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May 31st, 2014
π. is now ® C. McGhee (10 comments)
Guantanamo news C. McGhee (18)
Buy more bitcoin MobyDobie (5)
2500 Karma xampl9 (3)
Colm did it, Muppet did it, who else? Leaf (17)
Why women hate dating programmers Colm (46)
Snowden email C. McGhee (6)
premarital sex! WildRiver (56)
May 30th, 2014
NBA Friday (10)
radiolab Friday (0)
How many of you have yelled at the FCC? Legion (3)
Food is getting pricey... Kenny the Robot (23)
Why is BBQ so expensive in a restaurant Bot Berlin (12)
Carney is gone Bot Berlin (7)
a leader is loyal to his team Ching chong (5)
Last letter of boys first names reddit reporter (7)
Obama sucks! WildRiver (10)
I hearby to declare that I will now use the Cup O Noodle WildRiver (16)
Slut shaming correlates to being a slut Colm (27)
Amusing rant about programming JoC (12)
Savage beasts are words to describe this country. WildRiver (21)
Is this a misprint? JoC (7)
Walter White Not Dead? NPR (7)
Virtual memory footprint of java app? dave (8)
Interesting & enlightening: mortality vs survival rates Quant (3)
TrueCrypt is dead NPR (9)
MH370 update , (25)
Zuckerberg donation C. McGhee (13)
Proof of Google's interest in Wikipedia fidelio (4)
May 29th, 2014
Snowden interview xampl9 (21)
The point of consulting Shylock (12)
Good walls make good neighbors gunbot (16)
Interesting take on startups Shylock (9)
Trope #3 xampl9 (3)
Watch_Dogs JoC (3)
Should they make more affirmative action provisions.. Bot Berlin (9)
Hey McGhee, this is the mother of that Santa Barbara shooter! WildRiver (11)
Google diversity df (5)
This is how Mormons do Highschool Yearbooks C. McGhee (19)
Maya on the Richard Prior show eek (8)
May 28th, 2014
is the biz board gone? Scott (1)
Its my lane! Legion (15)
Coding Principles Every Engineer Should Know Legion (37)
Google's looking for LaTeX developers Shylock (18)
Another thing to get used to Shylock (5)
Are dens & repubs the same? X (20)
Maya Angelou and Richard Brice WildRiver (7)
party all night long! C. McGhee (1)
Gamma Ray Bursts SaveTheHubble (7)
Why Germany Innovates better than the US SaveTheHubble (19)
Hey Muppet, how does it feel winning your match on Monday Night? Scheme Gene Okerlund (7)
Maya Angelou has died at 86 SaveTheHubble (12)
Time to support "freedom fighters" in China! WildRiver (33)
that "onsold cars" story .. eek (6)
Hello Professional xampl9 (10)
I'm an idiot hoyZa (24)
Open carry gunbot (28)
Here are the results of COT Monday Night Raw!!!!! Scheme Gene Okerlund (9)
May 27th, 2014
Monette Moio C. McGhee (4)
Now I REALLY feel old xampl9 (12)
Co-worker just walked NPR (46)
the new default reddits C. McGhee (9)
bathrooms that charge C. McGhee (31)
Misuse of motion sensors Quant (7)
Another one bites the dust Bot Berlin (11)
obamacare coverage case study C. McGhee (5)
Dangers to Crocs C. McGhee (29)
Disturbing image Trog (4)
Chinese Boat Attacks, Sinks Fishing Vessel, Vietnam Says Roy Wally (23)
May 26th, 2014
First MSSQL app, delivered... Shylock (11)
Mom and Pop businesses will not be around in the future! WildRiver (30)
hot or not? C. McGhee (15)
I guess they will be passing a law ... eek (9)
Europe's creating more jobs than the US? Shylock (20)
May 25th, 2014
Just replaced my two aging 17" monitors... Wayne (11)
Simple media center, upload DVD/BluRay database Bot Berlin (5)
Too much gloom and doom NPR (13)
holy cow - Dr. H stuff longtimePoster (12)
Willy user C. McGhee (3)
How to develop Apps for Android? Sherman (6)
computer repairs in asia C. McGhee (6)
Mind pixel? Bill42x (1)
Anyone used Lazarus for desktop application development? wick (21)
May 24th, 2014
amazon and authors C. McGhee (7)
The US, reexamined Shylock (23)
Nobody understands the cloud xampl9 (3)
dealing with banksters the iranian way C. McGhee (16)
China is fucking us on many levels. It will get worse. WildRiver (12)
The next coming high tech market crisis. WildRiver (11)
Elliot Rogers.  Shooter.  CoT member? Lurker 2.0 (36)
Wow, another asperger shooter in Santa Barbara! WildRiver (2)
The evolution of mens singles badminton. Matchu (6)
This is offically the best music review ever. eek (4)
The world before "health and safety" Quant (3)
The J programming language Walter (31)
still waiting for the Friday (0)
May 23rd, 2014
Don't buy that house Legion (13)
Should Congress Act to Ban Hatpins? Hattie (5)
Burnout? Walter (9)
What will happen to our country in 5-10 years? WildRiver (26)
In local news... MS (6)
Bot muppet (4)
Parallels between CoT and New Testament Quant - the tax collector (18)
Paul Ryan's "War On Poverty" ... eek (26)
May 22nd, 2014
1968 Tatra 603 xampl9 (17)
Act now! Legion (14)
Dafuq SQL Server! Shylock (32)
50 Senators send letter to NFL urging name change MS (16)
An ex-coworker sent me this link xampl9 (5)
A comedy movie reference? Really? reddit reporter (9)
Protecting cloud backup. John (5)
New paper about the link between financial markets and food pric Quant (50)
Much needed Thursday comic relief muppet (6)
The holocaust is happening right now, on CoT Colm (63)
Fuck you Tony Abbott (2) trollop (2)
Next week on COT Monday Night Raw! Scheme Gene Okerlund (19)
What happened to PigPen? Jack (31)
Dear Quant muppet (26)
nice video of police beating man to death C. McGhee (6)
Morton Downey Jr. takes on Metalheads Jack (1)
Vietnam threatens legal action against China Jack (11)
Salesmen Legion (2)
May 21st, 2014
.NET to WPF or not or what? Full Meal Freaking Deal (1)
LOC C. McGhee (17)
Latest Recruiting LOL Shylock (9)
Reddit and the default subs df (4)
Hotels are apps xampl9 (10)
Local expert in disasters is faked Bored Bystander (4)
Name places that you love to live but not able to do it now? WildRiver (23)
Food review brone (1)
Gahh! Dropped my phone xampl9 (Windows Phone) (9)
When you generate code programtically Shylock on a phone (36)
When do the regular people get the bailout? WildRiver (18)
Brice Richard doesn't give a shit what you think about him President of Brice Fan Club (11)
In the US, even the privileged can't do maths Quant (4)
What is an IT person? WildRiver (32)
If you have Apple's devices, what do you use it for? WildRiver (11)
The new tobaccos MobyDobie (55)
Anybody ever been "lucky" enough to need to use QODBC? muppet (56)
For Hubble Quant (2)
Jesus Christ, did I stumble into Dr Horrorwitz's website? MobyDobie (2)
The Most Beautiful Graduation Ceremony, ever Shylock (44)
great article eek (18)
Why does Brice always leave after Bored Bystander rips him? Jack (9)
May 20th, 2014
Civ V df (21)
New MS Surface Poinsquare (14)
The good old days Legion (4)
Hit me with your jQuery interview questions xampl9 (15)
Dancing with the Stars, Judge Judy, The Voice, American Idol C. McGhee (6)
lower middle class in SF = $200k C. McGhee (9)
69 Words GM Employees can't say SaveTheHubble (13)
Why there are no women participating on COT? WildRiver (25)
Save That Satellite SaveTheHubble (9)
Kenny Thread about Threads recap thread muppet (2)
Threads about threads are... Kenny the Robot (7)
Why are there so many 30 something single women these day? curious (66)
contacted by Google Honu (19)
Muppet's thread about career advice: hottest thread in a week muppet (9)
So glad I bought last year Quant (11)
Thought about getting out of IT/software but then decided not to Chuck (16)
"Evocateur" - movie about Morton Downey Jr now on Netflix Bored Bystander (7)
25 years from now, programming for a profession will be 'dead'.. Tom (45)
How many freakin Muppet threads do you need in one day? Jack (15)
Hard pressed to give my daughter much career advice muppet (84)
Someone must have spent hours on this muppet (6)
Actually laughed out loud muppet (1)
Somebody on the /r/starwars sub got a lightsaber tattoo muppet (7)
Is this article from the past, or am I missing out? muppet (9)
For Colm: North Korea and South Korea in pictures Bluebeard (85)
Diet calories fat Bot Berlin (2)
May 19th, 2014
Happy Legion (7)
Not a coup Colm (6)
What aren't there aliens here? xampl9 (10)
A ten year old project finally resumed muppet (17)
Banking security sucks Quant (6)
local expert in disasters C. McGhee (10)
Bored Elon Musk Twitter Feed Bored Bystander (10)
What happened to talk softly but carry big stick? WildRiver (26)
They lie Quant (5)
Perfectly Peelable Eggs: Start Hot SaveTheHubble (43)
Muppet, did you have a talk with the VP? WildRiver (22)
Carpocalypse Debunked SaveTheHubble (14)
Don't bother to poll the forum for policy decisions muppet (11)
Grace Hopper back in the news SaveTheHubble (5)
shitty mobile app UIs C. McGhee (4)
So if I just erased Brice (or the people portraying Brice) muppet (40)
Why SpaceX Quant (24)
Regulate food like tobacco MobyDobie (64)
May 18th, 2014
Silicon Valley Ep 7 C. McGhee (20)
Group Homes df (18)
George Washington was a drug dealer Shylock (4)
One way to deal with it Colm (2)
krugman slides -- bump! Frank (1)
'I want to slit your throat and watch it bleed' cot crime reporter (3)
Today's US/Israel WTF Shylock (3)
Holy shit close call balls falls! df (16)
extra terrestrial radio signal detected Frank (18)
Amphetamines for Toddlers Science Research (6)
capitalism is eating itself eek (10)
May 17th, 2014
Score! xampl9 (5)
Ensuring software dev project ontime delivery Poinsquare (33)
Night on my own Friday (1)
Google spams twitter Colm (0)
unearned resources Frank (28)
New Software Engineering Insights Brice Richard (34)
bulletproof vest trollop sucks (7)
Kim Jong Un's girlfriend apparently not dead after all Colm (11)
Is life just a big joke? C. McGhee (5)
IT Dept FTW Trog (18)
Cartography Lodewijk (0)
I don't understand vegans Legion (42)
May 16th, 2014
baby on board nyc reporter (11)
Eh...honestly sounds like self defense df (21)
Fuck you, Abbott trollop (2)
are you overweight/fat ? Friday (51)
E-cigarettes NPR (17)
let's talk beer tonight Friday (23)
Getting everything to add up to the penny Shylock (3)
Miyazaki at the Silver Theater SaveTheHubble (6)
How to get away with murder Quant (3)
Last minute projects... Joe (18)
tech assistance at reddit C. McGhee (6)
Cargo shorts are out of style? Code Monkey (28)
So I interviewed at the university Tom (20)
Financial community on climate change Quant (18)
What should the US do with China? WildRiver (23)
Quant revealed! Bluebeard (2)
Newly beardless Shylock (8)
Common text editor learning curves. trollop (19)
Mystery Solved Bored Bystander (3)
May 15th, 2014
I'm a tester for Brooks shoes Friday (18)
Being young sucks these days Colm (26)
The Google right to be forgotten ruling Colm (3)
The Most Hard Core Woman in the World Brice Richard (32)
The Flash xampl9 (4)
CNN and Net Neutrality Kepala Kelapa (7)
The battle over the Syrian Golan Israeli (14)
Is Marissa a Black Widow or a Vampire? C. McGhee (27)
Air Force Qualifying SpaceX SaveTheHubble (12)
Wikipedia Lodewijk (12)
Jewish Samurai MobyDobie (21)
We still segregating Bot Berlin (27)
old school piano playing eek (4)
nothing to report reddit reporter (2)
May 14th, 2014
New BRICE COT Thread Phrase Brice Richard (32)
Buy Detroit df (7)
Welcome to Facebook group of COT Moe (15)
Rat Park SaveTheHubble (4)
The puppet speaks Quant (22)
evil people TheRealHoyZa (19)
doubleblind study proves gluten allergies are psychosomatic C. McGhee (14)
A good ol' muppet beating thread, get it while it's hot! muppet (37)
Australian mining poetry Quant (3)
Cool map Shylock (12)
Russell Brand cracks me up eek (2)
May 13th, 2014
Lightsaber progress shots muppet (12)
Hello my name is Shtain xampl9 (21)
New site worth checking out Shylock (9)
Question: what is COT about? nick (13)
Wildriver's Cousin Compares US Government to Communist Vietnam NPR (18)
Trouble for US space programs *name; (26)
SQL Formatter xampl9 (8)
Brazilian rights C. McGhee (10)
Carl Sagan : The Celebration Of Ignorance eek (12)
Declustering your life! WildRiver (20)
What is your hobby? Brice doesn't like lightsaber! lol WildRiver (33)
H.R. Giger has died SaveTheHubble (2)
Novelty klaxon on steroids trollop (0)
Started building a lightsaber prop for CT-Con muppet (27)
75th anniversary of SS St Louis Quant (16)
must be a mac eek (3)
buy shares in swimming gear and rubber dinghies eek (76)
patents WTF eek (9)
May 12th, 2014
WTF NYC nyc reporter (14)
New approach to baldness NPR (11)
Video: Elin Nordegren Graduation Speech Brice Richard (52)
Slow news Monday...let discuss what is your most hated... WildRiver (44)
Melbourne Urban Vernacular trollop (15)
May 11th, 2014
Orphan Black xampl9 (21)
Toxic boss stories RichardHoyza (25)
Diet study on mice Michael B (8)
2014 project:  numerical linear algebra Bot Berlin (13)
paul krugman slides on great recession Walter (3)
anarchists troubled in portland C. McGhee (10)
lol eek (0)
What is your age? iPhone (34)
MSSQL question Shylock (10)
Working at Amazon xampl9 (23)
I'll just leave this here Michael B (16)
awesome tech - solar roadways Ted (20)
May 10th, 2014
not many auschwitz survivors left C. McGhee (10)
Big-O, Search, Sort, etc Nerd Partrol (25)
music equipment Friday (0)
payday loans Walter (18)
HN morons Craggie (0)
Beer Israeli (17)
Just pre-ordered the "Bo" robot (no Yana) for our 4yo muppet (20)
are you paid to look busy?  basic income (again) Steel McLargeHuge (36)
successor of brilliant and highly regarded boss Soeharto (9)
nfl Walter (14)
May 9th, 2014
Muppet Is An Idiot FSK (46)
cold war is getting suddenly warmer Friday (17)
funny video gray hound (2)
Racists df (17)
So I wrote crazy paypal guy as a story hoyZaBrice (5)
Lining up job references Joe (25)
Polish entry in the Eurovision Quant (23)
Caught the director in his office this morning muppet (71)
george martin eek (5)
great take on why some drugs are criminalised and some not eek (19)
Me gets some equity - really? Quant (30)
IIS almost live feed Friday (0)
May 8th, 2014
Canada vs Australia What if robot (25)
not the onion C. McGhee (15)
More odd weather Shylock (4)
NFL Draft df (17)
What a cool TV series... You guys must watch... RND (4)
Having an opinion 2014 Bot Berlin (52)
Drive-by management -- need to fix/update/redo my resume muppet (17)
National Lampoon's "Mad Crapper" is for real Bored Bystander (4)
This is the end Quant (25)
Disney now allows you to prepay for photos muppet (28)
One nice thing to say about MSSQL Shylock on a phone (9)
And I thought multi-valued logic was hard SaveTheHubble (8)
Yet another bad decision xampl9 (Windows Phone) (15)
Lapu Lapu muppet (22)
Peak HFT Quant (1)
Missed connections for assholes Colm (5)
London to put cameras on police officers Quant (21)
bad web design awards eek (5)
Hammas TV show israeli (18)
May 7th, 2014
is your baby getting enough docosahexaenoic acid? C. McGhee (5)
"Oil Pulling" Bored Bystander (6)
Don't try this at home Shylock (8)
Guy wants to marry porn filled Mac Bored Bystander (15)
Who's right, Musk or NASA? Bill42x (13)
Missed the propoganda by the... Syrian Girl israeli (2)
Good to be white Bot Berlin (9)
So close... xampl9 (Windows Phone) (17)
Have any of you worked at a university? Tom (37)
May 6th, 2014
JFK on Hubble Walter (7)
leading edge of failure C. McGhee (7)
Here you go. Americans don't need help I suppose. WildRiver (22)
World police WildRiver (14)
Wow, things are getting bad in SF. WildRiver (16)
The full Disney summary report, transcribed from another forum muppet (18)
crazy paypal strategy guy hoyZa (27)
Putin plays hardball with the US Colm (40)
Email interview questions WildRiver (50)
We got rained out 3 days out of 6 muppet (34)
Stephen Elop - that's the way do it! $33 million, baby... Bluebeard (7)
If you submit a resume and company asks for salary requirements Tony (37)
learning how to fight C. McGhee (7)
May 5th, 2014
Ooo burn xampl9 (11)
Russians over California C. McGhee (12)
Today's Iranian WTF Shylock (7)
I want my free iPhone Quant (10)
Silicon Valley C. McGhee (8)
Guy receives USAF Puma in the mail C. McGhee (5)
Two programming items that bother me. WildRiver (54)
MH370 df (10)
Just One More Michael B (55)
Pocket spectrometer! Mindblowing... Bill42x (4)
May 4th, 2014
So, how was Disney? SaveTheHubble (13)
Goodluck Jonathan having no luck rescuing girls , (4)
School reunions brone (49)
Creative PC cases NPR (3)
double post bug at hn hn reporter (4)
Happy Yom Haatzmaut israeli (19)
Interesting read WildRiver (8)
Autism...Trendy Bull Shit or Real? Just an Average 1Xer (7)
The happiest country is..... Soeharto (14)
Amusement Park Report C. McGhee (24)
Nimrod fetishism C. McGhee (29)
to Michael B Kempo (3)
Israeli governnment approved cancellation of TV tax israeli (9)
retirement Craggie (8)
Xiaomi redmi phablet got 15 million preorders Lee (35)
May 3rd, 2014
finally joined the 'greyed out wifi' iphone crowd Friday (10)
Subway "Flatizza" aka pizza Bored Bystander (12)
New BRICE COT Thread Phrase Brice Richard (8)
open letter to bearded hipsters eek (8)
Kudos to the home builders df (0)
Rest in peace, Lieutenant Colonel Sobel. redditreporter (2)
Programming Is a Dead End Job redditreporter (27)
check your privilege (Woz Edition) Ed Wood (3)
OSX Mavericks question df (11)
man I am consumerin' the mornin? hoyZa (0)
Best NAS? hoyZa (22)
Criticisms of the US Colm (14)
gaming counters hoyZa (6)
Mom's day hoyZa (1)
So here I am, weak and weary... Wayne (11)
How privileged are you? Colm (32)
May 2nd, 2014
valley girl dialect now has male native speakers C. McGhee (4)
new macbooks C. McGhee (7)
To those of you who bitch about your jobs Jim (3)
stupid shit to get offended by Steel McLargeHuge (1)
lies (revisited) Steel McLargeHuge (0)
Wine lovers? NPR (10)
Recipes df (7)
Europe is only expensive if you're a tourist Michael B (31)
Narcissistic Design: 10 Steps to Complex Code and Job Security NPR (11)
I'm joining Brice MobyDobie (9)
Disney? Legion (22)
Homo sausage Bluebeard (7)
Well fuck Wayne (7)
May 1st, 2014
Legal insanity Q (19)
java on OSX Steel McLargeHuge (22)
code bless canada Ed Wood (3)
What kind of friends do you guys have? Kenny the Robot (16)
Brice, you should read this free book! WildRiver (2)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY *BASIC*!!! Brice Richard (73)
Coccinelle a tool for refactoring C codebases Matchu (3)
Net Neutrality Legion (12)
John Oliver interviews Keith Alexander Colm (5)
This seems increasingly common nowadays Colm (12)