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March 31st, 2010
On, and on, and on... Q (3 comments)
...balls sharkfish (6)
one seeder, 5 minutes to go sharkfish (7)
The Apprentice (yeah, I know) sharkfish (7)
Posting while horny Billy the Fish (11)
for househeads / technoheads only sharkfish (1)
I fucking hate work sharkfish (18)
question about handling your manager/boss sharkfish (31)
Spring sharkfish (6)
Does Google tailor search results and suggest results? Bot Berlin - No Opinions (10)
weirdest ever porn eek (4)
Where is Muppet? Oldtimer Coming Back (22)
Posting while drunk Billy the Fish (8)
.Net Framework Interesting Error Handling Idiosyncrasy Brice Richard (10)
motorcycle f (13)
I think Brice is having is periods... FrakBuccaneer (6)
Windows 7 = annoying LH (13)
Changing hosts df (5)
3 (COT) cats and counting. dumbo (16)
Questions for Zangor Bluebeard (31)
migrant amnesty? your thoughts CC (28)
tweaking the data - ok to do? CC (12)
australia justice CC (9)
March 30th, 2010
I can't believe I'm watching fox sierra (2)
new toy for me the great purple (19)
Legend of Bruce Lee Ward (2)
Gold & Silver markets were oversold by 100:1 xampl (25)
Census Bot Berlin (3)
for whistle the great purple (0)
Consent in advance df (14)
Getting cold called by recruiters constantly the past 2 months Zangor (11)
stomach flu sharkfish (8)
Sharkfish - You should send pics in xampl (15)
Rosie ain't so bad after all... FrakBuccaneer (11)
So am I a bad person for enjoying a certain level of Zangor (21)
So the good news is, they are pretty sure it's not cancer Zangor (5)
Just overheard .. Tapiwa (5)
Happy Easter to everyone! what are you reading for? (36)
How to suck at Facebook Bluebeard (5)
huge increase in health premiums for those who can't afford it CC (27)
NoSQL lawl JoC (2)
March 29th, 2010
C++, WTF, april fools?!? CC (3)
Does lawn aeration work? Fan boy (19)
Gay Muslim who shot Cantor's office arrested CC (17)
Monsanto will have this judge killed CC (5)
Python Reg. Exp. Question I'm Brain Dead Today :-( (6)
Working in the 'burbs sux Full name (4)
Would you name your children Sergey & Larry xampl (5)
another bullied girls kills herself CC (24)
GOP chair uses party dollars to party at lesbian bondage club CC (10)
Millennials finally understand why having xampl (25)
My simple question on dresses Bot Berlin (14)
Primaries in Texas xampl (4)
Health overhaul likely to strain doctor shortage Morons (6)
AT&T looking into changing the health care benefits it offers Morons (7)
Stargate Found in Egypt Bored Bystander (2)
NoSQL dogpile has begun xampl (27)
Piece on the Pope's recent letter what are you reading for? (5)
fixing an old PC ... eek (15)
Trolling taken to a new level.. Morons (13)
Perl/TK GUI Builder SaveTheHubble (12)
college for pay is obsolete CC (11)
Nobody misses me here, Rick (3)
March 28th, 2010
The Rage Is Not About Health Care el (44)
Generics Question 2 Water Cooler v2 (2)
Generics Question Water Cooler v2 (4)
Robots in Pictures Bot Berlin - No Opinions (0)
Wrong time of year to ask, maybe.. Billy the Fish (3)
Obama even more naive then previously believed Morons (7)
Attempting to herd cats - a repost because this post was deleted dumbo (24)
marriage is like a tornado eek (5)
Imagine punching somebody so hard... CC (4)
Lacrosse is like Hitler Billy the Fish (1)
IT populace sierra (8)
More (real) Ekranoplans Ward (7)
My post was deleted. dumbo (2)
Apple out of iPads CC (6)
March 27th, 2010
How to get rid of cats from house/lawn Joel (5)
Future of all software work Bot Berlin - No Opinions (12)
How is this not a cult? xampl (14)
expert geneticist says Dawkins uncientific CC (6)
software tax in washington CC (10)
CAtholic church Jeorge (4)
Tea partiers are unemployed losers Bored Bystander (51)
Cleaning space - too early for an April Fool Billy the Fish (9)
human rights report on the US for 2009 CC (3)
fines for not insuring employees CC (6)
Question on deleted post MyOpinon (20)
banking bill makes startups illegal CC (11)
Rather ripe trollop (4)
March 26th, 2010
For Wayne !lorb (1)
Hilarious article on how to be impressive CC (8)
On .NET and Java from Mono creator Bot Berlin - No Opinions (1)
simple boolean question sharkfish (23)
This is how we roll in Atlanta Bot Berlin - No Opinions (3)
lol A. A. Hatt (0)
Buy your shelter space now! xampl (7)
Root or Rowt A. A. Hatt (16)
A response to df about NoSQL Wayne (16)
So this is why gold has not been selling as high xampl (1)
Is this fair? Open Source Wizard (8)
eric cantor "shooting" redux argv[0] (9)
Bloody hell! Australia is a real nanny state Q (6)
US healthcare reform is boon for India outsourcing companies Morons (4)
StackOverflow clone df (36)
Quantum mechanics - in two places at once practically demo'd Bluebeard (4)
ok ... eek (9)
HTC Legend Flasher T (4)
our codebase sucks eek (10)
So, if you ever have to drink a dry Barium prep for a scan Zangor (37)
Dos 3.3 rocked Tapiwa (13)
Health insurance is the problem Tapiwa (24)
March 25th, 2010
I know you want me (maybe NSFW) Bot Berlin - No Opinions (8)
It is good to know I still have what it takes Fan boy (8)
cc lies, bullshits, and is entirely untrustworthy argv[0] (9)
Wow, this guy is the real liberal Bill O'Reilly, O'Donnell Bot Berlin - No Opinions (0)
Broad powers and the constitution Bot Berlin - No Opinions (13)
cool project using recovery/stimulus funds argv[0] (0)
China guidelines on Google reporting CC (5)
Verizon to employees: expect less health benefits Morons (34)
New Hampshire biggest pricks in USA xampl (9)
Fidel Castro welcomes Obama's America to Communist Block CC (5)
Baby killers CC (11)
Dems shooting at GOP offices Bot Berlin (5)
Dem: WahWahWah.. My contestants are upset and using bad words Morons (13)
Shit that co-workers say that annoys you Full name (9)
Nice blog article by Dennis Kenny (19)
Reduce you medical bills ... get a passport Tapiwa (26)
I'm feeling lonely Water Cooler v2 (6)
funny typo eek (4)
Wait? Zangor (4)
one of these was parked outside my place last night eek (7)
Bill O'Reilly vs. Anthony Weiner = CC vs Argv[0] Morons (6)
reducing health care costs the great purple (69)
Democrats doing good stuff Bot Berlin - No Opinions (1)
March 24th, 2010
health insurance rates going up dramatically CC (9)
Three Musketeers Ward (1)
Doing it wrong, setters and getters for testability Bot Berlin - No Opinions (16)
I'm NEVER going to get over this sharkfish (29)
Juxtaposition Colm (2)
30 year argument between India and Bangladesh settled Morons (8)
I just completed my annual Federal Ass-Raping Filing. Morons (26)
mortgage modification program another obama scam CC (5)
wikipedia Billy the Fish (12)
Health Care Penalties CC (22)
I got a shiny red leather case for my Nook Zangor (10)
Abel Prize xampl (0)
What (non-technical) books are you guys reading? Full name (29)
Writing a compiler Water Cooler v2 (26)
Is It Possible.... Brice Richard (21)
lolol eek (6)
Waiting for things to improve xampl (10)
What kind of company would a CoT company be? Kenny (20)
i so want one. eek (6)
Yellow Journalism JoC (11)
argv[0] is Correct regarding “Health Insurance”, and it Matt Morons (13)
So, the head salesguy at my local LensCrafters has it in for me Zangor (31)
Heard on local radio this morning FrakBuccaneer (11)
more amp fixing eek (28)
USians:: Aging, unhealthy, pill-popping and bad at math Tapiwa (71)
diamondback antivenom costs how much? CC (14)
oops - kids can be denied for preexisting CC (9)
As a 30+ year old adult something Bot Berlin - No Opinions (8)
steve jobs responding to complaint email CC (10)
Washington Post Line on Health Care Bot Berlin - No Opinions (8)
bot thinks americans are required to earn less than $373,650/yr argv[0] (12)
March 23rd, 2010
Great COT moments f (17)
Does argv believe Bot Berlin - No Opinions (15)
I like drving an old car. Fan boy (25)
Argv, please correct Washington Post.  "Required to have..." Bot Berlin - No Opinions (64)
:-? Morons (8)
:-| Morons (3)
We expect the universe to make sense Colm (27)
Will thousands of IRS agents be hired? Bot Berlin - No Opinions (16)
I think JoC (12)
How many rhetorical \hypothetical question will Bot ask Morons (3)
Government funding for green tea and a fish diet Bot Berlin (5)
If I am forced to get health insurance? Bot Berlin (27)
Why isn't there a push of Tornado Insurance? Bot Berlin (6)
HN running down a bit winstein (28)
Funny Full name (1)
My old cellphone retrieves text messages sent to my new phone Wayne (5)
Some movies and tv shows I've watched recently... Kenny (6)
manipulative sharkfish (6)
Amish families exempt from insurance mandate Morons (8)
Hypothetical: Super Juice, government funding? Bot Berlin (34)
Health care insurance industry isn't that old Bot Berlin (6)
Shatner to star in TV adaptation of xampl (1)
Namespace collisions df (3)
more wordpress vs. drupal eek (8)
Wooo JoC (7)
Acorn: officially dead CC (8)
Texting teenagers Fan boy (13)
edge cases for css corners CC (8)
Breaking Bad season 3 premiere Zangor (3)
Poincare conjecture recluse: "Keep your $1 million" CC (4)
March 22nd, 2010
Lol. Poe's "Gold Bug" used as test data xampl (4)
a tweetle beetle noodle poodle bottles paddled muddled duddled.. Morons (2)
No health care in these states Bot Berlin (6)
I just noticed xampl (5)
Why can't the government do this on health care? Bot Berlin (16)
Corporate America Morons (3)
Why you're undateable xampl (37)
Taking Control of the Wal-Mart PA System Brice Richard (2)
Farnell eek (38)
national health care CC (38)
Power sharkfish (22)
I'd like to buy this kid a beer Zangor (3)
Headline on TotalFark this morning Zangor (0)
The Census Fairy xampl (1)
keep waking up early in the morning . (8)
I'm an artist Water Cooler v2 (10)
Oh God Zangor (6)
The Amazon Customer Community forums Zangor (4)
chloe eek (0)
Kiln - Joel's final post Fan boy (13)
CC - You need to stop drinking Morons (13)
Can haz contributor rights xampl (10)
coboloncogs eek (12)
drupal eek (20)
Republicans, haters, STFU ASDF (10)
1 year, 216 unqualified people, 300+ million Americans Bot Berlin - No Opinions (8)
If the US sees deflation where will you put your $$$? DoubleDip? (8)
March 21st, 2010
things worth dying for CC (30)
Suck it, Republicans!!!!!!!!!! sharkfish (26)
Can, should, will the insurers work against the government plan? Bot Berlin - No Opinions (5)
I'm Gonna drop my Heath Coverage Morons (5)
Favorite CCisms Colm (20)
Why is our system so bad now? Bot Berlin - No Opinions (20)
Guy collecting money at the bottom of the off-ramp xampl (18)
I wanted this kind of job, once in recent past sharkfish (34)
really, Sharky? sharkfish (30)
Should we have the right to take food from store when hungry? Bot Berlin - No Opinions (33)
What do you think on Ron Paul on Healthcare Bot Berlin - No Opinions (43)
nice article on the "Pay off your mortgage" debate f (15)
fun vid f (1)
Happy Nowruz Attila (3)
fixing an amp eek (10)
March 20th, 2010
This is why I'm suspicious of LINQ to SQL xampl (8)
Denman beaten! Pictures! Billy the Fish (0)
Too lazy to chew? Billy the Fish (6)
Government forcing us to get health insurance.  WRONG! Bot Berlin - No Opinions (21)
Watch out! Billy the Fish (2)
*Reliable* NAS for home use? Billy the Fish (16)
i am content with my alcoholism CC (34)
Cannabis sierra (6)
got carded CC (21)
March 19th, 2010
I was blissfully unaware of a quiet riot trollop (6)
Should we acknowledge that people just aren't that intelligent Bot Berlin - No Opinions (8)
Atlas Shrugged brone (27)
RennFaire xampl (12)
enjoy seeing babies severely abused? CC (12)
single national curriculum standards CC (12)
Who is this tangurena? Bot Berlin (3)
Why Most People Don't Like Jazz sharkfish (17)
6 minute code-run-debug cycle xampl (9)
insane woman goes berserk sharkfish (19)
Dumb interview question ASDF (14)
Go ahead and gloat.. Morons (11)
Racism is neither attractive---nor correct Right handed Gentile (21)
I'M GONNA SNAP!! Morons (5)
Census form should come with a penis stamp what are you reading for? (15)
So I've just had to deal with Windows7 for the first time. John Aitken (28)
quants indicted in madoff case Reasonable (3)
Sure sign of a scam Ward (2)
Self-actualization . (20)
March 18th, 2010
Where did all the finance people go? xampl (7)
For Race, I think I will claim ambiguity Bot Berlin (32)
The Hobbit xampl (14)
Compu-Quiz JoC (11)
Race on Census xampl (22)
Up or Out: Solving the IT Turnover Crisis Wayne (32)
LOL Zangor (17)
Microwaves Screw with Wi-fi Morons (31)
Who the fuck gays up a Guinness like this??! Zangor (39)
I'M A COT GOD!!! Morons (19)
cool podcast for audio junkies eek (2)
looking for meaning in your tech life? f (14)
March 17th, 2010
important consumer message from hacker CC (12)
Smart phones Bot Berlin (10)
obama continuing to kick ass f (25)
Wikipedia, the long-tail, not single-sourcing, etc df (48)
When has Joel (on software ) jumped the shark? Rick Tang (18)
LOC. Oh, the insanity. Fan boy (19)
Search titles for JoC (10)
Motorola PVRs df (6)
RUSE JoC (9)
Wayne, you haven't fixed it yet Billy the Fish (7)
I had an Android phone for 8 hours Bot Berlin (23)
My only problem with Eclipse IDE Bot Berlin (9)
"Green" Power ASDF (13)
Ontario ending the use of coal power df (4)
amazon "look inside" on books Marvin (2)
Intelligent dinosaurs discovered by scientists! Billy the Fish (1)
Am I hispanic? CC (12)
Seems like this should have been done before Ward (3)
Time to drop the "Daddy's Tiny House" link Fan boy (6)
I guess Windows 7 marketing result was so good Wayne (6)
March 16th, 2010
really helping the homeless ASDF (8)
Hilarious job requirement ASDF (5)
Daring heist yields $75 million in antidepressants CC (7)
porn box.  fuckbook. sharkfish (0)
Typical Chinese show Ward (5)
Android market (paid apps) and Nexus One now in Canada df (7)
Dems: We Don’t need to vote, We can Just DEEM it into law! Morons (43)
Facebook Surpasses Google in page Views Morons (4)
Foodies on food stamps xampl (18)
that is all. argv[0] (11)
I love Wood. Rick Tang (14)
Homebrew DVR primer? dave (19)
Blame it all on Fox News SaveTheHubble (9)
Doctor Who Zangor, Prince of Mutilation (12)
Watching 24 this season? I have a problem with "Starbuck"... Bored Bystander (12)
Why Canada did so well at the Olympics Ward (7)
The Third World: What we're dealing with Palmer Eldritch (11)
Bot's confirmation of the top 100 films Bot Berlin - No Opinions (14)
Boomers...What a joke! ... (9)
March 15th, 2010
BigCos Love Advanced Degrees StrangerInAStrangePlace (12)
Free government exercise, weight management programs Bot Berlin - No Opinions (5)
Scientific proof of intelligent life on Jupiter’s Moon Europa Morons (9)
It's about time there was a new Death Wish-style movie xampl (1)
Dear Citibank, xampl (20)
Hmm, case for private education Bot Berlin - No Opinions (24)
The 47 million uninsured Bot Berlin - No Opinions (23)
blogging as profession argv[0] (3)
free goat eggs argv[0] (19)
I wonder how whistle is doing... the great purple (4)
Is idealism pragmatic and is pragmatism idealisic Rick Tang (3)
D-Day has Arrived Sylvester McMonkey McBean (12)
The Great Vote a user off the Board post (inspired By Bot) Sylvester McMonkey McBean (25)
App & OS on separate disks? xampl (6)
Me stop posting. Bot Berlin (18)
Why the negative attacks? Bot Berlin (6)
L.A. from April 2nd to 4th Rick Tang (21)
Tax reform - is it possible? xampl (9)
Netanyahu defies U.S. over Jerusalem settlement Sylvester McMonkey McBean (17)
JoS Poster? New here? Billy the Fish (17)
nook Zangor, Prince of Mutilation (10)
Why you need a degree to work for BigCo - Matthew Heusser (15)
Whole Foods Zangor, Prince of Mutilation (34)
paid downloads eek (14)
Rielle Hunter ASDF (6)
Government excess Zangor, Prince of Mutilation (31)
nice analysis of faulty non-scientific method CC (6)
Beware the Ides of March SaveTheHubble (4)
Israel and evil Bot Berlin (0)
Democrats fight through attrition with health care Bot Berlin (38)
Programming and Engineering CC (23)
What have I missed? Tapiwa (20)
March 14th, 2010
It's Official: The JOS Board is closing Morons (23)
Rube Goldberg, by OK Go xampl (7)
school board president writes controversial letter CC (3)
Is Lehman Brothers in trouble? Bot Berlin (2)
Parchment paper versus aluminum foil df (10)
Our government is insane (tax collecton on 4 cents) Bot Berlin (6)
Why some smart people don't take action xampl (6)
Oh my. xampl (11)
For those CoT drones in the US xampl (12)
micromanagement and light workload vs freedom and heavy workload Rich (5)
Apple's iPad battery replacement policy df (5)
Happy pi day Aaron (7)
cot screwed on Android eek (4)
Have a good night CC (0)
Have a good day what are you reading for? (1)
Gentlemen Broncos CC, renowned movie critic (5)
black lesbian soldier outted by local police CC (3)
March 13th, 2010
home made ground effect Ekranoplan from New Zealand loon CC (10)
Finding Your Vertical Market X (6)
OK, I say bollocks! Q (5)
Have a good night Bot Berlin (5)
On the topic of source code df (16)
We've still got wood? Billy the Fish (2)
Ubuntu 9.10 review Bot Berlin (4)
meds sierra (20)
where is the source code CC (28)
March 12th, 2010
needed browser feature: form text history CC (4)
I've got some weird symptoms Zangor, Prince of Mutilation (13)
I would move out of the US Bot Berlin - No Opinions (32)
Fuck the legal system - UK edition A. A. Hatt (29)
How to stop your runaway car xampl (8)
JDK6 options, can your language environment do this? Bot Berlin (5)
Apple accepting pre-orders for iPad xampl (17)
Darth Google Morons (1)
"Naive, yet inspiring statement" __monty__ (0)
XKCD nailed it today. Fan boy (7)
Awkward social media moments xampl (3)
*cough*eek*cough* Zangor, Prince of Mutilation (15)
Google - no sense of humour Spaceloid (15)
Wikipedia plagiarism Q (30)
everybody went silent sharkfish (39)
March 11th, 2010
Howard Stern...pure evil Bot Berlin - No Opinions (4)
Google/YouTube professionalism Bot Berlin - No Opinions (0)
more mahalo f (2)
Meeting online people in reallife Bot Berlin - No Opinions (13)
Conservatives to change textbooks, go crazy Bot Berlin - No Opinions (13)
Democrat Rangel under violates ethic rules. Wife to prison Bot Berlin - No Opinions (2)
OCZ may deliver 32GB SSD for under $100 Behind (8)
Good Evil Charts, too simple? Bot Berlin (10)
The AAPL will trump MSFT's market cap prediction thread df (2)
It's all relative, argy Behind (3)
"Study hard. You don't want to become a beggar." Behind (63)
This is stupid. Behind (22)
A difficult morning. SaveTheHubble (20)
so I had to reschedule an interview Mark (21)
South by Southwest xampl (4)
it takes money to make money argv[0] (61)
Sometimes 20, sometimes 21 Fan boy (6)
The sidebar Zangor, Prince of Mutilation (0)
more Toyota thoughts eek (32)
how does alcohol affect you? CC (30)
psychiatric scam Scott (5)
Poll: Ever used Rick Tang (14)
March 10th, 2010
Knots Fan boy (21)
skip dvd trailers pimp (5)
his maiden name sharkfish (11)
school cancels prom due to ACLU threat CC (16)
What do you think? Left and Right Bot Berlin - No Opinions (23)
OK. Fanboy was right about ESL programmers Behind (11)
How much do you spend part II Bot Berlin (13)
Mormons xampl (9)
How big is a KiloByte? Wayne (53)
This is actually rather nifty Wayne (9)
How MS can get back in the game JoC (9)
How much do you spend? Bot Berlin (16)
CoT database Wayne (6)
Wisdom of Brice Richards Bot Berlin (30)
Supermarket affinity card data xampl (3)
Checking in code JoC (28)
this week in toyota incidents CC (14)
Iron Man 2 Trailer 2 Aaron (2)
How can a French Judge bar use of a stage name Rich Tsang (6)
The new Alice In Wonderland SaveTheHubble (7)
Black women make median $5 a hour Bot Berlin (19)
The Dark Tower JoC (1)
Video arcades xampl (51)
I am dying for some monkey bread right now Zangor, Prince of Mutilation (2)
Corey Haim is Dead JoC (16)
What do you typically wear to a tech job interview? dude (22)
Scent for men? xampl (7)
Visual Studio 2010 Bluebeard (4)
Critique of A Life Built on Mistakes Brice Richard (27)
It's been 10 years since the Tech Bubble Poped Morons (11)
are they just trying to skip 2012? eek (6)
when you guys surf the internet at work Dan (23)
Holland sounds cool sharkfish (19)
March 9th, 2010
Chef making cheese from wife's breast milk Bored Bystander (1)
microprocessor ideas argv[0] (8)
Massa meltdown Bot Berlin - No Opinions (5)
48% of black women have herpes Bot Berlin - No Opinions (20)
Secret Origin of Windows Wayne (3)
To buy happiness, book a plane ticket Full name (17)
USB charger trojan analysis xampl (5)
Tron Legacy trailer #2 is out xampl (10)
seen on my commuter train sharkfish (9)
(NSFW) The Major Retailers That Are Selling You Used Underwear Full name (4)
If there are rumors of lay offs and little opportunity.... . (19)
Modest proposal about replacing JoS and BoS (16)
Rome what are you reading for? (19)
Should we Be thinking about Replacing the JOS Forum? Morons (8)
Whatever happened to... xampl (17)
Feynman on Rockstar programmers Bot Berlin - No Opinions (15)
Geek Test (rather long) Kenny (3)
Read about Clojure/Java platform language on Linux Journal Bot Berlin - No Opinions (0)
Mass Hysteria df (41)
Calgary sun: Citizen's arrest of George W. Bush justified </America> (1)
first woman CFO of Lehman Brothers CC (4)
March 8th, 2010 f (3)
To call 911 or to not call 911? Fan boy (14)
Fat men and pull over sweaters Fan boy (8)
Oh My: what_is_your_most_traumatizing_chi ldhood_memory Behind (7)
Useless factoid Q (6)
Steam coming to Mac xampl (3)
Cameron congratulating ex wife CC (6)
productivity and components sharkfish (18)
going your own way, in spite of the crowd against you sharkfish (32)
"I am Gay Behind (6)
Smellers Ward (8)
The Jerks Among Us - On Selfishness df (50)
Masturbators Rick Tang (4)
Smokers Fan boy (18)
Darksiders Zangor, Prince of Mutilation (1)
Battlefield: Bad Company 2 sucks df (10)
Snu Snu! sharkfish (13)
March 7th, 2010
so cool sharkfish (5)
100 women who changed the world Bot Berlin - No Opinions (11)
ORMs ? What do you like? (14)
Japan and Robots Bot Berlin - No Opinions (0)
More AI and programming challenges Bot Berlin - No Opinions (1)
I believe that Hurt Locker should win, but Avatar will win Bot Berlin - No Opinions (17)
CPU heatsink clogged with dust df (5)
Refactor my code sharkfish (3)
hysterical sharkfish (1)
I wonder sierra (11)
March 6th, 2010
Science sharkfish (1)
Ronald, The King, Jack and Col Sanders On The Town (~nsfw) Full name (2)
If there's a God, </America> (6)
Short shorts Rick Tang (2)
American government, we hate education Bot Berlin - No Opinions (17)
The coffee party! Bot Berlin - No Opinions (5)
720 vs 1080HD - is 720 what is broadcast? CC (24)
Hail, Hail (It's Saturday) trollop (2)
March 5th, 2010
No dating Arabs! Out and about (1)
Alice in Wonderland Zangor, Prince of Mutilation (6)
The yellow people race in UK Bot Berlin - No Opinions (6)
mmmmm.  I'm kinda turned on sharkfish (10)
tabs or spaces f (34)
MBA? f (7)
Coding metrics: lines of code reduced Q (20)
Interesting problem for the day JoC (5)
Democrat resigns over possibly gay? sexual harrassment Bot Berlin (1)
Full Cloud Speed Ahead! xampl (0)
Scalpers df (6)
crazed right winger shoots up the pentagon argv[0] (20)
A Real thread on Project Based vs Time & Material Bases Billing. Morons (23)
Dumbest MS Move EVER! Morons (9)
North Korea Red Star OS and US export controls Bot Berlin (16)
Lotus hybrid at Geneva- good omens Clouseau (6)
time off the great purple (24)
So it's not just IT Billy the Fish (3)
Project model vs. Brice's Service model Nobody important (12)
working IT in the private sector vs. working IT in government . (17)
Demand Curve of Obsolete Languages: Counter Remarks Brice Richard (11) Aaron (4)
activision lawsuit documents CC (2)
March 4th, 2010
Comedy entertainment Q (2)
Do you have to reboot your iPhone from time to time? Nexus Two (3)
Let the re-writes begin Fan boy (11)
Some of you will be happy Rick Tang (3)
technology has passed me by CC (17)
Another republican public official Rick Tang (18)
What did that google guy say Rick Tang (4)
Revenge search engines sharkfish (4)
Microsoft: Don't press F1 key in Windows XP Full name (2)
Demand Curve of Obsolete Languages: My Experience Bored Bystander (40)
Your high IQ will kill your startup xampl (8)
Avoiding lock-in on someone else's property df (19)
Yahoo! email Full name (7)
Brought here by Fan boy work series? Fan boy (18)
AFV Fan boy (5)
Algorithmic ambient sound xampl (7)
Do you still read blogs? Morons (15)
fuuuuuuuck sharkfish (8)
Anonymous cloud computing Bot Berlin - No Opinions (8)
The day I decided I wanted to be a programmer sharkfish (30)
March 3rd, 2010
billion dollar bullshitter sharkfish (17)
Penelope Cruz to Halle Berry: sharkfish (7)
Chance for CC to prove he's not Ward (5)
VBA is FAR From Dead... Brice Richard (31)
Toyota again el (2)
Pubs and bars Rick Tang (12)
Reduntant research 131034: Darkness encourages lying and crime Rick Tang (4)
Save water, go to jail Rick Tang (24)
Poor guy JoC (0)
Holy crap - Porsche hybrid at Geneva - stats Clouseau (7)
Test your guesstimator Clouseau (5)
nginx df (10)
I miss Saturday morning comics xampl (8)
For Sharky Clouseau (20)
Search engine barrier to entry xampl (13)
Some Good info on BigTable Morons (3)
The tagline wraps in my browser and it's obnoxious Zangor, Prince of Mutilation (3)
He's back.. and Dumber then ever. Morons (11)
HA! Aaron (2)
Thank you Fox News Bluebeard (0)
March 2nd, 2010
Silly race question is confusing the Census Bot Berlin - No Opinions (9)
babies in bars sharkfish (27)
Dammit, who stole my idea? Clay Dowling (6)
Dear AllSQL - you are Fake NoSQL (17)
Dennis... Wayne (15)
Peter Norvig of Google on AI Bot Berlin - No Opinions (1)
ABC News to Cut 25% of staff, Fox News on top Bot Berlin - No Opinions (6)
a little data point on the "most" programmers know joel debate f (2)
Republican Senator Jim Bunning blocks jobs bill f (3)
Infinity Ward creates great technology, no reward Bot Berlin - No Opinions (8)
Happy Independence Day xampl (4)
Microsoft is so dumb Rick Tang (2)
In soviet russia.. JoC (0)
topeka, kansas has been obliterated argv[0] (1)
three week bender in nyc argv[0] (4)
racism in san diego colleges CC (7)
For Bored Bystander Aaron (3)
Apple patent war against HTC Rick Tang (8)
You though there Wasn't enough time in the day .. then this Morons (4)
Mmm pizza! xampl (iPhone) (9)
The destruction of Zimbabwe Q (12)
The Link Between Engineers and Jihad Full name (5)
Opinion JoC (4)
Daddy's retiring Kenny (4)
Generic news story xampl (1)
I've been volunteered JoC (6)
A playlist from Reddit xampl (1)
LOL GO FOX NEWS GO!!  RUN WITH IT!!! Zangor, Prince of Mutilation (46)
Just fired off an angry email to my daughter's Middle School Zangor, Prince of Mutilation (8)
The fat chewing the fat. trollop (13)
Birthday, Bot! Water Cooler v2 (1)
For CC, Dawkins stumped Bot Berlin - No Opinions (9)
March 1st, 2010
Google AI challenge, top bots were written in C++ Bot Berlin - No Opinions (30)
google f (2)
Wow, 50 FB happy Bot Berlin - No Opinions (4)
Think your life sucks? Think again... Full name (4)
Slam that reboot! Fan boy (17)
Wah. Buffer overflow? Lucky Smarta?! Nerdy Rick T(s)an (5)
Reddit goes to sh*t, they explain why? Bot Berlin - No Opinion (3)
Troll on reddit responds Bot Berlin - No Opinion (0)
27 jobs sharkfish (12)
just when you thought people couldn't get any stupider CC (9)
New data protection rules in Massachusetts xampl (25)
structured settlement sharkfish (8)
is coca cola racist? CC (26)
Cost of Car, Total and Up Front Bot Berlin - No Opinion (12)
Happy Birthday xampl (10)
why I'm not at work today sharkfish (12)
Your birth year sharkfish (54)
low IQ black people sharkfish (21)
Watched "Couples Retreat" with my wife last night Zangor, Prince of Mutilation (8)
phone app ideas eek (4)
World's Fair . (3)
Ever work at a nonprofit? Dexter (6)