Berlin (4)
who replaces the AG? zed (5)
don't be an asshole to your interview guests, ok? zed (31)
fred on security is an idiot zestyZucchini (8)
A Huge Hole in Airport Security AMerrickanGirl (11)
zed seeks new employment zed (4)
he he he  dailyshow beating up on 'im mexican' gonzales zestyZucchini (2)
bees dying out zestyZucchini (5)
How to despam a computer? son of parnas (17)
Monkeys xampl (2)
Why the double standard? What Chris Rock said to what Coulter Bot Berlin (5)
Interesting facts about Bill Clinton Rick Zeng/Tseng (5)
Men look at crotches son of parnas (11)
Hippies can't STAND Slayer Michael B (6)
Would you work for the CIA? xampl (12)
I wish I were 16. or 60. sour grape snowflake (3)
did you mean ... $-- (9)
Mars zed (5)
England v New Zealand what are you reading for? (38)
"Mass production of anything ensures uniformity. ... zestyZucchini (22)
I hate Bluebeard (5)
just out of interest, does anyone know how long the blah zestyZucchini (3)
CoT Poll:  zed Vs sop zestyZucchini (8)
so I just talked the phone supper of my ISP through the... zestyZucchini (7)
Chucklefest Bluebeard (0)
getting data from offline barcode collector into web application kristj (5)
go Ireland! $-- (5)
It's obvious now ... trollop (1)
March 15th, 2007
Global Warming. Is good. trollop (3)
Jesus H Christ; this is why I have moved a little to the right Bot Berlin (46)
Learning by inference better than being told son of parnas (25)
wait. he owns the SIM card company and didn't use one? wtf waa (1)
Pay No Attention to That Crazy Man on TV zed (0)
Willis and DumDum are all grown up :( muppet (10)
Interesting facts about Noam Chomsky Rick, try writing better English (7)
is Fake running it or is Salim? snarker (1)
From the same stable as the Power of Nightmares The Harbour Master (0)
a one time, many pigs were drawn (4)
Ricky Lackey, 25, of Cincinnati zed (7)
Ding Dong, the Bally's witch is dead Bot Berlin (5)
gonzo going down zed (2)
why it's hard to appease the [g|m]ods blahty heartsheep (4)
God answers prayers. At least a little. son of parnas (13)
another reason fighting islamic terrorists is futile hello. (6)
For one million $ (16)
Antmusic oh oh oh oh oh Bluebeard (1)
Safari bug? sickOfSafariBugs (5)
Hi Guys Jeff Barton (9)
Hey Aaron, you may be interested in this muppet (6)
I think he was mocking the left... snarker (11)
collect electricity (10)
I'm a geek, but I don't want to hang out with other geeks Ward (8)
facebook Kenny (16)
I'm cautiously optimistic about the surge snarker (0)
Grand Illusion xampl (2)
not passey's friend, but another craigslist asshole selected (15)
So now that I am sidebarred... Me (2)
boobies! worldsSmallestViolin (4)
March 14th, 2007
ADL: US anti-Semitism down 12% in '06 Dan Denman (4)
A candid interview with Khalid Sheikh Mohammed Michael B (7)
Dunn charges dropped selected (3)
joel reddit looks quiet selected (2)
Carbon trading market going up in smoke selected (2)
If we can beat the Russians, then we can eventually beat the US son of parnas (37)
Market does dead-cat bounce xampl (1)
Where is sharkfish to rebuke the chinese racism Bot Berlin (10)
Ron Paul! don't mess with Bangladesh! (2)
Why can't you store electrons in a well? son of parnas (20)
In order to apply for Federal grants, loans, scholarships, etc muppet (8)
Why in shit would you use DELL's website to search for porno? muppet (4)
 muppet (4)
That's a lot of photons son of parnas (1)
A little physics humor son of parnas (6)
Like flies wiping their forelegs muppet (1)
If you become Republican, does that mean you will become rich Bot Berlin (5)
some thoughts on the gold standard (22)
just how many people are killed each year by firing into the air JOSer (14)
Motorola E2 Masiosare (9)
Vista Development JoC (5)
Where can I find PDF versions of Microsoft MOC courses? Honda Full of Silver (4)
Denman, a must-have for your collection... Bluebeard (1)
hey purple ... $-- (11)
E-Book resource? what are you reading for? (4)
Thought crimes ain't so. (100 + 85)/2 (5)
Teaching programming throughs storytelling with alice son of parnas (3)
some men don't believe in sexual victimization JOSer (8)
March 13th, 2007
Ron Paul For President worldsSmallestViolin (12)
holy shit.  we're doomed.  DOOMED. worldsSmallestViolin (7)
Correct me if I am wrong Dan Denman (10)
Wayne, What Other Crazy Shit Have You Done With PHP? Pissant (1)
Why I oppose unions Philo (52)
wtf?  why would the white house do that? zestyZuchini (6)
Gonzales screwed?  lied under oath. zestyZuchini (5)
Nightdriving (Formula One) trollop (2)
is software testing part of validation or verification? alpha kappa (4)
24 excites insane old men zestyZuchini (4)
churches noticing something odd about bush... zestyZuchini (6)
gmail is down $-- (5)
A case JoC (3)
irritating perrenial registrar opinion request hello. (7)
viacom in big I love you to joost sues google for 1 billion zed (1)
what economists should learn from sociology zed (1)
what 'document dump'? (zed continues to post zed (1)
Outsourcing xampl (16)
Flasher, Daddy is calling you Masiosare (18)
Indoor toddler games zestyZucchini (20)
18% of Young Women Experience Sexual Victimization son of parnas (31)
Teens really are different son of parnas (7)
Where the hell were you in the Vietnam War? son of parnas (1)
Copy/Pasting From Wikipedia DF (7)
Cow eats chicken JoC (16)
Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five xampl (2)
What happened to Blah? jingalala jingalala ™ (3)
Just ask me first, OK? Bluebeard (10)
I want win money too. arigoner (2)
so how did they figure out where he lived? zestyZucchini (7)
A Lisa Emulator! son of parnas (4)
March 12th, 2007
Something else that should be legalized Bot Berlin (8)
Our phone line got cut off today worldsSmallestViolin (11)
" thank god I learnt to control my addiction. " zed (2)
Well, wigging out Bot Berlin (12)
holy shit! zestyZuchini (2)
heh.  democrats bend over, spread cheeks for bush. zestyZuchini (11)
President specifically authorized torture in Abu Ghraib zestyZuchini (7)
I'm pregnant xampl (2)
The entropic explanation of time's arrow is gibberish. son of parnas (8)
Palm hired former Apple designer Rick, try writing better English (0)
is there a complete list of swing GUI widgets with pics... zestyZucchini (3)
come on people, all these posts and nothing suitable for... zestyZucchini (6)
blogging is making them "reclusive and suicidal son of parnas (2)
Stereo Eclipse son of parnas (1)
On Drugs (2)
programming and nursing... zed (10)
Poor Raymond Chen can't keep control over blog comments... Wayne (3)
On The Difficulty Of Remote Controls & VCRs the great purple (15)
On Language and Israel Colm (28)
Curse of the Lottery JoC (15)
Java beginner question: static construct jingalala jingalala ™ (25)
homosexuals better programmers!? Iwan (7)
So, I'm taking a Placement Exam at a local Community College muppet (11)
Management lack of power Bot Berlin (9)
Libertarian take on climate change (23)
jos unsubtle troll of the day zed (4)
tired of working hard the great purple (32)
thoughts on the bush budget from the left zed (1)
This is outlandish Bot Berlin (14)
Drought blamed on lack of faith son of parnas (8)
I'll buy my new battery powered car in 2009 son of parnas (6)
DST bugs xampl (6)
The naked ambassador (7)
make rrrrooom for meeeeee Bluebeard (5)
Gandhi is my new hero Rick, try writing better English (19)
Cost of Living Rick, try writing better English (0)
self deluded idiot worldsSmallestViolin (7)
wtf?  sparta was nothing like this? worldsSmallestViolin (8)
My right wing posts on reddit Bot Berlin (11)
warren buffet bogart (3)
March 11th, 2007
economist: Diversification does not work bogart (12)
educational achievement in the US bogart (0)
newsom -- in rehab, affair with his campaign managers wife bogart (6)
OMIGOD, Word is Freaking Evil... worldsSmallestViolin (4)
reeling in the years.... bogart (1)
Democrats start practicing to out-Republican Republicans Philo (7)
begs the question bogart (4)
blah! you bastards! bogart (3)
American Flag Badges (6)
cross-database foreign keys xampl (6)
online betting bogart (1)
Superstar Pastors zestyZucchini (0)
The downside with OSS (or why Microsoft retired VB) zestyZucchini (11)
Procrastination Bluebeard (5)
Just learned my last software project failed Bot Berlin (6)
Just ordered my new monitors! what are you reading for? (7)
java cli accepting file paths as parameters zestyZucchini (9)
mac documentation vs sun documentation zestyZucchini (2)
plastic causing obesity, low sperm counts, aggressions.. zestyZucchini (1)
+6hr of leisure than in 1965, though inequality strikes again strawberry snowflake (9)
Yahoo email Just Asking (3)
Intelligence >> unhappiness AMerrickanGirl (30)
Online Extracurriculars Keith Lublin, West Bloomfield, M (12)
Hey Bot Berlin, I though you were smarter than this Christopher Hester (1)
compiler construction puzzled compiler kid (8)
ACC Championship Aspiring College Developer (4)
Hey, Flash. trollop (1)
Be Careful, I didn't get much sleep... son of parnas (7)
How'd you feel if your .PST file got eaten by a grue? trollop (4)
ews 'partly responsible' for their troubles: Churchill Dan Denman (22)
March 10th, 2007
The More Loving One meaning? (3)
Linux/Computer question; can I just replace the motherboard Bot Berlin (5)
Kerry vs Gore (4)
Foreign Travel — New Requirement — Please Review and Comply, politico (5)
wtf?  how do you get a TextLayout thingie in java to tell you... zestyZucchini (4)
More anti-republican links son of parnas (2)
Human Shields (34)
whats the simplest way to iterate the chars of a string in java? zestyZucchini (3)
some bills recently introduced in the house politico (3)
a genetically superior mouse has.. zestyZucchini (6)
Haiku for Denman Bluebeard (8)
indian ruppees. how much is 25 lac? exchange (11)
I'm just not offended by this (22)
he he he too much exercise bad for you zestyZucchini (32)
How long before it becomes self aware?" son of parnas (10)
How to violate every copyright in the world Michael B (14)
So far, ubuntu linux isnt bad Bot Berlin (5)
I hope it's true son of parnas (9)
mods planned for Denman spew deletion months in advance yes, indeed (1)
ann couter asked.... (28)
Personality profile: images you choose reveal your personality No surprises here (2)
Are liberals too emotional Bot Berlin (10)
Is 300 my only new movie option this week? son of parnas (10)
Would Hillary be allowed to pick Bill as her VP candidate? Ward (14)
memory management: garbage collection vs reference counting zestyZucchini (9)
March 9th, 2007
Simplicity is BS son of parnas (13)
Israel planned for Lebanon war months in advance Dan Denman (9)
web 2.0  - self proclaimed "geeks" bob (16)
cot comedy hour bob (2)
Skynet launch imminent xampl (5)
Why are gas prices climbing this time? son of parnas (8)
gurner getting old (9)
Open source Mikael Bergkvist (4)
Is your child a "hacker"? Philo (9)
Batshit Insane Tobacco Farmers DF (7)
from the pot into the fire (1)
Turns out, even gibberish works for haskell code Bot Berlin (0)
Buy Emerging Markets? bob (7)
JoS has gone contracting crazy lately... jos (5)
Wow Aaron F Stanton (17)
Hopefully grammarrrrrrrrrrrrrrru (5)
c-span podcast (1)
why does my firefox $-- (0)
Labor-run firms bob (1)
I'm going to murder my dentist muppet (18)
Writing Practice! bob (14)
Gingrich a Fucking Hypocrite son of parnas (23)
You dirty rat son of parnas (2)
Drug users are just misunderstood son of parnas (15)
Solving Guantanamo (28)
Marilyn Manson xampl (7)
Do you guys like working in an office? Kenny (15)
How to make friends online? ~~~x (5)
Vonage: Ouch ~~~x (3)
booze and pills hello. (6)
How robots could easily replace the person at the fastfood stand Bot Berlin (26)
Bjorn Turoque - To Air is Human Bluebeard (2)
Who totslly pwned the 20th century? Bluebeard (22)
Bush the Environmentalist Radical Leftist (15)
Average German CoTer getting ready for a long day online. ~~~x (8)
Sony's XBox Live Killer ~~~x (3)
Bill Gates supports "infinite" number visas Nathan Green (17)
Something about curved space bugs me Michael B (17)
March 8th, 2007
1/2 hour news show zestyZucchini (4)
You don't interrupt a guy on a Guinness Book of Records run. politico (1)
(RED) campaign politico (6)
can the Bush Justice department get some credit... politico (5)
WTF no more Heroes until April 23? Go Fuck Yourself (16)
Dems Propose Pullout in 2008 politico (4)
I live right here Bot Berlin (27)
Google Maps is Cool. ~~~x (2)
I'm #1 I'm #1 ~~~x (10)
Not-very-Frequently Asked Questions Ward (5)
Hey you kids... I havn't been around for a while... Tony MBA (3)
Monopoly card of the day LeMonde (3)
Limited-time offer zestyZuchini (17)
Im considering a new nick. ich bin eine faggot (2)
Vexing question for the day Bluebeard (4)
Donate kidney, get out of jail quicker xampl (17)
What would you do with an extra $100? <..> (7)
MMORPG / MPOG list Kenny (7)
Disneyland travel tips Ward (9)
You are such a tool son of parnas (5)
How drunk do you need to be to light your own genitals on fire? Wayne (5)
One month from today I'll be leaving for Disneyland! Wayne (17)
WTF? Chris McKinstry muppet (22)
Absurdist Thursday bon vivant (6)
Timberlake song is kind of catchy Bot Berlin (0)
Web site madness Practical Geezer (3)
"Smoking pole" Zippy (18)
Im famous, see number 10 Bot Berlin (2)
The nerve of them, I don't like the sound of this... son of parnas (8)
Hey Flasher; played Rainbox Sex; Vegas (360/PC) Bot Berlin (11)
muffin top $-- (5)
CoT Iceland love-in? Flasher T (16)
I told myself this in 2050 son of parnas (11)
I'm just not feelin' it, guys muppet (16)
Stuff *not* to do while you're drunk xampl (7)
Java Desktop LinuxOrBust (2)
nice blog post zestyZuchini (6)
O woe is me Bluebeard (5)
Xcerion Mikael Bergkvist (6)
March 7th, 2007
LOR Online son of parnas (10)
I don't understand this US Attorneys General firing thing zed (2)
Is there a name for this kind of thinking? zed (13)
Wikipedia too liberal? Billx (17)
game where you get to kill cute little things zestyZuchini (4)
Set notation confusing Michael B (12)
we have a pet mouse now (or what DO you do?) zestyZuchini (29)
W3C goes back to HTML? Wayne (2)
Reddit; crazy left wing commies trying want to impeach president Bot Berlin (3)
Home Schooling xampl (23)
Damn Atheistic Correlation is Not Causation son of parnas (7)
I'm here to violate your privacy... ? no label (24)
Jet Lag xampl (5)
would craigslist succeed if it was starting out today? $-- (15)
CoT Poll: Strip Muppet of Moderator status zestyZuchini (14)
Who using pheromons? Komeddyk (6)
So who knew that K-Fed is now referred to as Fed-Ex muppet (5)
Cricket World Cup what are you reading for? (9)
I am back sharkkiss (1)
Going to have to do something unthinkable Bot Berlin (8)
So Wayne, seriously muppet (9)
Wild Hogs JoC (3)
Connection between religion and intolerance son of parnas (15)
The potential of this product is unutterable muppet (11)
Geek, leave that ink alone Bluebeard (2)
zestyZucchini zestyZuchini (14)
Coulter - "pussy-licking wildcat" (100 + 85)/2 (0)
What have we learned from History? Ward (0)
Japanese CoTers Rick, try writing better English (17)
Yahoo email is strange LinuxOrBust (9)
Programmers Don't Do Any Work son of parnas (7)
Get offered a cool job, do you take it? Bot Berlin (10)
March 6th, 2007
Attacking Arial Sharon anti-semitic? worldsSmallestViolin (9)
Dear Ms ZestyZuchini worldsSmallestViolin (3)
heh.  useful stuff.  too bad you dont recognize its truth until. worldsSmallestViolin (8)
The return of... Full name (1)
The Internet is a neverending source of amazement... Me (4)
webpage interface design zestyZuchini (5)
Im getting worried that my fame and power here on CoT is... zestyZuchini (6)
<形聲字 形="字">象形字</形聲字> zestyZuchini (9)
,I am not a faggot.  I am a man. zestyZuchini (0)
Dear zed:  re deletion of the second Ajax Thread zestyZuchini (11)
red bull emergency (poo post) (6)
man, if only all firing where this HONEST. zed (3)
Blah's 'Attention Whore' banner zestyZuchini (31)
Ectopia - like in a horror picture when the monsters multiply Bot Berlin (2)
Photons DF (21)
Libby Gulity zed (10)
Already in love with scribd, second good y-combinator idea Bot Berlin (10)
What's after Ajax? zed (21)
Joe Blow in other languages Ward (5)
One death is a tragety, a million dead is a statistic. son of parnas (9)
Presidential ratings in the U. S. of A. के. जे. (4)
I'm not JoC (1)
"I got sick of all the wSV threads on here," zestyZuchini (9)
New CoT hobby... LeMonde (8)
I like... of the day. LeMonde (6)
Integration exercises Michael B (37)
LeMonde, what is new? igoR (10)
Guilty Pleasure - David Hasslehoff Ward (2)
Email CC etiquette question no label (9)
I like pie. Aaron F Stanton (8)
A note to our visitors from Blah zed (6)
$25: the State of CT will give you anyone's criminal history muppet (15)
Holy shit! muppet (29)
CFCs cut warming six times more than the Kyoto Protocol. son of parnas (25)
Thank you MarkTAW for honoring my request muppet (93)
Ectopia - WTF? (100 + 85)/2 (8)
There's a kind of music call screamo son of parnas (1)
Growth Ward (7)
Ford's problem is expensive workers. Yah, sure... son of parnas (21)
Benches that Make You Go Ouch son of parnas (6)
Day Two: Linux, too many isn't always a good thing Bot Berlin (4)
dishonesty of republicans: hilary's "fake" southern accent politico (7)
March 5th, 2007
VP DC. No wonder the victim has to apologise. के. जे. (1)
New Centry (subprime) investorama (2)
Ghana (20)
MIT Online worldsSmallestViolin (9)
mat works at joost now? worldsSmallestViolin (8)
Monopoly card of the day LeMonde (1)
BBC: Israel has the worst image in the world Dan Denman (13)
Into Bison burgers, good/bad? Bot Berlin - On Ubuntu (13)
Boobs Mikael Bergkvist (7)
Vote Different! bob (7)
30 gigs on Disk, want to burn DVDs Lenny (16)
SPAM - This is Hormel Ward (3)
Interesting look at companies in the US Bot Berlin (2)
Word of the day xampl (1)
joost bob (10)
Come on, Putin worse than Bush? Bot Berlin (4)
Silly band names as possible reasons of commercial failure Bluebeard (5)
ego diligo - cross post के. जे. (10)
Calculus Education के. जे. (16)
What I don't understand about the global warming debate... Wayne (69)
joost aka the venice project bob (7)
Hey, Bot! jingalala jingalala ™ (20)
Why is second order of smallness negligible? Michael B (36)
Re: The speed of gravity SaveTheHubble (53)
Don't tell the Mafia xampl (1)
Hello, I am jinga, the book beggar. jingalala jingalala ™ (7)
Target.com - excellent website, horrible customer survey muppet (8)
Know what I miss? JoC (12)
Haircuts xampl (4)
How a forum should be moderated Bluebeard (3)
Name famous American criminals... Billy the kid (28)
Dear Mr w SmallestViolin Bluebeard (1)
Camera Cloud zestyZuchini (8)
Please don't you rock my boat Bluebeard (11)
The pee hole in underwear (9)
March 4th, 2007
This true? Bot Berlin (3)
woohoo, I could really have used this making the ex-contractor.. worldsSmallestViolin (6)
hello! hello! worldsSmallestViolin (4)
hi mods. hello. (19)
New variant on 419 scam xampl (6)
rents in san francisco bob (16)
Obama Dan Denman (7)
192 member countries of the UN in 10 minutes the great purple (11)
Confessions of a Torturer son of parnas (20)
my skate shoes are trashed hello. (4)
CGI Rules! son of parnas (6)
ban homework! zestyZuchini (6)
fucking swing.  JList.getNextMatch() doesn't do what it says zestyZuchini (6)
Penn & Teller on gun control xampl (4)
buy google? zed (6)
Myth of volcanic eruption and CO2 zestyZuchini (0)
How's your US geography? AMerrickanGirl (11)
Dear Mr z Zuchini Bluebeard (4)
Vista pwned by hackers, will this affect their sales? zestyZuchini (4)
LOL.  ok, this is just mean... zestyZuchini (4)
Why do we need gravitons if space-time is warped? son of parnas (86)
Founding fathers Dan Denman (3)
WTC7 was _definitely_ reported as having _collapsed_ before... zestyZuchini (9)
I just installed a hacked ROM onto my Windows Smartphone... Wayne (1)
March 3rd, 2007
i missed the eclipse. strawberry snowflake (3)
LOL.  Total head fuck right here sharkfish (4)
Why aren't African-Americans achieving all that they could? bob (4)
Yeah yeah yeah, but I wonder what her electric bill is like bob (1)
The token white guy in Guantanamo trollop (4)
just to update you on the BoS chatroom bob (1)
Army Secretary Francis Harvey resigns xampl (8)
The whole world should be involved in electing the US president bon vivant (22)
Saturday Night Massacre bob (3)
John Edwards estate bob (11)
Obama Dan Denman (5)
How come I've never heard of Hypatia before? son of parnas (9)
I love comics.. Mikael Bergkvist (5)
trick 'ho sharkfish (5)
Do you love your servitude? xampl (9)
CNN discontinues meaningless ban on paris hilten coverage zestyZuchini (10)
actually, it turns out it was just an acquaintance of his.. zestyZuchini (5)
sad news:  bluebeard has had an unfortunate accident zestyZuchini (1)
I believe Bluebeard (6)
Best Buy is Evil Ward (6)
Quiztime:  What is most obvious difference between Vi and Vim LinuxOrBust (12)
Ho! A new bot is in town! :) French Canadian Gaywad (0)
I don't understand something sharkfish (18)
Look Shiny - Not Getting Things Done zestyZuchini (0)
Son of Parnas - sharkfish (6)
Jay Leno calls edwards a faggot... (7)
Atkins Diet Anonimus (7)
NIC Handles Ward (4)
Taking applications for a Nemesis no label (0)
what we need is a CoT/Blah reconciliation day... zestyZuchini (6)
March 2nd, 2007
Are *you* running a webserver? WOO HOO (9)
Something is wrong sharkfish (14)
weirdest domains antonella barba (1)
Obama campaigning in Israel worldsSmallestViolin (5)
good startup idea worldsSmallestViolin (5)
friday night antonella barba (7)
Larry Silverstein talking about the decision to 'pull' wtc7 worldsSmallestViolin (3)
Stop posting meta Masiosare (12)
stop posting garbage bob (0)
Jay Leno on the republican candidates... (1)
WTC7 was designed to allow for floors to be removed worldsSmallestViolin (12)
Religions of the world xampl (1)
insider trading more common than STH likes to think (4)
CNN also reported the tower down a little early worldsSmallestViolin (9)
once it wasn't soda it was soymilk strawberry snowflake (4)
woohoo.  incoherent moron babbles about bush homosexuality worldsSmallestViolin (4)
science is hard strawberry snowflake (2)
Our drive to confuse meaning with diversion... son of parnas (12)
Fuel for Friday's Fire JoC (6)
Cavemen get TV show! Wayne (10)
Anyone even use Fire Fox bookmarks? son of parnas (12)
Olbermman to Condi: Use the google! Masiosare (0)
coding gem .self (12)
“Democracy is still a radical idea,” strawberry snowflake (23)
I divorce. (the new) Eric Debois (4)
crazy estimate request Kenny (26)
Toxic Wife Syndrome son of parnas (53)
Product placement in Google Maps? xampl (15)
Why isn't WINE ready to replace Windows? Wayne (29)
I'm so tired of snow... twentygirl (3)
gmail via python or other scripting language Legume (6)
Sorry for invading your country xampl (8)
OSX java Legume (4)
"I shriek and stomp around like a buffalo flattening a hedgehog" $-- (6)
GodCasts - whatever next? Bluebeard (1)
On Judgement Day Bluebeard (13)
Atheist: did you ever pray? Patrick (22)
thin walls and sex .self (15)
the value of great grandmothers... worldsSmallestViolin (33)
March 1st, 2007
This is funny; imagine the thought process to come up with this Bot Berlin (11)
Doctors can sue too mean old git (5)
I can't believe .self (5)
What do you people know about "frottage"?! sharkfish (18)
Remove The CoT Feed From Blah worldsSmallestViolin (19)
the price of amazon S3 scripting.com (1)
Peapod sharkfish (6)
bush at 29% politico (12)
Suggestion of TV Series DVDs? Mr. Blank (17)
Everyone can lie on the Internet. Even in Wikipedia Rick, try writing better English (7)
Hello, day one of ditching windows for ubuntu Bot Berlin - On Ubuntu (19)
September 11, 2001 Adam G (20)
New nick Go Fuck Yourself (5)
Ron Paul For President worldsSmallestViolin (1)
oh my aching sides...swift boat funder calls kerry a hero, and.. worldsSmallestViolin (0)
Ron Paul For President worldsSmallestViolin (1)
Damn I loved pulp fiction worldsSmallestViolin (3)
Pregnant at 5 years old worldsSmallestViolin (5)
Ban Req Iwan (2)
CoT Vote:  Ban Muppet worldsSmallestViolin (44)
oh, for....the navy is henceforth paying cheneys power bill... worldsSmallestViolin (2)
open solaris (the new) Eric Debois (11)
So... not wsv (4)
Ban Practical Economist Rick, try writing better English (3)
interesting slashdot post on Jobs/DRM worldsSmallestViolin (0)
Will comely women with pictures please post their names here? Bluebeard (11)
Will the members of blah please post their names here? (the new) Eric Debois (5)
How about an invite only forum for cot loyalists? (the new) Eric Debois (33)
More on Gore (look, I rhymed) Wayne (8)
Dear wsv a2800276 (5)
11.00 AM!  Alert! Alert!  Blah privacy breach! worldsSmallestViolin (35)
10:57 AM.  Im tempted to drag it out just to enjoy the... worldsSmallestViolin (2)
46% of US Chirstians are Traitors son of parnas (16)
10:44 am.  god Im loving this. worldsSmallestViolin (5)
I hate it when... bon vivant (2)
Was that a troll, a poke in the nose, or what? Ward (6)
wSV and Larry Bluebeard (9)
Christians First, Americans Second son of parnas (0)
do you think it would be exciting sour grape snowflake (11)
obsessing over the interface worldsSmallestViolin (5)
Quote of the day... LeMonde (4)
wii / mac application strategies for selling mac shareware worldsSmallestViolin (1)
It is 9:30 am ish here, I will be making the blah related... worldsSmallestViolin (65)
Dear Tim, worldsSmallestViolin (3)
And now, gay Hitler Bluebeard (3)
DC escort to sell phone records? (the new) Eric Debois (7)
I am SOOO doing this as soon as sharkfish (7)
Why Don't Rich People Give Away More Money? son of parnas (23)
crazy on tap aventure Iwan (19)
I just want to go eeew... son of parnas (3)
xxx Bluebeard (1)
zed says.... zed (8)
insider trading (the new) Eric Debois (8)
True or False? JoC (4)
ah progress Eric Debois (6)
TDWTF goes PC JoC (7)
I bought NEW JoC (2)
Cynacism can destroy your relationships son of parnas (3)
Dexter Walks Pretty Good for a Junior Cylon son of parnas (1)
Turn me back over. New Leaf (3)
So how come futpet (15)
Start of the great vehicles rebellion in UK (8)
If you want into Blah? Locutus of Borg (4)
President Bush... man on the stairway to heaven (3)
Reddits's gone phut. mean old git (2)
wSV is a handsome dresser muppet (0)
wSV's power trip muppet (0)
ok, the new leaf idea has been put on hold.. yourFriend (0)
Tomorrow at 11am (NZ time) I will post here the 7 most personal worldsSmallestViolin (22)
heres a fucking newsflash people worldsSmallestViolin (41)
I am hereby turning over a new leaf. yourFriend (1)
I never realized Bluebeard (14)
Hard to believe bon vivant (4)
Don't laugh Bluebeard (14)
Dear zed Rick, try writing better English (1)
Changes on the JoS forum make my head explode Bluebeard (11)
This explains a few things about IT as a career sharkfish (4)
Keep Credits Local Real Environmentalist (5)
wth?  why is everyone so rude to me these days? worldsSmallestViolin (8)