RIP Philo

April 30th, 2010
Release me please! Jafar Panahi (3 comments)
Collection Agency After Me And It's Not My Account DamnIt!!!! (7)
"Bye" Rick Tang (8)
See you. Rick Tang (1)
STH, I was wrong. Rick Tang (1)
Ubuntu confession lorb (19)
We're gonna take your jerbs!!! Colm (8)
"Somebody else took my SAT and I got into Harvard" sharkfish (8)
Drop-down box with tens of thousand of entries lorb (13)
The strange human mind Rick Tang (2)
oil spills CC (21)
Payroll check sequences xampl (4)
Blu-ray players need to be constantly updated? Wayne (12)
Elevator UI change ASDF (6)
Moving data from Oracle to MySQL ASDF (4)
Decided what to engrave df (4)
F**k Apple... about Opera Mini Wayne M. (3)
Mentos Oldtimer Coming Back (5)
Fox News Calls Mr. Rogers Evil! CC (15)
Oh Happy Day! Morons (26)
cracked and the daily show CC (2)
Ah, that old chestnut Colm (5)
amazon recruiters just called me. f (38)
iPhone upgrade and swap, who has done something like this? . (3)
Mobile versus Desktop df (20)
king james v. state of arizona argv[0] (10)
April 29th, 2010 s/13089003490 argv[0] (34)
Keeping track of Apple df (13)
Got to buy a suit xampl (14)
eLance has a new feature xampl (2)
Oprah is a whore Wayne M. (11)
HP bought Palm Rick Tang (11)
thread about little purple the great purple (9)
Obama: "I do think at some point you've made enough money" Morons (92)
The real value of ChatRoulette xampl (1)
.NET Threads NotSoC# :-( (14)
April 28th, 2010
Sharkfish did you Q5 (19)
Getting a job with "search engine technology" ASDF (2)
Canadiens! Rick Tang (4)
Ark was Hoax says evangelical ark seeker CC (38)
Twilight series xampl (12)
Crist to run for Senate as independent candidate Full name (1)
Islamic Extremist Unleashes on Triscuits Full name (16)
Can CC post continue to post his stuff Rick Tang (2)
Childs found guilty  (2 yr old computer case) CC (11)
MS Word edit-in-place xampl (5)
It's Thursday again trollop (8)
The move towards "less is more" is being propelled by colliding less is more (4)
AZ sheriff vows civil disobedience CC (12)
CC right about wind vanes CC (4)
america picks a side on the Sudan issue CC (2)
April 27th, 2010
Go Wings Clay Dowling (14)
How to search good Jobs in San Antonio,Texas or nearby locations RadaAdord (14)
my favorite insult. brain in a vat (11)
Hypersonic Glider SaveTheHubble (15)
What if the Tea Party was black? sharkfish (30)
If you are an Amjerican and want to buy stuff from Canada... Rick Tang (4)
xp taskbar dead eek (8)
Noah's Ark found again, this time with photo CC (46)
Is this possible (gmail)? Bully the Fish (3)
brain in a vat (lunchtime wikipedia surfin') argv[0] (5)
Fuck ass Recruiters Morons (11)
April 26th, 2010
What is life without sex like? Gāius Atheos Africānus (13)
Spelling/Grammatical errors on wikipedia Gāius Atheos Africānus (12)
roku argv[0] (9)
new kvm suggestions? argv[0] (12)
Bigger these days? xampl (iPhone) (5)
Writing specifications ASDF (19)
Windows 7 improvements over XP Rick Tang (19)
"Rezummed" xampl (0)
Holy Fuck!! the IMAM WAS RIGHT!!! Morons (12)
SMS micropayments Io (13)
need a windows "rewind" utility sharkfish (7)
So is this where JoS migrated to? Wayne M. (11)
way to fsck up, bro. argv[0] (11)
Israel lifts ban on iPad SaveTheHubble (11)
hacking flash appearance eek (0)
Software I would like Colm (2)
sporcle eek (1)
A small, small world: Robert Khuzami Rick Tang (2)
April 25th, 2010
enact forced sterilization of undesirables? CC (9)
Antony Flew, Philosopher and Ex-Atheist, Dies at 87 f (4)
Shut down all transmitters xampl (5)
What is Your Work Environment Like Zandy (17)
Janet Reno blackmailed her way xampl (6)
Name countries of Europe Kenny (56)
the goat movie sierra (1)
April 24th, 2010
fat people and skinny men sharkfish (33)
Google knows about your wifi Colm (18)
The Early Years of The Software Industry QuakeIt (7)
Jason Calacanis's sour grapes Colm (40)
Anyone else notice Google maps has momentum now? Q (4)
sexiest woman alive CC (26)
this place should be called... no fat chicks (15)
The Goldman-Sachs Fraud SaveTheHubble (42)
micro-managing sharkfish (5)
media scaremongering sharkfish (7)
Anyone work for Apple? what are you reading for? (7)
Prompt global strike CC (3)
Did Porn Cause the Financial Crisis Stephen Jones (4)
2012 (the movie) sierra (15)
April 23rd, 2010
is it racist to rob a bank in blackface? CC (6)
Virtual Machines f (17)
killing dogs CC (11)
Jamie Oliver is a Nazi Fascist CC (50)
The art of conversation Gāius Atheos Africānus (20)
Windows Mobile sucks Ward (5)
Endless CSI on Spike Ward (1)
This place is too hostile, I am out Bot Berlin - a stupid n**ger (45)
At least Blippy is using jQuery Bot Berlin - the new Rick T/Roll (12)
Blippy df (11)
Live music choices this weekend xampl (2)
Do you live in BHV, eek? Attila (32)
Fucking hell! MyOpinon (1)
Anyone in Starcraft 2 beta? JoC (2)
Movie tie-ins xampl (0)
For SharkFish Morons (6)
2TB MicroSD cards ?!? Wayne (9)
It all makes scents now: Colm was raped by his Priest. Morons (11)
Really, we delete and flush simple trolls, now? muppet (11)
on this day five years ago... argv[0] (6)
Fascinating article Aaron (4)
SEC porn situation CC (7)
you guys were right about AAPL CC (9)
Sweet Baby James trollop (3)
fuck this guy with a monstrous dildo sharkfish (31)
April 22nd, 2010
Wow, these cars have come a long way xampl (13)
should mohammed be sued for libel? CC (8)
Catholicism in Japan CC (7)
More Proof the World has gone MAD Morons (15)
Canadians- Discuss Contractors being required to be incorporated dumbo (4)
On Prolific Bot Berlin - the new Rick T/Roll (3)
Is this Terrorism too? Bot Berlin - the new Rick T/Roll (5)
Discuss IT contractors being required to carry E & O Bored Bystander (29)
Android 2.2 df (11)
It's good to be rich LH (11)
"white flight" from the US sharkfish (39)
the IT infrastructure guys have installed some sort of new muppet (18)
F# lorb (16)
McAfee update taking down computers df (6)
The End of Times df (6)
April 21st, 2010
GM Lies About Paying Back "Loan"! Buck my Sutt! (23)
This looks painful xampl (5)
it's depressing mastering shit for the sake of mastering shit... argv[0] (11)
6 Catholic, 2 Jewish, 1 Protestant Rick Tang (6)
Darwin the OS Rick Tang (12)
"Dear Old People,  We're busy building iphone, android, facebo Rick Tang (9)
You are going to Hell for laughing at this sharkfish (1)
Boobquake Aaron (21)
A thread for Bot to actaully answer, not 'troll' Rick Tang (8)
An example troll on reddit Bot Berlin - a stupid f**k troll (5)
those of you with dsughters:  enjoy sharkfish (10)
This looks like to much spam? what are you reading for? (3)
Honesly, Bot, abnormal people include you, me Rick Tang (7)
Headphone volume vs. Age xampl (0)
CC, I'm calling you out sharkfish (47)
Judge rules OK for cultists to kill children CC (8)
How would you fare? JoC (20)
google redefining stupid CC (19)
Puma Punku sharkfish (26)
what is the difference between email and a pager? argv[0] (17)
GM repays TARP df (10)
Apple won the battle with Adobe Rick Tang (9)
Dine out Vancouver 2010 Rick Tang (19)
%$^#%@$!!!!! sharkfish (57)
If you work with the web, what HTML template parser system Bot Berlin - the new Rick T/Roll (9)
X37B Robot Space Plane Launch SaveTheHubble (10)
Bugs trollop (14)
Ahem Zangor (1)
The truth about Iceland's volcano eruption MyOpinion (1)
Good Morning All Morons (26)
Princess Bride xampl (11)
Testing and sqlite Bot Berlin - a stupid f**k troll (5)
Bad Ass Presidents Bot Berlin - a stupid f**k troll (6)
April 20th, 2010
patrick pogan trial update f (2)
Chupacabra = lorb (0)
Will the volcano cool the planet ASDF (7)
Hot chicks on CoT, roll call Bot Berlin - a stupid f**k troll (14)
copiers and scanners have your data sharkfish (16)
More on the attack that Rick mentioned earlier Bot Berlin Rick Troll (3)
tree ring data irrelevant, say tree ring people CC (55)
interesting volcano side effects CC (19)
Any REAPER experts? JoC (9)
What about this hot foxbusiness analyst Rick (11)
Apple bad sharkfish (6)
It’s Officially Official: The world has gone mad. Morons (17)
"If you want porn, get an android" Rick Tang (10)
Refactoring xampl (7)
On the telly Full name (11)
Make up your mind Full name (19)
Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail all hacked Rich Tsang (13)
Access database instead of csv, xml Bot Berlin - No Opinion (90)
Damn, Control Engineering shuts down Ward (2)
Gunless Ward (4)
FUCKING A ITS 4/20!!!!!!!!!! CC (13)
April 19th, 2010
lesbian walmart ad CC (4)
Placing a value on life, human life Gāius Atheos Africānus (35)
What to engrave df (21)
work objectives low TOEFL guy (3)
Just a "silly mistake"? Morons (6)
CoT for Prime Minister Gāius Atheos Africānus (15)
Person B deserves to be Stabbed. Morons (17)
CoT: "Day of the Brice" (in the manner of ToS:"Day of the Dove") Stupid Fucker (14)
what do you guys think about this... no fat chicks (13)
Phone system problems today? xampl (2)
Can you build a good portfolio on stocks Bot Berlin - No Opinion (18)
Goldman did nothing wrong.. Morons (34)
Product idea for someone xampl (10)
Engineers and subjective dialog Bot Berlin - No Opinion (41)
the weight of personality and ego sharkfish (55)
Is there a mailing list Bully the Fish (3)
What is the best Degree to Pair w/ a B.Sc. in CIS? Rick (30)
The Champ Full name (0)
Finding Things df (7)
I like spam ... or do you ever check you spam inbox? Gāius Atheos Africānus (8)
So, is anti-perspirant decided to be safe, now Zangor (12)
Kick-ass SaveTheHubble (27)
Saw "Moon" starring Kevin Spacey Zangor (6)
farmville article CC (4)
Oh Why, Why, Why? Morons (13)
April 18th, 2010
So there are rumors that half of our department will be cut Cliff (32)
Persuading others to have fun Fan boy (32)
Spam sent from gmail accounts? dave (29)
Donating to both sides CC (10)
Stack Overflow comes to CoT: C++ question Q (13)
dont give them the answer until they think to ask the question winstein (4)
European air travel restriction too strict Attila (26)
Apple iPad Components Cost At Least $259 no fat chicks (9)
ash cloud eek (7)
IT management is the most thankless, horrible job/career path . (85)
Happy Birthday Hubble!! Morons (1)
FTW! Billy the Fish (2)
europe and THE volcano sierra (25)
April 17th, 2010
File Encryption mobius (22)
The law says we are entitled to it Gāius Atheos Africānus (16)
Jesus with a woodie xampl (8)
Java Add-On "Blocked for your protection." Billy the Fish (3)
Apple Diktat Spaceloid (2)
hong kong - less hours in school CC (9)
The Suckiness of Lag df (4)
who here is metrosexual...let me guess sharkfish (16)
VERY well taken care of laptop xampl (6)
Oh, the humanity! xampl (3)
For the stock picker software builders Bot Berlin - a stupid f**k troll (2)
Another Ron Paul guy, Peter Schiff Bot Berlin - a stupid f**k troll (4)
Aspiring to greatness vs normal Bot Berlin - a stupid f**k troll (5)
Bah! Sourceforge down :( Billy the frustrated Fish (2)
Next Tuesday CC (5)
weird netflix suggestion engine sierra (4)
monster ark CC (6)
April 16th, 2010
Cornell and GWU join Israel in iPad ban CC (4)
MySQL and Java Bot Berlin - a stupid f**k troll (2)
Thank you black man at tea party event Bot Berlin - a stupid f**k troll (19)
good news for global warming CC (0)
Politeness day poll Ward (8)
re: Politeness day Ward (4)
Official "Be Polite Day" on COT Morons (21)
FREE COURSE: Developing Android Apps with Java — A Twitter Cli Full name (2)
Jewish ban Attila (0)
8 yr olds raising hell on chatroulette CC (6)
johannesburg interview CC (4)
Apple in talks with AMD xampl (8)
More on laptop spying case (with pics) Wayne (11)
Fascinating F1 Crash in China SaveTheHubble (3)
I wouldn't mind a VAT tax Bot Berlin - a stupid f**k troll (63)
Polish crash ... many different failures ... CC still an ass Gāius Atheos Africānus (12)
Stocks falling Kenny (11)
Health insurers shifting costs ahead of law: report Morons (68)
Breaking Bad Zangor (18)
Java and horrible code Bot Berlin - No Opinion (8)
Two AI Pioneers. Two Bizarre Suicides. argv[0] (8)
harmony central in a spin eek (1)
Next Side/Hobby/Throw Away Projects Bot Berlin - No Opinion (6)
BI in Access ASDF (10)
Welfare States Bot Berlin - a stupid f**k troll (4)
Apple vs Windows vs Open Source Bot Berlin - a stupid f**k troll (17)
another article on how life sucks for black women CC (43)
fear of snakes leads to 3 hr shower after motel assault CC (3)
Nuclear summit Voice of America (2)
April 15th, 2010
Apple are the new tech Nazis... Apple bans Pulitzer Prize winner Bluebeard (7)
muppet? f (1)
I've got to buy a laptop ASDF (14)
Visual Studio Keyboard Shortcuts Fan boy (23)
U.S. Senate Joint Advisory Committee  - WTF is this Rich Tsang (3)
kfc double down...hmmmmmm fatboy slim (14)
scientific proof god doesn't exist CC (7)
For people who have used both git and mercurial Colm (3)
Obama: we might possibly go to Mars, if it is possible CC (16)
Rock Star xampl (17)
Cursed like Spinoza Gāius Atheos Africānus (10)
Strength of the Canadian Dollar Kenny (14)
@Bored ... Poles united up to a point Gāius Atheos Africānus (3)
Finally, I never though it would happen.. Morons (6)
police seizing cash being discussed CC (3)
Cool Mythbusters Skeleton Side-kick Robot SaveTheHubble (0)
iPad - not Kosher, say Jewish religious scholars CC (9)
woman sends adopted kid home alone. From Tenessee to USSR ... eek (14)
"my community NEEDS a strip club" sharkfish (5)
Do you love your planet? MyOpinion (4)
Whoopi Goldberg Joins the Tea Party Morons (23)
Casting to a type from just the type name Water Cooler v2 (10)
Direct Democracy now? Gāius Atheos Africānus (28)
scientific study proves joel wrong CC (10)
April 14th, 2010
The most expensive cat toy ever! Bot Berlin - a stupid f**k troll (2)
Watching other people type Fan boy (35)
iPhone OS switching architextures winstein (31)
new DoubleTon pattern winstein (8)
Teabaggars Rick Tang (4)
increasing immigration to solve social security funding argv[0] (27)
Guess what tomorrow is? xampl (13)
Thanks Mark! Rick Tang (10)
Afghanistan - the boys school CC (0)
One result of airlines charging for everything now xampl (5)
the sad intellectual bankruptcy of the teabaggers argv[0] (32)
Update on Lucia de B. Attila (4)
Come on guys, no segregation Bot Berlin (15)
Another foodie thing df (4)
Forced to view The Onion unformatted at work if at all Zangor (16)
I wonder how many 1990s AOL trial CDs are floating in the ocean Zangor (9)
Hipsters in the kiddie pool df (26)
Wendell Willkie CC (4)
Arthur O’Bryan CC (1)
when will all books be electronic darkt (6)
insane lambda hack for C++ CC (7)
obama will arrest those who question his birthplace CC (12)
Neil Armstrong doesn't like Constellation cancellation Scott (20)
More on Joel's new plan for StackExchange Ward (5)
April 13th, 2010
More about the need for a separate online persona xampl (0)
On Demand Software with a cable company Bot Berlin - a stupid f**k troll (10)
Healthcare costs in McAllen Texas xampl (8)
"Fully Sick Rapper" (Australian guy in quarantine with TB) Palmer Eldritch (0)
gay? sharkfish (19)
look ma, no assets! sharkfish (5)
What is ::1 in server logs? CC (8)
How can you not like the Bot Berlin - a stupid f**k troll (2)
Recession is over CC (5)
Moving country what are you reading for? (18)
Perversion Files kept by the Boy Scouts of America Rick Tang (2)
"I report the truth" Rick Tang (4)
iPad users aren't regular Americans Rick Tang (5)
Joel and Jeff undermine Shapado's plans df (13)
Adam Savage on Nerdist podcast xampl (0)
CoT:: CC wrong about Polish President ... remains an ass. Gāius Atheos Africānus (9)
flood of customers returning iPads CC (12)
Sarah Palin made $12 millions last year Rick Tang (29)
flywheel instead of batteries eek (13)
Not any worse than our government Bot Berlin - a stupid f**k troll (16)
int'l media: CC right about Polish president CC (23)
Weird dream, meta meta meta WTF?!? Gāius Atheos Africānus (5)
Don't read articles about your favorite authors if you haven't Zangor (13)
Google ChromeOS dead before arrival? df (9)
Fixing Afghanistan Gāius Atheos Africānus (9)
Crack shack or Mansion? LH (20)
don't show the pope our hardon!! eek (5)
Choke on this: trollop (0)
girlfriend wants me to start wearing flip flops Ken (28)
April 12th, 2010
Sharkfish Has Inspired Me - Here's MY VIDEO CHOICE... Brice Richard (7)
New leadership at DARPA Full name (1)
Lease or buy? Fan boy (17)
It'd be great if someone can send me an invite to Rick Tang (12)
your future porn-surfing machine sharkfish (2)
Noam Chomsky urges people to reach out to Tea Partiers Colm (16)
new friends after 35? sharkfish (32)
For Sharkfish - turning 40 Bluebeard (4)
they really need a law against this, RIGHT NOW sharkfish (6)
the housing market f (17)
1 million doesn't cut it for retirement f (10)
Gays and promiscuity Rick Tang (18)
Calling it quits, and leaving the US? Gāius Atheos Africānus (10)
morons discover apples new ToS winstein (3)
On Java release 1.7, Oracle and the JSR/JCP Bot Berlin (17)
gPad vs iPad Rick Tang (4)
Spreading Democracy Rick Tang (44)
StH, Bot is serious Rick Tang (8)
Visual Studio 2010 is out xampl (13)
Modern javascript best practices Bot Berlin (24)
So, does AppleCare cover me if I run over my iPhone headset Zangor (2)
Isn't this gym thing... Billy the Fish (19)
i had this idea last night sharkfish (18)
Obama war on afghanistan still going great CC (46)
Men and socializing Bot Berlin (17)
shockingly large balls (for a chick) argv[0] (2)
Dow Has Hit 11,000!!! Brice Richard (17)
Oh, The Irony! Morons (10)
hillary for supreme court argv[0] (31)
Starting a Company Cory (14)
bullshit for CC the bullshitter f (6)
interesting program prob eek (1)
Who killed Malcom X? Gāius Atheos Africānus (6)
Eclipse is so f**king slow sometimes Bot Berlin - a stupid f**k troll (9)
bad math from academics lands nurse in jail CC (15)
reddit video game CC (3)
tweeting sharkfish (6)
exfoliate sharkfish (17)
Only 20 more years sharkfish (59)
verbal sparring vs. email sharkfish (11)
Celebrity Apprentice sharkfish (1)
April 11th, 2010
Breaking Bad might be better than the Wire Bot Berlin - a stupid f**k troll (4)
Did Apple Screw the Pooch w/ the New iPhone SDK License? ... (16)
Linux from scratch Gāius Atheos Africānus (3)
Android and Where Java is Going monkey5 (13)
Numbered women Gāius Atheos Africānus (1)
Zed Shaw on section 3.3.1 xampl (1)
Qt or wxWidgets for iPhone/iPad? Xenocode (9)
Mrs Larry Gāius Atheos Africānus (6)
Wonder how accurate this is? Bluebeard (15)
Engagement ring Gāius Atheos Africānus (22)
dns cache eek (9)
dawkins plans to kill the pope CC (14)
April 10th, 2010
iPad vs. iPhone vs. Android development sharkfish (14)
Oracle Continues to Flub Up Java X (12)
american justice - awaiting trial CC (8)
Gāius Atheos no fat chicks (3)
atheist missionaries CC (4)
heh f (5)
Gaius the packrat f (9)
Irony is horribly ironic Peter (30)
The black man that has white South Africans packing for Perth... Bluebeard (9)
just found spokeo CC (18)
Happy birthday, Rick! Water Cooler v2 (6)
immigration sierra (7)
April 9th, 2010
Has Apple pissed you off lately? Gāius Atheos (10)
No making fun of people with Down's Syndrome Gāius Atheos (8)
Some people should just die already ... Gāius Atheos (16)
why does getting sick break an addiction? no fat chicks (18)
A new low For Brice Morons (1)
gmail down? sharkfish (15)
Why some people HATE the NoSQL thingy ^__^ (24)
Are divorce settlements tax free? Gāius Atheos (25)
Sell your house to save your life Gāius Atheos (16)
Hashimoto df (11)
Beer ban = strike FrakBuccaneer (19)
Simple math and weights for calcing a score Bucket List (7)
Stupak Not seeking re-election Morons (1)
Apple now in technology lead xampl (9)
asthma the great purple (14)
Most intrusive ad ever Stephen Jones (6)
How much does it cost to buy health insurance? f (14)
dating older woman Joel (17)
What are your motives of having sex Rick (12)
segway finds a customer CC (1)
If you want to place a bet on your future Spaceloid (9)
iphone girl CC (3)
April 8th, 2010
Burbank Sierra (8)
iTunes just erased all 8GB of music from my daughter's iPod... Wayne (1)
Should we let people die? Tenn dropping Medicaid patients Bot Berlin - is a stupid troll (23)
YOUR Winner! is still on Bot Berlin - All Troll All Time (7)
dolphin story sharkfish (8)
stopping my iPad development CC (16)
transmission shop set my truck on fire sharkfish (2)
The Turbo Encabulator Ward (1)
Death panels in the Netherlands Attila (30)
Apple bans developers from owning PC's... Wayne (31)
carbon footprint of your dog CC (10)
girls are stupid and inane CC (7)
Bizarre Numbers from the Dept of labor.. Morons (7)
iPhone and multitasking df (2)
Its Official:Obama authorizes the assassination of a US Citizen Morons (6)
Moderation may imply liability Spaceloid (2)
Cottontown Chorus covers Queen xampl (0)
I Guess Sarah Palin was right, There WILL be death panels Morons (37)
Has Clay been cut into halves by his tools? Rick (0)
Ding, ding, ding, YOU ARE A WINNER Bot Berlin (8)
Has this happened to CoT? Bot Berlin (20)
Simple question, do you read magazines? Bot Berlin (27)
For sharkfish... Full name (5)
I love Cyanide and Happiness Aaron (5)
I must be going crazy Zangor (0)
Can we stop already?  Our country is a laughing stock Zangor (27)
physics gets crazier eek (4)
2010 - C now most popular language CC (23)
The Coming Depression, Civil Unrest and Your Firearms :-0 (21)
South Park nailed "the internet" tonight 4/7 Bored Bystander (2)
NSFW Rick (6)
April 7th, 2010
afghanistan - no win situation? CC (16)
my fapping preferences Zaphod (21)
how do you pay your monthly bills? Bill (19)
New & Improved VBA - VBA 7.0!!! Brice Richard (31)
I figured it out sharkfish (11)
Could someone send an apache please what are you reading for? (4)
You're always in my heart Water Cooler v2 (4)
Half in United States don't pay income tax Bot Berlin (14)
Earthquake frequency Rick Tang (1)
Apache videos df (30)
It's amazing how quick a computer can be Billy the Fish (4)
um. um.  Okay.  It's Korea. Okay. sharkfish (7)
New Value Added tax?! Morons (11)
How many two letters English words are there? Rick Tang (16)
Exxon didn't pay taxes df (14)
obama: US citizens may be assassinated on my word CC (12)
Tiger: the end of monogamy in society sharkfish (11)
a thing i like argv[0] (3)
keep the shit up to date you bastards winstein (4)
The Wire series Kenny (4)
arctic ice cover increases as global cooling continues CC (7)
I support banning of the phone books Bot Berlin - All Troll All Time (9)
April 6th, 2010
Nowthatsalottahate sharkfish (7)
Unvarnished sharkfish (14)
If there are no black tea partiers Bot Berlin - All Troll All Time (21)
Black conservative tea party backers take heat Morons (10)
is health care a right, different angle Concerned (12)
Yes, there's an app for that xampl (4)
Mac fanboy-itis sharkfish (7)
"There is surely no more reliable way to kill enthusiasm Janet Jackson (5)
They must be hiring again in IT Bot Berlin - All Troll All Time (1)
republicans realizing fox news is... bad. argv[0] (10)
misogynists abusing women in maine CC (11)
Why isn't logic taught in school? Rick Tang (21)
Why aren't logic taught in school? Rick Tang (3)
while I'm fussing over linking errors sharkfish (23)
I think Charlie Stross just sold me on an iPad Zangor (28)
Net Neutrality shot down Bot Berlin (9)
CoT is remiss sharkfish (14)
Nuclear policy review df (22)
hey Philip the great purple (10)
chocolate formula? the great purple (12)
installing the ipad sdk winstein (7)
LOL news on telly about Tiger Woods winstein (6)
stupid reddit reaction to helicopter killings in Iraq winstein (25)
weak bastard winstein (17)
CC - Ipad sales what are you reading for? (10)
April 5th, 2010
Lost faith Rick (24)
engagement rules again CC (2)
military coverup in afghanistan CC (5)
I know my instinct was right about Apple back in January Rick Tang (17)
Lost in Space xampl (11)
Time to kick CC out Rick Tang (23)
Best Wiki Software? Rick Tang (2)
Rules of engagement not followed Bot Berlin - All Troll All Time (40)
Afghan President: "I will join the Taliban" CC (19)
irish suicide girl - tormenters were rich kids CC (4)
Craigslist WfM xampl (8)
Question for php freaks dumbo (12)
If you read, you need a Nook Zangor (11)
BREAKING - Wikileaks video, classified US military video... Bot Berlin (21)
Facebook sued -- all BBS' watching their backs df (10)
Bot's software review; TextPad and WinMerge Bot Berlin (9)
Cute Zangor (1)
Suddenly receiving spam SMS like mad Zangor (3)
Watched "Better Off Dead" with my 11 year old last night Zangor (7)
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April 4th, 2010
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are animals gay? CC (20)
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court: OK to taser pregnant women who disagree with police CC (3)
keeping religious traditions sierra (9)
April 3rd, 2010
irs is *not* hiring additional 16,000 agents to collect taxes argv[0] (28)
Dr. Who -- The Eleventh Hour SaveTheHubble (6)
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April 2nd, 2010
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Inventor of Altair 8800 dies xampl (13)
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April 1st, 2010
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