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March 31st, 2012
I grew up with ABBA... sierra (4 comments)
artificial sweetner lobbyists, round 2 Idiot (5)
McMurdo Station resupply, 2012 xampl9 (56)
zimmer summary factor (3)
strict internet control -> fewer sales Idiot (7)
March 30th, 2012
why don't we just r/crazyontap sierra (8)
on Crime ... Go big, or get 15 years PigPen (32)
100,000 karma on reddit Idiot (3)
This is just sad Shylock, not Dan (3)
What went wrong with Hubble (originally) SaveTheHubble (17)
Cook more popular than Jobs in Apple Rick from Nexus S (3)
What would you do if you could be 18 again? . for this (20)
If your boss suddenly drops dead.. Anon for this. (8)
racism on reddit Idiot (55)
wouldn't be seen dead with an iphone Idiot (14)
March 29th, 2012
Foxconn reform Angry Analyst (11)
Fucking Churches Attila (43)
If you hate City-Data, this is a good page Bored Bystander (14)
Old receipts df (15)
Keys Attila (11)
Half of all American households xampl9 (6)
Law banning "Give us your FB password": won't happen Idiot (18)
There are no girls on the internet Canned Gods Inc. (16)
Paul spoiler for Romney Idiot (5)
March 28th, 2012
"I keep falling on a potato" Idiot (5)
C# versus C++ sierra (88)
james morrison sierra (2)
Earl Scruggs passed away xampl9 (4)
God is dead: her name was Amy Winhouse LeftWingPharisee (11)
+1 Libertarian Bot Berlin (40)
Memcached updates: Should they participate xampl9 (8)
Adobe flash now self-updates! Andrew B. (2)
RomneyCare: Worst of Both Worlds! Idiot (0)
Youtube sucks now xampl9 (8)
Hate West, love East Io (9)
Typical American Mom Idiot (10)
Marissa on what causes burnout Idiot (14)
Cargo Cult Software Engineering CircusAttraction (4)
One cool thing about web services Bot Berlin (13)
Mega Millions lottery breaks $500 million xampl9 (8)
Germany hiring Portuguese Idiot (47)
Adobe to charge 9% royalties to flash developers Idiot (24)
Trouble sleeping and rundown the last couple weeks Jim (8)
Which is faster, Batmobile Classic? Or New Movie? SaveTheHubble (4)
How much time do you guys spend working and commuting? . (16)
How much time do you spend on the internet at work? dude (13)
Mad Men (spoilers) Bored Bystander (4)
Post your near-death experiences Dr. Horrorwitz (17)
Are we done with Paul? Shylock, not Dan (42)
Death and regrets... Andrew B. (33)
March 27th, 2012
Zimmerman, a Democrat Idiot (10)
Oatmeal -- Pterodactyl song (NSFW) SaveTheHubble (6)
Trusteer Rapport / Ramnit Malware MobyDobie (6)
How to be famous Idiot (11)
More code fun xampl9 (17)
now fad blog: Courtney hates Jane Idiot (5)
OCD sidebar gripe Canned Gods Inc. (6)
Sorting, filtering, paging encrypted records Kenny (9)
Thurday July 12, US Internet shutting down PigPen (6)
The MOST interesting spreadsheet EVAR PigPen (1)
Dumb question about two jobs squatty (42)
Obama Care is gonna be shot down.. Morons (7)
Tuesday boobies Q (11)
Virtual vacations / Remote viewing df (16)
Zynga followup - the man who stayed behind Angry Analyst (15)
Spoiler alert for thread immediately below this trollop (9)
Hunger Games muppet (10)
Rocks should not come out of your urethra Bassanio's Creditor (5)
Sober Bot Berlin (13)
The MOST Interesting Excel Spreadsheet... Brice Richard (4)
So... what... I leave and THEN you start aggressively censoring muppet (42)
Are these good analogies? Bot Berlin (25)
March 26th, 2012
Fuck you fund sierra (16)
SSDs (again) brone (14)
Do you want doctors employed by the state? Bot Berlin (43)
Trayvon Martin Trademarks Filed by Mom Bored Bystander (7)
Why was my Zynga post deleted Angry Analyst (23)
How do you show animations on Power Point? Sathyaish Chakravarthy (10)
MS Access, business opportunities and real programming Troglodyte (7)
What's on the BBQ? df (8)
Why do people whine so much in the workplace? Ed (26)
Is boredom... Bot Berlin (36)
March 25th, 2012
Zimmerman is Hispanic cho (11)
Bored Io (27)
March 24th, 2012
Where/when did retirement originate? Bill42x (16)
Peter, I was wrong on this... Bot Berlin (3)
Ride the booster Peter (10)
Pay per install Would you? (17)
George Zimmerman just arrested Bot Berlin (6)
Motive Bot Berlin (9)
Hunger Games SaveTheHubble (20)
March 23rd, 2012
Another step closer to Judgement Day xampl9 (4)
Should George Zimmerman be arrested? Bot Berlin (95)
Does everyone in India xampl (iPhone) (14)
Intrusion American-style df (21)
It's depressing to see all these 50/60 year old men working at.. . (21)
Guys at work complaining about their wives nick (23)
Company Towns return xampl9 (35)
Older coworkers xampl (iPhone) (16)
How did Spinal Tap get an N Umlaut? Shylock, not Dan (15)
The Jewish dilemma MobyDobie (6)
Rats abandoning sinking ship PigPen (5)
Crazy on Tap happiness index Andrew B. (8)
March 22nd, 2012
How do you single guys do it? Fan boy (26)
Do you gain weight with healthier diet Bot Berlin (16)
HP lap-printer xampl9 (1)
East and West Io (14)
Millionaire Madam Milf Mëtäl Ümläüt (2)
Alert! Dr is here again! Rick from Nexus S (0)
I don't know, something is missing Bot Berlin (6)
Political Compass Io (21)
Your holier than thou morality doesn't exist Bot Berlin (11)
Google's latest FAIL LH (5)
Ton-ton Sachin Tendulkar. trollop (8)
Viewing megaflops trollop (11)
TeXnic Center dictionary s7h_black (0)
romney defends dishonest ad politico (2)
Fucking NHS MobyDobie (30)
March 21st, 2012
Race and aging in women PigPen (17)
Literally Orwellian! Wayne (7)
ER is worst place in the world to get help Fan boy (7)
Convention over Configuration Rick from Nexus S (19)
Caring less if electronics break down Kenny (18)
Colm, are you a Noam Chomsky kind of Libertarian Socialist? Bot Berlin (55)
Less government type of libertarianism Bot Berlin (54)
cot comment turned into movie (idiot style headline) Davis P. Clinker (2)
Human Bird Flight - Possible? Or Scam? Genius (29)
March 20th, 2012
Some people are too stupid.. Morons (1)
Too hot! Rick from Nexus S (6)
Marmageddon xampl9 (6)
Anyone in Mexico? Rick from Nexus S (0)
Hello Tim and Flasher T Concerned (16)
Hunger Games LeMonde (4)
Stop Using Classes in Programming Brice Richard (107)
I still hate teenagers Fan boy (9)
Sex is Rick on Nexus S (3)
March 19th, 2012
Teens text a lot! Rick from Nexus S (4)
Googld and or Samsung sucks Rick from Nexus S (2)
This is fun Bot Berlin (2)
You let your kid do what? Fan boy (11)
there...I did it sierra (10)
My simple solution for taxpayer funded healthcare... Andrew B. (12)
the Cot revelation zed (7)
Has Muppet left the building yet? Andrew B. (11)
Chrysophobia bpd (1)
Idiot back in the group home Genius (3)
Recruiter 101 nugreen (16)
"The Pirate Bay to Fly 'Server Drones' to Avoid Law Enforcement" Bored Bystander (5)
The 5% number on health care Bot Berlin (9)
OK, since the majority of you seem to really enjoy muppet (22)
APPL dividend xampl9 (7)
New Insane Regulations here in NYC Morons (9)
Video - a guy, a girl and a furry (NSFW) Andrew B. (2)
March 18th, 2012
Fasting cycle to lose weight quicker Andrew B. (33)
Ukrainian babes protesting Idiot (4)
sweet code [vision] sweet coder (7)
Driving Stoned proven to be safer Idiot (6)
This American Life fraud - story debunked Idiot (3)
What is puerto rican culture Bot Berlin (7)
What a caring wife Quant (19)
Apple / Foxconn - more fake but accurate truthiness MobyDobie (0)
F1 tix still available trollop (1)
March 17th, 2012
why are we feeding of off reddit so much sierra (9)
Hackimg implies that the best coders are incompetent Dr. Horrorwitz (70)
sex with preteens Idiot (3)
"I turned off the virus scanner" Fan boy (15)
candidate drops into race over rape allegations Idiot (1)
obamacare massively more expensive than predicted Idiot (18)
pope orders all mosques to be burned down Idiot (10)
Apple / This American Life df (8)
Aren't the Chinese populace accustomed to working hard? Palmer Eldritch (17)
So can we now finally call him a war criminal? LeftWingPharisee (5)
March 16th, 2012
CIA is discrete Idiot (7)
Way to gain the trust of your new employees, Rudman xampl9 (5)
This is why facebook sucks Bot Berlin (2)
Private prisions Rick from Nexus S (6)
H.R. 347, passed 399 - 3 in D.C. Rick from Nexus S (5)
Legislating morality Bot Berlin (16)
George Clooney arrested for protesting Idiot (10)
What prevents me from going back to HK Rick from Nexus S (8)
FU laws Rick from Nexus S (2)
american death squads "wilding" Idiot (0)
Right or Left? Io (41)
NPR backs down after Apple threats Idiot (23)
New NSA data repository SaveTheHubble (11)
Santorum "war on porn" SaveTheHubble (8)
Moar BoS Follies: the big crybaby Bored Bystander (4)
I wonder what kind of "Why I am leaving" email he might write Quant (1)
luggage search Investment Counselor (5)
Another criminal Bot Berlin (2)
It sucks for you, but at least you aren't this guy Bot Berlin (20)
Would you sacrifice part of your paycheck for more free time? Tom (25)
Just a pic of a Canadian member of parliment and a senator LH (2)
relocate your startup to Boston! (again) Idiot (2)
Man sues Google, says it has made him a laughing stock Morons (15)
How not to give away your product xampl9 (9)
all USA made dishwashers to be equipped with CIA devices Idiot (6)
Conservative South Africans love the Bible Belt Bluebeard (2)
Thought of today: Horses are a kind of Cows Dr. Horrorwitz (12)
So this is where everybody went? Martin Page (54)
developers might not get overtime if this law passes! Idiot (14)
Santorum: "Seriously, please vote for my friend Romney" Idiot (0)
March 15th, 2012
If Facebook the most horrible idea Bot Berlin (8)
Poll: Rich Client Application Rick from Nexus S (15)
ISPs to deep packet inspect everything starting this year Idiot (2)
flare protest Idiot (0)
homeless developers Idiot (21)
Milk Idiot (12)
Is Santorum holding the door open for Romney? Idiot (10)
Wow, Canada really is a different country! Antonio's Creditor (1)
Sybase doesn't let you alias a column as a keyword muppet (2)
Adobe Flash Player - how poorly written is it? Fan boy (5)
ea_spouse inadvertantly outs herself Idiot (18)
dating younger women eek (45)
March 14th, 2012
Do y'all carry cash? (continued) Palmer Eldritch (22)
Ha ha ha to your freedoms Colm (7)
Potato chip soup Morons (3)
Whatsapp Rick from Nexus S (3)
Do y'all carry cash? xampl9 (48)
Pie in the CoT kitchen xampl9 (14)
Awesome troll by Senator df (4)
management trying to undermine their "star" performers anon for this (11)
Toddler drowns in septic tank, Fark mocks family muppet (15)
Using Mindstorms to create artificial bone SaveTheHubble (2)
This is an amazing piece of art muppet (2)
So, the manager at the bank is telling me that muppet (18)
The hypocrisy of the IT industry Quant (8)
About Goldman Sachs Idiot (37)
March 13th, 2012
Clueless? Uncreative? No ideas? You need VC investment NOW! Idiot (7)
The American people have spoken Bot Berlin (17)
Nice article on where Google's gone wrong Colm (8)
Ching chong hilarity ensues at daddy's house Mëtäl Ümläüt (14)
LNKD ( LinkedIn ) Rick from Nexus S (8)
From now on I'm calling myself a freedomitarian Colm (91)
former co-worker asking for code . (53)
Funny JoC (4)
I see the Iraqis are making great use of their new freedums Peter the mad piper (40)
Now with a lisp interpreter Bot Berlin (29)
Will you please take this power off our hands? df (13)
Chill out, USAsians Quant (7)
VBA supported by the power of Brice.. Bluebeard (5)
March 12th, 2012
Iron dome Bill42x (1)
How's yall's snow? Dr. Horrorwitz (26)
Fallen in love Rick from Nexus S (30)
Identity stolen (again) muppet (44)
PETA unethically treating animals Antonio's Creditor (8)
F*king Idiots at the UN Morons (1)
Acrobat reader is a pile of poo xampl9 (12)
OMFG NEWEST technology on the scene Bot Berlin (7)
March 11th, 2012
more american war crimes Idiot (11)
I'm not a real doctor Fan boy (2)
public schools requiring students give up FB passwords Idiot (6)
Non-PC theory makes it to mainstream news Dr. Horrorwitz (19)
March 10th, 2012
Interview with creators of the first PC virus. Matchu (2)
Follow this line of thinking, on social programs Bot Berlin (55)
What are the chances of running into two CoTers on reddit? Bot Berlin (13)
Does major crime exist in America? Bot Berlin (11)
There are four types of people in this world Bot Berlin (14)
Do stupid people always try to act smart? Bot Berlin (20)
Chicken taquitos from Costco df (20)
Swiss voting for 6 weeks min. holiday Dr. Horrorwitz (3)
How long until disillusion ensues? Fan boy (34)
Daylight Savings Time Fan boy (8)
Children of today Lee (3)
New pictures of Chinese extermination weapons (against US) Dr. Horrorwitz (9)
oxford comma sierra (7)
March 9th, 2012
The west coast is a sausage fest Andrew B. (3)
Let's Hitler up the place Bored Bystander (25)
Some people are crazier than others (part 299.80 of infinity) Peter (6)
Bill and I are right Bot Berlin (10)
Dealing With Overly-Restrictive Intellectual Property Policy #2 Io (24)
This morning we had two Jehova's witnesses visiting Dr. Horrorwitz (23)
Due to state budget cuts, and despite an overall 45% tax increas muppet (6)
saving for retirement . (52)
What are your long term career goals? Steve (20)
Me on code Bot Berlin (13)
March 8th, 2012
Birthers xampl9 (24)
new practical programming lanugage: ??? Idiot (26)
Vatican on US watchlist of nations not controlled by US bankers Idiot (1)
Anyone know of any other good IT forums? Joe (15)
A Freylichn Purim to All Shylock, not Dan (7)
Have you ever had any 'The Hangover' types nights? Bot Berlin (6)
Solar storm hits Earth xampl9 (1)
Dilbert xampl9 (10)
rising sea levels doom innocent peaceful islanders Idiot (23)
Kidney Stones Shylock, not Dan (12)
March 7th, 2012
OK look, is this money laundering, or what? muppet (7)
Peter Gabriel piles on line noise (15)
He saved her data, at least xampl9 (5)
Brave muppet (8)
Houses that Canadian millionaires live Rich Tsang (1)
iPad 3 df (48)
I’ve got 98.99999999999999978 problems... __monty__ (8)
Brain damaged, overly-literal geeks on reddit don't appreciate muppet (10)
Oh for shit's sake muppet (6)
Neither XFS not Reiser3 work Dr. Horrorwitz (37)
What really happened. trollop (2)
Wow, I know somebody gets paid to care about this, but muppet (18)
Andrew B dominates the front page cuts (4)
9 controversial Rick Santorum quotes Andrew B. (9)
So I started browsing comp.lang.haskell... Quant (11)
Do you think there will ever be a download free Patch Tuesday? Andrew B. (6)
Massive spiderwebs, but no giant spider Lee (3)
March 6th, 2012
some paul results from today, super tuesday Idiot (8)
This Bot drunk Bot Berlin (6)
Back to the suicide guy, Chris Mckinstry and MindPixel Bot Berlin (64)
music article eek (4)
Why NASA deny truth of planet Nibiru apocalypse? Idiot (6)
Why shouldn't other nations have nuclear weapons? Kenny (34)
Sit down and put a pillow on the floor where your jaws will drop s7h_black (9)
HFT: The true antichrist? JoC (34)
Obama grows a pair Antonio's Creditor (4)
That highway scam df (6)
Give me your Facebook password Idiot (10)
LulzSec hacking group Idiot (0)
Americans don't 'get' roundabouts xampl9 (29)
I support Rush Bot Berlin (16)
Crystal Reports 11 muppet (8)
Social psychology questions in these different scenarios Bot Berlin (7)
I can hear the drums or war Canned Gods Inc. (14)
I need new pricing or a new market muppet (16)
Sarah's cat is doing fine muppet (12)
Bombing Auschwitz Bill42x (11)
March 5th, 2012
Wow, I think reddit got hit by an astroturf bomb tonight muppet (5)
Enterprise architects know how to party! Colm (3)
Vegas on the cheap? hoyza (9)
Romney or Burns df (1)
What time will you go and vote for Ron Paul Bot Berlin (12)
So far so good (Linux file creation experiment) Dr. Horrorwitz (44)
Krugman on the failure of economics Antonio's Creditor (18)
Birth of a Controlling Man df (51)
Modern warware 2012 Bot Berlin (12)
Russian politics as a C++ program Quant (14)
Some people are crazier than others (part n of infinity) Peter (11)
IT director doesn't want to develop new software . (17)
Music Io (7)
Oh, and, Izzy is pretty much not autistic anymore muppet (15)
Well, I just had my first 24 hour period without a sale muppet (8)
Think of one of your favourite TV shows... Andrew B. (4)
Rush's slut girl was a good Obama power play Bot Berlin (32)
March 4th, 2012
Has Romney actually run a campaign? Bot Berlin (6)
Spirited Away xampl9 (19)
Read in the Foreign Policy magazine Io (11)
For Idiot Io (4)
Windows bug forced me to move to Debian Dr. Horrorwitz (18)
Libyans grateful for freedom Quant (18)
regarding the 'how many times you moved' sierra (0)
March 3rd, 2012
Becoming a domain expert to deal with ageism Kevin (36)
Ok Enterprise comrades, has anyone used this? Bot Berlin (1)
Ron Paul loses again Bot Berlin (10)
Waiting for Game of Thrones to come back Q (5)
Symmetric Denzel Washington or skewed (?) Joaquin Phoenix? s7h_black (5)
Libertarian 2012 Presidential candidate debate xampl9 (1)
Programming as entertainment Io (24)
What happend to Brice Richard? Somebody (5)
Opinions on splitting a repo vs. keeping it together Colm (4)
how any times did you move sierra (19)
March 2nd, 2012
was this guy an extra on Magnum PI? line noise (1)
It's pissing down here less is more (10)
Working IT in the medical field . for this (13)
Fear of Google Fan boy (8)
Victim of discrimination/racism Bot Berlin (26)
car brakes dude (23)
How difficult is it to develop iPad/iPhone apps? . (11)
How I derailed my IT career Kevin (34)
Funny exam answers Troglodyte (5)
Afghan dog fights df (19)
The Birthers are back Shylock, not Dan (4)
another republican gay love affair Idiot (4)
March 1st, 2012
DBAs are #$^%#^%$ Fan boy (62)
Jury Duty Summons. Again... Fan boy (22)
Notch forks out brone (6)
Karma Bitch:  Breitbart Dead line noise (18)
What do you think this job pays? Morons (8)
Did my head dig this up or is it original? JoC (12)
Suggestions for making my life better... Andrew B. (12)
AT&T Microcell review xampl9 (7)
Victory! Io (3)
Where's Turkey? Shylock, not Denman (54)
Andrew Breitbart dead Bored Bystander (10)
eloquent SQL for reporting on multiple fiscal years? muppet (9)
birth control costs Idiot (25)
The epitome of arrogance Home Despot (13)
My enterprise functional programming application Bot Berlin (6)
After-birth abortion should be permissible? Io (64)
For those with children of all ages trollop (0)