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March 31st, 2017
Atlanta Highway Fire Was A False Flag! FSK (6 comments)
Pestular Croaker, will you lease your old name to Wabi? President of the Brice Fan Club (4)
Obama's hobby of assassinating journalists Pestular Croaker (1)
Atlanta's Mystery Inferno Pestular Croaker (8)
Note the Polish entry Yoda (11)
Gibraltar Lotti Fuehrscheim (48)
Populist President most unpopular in recent history Wabi-sabi (17)
Forum voor Democratie Lotti Fuehrscheim (0)
It makes me actually like Pence a bit Yoda (7)
Podesta, Russian Puppet Pestular Croaker (5)
college grad salaries down across the board Pestular Croaker (4)
Russia Still Attacking US Traitor Trump Does Nothing Remember (4)
The rats are jumping off... Shylock (9)
Credit Suisse busted Yoda (1)
SpaceX SES-10 Nosecone Sangamon (5)
Auschwitz Survivor Confronts ICE Director Oh yeah (13)
March 30th, 2017
refugee case study, canada Pegular Croaker (2)
Poor vs. Rich obsoleted by Stupid vs. Smart Wabi-sabi (26)
Russian hacking story unraveling NPR (7)
Hubble, tell me if the Captain of the Indianapolis ship wasn't WildRiver (3)
"Too complacent and compliant." Comments? (1)
Spicer's Russian claims disproven PaveTheStubble (1)
Management is burning me out! grunt (12)
Traitor Trump was so right about election fraud Remember (13)
Juncker's Revenge Yoda (9)
fashion school tuition, apartment rental, a sewing machine ... Pestular Croaker (4)
North Carolina lawmakers repeal transgender discrimination law Wabi-sabi (17)
March 29th, 2017
Bad math Legion (12)
The Reprover Lotti Fuehrscheim (6)
New Coworker's Giant Dick Is Annoying! FSK (17)
victim says Comey colluded with pedophile Pegular Roaster (3)
More beautiful poetry from Cherub NPR (3)
Read this interesting entreprenuer story! I bought 4 pillows President of WildRiver fan club (12)
Is a degree in business administration the most versatile? President of WildRiver fan club (7)
New co-worker is overbearing grunt (26)
Delusional MSM Sangamon (10)
Shylock and Hubble talk smack...wait a minute,here comes Muppet! President of the Brice Fan Club (10)
Doses & Mimosas NPR (7)
SpaceX launch with reused first-stage tomorrow Sangamon (9)
The opiode crisis Shylock (16)
Eagerly awaiting the next iteration of Idiot/CMcGhee/RP/? NPR (3)
Anti-semitic bomb threats identified Sangamon (1)
March 28th, 2017
Trump's cutting job killing regulations Shylock (55)
Component and module Legion (10)
Costa Concordia exploration xampl9 (2)
Audit the Fed: It's Happening! Pestular Croaker (13)
So it begins Yoda (48)
Kiss your online privacy goodbye Yoda (7)
Do you have an office at work? Student programmer (36)
Need your advice.... Avocado (22)
Oh dear, the snowflake generation has infected Monash University , Cup (12)
Who the hell is she? President of WildRiver fan club (6)
Is RP visiting Australia? President of WildRiver fan club (1)
Where's in the world is RP? President of WildRiver fan club (0)
Challenge to CoTers! President of WildRiver fan club (16)
What do you guys think about this? President of WildRiver fan club (8)
Taste the Feeling Yoda (1)
Applying principles of persuasion in job search? Random Thoughts (15)
Chuck Schumer humiliates an ELDERLY COUPLE President of the Brice Fan Club (20)
An actual programming question Shylock (81)
March 27th, 2017
60 Minutes Exposes "Fake News" NPR (1)
Tensorflow Friday (1)
British child care Yoda (27)
Musk the Serial Enterpreneur Yoda (10)
US total eclipse, 2017 xampl9 (6)
Made a mistake taking this job NPR (44)
Directions for EU Io (22)
What happens when you build a town based on producing from President of WildRiver fan club (22)
Business On Tap Io (2)
FB knows about passwords Pestular Croaker (6)
HAR HAR HAR to you Obamacare repeal, Trump! Bluebeard (10)
UK is changing the 1 pound coin Io (13)
Theresa May tells the banks to f... off Yoda (3)
Rechtwijzer 2.0 , Cup (1)
Trump brings best business practices to government Yoda (7)
March 26th, 2017
Sanctioned! Pestular Croaker (14)
Uber crashes , Cup (11)
Global Vote Lee (5)
How long to learn OO java? Student programmer (21)
Traitor Trump is so funny Remember (4)
Rokjesdag Lotti Fuehrscheim (5)
Saarland, 'Schulz-Effekt verpufft' Lotti Fuehrscheim (8)
Recommend tools for encryption? NPR (12)
Hey Lotti, how's this guy's analysis? Shylock (7)
Pizzagate was a lie Shylock (43)
Hacker News thread on hiring and resumes Io (4)
March 25th, 2017
relevant xkcd Wabi-sabi (31)
Sir Patrick Stewart FTW Shylock (12)
Solution to TV show ad problem Pestular Croaker (4)
Westminster attacker sought psychiatric help in the past Yoda (15)
Trump mentions Hubble in his weekly address!!!!! President of the Brice Fan Club (4)
Have you ever bought a house owned by smokers? Wabi-sabi (13)
So did Wayne go on vacation with Wabi? President of the Brice Fan Club (7)
We Were a 10-Year Opposition Party…Being Against Things Was Ea Remember (9)
Traitor Trump on 12th golf course trip in 9 weeks Remember (1)
Slavery in the eyes of the masters Io (5)
First Twitter, now Medium Sangamon (3)
F-35s getting lots of customers Pestular Croaker (21)
March 24th, 2017
NYT's headline ;-) Oh yeah (7)
Questions about a mainframe conversion project Pie is a lot better than ... (24)
$25,000 a month health care for 20 yr old inventor Pestular Croaker (7)
Funny how Shylock and Wabi avoid this place until Mup is gone President of the Brice Fan Club (8)
First on Who's Shylock (0)
AHCA was Paul Ryan's bill. He has all the goodies for insurance President of WildRiver fan club (32)
Max the dog on Trump Pestular Croaker (2)
Newt Gingrich on Trumpcare, forgetting what Reagan taught us Wabi-sabi (34)
illegal alien crime news Pestular Croaker (4)
Why the Democratic Party barely exists anymore, in a nutshell mup (8)
Bob Knight wishes death on former IU bosses (video) President of the Brice Fan Club (8)
Please define what a hipster is Wabi-sabi (32)
Software Development is Non-Linear Process Random Thoughts (7)
The state of Trump supporters Ducknald Don (18)
Guaranteed to make you laugh Bluebeard (4)
Which one of you will be around to fix this problem? President of WildRiver fan club (14)
I give up, time to throw in the towel grunt (12)
Shylock should start feeling some love for Trump Yoda (8)
Vince Foster murdered? Sangamon (6)
What vitamins do you all take? How much is too much? Joe (18)
religion of peace Pestular Croaker (1)
Is Android tablet better than Apple's iPad? Which one would President of WildRiver fan club (28)
Big Boom in Ukraine Lotti Fuehrscheim (1)
Fifth column? Yoda (0)
Adrian Russel Ajao Yoda (0)
Twitter getting desperate? Sangamon (1)
Pimp me a screen Yoda (3)
Terrorism in the US Yoda (8)
1/3 of Americans can't come up with $2,000 for an emergency Io (24)
Wayne, why do you delete mup's posts? Bluebeard (14)
Bobby Knight wishes death on IU administration that fired him: President of the Brice fan Club (1)
Breitbart is Putin's Whore Remember (1)
March 23rd, 2017
15 foot tall Trumpy the Rat kickstarter Wabi-sabi (3)
Drupal Gor WTF? FSK (17)
Fascinating ML based study of r/The_Donald cross-talk Wabi-sabi (6)
Poll: Which Party did Lincoln Belong to? Remember (20)
C++ question ali (9)
There goes your privacy Ducknald Don (8)
Antwerp terrorist attack The Great Orange (2)
Regular Poster & others, what are tips for being an alpha male? dot (14)
Sonic Screwdriver Pestular Croaker (6)
How to win friends and influence NATO members Yoda (3)
Another Jewish Community Center Bomber arrested Pestular Croaker (6)
This how the GOP won the election. Fraud. Remember (10)
Trump supporters Is Pegular Moron a fry cook? (4)
Now the board owner Wayne is working against Mup? President of the Brice Fan Club (16)
How British Yoda (2)
Unions say Brussels Airport has no emergency plan Yoda (9)
Jimmy Dore nails Hillary Terrorist Watch (4)
Bike sharing goes dockless The Great Orange (0)
PVs nearing theoretical limit The Great Orange (1)
March 22nd, 2017
Is $33m enough to develop a supersonic prototype? Sangamon (13)
Fresno is the new Flint Sangamon (4)
Terrorism in the UK! FSK (37)
How is alcohol legal? Wabi-sabi (19)
RP, you are a rent boy? President of WildRiver fan club (5)
RP, don't blame me if you are not happy! President of WildRiver fan club (1)
Happy Tuesday, RP! President of WildRiver fan club (6)
Neo-Liberals MS (17)
Amazon scammers xampl9 (9)
Not that it is important but the StackOverFlow 2017 Developer President of WildRiver fan club (7)
constitutional right to challenging objectives discovered Pestular Croaker (7)
Objective Evidence for the "Deep State"? Zachary Smith (22)
The telemarketers now have cell phone numbers Shylock (9)
Look kids!  Parliament! For Entertainment Purposes Only! (19)
Co-worker had his own business, would rather work a job Tom (32)
Fitch downgrades Saudi Arabia Sangamon (2)
Chuck Barris gets gonged xampl9 (4)
Which is worse? Nazi Germany or ISIS? Pestular Croaker (27)
68 member coalition Pestular Croaker (8)
Have to Admit Putin is Smart Remember (11)
The internet of things Shylock (8)
How France aided the nascent state of Israel Yoda (0)
Terror Pokemon Yoda (19)
Bullseye! Really cool engineering project Sangamon (1)
Putin Tells Traitor Trump and Friends What to Say Remember (2)
Trump Fires Useless Hubble Pestular Croaker (0)
March 21st, 2017
Super Bloom Shylock (4)
Napolitano fired for telling it how it is Sangamon (3)
Oh, this is cute. Trump tries to govern Shylock (18)
Build That Wall! Shylock (5)
There was wire tapping at Traitor Trump Tower! Remember (2)
Traitor Trump is in Love with Putin Remember (29)
Which Prime Minister is more sexier? Julie Bishop or Theresa May President of WildRiver fan club (4)
RIP - Colin Dexter The Grim Reaper (0)
mmm, Serbian women! President of WildRiver fan club (0)
Electronics banned from hand luggage Sangamon (11)
Yo, Canadiens! You are not creative like the Russkies! President of WildRiver fan club (0)
Why did only two people respond to Brice's thread below? President of the Brice Fan Club (7)
Pop goes yet another crowd funded hardware device Sangamon (2)
Scarlet iPhone Hester Prynne (4)
Yo Mup!  What's the haps? President of the Brice Fan Club (2)
Ok now a couple of co-workers are feuding with each other grunt (4)
Tillerson Goes to Meet His Russian Masters Remember (19)
Lazy Eric Trump Won't Pick His Own Grapes Remember (9)
Would you look at your daughter like this? would you hold Grab and go Trump (4)
Unprecedented Shylock (41)
James Webb Telescope Website SaveTheHubble (2)
you loved the 10" iPad Pestular Croaker (10)
Blast from the past Yoda (12)
Obama's mother-in-law felony? Sangamon (5)
You Yanks are so behind the times Terrorist Watch (3)
Time wasting here rrrrrick (4)
March 20th, 2017
Traitor trump now thinks we should stay in iraq Remember (19)
“Plan 700” Oh - wait ... (13)
cyanide gas bombs in your neighborhood Pestular Croaker (4)
Remember when the DNC forbid the FBI access to their "hacked" mup (1)
How to prepare for the coming pandemic xampl9 (4)
Looks like Traitor Trump is Just Who We Thought He Was Remember (27)
Nice article on diet Sangamon (15)
Female soldiers? You better know arm-to-arm combat or you are WildRiver (12)
THAT SOB Rockefeller FINALLY DIES Brice Richard (3)
Be a zebra, not a unicorn The Great Orange (2)
First day in rented apartment Io (13)
Being an IT Manager vs. Techie or Developer..... John Doe (7)
A Muppet with autism to be welcomed soon on 'Sesame Street' President of the Brice Fan Club (8)
Albania making a lot of sense Pestular Croaker (0)
guy asks the right questions about russia Pestular Croaker (4)
"Globalization" as beautiful a concept as that sounds.... President of the Brice Fan Club (10)
0% capital gains -- Load of horse shit Morons (10)
What is Comey going to say? Sangamon (11)
How much to buy a comrade president? Remember (10)
Zuck on Fake Fake-News Pestular Croaker (1)
Autistic Julia saves Sesame Street , Cup (2)
The happiest Outsider (7)
old appliances used to work for ages OyOyOy (13)
March 19th, 2017
Everyone on this forum is a fucking waste of flesh President of the Brice Fan Club (36)
Allodoxaphobia Bluebeard (4)
MAGA and grow rich Pestular Croaker (0)
He has never prayed, he drank Lotti Fuehrscheim (6)
Where does the real name policy come from? OyOyOy (22)
Feminist BS from my LinkedIn Feed Morons (12)
Why Foreign Leaders Read Trump's 1990 Playboy Interview Core set of Principles (6)
Free speech is dead on campus Sangamon (21)
Archived footage of nuclear bomb tests now declassified Sangamon (1)
Orly attack foiled Terrorist Watch (4)
Coptic Christians under pressure Sangamon (0)
RIP - Chuck Berry The Great Reaper (6)
Paleo diet debunked? Sangamon (8)
I am a loooooooser OyOyOy (7)
March 18th, 2017
Did Anonymous really pull this off? Just Another Wanderer (4)
Microsoft is infesting Windows 10 with ads Sangamon (3)
California really loves its illegals Perks Tech (10)
The Barrier Reef is looking sad Perks Tech (6)
Do you suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome? Board Boasterroaster (12)
How much is NOT being an open office worth to you? ? (15)
Comrade Trump Lied About ISIS Too Remember (3)
Bulgaria Lotti Fuehrscheim (44)
The Russians are a lot smarter than US Remember (29)
Bruno Kahl Lotti Fuehrscheim (5)
Danes attacked over ham Testicular Cancer (16)
Cubicle and phone interview Legion (12)
black child saga Testicular Cancer (8)
The end of another tech bubble? Sangamon (4)
Baby gets seizures after vaccine Io (23)
Google has improved jpegs Perks Tech (2)
Trump and Merkel Pestular Croaker (2)
March 17th, 2017
Absolut vodka being watered down? Sangamon (8)
Trump was wiretapped Sangamon (3)
This might be of general interest Shylock (0)
You guys are dream killers! Tom (18)
Trump is killing Big Bird? Sangamon (5)
TrumpCare already saving people thousands of dollars Pegular Roaster (0)
Trump Lotti Fuehrscheim (24)
Best place to park 75-100 K these days? Tom (30)
Is it safe to live near power lines? Joe (9)
Just cashed out my 401k going into my 3rd month of unemployment Unemployed (22)
Media pressures W Bush to attack Trump, backfires President of the Brice Fan Club (1)
Rightwing Economics Simply Do Not Work Remember (15)
Anybody else here getting fed-up with the LinkedIn Feminist BS Morons (13)
Applying for a job at a direct competitor Joe (6)
New co-worker acts and thinks he is a manager grunt (16)
Oc Course the Lazy White People Get Gov $$$ Remember (7)
More of Comrade Trump Hollowing out the US for Russia and China Remember (4)
Silicon Valley: A Brilliant Leftist Success Story President of the Brice Fan Club (13)
Something I wish I hadn't read Sangamon (3)
Dropbox down? Terrorist Watch (1)
Is 'The Expanse' any good? The Great Orange (5)
Note the title Grumpy Old Man (30)
How to fix Chrome in Holland Big Blue (0)
Everyone's a troll Big Blue (0)
Coming soon to an ATM near you The Great Orange (0)
The Guardian are such pussies The Great Orange (8)
March 16th, 2017
Just for Laughs Gags (1)
Capital gains tax is 0% if you have less than $37k in wages Wabi-sabi (13)
Law and Order President! Oh yeah (3)
Obama Made Another Republican Like Little Boys Remember (2)
Just came back from McDonald for dinner. I am shocked. WildRiver (20)
We need to back to offices The Great Orange (11)
Give peace a chance? How many chance do you give it? President of WildRiver fan club (9)
Why George Soros has this power? President of WildRiver fan club (8)
Trump tax return The Great Orange (10)
For Wabi and Grumpy Shylock (6)
Senate intelligence panel rejects Trump wiretap claim Ducknald Don (7)
Berkeley videos still available Big Blue (4)
Trump eats off golden plates and cuts meals on wheels Remember (4)
Build something and they will come Io (18)
Hubble, this is excellent! He has great taste! President of WildRiver fan club (0)
Energized by Geert defeat, muslims declare jihad on Europe Pegular Roaster (4)
Does it make sense to learn bash? Io (12)
Grumpy, did you receive this memo from top Quant? President of WildRiver fan club (0)
More info on the Clinton/Pence coup plans Pegular Roaster (4)
The next crisis no one is talking about. President of WildRiver fan club (18)
Good analysis of Dutch election Big Blue (0)
Trump is a LOSER! Oh yeah (23)
Anyone has used Docker? What is it? President of WildRiver fan club (9)
A lighter topic to debate.....Totino's vs. Jeno's Pizza President of the Brice Fan Club (7)
Is the next Civil War going to be Cyber Warfare? ? (2)
Why the US Needs Immigrants Remember (9)
So Dick Chenney, GW Bush, and Colin Powell are now Dems advisors President of WildRiver fan club (8)
Liar Trump: The US is paying for the wall Remember (10)
Yo, Russian conspiracy supporters (aka Shylock, Hubble, etc) President of WildRiver fan club (16)
DENK Lotti Fuehrscheim (18)
Erdogan cancels refugee-treaty Lotti Fuehrscheim (19)
What do you all use for source control? Mike (29)
IE11 sucks!  It won't even embed video clips from Facebook Mike (2)
John McCain: Rand Paul ‘Is Now Working for Vladimir Putin’ President of the Brice Fan Club (13)
See, MS, when explaining state violence to Liberals mup (27)
Here is a quote that can help Hubble and Shylock cope President of the Brice Fan Club (2)
I love my parents, Lady Gaga and Humpty Dumpty Wick (5)
The Exit of the B's Shylock (8)
Results Lotti Fuehrscheim (14)
Is Merkel right this time? OyOyOy (10)
What is Shkreli up to? The Great Orange (7)
Is GoPro dying? The Great Orange (0)
Big cut in government spending programs is going to happen! WildRiver (12)
I cut eggs, wheat, dairy, & corn out of my diet the last 2 days Joe (4)
Kaufland invades Australia , Cup (3)
March 15th, 2017
Reason as a memetic disorder Wabi-sabi (9)
"Don't be offended..." Legion (17)
Click and Grow NPR (8)
Hubble is not just "wrong about things" mup (4)
We all sell out every day, might as well be on the winning team Wabi-sabi (8)
Wait, what makes Killary a mass murderer? Wabi-sabi (34)
Go to the following thread and delete my ass Bored Bystander (10)
Hadoop, Spark, etc. Is getting snake oily Bonero (15)
Exit Polls Lotti Fuehrscheim (38)
Hey Grumpy, I need an ETF denominated in EUR or GBP Markowitch (5)
OK, Hillary the patron saint of the Left lost. Can we put it President of WildRiver fan club (14)
Lotti, I have something to complain about Norelco. President of WildRiver fan club (12)
Grumpy, how's your stock trading? Which stocks are you looking President of WildRiver fan club (19)
Cat saves boy from dog Io (3)
How not to engage a $200 drone Grumpy Old Man (31)
What carb/protein/fat ratio do you guys follow? Joe (13)
Dutch revolution Pegular Roaster (43)
Another business idea: ranching NPR (13)
Gayness in Disney Big Blue (21)
Night Wolves shows Pegular Roaster (10)
Visual Studio 2017 Patch 1 is out Legion (8)
The key ingredient to a successful business... Io (17)
Automated transport Lotti Fuehrscheim (17)
How's Geert doing? The Great Orange (29)
German traffic light stays red for 28 years Io (17)
NPR, a perfect video for you to watch! LOL WildRiver (3)
The boss wants you to eat something you don't want to eat Dieting (33)
March 14th, 2017
So Wabi is deleting Mup's posts now? President of the Brice Fan Club (23)
Hey, This is how I should feel! I don't give a shit! WildRiver (0)
Two most stupid tech ideas of the century! WildRiver (16)
I can't believe that these people conquered us Shylock (54)
So, 2.5 inches SaveTheHubble (7)
RP, these are your future business managers. You got your TPS WildRiver (0)
Would you pay 100k for a house in the countryside and rent itout Joe (11)
What is the best format to display video in an HTML page? Mike (12)
Berkeley online content disappearing Wick (3)
French Presidential Candidates Lotti Fuehscheim (5)
FSK, what do you think of The Simple Programmer? Bored Bystander (35)
Grace Slick Shylock (6)
If you had $100,000 to start a business with Wabi-sabi (50)
Taking vitamins - anyone of you do it? I keep forgetting. WildRiver (44)
Cultured people Pegular Roaster (8)
So I'm about to get fired, eh? Software Developer (15)
Any of you have food allergies or sensitivities? Joe (27)
It's not just Russia Shylock (11)
So what happened to these people that used to post here? President of the Brice Fan Club (18)
Be afraid of the Church Grumpy Old Man (4)
Today is pi day Mmmmmm pie..... (10)
Say hello to Saudi Girls Council Grumpy Old Man (0)
Trump puts a brake on H-1B Grumpy Old Man (17)
Trolling on a whole new level Bluebeard (3)
Fake news is a toxic word OyOyOy (18)
Good write-up on Google vs. Uber Terrorist Watch (5)
Clayton Christensen on healthcare OyOyOy (3)
Spacex launch delayed by high winds Go Musk (1)
where do you go for movie reviews? OyOyOy (10)
March 13th, 2017
Start of the new racing season Lotti Fuehscheim (9)
If the government treated men like it treated women (pictures) Wabi-sabi (18)
You bought it Shylock (25)
So here I am sitting at a hotel pool bar in Orlando Almost Anonymous (6)
LineageOS review on my Nexus 5 Wabi-sabi (10)
Trumpcare with a new spin on death courts. Remember (12)
Retired and living off investment part 2. President of WildRiver fan club (17)
Trump budget to seek historic contraction of federal workforce President of the Brice Fan Club (10)
Hmmm, is Bob Baden still around? What happened to him? President of WildRiver fan club (9)
Let hear from some stock traders on here. Are we due for a President of WildRiver fan club (17)
Intel Buys Mobileye for $15.3 Billion President of WildRiver fan club (9)
Diner for two Lotti Fuehscheim (16)
Racism...isn't this thing as old as mankind? President of WildRiver fan club (42)
India-Indian-American woman Wick (39)
Going from an individual to a team development environment Software Developer (16)
Do you run a custom Android build? Wabi-sabi (6)
Anyone ready Shakycode's blog? Ruseman (14)
According to Bill Gross, the next global financial crisis is... President of WildRiver fan club (10)
Anyone evaluated in-home solar setups yet? Wabi-sabi (37)
Obama spied on Trump via microwave Grumpy Old Man (116)
She dropped the penny Grumpy Old Man (4)
GOP is right: voter fraud is a real problem Grumpy Old Man (8)
Question about developer valuation Io (10)
What ordinary people know about computers Grumpy Old Man (19)
How do they get this information? OyOyOy (4)
Interesting take on the market by someone... WildRiver (5)
Hubble, you should watch this one. WildRiver (0)
March 12th, 2017
Dog monitors owners insulin levels Big Blue (4)
Happy Spring Forward Day SaveTheHubble (11)
There, but for the grace of God go I... Bored Bystander (5)
Remember the old Joel on software? OyOyOy (25)
Message to the Turks! WildRiver (11)
I'm trying to clean house. Do you think I should throw out all WildRiver (5)
Thank G_d that we are Free here in the US Shylock (9)
Do you keep track of your salary history? WildRiver (3)
How often you get together with your friends? WildRiver (9)
God bless the Jews part 9287349 Oh yeah (11)
Breaking Bad edited into a 2 hour film Big Blue (0)
LOL, when will the Dutch will tell Turkish to get lost? WildRiver (7)
Be careful out there Captain Sparrow (0)
It is true that Saudi Arabia is the cause of ISIS WildRiver (0)
Where are the secret gas chambers being built? Remember (2)
What kind of porn watcher are you? Big Blue (2)
CAPTCHAs are dead at last Big Blue (1)
Commanded to get drunk Shylock (13)
FSK has taken my place for career commentary here Bored Bystander (2)
OK, Prez Trump sent a very clear message to Russia. Any disagree WildRiver (4)
Who is responsible for the creation of ISIS? WildRiver (9)
This Week in Stupid Swedeland The New New World Disorder (1)
Living off of interest Wabi-sabi (41)
Düsseldorf Axe attack update Terrorist Watch (7)
Gert says it how it is Big Blue (14)
Next Spacex launch will reuse a recovered stage-1 Go Musk (4)
Apple stops right-to-repair bill Hipsters go home (2)
March 11th, 2017
Tim Berners-Lee on fake news Big Blue (3)
Peaked oil? Guess not... WildRiver (1)
Let me boil down complicatd life stuff to simple thing for young WildRiver (20)
What is four-sided cubic time? Destroy all capitalists (2)
So you have to devote your life around your career.... Pushing 40 (24)
Algorithm that should be taught to all CS students, but isn't Wabi-sabi (11)
They should put this guy in charge of the DNC The Great Orange (1)
I don't think I could work at a software shop IT guy (13)
Is electrically heated tobacco any safer? The Great Orange (4)
Malware pre-installed on android phones The Great Orange (1)
Defense is never a good strategy Io (7)
Dutch are 'Nazi remnants' - Erdogan Lotti Fuehscheim (25)
Will Teams kill Slack? I'm in the wrong business (2)
Toxic wife Io (15)
Why Trump Deserves Trust, Respect and Admiration Ducknald Don (1)
March 10th, 2017
A woman asked me why do men like boobs when they are just two WildRiver (9)
Take new job offer or stay put Booblicker (23)
Bitcoin ETF Rejected FSK (1)
Rant: Inkjet printers are complete pieces of shit Bored Bystander (19)
For WildRiver Lotti Fuehscheim (3)
Buzzfeed++ Shylock (2)
A solution looking for a non-existant problem I'm in the wrong business (1)
No GoT until July 16! The Great Orange (1)
Who poop? I'm in the wrong business (1)
Dealing w/ manipulative people,have you dealt with these type? grunt (9)
Remember Solar Roadways? I'm in the wrong business (3)
I used to like Cringeley The Great Orange (9)
Is VR overrated? The Great Orange (19)
This will expose the true values of the Canadian govt. Trudeau is a pussy (2)
Dusseldorf axe attack Terrorist Watch (5)
The fun is just starting Grumpy Old Man (20)
European Sushi Io (3)
Legion is so good Kenny the Robot (1)
March 9th, 2017
Healthcare costs xampl9 (10)
Flynn officially a foreign agent Shylock (5)
This guy explains it better than me Shylock (9)
Yo Michael!  Why was my post making fun of dot/Joe deleted? President of the Brice Fan Club (1)
Yo!  Where the fuck is everybody at today? President of the Brice Fan Club (10)
This relationship was never going to last Grumpy Old Man (25)
Pie, what is your definition of REAL office politics? grunt (4)
Pussy grabber in chief is mocked mercilessly on Oh yeah (17)
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