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April 30th, 2015
Mother's Day NPR (10 comments)
House Destroyed by Airbnb renters NPR (16)
FUCK AMERICA Michael B (32)
Generic type and template in C# WildRiver (6)
study on "antisocial net behavior" n/a (20)
Who wants to do this? Sound cool. WildRiver (8)
PostgreSQL vs. MS SQL Server Trog (20)
Less than awesome research Trog (3)
stupid excel formula question eek (4)
Best software to use to build an intranet site? Tom (14)
funny joke about MS new HoloLens OS WildRiver (0)
Blocked at the router df (27)
Ms X-platform MS Editor Thing hoyza (5)
I quit quitting for a month now hoyza (9)
New headphones: PSB M4U 2 Quant (29)
Hookup steals iPad prototype xampl9 (6)
The stupidity of this "analysis" of the "Baltimore Mom" ~ (35)
So I get a few pings on LinkedIn every day ~ (18)
iWatch dev chat n/a (23)
April 29th, 2015
wordpress Friday (9)
Baltimore residents react to media coverage NPR (15)
Obama says thug police to blame for national rioting epidemic n/a (4)
Hero Mom n/a (3)
I quit coffee for a month now Home Despot (22)
Strange MSSQL behavior Shylock (10)
Michael, what are you doing in NYC and where do you live? WildRiver (1)
Your mobile is your desktop Markowtich (7)
Powell Lake n/a (2)
OH on another forums hoyza (5)
I answered "Hoyza, how you get a pizza delivery job..." thread hoyza (5)
One good cop in Baltimore ~ (0)
Peaceful Protest MS (23)
Visual Studio Code Markowitch (6)
ABQ police threaten to kill District Attorney n/a (8)
This is a puzzle for me!  Let discuss. WildRiver (33)
Spam is terrible Michael B (18)
whose house should it land on? n/a (28)
Enough with this Baltimore crap President of Brice Fan Club (10)
more Baltimore News eek (34)
Marshmallow experiment Michael B (30)
When will we see riots in all our cities? WildRiver (2)
I answered the "how do you pull off independent" thread hoyza (15)
and here is the side of Baltimore that wasn't newsworthy eek (34)
media double standards over civil disorder eek (67)
onion, nail, head eek (4)
NYC cops go to jail for beating 17 year old Ralph (10)
Upgrade time ... what to get, what to get? Bluebeard (2)
Would you give your boss a going away gift if he left? . (11)
April 28th, 2015
Azores, sounds like a perfect place to spent your $$ and retire Friday (9)
Ready Player One xampl9 (6)
amazon's algorithms n/a (4)
And they say there is no such thing as karma Quant (14)
NPR - what happened to the crazy project due on one Friday? WildRiver (5)
Sooner and later we will experience this. WildRiver (1)
How does this work? maneuverable bullet. WildRiver (4)
Life in prison LeMonDe (3)
Myth needs to be debunked: what is WildRiver's ethnicity? WildRiver (9)
The son of Baltimore Orios baseball team offers the reason for WildRiver (3)
Iran flexes its muscle Quant (3)
An irrational and violent race of people MS (8)
Community Season Six Kenny the Robot (0)
Microsoft in a downward spiral of crazy with Windows Bluebeard (49)
Why Republicans can't pull off Populism SaveTheHubble (4)
So when did "Cra-cra", become a thing? SaveTheHubble (9)
Calling it now ~ (14)
> I don't judge ~ (3)
Syrian army retreat John (1)
my mobile phone battery lasts Michael B (11)
Have a wonderful day, friends. Ralph (3)
Hoyza, how you get a pizza delivery job if you have an IT gig? President of Brice Fan Club (12)
April 27th, 2015
Inkster, MI:,2 felonies against these cops Bot Berlin (0)
its windy in NOLA eek (0)
Cool book review NPR (2)
black people taking theirs Bob Baden (46)
Spacex launch in 15m Bill42x (5)
The Confederacy lives on in Brazil. WildRiver (29)
I love history eek (0)
I approve of the current subheader. Bored Bystander (0)
Airline Fare Data + Priceline forThis.Anon (2)
So working in a university is bad, right? Tom (4)
Advancement for individual contributors Cube Dweller (15)
I saw a TV show the other day that I haven't seen in 25 years Ted (aka Dick Christie) (11)
Hoyza - how do you pull off being an independent ~ (55)
more political comment ... eek (0)
How does PriceLine obtain flight prices and hotel prices? WildRiver (8)
Walking Score df (19)
Dual-jet RC model SR-71 SaveTheHubble (11)
I had Taco Bell breakfast yesterday ~ (19)
Classic cautionary tale SaveTheHubble (1)
So, it's actually been a pretty long time since I've job hunted ~ (11)
America Legion (22)
April 26th, 2015
Peace on earth, friends Ralph (7)
Green smoothies NPR (12)
Missed my class deadline NPR (12)
Back in NYC Michael B (27)
Well, this raises some issues Craggie (1)
US sends drones to Ukraine Quant (14)
guns in the United States gunbot (4)
Antivirus exceptions/exclusions Wick (4)
what did picasso say about children and creativity Homeschooling Mother (3)
impressive eek (47)
translator n/a (0)
The Sun hits a new low eek (14)
April 25th, 2015
Nice profile of the guy who filmed eric garners murder Walter (32)
Salt-a-bug Legion (0)
What a douchebag! Quant (4)
"Restrain the Judges on Marriage Act of 2015," Bob Baden (19)
Police Horse -- R.B.S. Bob Baden (0)
April 24th, 2015
on the internet you can live forever Bob Baden (4)
Anzac Day Cup (16)
baltimore popo Bob Baden (1)
Banane is a retard Bob Baden (9)
nasa builds warp drive Bob Baden (10)
dooce stepping down COT historian (1)
Watching "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" on Netflix SaveTheHubble (4)
What crime did the guy committed if we have HFT? WildRiver (43)
What do you guys think about this? WildRiver (2)
Why is New England area too expensive? WildRiver (6)
Michael B, what's up?  Going back to NYC? WildRiver (21)
So this is pretty great ~ (14)
What are the best tech job boards these days? Tom (8)
OK so who's relocated? How do you get it done? ~ (49)
Food fads and food producers that pander to fact free nutrition Bluebeard (1)
Traffic xampl9 (9)
Interesting game... Bill42x (1)
Foreigners are ants and lice according to Zulu king Bluebeard (3)
bitcoin Friday (2)
sooo last week but still Friday (0)
April 23rd, 2015
Great LinkedIn thread - #truth Bored Bystander (3)
Getting these DDOS attack warnings from my VPS host Bored Bystander (16)
Great Response to a recruiter Shylock (25)
Hostage was collateral damage of assassination attempt NPR (12)
Amazon lost money again!  Is it a ponzi scheme? WildRiver (13)
A walk down memory lane! Heh, I have been through the same... WildRiver (2)
Shylock, this is for you to read! WildRiver (1)
... and meanwhile, somewhere in China ... eek (1)
My speciality song is "I'm Coming, Virginia". eek (1)
Google+ didn't beat LinkedIn because... WildRiver (14)
Going off sugar Shylock (58)
I've definitely not had enough sleep recently ~ (19)
Pining for the fjords... Shylock (9)
April 22nd, 2015
Alabama about to approve medical marijuana NPR (0)
I had an orgasm Bot Berlin (21)
Some wookiee dental work ~ (0)
Cooking problem NPR (38)
This guy has similar books that I have on his bookshelf. WildRiver (15)
How to use CoT NPR (19)
so what do you all have? LinkedIn, Facebook, or Google+ WildRiver (17)
Speculated salaries at Microsoft WildRiver (6)
girl gives herself cancer to get youtube ad income n/a (10)
day trader crashes global markets n/a (35)
It later emerged that an alarm at the premises set off on Good Complete and Utter Fuck Cup (14)
Does it get any more embarrassing than this? Complete and Utter Fuck Cup (11)
NYC train : happy morning Bob Baden (5)
Awesome computer Trog (25)
Black v White homicides Wick (21)
George Lucas called and he wants his chin back Chin Cup (1)
April 21st, 2015
Why I seldom update Quicken xampl9 (4)
what kind of psycho dad puts his kid up to this? Ralph (7)
Angry Congress Guy Bob Baden (4)
black in the US (broken back) Bot Berlin (32)
Looks like a great movie season xampl9 (8)
Colleges are feminist reeducation camps NPR (29)
retweet & poll Craggie (9)
Pickup lines Shylock (10)
Clarkson highlights the plight of the ageing programmer Bluebeard (9)
Do you encourage your childen to go to college or not? WildRiver (19)
Embedded Systems People SaveTheHubble (25)
I mean it is huge, knowhatimsayn Fill 'Er Cup (0)
A New Dark Age When College Doesn't Pay NPR (45)
My plan to deal with ageism .. (31)
Home Repairs are Theft n/a (26)
Google Inbox ~ (7)
New Jersey has more freedom? n/a (7)
zoominfo df (1)
kicad eek (8)
Have any of you aging dudes figured out a way to transition.... Bill (20)
April 20th, 2015
CoT's vs Brice Rick T (10)
Got my iMac back... ~ (2)
Victory! Quant (30)
Mandela (the freedom fighter) who liberated South Africa from WildRiver (20)
"Project Manager" is a fake manager. WildRiver (18)
Canada and Europe both wealthier than US n/a (12)
Which one is better? Manager at McDonald, grocery store, or WildRiver (7)
What's new with COTers?  Who got a new job and got a raise? WildRiver (18)
Korean ShipBuilder Exosuits SaveTheHubble (1)
Hiring for Immediate need for Salesforce BA cum Data Analyst... Shylock (23)
Social enforcement df (9)
So, I hooked up my transmitter, receiver, and a servo ~ (19)
guitar pedals eek (6)
Tracking a user's path on the "contact us" pages xampl9 (5)
Trying to teach a noob how to edit our web site Michael B (24)
April 19th, 2015
a lot of cool tech mentioned here Walter (0)
Sweet, sweet revenge.... Shylock (5)
Looking more and more like a creature ~ (0)
Ether drinking in pre-war Silesia Quant (1)
hn sucks hn reporter (2)
The Scooby Doo Universe df (1)
To be or not to be a manager Cube Dweller (28)
General Honore speaks up eek (1)
April 18th, 2015
Pornhub Friday (24)
white liberal guilt Michael B (38)
Hogtown Kenny the Robot (5)
Def Bot Berlin (6)
Canibal cop thought crime Crime beat (12)
Question to eek about headphones Quant (36)
Reddit post Bot Berlin (8)
Credentials df (20)
what happened to rob ford Ralph (4)
Victimizing yourself df (4)
Elisabeth Warren eek (40)
Syrian soldiers trauma caused by Israeli occupation Jab (6)
Peter Walker,  founder of Quad, on design methods and magic eek (3)
Video publishing - your thoughts? trollop (6)
My physical therapy seems to be working! Michael B (23)
April 17th, 2015
So 80's it hurts xampl9 (2)
Falling crime , falling support for death penalty? Craggie (8)
Heads up trollop (9)
sting, what a shithead eek (14)
Ten hours of latch hooking ~ (2)
People drive a lot df (18)
Hey eek, wanna buy an expensive technical book? lol WildRiver (16)
The only thing can come close to magic is microwave theory class WildRiver (3)
Bizarre Code Phenomenon Brice Richard (99)
Deadline for the big project is today NPR (25)
Silicon Valley df (11)
Big Oil/Energy Friday (20)
April 16th, 2015
Cleverness is like bagpipes xampl9 (1)
New Star Wars trailer xampl9 (11)
So much room for activities ~ (33)
Spacex - the view from the ship Bill42x (2)
"Monsters" movie franchise Bored Bystander (15)
Had an interesting conversation with an HFT trader today Quant (37)
Gender fairness issue in Star Wars xampl9 (11)
Ever name something wrong Shylock (16)
Would you or have you taken a management job? Cube Dweller (21)
Am I the only one who hasn't cracked the 3 figures salary? WildRiver (27)
Apple REALLY sucks now ~ (56)
Indie movie that doesn't suck Quant (3)
Yo!  Why aren't you mother fuckers giving Michael any advice? asshole (15)
April 15th, 2015
HBO Now xampl9 (2)
Japan Shylock (7)
The Mythbusters episode that answers The Question xampl9 (5)
The future is... airships? NPR (25)
Oil layoffs NPR (8)
SpaceX Landing SaveTheHubble (8)
Making a copy of Arya's sword 'Needle' from GoT Bill42x (2)
shit that cracks me up eek (2)
Spacex landing - better video Bill42x (1)
How do I make a move into data analytics? NPR (42)
I will repeat this cool advises often. WildRiver (5)
Refactoring... Kenny the Robot (4)
My problem with regular expression in Python Quant (20)
On hoarding Io (9)
New direction for COT problem solvings posting! WildRiver (26)
So, is there anyone even left here that knows how to program? Michael B (29)
Productivity in Software development and business goal. WildRiver (7)
F# for the win! WildRiver (19)
Space launch by aerotow Bill42x (1)
Why was bingo working in a crap job in Japan? Wick (22)
! math, politics, income, jobs, and sex! Epic Cup (4)
Don't knock Michael programming snippet! WildRiver (10)
Queuing Wick (7)
Goodbye Raylan Givens and friends Hiks (2)
Easy programming quiz: mother fuckin breadcrumbs! Michael B (36)
Spacex footage of attempted landing Bill42x (15)
April 14th, 2015
HBO Now xampl9 (4)
Cool sentences Shylock (3)
Are you good at reading people's eyes? The Leaf (13)
Spacex launch went ok Bill42x (9)
Is this as fast as it gets? Shylock (7)
Netflix: Halt and catch fire SaveTheHubble (15)
Next best thing in debt securitization Quant (12)
honest lottery assured by using security firm n/a (8)
What do you think of this assestment? WildRiver (8)
Manager quit, what to do next? Cube Dweller (14)
what the heck is a sales engineer n/a (17)
So, OK, I'm not really an NT/network guy ~ (16)
Screw you, n/a ~ (20)
An interesting correlatation Quant (18)
April 13th, 2015
Rand on gay marriage Craggie (34)
hate my job Bob Baden (2)
Banana for scale, or, "Wear a mask when drilling fiberglass" ~ (4)
Experience wanted xampl9 (8)
replubicans are older and whiter Craggie (22)
I like Smooth Jazz NPR (22)
Today in... I don't know. brone (0)
advice selecting Java IDE gzip (18)
How to ruin a novel when making a movie Quant (1)
Right joins Wick (17)
This was odly interesting Markowitch (7)
Quidditch World Cup xampl9 (3)
Dave, the job market is good in SoCal for software people? WildRiver (4)
Fox to re-do The Rocky Horror Picture Show for TV xampl9 (9)
Hillary Clinton BSing again WildRiver (39)
portable digital recorder the great purple (10)
So, I picked up a 6 channel 2.4ghz flight transmitter ~ (6)
Spent the morning in the ER ~ (8)
TIL, Nicolaus Copernicus PigPen (12)
April 12th, 2015
female gamers Bot Berlin (6)
Polish aristocrat challenged Farage to a duel Quant (31)
Movies he hasn't seen df (9)
Jimmy Carter eek (21)
Make sure you see Ex Machina Michael B (3)
Black in the US (Tusla, Oklahoma) Bob Baden (4)
Everybody needs a Thneed Bluebeard (2)
Поехали! Bob Baden (3)
Daredevil Kenny the Robot (5)
For muppet Canned Gods Inc. (3)
Dear England Michael B (10)
SpaceX launch tomorrow will try controlled landing Bill42x (3)
April 11th, 2015
Michael, I just went to the best veggie restaurant ever! WildRiver (5)
Do you have a university degree? Leaf (33)
Tax day Bob Baden (13)
I'm in Huntington Bbeach, California visiting relatives! WildRiver (10)
black in the US (lying cop on the hood) Bob Baden (0)
stupid shit banane says Bob Baden (10)
stupid shit banane says Bob Baden (0)
black in the US (stolen horse edition) Bob Baden (0)
black in the US (Detroit) Bob Baden (3)
Some jerk broke my spiritual staff just now Bob Baden (5)
How the British were complicit in the Holocaust Quant (28)
Michael, tell me about your vegetarian diet. WildRiver (2)
COT says.... Bob Baden (1)
COT says.... Bob Baden (1)
human psychology and traffic Bob Baden (5)
book from a blog Bob Baden (1)
the onion eek (4)
I love you Legion (8)
guitar intonation tablet trollop (8)
How much money are you robbing from your kids? Michael B (3)
Penn Jilette loses ~100 pounds in ~100 days Michael B (17)
Something about this job ads bothers me! WildRiver (15)
April 10th, 2015
Fun Spring topic! WildRiver (3)
Funny conversation... WildRiver (4)
Question for the math experts (Quant?) NPR (11)
Moscow giant hacker space Markowitch (12)
Has anyone worked with CICS? *MinistryOfCrankyOldFarts; (5)
Firebird, why is it so rarely used Wick (18)
Why is everyone so nice all of a sudden? Michael B (26)
What is your favorite username that posts here? Vince (16)
Breakin' 2 : Electric Boogaloo xampl9 (0)
Remodeling adventure NPR (2)
Trying to learn "robotics" ~ (30)
What are the specs of your jerkstation? Michael B (17)
Van fixed ~ (16)
Om nom nom! Bluebeard (5)
April 9th, 2015
Idiot's Right! OMG! MKs demand Palestinians live in Apartheid Shylock (2)
"I'm a redneck and I love America" eek (8)
Democracy conquers neighboring territory, occupies it Shylock (14)
So has anyone here successfully developed a product and sold it? Code Monkey (13)
Installing siding on a house Vince (5)
Buy physical gold and store it securely in a vault Quant (21)
I think ~ has the right idea.  I am keeping my clunker also car owner (15)
So.  Saw my physio today Michael B (3)
Anabolic steroids df (31)
Vocational vs. Academic CS Problem-Solving Skillsets Brice Richard (9)
amazing body art eek (0)
amazing body art eek (0)
Interstellar ~ (29)
Decided to keep the van for now ~ (8)
but obviously, there is not a problem ... eek (3)
Another side to Ferguson story Quant (24)
Get off my lawn! Michael B (10)
Nano Nano Discuss (3)
April 8th, 2015
depression and SAMe Friday (2)
International Law Shylock (4)
catch a baby Bob Baden (14)
good, but a bit of a wtf Bob Baden (6)
Making a shade xampl9 (3)
hahahaah Bob Baden (1)
THINK Twice Before Having CHILDREN Brice Richard (30)
Lots of people in suits at the restaurant xampl9 (5)
What is your relationship with your co-workers? Vince (15)
A landscaping question regarding trees Code Monkey (16)
It was 3 years ago yesterday that Muppet threw a hissy fit... . (14)
Tron 3 is on xampl9 (6)
The purpose of brainteasers Io (3)
Malcolm Gladwell sucks Michael B (58)
No passwords in windows 10? Markowitch (1)
Aaaaand he's back Quant (7)
Imitation Game Quant (9)
EEVblog guy on laser trimmed resistor networks eek (0)
early marriage is beneficial Old father (37)
Be human is be religious Rick Tang at home (6)
My new car thread... Kenny the Robot (16)
Another "should I get a new car" thread car owner (12)
April 7th, 2015
black in the US Bob Baden (31)
Six Pack Shortcuts NPR (4)
So our minivan is starting to show its age ~ (42)
Fight the war. Fuck the norm. brone (7)
Plug JoC (2)
Unlibertarian economics Shylock (33)
Go back to school to study something interesting? Programmer (16)
Road rage df (8)
Beard? Shylock (15)
Rich old white men are above the law in the UK Quant (7)
Man shoots himself in the hand at church Bob Baden (16)
A small announcement - part 2 Quant (41)
Who are your top 5 favorite posters on this forum? Joe (19)
April 6th, 2015
neo nazi saved Bob Baden (12)
You know what really annoys me? Leaf (13)
We'll take it from here, Dad Bored Bystander (5)
Do I need to buy a new car? new employee (35)
Trader gives away half his salary Craggie (5)
Do you believe that you are being paid what you are worth? Vince (13)
home network eek (0)
Chewbacca progress ~ (6)
Programming competitions as hiring method MobyDobie (14)
April 5th, 2015
final solution to palestinian problem found! n/a (0)
Postgresql is the biz Wick (8)
A small announcement Quant (72)
The problem with welfare... Kenny the Robot (77)
cultural standards Ralph (20)
reddit's idiot reddit reporter (6)
this guy got fired, but isn't this a crime? Ralph (20)
Re:Office gossip anon (14)
NYT says US should nuke Iran n/a (6)
Instead of a Gideon Bible, Japanese hotel rooms include this Michael B (5)
economic mobility Practical Economist (6)
April 4th, 2015
HIV virus cures cancer! n/a (0)
aware of the camera Craggie (1)
Coherence Quant (1)
What is the story with memories pizza? Craggie (27)
Changing an IMAX projector bulb xampl9 (9)
Io, saw your Wilmott Forum question Quant (1)
Moon gone byebye trollop (2)
wine Friday (21)
April 3rd, 2015
checkyourprivlege.gif Craggie (5)
CHF Mortgage SaveTheHubble (10)
Interesting math storage question. WildRiver (41)
Freaks Leaf (3)
Justice denied for this man so long...finally, he got it but WildRiver (7)
My shitty project NPR (18)
Can Israel dictate Iranian nuclear agreement? WildRiver (7)
Bad days are here again. WildRiver (6)
secular stagnation Practical Economist (17)
</SCORPION> Hahahaha PigPen (10)
Drone used for pizza smuggling xampl9 (1)
Europeans never learn Ralph (3)
"Why does any of that matter?" Philosopher Pete (3)
Web of Connections wikipedian (4)
I'm done with hackernews hn reporter (5)
guns don't kill people Drok (4)
Revenge of the Nerds Drok (4)
Obama Channels Chris Rock (2008) Drok (4)
Drone used for drug smuggling Ralph (3)
Predestination ~ (3)
Did this Seal fake his shooting? gzip (2)
Melting permafrost Bill42x (33)
latest executive order analysis? (0)
April 2nd, 2015
guess which is the only nation on the gold standard? n/a (19)
Senator on ISIS' enemies list NPR (7)
5 Lessons I Learned In Prison NPR (2)
What's the point of Arduino and Raspberry Pi? NPR (22)
I'm sold on mechanical keyboards Quant (17)
How do you become a DBA? Code Monkey (16)
Interesting story! American dream moved to China. WildRiver (8)
why is music made in 00's so bad? gzip (31)
The other side of that Amazon announcement Ducknald Don (12)
Keep the nerd away from you!  They are all lousy with physical WildRiver (5)
Why do we need MySQL database??? WildRiver (17)
Who cares about Honda Civic? This is what you need to get! WildRiver (19)
Predestination Mindfuck Cup (9)
UK state media prove people don't mind constant surveillance Quant (2)
Gambling by another name Quant (12)
April 1st, 2015
Senator Robert Menendez Indicted on Corruption Charges lawbot (0)
New Mad Max trailer is out xampl9 (6)
New Civic design NPR (33)
white house florist quits Inspector Gadget (7)
Dangers of Being a Raw Vegan NPR (18)
LOL stupid job interview again. WildRiver (16)
This guy is my hero! WildRiver (4)
Your career is random! WildRiver (14)
An example of wasted talent! WildRiver (23)
So I guess I'm addicted JoC (20)
COTer's Web app developers WildRiver (15)
How about I get some courtesy? xampl9 (4)
ThinkGeek April fool's stuff used to be funny ~ (0)
Pretty sure sleeping on my side Michael B (35)