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April 30th, 2014
who remembers gopher? Ed Wood (19 comments)
Getting confused using a new tool Shylock (3)
Visual Studio Tools for Office xampl9 (Windows Phone) (6)
Recap Michael B (21)
have you all seen this? the great purple (19)
sex abuse by clergy C. McGhee (1)
Today's US WTF Shylock (17)
Is this a fireable offense? Shylock (48)
Something for Idiot Quant (3)
Can't they just use FedEx? Quant (2)
April 29th, 2014
the actual transcript C. McGhee (25)
criminal charges against wall street banks Bot Baden-Wurttemberg (4)
texting while driving Bot Baden-Wurttemberg (9)
how can you ban an NBA owner from the NBA for life Bot Baden-Wurttemberg (7)
Donald Sterling - Pussywhipped Squared Brice Richard (18)
Come on... the President is embarrassed by your organization Bot Berlin (10)
But....he donated to the NAACP! df (21)
Russia threatens to throw US ISS astronauts out the airlock Bored Bystander (8)
Stick Figure Puzzle -- WaitButWhy SaveTheHubble (2)
heh xampl9 (Windows Phone) (1)
Sucks to be a IE developer right now Bot Berlin (9)
TDD Hilarity Trog (33)
Why would you do this? Shylock (38)
Rich gal Avril Lavigne's racist rant C. McGhee (16)
April 28th, 2014
Legion / Hubble at work Ed Wood (5)
do you find this argument convincing? well formed? redditreporter (18)
Fargo Kenny the Robot (12)
Undisclosed desires Quant (1)
International banking for bros Michael B (42)
Rich guy Donald Sterling's racist rant Bored Bystander (56)
ACA specifically prohibits cost-benefit analyses the great purple (4)
Another thought on class hoyZa (106)
What is everyone learning right now with tech? WildRiver (42)
April 27th, 2014
Peak iPad xampl9 (7)
Heartbleed Walter (5)
divorce, 10 plus years Friday (50)
golang Walter (0)
WWI Shylock (10)
Restoration of the Caliphate Bot Berlin (13)
sentence Walter (10)
IDF doctor saved a paletinian baby bonk (6)
about the palestinians.. bonk (11)
SrCa4Cr8^(3+)(CO3)8SO4(OH)16-23H2O C. McGhee (5)
Israel/Palestine in pictures eek (42)
graffiti politics eek (0)
Don't be a racist Bot Berlin (0)
Photos from Leaf's vacation Matchu (9)
April 26th, 2014
GoT review trollop (1)
brushing with death this morning Friday (45)
relevant username redditreporter (3)
A question to the Amricans here about SSN rollo (25)
Interesting case df (16)
E.T. cartridges rise from the grave xampl9 (9)
FSK Rule of Blogging Michael B (42)
down in new orleans ... eek (1)
Michelle Obama is a tranny Steve (8)
Russian girl twerking (NSFW) Matchu (18)
But... tofu is too soft! Quant (5)
The Candidate Wayne (4)
April 25th, 2014
lies Craggie (18)
why some people here Friday (8)
sharon stone Friday (5)
A hint about cost of living (revisited) Craggie (32)
Assault... Bot Berlin (23)
Is anyone here an internet marketing douchebag^H^H^HSuccess? Bored Bystander (32)
"The Stamps are self-adhesive and therefore require no licking" Shylock (3)
The Lost Room Legion (4)
Most medicated generation in history xampl9 (Windows Phone) (25)
Ooh who's the mystery mod? muppet (5)
Hoyza has been added to next week's COT Monday Night Raw.... Scheme Gene Okerlund (2)
April 24th, 2014
I thought it was CGI xampl9 (6)
Net neutrality xampl9 (3)
Hubble is dead Walter (16)
So yesterday my daughter's home room teacher muppet (53)
A hint about cost of living hoyZa (43)
So, SSIS, here I come... Shylock (8)
Advice on computer problems NPR (24)
Starting salary for average developer! WildRiver (21)
to do lists eek (12)
Have you ever stayed at a job... Somebody (97)
Here's what irritates me about the right wing press Bored Bystander (29)
Wayne, seriously? SaveTheHubble (35)
Palestine and St George! Quant (2)
April 23rd, 2014
enough to put me off the idea ... eek (6)
Facebook makes money on ads! WildRiver (12)
For Shylock Lodewijk. (4)
For those Usians who do gluten-free Shylock (16)
Another blog that I used to read WildRiver (1)
This guy started a business in high school. WildRiver (14)
Margin Call xampl9 (Windows Phone) (12)
Post mofos R (9)
Greed kills! WildRiver (2)
HBO unbundled - no cable required C. McGhee (6)
Build me an army worthy of Mordor Quant (0)
This vs Brice's whitepaper Rick on Nexus S (7)
Justin Trudeau supports the middle classes??? Rick on Nexus S (0)
Brice/McGhee vs. Bored/Hubble next week on COT Monday Night Raw! Scheme Gene Okerlund (4)
April 22nd, 2014
Dating summed up by bot Bot Berlin (15)
Wall Street Bot Baden-Wurttemberg (3)
Dumb Engineers Don't Understand Business C. McGhee (12)
Canada and Europe - higher standard of living than US C. McGhee (6)
Hey Quant, WildRiver (6)
Prosecution of Crimean Tartars begins Quant (4)
Justice, US style Quant (8)
Is CS a wrong major for the future college grads? WildRiver (35)
The Words of God...or people who kind of want to control you df (26)
HBO for cord-cutters xampl9 (6)
I have a new challenge to the board. WildRiver (46)
Stowaway statistics C. McGhee (4)
Lead as cause of crime? Quant (22)
What's our actual evidence that the heliocentric model Michael B (55)
Are consultant hourly rates very well defined in the US? Bluebeard (43)
April 21st, 2014
Silicon Valley Ep 3 C. McGhee (13)
White Paper Contribution - Use As Needed Brice Richard (49)
Another multi-level oglaf xampl9 (4)
new top levels Walter (6)
How much do you pay for glasses? xampl9 (Windows Phone) (15)
github D. McGhee (2)
Beef df (16)
Aggregators Walter (5)
Your Samsung made TVs have problem to connect to its DNS WildRiver (8)
wow eek (1)
COT double-post issue Michael B (26)
April 20th, 2014
what the fuck LArry King? D. McGhee (7)
What's with "D" McGhee? Bored Bystander (10)
bored people quit D. McGhee (19)
So, I was eaten by a bear Michael C (6)
So, my phone was just stolen Michael B (30)
So, my phone was just stolen Michael B (0)
economic blockbuster Ed Wood (23)
Fucking retarded places to put localisation files: worldsSmallestViolin (6)
good economic visualization site Ed Wood (3)
Michael's data breech Walter (0)
Powdered Alcohol C. McGhee (18)
Today's Dutch WTF Shylock (44)
2014 - The Black Year C. McGhee (0)
Moving Windows 7 to a new motherboard without reinstallation Quant (10)
April 19th, 2014
So, Windows latest urgent updates Shylock (4)
OKC jesus Bot Berlin (18)
Fsk reality guide Hoyza (67)
Ted Cruz gets his first law passed longfield (10)
Public service announcement (SQL) Trog (2)
8, 8 days until Disney! Legion (1)
I hate lawn aeration Legion (16)
SQL question Colm (51)
public service announcement eek (18)
Life in the slow lane laptop trollop (7)
Who Rules? Craggie (16)
alibaba Friday (26)
WalMart Craggie (10)
Windows 7 in a VM xampl9 (8)
R bait laptop trollop (0)
April 18th, 2014
CPI Ed Wood (2) R (7)
1979 tech Craggie (6)
Symbolic Quant (5)
startups for non-founders, non-investors R (10)
Tjalk Lodewijk. (9)
From the Correlation is not Causation files: SaveTheHubble (13)
Why don't the threads change color in FireFox? Shylock (20) Bot Berlin (7)
South Korean ferry problem. WildRiver (18)
Spacex launch at 3.25 ET today Bill42x (33)
stupid people trying to look smart trshitop (3)
A whole new meaning to Bend Over Boyfriend Shylock (1)
Bot Bait laptop trollop (0)
Quality rant , (0)
job stress and the after effects Friday (25)
April 17th, 2014
What do you do here at the company? xampl9 (3)
I think even atheists Shylock (71)
Good time for TV, best scifi show... Bot Berlin (8)
Official Thank God Muppet is Back Thread R (23)
Same story, different topic , (0)
If you were going to be hanged , (4)
you probably have to be an old fuck ... eek (2)
IRS/Tax question Brogrammer (12)
you get a better quality of funny comment ... eek (1)
GOP Rep: It's not my fault, the Party did it muppet (17)
hardly hews, but ... eek (13)
So Disney has this Floral/Gifts service... muppet (35)
Open Post to FSK hoyZa (62)
Open storage of treated water itself is an issue, no? df (36)
So I decided to try some Sun-In before my vacation to Florida muppet (8)
Video of fired Yahoo COO Craggie (8)
Class explained , (12)
trollps deleted thread on laptops Matchu (3)
April 16th, 2014
Which SMS provider? Legion (15)
Magnetic robots assemble carbon truss frame xampl9 (1)
return to your cabins C. McGhee (1)
Buffalo Trace bourbon is nice Q (7)
how does this make sense? R (2)
In Singapore, citizens don’t want babies — or foreign worker R (9)
Horrorwitz runs an HFT? Michael B (9)
Web design/SEO experts - tell me what this is Bored Bystander (9)
Gentrification Michael B (8)
Dear Dividers SaveTheHubble (12)
Jakarta, Manila Pegged as Global Leaders Soeharto (10)
Suburban hunting xampl9 (Windows Phone) (24)
What's a load of bullshit! WildRiver (17)
An observation on Obamacare & cancelled health insurance Philo (48)
True Detective Bluebeard (6)
yahoo groups eek (21)
NSW Premier resigns , (1)
Obnoxious co-worker strikes again Tim (45)
Don't burn them Legion (6)
April 15th, 2014
Rare demonstration of political ineptitude trollop (9)
Atari ST stuff brone (19)
Property taxes vs. rents NPR (12)
University President: Moar Coloreds, Less Whites == Success Bored Bystander (4)
the mentality yale expects from its students C. McGhee (11)
browser slow C. McGhee (1)
hail mary's crisis C. McGhee (6)
true events of reddit? or corporate foreskin propaganda? C. McGhee (11)
Ukraine df (16)
My family went to the truck stop for some Popeye's takeout dipshit (16)
Is it true that Eastern European women look good when young WildRiver (19)
So... wait.. did that work? dipshit (7)
So reddit is awash in hundreds of comments and upvotes dipshit (18)
The best thing he ever did was dying Quant (6)
This is the kind of hunting I respect Quant (8)
NSFW trollop (2)
April 14th, 2014
The rent is too damn high Walter (15)
Shoe truth Walter (18)
No fault departure from ?cot Walter (18)
employment contracts good for innovation? C. McGhee (1)
Blood moon. trollop (22)
Ivor Catt eek (2)
Watergate 2013 Quant (1)
Today's US WTF Shylock (50)
McGhee eek (2)
Belgian women vs Dutch women WildRiver (19)
How do you pronounce... xampl9 (13)
"Halt and Catch Fire" Bored Bystander (5)
CRS-3 mission C. McGhee (8)
Again jury duty Legion (30)
birth control in Utah C. McGhee (22)
Ukraine df (38)
Hotel Budapest trollop (4)
A Good Perspective on HFT Shylock (13)
LOL eek (19)
Bad news for fishing boats Quant (9)
Silicon Valley Ep 2 C. McGhee (23)
April 13th, 2014
Dutch water management expert in the US Link (9)
Ukraine conflict Friday (41)
shooting in kansas city trollop (he's an asshole) (0)
who's eyes are on openSSL Craggie (3)
vote! Craggie (4)
Man Sentenced To Hold 'I Am A Bully' Sign For 5 Hours Steel McLargeHuge (15)
How to handle school bullying problems C. McGhee (5)
HFT: review of Flash Boys Walter (31)
the super rich. keeping it offshore Walter (0)
"don't be evil" Walter (8)
does this weaken the dollar? Walter (14)
How's FireFox these days? Shylock (26)
Divergent Colm (8)
April 12th, 2014
my father Friday (3)
pro music equipment Friday (6)
Timeout Lodewijk. (5)
Distribution of HFT daily profits Quant (8)
Dropbox Raises About $250 Million at $10 Billion Valuation Practical Economist (17)
kids Bot Berlin (18)
Ching Chong imbecile (4)
NSA knew about heartbleed hackerz (2)
pay congress a lot more? Bot Berlin (10)
Heartbleed R (12)
Dropbox & Condi Bill42x (20)
XML: Not even once Colm (10)
Local airline differentiates service with humour Bluebeard (6)
19 Colm (38)
ford fusion Friday (16)
April 11th, 2014
Captain America xampl9 (5)
Electronic Trading compares to High Frequency Trading Craggie (63) COT historian (1)
The Verdict Shylock (25)
Where Michael Lewis tells Wall Street, butthurt much? Shylock (25)
good news for people born without vaginas C. McGhee (7)
So how about the brewing range war in Nevada? Bored Bystander (15)
Well, that's unfortunate Colm (7)
The shape of things to come? Bill42x (2)
weev's conviction tossed out, released from prison C. McGhee (4)
Genetics are a bitch df (28)
cool article on training of operatic singers eek (18)
Were these words remembered after 9/11? Quant (10)
Have high-heels finally gone out of fashion? Michael B (34)
Constant interruptions by co-workers Tim (21)
April 10th, 2014
work hours Friday (63)
BREAKING: Sebelius said to resign as U.S. health secretary newsbot (5)
Colbert Gets Craig Kilborned FSK (4)
Sebelius resigned Wildriver (1)
noshit Michael B (1)
The Olden Days Lodewijk. (13)
CoT Performance Issues df (27)
HFT and end-of-day manipulation Quant (22)
Tesla df (13)
What is modern life but Michael B (57)
Heartbleed OpenSSL bug -- vulnerable websites Legion (10)
Tamiflu costly, useless C. McGhee (14)
April 9th, 2014
Earned $150k a year, but now penniless??? forThis.Anon (20)
US declares Burger King a terrorist organization C. McGhee (0)
Surprise on insurance coverage C. McGhee (18)
Apple firing software design chief C. McGhee (7)
Basically Michael B (5)
Age 70 Engineer = Homeless and Unemployable C. McGhee (29)
Regular Expressions in TSQL? Shylock on a phone (148)
result of no guns in schools C. McGhee (8)
You know you're an idiot when.. xampl9 (Windows Phone) (2)
SSIS 2014 is hanging on me Shylock (4)
Bug shows up in OpenSSL df (35)
Trust me, I'm an engineer ... eek (1)
April 8th, 2014 Bot Baden-Wurttemberg (55)
slight differences in language syntax C. McGhee (21)
reasonable compromise - gun bracelets C. McGhee (24)
What makes a city lively? WildRiver (34)
alien tech found on mars C. McGhee (11)
XP countdown John (7)
Greek austerity in pictures Colm (47)
boobies(NSFW) Matchu (7)
ECB study about HFT Quant (111)
Like contacting Chile df (4)
why old mean don't get hired eek (35)
But do they have to be so ugly? Quant (1)
Affirmative grading doesn't work Quant (2)
This is creepy Quant (11)
Shoreditch Colm (38)
Update on homofiresexualfoxgate Colm (0)
April 7th, 2014
Game of Thrones season premier *NO SPOILERS* Kenny the Robot (0)
price of vice Ed Wood (3)
talk about hijacking a threaad Frank (1)
Silicon Valley - all the guys and no beautiful girls. Wildriver (26)
Pretty good random recipe: chicken thighs with tomato sauce Kenny the Robot (3)
Silicon Valley Asian guy (11)
New TV Show Review: Silicon Valley Kenny the Robot (5)
Logic Bombs FSK (13)
Peaches Geldof dead at 25 Bill42x (7)
Why Americans no longer eat Sloppy Joe? Tang (8)
another reason I'm glad ... eek (8)
What the English word you use for hoarseness? Tang (12)
Facebook aka FriendFace Bored Bystander (0)
LMFAO dipshit (3)
Bad Taxidermy == Amusing Alien Creatures Bored Bystander (4)
Great article df (31)
Google trying to be too clever, pt 2 df (0)
vaccine idiocy the great purple (7)
"We never know what’s percolating in the minds of children" C. McGhee (4)
I guess the Big Data bubble is starting to leak air... Shylock (13)
haha eek (4)
Is PG wrong? Rick on Nexus S (3)
April 6th, 2014
Good Netflix for April SaveTheHubble (13)
Wheel of death xampl9 (9)
Funny RAM names brone (15)
Public service announcement: the pill that tranny put in Michael B (24)
Why we need health and safety Quant (2)
OKCupid vs Mozilla C. McGhee (3)
Tobacco cures cancer C. McGhee (5)
Pakistan takes a tough stand on underage killers Quant (3)
US soldiers in Poland get regularly beaten up by locals Quant (19)
Clueless (?) Windows 8 question... Leaf (6)
US soldiers working as contract killers C. McGhee (2)
This is why I can't go to sleep tonight Friday (8)
April 5th, 2014
Jesse Ventura for President in 2016! WildRiver (9)
Drunk girl keeps calling me xampl9 (Windows Phone) (3)
Tell me again that the US is a democracy Shylock (12)
baby names Bot Baden-Wurttemberg (2)
Globalization has failed to produce the solid middle class! WildRiver (25)
Brooklyn Bridge for Sale! C. McGhee (4)
a few thoughts on brendan eich Bot Baden-Wurttemberg (18)
My position on polygamy Quant (17)
66kV shorting to ground trollop (15)
shark tank equity C. McGhee (12)
Trade deficits with China.  When do we go to war? WildRiver (17)
USB 3.1 will be incompatible with USB 3.0 C. McGhee (9)
robot kangaroo eek (1)
April 4th, 2014
adult novelties Friday (6)
Something New From My Cable Company Still Chugging (7)
Happy Birthday, Mainframe xampl9 (Windows Phone) (4)
forbidden link C. McGhee (2)
McDonalds breaks under Obama pressure C. McGhee (22)
Larping Republican Quant (5)
Google trying to be overly clever df (9)
russian rockets C. McGhee (17)
Mt Vox Summary C. McGhee (1)
Ivan Lopez was on Ambien and SSRI antidepressants C. McGhee (19)
April 3rd, 2014
Any Prisoners? Bored Bystander (2)
nice atwood article C. McGhee (16)
DoubleSpeak: "Mozilla believes in freedom of speech" C. McGhee (57)
laptop with touchscreen gogo (7)
Is it possible to win the lottery? WildRiver (12)
Should I Get An NBA? FSK (11)
C# compiler open sourced trollop (15)
Idealism in a nutshell df (6)
Score another one for politically correct BS Somebody (28)
Client side code sucks, all of it Bot Berlin (11)
Best Miley Cyrus song Quant (0)
This is funny Bot Berlin (1)
Public service announcement: women are only attracted Michael B (13)
I really dislike it when some people come up with different WildRiver (6)
How do you remember World War 1? Quant (24)
Women and dating! WildRiver (33)
I love my job SaveTheHubble (29)
Why is there so much demand for women on dating sites? Steve (36)
Lots of lame threads have been posted here lately Jack (9)
What is this style called? NPR (6)
odds of being hit by meteorite C. McGhee (1)
O frabjous day! Windows 9 Start menu revealed...mmmm..shiny Bluebeard (6)
This can't be real either df (3)
This is just petulance, right? df (21)
Collateral damage Quant (14)
OK, this MSSQL thing pissed me off Shylock (9)
Enjoy your corporate democracy Quant (6)
Soccer C. McGhee (12)
April 2nd, 2014
COT Autospam FSK (2)
NDA For Startup Interview FSK (37)
Cortana: Windows Phone digital assistant xampl9 (6)
Drinking some of this NPR (10)
FT HOOD: active shooter Bot Baden-Wurttemberg (18)
Where would you want to go when you retire? WildRiver (23)
Possessions Michael B (66)
Indie Game Jam Show Collapses SaveTheHubble (1)
So, we have some problems with our local law enforcement MS (3)
Anyone ever hang out in Key West? Michael B (18)
Palestinians signed the Geneva conventions Quant (32)
If you intend to shaft Canadian voters, you'll need a larger P.P trollop (0)
Obamacare's outstanding numbers Shylock (20)
grrrrrrrrrr 'name' is mystery reserved word in javascript C. McGhee (1)
Double-blind this :) Quant (8)
April 1st, 2014
Gmail 10 years X (9)
archbishop of atlana: $2.2 million dollar home Bot Baden-Wurttemberg (1)
I miss semi-colons Shylock (13)
GM car ignition switch problem. WildRiver (33)
What an odd arrangement df (9)
What is Brice's response to my invitation to beer summit? WildRiver (12)
heh Colm (4)
Genius Colm (1)
GTA V df (7)
trouble at mcdonalds C. McGhee (3)
English question - NBA cheerleaders body type gogo (12)
Any contract killers? C. McGhee (5)
Any house husbands? Michael B (9)
Wow, the Republicans really don't get it xampl9 (7)
Is anyone here a corporate stooge? Jack (13)