RIP Philo

May 31st, 2017
Covfefe? FSK (15 comments)
Happy Wednesday xampl9 (4)
Lutjegast Lotti Fuehrscheim (6)
Parker solar probe to launch August 2018 , Cup (2)
Musk threatens to kill solar industry if Trump exits Paris acord Wabi-sabi (13)
What a cursed country! WorldRover (6)
US, joining Syria and Nicaragua, pulls out of the Wabi-sabi (23)
I might have saved a girl's life Legion (27)
Kathy Griffin Terrorist Watch (22)
May 30th, 2017
Silicon Valley this week - mostly filler but very very funny Bluebeard (8)
Charging Bull -> Fearless Girl -> Pissing Dog Vettriano (1)
Happy Tuesday! WorldRover (2)
Trade deficit explanation? WorldRover (9)
Islamist extremism is nothing compared to The Troubles Yoda (16)
Big Oil in a panic over solar Sangamon (12)
MSM fake news - Portland murderer was not a Trump supporter Sangamon (4)
RIP Noriega The Grim Reaper (0)
Fascinating lunchtime chat with Nigel Farage Sangamon (17)
UK MSM censoring the playing of a charting music track Sangamon (11)
Wired: Mike Judge is a Vile Racist Pestular Croaker (12)
May 29th, 2017
US soldiers kills a handfull of children and some adults Markowitch (10)
Requiem for Jared Kushner Yoda (5)
US Interventions since 1950 Shylock (5)
Trump handling of North Korea great success! Lotti Fuehrscheim (38)
RIP John Noakes The Grim Reaper (2)
96% of Moroccan migrants to Sweden lie about their age Sangamon (26)
Migrant crime in Germany rises by 50% Sangamon (0)
Hey Lotti, check this out Shylock (2)
Drug laws fuelling terrorism Yoda (27)
May 28th, 2017
India is now known as shitty IT provider! WildRiver (10)
Steven Wasserman Pestular Croaker (31)
LOL, no, I'm not a hooker she said. So much for feminism... WildRiver (15)
SpaceX - Next launch is Thursday Go Musk (0)
Twitter censorship in Europe Sangamon (2)
UK has 23,000 Jihadists Sangamon (12)
Now to lose weight Io (5)
May 27th, 2017
I am a Cuck (alt-right song) NPR (13)
High end audio xampl9 (4)
Cool aerial drone pics of Kowloon City NPR (1)
$100 of bitcoin in 2010 is worth $75 million today Bluebeard (13)
Technology is hurting capitalism Markowitch (14)
You can take Indian from India but you can't take India out of WildRiver (5)
What to call blacks these days? Sangamon (56)
Corbyn makes sense on terrorism Yoda (40)
Terror attack in Portland, Oregon Yoda (28)
May 26th, 2017
Alien Covenant is dismal Bluebeard (37)
Normalfags LOL Bored Bystander (11)
bomber's sister defends his actions Pestular Croaker (24)
The difference Io (1)
I've been acquitted! Pestular Croaker (8)
It is deep inside us Lotti Fuehrscheim (1)
SJWs shut down restaurants for cultural appropriation Sangamon (26)
More dead children Shylock (15)
Zuckerberg Harvard commencement Sangamon (2)
May 25th, 2017
Trump vows to block all trade with archenemy Nazi Germany Pestular Croaker (0)
Rich family says Kim Dotcom hacked Seth's email Pestular Croaker (3)
I'm coming out of the closet Shylock (14)
least safe business in US: Tesla Motors Pestular Croaker (4)
Antifa bikelock attacker arrested Sangamon (4)
It's getting close to home for the Family Yoda (2)
What do you guys think about retirement to Myrtle Beach? WorldRover (15)
find out if you are a sexist pig using science Pestular Croaker (14)
Making us proud Shylock (26)
Polls are tightening in the UK Shylock (14)
If you were creeped out by Thiel's blood boys... Yoda (4)
Sony are insane Sangamon (5)
You AREN'T being employed necessarily to produce something President of the Brice Fan Club (18)
Yo, where has Mup been?  Did Wabi run him off the forum? President of the Brice Fan Club (15)
Happy Thursday to RP and Ruseman! WorldRover (4)
Next adulting question: do you turn your water heater off Wabi-sabi (14)
Objects were all the rage back then NPR (1)
Should I sell AMZN at $1000? Kenny the robot (17)
Interviews thread on HN Io (11)
Her Majesty visits the Manchester victims xampl9 (4)
This is what will kill fake news Shylock (9)
question: how to study linux GI (12)
On the internet, nobody knows you're a dog Sangamon (1)
Moodys lowers China credit rating Sangamon (9)
Fuck the CIA and the NYT Sangamon (20)
Germany Is Quietly Building a European Army Under Its Command Io (27)
May 24th, 2017
Trump voters, libertarians Shylock (8)
The noose tightens Shylock (10)
Game of Thrones Season 7 - new trailer out Barry Norman (6)
Ariana Grande cancels European tour Sangamon (12)
Do you own a rifle? Give me the spec! WorldRover (42)
Jews in London, and other multi-cultural stuff Yoda (29)
Propaganda on YouTube Sangamon (5)
Is AAA car towing blah blah worth it? Wabi-sabi (24)
Manchester Lotti Fuehrscheim (6)
Why IT People Don't Need to Tolerate Office Politics President of the Brice Fan Club (5)
Need an LLC name. Help me pick one xampl9 (23)
When Europeans Were Slaves Io (16)
Alan Jones accredited @WH laptop trollop (10)
Manchester bombing update Sangamon (5)
Trump marriage crisis Yoda (27)
How has this escaped CoT Lotti Fuehrscheim (3)
May 23rd, 2017
UK bombing after thought Glengo (39)
Cool physics experiment Sangamon (0)
WannaCry explained Yoda (7)
Any Yoga expert? Can you tell me her skills on the scale of 1 WorldRover (1)
dotcom's statement Pestular Croaker (23)
Britain has to pay EU 100 billions in order to leave? WorldRover (61)
Smalltalk? NPR (12)
RIP Roger Moore The Grim Reaper (2)
It's all been done Yoda (3)
What would the software industry look like if it were run by.... Tom (15)
Gadget Io (5)
What did Trump write on that note Student programmer (10)
May 22nd, 2017
Humans are adorable Wabi-sabi (7)
More UK Terrorism - Ariana Grande Concert FSK (28)
What "fat-positive movement" people REALLY worry about Yoda (3)
Breamhall Bluebeard (0)
Flynn to take 5th? Sangamon (7)
Don't fiddle with you iPod when riding a motorbike The Grim Reaper (3)
Trump confirms Israel source of leaked intelligence Shylock (5)
Are all US Senators this stupid? Sangamon (2)
How many of you think Tesla is better than a real auto company? WorldRover (25)
no more texas patent trolling (8-0 SCOTUS) Pestular Croaker (9)
Facebook hotbed of sex crimes, extortion, pedos Pestular Croaker (7)
Prenda Law finally got disbarred Sangamon (4)
gay men can now have two-father biological children Pestular Croaker (8)
private offices are back! Pestular Croaker (7)
True believers Shylock (8)
Oul is Dead - Even the WSJ is finally catching on Sangamon (4)
Reason for flight laptop ban revealed Terrorist Watch (0)
Juicero disassembled: it's ridiculously over-engineered Wabi-sabi (5)
SV Pestular Croaker (15)
fastest growing subreddit in the whole world Pestular Croaker (1)
May 21st, 2017
can you forgo the big five Scott (5)
Andy Weir's new novel is up for presale xampl9 (2)
No-go zones in London Yoda (12)
Raviga Bluebeard (8)
Which one of you is currently owning an Electric Vehicle? WildRiver (19)
Jew hatred Fuck Saudi Arabia (1)
Sick burn Fuck Saudi Arabia (10)
Do these people like to be fucked up the ass???? WildRiver (9)
"Consultancy" - the stupid word that Indian H1B companies use WildRiver (5)
The economics of airline classes xampl9 (0)
Recruiter scum Io (23)
Kim Dotcom: "I helped my friend Seth Rich leak the info" Pestular Croaker (25)
Soros org given access to raw data feeds from Facebook Pestular Croaker (9)
China fucked CIA in the ass Yoda (16)
9/11 financiers get 110 billion dollars arm sales Fuck Saudi Arabia (13)
What colour carpet would you like on your laptop keyboard, sir? Bluebeard (1)
May 20th, 2017
Apple's new campus doesn't have a soccer field Pestular Croaker (3)
Alien: Covenant [Spoilers] xampl9 (0)
Who killed Seth Rich? Pestular Croaker (7)
internet new deal coming Pestular Croaker (5)
Comey says Trump tried to brainwash him PaveTheStubble (3)
Low-cost landscape ideas? NPR (21)
Black activist's head explodes when he visits Lousiana Wabi-sabi (5)
German Christmas market terrorist update Terrorist Watch (2)
May 19th, 2017
Guy at work is calling me, should I respond? the dot (24)
Are you going to get a romper? NPR (10)
Macron team used honeypots to stymie Russian hackers Wabi-sabi (6)
Why do nouns in some languages have a gender , Cup (33)
Trump brags to Russians: "I fired nut job Comey" Bluebeard (23)
Putin releases transcripts of meeting PaveTheStubble (2)
Video from Times Square "accident" Pestular Croaker (16)
RP, I found another potential gf for you! I'm doing match making WorldRover (0)
Time for Vox Populi? xampl9 (10)
whitehouse lockdown lifted PaveTheStubble (1)
Who knows the answer to this question? WorldRover (0)
Yo, British guys! Is this your version of Kardashian? WorldRover (1)
Chris Cornell suicide - dead at 52 Bluebeard (3)
What methods work for you when looking for a new job? the dot (9)
Neural net FTW Trog (3)
When you go looking for trouble Shylock (39)
RP needs a new gf now that he broke up with Chelsea Manning! WorldRover (0)
Have any of you ever threatened to quit a job? the dot (23)
Chinese pilots too good for US Airforce Yoda (8)
Sweden drops Assange investigation Yoda (29)
Chelsea Manning Sangamon (0)
Cool e-bike Sangamon (5)
Solar powered clothes dryer Sangamon (5)
May 18th, 2017
Seth Rich Shylock (17)
only tabs never spaces Pestular Croaker (2)
Why Java is still a popular programming language? Companies are WildRiver (41)
This will definitely be popcorn worthy Shylock (7)
Take a look at this remote part-time joker job! WildRiver (2)
How do you guys look for new jobs nowadays? WildRiver (16)
Hydrogen cars not dead yet? Sangamon (8)
Fidget spinners Sangamon (4)
Trump preparing resignation PaveTheStubble (15)
This piece of shit should be water-boarding until he dies! WorldRover (1)
RP, your ex says hello! WorldRover (4)
Why is Spain considered southern Europe? Because they have brown WorldRover (15)
Where's the memo? Sangamon (12)
Viking - bad or good? WorldRover (16)
Flynn in contempt of Congress Wabi-sabi (1)
al-Tanf Lotti Fuehrscheim (0)
Fake news making up fake crises again Bluebeard (2)
policing public comments Pestular Croaker (2)
Car attack in Times Square! Sangamon (10)
Yo geeks! I have a life lesson for you. WorldRover (2)
Texas judges Pestular Croaker (12)
Comey testified Trump did not ask him to shut down... NPR (3)
Amazon has competition! WorldRover (2)
Middle managers as "the clueless" Io (6)
Piss a man off: agree with his compliments Wabi-sabi (4)
Amusing tidbits from the history of Arab-Jewish relations Yoda (5)
Snowflake in Chief Shylock (6)
Welcome back to the motherland, Crimeans! Yoda (43)
British prankster dies in Germany Yoda (12)
Extratorrent down for good Le Monde (5)
May 17th, 2017
Grand Canyon Shylock (3)
lol special prosecutor Wabi-sabi (19)
Happy Wed to my bud RP! WorldRover (1)
Adversaries of the USA Sangamon (18)
More Comey crimes Pestular Croaker (25)
Comey is a problem for all Dem or Rep! It isn't only Trump. WorldRover (4)
Today's Tour Lotti Fuehrscheim (37)
The Trump haters on this forum and elsewhere President of the Brice Fan Club (30)
Hitler's Children Sangamon (5)
Senators are drawing the daggers around Caesar Yoda (26)
Erdogan in Washington Lotti Fuehrscheim (13)
My company is setting up a whole Hadoop/Spark infrastructure .. Chipper (11)
May 16th, 2017
Here's why you don't fuck over your IT Management provider trollop (3)
It's OK to stab people if you're young and privileged Yoda (23)
Dead man switch Shylock (3)
What do you guys think about China's Belt and Road project? WorldRover (16)
Wabi, where is the house? Why does it looks kinda shitty? WorldRover (13)
Realistic retirement destination for you. WorldRover (13)
Where is the protest to keep nature pristine? WorldRover (4)
Opened an electrical socket up Wabi-sabi (29)
Anyone ever set up Hadoop on a laptop? Shylock (10)
more CIA shitware details out Pestular Croaker (0)
Have any of you worked with a bipolar manic depressive? Grunt (13)
Fluent Design xampl9 (1)
the US president has the authority to declassify information Pestular Croaker (43)
law enforcement: Seth Rich was DNC leaker Pestular Croaker (5)
AI, energy, biology/bioscience (Bill Gates) Le Monde (3)
Trump impeachment a question of "when" not "whether", says Reich Yoda (22)
Eurodame, help! Yoda (13)
Miss USA 2017 is a nuclear physicist Pestular Croaker (8)
May 15th, 2017
Do NOT RIP Ian Brady (Moors Murderer) The Happy Reaper (3)
Another flaw in the human character is that Wabi-sabi (3)
Loose lips sink ships Yoda (22)
Ha! MSDN blogs are down! MS is a lazy company! WorldRover (3)
Cringeley MineServer debacle Vettriano (10)
So you bought mutual funds in your 401K right? Well, well, well. WorldRover (7)
Silicon Valley - "I'm not hiring him..." Bluebeard (6)
Dutch government formation breaks on immigration Lotti Fuehrscheim (5)
Speaking of Amazon Shylock (6)
What do ya all think about WorldRover (16)
Startup idea Io (5)
Question Io (5)
Bad times at Fox News Yoda (1)
Noncompete clauses Io (27)
SpaceX launch today @ 23:21 UDT Go Musk (19)
RIP Powers Boothe The Grim Reaper (1)
May 14th, 2017
desperate for engineers Pestular Croaker (28)
F1 Simulacrum (13)
May 13th, 2017
The Kaaba Sorry.  Just say'n... (3)
MAGA hat is religious right Pestular Croaker (1)
France? France!!! The Intelligence (29)
It is depressing to see what will be us in 2,300 years! WildRiver (5)
Alien: Covenant Yoda (19)
Are the French Insane? RainOrShine (53)
Polacks bought Polaroid Yoda (10)
r/actuallesbians is ground zero for transgender Student programmer (19)
Mars Opportunity Pestular Croaker (7)
What are everyone's favorite future trends websites & magazines? IQ Rising (1)
escape by kayak Pestular Croaker (1)
Trump aerobics libtard_uk (6)
It's so gay. WTH with red coverall? WildRiver (6)
What's so hard about circumventing ransomware? Chunga (32)
May 12th, 2017
Comey and supporters Corrupt as SHIT! Pestular Croaker (1)
Sikhs for Liberty Pestular Croaker (8)
Weight loss apps are quite handy Student programmer (5)
TGIF to RP! WorldRover (8)
I wish I can be like him more than I want to be Bill Gates! WorldRover (11)
RP has been sighted! WorldRover (0)
Le Big Hack Yoda (27)
Brits demand safety labels on Avocados xampl9 (15)
Ooievaar Lotti Fuehrscheim (6)
Uzbek POWs in Netherlands Yoda (12)
Who thought schema-less was a good idea? Shylock (13)
I am on call and was called in the middle of the night... . (36)
Cod Wars Lotti Fuehrscheim (5)
Trump 'tapes' Wabi-sabi (5)
Look at this beast Simulacrum (0)
Room full of people proclaim disgust at Democrats NPR (10)
Trump educating reporters Pestular Croaker (3)
Silly-con Valley Io (2)
Alien Covenant and Idiocracy Io (1)
Why programmers should NOT automate more Io (2)
May 11th, 2017
Corrine NOT GUILTY. For shame Trump! PaveTheStubble (2)
The end of K-Mart xampl9 (7)
Sump pumps Wabi-sabi (11)
Can you guys please adopt her? WildRiver (1)
RIP Geoffrey Bayldon (Catweazel) The Grim Reaper (0)
Yellow Lotti Fuehrscheim (9)
Swedish Defence League leader Yoda (1)
Can't find work as software dev? You can always do this. WildRiver (14)
HN blocked on work computer xampl9 (6)
If you don't love Juicero you hate America Pestular Croaker (15)
For Wabi Shylock (6)
New Watergate? Yoda (54)
May 10th, 2017
Apple and MS technologies are getting useless for businesses. WildRiver (5)
Democrats tying themselves in knots over Comey Sangamon (98)
Laptop cabin ban to be extended to flights from Europe Terrorist Watch (1)
RIP Michael Parks The Grim Reaper (0)
Standing desk Bluebeard (7)
Camera is still too complicated and no auto everything! WorldRover (12)
Guys, I'm back. I was caught up in an immigration deport center. WorldRover (10)
Like "Only committed two murders" Legion (42)
Gillette responds to Dollar Shave Club Vettriano (15)
more "homework" questions Ron (8)
May 9th, 2017
Census needs more money Vettriano (1)
Comey out Pestular Croaker (35)
Why do programmers make life more difficult than it needs to be? Joe (17)
O ye of little Tesla faith... Bluebeard (31)
Yo!  What happened to WildRiver? President of the Brice Fan Club (7)
Bacon Some Developer on the 'Net (6)
American Gods Kenny the robot (5)
Ridiculously bad hole in Windows Malware Protection service Wabi-sabi (1)
Valerian root dreams NPR (3)
Please tell me about your greatest weakness NPR (11)
Tuesday 80's xampl9 (1)
Downs syndrome kid gets into college NPR (23)
Maintainance as IQ tests Io (10)
Islam and democracy Lotti Fuehrscheim (11)
Question to liberals Yoda (49)
The Trump trade Yoda (0)
Who's buying this? Bored Bystander (9) Legion (0)
Bored Bluebeard (3)
May 8th, 2017
I hang my head in shame Shylock (25)
drive by in houston Pestular Croaker (39)
Cannabis against dementia? Lotti Fuehrscheim (22)
have you learned sanskrit yet? Pestular Croaker (8)
Trump joins the line to kiss Saudi ass Yoda (6)
The UK under Occupation Shylock (6)
The 100x developer Io (9)
TWAAS (Tap Water As A Service) ! Vettriano (13)
May 7th, 2017
Dems needed non-Dems to pass the ACA Wabi-sabi (36)
Who is the most successful person you personally know in tech? Creepy Uncle (22)
MS selects this song at Karoake Wabi-sabi (3)
How the app store is damaging business Markowitch (20)
Yo Mup, why are you so mean to Bored Bystander? President of the Brice Fan Club (9)
Looks like France is fucked Sangamon (54)
Is there a reliable way to kill yourself if you use CoT? Bored Bystander (14)
gigantic alien spaceship actually found in Antarctica Pestular Croaker (11)
Alien: Covenant xampl9 (19)
mocron fun time boy Pestular Croaker (42)
Do you take a multivitamin? NPR (27)
I watched a YouTube ad all the way through! (Brennan B2) Vettriano (15)
Spherical chess! Vettriano (0)
May 6th, 2017
Is there a reliable way to kill yourself if you have alzheimer's Wabi-sabi (18)
meanwhile, at r/anarcho_capitalism Wabi-sabi (7)
Some recent downloads of Handbrake have malware Terrorist Watch (4)
Jimmy Kimmel now America's moral compass Wabi-sabi (5)
Pyongyang Street Food - North Korea Io (17)
Macron documents leaked Sangamon (26)
May 5th, 2017
House Republican blowback fund raised $4 million already Wabi-sabi (13)
The LinkedIn Endorsement Burn Bored Bystander (7)
Corbyn going to get crushed? Shylock (36)
Is Russia a democracy? Io (26)
Can a minor cash a check that you write? clueless (5)
interesting college financing in atlanta Pestular Roaster (15)
The NSA was definitely not exploiting this Intel bug Wabi-sabi (15)
Pathological dishonesty mup (5)
Texas calls for Article V Convention of States xampl9 (8)
Layoffs NPR (9)
Trump supports socialized medicine Shylock (0)
BS in CS... Io (11)
Another moral dilemma for vegans NPR (7)
May 4th, 2017
How to fund opponents of 24 most vulnerable house Republicans Wabi-sabi (3)
Evil fucks voted to take health insurance away from sick people Wabi-sabi (7)
Another question for vegans Shylock (19)
WildRiver Wabi-sabi (6)
Facebook have turned into likes and tumbleweeds Student programmer (8)
Boom! Ya got no healthcare Yoda (16)
Why Can't the Left Win Shylock (9)
E-bike Lotti Fuehrscheim (20)
Capitalism better at improving quality of life for poor people Wabi-sabi (14)
Time for revolution! WorldRover (11)
Trump uses market forces to fight climate change Yoda (0)
Almost RIP Prince Philip, Duke of Edingburgh The Grimacing Reaper (14)
Buffett wins! xampl9 (3)
You are average Io (19)
Macron vs Le Pen Terrorist Watch (6)
Republicans will vote on Zombie Trumpcare before CBO report Wabi-sabi (4)
May 3rd, 2017
Illegals trying to rob the wrong house? WildRiver (1)
Obama was bisexual. WorldRover (12)
SpaceX moving into broadband satellites Go Musk (0)
Google vs. Uber - Interesting development Sangamon (4)
Puerto Rico defaults xampl9 (15)
Proof that Obama is/was a Muslim. WorldRover (6)
Smartest people in my group are at the bottom of the totem pole Bottom of the totem pole (13)
Erotic dreams - why do you have it and what is the meaning? WorldRover (5)
Happy dog story! I wanna cry. WorldRover (0)
There is no such thing as sacred mountain! Get on with it people WorldRover (5)
Happy Wed, RP! WorldRover (0)
Smoke and Mirrors? trollop (3)
Windows 10 S on cheap laptop has the downsides. WorldRover (13)
be google, don't not be google Pestular Roaster (5)
Trump the money launderer Yoda (3)
Excellent analysis of why Hillary lost Django Rechained (0)
May 2nd, 2017
I've been getting back in to C++ after many years Home Despot (7)
today's U. Austin stabbing Pestular Croaker (21)
Nobody could have known Shylock (11)
She hasn't learned anything Yoda (13)
child services takes away kids of youtube 'prank' moron Pestular Croaker (10)
email stealing company argues with users Pestular Croaker (1)
Hey Shylock Bluebeard (2)
Anyone wants a new laptop? WorldRover (4)
Happy May to my Asian brothers: Hubble, Shylock, RP, Bored, NPR, WorldRover (1)
Give me the best porn movie title! WorldRover (6)
H1B reaction WorldRover (15)
The dark side of early retirement President of the Brice Fan Club (9)
Looking to make the big money in software development #3 Io (27)
What do CoT British members think about the show "Escape to the WorldRover (11)
AMD! Yike! What do you learn? Don't touch iffy tech stocks. WorldRover (13)
Elon Musk's Ex is smart too Go Musk (1)
We need lower tax rate so that corporations don't need to hide WorldRover (1)
British aristocracy at its worst Yoda (10)
RIP Jean Stein The Grim Reaper (6)
May 1st, 2017
Silicon Valley Bluebeard (11)
So, I'm going to play with Mongo Shylock (13)
How much freelance photojournalists are paid Yoda (24)
No comment Morons (10)
Hmmm, do we want these people in our society? WorldRover (4)
I have an ocean front property to rent to you, RP. WorldRover (0)
RP needs a vacation to hang out by the pool after studying for WorldRover (0)
Happy Monday, RP! WorldRover (2)
secret alt-right racism symbols outted PaveTheStubble (10)
TV: Genius - looks interesting Barry Norman (12)
Trump Says He'd Meet With North Korea's Kim If Situation's Right President of the Brice Fan Club (13)
al qaeda recruiting on reddit Pestular Croaker (2)
Not every ex-President cashed in Yoda (16)
Any value in a Masters in Business Analytics? Mike (5)
Freudian slip Io (1)
Musk does it again! Go Musk (5)
Elon Musk interview from Friday Go Musk (0)
SV think they invented everything themselves Terrorist Watch (10)
Silicon Valley Pestular Croaker (2)