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April 30th, 2011
Royal wedding Fan boy (34 comments)
Google's Underclass Idiot (10)
Courts Finally Making Good Computer Law! Idiot (3)
If you think I am stupid now....on Communism Bot Berlin (22)
April 29th, 2011
decisions sierra (6)
Since we're taking about complexity Wayne (11)
Complexity is the enemy of productivity xampl (19)
Tree spew Moneychanger Wannabee (11)
Fuck you, Superman! Morons (3)
Equal rights for women! Vaxen (0)
The last Michael Scott Office Fan boy (13)
April 28th, 2011
Unemployment Tax? hoyza (7)
Obama could be offered a job down the line ... trollop (3)
armchair Freud Vaxen (12)
LOL... seriously? Jack's onymatic outsourcing (0)
Arnold To Play The Terminator Once Again Ahnold is back! (7)
Would you apply for your manager's job if he quit?  PART 2 anon for this (5)
South Park season starter Bored Bystander (6)
Kate Middleton couch potato (30)
Why have brains xampl (2)
What do you think conspiracy people? Bot Berlin (9)
Worst crop of presidential candidates ever. Fan boy (37)
April 27th, 2011
Defending Medicare Bot Berlin (15)
"How do so few of us have so many of these sorts of stories?" Bored Bystander (24)
And still we suffer Bush... Jack's consumer crush (8)
Tracking or not tracking Vaxen (2)
White iPhones Vaxen (9)
Birthers df (50)
He laughed when he saw my code. Fan boy (27)
Reddit broken again. LH (9)
Another secret muslim rises to power rightwingnutjob (0)
New to me... Jack's khaki code (62)
Rats. This eagerly awaited event would have rated its socks off. trollop (0)
Will the Canucks make the final choke? Ward (2)
April 26th, 2011
I will not pay an overage! df (16)
Onion covers whether unemployed should go to college Idiot (0)
weird iwn 7 issue eek (6)
Internet security is an oxymoron Bot Berlin (3)
Kitteh does not have cancer xampl (1)
Tuesday boobies!!! Karellen (5)
At liberty hoyza (19)
Silver at $50 Invested (8)
What do you think? Bot Berlin (2)
Another Skynet victim: SETI Vaxen (11)
Wealthy China owns you! Palmer Eldritch (2)
Yep, Playstation Network is still down muppet (11)
new orleans eek (9)
April 25th, 2011
Friggin' New Agers xampl (10)
Police State Bot Berlin (15)
wet the great purple (2)
Sarah's school just called muppet (18)
So I read an article that DHA is good for speech development muppet (3)
Car pool honkers Fan boy (21)
Oh God, put this lady out of her misery muppet (8)
April 24th, 2011
Well that is pretty damn ambitious Bot Berlin (5)
cppcms worldsSmallestViolin (3)
Dear all, worldsSmallestViolin (3)
Canadian CoTers df (9)
First white hate crime, now trans hate crime Bot Berlin (2)
April 23rd, 2011
Portal 2 is fricking genius muppet (12)
April 22nd, 2011
I will still keep bitching about it. Bot Berlin (35)
Nissan Altima Fan boy (18)
Would you apply for your manager's job if he quit? anon for this (25)
Why is vmware player mac not free?  But win player is free Bot Berlin (9)
Where are the UN resolutions? Moneychanger Wannabee (10)
Amazon denies Skynet responsible for outage xampl (1)
Conspiracy Theory #2 Jack's flowing faucet (1)
A Question for serious Christians here Moneychanger Wannabee (7)
Conspiracy Theory Jack's flowing faucet (2)
bunnies and geese the great purple (1)
Why is McCain directing US war policy? Idiot (7)
McDonalds hiring 50k Bot Berlin (6)
April 21st, 2011
Visual Studio Live Conference report Fan boy (7)
Slam that lid! Fan boy (0)
Companies not setup for serving people Fan boy (9)
Reddit, still down Bot Berlin (1)
Gizmodo -- When you want to read about the colour of a vulva df (1)
It's amazing that any of this shit works xampl (7)
White guilt Vaxen (11)
The US is a "Christian nation" but no Easter holiday? Wayne (19)
Writers who make a good living off electronic book sales Bluebeard (2)
Math vs. foreign language Io (14)
Reddit Down Kenny (14)
420 df (8)
Scalable SQL Serverside Troglodyte (14)
April 20th, 2011
STH, I am speechless Bot Berlin (20)
Nothing is better  ... Vaxen (1)
Top 10 Drugs - why anti-psychotic drugs? Asian (5)
Revealation Vaxen (4)
How do logfiles with an ISP work? anon for this (32)
This should not be surprising: Apple Vaxen (10)
Joel does reddit IAMA Wayne (12)
Mirah Bot Berlin (13)
Has anyone gone back to school to take classes without going for . (16)
April 19th, 2011
Skynet becomes self-aware in 30 minutes xampl (20)
"I am an imperfect Christian lady who tries her best to..." Vaxen (68)
Nice: anther demo of differences between practice and theory Vaxen (0)
Oh... Q (2)
New maths! Vaxen (33)
Smalltalk Vaxen (8)
The (literal) Bernanke put Serverside Troglodyte (2)
Maybe if we called it 'cloud commuting', CIOs would buy in. Serverside Troglodyte (16)
More boobs Ward (12)
Plain packaging will hit sales hard, and big tobacco is worried less is more (20)
Checkouts in TFS xampl (4)
Pissing off the Empire trollop (1)
Adwords xampl (7)
Tuesday boobies xampl (14)
April 18th, 2011
Joel Spolsky Jonah (42)
Is Bank of America really this screwed up? Peter (4)
Terror chess set Ward (8)
I R Manly Man!! Ward (9)
More Craigslist scam Ward (9)
Portal 2 / ARG / Potatoes df (1)
emotional intelligence the great purple (5)
Rio Review SaveTheHubble (0)
Spring Break SaveTheHubble (0)
Won $1,252 and I'm not in Vegas yet Fan boy (8)
April 17th, 2011
Pawn shops xampl (17)
Craigslist scam? Ward (2)
Why do cheap but good restaurants go downhill? Ward (21)
April 16th, 2011
Raleigh/Durham/RTP sierra (13)
Strip bars Jonah (7)
Game of Thrones (HBO Series) House of Stark (8)
Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Part I df (10)
Let the White House manage your passwords WTF less is more (8)
April 15th, 2011
I always knew it Bored Bystander (4)
Ron Paul super sperm Bot Berlin (2)
Weekend project Io (1)
Would you leave your job for a higher paying job in this economy anon for this (26)
Convincing employer to allow you to use extended vacation time anon for this (28)
Will Ferrel sucks Fan boy (15)
Maybe this is the best thing for them xampl (0)
Scientists teleport Schrodinger's cat less is more (4)
Need help understanding a tweet Bobby. (7)
April 14th, 2011
NHL Picks this year? Lurker Indeed (1)
I supported Japan df (11)
there is no inflation says emperor Idiot (16)
Minimal itunes install Ward (26)
why macs suck and will start lose market share Idiot (21)
BB Playbook Kenny (16)
Microsoft's iSCSI initiator df (2)
If it's too loud, you're too old. LH (2)
30 years???? df (34)
Really? Jack's marooned morons (21)
Well, it happened a while ago but I held out for improvement muppet (9)
Zappos... where having fun is obligatory. Bluebeard (2)
April 13th, 2011
rolling stone article on TARP bailouts Idiot (7)
The test shuttle (Intrepid) will be stored on a ship... Bobby.  Pretending to be Idiot. (22)
Strange feeling of going... el (3)
CAT scan for the cat xampl (11)
Strange COT dream Nobody on COT (9)
New French Freedom Jack's mayonnaise martyr (3)
CS Education Bubble! Vaxen (1)
Interesting statistics on COT Rich Tsang (13)
Obama, Live! SaveTheHubble (8)
Iceland's Penis Museum SaveTheHubble (9)
Fed subsidies to the oligarchs el (31)
Delete thread de-railer! Vaxen (3)
IIS logs xampl (10)
Twitter moves to Java Bot Berlin (5)
One week until Portal 2 hits muppet (13)
Best name for a company xampl (2)
Mousebat, Follicle, Goosecreature, Ampersand, Spong, Wapcaplet.. Bluebeard (1)
Muppet fix Jonah (0)
now accepting orders for personal jetpacks Idiot (5)
Japanese evacuees shunned Idiot (3)
April 12th, 2011
Blessed is the peace-maker Vaxen (5)
I signed out of stack-* brone (4)
Wayne, how many people come here through Vaxen (0)
Desktop Application Vaxen (4)
My amazing life Jack's calamitous coincidences (2)
Facebook again Bot Berlin (11)
Totally judgemental post Bobby. (9)
i hate techcrunch. but this is nice Vaxen (9)
Rift Jack's ardent adventurer (8)
Coming through! el (4)
I should know better Vaxen (13)
Would you apply for a job at your bank? . (9)
Rules of Thumb for estimating server requirements Moneychanger Wannabee (9)
Mafia II df (7)
Ukrainians xampl (10)
Over reaction to simple questions Fan boy (12)
Tuesday! xampl (2)
Weekly muppet dose Jonah (1)
April 11th, 2011
Steamengines trollop (0)
Japan nuke promoted to Level 7 Chernobyl disaster Idiot (13)
Two women at the same time Vaxen (5)
Clueless on BoS Bored Bystander (6)
Another sign of a web bubble Moneychanger Wannabee (13)
Shameless technologies df (4)
Risks that one should not ignore Vaxen (26)
The real war on islam Vaxen (15)
What's the issue between Colm and Morons Vaxen (10)
Hell, even the web sucks Bot Berlin (18)
Question for Quant Io (4)
Eesh muppet (8)
There are no more full service gas stations in CT muppet (11)
Why are Americans embracing the metric system for running? Bobby. (19)
BP oil recovery money went to some strange things xampl (8)
HTML5... the way to go for mobile dev? Bluebeard (4)
"We'd be Greece" less is more (49)
something for muppet's aquarium Idiot (8)
April 10th, 2011
Hookers at Home Depot df (33)
The thing about facebook Bot Berlin (10)
Free audio books any good? Fan boy (6)
Face it, Stackoverflow is the google of most programming ... Bot Berlin (19)
War of the Worlds df (15)
Eating Sea Food After Jap Nuke Attack? TestThis! (10)
untrained day laborers are fixing japan nuke plants Idiot (5)
I pay 52% tax on my phone bill Idiot (37)
April 9th, 2011
senate or house (usa related) sierra (7)
two cores in the pacific Idiot (15)
Windows activation rant xampl (2)
Federal shutdown avoided xampl (10)
April 8th, 2011
.ly domains sierra (0)
How much stuff do you carry around? Ward (24)
"Why are you working here, then?" Fan boy (9)
People who use the phrase: I'm trying to think Jonah (1)
New Gas Turbine from Michigan Idiot (23)
I'm never buying Bailey's again Ward (17)
Google translate Io (7)
I bought one of these for the baby muppet (8)
My irrational fear Wayne (21)
Gotta get down on Friday hoyza (7)
Kick-Ass df (36)
Japanese reactor devestation and destruction Ward (10)
Atlas Shrugged Movie hoyza (24)
New hard drive xampl (7)
I'm afraid to go down downward-moving escalators muppet (12)
Rooney Mara... Bluebeard (2)
We should have weekly discussions on muppet MarkTAW (8)
April 7th, 2011
Did somebody take down BBC News or is it just me? Q (3)
Software developers make more than the Gov Bot (18)
Object Oriented Perl Vaxen (5)
Government shutdown xampl (6)
Microsoft again Vaxen (9)
Rumor that eBay is shipping lots of jobs xampl (6)
What's the issue between muppet and Bored Bystander Vaxen (19)
I need to see everything on this list muppet (2)
best investment materials? hoyza (13)
Bristol is worth it Idiot (1)
Whistleblowers Idiot (4)
The US needs a population crash muppet (15)
How to find a job: Recommendation hoyza (6)
Chana Leah is 6 months today Moneychanger Wannabee (6)
Bill & Ted 3 on it's way? xampl (4)
Jobs area recommendations? Idiot (26)
Las Vegas Visual Studio Live Conference Fan boy (10)
Real computer genius Bot Berlin (16)
April 6th, 2011
The Social Network xampl (26)
Why is it wrong to be prejudicial about race and gender? Bot Berlin (23)
Presidential election 2012 Some dude on the 'net (7)
Google pays $150 million to retain two key employees Idiot (13)
LOL... siren's call Jack's opportunistic opus (5)
Almost as good as a geocities Jack's dog design (6)
I'll say it, since I'm sure lots of people are thinking it... Bobby. (4)
"high" levels of radiation in Japanese fish Idiot (7)
India education redux Vaxen (10)
Prawns at Ikea Bored Bystander (16)
Best file sharing service? Ward (23)
Trust cloud computing? Phoenix (10)
Flat company Vaxen (3)
More architecture fail xampl (21)
Another NoSQL example Vaxen (6)
Bank of Scotland's IT Department Idiot (27)
Yay! SOX 404 certified! Vaxen (3)
Architecture Astronauts xampl (30)
Canned crab meat df (25)
Stupid IIS question muppet (8)
Republicans at it again xampl (6)
I have a new phrase... Bobby. (12)
Recommendations for browser multiple email add-ons...? Bobby. (3)
Hobo with a Shotgun Idiot (1)
April 5th, 2011
NoSQL Vaxen (13)
Anime == perverted fantasies xampl (19)
Air France flight AF447 found cbmc64 (1)
DF Just Sayin' (3)
Zombie Cookies Idiot (6)
is it tuesday again? Idiot (13)
Any IIS experts here? xampl (6)
Good analysis of why Obama sucks Moneychanger Wannabee (14)
Only 3% of Indian college graduates can read. Idiot (26)
Alive and well JoC (14)
Apple shares about to nosedive Idiot (10)
Goldstone retracts the "Goldstone Report" Morons (75)
OK so I just got an Epsilon leak warning from Marriot muppet (23)
Debt ceiling almost reached @ $14.3 trillion, uh-oh... Bluebeard (16)
April 4th, 2011
Garage Band for ipad is cool, too bad I have no talent Phil (4)
Another stupid parents Vaxen (3)
No no no no no!!! Bot (3)
What is Redis? Vaxen (1)
Government of ... by ... for ... Vaxen (3)
Obama and military industrial complex in bed? who would have Just Sayin' (1)
Japan desperate, dumping Plutonium into the ocean Idiot (12)
50,000 more new jobs Bot (7)
For Idiot, how much do you think a person making 14k gets? Bot (8)
Silver & Monetary Policy hoyza (11)
Band goes platinum on bittorrent except... Idiot (1)
Epsilon leak xampl (5)
Obama announces re-election bid xampl (43)
Programming in the dark xampl (11)
wtf is wrong with this picture? worldsSmallestViolin (1)
Merchant Account == Current Account Sathyaish Chakravarthy (2)
April 3rd, 2011
potheads become arms dealers for pentagon Idiot (10)
Convert SP7 to WAV or MP3 Sathyaish Chakravarthy (8)
How credulous people are Serverside Troglodyte (5)
muppet, every time I twist the ignition key... Bluebeard (6)
Thinking about getting a credential in Accounting dude without a plan (20)
Good short article on US inequality Serverside Troglodyte (20)
Craigslist disrupted? Vaxen (8)
too many science degrees idiot (17)
Mozilla add-on speed Vaxen (1)
Google Motion available for download idiot (0)
How do we explain this one? Bot Berlin (6)
April 2nd, 2011
this seems pretty cool Idiot (5)
Huffington Post switching to digital subscriptions Idiot (6)
Barbie: A Fairy Secret Ward (1)
Goldstone (partially) retracts Moneychanger Wannabee (7)
Mac OS X is Ides of March (9)
Quicken fail xampl (3)
wooohoooo worldsSmallestViolin (11)
IMA Twat AMA. worldsSmallestViolin (14)
Jews do not sacrifice goats and sheep Idiot (9)
Jimmy Fallon Easter Egg Idiot (1)
Incorporating in Delaware Idiot (7)
cricket final eek (21)
Coming too soon Ward (6)
April 1st, 2011
Award Winner: The Most Fucking Useless Guy Ever Ward (7)
Recruiter pings trending up...LA area dave (5)
Learning French Ward (6)
I saw some suspected terrorists today Ward (7)
Taliban - Winning! lorb (10)
Well I've passed the threshhold where I can watch muppet (4)
My date night paranoia JoC (11)
My car purchasing schizophrenia Bluebeard (12)
Has anyone seen the NY Times paywall kick in? Bored Bystander (5)
Where "meritocracy" fails Vaxen (0)
True or not: Muppet has IQ of 145 Vaxen (34)
Radioactive Fallout in San Francisco 4x above limits Idiot (5)
Joel's new site Idiot (14)
Sacred links Vaxen (1)
So many religious topic Vaxen (11)
Dissent in Gaza Moneychanger Wannabee (5)
Parking Lots / Laziness df (15)
xkcd today is pretty sweet muppet (5)
I am so buying this today muppet (4)
So this is what the "Cloud" is Moneychanger Wannabee (17)
Libertarians praise Congress on April Fool's Day xampl (3)
Explain sling shot effect Fan boy (42)
Missed marketing opportunities muppet (9)
various new google services Idiot (9)
cppsh shell Idiot (2)
Tablets are a dumb fad says microsoft Idiot (29)
Bee Maa, Bee Maa Baby ... trollop (4)
Hop Ward (11)