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May 31st, 2013
The road to hell Shylock (35 comments)
Great Comments on Amy's Baking Company FB Page Bored Bystander (0)
What's for lunch today? df (42)
But how many years of walnut do you have? CircusAttraction (34)
t-shirt xampl9 (Windows Phone) (1)
Life stages of companies doing their own IT Quant (5)
I  ♥  NZ trollop (7)
Stephen Hawkings = lazy? MobyDobie (6)
bitcoin will no longer be anonymous Idiot (7)
Why Michael O'Hare left Babylon 5 Wayne (5)
May 30th, 2013
If anyone wants to do algorithm work in NYC Shylock (29)
"I am not certain." Legion (20)
Free airline tickets Legion (11)
prison is f'ed up R. (0)
Blown away by the FBI trollop (8)
2yr old dead Gunbot (0)
3rd grader prepared to defend himself Gunbot (1)
cops brutalize nigga for "looking at them funny" Idiot (10)
I'm too sexy for ... PigPen (17)
Palestinians playing with a sneak Dan (1)
Flat Design and Metro Bored Bystander (24)
Setting Boundaries at the workplace hoyza (11)
Return of the start button brone (16)
Idiot/Pig Pen/Hoyza vs. Hubble/Muppet/Quant Vince McMahon (17)
Why Voyager is way better than DS9 ZzBot Guy (12)
I have know idea ZzBot Guy (3)
new girl programmer Idiot (18)
May 29th, 2013
Now I feel old xampl9 (4)
A 100 table database is hardly complex. It is teeny tiny in term R. (18)
The ire of the beholder trollop (0)
Jon-Stewart-DESTROYS-what-s-left-o f-Peggy-Noonan-s-credibility R. (1)
reddit samuel l jackson censorship reddit reporter (9)
Spelling Bee xampl9 (Windows Phone) (4)
Retrospective on the Amy's Baking Phenomenon Idiot (9)
Man savagely attacked by hordes of people. Luckily he was armed. df (9)
Nothing wrong with this religion. Morons (9)
Google Glass "Killer App" revealed Morons (7)
stubble, is this guy an outlier? hoyza (6)
Quant, is this guy an outlier? Shylock (50)
1099 Part Dua Kepala Kelapa (26)
Bachmann won't run for re-election Andy (12)
Assange leading Idiot (4)
A mole in Fox News comes clean Shylock (5)
UK has its own Guantanamo Quant (0)
So my boss has scheduled a "team interview".... techie (31)
Fucking Drug Hysteria Shylock (7)
May 28th, 2013
Good things happen when Republicans are neutered Shylock (18)
Jolie's aunt dies R. (0)
Tesla subsidies Idiot (24)
Observations on Mad Men characters this season Bored Bystander (1)
unarmed woman raped at home Idiot (29)
Tuesday Boobies PigPen (3)
I'm convinced we are in the midst as a Cyber War. Morons (8)
Putin not happy about Monsanto eek (5)
No AC at the office this morning xampl9 (Windows Phone) (11)
Sony finances Idiot (49)
Nice way to say I was fired for wanting to improve things? Somebody (44)
Why You Should Aspire to be a Security Guard Dutch (7)
May 27th, 2013
Amy Update!!!! Idiot (3)
Class rhetoric - hoyza (49)
Let's pay somali drug dealers for a video? Bot Baden-Württemberg (18)
Britain clamping down on extremists after woolwich attack MobyDobie (14)
get the fuck out of engineering Bot Baden-Württemberg (48)
The Empire strikes back PigPen (3)
Y2K nostaglia Shylock (26)
Expressing enthusiasm Impartial Observer (6)
Apparently the poles have indeed switched Shylock (15)
Bob Dole betrays the base. Craggie (27)
the economic footprint of hoarding Craggie (14)
eCat redux PigPen (15)
Oh dear. Look's like we'll be freezing PigPen (24)
I love these internet remotes!!! Morons (1)
Do you people work on side projects outside of work? dude (44)
May 26th, 2013
Synthetic Hubble King Jeremy (10)
Ideological splits less is more (1)
Swedish Riots Pixxardeo (20)
A deployment trick Lodewijk. (11)
The UK soldier was a legitimate target Quant (30)
"The Internship" (new movie) Bored Bystander (5)
audio delay on windows eek (10)
Hubble Craggie (50)
H1b bill increases visa limits R. (4)
Racial bias of "war on drugs" Quant (26)
HN Thread on Contractor Rates Bored Bystander (3)
May 25th, 2013
speak English or don't fly Craggie (8)
Star Trek: Into Darkness xampl9 (22)
African beheads Soldier - this time in France Idiot (10)
open office plans Idiot (40)
housewife defends against three armed invaders Idiot (11)
May 24th, 2013
Abenomics Craggie (16)
LISP Macros Craggie (20)
Did I move to Australia without my knowing it? Shylock (7)
Another electric car company bites the dust Shylock (12)
1099 Kepala Kelapa (26)
Networks of untalented people that keep talented people down Dallas (31)
Does anyone know a good SECURE online faxing option? . (7)
Countries are not households Quant (19)
Soros just bought $300 million GLD Dr. Terrorwitz (10)
Making money the old fashioned way .... PigPen (4)
So, after a lot of thinking and dredging up old memories... muppet (4)
high IQ study Idiot (9)
Two men arrested for twitter comments about the Woolwich attacks muppet (8)
So, I have a major problem muppet (10)
Teenagers hate Facebook Idiot (25)
May 23rd, 2013
Fox is bias when there is something to bash the WH Bot Berlin (9)
Intimate terrorism PigPen (21)
How long until he backtracks, again? Shylock (7)
Muslim Killing in London Bot Berlin (28)
Did you realize lightning can come inside the house? Idiot (18)
My Mom had her cancer surgery today Shylock (16)
Futurism is dead Wayne (21)
Great job ad Shylock (11)
disabled students targeted by police Idiot (1)
swedish youth are rioting Idiot (16)
Bald men with pony tails Legion (15)
FBI team that arrested Boston bomber all dead Dr. Terrorwitz (7)
stimulus: new bunker like schools Idiot (5)
Modify bad code or re-write application? Dutch (28)
May 22nd, 2013
Google Glass: Lawsuits pending? Legion (16)
The failure of Windows 8 Wayne (13)
Is this cert worth it? Part 1,391... NPR (33)
i love Senator Elizabeth Warren Asseby (6)
people are saying this is awkward Asseby (1)
That London, England thing df (39)
Users of Crazy On Tap df (16)
Hey Fuck-faces (i.e. Managers) CircusAttraction (6)
am I underpaid?  part infinity... dave (12)
Unfortunate adjacent headlines Wondering (1)
Find rich people in London and beat them up Quant (7)
FBI assassinates Boston bombing witness Idiot (12)
Aspies strike back Quant (2)
Don’t Sign An NDA Before A Programming Job Interview Code Monkey (25)
Synthetic Hubble King Jeremy (26)
Stuck in the middle of politics Dutch (9)
May 21st, 2013
fake Bob Metcalfe AMA? reddit reporter (2)
If you are working on your own project, would you use agile? Bot Berlin (24)
Republican hypocrisy Pierre Capitaile (17)
Question about FTE and contractor resumes for technology Bored Bystander (14)
balh what are you reading for? (3)
France vs. UK Shylock (8)
France to outlaw *all* guns PigPen (13)
try try again Idiot (5)
Oklahoma town had been trying to build storm shelters xampl9 (Windows Phone) (26)
Daft Punk xampl9 (Windows Phone) (2)
Symbol test Morons (8)
RIP Ray Manzarek Morons (1)
Life of a contractor Quant (14)
Computer use irrelevant to education outcomes Quant (18)
Are most mouth breathers a waste of air conditioning? Mouth Breather (1)
Not invited to read blog CircusAttraction (7)
May 20th, 2013
100% free, no registration required. Legion (5)
Hello Republicans: Japan Switches to Stimulus, Gets Growth; Euro Pierre Lemons (20)
"I did not know" xampl9 (3)
Quant's friends on the london whale Practical Economist (6)
F5? trollop (5)
Lunatics with guns not just an American problem Shylock (0)
Last surviving brick and mortar stores Bot Berlin (8)
the new flickr Idiot (8)
ad hominems CircusAttraction (9)
Dead Ingot bounce Shylock, Denman's a twit (21)
Obama promises to destroy any journalists who oppose regime Idiot (2)
Tesla interview Idiot (2)
armed man saves small child Idiot (5)
Leaving the IT field to become a personal fitness trainer Jack Lalanne (26)
Seriously, Galaxy Note 2, I am disappoint muppet (16)
Takei or Cho? xampl9 (Windows Phone) (0)
Biker vs. Taxi (Bucharest) Io (3)
Official IRS memory states policy of targeting right Pierre Lemons (9)
kite power ... eek (13)
May 19th, 2013
\d issues (SO, via HN) Idiot (9)
Economic growth is a powerful too for cutting the deficit Practical Economist (4)
odd congrats to tumblr Pierre Lemons (22)
Anyone got a clue for this? Shylock, Denman's a twit (15)
'Smallest Penis Contest' In Brooklyn Bored Bystander (7)
reality check for celebrity Idiot (2)
Developer shortage lowers wages Idiot (29)
Blue rectangle with a white stripe on the middle Io (8)
"We all notice the parts of security-overreach that affect us." Shylock, Denman's a twit (5)
Society shaped by the Bible Quant (14)
Water balloon fight? xampl9 (11)
Relax, y'all. xampl9 (2)
Political Aspects of Full Employment Quant (11)
what god says about your earthly kings Pastor Bob (6)
May 18th, 2013
I'd like to find the man muppet (3)
The Rick Tsang of Georgia Bot Baden (0)
fun wireless router experiment Idiot (8)
FBI investigating critics of US police state Idiot (2)
more islamic rape greatest hits Idiot (0)
Seen while accessing the netbanking website today. Matchu (2)
gay statutory rape case in Florida Idiot (9)
awkward gunbot (7)
delightful article about murder investigation Idiot (2)
Canadian government billboard seen in bay area Idiot (8)
May 17th, 2013
death row left nut (16)
HILIARY WAS PLAYING VIOLIN WHILE the Embassy was attackeD!!! wing.nut (13)
IRS and targetting MobyDobie (17)
Toronto mayor Rob Ford!!!!! zed (2)
High school dropout & car thief, makes 450M, gets elected zed (13)
Star Trek Lee (14)
man defends self, with video Idiot (10)
Today at Amy's Idiot (9)
The Office final episode Legion (35)
boston confession manifesto found Idiot (11)
May 16th, 2013
in 1918 the navy was the borrowing binoculars from civilians holy right wing batman (1)
man shoots himself gunbot (3)
Kai in trouble Idiot (12)
Facebook question Dan (7)
strange language Idiot (7)
Another diet fad soon to be debunked Canned Gods Inc. (8)
Videos of Angelina Jolie's boobs on You tube. MobyDobie (4)
Against Gay Marriage - Not Homophobic! MobyDobie (2)
The first Windows 8 notebooks and ultrabooks that make sense... Bluebeard (13)
Daughter rebukes her feminazi mother Alice Walker Bluebeard (3)
how to buy a billion dollars worth of artwork Idiot (8)
People who glare when walking past you . (18)
May 15th, 2013
homeowner saves self by shooting intruder Idiot (7)
I finally got caught up on Amy's Bot Berlin (20)
prosecutor offers chemist teen "diversion" Idiot (2)
Palestinians smuggling contraband from Egypt Idiot (13)
AMA by Amy's former employee Idiot (3)
Power of Attorney abuse Idiot (26)
Does that Brice Richard character still post here? Steve (43)
Bullying df (17)
water supply is contaminated! Idiot (1)
May 14th, 2013
Obama is in hot shit Bot Berlin (12)
thoughts from COT please (Internet internet edition) zed (16)
Poor Amy has done lost it Idiot (39)
Thoughts from COT please (Angelina Jolie edition) zed (18)
Thoughts from COT please (Larry Page edition) zed (1)
republicans attack abortion rights Idiot (9)
More guns = less gun violence Idiot (8)
Make $350,000 on YouTube Idiot (2)
Cynicism?  Not really. SaveTheHubble (8)
Tuesday Canned Gods Inc. (3)
Guidance for the Minimization of Text Messages over Dual-Functio Idiot (0)
$12 portable computer Idiot (3)
Stop sign for dummies Idiot (10)
Man with pressure cooker arrested Idiot (9)
Disney for the rich Idiot (21)
If you're a party founded on the hatred of taxation... Quant (7)
Education, shmeducation... Canned Gods Inc. (3)
Nuking people doesn't teach them sense Quant (22)
Followup to "Followup to "Bizarre Crime"" df (14)
Cannibalism video Idiot (6)
Ukrainian oligarchs taught manners by Polish foreign minister Quant (11)
Ready Force for tripoli, ready zed (0)
Do you give users your cell number? Duke (23)
May 13th, 2013
Added a stupid captcha Wayne (39)
Daft Punk xample9 (Windows Phone) (7)
Big Data CircusAttraction (37)
Can we all shut the fuck up about Ayn Rand, at some point? muppet (69)
Fascinating Visual Movement Illusions SaveTheHubble (0)
Learn to code, or you're dead to me SaveTheHubble (3)
Flying car crashed in Canada SaveTheHubble (7)
10 reasons time travel is no good SaveTheHubble (1)
Glacier example in Minnisota? SaveTheHubble (6)
A scathing article on Windows 8 by The Economist Bluebeard (16)
Need to lighten “the who can delete” rules Morons (12)
more on that dude that the cops beat to death Idiot (0)
May 12th, 2013
proposed law - 3D printers to require gun check Idiot (6)
Republican have gone nuts! zed (4)
Now the impeach is coming Bot Berlin (0)
Coverup with Benghazi Bot Berlin (22)
Question of the day Dan (2)
private school teacher rapes students in front of class Idiot (5)
oldest kidnapped girl Idiot (17)
Richard Branson photos Idiot (20)
Some great quotes in here xampl9 (3)
Nice quote Io (19)
May 11th, 2013
Show hidden files in Finder xampl9 (8)
MIT cop killed by Russian brothers Idiot (5)
Lawyer Up, Delete Facebook, Hit the Gym Idiot (2)
400ppm less is more (5)
Irish Foreign Affairs Minister Idiot (0)
Bakersfield cops murder guy, intimidate witnesses Idiot (22)
WIndows 8 is New Coke Wayne (11)
May 10th, 2013
skateboarding in central park 1965 reddit reporter (13)
Asked on reddit, I want to know Bot Berlin (40)
ah pigs reddit reporter (2)
refill Idiot (9)
US homicide rate Idiot (9)
"I can't sell at the price I want so I'll strike instead" Kenny (9)
Woo hoo! Nuclear waste cleanup at Hanford, WA. SaveTheHubble (2)
TIL With Firefox, pressing the Alt key brings up windows! (2)
Good advice Dr. Horrorwitz (4)
Followup to "Bizarre Crime" df (10)
The Apple Faithful df (27)
How Netflix Does It SaveTheHubble (4)
Christianity explained Idiot (16)
How to save elephants and crops SaveTheHubble (17)
Now here's how you steal money SaveTheHubble (5)
What depression feels like SaveTheHubble (30)
Hasidic Jew vs Biker zed (32)
Brave barrister or defender of perverts? Quant (12)
May 9th, 2013
Which nations have a right to exist forever? Idiot (9)
PA : “I swear that if we had a nuke, we’d have used it" Morons (25)
print a gun Regular Poster (30)
disabled student brutally beaten for falling asleep Idiot (5)
Iran vs US - the prison review Idiot (6)
Asian Tiger Moms - Empirical Data Idiot (5)
President Obama is in town xampl9 (iPhone) (8)
Incredible persecution complex df (35)
Last day of this contract Shylock, Denman's a twit (7)
Pencil as weapon CircusAttraction (4)
How much of a pay cut would you take to be your boss? Morons (14)
A very good response to Hawking Shylock, Denman's a twit (42)
Bizarre crime df (7)
No, no, I am the new guy! Bluebeard (16)
Wonk Builds Thor's Hammer Bored Bystander (2)
May 8th, 2013
student criticizes teacher Idiot (6) Bored Bystander (11)
Arch design Idiot (14)
Walk for your lives Shylock, Denman's a twit (14)
elizabeth warren for president lemonhead (17)
scotch in the freezer? Idiot (33)
Follow up to "Bored at work..." NPR (6)
"Cabin In The Woods" on Netflix SaveTheHubble (3)
Spock vs. Spock Shylock, Denman's a twit (5)
Steve from Blues Clues Idiot (6)
Half of all Americans xampl9 (iPhone) (16)
christian fundamentalist guitarist vs wife Idiot (14)
Benghazi stand down orders Bot Berlin (8)
Luckily, evil terrorist cripples himself in evil plot muppet (40)
Stephen Hawking Idiot (46)
May 7th, 2013
this joke actually happened on CoT Lee Kan Cook (1)
Respect for this girl's skills Shylock, Denman's a twit (1)
Not the onion, this Air Force guy Bot Berlin (0)
COT highlights for Tuesday May 7th Lee Kan Cook (0)
tuesday Idiot (4)
What is Bitcoin? Bluebeard (11)
Sticky situation JoC (13)
I puked a little JoC (6)
increased internet transfer speed Idiot (11)
What are the best shoes to go with shorts? Chuck (27)
Anyone want to work for Bloomberg? Shylock, Denman's a twit (12)
The enemy of my enemy ** 2 Shylock, Denman's a twit (31)
Marge Simpson dies Shylock, Denman's a twit (1)
the 3 missing women bong (16)
A series of failed attempts to photograph my Foxface Rabbitfish muppet (6)
Retirement zed (30)
Chalk and Cheese trollop (0)
Bored at work, is it time to move on? . (33)
May 6th, 2013
Dog conflict Idiot (0)
hilarious court ruling against copyright trolls Idiot (7)
mean girls Idiot (5)
Two lessons Bot Baden-Württemberg (12)
Populations Bot Baden-Württemberg (14)
Totally missed Star Wars day PigPen (5)
Tuesday: Was not expecting that xampl9 (9)
psycho girlfriend from hell Idiot (15)
Anyone able to download the Quicktime install "Can't we all just get along?" (2)
xkcd help the great purple (6)
Baseball to replace catchers with sticks less is more (18)
chinese flu research Idiot (8)
js1k - cart ride Idiot (7)
Are smart phone worth the price? Rick (20)
May 5th, 2013
Iron Man 3 Lee (11)
another internet treasure tale Idiot (31)
Clunker required to apply for UK social benefits trollop (10)
Bieber in Dubai Idiot (2)
AAU Scott (6)
Nasa's Latest Mission Shylock, Denman's a twit (2)
Latest Zionist dirty trick against the faithful MobyDobie (5)
Immigrants Grabbing Resources ?? forThis.Anon (9)
May 4th, 2013
So, how should Idiot spend his down time? Shylock, Denman's a twit (21)
Will Wayne stop the spam? Bot Berlin (22)
new NRA president Craggie (33)
phone records Idiot (6)
Recommend your favorite ultra cheap whiskey/whisky Idiot (26)
moot forums Pierre Lemons (2)
May 3rd, 2013
Kyrgyzstan Idiot (9)
Apparently my family were killed in their sleep. PigPen (13)
Suicide rate in middle aged Americans up by 28% Bluebeard (4)
Any fans of peaty Scotch here? Shylock, Denman's a twit (12)
We can rebuild him, make him better than he was... "Can't we all just get along?" (0)
Layoffs "Can't we all just get along?" (7)
Reese conjures up the American citizen defense Bot Berlin (19)
Any amateur scientists watching the weather patterns? Bot Berlin (9)
And I thought CoT had the bad spamz! CircusAttraction (4)
Has anyone tried coding on one of those treadmill desks? Mike (23)
A Guaranteed Sign that your project will fail Shylock, Denman's a twit (13)
For Idiot Matchu (0)
A non-religious reason to eat kosher Shylock, Denman's a twit (25)
On bearer bonds PigPen (6)
Hating on foreigners PigPen (35)
A variety of things to talk about. Legion (10)
May 2nd, 2013
"free classes are unfair to the poor" Idiot (27)
fixing schools Idiot (9)
Is that the same song from 20 years ago? Bot Berlin (0)
insane finding regarding honey traps Idiot (13)
update from Seattle police Idiot (7)
So this is why civil liberties isn't a big issue Shylock, Denman's a twit (35)
Conspiracy, Inc. Shylock, Denman's a twit (0)
So, yesterday evening somebody accused me muppet (23)
Snake bite update Idiot (8)
interesting box in attic Idiot (14)
May 1st, 2013
are jobs that hard to find? Dr. Horrorwitz (13)
Guatanamo attorney executed by CIA Idiot (3)
Gas station owner thwarts attack with AR-15 Idiot (14)
Another idiot xampl9 (3)
I am the only person that will rank the StarTrek series this way Bot Berlin (35)
he-said/she-said Bot Berlin (2)
Some people are just fucking idiots Shylock, Denman's a twit (9)
Let's see what the birthers do with this Shylock, Denman's a twit (10)
German metal band Quant (3)
Java Interviews Bot Berlin (28)
Why is EVOL bad? Bot Berlin (7)
Russians gone wild Bot Berlin (1)
If the girl had been armed this wouldn't have happened. MS (10)
helpful terrorism drill Idiot (7)
Lea Thompson sure had a nice ass in the 80s muppet (9)
terror bombing attack stopped in Florida Idiot (15)