RIP Philo

May 31st, 2007
Puting showing finger to Americans Dan Denman (8 comments)
Professional Mathematician? Michael B (31)
Is now the time to do Linux software development? sharkfish (24)
You Only Live Twice xampl (11)
Fred Thompson also with a hottie wife Bot Berlin (26)
Most of the time Rod (17)
offline standard sharkfish (4)
Electronic discovery? sharkfish (14)
Why home ownership causes unemployment. sharkfish (23)
Small talk Michael B (14)
I have the answer JoC (3)
Dad's getting fat. Bluebeard (34)
Title bar problems? SaveTheHubble (2)
Hey! jingalala jingalala ™ (44)
I don't know about Las Vegas son of parnas (10)
Holy fuck! jingalala jingalala ™ (2)
Why aren't feminists sharkfish (41)
Bush refuses to ratify Kyoto, then plays Mr Concerned Paul Brown (16)
anthony and the johnsons $-- (2)
George Bush the Senior Rick Zeng/Tseng (22)
The Wii invades Bunny SaveTheHubble (2)
30 years after the establishment of any sizeable ethnic minority ipmal (10)
The answer to Muppet's dream sharkfish (7)
Sci-fi writers join war on terror Masiosare (12)
We weren't meant to live in denial of attraction. sharkfish (13)
My new budget plan JoC (11)
Using Webmail when... offline man on the roundabout (9)
Tents have sure come a long way, holy shit muppet (3)
Muppet - Transformer concepts that didn't make the movie Philo (2)
I can run Oblivion in Ultra High Detail mode on my new laptop muppet (12)
Spam king el (2)
not a nation of 6-year-olds who scream and giggle... son of parnas (6)
Dancers are better than singers. son of parnas (6)
May 30th, 2007
Vista Run as Administrator JoC (6)
this rocks (go microsoft!) sneh (9)
dear god, these freaking monsters have no mercy zestyZuchini (4)
Electric Retard #14 is OUT! Michael B (0)
Sathy, what do you know about sharkfish (6)
Pet Peave - junk mail and regular mail Bot Berlin (12)
That'll teach her not to sneak out at night.. Wayne (15)
For Sat and others Bot Berlin (10)
SaveTheHubble -- Can you explain this comic? Michael B (11)
Why don't Islamo-fascists ever attack Chinese interests? Michael B (26)
75% of executives... not easy being CEO (0)
Speaking of Life to its Fullest: E cup is the new C cup son of parnas (13)
New headphones are on their way xampl (5)
I'd really like to suck on a big, fat YummyMommy (11)
What kids used to believe Rick Zeng/Tseng (9)
live life to its fullest sharkfish (11)
What's with all the fucking sharkfish (56)
oh shit. I actually know women with these traits sharkfish (16)
Waitress was excellent. son of parnas (1)
The good also lead better lives son of parnas (2)
Ugh.  SOOO not in the mood to go camping this weekend muppet (15)
I bought "Not Another Teen Movie" on DVD muppet (16)
Why Men Should Not Marry Michael B (28)
Microsoft's solution in search of a problem LH (25)
Dammit.  Why is it when I find a cool site sharkfish (6)
Cost Analysis of Vista's DRM Michael B (9)
Ok, so who uses Blender? JoC (4)
L Word sharkfish (0)
Interval Training <..> (25)
If this guy can get a date sharkfish (8)
Experience Over Stuff son of parnas (7)
muppet Bluebeard (1)
Flaming hot sex trollop (4)
Stop replying to spam posts with "spam", assholes muppet (6)
TB traveller xampl (13)
pfffft n00bs muppet (13)
Dear Philo muppet (26)
Dear JoC (and other infatuated with flip 3D in Vista) muppet (7)
Muppet sharkfish (12)
Ow Ow Ow OW OW muppet (19)
New form of terrorism: Spending $2 bills at Best Buy s (14)
Journalist standards on To Catch A Predator questioned... s (1)
Mmmmmmmmmmm tasty (0)
Im going to rebegin developing for Microsoft sneh (8)
Philo Bluebeard (7)
Pirate of the Caribe Was Confusing and Boring son of parnas (19)
So I'm going on just over 3 hours without charging the battery muppet (9)
May 29th, 2007
Nine Inch Nails: Year Zero - Two Week Review Michael B (7)
study finds that rich healthy people have good lives Practical Economist (6)
Anthony Flew joins Scott Adams in Debunking Global Warming baxter (3)
Clinton an outright socialist Bot Berlin (40)
Chairman Mao LIVES Michael B (2)
Graduation gift for veterinary technician Michael B (4)
What mp3 player do I want to buy for running? Michael B (16)
I just pulled muppet (8)
Is this murder? son of parnas (18)
So what kind of applications can I develop with facebook? son of parnas (2)
pics of the new baby muppet (13)
Best antivirus for windows? son of parnas (9)
How has Vista been so far for you? Bluebeard (13)
Google, bunch of bad a**es; new street view on google maps Bot Berlin (3)
Since Wii seems to be the preferred console here Ward (1)
damn those terrrists ... $-- (2)
For sharky Philo (7)
We had the sense to exterminate our indigineous population Michael B (32)
Philo, seriously muppet (37)
Sex with older women is better, says Benjamin Franklin son of parnas (7)
This is not a good sign muppet (18)
Scott Adams (Dilbert) on Global Warming -- 4 SaveTheHubble (19)
Health questions: Mr. Blank (9)
Is anyone here... JoC (0)
Catettiquette JoC (2)
Miss Universe Patrick (13)
The dangers of too much cleaning Another blank (12)
So is running a promotion where muppet (16)
Katrina still responsible for higher oil prices Michael B (11)
The Memorial Day Parade in my town was Disgusting muppet (19)
Dear Ward muppet (1)
Is Tinky Winky male or female? Bluebeard (10)
May 28th, 2007
Sigh.  These bitches sharkfish (16)
the people have spoker (JOS) JOSer (5)
Muppet is one hell of confused about my sexuality (2)
more Hasan Luongo (the PromoterForce guy) on getting fired Another blank (2)
google trends baxter (2)
Cindy Sheehan Calls it Quits politico (8)
How much living space do we need? A-Merrick-an-Girl (34)
[x]'s old (new) friday ritual Cot historian (4)
All your thoughts, passion, lust, wild imagination... Mr. Blank (3)
Drug fiend behavior Michael B (3)
Smoking Joe Camel Rick Zeng/Tseng (10)
I don't care how stupid anybody says this is sharkfish (42)
Reading an old disk with DoubleSpace compression Roman Werpachowski (29)
Tap or faucet? bon vivant (25)
phwooooaaaar! Bluebeard (2)
Hey, sharky! Sathyaish Chakravarthy (25)
Is your neighbor a terrorist? Another blank (3)
Crossover XKCD Ward (6)
An career for sharkfish Rick Zeng/Tseng (8)
The Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable xampl (5)
Difference between waters? Bot Berlin (16)
U.S. mass media blows Michael B (7)
i deleted my own post sharkfish (38)
How long is your commute? Ward (20)
whoa. my cat just sharkfish (9)
Hasan Luongo - the guy who was fired for working on his side biz (4)
I woke up sweating (1)
does the Iraq war threaten the rest of the middle east? politico (12)
London heads what are you reading for? (15)
100 words trollop (10)
May 27th, 2007
find your inner bi-sexual sharkfish (5)
Conradiction == Oxymoron? trollop (1)
The Wisdom Fallacy: Why Management Is Really Like Math Senthilnathan N.S. (4)
Dilbert creator's view on global warming A-Merrick-an-Girl (44)
your daily dose of ron paul zed (14)
All clear for companies to stop satisfying you son of parnas (8)
Aaron F. Stanton Phd. zed (7)
iGasm A-Merrick-an-Girl (1)
What does it mean 'to party'? Practical Economist (13)
The future trend of programmer's blogs LinuxOrBust (10)
The dangers of moonlighting xampl (21)
"boy did things fall about when Tayssir finally got lost" CoT historian (6)
9/11 conspiracy - smacking forehead Philo (6)
Organic beekeeping is better? Peter (5)
Are gays/lesbians way more sexual Bot Berlin (16)
the idiots are running the .... the detonation sparked a fire... (4)
A real holodeck (sort of) son of parnas (1)
Al Gore fucks it up again Philo (16)
Get to work Zimba! Michael B (4)
There is no conspiracy Practical Economist (29)
I woke up sweating IFiguredItOut (8)
May 26th, 2007
an example of lyrics that make no sense sharkfish (5)
sex with people at work sharkfish (22)
I love watching sharkfish (30)
Yahoo PHP test - So you know PHP? ;-) (24)
Saving A-merik-kan Grill the trouble m.m. (3)
global warming debate worldsSmartestProgrammer (51)
like a punch in the stomach m.m. (4)
Be careful what you wish for A-Merrick-an-Girl (4)
google more creeping evil m.m. (1)
lol mike arrington of techcrunch = shithead m.m. (0)
Zodiac (9)
One step closer to the abyss A-Merrick-an-Girl (no surprise) (3)
one thing I hate for example (6)
i want to be rich lesser known cot classics (1)
You'd better not be stupid if you play "Millionaire" in France.. bon vivant (2)
Experience is LinuxOrBust (1)
Review: The Runes of the Earth Ward (1)
Adsense on Crazy On Tap DF (15)
Serial StarCraft games starting at 6pm EDT tonight muppet (2)
Help me test my dumb ventrilo server muppet (2)
Who am I sharkfish (26)
I wonder if she got fired sharkfish (7)
Ads in Video Suck son of parnas (2)
KISS factor - nice! pradeep_tp (2)
Spiders on Drugs son of parnas (1)
Sharrk..Fiish LinuxOrBust (4)
May 25th, 2007
Revision Control Done Right Michael B (15)
Dear Geeks and/or Nerds muppet (3)
construction badass third blank (5)
LOL sharkfish (7)
I want an EnergyHog sharkfish (2)
Site Blocked from bugmenot? third blank (5)
Rosie is crazy, leaves view, discuss. Bot Berlin (7)
if there is anything cooler than this, I want it interviewed... worldsSmartestProgrammer (2)
it amazes me how people actually believe this shit... worldsSmartestProgrammer (2)
UK's first transgender mayor Rick Zeng/Tseng (2)
You must restart to complete this installation... Wayne (6)
Difference feminism? Rick Zeng/Tseng (5)
Bush looking to close Gitmo before leaves office (24)
So this is why I can't read a map... son of parnas (40)
Hello Luca (2)
Star Wars Virgins.. Wayne (4)
Happy Towel Day Ted the original (2)
House of Representatives decides we have too much oil... Peter (9)
I long for the day the Pentagon has to hold a bake sale Lurk Machine (3)
Democrats…find their souls and find their balls son of parnas (2)
Fortunately Nonmarital Sex is Not Ruining America son of parnas (30)
Painful code Clay Dowling (11)
For Hello. - Bay to Breakers A-Merrick-an-Girl (13)
What will you do on weekend? Patrick (22)
yeah, you guys are gonna love this Philo (1)
May 24th, 2007
Guy Who Looks Really Content Michael B (6)
Erotic imagery Michael B (3)
Mythical high cultures and science fiction sharkfish (15)
Astrology Michael B (16)
The cube Dan Denman (1)
how to lie to yourself for happiness and profit bitches (2)
prosecuted for a menage a trois sharkfish (17)
Are we really that bad Bot Berlin (12)
This falls under the - yagottabekiddinme dept. sharkfish (5)
WHY IN FUCK sharkfish (4)
Miss, Mrs. or Ms. ? xampl (15)
divorcees are ruining America! sharkfish (11)
Food categorization xampl (10)
self-monitoring the great purple (7)
MS is so full of it (sorry Philo) son of parnas (11)
Everything about it is a love song Bluebeard (0)
trashy euro hipster earworm du jour hello. (3)
Engine gunning - what to do? Regular Poster (16)
Cars should run on solid fuels Michael B (12)
Damn terrorists (14)
They're all dead. man on the stair (3)
There Can be Only One son of parnas (8)
So that's why they make minimum wage muppet (39)
Firefly sharkfish (15)
CA clean car program save $$ cut polution son of parnas (14)
Wha? sharkfish (9)
You gotta admit, the Nazis era Germans had a great style Proud to be Humbert (7)
I am buying this bike seat. muppet (16)
Funny is enclosed muppet (11)
So, we went to a local furniture place muppet (43)
Solution for poor diet of the poor! The Sperminator (15)
Wasps in my roof (12)
Is it OK to steal if you can get away with it? Locutus of Borg (14)
May 23rd, 2007
George Bush speaks to Jesus Practical Economist (2)
Wayne - how do you run a StarCraft server? muppet (14)
Shouldn't finite resources have infinite cost? Michael B (30)
This won't fly - trollop (2)
I knew this would happen muppet (5)
Why people still drive SUVs A-Merrick-an-Girl (60)
Lost Finale - Spoilers Mkembe Mkele (8)
Dont know how Britney can be anything but white trash Bot Berlin (10)
pop motivation bullshit qbert (5)
Dont get sick Bot Berlin (36)
Social Rejection Rick Zeng/Tseng (3)
google: looting the company? qbert (5)
need software recommendation sharkfish (19)
I can't stand that bitch Elisabeth on The View sharkfish (33)
Bar-tiquette A-Merrick-an-Girl (12)
Are you a terrorist? Practical Economist (20)
Damn sex offenders (16)
I'm not a member JoC (3)
Man arrested for stealing Wi-Fi A-Merrick-an-Girl (30)
Why Phil Valentine rocks JoC (5)
are jealousy and envy a like? AlACOL (5)
In other news... JoC (11)
My new dentist asked me "Is it safe?" Ouch my toofs (20)
While I'm thinking about it JoC (2)
Skirts Michael B (3)
Day 4 on Atkins and I feel like crap Atkins Dude (32)
What strikes me as funny about the spam here muppet (13)
Dell and Google now in the Spy Ware Biz son of parnas (16)
It's not just for kids son of parnas (5)
Are You Living In a Computer Simulation? son of parnas (14)
I feel like a toilet Bot Berlin (4)
Oh Crazy on Tap, I need the combined powers of your geekiness muppet (19)
Ah clients what are you reading for? (13)
Ive often thought that the 'cold war victory' was somewhat... worldsSmartestProgrammer (11)
Bush Declares Himself Emperor Practical Economist (14)
Putin's a bisexual? Rick Zeng/Tseng (3)
Ted Rall's tapped phone Practical Economist (9)
banging and being banged sharkfish (6)
May 22nd, 2007
Triumph of the Will Practical Economist (2)
Oooh. Diana Krall is putting me in the mood sharkfish (14)
We're going to plasticize ourselves into extinction A-Merrick-an-Girl (10)
Grrr Clay Dowling (5)
HipHop for CoT (NSFW) Bot Berlin (1)
MAJORLY impressed with Dell's phone support muppet (4)
Is it possible to calculate ROI of political donations? Michael B (3)
The morality of collecting rent Rick Zeng/Tseng (22)
Aging geeks xampl (5)
Mania (again) Michael B (35)
Someone was creating Banana bugs Rick Zeng/Tseng (5)
So what would YOU put in a tech support faq? sharkfish (3)
people continue to walk out in front of buses son of parnas (9)
Should Kansas even be a state? son of parnas (41)
Kinda funny JoC (4)
Truth stranger than fiction sharkfish (14)
A funny thing happened to me on the way to the forum man on the stair (3)
Photorealism JoC (4)
you dont fuck with the buffalo gang slinkysmooth (4)
One more race article for the road, see this one on Ron Paul Bot Berlin (39)
Lost finale dissapointing son of parnas (19)
How do you fix the world? son of parnas (26)
Portfolio JoC (7)
My dell order STILL says "In Production".  >:-( muppet (2)
Protest Songs trollop (8)
i like chinese Bluebeard (3)
sharkfish, do white men match your sexual taste? AlACOL (3)
Imagine that, graduated from second top school in country Bot Berlin (4)
Know your members of congress Bot Berlin (6)
May 21st, 2007
When running sharkfish (34)
"don'ts" sharkfish (9)
The proper way for a man to hit a woman Michael B (9)
A dream lay dying Bot Berlin (17)
Satan microwaved my baby (7)
illegals hurt america bob (15)
Mighty fine eatin' The Sperminator (0)
Being an Arrogant Little Shit Pays son of parnas (3)
There's no way in hell sharkfish (20)
I used to live in Rome and Paris, now I get excited when .. Carlos Castaneda (13)
sharkfish lady, what is your color? AlACOL (11)
something crazy for the summer sharkfish (24)
PE: What the heck? bon vivant (42)
the real reason I hate summer sharkfish (7)
Death by veganism sharkfish (40)
Do this as many times as you want or until something is damaged trollop (2)
No Wonder She Walked son of parnas (1)
Disabling right click with js what are you reading for? (9)
New illegal immigration amnesty thing, discuss Bot Berlin (21)
Saw the theatrical trailer for Transformers last night muppet (14)
He's really in trouble now xampl (3)
Bagged one The Sperminator (5)
Things to do at home when you are bored Full name (1)
my favourite data structure Bluebeard (14)
driving straight thru CT strawberry nights (12)
Flavor of Love: Charm School Michael B (1)
May 20th, 2007
jersey shit. pigs shits. 911 is a joke (1)
Pyramid Tales from Barsoum trollop (4)
what happened at bay to breakers today hello. (11)
Are chicken bones dangerous? Dogbert is my co-pilot (8)
Mr Invisible gets lucky RedditReportHotLineFlash (3)
One of you losers please try this sharkfish (6)
The real reason I'm watching Stargate Atlantis DVDs sharkfish (7)
Something in common Just a proposal (11)
Put a frog in your tank. trollop (3)
Halibut gonads can be a real blast. worldsSmallestViolin (2)
extra-terrestrial writings discovered worldsSmallestViolin (3)
Woman Dies in ER waiting room after being ignored for 90 mins Michael B (18)
More respect for the pimp that is Kucinich Bot Berlin (1)
the official country market just doesn't like uppity women. son of parnas (9)
Gone Phishing son of parnas (2)
I CRAVE YOUR INDULGENCE worldsSmallestViolin (4)
trying to understand who is sharkfish... AlACOL (5)
Concentration Camps for Muslims (47)
Men, keep your woman happy or it may go like this... son of parnas (27)
but black people don't accept me sharkfish (25)
WTF Dell muppet (7)
controlling apache indexing order Gue (2)
pres bush supports our troops (4)
this article reproduced in whole or in part from the (9)
too involved toronto guy (17)
Let's play name the muscle enhancer son of parnas (5)
May 19th, 2007
My daughter and I went and bought muppet (6)
How hard can you safely kick a cat? bon vivant (53)
Having let go sharkfish (18)
I miss tables son of parnas (11)
I called the police today sharkfish (57)
Sushi's latest muppet (6)
JoS slow as shit qbert (2)
Car accident Michael B (33)
Can you hear him now? A-Merrick-an-Girl (9)
advertising on the internet qbert (2)
e-bay/paypal ??? (12)
those mormons! traffic report (PRAISE GOD) (0)
Machinima xampl (2)
Credit Card Catastrophe trollop (1)
Bed Bug trollop (6)
Do schools kill creativity? son of parnas (2)
word of the day ZAP (2)
The Angry Born-Again Liberal Strikes Again Clay Dowling (12)
Al Gore is a bigger nerd than you Michael B (40)
Michael Moore Help His Biggest Nemesis Michael B (6)
Mr. Right, It Turns Out, Does Not Take Classes A-Merrick-an-Girl (12)
May 18th, 2007
need a good database design idea worldsSmallestViolin (14)
Jenna Jameson endorses Dan Denman (0)
gmail down sucks to be gmail user (4)
Way to run politics Bot Berlin (8)
next target: gonzales arg! (1)
Girl trouble Bluebeard (3)
ron paul this. blahty sweattowel (1)
Interesting Conversation on View son of parnas (2)
Came home early to find my wife... Michael B (21)
Ann Coulter - Still Crazy Clay Dowling (13)
Fraud Protection :( (6)
blasting some cob later tonight... hello. (4)
Nudists are the new terrorists xampl (7)
I just saw a video of that honor killing in Iraq Charlie Brown (36)
Err.. WTF??! muppet (3)
Holy shit people still worry about THIS?! muppet (6)
Mini google Bot Berlin (1)
computer programming is the problem hello. (69)
Bot Berlin's theme song sharkfish (0)
What to do with old unwanted PCs xampl (5)
Dear wSV - muppet (6)
The conclusion of the corn cob blasting saga, as told by email muppet (79)
GOOD!!!! muppet (15)
Ah, here comes the flood of job "offers" for sales positions muppet (12)
tax the rich bob (33)
Monumental blunderer of the day Bluebeard (4)
what the heck is a lol machine? kennyguitar (3)
Call to reclassify the Bible as an indecent publication Bluebeard (1)
Wolfowitz did not go down easy... Bluebeard (1)
I had no Idea vi could do all this stuff son of parnas (27)
May 17th, 2007
Ron Paul and libertarianisn worldsSmallestViolin (23)
jesus, fucking FOX are the most blatant, lying bastards... worldsSmallestViolin (2)
Funny, race defined Bot Berlin (3)
More Science on Why We are Such Shits to Each Other son of parnas (2)
wolfowitz is gone arg! (8)
Scoring with Indian women Michael B (16)
Well this isn't good Bot Berlin (10)
I just wanna say that sharkfish (5)
Best JoS post ever? Lurk Machine (5)
How many sandwiches before muppet will shag this? Bluebeard (11)
Local news outsourced to India JoC (8)
Barking mad philosopher of the day Bluebeard (4)
Too much to know with too little time Rick Zeng/Tseng (8)
LOL Cats gone very wrong Clay Dowling (15)
Whatcha workin' on? Full name (8)
SFW Michael B (6)
circulating the office sharkfish (3)
windows services question sharkfish (16)
Bring Back The Fairness Doctrine son of parnas (12)
Kid Fitness xampl (20)
We are hellbent on wishful thinking son of parnas (18)
My ear JoC (7)
If Giuliani is so good at protecting us, why did the attacks... son of parnas (22)
Humans at Risk from Alien Hunters son of parnas (9)
Top universities worth it? xampl (14)
Potential cure for cue balls, but I've got a better idea. Scott (8)
income inequality bob (33)
Bye Bye Wolfowitz? Bluebeard (9)
My drivers licence trollop (0)
Upper-class twit of the day Bluebeard (9)
sharkfish Bluebeard (3)
May 16th, 2007
Teflon vs stainless steel cooking naked (28)
Shrek 3 ward on a treo 700p (8)
I read this book Philo (10)
heh. worldsSmallestViolin (0)
The thing about ron paul is.. worldsSmallestViolin (40)
PSA: Pouring virgin sulfuric acid on one's self muppet (11)
Why is DDR2 so much cheaper than DDR? muppet (10)
Only he is lost who gives himself up for lost Bluebeard (1)
So this woman tonight says... Ajkky (8)
God Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything Bluebeard (11)
Controversial comment of the day. Bot Berlin (6)
heh, someone is hacking the debate poll (WHO DO YOU LIKE MOST?) worldsSmallestViolin (5)
Software conferences to attend? xampl (4)
Winning the war on child abuse Discuss/2 (28)
Or it could be the beetles son of parnas (3)
jesus, FOX was hardballing paul worldsSmallestViolin (8)
N-Tier in .Net 2.0 Kenny (2)
ear worm hello. (10)
The Foul Fummings of Falwell son of parnas (7)
New toy JoC (12)
Hubble Finds Ring Of Dark Matter son of parnas (16)
C# JoC (23)
High-testosterone people IdeaR (1)
Winning the war on crime Discuss... (47)
Job interview riddles xampl (15)
Logic of the Bush Whitehouse (6)
Spam, the new memorial garden The Sperminator (4)
I am jingalala jingalala ™ (4)
Strange person of the day Bluebeard (3)
Ron Paul:  We need the courage of a ronald raegan fundieFucker (6)
Calling bullshit Michael B (10)
You think your mother in-law is bad? Mine's a heroin addict Bolton (5)
May 15th, 2007
At least the GOP debate is making people uncomfortable Bot Berlin (16)
gonzales out of the news? bob (4)
Hi honey, how was work today? xampl (14)
WTF Archie comics muppet (12)
Allergies Bluebeard (14)
LOL, Sushi is quite the graceful dog. muppet (3)
Quantitative character analysis via the internet muppet (23)
Health sites cencored in China Rick Zeng/Tseng (1)
Hackers is on! Philo (14)
Stupid college schedule question muppet (15)
Words fail me  - Rove is fuct Philo (8)
Outing Tinky Winky is Jerry Falwell's legacy Bluebeard (5)
muppet don't become a nurse Bluebeard (42)
my hovercraft is full of eels Bluebeard (3)
A position for Sharkey Clay Dowling (9)
Ding dong the witch is DEAD! sharkfish (39)
who deletes posts on this forum? IdeaR (11)
Question... JoC (12)
Muppet sucks! IdeaR (8)
Interesting article africanparsley (4)
How does this forum work with post order? SK (9)
The Return Of The Jinga jingalala jingalala ™ (14)
PrBoom on linux Bot Berlin (5)
Jerry Falwell R.I.P. Full name (6)
Hopefully the Drug Pushing Male Hooker Will be Located son of parnas (14)
Anger that is powerless evolves quickly into depression. sharkfish (22)
heh. Jars sharkfish (1)
Yahoo email Full name (5)
"gender disparity" LeftWingPharisee (2)
The US Health Care Inversion Still Amazes Me son of parnas (15)
Daddy's Down SaveTheHubble (5)
black war sharkfish (7)
sharkfish/muppet are going healthy, I am becoming a fat f**k Bot Berlin (30)
I keep finding code that shouldn't work. Scott (14)
I have an appointment with my manager to discuss my "360 survey" muppet (54)
Zoob Bluebeard (12)
sharkfish Bluebeard (7)
When listening to music in public sharkfish (11)
I'd like to build a website to prove sharkfish (18)
It is 2 in the AM sharkfish (4)
Love those conservative courts son of parnas (5)
worst youtube video discovered to date hello. (5)
Undefeated Icehockeypokery trollop (0)
May 14th, 2007
Piedish trollop (1)
Don't you hate it when sharkfish (6)
katz bob (2)
"Sharky's Dildo" A-Merrick-an-Girl (15)
ways to read Lost strawberry beescuit (5)
Visionary in two sentences or less Philo (18)
META: Dana's post does not violate the rule in iFaq. Rick Zeng/Tseng (8)
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San Jose State Revifying in Second Life son of parnas (4)
An illustrated guide to GOP scandals son of parnas (1)
70's TV Show themes sharkfish (18)
Okay, the Wraith scare me sharkfish (15)
I wonder what they see in each other? son of parnas (17)
Deep Fried Testicles SaveTheHubble (14)
Is this 10 items or less? son of parnas (49)
I just had a funny idea but I'll never be able to do it muppet (14)
When MS Jumped the Shark son of parnas (16)
I had a kid (0)
Wayne, please remove Colm as moderator muppet (33)
More Generals Agains Bush son of parnas (3)
my friend is having a kid. hello. (12)
Kid Stuff trollop (1)
Since you're bummed about that pastor's $4M tax-free house... hello. (15)
May 13th, 2007
Dick Taters trollop (0)
One way in which MSN is superior to Google Impractical Economist (3)
Link for Muppet xampl (6)
Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) == Bad for Amer w/ Disabi? zed (22)
The aforementioned mother's day gift muppet (12)
Design for the Other 90% son of parnas (1)
My daughter and I in Boston yesterday muppet (9)
Neocons == Conservatives to me son of parnas (12)
Are tabs better than menus or buttons? son of parnas (9)
It's time to remove the training wheels son of parnas (11)
Straws in the wind trollop (0)
What is it with anal? Ajkky (31)
Ah, the simple pleasures... Bluebeard (1)
May 12th, 2007
Prosperity Theology, you've got to be kidding me... Wayne (56)
Do not attempt to eat your Wiimote xampl (0)
i wuv this song sharkfish (7)
Face-thoven sharkfish (1)
definition of sociopath funny, death (4)
more moral Qs snarko (7)
Skywalkers Coss Han Solo! Peter (2)
Often I consider it Lotti Fuehrscheim (0)
Acidly Scorpion Jugged-Earwig Putrescent bon vivant (2)
google ted talk ted (0)
funny Full name (2)
google ted talk ted (0)
a thought grim 911 (0)
Sent to collections by shady employer! Michael B (18)
a thought unbreakable (2)
Confidence sharkfish (17)
Pachelbel Rant sharkfish (5)
Rube Goldberg xampl (4)
daddy daddy down fuck joel (0)
90 minutes of intelligent debate ipmal (7)
careful observation watcher (2)
todays moral Q the ether is tasty (12)
LOL burn this shithole down (7)
does anyone give a shit about michael b? seeking consensus (8)
Sleep sex Michael B (4)
They Found Superman's Fortress of Solitude son of parnas (7)
the source of my discontent demo dave (4)
the trouble with literally grammarian (2)
a little update from space katz tracker (4)
sarky... passey fan (0)
This is Rape son of parnas (10)
Women are designed to be tag-teamed Michael B (5)
May 11th, 2007
NASA searching for Spock's homeworld Philo (4)
great photo pho-toe (0)
Hey sharky Philo (1)
jackie\'s commenters turn against here funny stuff (0)
perljax? webhead (2)
Last ever episode of Battlestar Galactica - here's what happens (3)
DickLESS Cheney is at it again, threatining Iran Dan Denman (0)
neat site demo dave (3)
thanks. demo dave (0)
wsv ,..., (3)
thanks. demo dave (0)
I want my voice heard. 1 demo dave (1) sharkfish (11)
Jakarta ISAPI Jakarta (2)
So Who Else Is Freebasing? Kenny (3)
Pickup tips 101 Bot Berlin (31)
Gotta love web 2.0 Bot Berlin (3)
What D&D character type are you? xampl (18)
What does it take to make your girl jealous? sharkfish (15)
The question is sharkfish (15)
My Flag is at Half Mast son of parnas (16)
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For mother's day/her birthday, I got my wife muppet (17)
Let's get acquainted Adam-Smith (4)
What do you think of this new way of reading? son of parnas (13)
The Collective Unconscious of Google Made of Shadow son of parnas (38)
The Department of Counter-Productivity ipmal (9)
Damn you FX! Philo (0)
Meta:  the role of moderating on CoT A-Merrick-an-Girl (26)
gonzales gotta go politico (7)
What's in a name? trollop (4)
Where's my $10 million? DF (6)
I recant the google MBA thing... hello. (10)
Jane Fonda molesting Stephen Colbert Michael B (10)
May 10th, 2007
Biting: The New Oral? Michael B (18)
passey report (final?) celery (8)
Lighten up Occam (0)
What's the deal with Aaron Swartz? Michael B (11)
what does m Uncle pussy (9)
Nature is not your friend Michael B (16)
fogcreek 6 schedule JOSer (2)
Do they look fat to you? sharkfish (29)
What do you think? JAPH (2)
Bush is MEAN politico (4)
Speaking of Paris Hilton Dan Denman (3)
I have come to conclusion Mike the patriot (13)
more matter less art JOSer (0)
Who are the moderators? demo dave (1)
I love the change is bad backlash JOSer (1)
Joel's Definition of Bayes Rule JOSer (3)
Joel's Next Project JOSer (11)
inheritance don't speculate (4)
"Death of a President" Full name (2)
I often wonder sharkfish (2)
and you should see her MySpace page sharkfish (24)
Google's Bonfire of MBAs son of parnas (2)
If I looked like this... sharkfish (18)
anybody see Wicked? sharkfish (5)
Life is short. sharkfish (13)
Microwaved Sweet Potato sharkfish (13)
IMPORTANT: Paris Hilton Is Too Beautiful For Jail, Says She sharkfish (26)
Joost on the front page of Digg sharkfish (6)
Heh. Bush killed Tony Blair's career, too sharkfish (11)
Who is the religious left? son of parnas (17)
Meanwhile, in other news... el (3)
Chip & PIN credit cards xampl (11)
Bush's poodle to step down el (14)
our host shows his true colors factor (6)
Rumsfeld? Don Rumsfeld? Donald Rumsfeld? But, why? Oh! Why? (100 + 85)/2 (8)
Dear Abby, (4)
Who is your Mike Tyson's left nut (4)
May 9th, 2007
my cat is bitching at me sharkfish (13)
Why do number theorists get hard over prime numbers? Michael B (12)
Did I sleep through it (10)
This looks beautiful on me right now sharkfish (3)
repent demo dave (1)
hello's brain tumor concerned cotter (3)
last post for the night... bob (2)
SaveTheHubble Masiosare (2)
a post in the style of Sop bob (3)
Giuliani trashes his chances? bob (10)
Interesting thought. (0)
Some science that NEEDS to be suppressed RexAdventure (6)
Real-world physics problem Siddhartha Vicious (5)
Star Wars Lines Improved by Substituting the Word “Pants" son of parnas (6)
This is Who We Need as a Moderator son of parnas (3)
online dating and starbucks strawberry beescuit (10)
I just went down in the basement a little while ago muppet (13)
AdSense tycoons Philo (2)
Your favorite chewing gum sharkfish (7)
Sabbath Elevator demands sharkfish (19)
Geriatric Sex? sharkfish (4)
If I Had a Billion Dollars Practical Economist (14)
More IE7 Beta spam/malware Full name (1)
failing sharkfish (5)
I look forward to commentary on this little number sharkfish (33)
Signs are Not Labels son of parnas (13)
why you should never use the transporter on the Enterprise sharkfish (4)
black and white iwan (0)
Househeads? sharkfish (13)
Please help! JaneGirl (10)
Junior coder comments xampl (4)
I want some stories sharkfish (15)
I got an estimate yesterday for corn-cob blasting my house muppet (27)
Would you kick OJ out? xampl (16)
Don't know if I can make it thru work today. Too bored .. Papillon (13)
So is it dairy hormones, or GM crops, or what? muppet (20)
Very hot Vietnamese chick from work is hitting on me big time Fred Vom Jupiter (8)
Fucking help. muppet (24)
Universal Health Care in the US: how would you implement it? muppet (62)
To all you married/long term relationship people Bluebeard (17)
dear CoT relationship advisor post 193 hello. (27)
Bot circa 1997 Bot Berlin (6)
Excellent Fark Headline son of parnas (0)
awww. sharkfish (8)
Science Proves Astrology is Real! Practical Economist (16)
Alternadad sharkfish (10)
May 8th, 2007
Today's accompolishments Dan Denman (1)
How do I get TV shows off the internet? son of parnas (15)
where is everybody sharkfish (15)
eHarmony sharkfish (13)
Blood In, Blood Out sharkfish (0)
Evidence of how stupid I was when I was 20 sharkfish (19)
Prophetic quotes: Damn (1)
The Christian freakshow - again! Bluebeard (8)
there is considerable overlap between the dumbest campers... son of parnas (0)
Where do you stand on the univeral healthcare debate Bot Berlin (25)
Curious search results: Clay Dowling (2)
something about this story rings badly slinkyjones (3)
Selling you out is free speech. son of parnas (14)
Did you know gluten is bad for you?!!? Michael B (35)
How can photons repel each other? son of parnas (31)
100,000 JoC (13)
That's One Hell of an Explosion son of parnas (23)
Animal Activists Got It All Wrong son of parnas (11)
Kettlebells xampl (8)
Extreme environmentalism? (11)
May 7th, 2007
Pro gun and anti abortion Dan Denman (15)
The 'l' key on my laptop is not responding 50% of the time muppet (31)
A reason to exercise/lose weight that you'll actually care about Michael B (9)
Sidebar XYZZY (3)
Paul Graham the Idiot son of parnas (18)
Are You in the Minority? son of parnas (3)
muppets trolldar is both impressive and boring slinkyjones (8)
Speaking of redistribution JoC (23)
The 21st century may be a century of redistribution of work son of parnas (9)
Sit on my face muppet (2)
Bot lack of self-control part II Bot Berlin (31)
Easy half million to be sure (2)
With Age Comes Wisdom son of parnas (20)
Why will Gas be $4 a Gallon? son of parnas (16)
This site just made me cum a little bit muppet (1)
I just saw Spiderman 2 this weekend muppet (9)
AACS lawyers have mission impossible Bluebeard (30)
Now, which regular does this song apply to? *chuckle* Bluebeard (2)
Bill Moyers with Jon Stewart ipmal (5)
Don't Get It son of parnas (13)
May 6th, 2007
America is just as retarded as it has ever been Michael B (3)
Bare-bones hosting packages? Old-time JoS poster, now retired (3)
Sarkozy has won Asian contingent of COTers (4)
"Real Estate in a recession" Peter (12)
done at disney, on the cruise ward on a treo 700p (0)
Niggers: why is the word censored? Michael B (18)
The House Resolution on Impeachment submitted last week ... Dennis Kucinich (2)
How to block access to myspace? Tired parent (30)
Edwards and the $400 hair cut politico (23)
We’re shifting from a Gaussian world to a Paretian world son of parnas (11)
Spiderman 3 xampl (13)
Billg the Bully son of parnas (7)
Internet is the Next Great Satan son of parnas (8)
The Zen of CSS Design: Visual Enlightenment for the Web bob (1)
Reagan & Clinton over Lincoln? politico (14)
May 5th, 2007
Notes on a Scandal sharkfish (4)
Balance Bars sharkfish (10)
"need" a tablet PC for school muppet (19)
people who live in condos on CoT? hello. (22)
did I handle this well or act like a nut? hello. (29)
I just called to complain sharkfish (28)
How a MINI gets made xampl (2)
gay hip hop sharkfish (7)
GOOG vs MSFT sockpickr (0)
old broad voice hello. (4)
Can you guess the usability bug? Impractical Economist (2)
Blog spam xampl (0)
Ooh-la-la! Billx (3)
reddit sweet video this is a sad sad song about lea (8)
guillian watch 740 GMAT (2)
can anyone write a thread Miok W. Su (6)
Jon Messner Miok W. Su (2)
It's impossible for the M to set up MFF threesomes Michael B (6)
helping the poor Miok W. Su (4)
hey guys (3)
federal court (6)
Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell's ancestor found Dan Denman (2)
Another Al Quaida video Philo (16)
the one where Billx forgets he is on JoS not CoT (2)
Can I Download Thunderbird Msg w/o Downloading the Attachment? TU (ThunderbirdUser) (1)
merger that didn't work: kinko-fedex (13)
I think I'm allergic to sharkfish (28)
Sheryl Crow Dan Denman (11)
May 4th, 2007
How Dilbert got started? trollop (1)
Nice dimples xampl (5)
There is a pray for the country, Paris Hilton will go to jail Bot Berlin (10)
Sugar, sugar trollop (4)
bob is the man bob (0)
Photoshop help sharkfish (5)
I'm up to level 8 sharkfish (17)
Home decorating Michael B (10)
sex has no mystery sharkfish (22)
lolita complex inevitable sharkfish (11)
Protecting democracy? (28)
Marketplace is rational is a farce son of parnas (6)
Men are all about the family son of parnas (4)
Microsoft buying Yahoo? DF (17)
New Century xampl (2)
To muppet and sharkfish Bluebeard (5)
lifan cracks down Laugh a minute (6)
To all you religious nuts Tapiwa (17)
Best Buy Bots - Legal issues John Aitken (4)
Is there  truthful coverage on earth? OSfllwr (1)
Dallas lost to Golden State (4)
10 Bottles of Republicans on the Wall...Buy One Down... son of parnas (13)
Sarcasm Mark Wayne (3)
May 3rd, 2007
Im racist fundieFucker (15)
Anyone watching Heros? son of parnas (11)
how to get things done bob (3)
is the republican debate going to be idiots rule (3)
Monocle - National Geographic meets The Economist (sort of) possibly maybe (3)
"people tend to be extremely similar in their vulgar and... " (2)
uh oh. sharkfish (7)
Botsite JoC (5)
HPV vaccine isn't covered by health insurance? Michael B (6)
Call Nancy and tell her how you feel!!!! sharkfish (6)
How far along is the FruitShow bayes classifier? lifan (4)
Ethical Dilemma (not from a book) JoC (23)
Radical New Transport for Email Delivery son of parnas (2)
Constitutions and Iraq Rick Zeng/Tseng (3)
Seriously.  What will I do without broccoli????!?!?!?!? sharkfish (11)
Do You Know Why Cannibals don't eat clowns? son of parnas (12)
Let's discuss muppet's yearning sharkfish (13)
I don't think so son of parnas (6)
Anyone going to watch the republican debate Bot Berlin (16)
Bush is right. Part 2 Rick Zeng/Tseng (6)
Bush has it right son of parnas (15)
Should we ban eyewitness testimony? son of parnas (11)
Watching TV by computer? son of parnas (6)
Man Days Calculation. Any Ideas? mISV (16)
I just took a MASSIVE shit muppet (6)
lifan you freak Lenny (10)
Daddy's house is down Locutus of Borg (4)
Oracle and J2EE on Linux or Win2003? Locutus of Borg (9)
everybody have fun tonight! Bluebeard (0)
over it. hello. (4)
Teething troubles trollop (0)
Find Your Fetish fundieFucker (10)
any photography experts out there? zestyZucchini (9)
Eat the rich Philo (33)
Credit scores -- FICO algorithm? Michael B (8)
May 2nd, 2007
Why does MSG have a bad reputation? Michael B (8)
Day without white people sharkfish (37)
Tools for writer Jon S (8)
Disney day 4 ward on a treo 700p (5)
Thinking is very hard work. son of parnas (2)
What time is it? son of parnas (13)
Elaine Pagels on the Gospel of Judas son of parnas (4)
U.S. millionaire households TNS report (2)
Spray painting unwanted visitors xampl (4)
kung-fu baby snap it (0)
Motivation JoC (5)
Existentialism Rick Zeng/Tseng (15)
Two interesting project ideas Bot Berlin (13)
Milan - Manchester United Latino (6)
an argument in favour of gun ownership fundieFucker (4)
Daddy just upgraded the forums DaddyLovesU (3)
Things I dont understand about the medical industry Bot Berlin (26)
God is a Quantum Computer Kenny (11)
Ugh JoC (3)
ROTFL muppet (1)
Sushi's at the vet this morning to be neutered muppet (12)
Wouldn't the US be better if Just a proposal (61)
God does not exist Tapiwa (42)
Science is wrong (15)
anyone use 2wire for net access? $-- (1)
Canucks lost Rick Zeng/Tseng (2)
Online communities map trollop (4)
digg has gone away zestyZucchini (0)
interesting image zestyZucchini (3)
digg users in full scale revolt Michael B (6)
Wow, the Digg revolt is on. Wayne (5)
May 1st, 2007
Day without Mexicans Lurk Machine (3)
Jupiter Little Red Spot son of parnas (2)
tech world like a high school popularity contest? bob (6)
Is it wrong that muppet (5)
a note from paul wolfowitz bob (13)
Natural Cheetos xampl (4)
dear CoT relationship advisor... hello. (16)
I've just been invited sharkfish (5)
bread. again. sharkfish (0)
Now I know why I'm an atheist Bluebeard (18)
Imagine looking like this sharkfish (10)
I just asked my SO sharkfish (16)
is this real? sharkfish (1)
Dell selects Ubuntu for consumers Well, I didn't know (5)
"Nailing the bride" sharkfish (20)
Bible v. logic sharkfish (29)
how does one go about the great purple (2)
When men find C/D cups repulsive sharkfish (24)
Do you let them in? son of parnas (35)
Absolute rule: health comes first Michael B (19)
Ever had Absinthe? son of parnas (18)
I feel a tad guilty sharkfish (19)
Strange Image: Bill Kristol Calling Someone Crybaby son of parnas (2)
A game most netters could win son of parnas (1)
Thought about military Bot Berlin (9)
Let's talk about... xampl (7)
The cost of pants what are you reading for? (3)
Obese Lesbians - a Source of Pride? Practical Economist (35)
The Golden Guide Hallucinogenic Plants son of parnas (3)