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March 31st, 2015
How to get to $150K+? 3.14 (13 comments)
an astute observation from muppet (META) Bob Baden (7)
Squid Michael B (2)
Obama is literally Hitler n/a (20)
Slashdot df (7)
How and when did Scientology become a cult? WildRiver (16)
If I want to write a recursive query in MSSQL Shylock (12)
Bizarre Quant (13)
How you know you're getting old brone (12)
Got an offer n/a (37)
Comment about how game developers make little money for lot WildRiver (21)
Simple and still genius ~ (39)
Chappie wasn't what I expected Leaf (11)
Ebook reader redux!  You should hold on and wait for this one. WildRiver (35)
Real life Robocop Regular Poster (1)
Being a project manager can be a double-edge sword WildRiver (4)
LOL about web development. WildRiver (11)
For those of us who approaching 50s... WildRiver (14)
Paul Wilmott: most quants are stupid Io (5)
McLaren supercar 0  Tree 1 Trog (4)
Public nude bathing Michael B (13)
strange english word gzip (13)
March 30th, 2015
Early retirement WildRiver (28)
hey Somebody eek (6)
How in 2015 do you fuck this up? Craggie (23)
An idea for Joel Quant (9)
Why do we work so hard? We need to accumulate materials? WildRiver (18)
Array slicing with no copying in NET/c#? WildRiver (6)
I really despite this guy! WildRiver (4)
Shooting at NSA 3/30/2015 SaveTheHubble (4)
Robocop reboot ~ (22)
Do you use TDD (Test Driven Development) at work? WildRiver (35)
They sell Yaoi Hentai in the Family Mart Michael B (27)
Need your help LeMonDe (7)
Economic viability of lifelong learning Io (10)
And so the death threats start: Top Gear Bluebeard (18)
March 29th, 2015
an update on robert scoble COT historian (5)
sex toys Friday (9)
Your Brain on Creatine NPR (38)
United Against Nuclear Iran = CIA front n/a (11)
government inspection / gas explosion Bob Baden (15)
thought crime? Bob Baden (3)
Why is this so hard in Java? Michael B (63)
My Houston weekend: food and driving NPR (3)
eBook Reader recommendation please PigPen (32)
Hey NPR Michael B (33)
Magnets Wick (14)
Being slow Io (22)
Another Airbus A320 crashes molly (13)
Nattō Michael B (14)
Five days in Tokyo Michael B (12)
March 28th, 2015
Retirement plans Friday (29)
Summary of a safety bulletin posted at my place of work Q (38)
New York, New York photobot (10)
english very noisy Michael B (30)
it's not quite the imitation game bastard (0)
Comment thread shows new low at HN hacker news reporting (11)
Pseudointellectuals molly (2)
Magic df (24)
I hate job application web site! WildRiver (12)
Hmm, it looks like the sanctions are working Quant (4)
things that you want in a practical programming language eek (33)
Why Python programming language? WildRiver (66)
March 27th, 2015
In rock we trust... it's ROCK OR BUST brone (4)
Ok so I bought a four wheel drive and now gas is going up. Dennis (6)
Jeans Day at work today Shylock on a phone (22)
Summary on contracting house jobs WildRiver (17)
For beaver shot fans Quant (1)
Twelve Tweets That Will Make You Hate SXSW NPR (2)
Selling stuff on Ebay revisited Code Monkey (12)
No More Hibernate NPR (23)
How dare you say something I disagree with! xampl9 (9)
copilot taking antidepressants, just broke up with lover n/a (18)
dumb networking question eek (17)
That feeling when... Somebody (12)
My be this education system is not so bad.... Jamal (14)
What are your core skills? Michael B (20)
The US, taking lessons from the Soviet Union Shylock (5)
March 26th, 2015
I'm suprised we didn't analyze the co-pilot yet Friday (2)
NDA Interview Aftermath FSK (20)
So the posts stop at about 5 EST NPR (10)
Slapped together over the weekend... $12M Markowitch (14)
Life in prison LeMonDe (5)
How to increase salary range? WildRiver (8)
Popularity of Programming Languages by State (US) Brice Richard (8)
Hello muppet, I think you should read this and be scared. WildRiver (9)
Ut oh, Austin, TX out on the way home. WildRiver (2)
This is kinda funny.  What's the point of giving speech only? WildRiver (0)
Muppet, what are your core skills? WildRiver (14)
Working for a contracting house? WildRiver (29)
OpenOffice / LibreOffice df (7)
BBC confident it can find a new prick Bluebeard (6)
GREAT News for VB.Net and Visual Basic Brice Richard (14)
So, my buddy wants me to follow Arsenal. Shylock (10)
F word as name Maple Leaf (1)
Tokyo novelties Michael B (12)
So, you can relax muppet Trog (33)
327/7 trollop (4)
hey Michael Matchu (11)
March 25th, 2015
Fuck HP FSK (13)
Will OneDrive kill DropBox? Markowitch (9)
Calling a stored procedure from Excel Shylock (46)
Jeremy Clarkson xampl9 (47)
Is this for real? forThis.anon (4)
Selling stuff on Ebay Code Monkey (13)
Where to get a very good estimate of salary survey online? WildRiver (21)
Question for Quant on article reviewers Io (5)
Anybody an SSIS pro? ~ (17)
Good SQL books? brone (25)
Today's flight to Tokyo Michael B (14)
March 24th, 2015
the police state goes on and on and on Bot Berlin (2)
NDA For Interviews FSK (41)
Graph databases for spreadsheet authors NPR (18)
Table Variables vs. Temporary Tables Shylock (23)
"NoReply" address with Exchange xampl9 (3)
What is happening on Tuesday?  We have aggressiveness on here! WildRiver (13)
Micromanagers - how do you deal with them? WildRiver (23)
Most selfish reaction to a news item ever (mine) ~ (36)
Patented method to detect market abuse Quant (8)
so, hm ... hoyZa (12)
Fun at Heathrow Michael B (9)
March 23rd, 2015
cute women in startup Lee (37)
millions with insurance. congress would act?  why, didn't before Bot Berlin (62)
the cheese eaters ... eek (3)
Presidential divorce xampl9 (5)
Who owns the Tories Quant (3)
So I kick ass and boss responds by giving me less work Too Productive (31)
How many of you find design patterns usable in most cases? WildRiver (18)
Are storage units a good investment? . (26)
massive website irritation eek (3)
I must be getting old... Kenny the Robot (11)
See! I'm not the only one lol... Shylock (36)
Lemonde is finally in prison for real http: (4)
I am a big girl, apparently ~ (25)
Top Gear is the most watched TV show in the world Michael B (33)
Code reviews Io (17)
March 22nd, 2015
Saudi's hardly ever cut anyone's hand off for theft. Bot Berlin (9)
Apple fitness lab xampl9 (0)
PY Bot Berlin (3)
I guess we're in for another software crisis Shylock (22)
HTML Generator in Python? Code Janitor (5)
Vacuum Tube frequency meter teardown xampl9 (5)
Hostels? Michael B (27)
How much architecture you do? Io (18)
March 21st, 2015
midlife crise, is it? Friday (17)
Russia invades Denmark Bot Berlin (6)
hahahah Bot Berlin (0)
are a lot of people running for president in 2016? n/a (30)
tom cruise Bot Berlin (3)
Going to prison LeMonDe (21)
Niacin flush NPR (16)
Scheduler? NPR (5)
The football player who's probably smarter than you df (3)
My property taxes went down by £3.56/year Michael B (16)
Are suicides lowered through lack of opportunity? n/a (7)
Al Pacino Speech on what a douchebag God is Michael B (8)
Can landlords in the UK collect unpaid rent if you skip the Michael B (23)
March 20th, 2015
Driving Friday (11)
I feel sad Wick (5)
Partial eclipse of the sun today Wick (8)
Spring fever! WildRiver (10)
Setting online community standards of behavior (don't laugh) Bored Bystander (18)
Experience with WiFi extender? WildRiver (10)
Cisco shipping to fake addresses to avoid NSA Quant (7)
Google is a liar! How come this is so quiet in the news? WildRiver (5)
Smug much? Bluebeard (6)
Bluetooth & watch-phone (reprise) Trog (1)
I've worked Brice out Bluebeard (21)
Eat a Bag of Dicks Bored Bystander (5)
Get the gist, then read the very end JoC (14)
Dressed for Mars and Nowhere to Go Legion (5)
March 19th, 2015
Joel's Wedding Planner guy profiled in New Scientist n/a (9)
Next stop on the consumption-experience class tour: Japan Michael B (38)
web app development vs desktop development WildRiver (18)
One time I took a yoga class right after the pregnant yoga class Michael B (20)
Brice, should I become a expert or learn C#? Joe (23)
Guns Guns Guns df (14)
Thinking of doing a long multi day hike... Kenny the Robot (12)
Daddy's test is still alive and kicking JoC (5)
Costco Kirkland peanut butter cups xampl9 (9)
Evolutionary Selection for Quality n/a (15)
I'm wearing boots of escaping! xampl9 (17)
NASA is looking for oil Quant (8)
Programming Skills, Jobs, and Company Types That Pay the Most Bluebeard (30)
March 18th, 2015
Every woman needs four animals in her life Michael B (43)
new computer Friday (2)
Realworld tendering processes trollop (0)
Satellite radio NPR (16)
Good Way to Slip "Fuck" onto a Highly Restrictive Msg Board Bored Bystander (9)
new computer? the great purple (29)
Private reusable code xampl9 (27)
with more ports than the new Macs n/a (4)
Rambling article WildRiver (11)
Will you vote for Donald Trump? WildRiver (16)
The success story of Arab Spring Quant (33)
Bored of hacking your phone? Buy this genetic toolkit instead! Bluebeard (5)
Quant how to calcualte rate of return Kwon (3)
Back in England Michael B (12)
Israeli democracy falling apart Quant (75)
March 17th, 2015
Let talk state's economic!  Why is TX so good? WildRiver (14)
I voted to BiBi... Dan (27)
Me to vendor: "give me your schema diagram." ~ (16)
Why does my wife like to waste money on bullshit? Steve (46)
low gas prices means cheap flights n/a (8)
What is the best smart phone these days? Tom (33)
I ponder about Brice liking of big D cup... WildRiver (21)
Ho Chi Minh City is so fucking awesome Michael B (18)
March 16th, 2015
poles steel for battle newsbot (17)
string of bad interviews 3.14 (19)
born ready Bot Berlin (1)
I agree with the comments Bot Berlin (2)
Absolute Truth Round 2 JoC (49)
Interesting blog about quant trading Quant (37)
Michael B - How many more days in-country tour for you? WildRiver (10)
Do you prefer to work in a software house or corporate IT dept? used to post on JOS (17)
video for bored n/a (9)
The people game hoyZa (9)
passion is bad n/a (16)
China is branding into new industry! WildRiver (16)
Math problem Io (6)
What was genuinely new in IT in recent decade? Quant (28)
March 15th, 2015
The startup lure Michael B (20)
Hand-out hypocrisy Michael B (37)
cool photo photobot (5)
what a mess Bot Berlin (8)
agree with top comment Bot Berlin (0)
Putin takes the war to the next level Quant (4)
The war in Syria Top Page Rank (12)
good article  on music practice eek (54)
Data normalization Michael B (19)
overweight people Friday (35)
Chicken vs pork. brone (8)
March 14th, 2015
Liberating Michael B (23)
The magic starts at 0:40 Michael B (3)
Vietnam Michael B (10)
OMW to SXSW xampl9 (Windows Phone) (13)
Meerkat NPR (5)
whatever drug Buddhists are on Michael B (9)
March 13th, 2015
Here's a video You're Welcome (8)
PI day Friday (0)
Seriously repubs are emailing Iran? Craggie (7)
Mutant hair follicle brone (5)
Told you - leave your willy alone! WildRiver (7)
Sopranos, busted Shylock (10)
Good question Quant (3)
Passive aggressive co-workers who try to get under your skin .. (45)
Peter Hitchens on Russia eek (52)
It's time to ask China to pay back its debt or we pay them WildRiver (17)
The bickering between UK and US WildRiver (4)
Anyone here had any experience with this product? Bluebeard (5)
March 12th, 2015
rich accountant quits his job, cautiously Bot Berlin (40)
absolute truth Friday (17)
So, the boss lady Shylock (22)
Pratchett dies Quant (7)
Wanna buy a house that comes with free wife? lol WildRiver (16)
What is the next technology that will create economic boom? WildRiver (31)
Michael B - what is on the agenda for today? WildRiver (41)
Hey Muppet, why are you ripping on my man Brice? PRESIDENT OF BRICE FAN CLUB (6)
Cool visualization text for the engineers in us! WildRiver (0)
Cool visualization! WildRiver (2)
Outsourcing went wrong! Muppet, you will like this. WildRiver (8)
What is good code? We have the answer! WildRiver (9)
How to make a merit out of being cheap Quant (8)
Microservices (was After Agile) Trog (18)
Truffle butter Bill42x (15)
multithreding database reads? dave (11)
March 11th, 2015
Since the homeopathy came up on reddit Friday (49)
Tool for reverse engineering foreign key relationships? mup (41)
Let's talk fluoride again! n/a (9)
Concurrency NPR (40)
Michael B - Report on here often when you can! WildRiver (15)
stupid &*(& modern web sites n/a (32)
Republican - the logical choice, says prominent philosopher n/a (5)
What is expected of a good software developer? WildRiver (49)
After Agile Trog (2)
Herding cats ~ (28)
March 10th, 2015
Sometimes it feels like there's only 99 programmers in the world Wick (40)
Documentary about cruise ships NPR (5)
kind of amazing Effective Approaches to Absolute (2)
Bluetooth + watch-phone LeMonde (14)
VBA question xampl9 (14)
If you were casting a new Indiana Jones movie... xampl9 (13)
Interesting tv show Bill42x (1)
MS ~ (27)
So 13" pro or wait for 15" pro refresh? hoyZa (10)
Author of Millionaire Next Door Dies NPR (13)
bot's enduring fame tablet trollop (3)
Syria vs. Spanish Civil War Bill42x (10)
Terror 'apologists' must share blame Quant (16)
codelite 32 or 64 Full Name (1)
March 9th, 2015
Life among the super-rich Bot Berlin (9)
NYC's latest immigrants Shylock (17)
Bingo card guy tries something new Bill42x (23)
Macbook Pro refresh brone (20)
I like these comments about Apple $10K iWatch WildRiver (10)
If you've never read it... JoC (3)
Fox News is most trustworthy network n/a (10)
We are really running out of tech idea.... WildRiver (19)
Another problem with Obama speech about economy... WildRiver (4)
Obamaloney! someone said that. WildRiver (12)
Homemade bread Joe (19)
So, if I'm looking for a data clean up tool ~ (30)
Azure and cloud computing. Anyone really doing this? Home Despot (31)
March 8th, 2015
human IQ and self awareness Friday (28)
politicians who DON'T EMAIL... wtf Bot Berlin (6)
Rape df (4)
America's most profound comic strip Craggie (3)
Why is this in Amazon's Sci-Fi/Fantasy section? xampl9 (14)
International Women's Day Friday (7)
Maternity Leave n/a (2)
Clinton's email --- ongoing Bot Berlin (11)
Who is this badass & what is his case? argv (0)
Driverless car Bot Berlin (1)
Last night's foursome Michael B (71)
US highways getting safer -- why? Bot Berlin (7)
google Bot Berlin (9)
Ramblings on relative differences on Maslow's Michael B (12)
strang survey of linear algebra Bot Berlin (0)
So, who's been Full name: (1)
Digestion NPR (12)
check your batteries Regular Poster (3)
Tracking Blood Sugar levels Shylock (5)
Gone Girl Quant (17)
I like this dude. eek (0)
The Arabs in pre-state Palestine did have legitimate complaints Wick (8)
March 7th, 2015
Chris Christie Bot Berlin (4)
Harriet Miers Bot Berlin (9)
rolling this forward to 2015 Bot Berlin (36)
Obama the snooper Quant (2)
Development at Ableton xampl9 (3)
Removing crap from my browser NPR (12)
Software defined networking? dave (2)
RIP  Anthony Robinson -- killed by police Bot Berlin (6)
March 6th, 2015
Poo-pourie advert is hilarious SaveTheHubble (2)
Hey WildRiver RiverWild (1)
n/a, I have a request for you. WildRiver (1)
If the inventor wants to call his invention "stupid shit", WildRiver (9)
Life in prison for Facebook post n/a (10)
How to tell my buddy that it's not a business Shylock (32)
actually overheard hoyZa (1)
One for the database wonks Trog (21)
Stock market sinked this morning because the unemployment number WildRiver (5)
Pronouncing GIF xampl9 (20)
India: man has sex with injured cow using coconut oil as lube Michael B (10)
Yo!  Any sports fans here? sports fan (6)
Kill Test Driven Development & AGILE Brice Richard (42)
On Interviews Io (13)
Hey WildRiver, I'll be in Nha Trang (Vietnam) next week! Michael B (6)
Are Muppet and PigPen the same person? . (15)
March 5th, 2015
what would you do with 250 acres of land Friday (9)
fog creek admits gender bias MUCH worse than average n/a (34)
Stuff White People Like... Bored Bystander (31)
Friends don't let Friends Shylock (10)
How much time do you set aside to work on your side projects? . (27)
Dairy gives me a stuffy nose Joe (8)
Rossi's 1 MW factory in the US n/a (45)
teaching eek (14)
574km/h French train eek (14)
The surplus children will be culled Quant (27)
Office dogs Bill42x (33)
Anyone here use Crystal Reports for your .net apps? Ralphus (9)
March 4th, 2015
homeopathy Friday (2)
Holder on Ferguson --- bring tha noise!! Bot Berlin (16)
salary collusion? mistaken identity (19)
Da Fuhrer! lol WildRiver (4)
Meet your newly discovered ancestor! WildRiver (1)
Boston Bomber df (21)
faux pas mistaken identity (6)
which shagging method do you prefer? eek (12)
What shipping method do you prefer? . (4)
What studying method do you prefer? Joe (11)
Hey moopat, read this and be inspired. WildRiver (1)
I think I've come to a conclusion too... JoC (12)
I think I've come to the conclusion... Somebody (24)
Bluetooth stereo headphones (earbuds) moopat (14)
Another similarity between wrestling and tech: bullying Tom (5)
March 3rd, 2015
I'm an amateur Legion (14)
layover in toronto Friday (8)
how would you like to die Friday (15)
C'mon Canada--you're on the verge of being cool Shylock (2)
Last longer LeMonde (7)
Can we ever stop any country from developing nuclear weapon? WildRiver (44)
An example of a small hardware company that thrives! WildRiver (5)
windows 7 is smart eek (6)
What expertises do we have here in COT? WildRiver (14)
Comparing software career to entertainment industry? WildRiver (0)
What can you do to secure your job? Code Line (26)
And tonight we're gonna party like it's 1999 Quant (1)
What does the software industry have in common w/ pro wrestling? Tom (15)
March 2nd, 2015
clinton @ state Bot Berlin (17)
master page vs. user control vs. sql in .net ? (16)
I now trade mark the following WildRiver (0)
"Just eight weeks ago I had a visitor." Quant (7)
Green Cars: The wrong question Legion (48)
You don't outsource if software is the core product of your WildRiver (17)
My counterintutive truth on race to the bottom hoyZa (30)
The real money is in hardware hoyZa (17)
House of Cards ... initial thoughts PigPen (10)
LA launches a death squad to clean its streets Quant (14)
How can I download from YesVideo? Full Name (0)
standing ovation Likud (21)
Your Tattoos Make You A Horrible Mother Bored Bystander (6)
March 1st, 2015
Bully Bot Berlin (14)
Russia in crisis Bot Berlin (18)
Torture center in New York Bot Berlin (3)
Is this field a race to the bottom? Code Monkey (65)
The dark side of Enlightenment Quant (34)
Homeland claire danes Wick (8)
Terrorists vs kids Quant (32)
progress Crank Cup (1)