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May 31st, 2012
Judge Alsup Rules APIs Not Protected By Copyright Wayne (33 comments)
Celebrating psychos df (7)
Agile for Enterprises Troglodyte (1)
So how's the wife? Still dead? LH (5)
Is this satire? df (10)
Marriage Tax Fan boy (22)
May 30th, 2012
Constitutional Flaw - Electoral College? Fan boy (22)
My other problem with Facebook Bot Berlin (11)
Obama's kill list NoBama (42)
US Constitution flaws Shylock (18)
New JavaScript framework Some dude on the 'net (2)
What do you read into this? Bot Berlin (1)
25 people shot in Chicago overnight xampl9 (7)
Why don't they just charge him with stealing US secrets? Bot Berlin (18)
Samsung Galaxy S II, or HTC Vivid for my wife? muppet (7)
You guys are right, the IT market is thriving in metro centers muppet (7)
Are you a schemer? Andrew B. (40)
Missing Sync for Android muppet (4)
Birth Registration Idiot (14)
"911 laws" eek (17)
Samsung Galaxy SIII Quant (9)
May 29th, 2012
What castles can teach you about web security hoyza (18)
Thermodynamics fail xampl9 (25)
Leakey on Evolution SaveTheHubble (23)
FB on way to $10 Idiot (32)
Report from my wife today muppet (8)
Half man is dead Shylock (9)
May 28th, 2012
dark vs light vaginas Idiot (22)
CoT review, Facebook phone Bot Berlin (16)
The New King of Identity Theft - Google MobyDobie (41)
May 27th, 2012
Zombie apocalypse beginning Somebody (7)
"Chickens are the zucchini of the animal world" Fan boy (17)
worst business idea ever Idiot (33)
Cash withdraw stampede on EUR? Io (101)
DUIZ Idiot (1)
May 26th, 2012
Astronauts: Love the New Car Smell! Idiot (6)
May 25th, 2012
Are there... Bot Berlin (12)
Non-coding driven development Bot Berlin (48)
dragon berthing from now to noon Idiot (13)
FB worth $14 says analyst Idiot (22)
Leap Motion controller is cool, may get hot. trollop (6)
May 24th, 2012
fb funny eek (1)
Why can't you google FB posts? xampl9 (13)
Facebook is not worth $100bn PigPen (15)
War is not nice PigPen (26)
Leaving USA (for tax reasons?) PigPen (40)
A wonderful clarifying thought indirectly about energy Shylock (2)
At last, an honest conservative Shylock (5)
Facebook IPO unfairness Part II Kenny (9)
So, seeing as my gmail account is just my name muppet (17)
I'll Gladly Pay You Tuesday Flasher T (51)
dailymail has good article headlines Idiot (9)
May 23rd, 2012
High stakes gambling and fairness Bot Berlin (32)
Is Diablo 3 any good? Bot Berlin (8)
Eclipse 2012 Fan boy (7)
So glad you aren't selling this, muppet xampl9 (3)
A shout out to a great PM Shylock (14)
I was wrong, I don't have Ice Cream Sandwich muppet (4)
investors suing that profits weren't guaranteed Idiot (14)
Java is safe once again Idiot (2)
Price quotation curiosity Io (15)
Wayne, not sure if serious muppet (12)
Bottom feeders. xampl9 (14)
Moon rocks might be returned to Nicaragua xampl9 (2)
Got an HTC One X. AMA. Flasher T (20)
11 ways to motivate geeks... CircusAttraction (27)
Career Objective WTF Io (7)
OK, Android is clunky and kludgy still muppet (27)
today's google doodle eek (14)
May 22nd, 2012
absurd tale on FB $100 M customer Idiot (17)
Designing web forms in .NET Howard (7)
Understanding Chemistry Diagrams jings (11)
interviewer fail ... eek (2)
John Carter now profitable Idiot (18)
FB down 27% Idiot (15)
Gootorola Rick, idiot version (4)
Well, I put my iPhone on CL muppet (25)
Pubic Affairs xampl9 (4)
Some people take Lego affection too far xampl9 (13)
Facebook schadenfreude Kenny (33)
commas eek (27)
Best Fuck You, ever Shylock (47)
Diagram Venn, it is xampl9 (2)
Getting pretty tempted to sell my iPhone and get muppet (25)
NY police, best police Idiot (9)
Cool optical illusion Wayne (3)
May 21st, 2012
Onions toxic to dogs? Fan boy (26)
New Rule Bot Berlin (3)
Powerscript: Why? Fan boy (9)
life goes on, doesn't it sharkfish (28)
Finally caved and got a smartphone Kenny (8)
Supreme Count: $675,000 fine against teen downloader reasonable Idiot (4)
MyBank Attila (7)
Social micro labor next big thing? xampl9 (12)
"I viewed the profiles of those who clicked the ads" Idiot (20)
Minecraft for 360 muppet (5)
Called to settle up our fuel oil account muppet (13)
May 20th, 2012
Our citronella tiki torch broke muppet (9)
Does it hurt? Bot Berlin (5)
college degrees lead to poverty Idiot (2)
Ron Paul wins Minnesota, loses Georgia Idiot (7)
May 19th, 2012
Overweight vegan xampl9 (24)
interesting resignation letter Idiot (6)
Luck Bot Berlin (1)
pay for interns Idiot (19)
Is drudge racist? Bot Berlin (88)
More facts, look at the details Bot Berlin (13)
Technical skills df (11)
Will gas hit $8 a gallon this summer? Idiot (14)
Spacex launches real soon now Bill42x (31)
pastebin is the new wikleaks Idiot (0)
May 18th, 2012
Zynga stock ride today Idiot (0)
Obama was born in Kenya until 2007 Idiot (19)
Mankind's remotest relative Attila (1)
So, it's a start muppet (18)
Who is making more now than 10 years ago? Idiot (11)
Monetizing interest profiles of most of Earth's net users Idiot (22)
They're out of the Gate! Idiot (36)
google maps for the roman empire Idiot (11)
how to get a raise Idiot (24)
Specification of non-functional requirements Shylock (31)
Besides luck, what traits do you need to become rich? Kenny (60)
Today's your chance to buy FB stock xampl9 (8)
So, Romney's also an idiot Shylock (4)
46 % Dems: The Rich aren't a benefit society at all Morons (15)
May 17th, 2012
Did Obama lie on his resume in 1991 too? Bot Berlin (7)
Caucasian is the new minority bpd (8)
Did you see Cruise on W mag cover? 17.5.2012 (12)
SMS spam xampl9 (1)
Room temperature superconductor xampl9 (11)
4,700 Potentially Hazardous Asteroids SaveTheHubble (3)
What topics TED talk organisers choose to censor Quant (24)
May 16th, 2012
Apple df (23)
Google did what? Bot Berlin (0)
I am a Software Engineer. CircusAttraction (40)
Interesting direction in database scalability Troglodyte (24)
True Blood (TruBlood?) muppet (16)
Hilarious Zynga quote Idiot (17)
Coding Judge says RangeCheck is not patentable Idiot (31)
Gold in bear market territory Kenny (32)
Facebook as ad distribution medium Idiot (10)
May 15th, 2012
More bullshit we tell ourselves Shylock (27)
The other Nakba Shylock (47)
Apple's enveloping reality distortion field Idiot (4)
Paul still in it Paulist (11)
Placebo Effect eek (11)
The Connection Game Attila (3)
Hollande's first day at the office Heroic Hacker (11)
Talk Driven Development Bot Berlin (12)
Swearing Io (0)
Copy/paste from HTML pages on windows Bot Berlin (11)
1000 years of Europe in timelapse Attila (36)
HERE is the ripoff artist you ought to be pissed at, Quant muppet (11)
2012 Salary Guide for Creative and Technology Professionals Kenny (18)
Don't learn to code vs Learn to code Kenny (7)
Code refactoring Io (8)
My new storefront is getting a lot of traffic from muppet (37)
Ron Paul is out Idiot (4)
May 14th, 2012
A Beautiful Brain Fan boy (18)
How long until the Euro ends? Shylock (32)
Ron Paul ends campaign, reddit thinks he is the top contender Bot Berlin (12)
Europe is turning left Attila (31)
Ferrari xampl9 (2)
This is really interesting muppet (9)
Oh God, there IS a Hell muppet (27)
So has gmail been a big shit sandwich for anybody else muppet (3)
May 13th, 2012
Yahoo! CEO is out xampl9 (19)
Why this four-year old child HAD to be patted-down by TSA agents Quant (13)
May 12th, 2012
Question for our Antipodean friends Shylock (11)
I might be a free agent by next week Bot Berlin (15)
May 11th, 2012
Storm Wayne (3)
Things do change over time. Shylock (1)
What is the longest you've stayed at a job? Mike (25)
Evil in Germany Bot Berlin (13)
This is a little unfair. Bot Berlin (21)
The English Language In 24 Accents Io (7)
May 10th, 2012
Some finished pieces muppet (16)
Presidential choices Mind inquiry (16)
Bigelow deploying BA330 inflatable space houses Idiot (3)
А́нна Ча́пман spoiler (2)
Is the bubble here? xampl9 (10)
Romney's history of beating gays becomes liability Idiot (23)
Photoshop CS5.5's critical vulnerabilities. Idiot (2)
Mitt Romney--closet case Shylock (1)
RIP Stallman 1953-2012 Idiot (14)
Facebook on the rocks, may fail Idiot (5)
"You have a very good chance,.." nugreen (33)
New Web Document on Brogrammers Idiot (24)
any good podcasts? lemonhead (14)
Congress looking at brogrammer threat to US Idiot (10)
Car windshield GPS Kenny (8)
Good code Kenny (35)
The Avengers (might be spoilers) xampl9 (5)
Startling new trend -- off-shore developers! df (26)
"an initiation ceremony that went wrong" Quant (3)
May 9th, 2012
Software Inspections - Part II hoyza (24)
Firing journalists Idiot (18)
Velocity what are you reading for? (6)
King Tut's raider, Howard Carter, 138 SaveTheHubble (24)
Polish Dentist story was Daily Mail BS Idiot (8)
works in progress muppet (21)
Mathematically impossible to pay off US debt eek (47)
Inmate No. 11593-051 beating Obama in Dem primary Idiot (21)
May 8th, 2012
Question re Canada Alfred (10)
MIPS and Android df (8)
I so hope this is true Heroic Hacker (7)
Piracy is Marketing Idiot (33)
China expels journalists Idiot (8)
Has anyone worked with Joomla? confused (13)
Game of Thrones was awesome last night muppet (9)
The end of Castle (Spoilers) Fan boy (3)
TFS does unexpected things xampl9 (29)
"We don't have to worry about him anymore." Quant (23)
Uno and copyright __monty__ (15)
Brogrammers are ruining computing for women Idiot (15)
NoScript and FireFox 12 less is more (5)
Octomom update Idiot (4)
May 7th, 2012
I'm tired of Ajax sites xampl9 (9)
Android is dead Rick, idiot version (12)
DVD playback is extra in Windows8 trollop (14)
Big Bang Theory (spoiler) xampl9 (3)
Diablo 3 JoC (9)
Brogrammers the great purple (23)
C99 is dead Idiot (10)
Groupon Pivoting to become OS vendor Idiot (20)
Ron Paul - Still Has Won Iowa Idiot (0)
Is the New York Times a lying sack of shit? Idiot (2)
Nancy Pelosi: let's Amend the Fist Amendment.. Put in exceptions A Kinder, Gentler, Humble Morons (56)
More attempts at "mainstream" jewelry muppet (27)
Hollande won, Krugman approves Lee (1)
Ron Paul wins Iowa Idiot (5)
May 6th, 2012
Quiz: Are you a Paul supporter? Idiot (6)
Sunday Pinup Idiot (2)
NYC Cop rapes protestor then breaks her wrist to silence her lemonhead (7)
Apple security "blunder" or massive incompetency? Idiot (6)
Ron Paul wins Maine Idiot (0)
Ron Paul wins Nevada Idiot (2)
NASA's really gone downhill since Apollo Idiot (4)
May 5th, 2012
HOAs vs. Solar Panels xampl9 (17)
Nevada update Idiot (7)
I'm Sorry Dave, I Can't Let You Post That Idiot (7)
Optimistic posts about the software field for a change not yet jaded (7)
reddit drama reddit geek (6)
The Avengers SaveTheHubble (2)
The Microsoft Store xampl9 (4)
Thinking of quitting IT to become a CSI Gumbo (9)
Clash of the Civilizations Io (7)
May 4th, 2012
latest internet shaming Idiot (4)
Bookstore Censorship Idiot (10)
In times like these df (5)
FBI: non-facebook providers need to provide backdoors Idiot (1)
"Quantum physics is bunk"-Einstein, Schrödinger, Dirac, Penrose Idiot (11)
Can anyone compete with Facebook? Idiot (31)
So, I'm going to Connecticon with my jewelry muppet (10)
Romney's $8.5 billion ponzi scam Idiot (3)
Facebook: "We think we are worth 3x more than Google" Idiot (9)
May 3rd, 2012
Solid Potato Salad Fan boy (5)
Confederate Hate Speech Idiot (4)
Wow, Idiot may not be such an idiot after all... Bassanio's Creditor (19)
Lying about having a degree Idiot (14)
Heavier cars are less maneuverable Idiot (45)
Russia threatens to nuke the US Idiot (39)
Awesome quote re: hobo cops df (5)
Where the f* do you go with a career in IT anymore? Ok_Now_What (50)
Game of Thrones vs American elections Bluebeard (7)
please stop reading Idiot (12)
May 2nd, 2012
Ron Paul takes lead in race Idiot (3)
Rock Band for the iPhone Idiot (9)
So when you get caught breaking the law, lobby to get it tossed Peter (22)
Papal support of the Confederacy Bassanio's Creditor (19)
peeve: news links that are video only Idiot (14)
Last cavalry charge in history Quant (16)
drink your urine to survive Idiot (14)
dumbass chrome eek (3)
Motherboard for Ron Paul fans Quant (0)
beware of polish dentists Idiot (9)
FBI == al Qaeda Idiot (2)
May 1st, 2012
WindowsXP Bot Berlin (32)
MILF Depravity Mëtäl Ümläüt (11)
Upper limit on MPG Q (45)
One good thing about Obama Bot Berlin (13)
What was the deal with "Henry & June"? Q (3)
Users dump OMGPOP App after Zynga acquisition Idiot (9)
Going to need a Weedpass Attila (15)
pinterest df (11)
Aw, you gotta see this SaveTheHubble (1)
Apple Gatekeeper xampl9 (2)
Is saying jew, bad? Bot Berlin (9)
Piracy is de facto legal in Canada Rich Tsang (7)
The art of not reading, applied to businesses Io (14)