RIP Philo

June 30th, 2006
Slice and dice ルイ パーチエコ (1 comments)
AN APOLOGY John Haren (12)
That guy ルイ パーチエコ (5)
Have you ever had a gay experience? ルイ パーチエコ (20)
How Aspergery Are You? sharkfish (19)
I just lost a night of sex to an all nighter with Oracle 10g ルイ パーチエコ (16)
Vacation? sixtyten (7)
Asian men sharkfish (21)
GST Reduction! Rick Tsang (15)
New banner? muppet (48)
Don't ask.. Locutus of Borg (10)
Orientated sharkfish (19)
Chicago Pig Fest sharkfish (13)
Last post Locutus of Borg (0)
Anybody here even aware of the "Tour de France" Locutus of Borg (17)
LOL Locutus of Borg (1)
Since none of you are posting Locutus of Borg (1)
A new dat has begun. Locutus of Borg (4)
So I mailed AHA a new candidate banner Locutus of Borg (12)
This makes Joel's recent dull articles... Mat Hall (5)
Chink in my armor today Rick Tsang (12)
Enterprisish /UML/Test-DrivenRefactoring/Fowler blah-blah Bot Berlin (4)
Loud Bot Berlin (5)
13" Bat Eating Centipede Mongo (6)
Wolfe Tonnes (1)
Allan jingalala jingalala ™ (1)
I really miss jingalala jingalala ™ (12)
w00t!  I am so OUTTA HERE!  YAY! sharkfish (5)
You guys are lucky jingalala jingalala ™ (8)
Where's my lighter? Steel McLargeHuge (5)
AllanL5 is so square that... ,..., (13)
Ooooo! That is God! jingalala jingalala ™ (6)
Yay, Sathy. I have a new timewaster! jingalala jingalala ™ (10)
Stupid kids these days Steel McLargeHuge (14)
Every time Sathy emails me... John Haren (6)
NASA laughed at him... Steel McLargeHuge (8)
italy X ukraine John Haren (4)
Breasts Steel McLargeHuge (28)
Ruby on Rails nathan (7)
Cambrian House xampl (3)
make 100K to be well off? (12)
Another Message From God AllanL5 (6) worldsSmallestViolin (2)
Summer Vacation the great purple (0)
Message of the day bon vivant (4)
Look at this photograph muppet (0)
Christ my typing is off Steel McLargeHuge (1)
FLIP ==== GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE ==== flip (2)
Woohoo Jack's font fondness (4)
Liberators (23)
Germany - Argentina Locutus of Borg (6)
If Heinz doesn't sell salad cream in the US... bon vivant (10)
I don't feel like working today. sharkfish (15)
Message From God AllanL5 (17)
CoT banner sharkfish (0)
the lighttpd site is slow right now $-- (0)
What's for lunch? xampl (4)
There's two A-10A's flying around Hartford in circles muppet (10)
Success! Colm (6)
Half time. 0-0 Plus ça change (6)
Waa? Forbes chill on Ward. flip (25)
Vote - pic down? Steel McLargeHuge (39)
Why do jsp sites just hang? Steel McLargeHuge (2)
Why *not* use email accounts as usernames? Steel McLargeHuge (12)
zed is zed (5)
What that picture in the sidebar is bad for CoT sharkfish (15)
More MILFs... Mat Hall (24)
Dissenting view? muppet (4)
Data visuals el (0)
Networking mystery Rock Hardbuns (2)
Have I arrived? Plus ça change (7)
I found our sister site Locutus of Borg (4)
I don't get it muppet (4)
It's early, but Plussy takes asshole-of-the-day Plus what? (0)
What do you people DO to your laptops??! muppet (38)
a Mac tattoo? that's EMBARASSING. Cory (5)
Let's make AllanL5 a moderator. muppet (18)
problem with programming So many fucking hacks (5)
Immigration around the world... Mat Hall (8)
TANSTAAFL Simon Lucy (13)
Piracy calculator Flasher T (2)
UT Starcomm 6700 ? Ward (3)
More Joel criticism Steel McLargeHuge (12)
Extort - Blackmail for the Masses PNII (5)
Parents should be allowed to raise their kids Steel McLargeHuge (3)
Best Post of the Day award LinuxOrBust (10)
Arrrrrrggghhhh!!! PNII (6)
Representation RexAdventure (3) Senthilnathan N.S. (1)
Sharkfish seems to have a strong desire to provide Plus ça change (3)
eBay wish list Steel McLargeHuge (6)
philo $-- (5)
Screw Digg son of parnas (3)
June 29th, 2006
Try Office 2007 online Steel McLargeHuge (12)
Voting in the USA bon vivant (14)
Itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini Steel McLargeHuge (4)
Battle of the fat chicks sharkfish (4)
Jingalala's skull-fucking session sharkfish (1)
Is it standard protocol to start a topic with half... Dash Riprock (2)
Things on the up? trollop (4)
Alcohol is the clutch that disengages my brain. Dash Riprock (14)
Whiny piss-ant, or? sharkfish (39)
Gosh, I'm an oriental, and in our culture... Rick Tsang (39)
Hey. sharkfish (8)
This is teh funny ルイ パーチエコ (1)
Line up here for you $300 ass rape bonanza sharkfish (10)
We need more moderators [x] (11)
I am not employed by Playboy sharkfish (20)
USE THIS PIC!! Rock Hardbuns (9)
If that pic doesn't come down sharkfish (9)
As for Japan... John Haren (8)
Sidebar, seriously Steel McLargeHuge (9)
Office 2007 delayed yet again Masiosare (3)
Just rediscovered the miseducation of Lauryn Hill ルイ パーチエコ (4)
Is it lame to feel fascinated by a society? ルイ パーチエコ (21)
Papaaaaaa Masiosare (3)
Shouldn't joel charming photo be a link to that forum he has? (13)
Mat is abusing his moderator power worldsSmallestViolin (6)
who would have thought that adding philo as moderator would... worldsSmallestViolin (14)
I am staying Bot Berlin (16)
sharky jingalala jingalala ™ (5)
Hey jingalala jingalala ™ (1)
A member of the opposite sex offers to buy you a ticket Steel McLargeHuge (32)
Question.. Phil (36)
A spell to make CoT vanish bon vivant (18)
Is it evil Jack's font fondness (10)
A society is its own enemy jingalala jingalala ™ (8)
We been spanked! Steel McLargeHuge (7)
why don't i ... $-- (6)
5:00 PM.  Ding! AllanL5 (7)
So I just bought $450 worth of harddrives... Wayne (AHA) (11)
please degragment my anus sharkfish (16)
Is "Philo" really such a stretch Steel McLargeHuge (10)
It's late. Plus ça change (8)
Who watches Fox news? Masiosare (3)
WGA Rock Hardbuns (4)
"Ten times must thou laugh during the day, Plus ça change (0)
new feature request ...sidebar worldsSmallestViolin (11)
100.000 English fans in Germany ルイ パーチエコ (6)
Holy crap business class airfare is expensive... John Haren (20)
Some real hip hop! what are you reading for? (4)
Who was that actor who was autistic? jingalala jingalala ™ (10)
The supreme court declares 'gitmo' illegal Locutus of Borg (28)
The "Ayaan Hirsi Ali" issue appears fatal for Dutch cabinet Locutus of Borg (7)
The japanese PM is a bad mofo ルイ パーチエコ (3)
The harddrive in my desktop is acting up.. Almost H. Anonymous (16)
That was only because your dad said it at your mom's funeral Rick Tsang (10)
At least post some boobies ルイ パーチエコ (1)
A PICTURE OF A BABY?!? ルイ パーチエコ (15)
Active topics should bubble to the top of the front page. Dash Riprock (18)
Dennis, it was nice to see you finally... Dash Riprock (4)
Do people really think we are morons? bon vivant (25)
Where'd my whitespace comment go? Steel McLargeHuge (24)
Hey!  Where's the link to Daddy's House? AllanL5 (32)
A Coffee Table Book I'd Like To See Dennis Forbes (2)
Sales Engineers Colm (24)
??? muppet (9)
PHILO Mat Hall (6)
??? muppet (5)
Re: The Sidebar AllanL5 (13)
Superman Returns -- the Movie AllanL5 (15)
Here you go. Plus ça change (2)
A counter-question Flasher T (10)
Wouldn't those "add to" links work better [x] (23)
Book recommendation? xampl (9)
AHA - PHP stuff I can't figure out.  ;-) muppet (18)
How do you organize your CSS? muppet (6)
Brain Drain? Microsoft exec jumps to Google flip (21)
The Google Fusion thing doesn't work muppet (4)
Quick: McDonalds or Burguer King? ルイ パーチエコ (34)
I'm not insecure, I'm just an asshole. zed (7)
Boris is on good form today... a cynic writes... (0)
Hey TAW ルイ パーチエコ (3)
LMFAO muppet (4)
Who remembers the discount card backlash? Steel McLargeHuge (32)
Could we have a new banner, please. Plus ça change (8)
The epic begins Flasher T (25)
Remind me to [x] (3)
東京漂流 Flasher T (12)
All modes of conversation need a theme song Simon Lucy (25)
So we would get into Wikipedia if... [x] (12)
Women. [x] (21)
Blade was pretty good son of parnas (3)
I swear FireFox is faster... worldsSmallestViolin (17)
Michael Feltman [£] COT: Destoyer of Businesses (4)
June 28th, 2006
dammit, I need a specific product... worldsSmallestViolin (15)
Marissa Mayer is a titan of artificial intelligence [£] (19)
Philo, what resources does microsoft have for... worldsSmallestViolin (10)
need free webhosting with specific characteristics.. worldsSmallestViolin (5)
Two ways to put CoT on the map [£] (53)
Are people in the midwest fatter then everywhere else in the U.S Me (3)
COT in a nutshell flip (18)
So you think you can dance Steel McLargeHuge (5)
Elvis still drawing them in. xampl (2)
Master of my domain Bot Berlin (15)
Evil Empire worldsSmallestViolin (2)
top 30 John Cusack facts John Haren (8)
How clean is your place? Bot Berlin (15)
"I can't believe airlines charge for food during flights" Steel McLargeHuge (8)
"If you like Jack Black... Steel McLargeHuge (9)
I really hate when idiots write their text emails using word Dash Riprock (5)
CoT on the Wikipedia ルイ パーチエコ (31)
ZOMG! Eastern european chicks are teh hawt! Dash Riprock (10)
Rebuilding my mp3 collection ルイ パーチエコ (37)
Forget bug spray ルイ パーチエコ (8)
What should I make of this email? [x] Average A-Hole (26)
Which response to send... Steel McLargeHuge (7)
Reddit a year old Bot Berlin (6)
Banner text John Haren (1)
Egyptian student deprived of her results because of Bush! Methuselah (CoT is my 2nd realm) (5)
I'll give you sad Locutus of Borg (2)
There's a sad sort of clanging Plus ça change (0)
hey sharky $-- (20)
new building $-- (6)
kidney stones $-- (13)
Kickbacks Dennis Forbes (62)
much of it directed at the United States Ever had Russian Relations? (18)
I'm afraid of pickles! ,..., (7)
good bios to read? sharkfish (30)
I ordered memory from Dell Locutus of Borg (5)
Two days no soccer Locutus of Borg (13)
In changed the URL for my script Locutus of Borg (6)
Boil 'em, Mash 'em muppet (16)
So he's made me train my replacement Colm (17)
Today's Asshole Age unknown (5)
Philo, why? Jack's font fondness (4)
PC manufactures. Plus ça change (10)
She grows fonder day by day. Plus ça change (3)
If it becomes fashionable... Jack's font fondness (12)
So I added the 's' modifier to my preg_replace patterns muppet (24)
Hey AHA muppet (9)
Beautiful people make more the economist (30)
Getting through the day Bot Berlin (17)
In the men's room Flasher T (4)
Don't you just hate it when trollop (6)
Womb environment 'makes men gay' son of parnas (9)
Are most people assholes? Steven Colbert (29)
Why are so many dildos purple? [x] (4)
Have you heard that Flasher used to sell inflatable dildos? muppet (9)
Window kill switch Colm (4)
55 posts on Forum Software? Robot Overlord. (1)
Has an online debate ever changed your mind? ArgueMonkey (19)
I hate not having direct database access from work muppet (10)
More on your "first love"... Methuselah (CoT is my 2nd realm) (10)
I am inspired to have my webpage just like Plus ça change (15)
Hmmm... Mat Hall (3)
does she kill henry?  DOES SHE KILL HENRY? worldsSmallestViolin (7)
Intenet Is Evil PNII (6)
The harddrive in my wife's computer just died.. Wayne (AHA) (21)
Bush Played Right Into Their Hands son of parnas (5)
huh?  my post just disappeared? worldsSmallestViolin (3)
FUCK OFF worldsSmallestViolin (3)
FruitShow developments? bon vivant (19)
Torque is pretty slick sharkfish comin atcha in 3D! (13)
June 27th, 2006
Could you pass the US citizenship test? Jack Nicholson (25)
Do you think we'd all get more work done if blah clinton (3)
How does someone as ridiculous as Prince sharkfish (14)
dammit dammit dammit dammit sharkfish (9)
I should check to see if sharkfish (5)
Who here isn't blah (9)
Your first love... Methuselah (CoT is my 2nd realm) (8)
Hm. Nice inexpensive patch cables Steel McLargeHuge (12)
i love this sharkfish (4)
Oh this is priceless Steel McLargeHuge (37)
so much for perfect information sharkfish (3)
Moderator question for the masses Steel McLargeHuge (37)
Interesting Utility PNII (3)
Ok, lads n lasses, I'm going to sleep ルイ パーチエコ (1)
The BIG mistake that Europe made XooX (32)
The Shoe ルイ パーチエコ (2)
Flag amendment fails in the Senate Steel McLargeHuge (11)
My big announcement Steel McLargeHuge (12)
don't be afraid to be a fool (7)
This a cool use for technology Funny Bunny (2)
I like this forum Funny Bunny (4)
Ayaan Hirsi Ali gets to keep her citizenship Funny Bunny (6)
Ah joy Steel McLargeHuge (8)
Whats the proper way to drink tomato juice? Funny Bunny (27)
Why did you choose that nick? jingalala jingalala ™ (63)
Anyone in Fort Myers? jingalala jingalala ™ (0)
Lookout Eastern Europe... John Haren (6)
heheheheeee jingalala jingalala ™ (13)
IE Windows and popups Bot Berlin (3)
ecoislamofemifascistterrornazi jingalala jingalala ™ (2)
Javascript more widely used Bot Berlin (2)
Spain - France Locutus of Borg (17)
Three red car day Sata^H^H^H^HAaron F Stanton (8)
I've been fired Colm (86)
Heheh... Mat Hall (2)
OCR .pdf tools? Jack's pdf pamphlets (4)
Anyone heard of iView? Steel McLargeHuge, W.R.A. (14)
It sure as shit ain't no FruitShow orange (4)
comcast guy who fell asleep flip (9)
Brazil - Ghana Locutus of Borg (13)
Flying Alpha Romeo Methuselah (CoT is my 2nd realm) (12)
Books on Tape the great purple (14)
Fortune Cookies xampl (3)
Syriana Jack's island isolation (1)
some PHP? what are you reading for? (6)
Rant jingalala jingalala ™ (1)
Is it dumb to trust people? Sata^H^H^H^HAaron F Stanton (23)
Do you remove tabs? Bot Berlin (22)
Forgive me Forum, for I have sinned muppet (3)
Does this strike anyone else Sata^H^H^H^HAaron F Stanton (9)
Federal Government at Work flip (5)
LOWORD jingalala jingalala ™ (10)
Supplements Dennis Forbes (27)
These are my testing supplies muppet (1)
I will need a block of IP addresses Sata^H^H^H^HAaron F Stanton (17)
2.5 is NOT 80% of 8. I hate Robert Kiyosaki (8)
Nature conspires to regulate population numbers. Plus ça change (8)
Help for Dan Denman sharkfish (3)
Random names for all those forms.... Peter (7)
Go [£] (7)
What is wrong with you? Bot Berlin (28)
June 26th, 2006
Is this news to anyone, really? Sata^H^H^H^HAaron F Stanton (1)
Sex symbol sharkfish (23)
wow this is interesting stuff worlds*Biggest*ViolinYouBastards (22)
"They fuck you up, your Mum and Dad, worlds*Biggest*ViolinYouBastards (6)
Did Aaron get his old job back yet? LinuxOrBust (39)
TAW (or someone else) Im looking for information about... worlds*Biggest*ViolinYouBastards (28)
Face or body? Anon for this one (41)
rappin' math! John Haren (6)
Why is corn on the cob sharkfish (19)
Limbaugh Detained At Airport Joy Purdy (reporting) (11)
Book question Steel McLargeHuge (9)
I'm watching "Revolutionary Girl Utena" again muppet (26)
For Aaron Bot Berlin (13)
Will somebody read this for me Bot Berlin (16)
Can anyone explain to me Rick Tsang (7)
Hell's Kitchen Steel McLargeHuge (8)
Got rejected Bot Berlin (16)
OK, seriously muppet (22)
Hey AHA Victorinox Lawyers (7)
Could someone explain to me Funny Bunny (33)
This is becoming obnoxious. [x] muppet bunny (5)
download wmv files sharkfish (16)
I'm still alive, no seizure muppet (24)
Self destruction Sata^H^H^H^HAaron F Stanton (44)
Wow, wish I could do this. xampl (10)
Honey!? Frozone McLargeHuge (3)
Holy crap Sata^H^H^H^HAaron F Stanton (13)
I would pay for sharkfish (15)
married sex sharkfish (6)
New Digital Camera AllanL5 (16)
Oh wait Sata^H^H^H^HAaron F Stanton (14)
HTML processing library flip (11)
My plan is coming to be Bot Berlin (3)
How often does this happen to you? Steel McLargeHuge, Blue Skies (12)
Switzerland - Ukraine Locutus of Borg (26)
Been playing with Word 2007 Locutus of Borg (3)
I created this Locutus of Borg (24)
OMG! Sata^H^H^H^HAaron F Stanton (5)
Holy crap, JOS fora are lame John Haren (7)
Failure according to Google Methuselah (CoT is my 2nd realm) (3)
I want you to stop the cross posting JOS dumping ground? (3)
Since everyone are doing it Rick Tsang (11)
Interesting piece on bribes Funny Bunny (2)
Why the fuck windows live mail doesn't work on firefox? Masiosare (6)
Oh hey wow muppet (27)
Okay, we only have 9 months to plan this [x] (61)
Y'know, I'm done John Haren (37)
What Happened at Al Jazeera's Kabul Bureau? by Dan Schulman (14)
Anyone here use Office Web Components? Steel McLargeHuge:Resident Evil (1)
Your call is important to us... xampl (7)
Writing horrible when I have to concentrate on writing Bot Berlin (2)
Free Image editor? Masiosare (26)
I propose that we all [x] (27)
AHA - Toronto? Dennis Forbes (7)
Hey AHA muppet (3)
mininova sharkfish (7)
Stupid question Steel McLargeHuge:Resident Evil (8)
sharkfish is the new white sharkfish (6)
Philo is the new black sharkfish (2)
jPod Flasher T (1)
Bye-bye WinFS Steel McLargeHuge:Resident Cute (20)
ahem sharkfish (6)
Gashee morphousite, thou expungiest quoopisk! Plus ça change (3)
Italy - Australia trollop (16)
rate the escort sharkfish (17)
jobs for lesbos sharkfish (40)
Cool programmer diary and why do all developers go to google? Bot Berlin (9)
Imaginary CoT bon vivant (8)
Glad, I am the oldest Bot Berlin (11)
buffet should do something better with his money son of parnas (18)
Calling Dana, Sharkfish. Plus ça change (10)
The real Sim City xampl (2)
I want to tell the developers they got screwed onanon (7)
magnitude of nerd culture Brine da Puma (11)
This is disturbing for a number of reasons muppet (17)
Philo muppet (24)
Hey Hugh (krump != krunk) Jacob (4)
So muppet, are you enjoying Steel McLargeHuge, W.R.A. (55)
MS Access 2K - VBA/Add-In - Import Excel Files (Multiple Sheets) Plus ça change (24)
Good book on configuring Apache? muppet (8)
It's a sad comment on this place muppet (12)
OMFG WALL!!! Flasher T (25)
The Bell curve, the greatest intellectual fraud Senthilnathan N.S. (14)
Do not take the Lord's name in vain. Or Plus ça change (12)
Repeat After Me jingalala jingalala ™ (7)
New Job or not forThis.Anon (9)
LinkedIn Question forThis.Anon (10)
Eh. Funny Bunny (2)
June 25th, 2006
Lose out on a promotion Patrick (3)
6pm Bot Berlin (5)
$37 Billion -- largest donation in U.S. history onanon (12)
"Hey Philo!" Ryan (9)
I can't post to this thread. [£] (5)
4 - 5 months free time flip (11)
Sleepy Comcast technician xampl (0)
I almost forgot this one. Funny Bunny (0)
Mat, Im glad that... worldsSmallestViolin (3)
sharky was clearly... worldsSmallestViolin (1)
hamas attack on israel worldsSmallestViolin (9)
Anonymity in an internet world bon vivant (19)
did this post show up on JoS? worldsSmallestViolin (4)
Irkutsk vs. Yakutsk [£] (13)
Hey muppet Funny Bunny (12)
Is this an argument? flip (14)
CoT Vote:  Is Philo Black? worldsSmallestViolin (43)
Sucky sucky suck suck Steel McLargeHuge:Resident Evil (20)
There's zero chance that Philo is black ,..., (7)
See, rich people arent that bad Bot Berlin (14)
Microsoft MediaCentre worldsSmallestViolin (5)
I need a life Aaron F Stanton (101)
Melnibone' vs. Eurasia Aaron F Stanton (5)
The Republic of Texas vs. the Ottoman Empire Steel McLargeHuge:Resident Evil (2)
Andorra vs. Burma Steel McLargeHuge:Resident Evil (5)
Condi Rice for president worldsSmallestViolin (53)
Portugal vs Netherland Quartet (13)
mysterious weapon Commandante Marcos (3)
I'm not sure how to digest this bit sharkfish (45)
people are so stupid Hugh Pacman™ (15)
England - Equador Locutus of Borg (4)
Guy saw 7even too many times Funny Bunny (9)
OT/COT dates? Steel McLargeHuge:Resident Evil (3)
Well that's a fucked up bug Steel McLargeHuge:Resident Evil (32)
One thing I've learned from CoT Aaron F Stanton (5)
What if you were a German kid? Funny Bunny (25)
I'm so glad I'm not a tree in Berlin right now Funny Bunny (3)
Lost them all Funny Bunny (18)
I was actually going to post the lyrics to a song here Funny Bunny (0)
If you're a black guy... AngryDriver (24)
Philo the Republican Steel McLargeHuge:Resident Evil (20)
static code analysis for c++ Dale Lawrence (11)
Steel Hugh Pacman™ (3)
stupid excel question $-- (21)
Shiver bon vivant (0)
June 24th, 2006
Quick, before it disappears [x] (35)
Sharky Aaron F Stanton (32)
Fuck me Funny Bunny (17)
Just interesting Funny Bunny (0)
New semantics to deal with pairs of persons Funny Bunny (3)
Overrated/annoying actors Steel McLargeHuge:Resident Evil (24)
Top 30 pickup lines that would never work [x] (21)
Stupid product groups... Steel McLargeHuge:Resident Evil (21)
Top 30 things the British Government wanted from Sealand [x] (6)
Hey Philo Aaron F Stanton (33)
Going to coffee/bar Bot Berlin (32)
You don't climb them fig trees in Washington and get away with Funny Bunny (18)
Cryptonomicon fans despair Colm (23)
In defense of eutanasia Funny Bunny (6)
So you think you can dance Steel McLargeHuge:Resident Evil (6)
My latest linkedin job entry: [x] (10)
It was long ago Aaron F Stanton (11)
Hardware and software discussions diluted with much harmless... Methuselah (CoT is my 2nd realm) (6)
COT: Mostly Harmless [x] (14)
Hey Locutus of Borg [x] (13)
Hey Rock [x] (3)
It is Saturday night Locutus of Borg (8)
Nice counter to the Davinci Code Steel McLargeHuge:Resident Evil (27)
Great night Locutus of Borg (2)
Crazy Colm (4)
Argentina - Mexico Locutus of Borg (38)
10 year erection xampl (2)
Stupid flash question Steel McLargeHuge:Resident Evil (6)
Subway Bot Berlin (7)
PHPMyAdmin and MySQL 5.x muppet (34)
Ugh Aaron F Stanton (11)
What was that Firefox Extension muppet (2)
Maybe if Al's handlers weren't dorks... Steel McLargeHuge:Resident Evil (10)
Girl Caught Cheating son of parnas (8)
OMG! Steel McLargeHuge:Resident Evil (5)
Amusing Aaron F Stanton (22)
Who said the brain doesn't burn calories? Steel McLargeHuge:Resident Evil (7)
Hey muppet! Steel McLargeHuge:Resident Evil (2)
Germany Vs. Sweden Plus ça change (8)
What could this problem be... Almost H. Anonymous (4)
Wheeee! xampl (14)
Wherein our Bunny is raped by Linux Funny Bunny (2)
Bled for Days awesomer-n-hell (2)
June 23rd, 2006
Syriana Bot Berlin (6)
Company Group Outing... Bot Berlin (7)
Relax, go back to sleep, it's not a problem trollop (1)
I assume control Colossus (6)
It all went rather smoothly bon vivant (3)
Women in business suits Steel McLargeHuge:Resident Evil (17)
I'm sitting here watching American Pie and getting depressed muppet (34)
If you were laid off... Steel McLargeHuge (38)
PS3 Secret Hardware Revealed (for sharky) [£] (4)
Daily Show on Game Violence worldsSmallestViolin (2)
I'm on a high Funny Bunny (20)
Any way to save streaming ASX/WMV files? [x] (11)
How can this be useful? Masiosare (2)
Hugh Pacman is giving free bj's Hugh Pacman™ (23)
The Myth of Creativity flip (15)
Yet another. Plus ça change (13)
name that disease sharkfish (14)
Togo - France Locutus of Borg (7)
It's been too long Aaron F Stanton (9)
Cot Vote:  Philo is Evil worldsSmallestViolin (30)
bump top beta? (2)
I am stumped by this slang. Plus ça change (9)
HA HA HA HA HA look at the morons HA HA HA HA HA worldsSmallestViolin (6)
CSS Question BigJigger (23)
Microsoft knew about 9/11 all along? Stephen Jones (14)
Daily Show Effect (9)
Subdomains? Aaron F Stanton (50)
Anyone using Plesk? Aaron F Stanton (12)
Time to move to Canada? [x] (9)
Matson Jones The Harbour Master (9)
if I wanted you to quote, I'd use pine to post here. cut that shit out (6)
Aaron muppet (2)
doctors pay on NPR flip (19)
Tunisia vs Ukraine Brine da Puma (1)
I'm going to start padding my linkedin list [x] (3)
israel supports the kurds flip (1)
are you a code monkey bottom feeder? sharkfish (50)
adding copyright notice to pages nathan (57)
You've got 80 million dollars in the bank value judgemental (13)
oozinator didn't buy one (5)
Teaching Math [.] (6)
Did You Work Summers During School? Dennis Forbes (28)
it's time for year around school son of parnas (10)
Today is a refactoring day for p9 muppet (24)
Grid control preferences? xampl (9)
Iraqi government declare state of emergency in baghdad is this a civil war? (5)
Frog with implanted web server Methuselah (The real Methuselah) (7)
Darth Vader The Harbour Master (9)
Free Pascal or Python? (37)
JOS - now with grouped-by-day post index jz (10)
No Joy of Gay Sex for you Jacob (7)
June 22nd, 2006
Huffing and Puffing trollop (3)
jesus christ! Hugh Pacman™ (5)
I saw this in the UK, but it cost money. [x] (6)
US Government monitors Americans Banking Transactions flip (9)
Should we isolate high achieving students? son of parnas (19)
No more cavities sharkfish (5)
new sites and growth curves $-- (29)
JUNK POST.  just testing how COT displays html.  sorry (7)
What CoT has taught me Steel McLargeHuge, W.R.A. (6)
Johari Window Funny Bunny (7)
How do you add technical courses on LinkedIn? Funny Bunny (6)
Software Wars Quartet (4)
I'm tired Steel McLargeHuge, W.R.A. (15)
For $10,0000... sharkfish (16)
LOL.  The boss just called, and I happened to answer the phone.. sharkfish (8)
now THAT's a desktop! Hugh Pacman™ (5)
I just wanted to say... Steel McLargeHuge, W.R.A. (30)
Free fun Jack's island isolation (3)
It's almost friday.. Locutus of Borg (6)
have i been pWn3d? Hugh Pacman™ (25)
Php spitting javascript... Masiosare (7)
a non-nerdy approach to women sharkfish (35)
A thread about KennyTheTroll jingalala jingalala ™ (20)
Doubt about design Masiosare (15)
Cancel The GD Account ... Moron PNII (1)
join nonsense talk Kinshasha (4)
Wanna talk about it sharky? Locutus of Borg (12)
Who wrote Churchill's speaches? Funny Bunny - Renowned Bunster (13)
You're all wankers! sharkfish (42)
No to investigation of pre-war intelligence spinning (5)
Damn, but I've never been happier Hugh Pacman™ (3)
List of Posers Known As Maser of Pigs worldsSmallestViolin (6)
List of weak, co-dependent morons: worldsSmallestViolin (16)
Whateva! Jack's island isolation (2)
Gravity is just a theory sharkfish (30)
Croatia - Australia Locutus of Borg (33)
The revenge of PUSH, or.. Locutus of Borg (16)
is it just me, or have the last few posts from sharkfish... worldsSmallestViolin (5)
Why IE?  WHYYYY!???? sharkfish (4)
MarkTW's Johari Window [x] (8)
two to tango Hugh Pacman™ (22)
A different kind of stats class son of parnas (4)
Young Frankensteve [x] (2)
Am I the only one who goes to other sites now and think [x] (13)
Ann Coulter v. Hitler sharkfish (8)
The one with the fasted developing child WINS!!! EmergencyBroadcastSystem (9)
Give me the magic three slot... EmergencyBroadcastSystem (9)
Has Colm surpassed Flasher T as my most disliked poster? flip (11)
You're my sunshine jingalala jingalala ™ (24)
I would have guessed "penis" sharkfish (6)
snorer sharkfish (17)
women ARE paid less.  so there Hugh Pacman™ (10)
Marissa Mayer flip (34)
Where have all the Freedomfighters gone? [.] (9)
CoT Fix AllanL5 (3)
,..., will LOVE this... Hugh Pacman™ (2)
cosseting kids within the family til age 5 delays development $-- (42)
My visit to Holland... a2800276 (0)
Almost falling in love. sharkfish (63)
Italy vs Czech Republic Ricardo Antunes da Costa (11)
for bot flip (1)
bad sectors sysadmin (9)
msdn el (8)
I just noticed the sidebar... Mat Hall (10)
From now on when I'm compelled to fill out my life history muppet (2)
Trying to find a code editor (FOSS preferred) that muppet (25)
Song of the Day muppet (3)
Karaoke for the deaf muppet (3)
daddy does not believe in MVC separation forThis.Anon (12)
Child Care:  Happy Relief or Proof of Failure as a Parent? worldsSmallestViolin (44)
MILF! Mat Hall (4)
peter crouch $-- (3)
Fair Pay trollop (6)
Mid/Summer/Solstice Flasher T (8)
24 season 5 review pls fallen (2)
Get back to work! Hugh Pacman™ (18)
June 21st, 2006
Kids abducted on the internet Bot Berlin (25)
Teledildonics sharkfish (3)
Genuine Advantage is Microsoft spyware K (10)
Skull Fucking Hitler son of parnas (1)
My cat is yelping even though we took her ovaries sharkfish (16)
video card sharkfish (24)
Lost In Translation [x] (53)
Penis Obsession sharkfish (10)
Forbesy made reddit front.  on FOSS sharkfish (9)
Not beating it. Bot Berlin (3)
What computer should I get? nathan (4)
What do you think? Bot Berlin (18)
LOST TV Show Kinshasha (7)
Essential Ella sharkfish (8)
grammer not native (12)
Colbert: What are the Ten Commandments? son of parnas (9)
Comedy Platinum muppet (10)
I just really can't watch PeeWee's playhouse anymore muppet (16)
Are you branded at work? son of parnas (9)
How do you calculate the amount of time necessary for a project? Funny Bunny (32)
Anyone who feels the need to quote me Steel McLargeHuge, W.R.A. (9)
killing from a distance = civilization killing in the name of (12)
.9999... = 1 ? your thoughts? (20)
Try this sharkfish (30)
Holy shit this is stupid ,..., (39)
Ruff Riders DMX (3)
Indian actors look like Europeans? xampl (21)
Netherlands - Argentina Locutus of Borg (12)
People are not nice," she added, referring to Sasha. "Why?" flip (28)
grammatical error in first sentence of book onanon (7)
Instant AJAX muppet (14)
How do you want to die ? And what age ? Matt Brown (25)
I love... Jacob (13)
Blackberry 7100T Device Error forThis.Anon (1)
Religious people are less intelligent son of parnas (77)
Mexico X Portugal Ricardo Antunes da Costa (10)
My one gripe about PHP muppet (13)
Soccer Flags Dennis Forbes (10)
Right Click->Eject on USB media in Windows 2K muppet (10)
so, they're bring home bodies of tortured soldiers now. (21)
I quoted Philo in a homework assignment. [x] (13)
Who does this remind you of? Flasher T (2)
Do you think Flasher has scrolled down far enough yet? [x] (5)
I created a toaster. [x] (12)
A sucker is born every minute. [x] (5)
I just sent an email to my professor telling him to [x] (36)
Where do you get your tech news from? IMesh (16)
Hey Mat, check the stats on tap... Hugh Pacman™ (11)
CoT request. Hugh Pacman™ (3)
Hell's Kitchen Steel McLargeHuge (5)
uh oh.  I like how my pussies smell sharkfish (10)
CoT Contest:  Hugh PacMan vs Aaron F Stanton worldsSmallestViolin (25)
violent, sexual claymation sharkfish (2)
June 20th, 2006
carrying capacity of the average chipmunk's cheek pouch? worldsSmallestViolin (9)
Stop it people! bon vivant (2)
Self meta Aaron F Stanton (5)
Bill O'Reilly has convinced me that torture is a good idea Steel McLargeHuge (3)
J hehehe (0)
Public Pledge sharkfish (13)
so... why is sharkfish a racist again? Hugh Pacman™ (63)
Alterative-Whitespace_Characters flip (3)
Martin Taylor leaves Microsft flip (6)
ellipses thread............................ ..................... [x] I broke firefox (8)
ATTENTION COT! Steel McLargeHuge (18)
WHITE                        SPACE                      THREAD [x] (6)
DAMN YOU! No escape! (21)
MS Markets the iPod (for Philo) Mongo (2)
OMG Aaron F Stanton (6)
OMFG - muppet doesn't like whitespace Steel McLargeHuge (37)
I wish Google (or other) Maps [x] (5)
How do you do it? (err work) This job thing sucks (28)
Superman. IMAX. 3D. NYC? [x] (30)
swunt [x] (8)
Why I asked about Unit Testing Funny Bunny (2)
b'zugda hiara [x] (6)
Hey, speaking of Nothing... Aaron F Stanton (14)
Everyone else - Ultraviolet and Underworld Steel McLargeHuge (14)
Muppet - Equilibrium and Ultraviolet Steel McLargeHuge (13)
Wow, I'm screwed Aaron F Stanton (60)
So I was in starbucks today and [x] (21)
OK - this Ann Coulter woman... a cynic writes... (17)
Have we come to any kind of conclusion on the NSFW thing? [x] (52)
Venting Jack's lurking likeness (6)
For the fucker that claimed that poetry ought not to rhyme Locutus of Borg (5)
Recipe bon vivant (10)
Proposed change to HTML spec Locutus of Borg (8)
Write Great Code sharkfish (2)
Write Great Code sharkfish (22)
I'm cold Locutus of Borg (35)
I want to work for the EU bureaucracy Lustiges Häschen (17)
I am halucinating Lustiges Häschen (1)
Romania and Bulgaria in the EU on January the 1st? Lustiges Häschen (4)
WTF sharkfish (8)
NOW STOP POSTING!!! Locutus of Borg (8)
Hey muppet sharkfish (5)
my ISP sharkfish (18)
Sweden vs England Ricardo Antunes da Costa (22)
It's been a while Locutus of Borg (6)
Is this a common problem? Senthilnathan N.S. (8)
Imitation Aaron F Stanton (11)
please explain to me sharkfish (12)
Sharkfish is clear, empirical proof muppet (27)
I've been auditing the p9 (my PHP framework) codebase muppet (19)
the dicks of CoT sharkfish (21)
My announcement Spiro (14)
England, prepare to lose Zoot of Sweden (27)
mangina sharkfish (8)
Read my damned poem already Jack's lurking likeness (11)
Stevie Awards xampl (1)
Hurricanes win Stanley Cup xampl (5)
Germany vs Ecuador Ricardo Antunes da Costa (3)
How to learn correct pronunciation? Senthilnathan N.S. (16)
Is it not obvious by now, we should eat vegetables Bot Berlin (9)
Job Description Jack's lurking likeness (11)
Hey! Sathy Plus ça change (1)
Unknowable Plus ça change (0)
A few people on the Siemens team here muppet (18)
Good article on the economic inequality in America Senthilnathan N.S. (25)
Ethical dilemma Plus ça change (9)
COT and NSFW Posts ,..., (47)
Wells proposed the net and wikipedia ... in 1937 $-- (11)
Dennis, "Irony" ... $-- (12)
um, sidebar? sharkfish (5)
I'm still awake.  shit. sharkfish (10)
Hard Rock A capella Mr. Wumpus (1)
OMG Aaron F Stanton (6)
wow, Ronald McDonald is HOT Hugh Pacman™ (2)
open source/free download survey +database template Patrick (2)
Stick Figures in Peril! [x] (1)
June 19th, 2006
Remember the bubble? Now in jail for securites fraud (1)
Answer to the sidebar Hugh Pacman™ (3)
Stalking Denman spammers! beware! (4)
I wonder whether it would be possible, via technology muppet (15)
Classic lines! flip (2)
Last time you smoked? Bot Berlin (22)
I bless this thread with my presence. flip (6)
I might as well forget about getting any work done today Jimbo (13)
So... Bot Berlin (15)
Dumbest Thing Ever [x] (2)
looking for softtail bicycle Kinshasha (2)
AHA! Colm (3)
sharky jingalala jingalala ™ (5)
SmackBook ... PNII (0)
The Crazy On Tap Suggestive Imagary Poetry Contest [x] (15)
Don't you hate it when... [x] (7)
OK, let's just get this over with jingalala jingalala ™ (20)
Do any of the moderators still hang out here? [x] (39)
Soft and gentle (improved) Locutus of Borg (16)
Stupid things you think about when bike riding in 90 degree [x] (6)
Picture Viewer Dennis Forbes (21)
Sathy sharkfish (13)
Ethical Dilemma Colm (18)
I am... jingalala jingalala ™ (4)
Sathy is cool Lustiges Häschen (24)
Bushisms Time Magazine (3)
Answers yahoo Bot Berlin (5)
Did you check this out on Daddy's house? jingalala jingalala ™ (38)
Irony Dennis Forbes (12)
How does Google know what's on the password protected pages on [x] (12)
Okay, here's the new rule. [x] (33)
Spain - Tunisia Locutus of Borg (10)
Saudi Arabia - Ukraine Locutus of Borg (16)
Life itself will form part of it's operational matrix. [x] (11)
Linked In sharkfish (40)
Why Apple Backed out from India? Dan Denman (19)
the most ironic thing ever posted to cot? flip (1)
Remember that guy that wanted us all locked in a room? Steel McLargeHuge (3)
Bad Behavior [x] (1)
Extrovert sharkfish (33)
Reload. Reload. Reload. Reload. Reload. Reload. Reload. Reload. (1)
How to make Dan Denman go away Aaron F Stanton (77)
Point Light Animations Show Gender and Emotion son of parnas (6)
Bill Gates' email upon leaving MS Lustiges Häschen (5)
The secret to success Steel McLargeHuge (5)
One more test Almost H. Anonymous (vacation) (5)
Okay, so most of it is a song about some girl dancing Steel McLargeHuge (8)
test Almost H. Anonymous (vacation) (9)
June 18th, 2006
Germany vs France Aaron F Stanton (7)
Warning Aaron F Stanton (64)
Report from the US Embassy Iraq flip (3)
Chinese soccer players Steel McLargeHuge (31)
Another Jakarta Tapestry Question Lustiges Häschen (7)
Treasure Hunters sharkfish (9)
Something I could easily test empirically but can't be arsed muppet (1)
"Gas profits not the result of pricing" Steel McLargeHuge (11)
Google ignored Memorial Day Steel McLargeHuge (8)
Gotta respect Gates Bot Berlin (20)
Comcast On Demand - Free Bot Berlin (0)
anyone here dying from cancer? worldsSmallestViolin (4)
More XBRL Steel McLargeHuge (5)
Actors have health insurance? Bot Berlin (10)
unix way to keep two dirs in sync? $-- (3)
A hard landing in 2006 – just not in the US? flip (6)
old(er) programming languages Just Asking (8)
How I want to be remembered Steel McLargeHuge (3)
Brazil v Australia trollop (2)
Stanley Cup xampl (2)
Losing track of a movie Steel McLargeHuge (14)
The Rock is a damn fine actor, if I may say so Lustiges Häschen (12)
L O S T Kinshasha (4)
ipod engraving Anon Forever (12)
god i want... worldsSmallestViolin (16)
Sathy - Your Linked-in people. Plus ça change (18)
Happy Father's Day Aaron F Stanton (50)
Sports are f'd up LinuxOrBust (28)
What a Digging looks like. [x] (10)
who's the bald guy who does all the internet marketing stuff? brandy (5)
stupid MySQL tricks muppet (4)
For sharky - NSFW Aaron F Stanton (29)
June 17th, 2006
OK AHA (or other RegEx folks) muppet (11)
Puzzle question Steel McLargeHuge (9)
Do you use ebooks? Lustiges Häschen (21)
What if... Steel McLargeHuge (36)
15 exercises to learn a programming language Lustiges Häschen (3)
Strategy books Lustiges Häschen (25)
I can't put my finger on it, but something makes me want flip (17)
Whats the quality of hospitals in Mission Viejo? Lustiges Häschen (15)
Footloose Steel McLargeHuge (7)
Flickr is expected to give zoomr a way to load user data flapjacks (2)
Copy cat jingalala jingalala ™ (3)
Where art thou, Sathy? Lustiges Häschen (12)
ok, who here is posting as Paul Robinson? worldsSmallestViolin (9)
Last night I hooked up with this chick. Plus ça change (1)
الشيخ أحمد ياسين Impartial Observation is Impossi (9)
Anyone here talk XBRL? Steel McLargeHuge (22)
Offsides rule really ruins the game, IMHO. LinuxOrBust (14)
The World Cup can very well end today! Plus ça change (3)
For you webdev's out there Lustiges Häschen (2)
Two american soldiers captured in Iraq Lustiges Häschen (11)
An interesting story from the sales world... Steel McLargeHuge (3)
Italy - USA Locutus of Borg (13)
Strangest after-hours activity? xampl (14)
Hey Bon [x] (2)
Portugal Advances, Ending 40 - Year Drought flip (0)
Zorba argues you can divide internet traffic into five approxima [x] (15)
Delta Airlines = fucking scum Don't be Evil (1)
Czech vs. Ghana LinuxOrBust (5)
Sex in Christ sharkfish (7)
Portugal vs Iran Lustiges Häschen (2)
yay! we LOVE software patents! worldsSmallestViolin (4)
1 am and our argument is over worldsSmallestViolin (11)
Teach me Violin Me (5)
Lets play "Where does that come from" (12)
Zorba says the Google hierarchy is just five levels Quartet (5)
I found this great collection Locutus of Borg (9)
16 years old kid having fun. SFW. :-) Quartet (15)
$8 a drink, eight! Bot Berlin (6)
June 16th, 2006
crickets chirping... Steel McLargeHuge (5)
Racist Capitol Police shut down by Grand Jury Ice Cube (0)
So, anybody here a 'ports' expert on FreeBSD? muppet (13)
Britney is such an idiot Steel McLargeHuge (9)
They still do this? [x] (3)
Rhodesia was super Lustiges Häschen (6)
Subversion question muppet (10)
Joanna Lustiges Häschen (5)
MechWarrior 3 muppet (2)
This girl looks almost exactly like an ex of mine (NSFW) muppet (12)
To the Hobbyists among you: good times! (2)
Something wrong with the internet here Lustiges Häschen (7)
DodgeBall [x] (2)
Funny Bunny is American Bot Berlin (16)
Go pound s... sand pounder (0)
MSFT not down on Gates News markatt analist (5)
Pray tell, how do I add you in LinkedIn? Lustiges Häschen (25)
Soft and gentle they fill my hands... Locutus of Borg (1)
serach on this forum ... $-- (4)
Whatever happened to free wifi Almost H. Anonymous (mobile) (10)
GEICO Ryan (12)
Malware sucks. Flasher T (11)
Game engines (sharkfish's game cont.) Rock Hardbuns (6)
Jay-Z leads Cristal boycott JayZ (5)
america's twin deficits (current-account deficit remix) flip reads the newspaper (6)
Mexico vs Angola Ricardo Antunes da Costa (20)
Procrastination break Rick Tsang (2)
News from the Daily Show كولم (13)
An informal survey Hugh Pacman™ (37)
cool sharkfish (3)
Judicial branch Rick Tsang (8)
More office banter sharkfish (14)
Netherlands vs Ivory Coast Ricardo Antunes da Costa (51)
NSFW Aaron F Stanton (25)
Anyone here use eDonkey? Steel McLargeHuge (38)
Hi, I'm Flasher and I have an anger management problem. the psychologist (14)
What is Berlin's mysterious hobby? flipper (6)
Haircuts xampl (2)
Why the hell do they need to lock people in a room? Steel McLargeHuge (8)
PayPal Security Flaw allows Identity Theft Methuselah (The real Methuselah) (4)
Indian Beauties (SFW) forThis.Anon (19)
If Joel is our daddy, who's our mommy? Methuselah (The real Methuselah) (10)
Godspell Flasher T (3)
Joel Invented The Internet! ,..., (33)
Kinda surreal. [x] (9)
Argentina vs Serbia and Montenegro Ricardo Antunes da Costa (15)
small PC I bet zacharias dictated people (14) story on K5 Cool Dad (13)
Daddy's getting all old and teary eyed. Plus ça change (4)
123 Locutus of Borg (13)
Yay! I'm on the forum header jingalala jingalala ™ (2)
Today is another day! jingalala jingalala ™ (1)
ABC (27)
Now let me tell you how it works in the real world [x] (3)
I'm so sorry, please forgive me... Steel McLargeHuge (2)
Upside inside out Steel McLargeHuge (7)
Maria Steel McLargeHuge (2)
OMG KILL MY EYES Hugh Pacman™ (5)
The "Dr. Evil" Bush Administration Mongo (41)
FAQ Bitch PNII (15)
Have blogs helped Microsoft? son of parnas (14)
Going to bed. Aaron F Stanton (13)
sounds like most every big company I have worked for son of parnas (1)
Help me fill out my LinkedIn profile. [x] (13)
can you make and charge for a game in second life? son of parnas (1)
some things just make ya go 'huh' Hugh Pacman™ (4)
June 15th, 2006
So what kind of calendar do muppet and sharkfish use? Aaron F Stanton (36)
So who wants to link in? Hugh Pacman™ (45)
Department of Homeland Security reports: "We suck" Steel McLargeHuge (2)
Anybody doing contract programming Bot Berlin (28)
Is that you Methuselah (The real Methuselah) (1)
Woohoo, vacation tomorrow! Almost H. Anonymous (8)
Recommendations كولم (15)
News to Raymond's brother Steel McLargeHuge (23)
Muppet's tired head and regular expressions muppet (26)
I want to work for the most ethical company in the United States Steel McLargeHuge (16)
oisv worldsSmallestViolin (28)
Tagline Lustiges Häschen (3)
Going for the hobby Bot Berlin (24)
Mr Jones Lustiges Häschen (8)
What Drugs Do You Partake Of? ,..., (16)
Virtual Laser Tag sharkfish (40)
I bought the USB key Philo recommended the other day muppet (7)
Sathy is so dumb... Ward (2)
Does that include me also? jingalala jingalala ™ (15)
In the news jingalala jingalala ™ (22)
Need suggestions for a job title (pretty lame) Jacob (17)
I made a great snack tonight Locutus of Borg (26)
Bill's leaving Steel McLargeHuge (21)
Axis2 Java Developer (9)
Bye Bye Billie bon vivant (8)
If I had identical twin babies [x] (11)
Test Lustiges Häschen (11)
The idea of creating or editing a Wordpress template [x] (4)
Want to drive teens/young 20-something's into a fit? muppet (14)
and now for something completely different... Hugh Pacman™ (1)
Sweden vs Paraguay Ricardo Antunes da Costa (33)
Muslim Terrorists at the World Cup a2800276 (3)
Dim Sum Rick Tsang (15)
The Zone Lustiges Häschen (7)
sharky jingalala jingalala ™ (14)
IE Processes - Cookies - Nice, but not so neat. Plus ça change (6)
Microsoft: Vista Most Secure OS Ever son of parnas (8)
NSFW LOL NSFW FAKE? NSFW beach reading (5)
this made me sad sharkfish (11)
Kind of unfair Lustiges Häschen (7)
Fuck you bon vivant sharkfish (27)
England vs Trinidad and Tobago Ricardo Antunes da Costa (8)
Trip to Toronto AHA Wife :) (36)
Windows Vista is late? Quartet (24)
If you had identical twin babies Steel McLargeHuge (13)
ERA Steel McLargeHuge (18)
White Tigers Lustiges Häschen (1)
Rands in Repose Lustiges Häschen (8)
Does suicide bombing pay? son of parnas (13)
Mangled characters from Windows to Linux Lustiges Häschen (8)
Consumer Eugenics xampl (15)
Suburbs and golf greens Dennis Forbes (26)
Hu$tle and the muppet Jack's lurking likeness (1)
Format for technical documentation Lustiges Häschen (20)
Breat milk enters chinese cuisine Lustiges Häschen (11)
Jimmy Carter was attacked by a Killer Rabbit? Lustiges Häschen (3)
Ecuador X Costa Rica Ricardo Antunes da Costa (11)
Hey Flip, you write for the Fool? Steel McLargeHuge (10)
CIA flights and the EU Lustiges Häschen (12)
Latest batch of Microsoft security updates Dennis Forbes (9)
Coding challenge Sathyaish Chakravarthy (28)
I love backward compatibility Aaron F Stanton (7)
NSFW Aaron F Stanton (10)
You Men Really Like Porn son of parnas (14)
I just installed and configured subversion on my FreeBSD box muppet (7)
June 14th, 2006
Mother of All Disclaimers PNII (1)
Bite My Shiny Metal Ass [x] (19)
The quality of trolling here Hugh Pacman™ (1)
AFIs 100 Years of Cheers [x] (1)
Attention self-righteous curmudgeons: muppet (11)
So the kid at the Mac store muppet (8)
"She was what you call a professional beauty [x] (9)
Bite My Shiny Metal Ass sharkfish (4)
What does it mean? sharkfish (9)
How bad is ecstasy, really? sharkfish (7)
dear deodorant manufacturers sharkfish (19)
Dear Google Mail muppet (19)
Hey, I've BEEN in those things! trollop (2)
Managing my photos Lustiges Häschen (17)
I'm leaving but.. Masiosare (15)
PGP for .NET jingalala jingalala ™ (17)
use of functions and optimisation jacques orff (11)
How is web development in the .NET world? Lustiges Häschen (14)
Does Trinidad have a chance? Hugh Pacman™ (7)
guys i have a tough problem ringer (12)
Christopher Cross sharkfish (3)
Whats the skinny on Unit Testing? Lustiges Häschen (30)
One problem with tabbed browsing... Steel McLargeHuge (19)
interesting podcast about crop circles worldsSmallestViolin (6)
which pc offer is better PC Buyer (12)
Advertising is all LIES! [x] (7)
Germany vs Poland Ricardo Antunes da Costa (12)
Lives Crammed Into 240 Square Feet Living like a Chinese (6)
I'd forgotten all about this... Mat Hall (19)
Virtual Desktop Software for Windows 2000 Rick Tsang (3)
T-Mobile won't sell me WiFi! Ryan (4)
IntelliJ IDEA is a dog Hugh Pacman™ (3)
Hi Fred [x] (8)
Proof that calorie counting does not work sharkfish (28)
Well now we know what all that dark fiber is for. [x] (23)
Tunisia vs Saudi Arabia Ricardo Antunes da Costa (10)
Stupid WIndows update MasioTroll (4)
Bueller... Bueller... Anyone? Jack's lurking likeness (0)
Preventative War as Stupud as the People Who Did It son of parnas (11)
Vonage son of parnas (3)
Porn Star Name Aaron F Stanton (14)
NASA Genesis Mishap Investigation Report Out (15)
SAP LinuxOrBust (7)
Your most amazing personal story Senthilnathan N.S. (28)
Better use what we've got first Aaron F Stanton (9)
Spain vs Ukraine Ricardo Antunes da Costa (9)
Monster tables كولم (43)
This is either really stupid... Mat Hall (2)
neat application of DSP and other stuff $-- (4)
Co-located server. BSOD. Screenshots Plus ça change (9)
Priceless Flasher T (1)
Talk about missing the point Locutus of Borg (3)
Go Mr. Williams [x] (1)
Good UI books? Aaron F Stanton (12)
Ja ja jaded LinuxOrBust (4)
Does anyone else do this? Hugh Pacman™ (9)
impulse buy sharkfish (25)
Doing computer support.. Almost H. Anonymous (17)
Bible code sharkfish (4)
June 13th, 2006
Non-office jobs Bot Berlin (21)
Team recognition for the "Big Release" K (18)
Deep Kimchi trollop (3)
Global Views of The US flip (6)
Legitimate terrorism كولم (15)
Breakdance Patrick (11)
Allright AHA muppet (20)
How bad would it be... sharkfish (12)
Let's discuss ME sharkfish (38)
URGENT jingalala jingalala ™ (9)
Error: 502 x (2)
Why am I not a pioneer on the Wikipedia jingalala jingalala ™ (2)
Top 30 Sathy Facts x (24)
Is it better to be really skinny or really fat I m craaaazy (14)
Funky musics that make me want to love Funny Bunny (35)
Is jigs the mother of all trolls? Funny Bunny (15)
Can you do the moonwalk? Funny Bunny (9)
Is it safe to eat? xampl (9)
Superstitious Funny Bunny (1)
So how can I use Windows Task Manager to.... worldsSmallestViolin (17)
Is it considered offensive sharkfish (29)
M.C with tall blond girl on subway Funny Bunny (47)
Thanks guys Funny Bunny (12)
Asian girl soccer Locutus of Borg (10)
Crazy Moving Company Story I Usually Lurk (24)
SharePoint Thread Of The Day jingalala jingalala ™ (9)
Is it just me or is Raymond Chen cracking hehehe (3)
F1 is even more boring than soccer dwf (6)
Finland and the World Cup dwf (2)
Posting works with Google [x] (6)
strangest programming language flip (21)
Damned Extroverts Rick Tsang (13)
Scoble resigned jingalala jingalala ™ (12)
Bush is in Baghdad AllanL5 (14)
Environment Vars Jack's lurking likeness (6)
Tekken for real MasioTroll (1)
Microsoft's Version of On Demand Dennis Forbes (3)
Bored - Help me Bot Berlin (5)
Brazil vs Croatia Ricardo Antunes da Costa (9)
Mongo's Law of I.T. I.P. Mongo (5)
US is under Chinese invasion Rick Tsang (10)
my god soccer is boring son of parnas (25)
Microsoft Calls for Truce With GPL and Linux? Quartet (6)
Great Firefox Extentions Dennis Forbes (5)
France vs Switzerland Ricardo Antunes da Costa (10)
Comment I just wrote muppet (25)
Traffic sucks xampl (2)
Jack's Book Club Jack's lurking likeness (10)
South Korea vs Togo Ricardo Antunes da Costa (12)
Oren poet (1)
Supporting Oren.. forThis.Anon (37)
After Picasa, Google Earth on Linux. Go Google! Quartet (6)
You are the most easily trolled, sorry group of muppet (27)
Oren, don't be intimidated Locutus of Borg (4)
oren : one question $-- (0)
on the muslims Oren (8)
Oren, why are you afraid? Locutus of Borg (13)
more on muslims Oren (6)
Europeans in Europe Me (5)
There are places... Locutus of Borg (18)
Morons on the web Aaron F Stanton (2)
Muslim in Europe Oren (8)
Ambiguous Title Aaron F Stanton (12)
The muslim invasion to Europe Oren (18)
4400 Looking Good son of parnas (1)
Who do you like? Bot Berlin (47)
Dana, is this you? [x] (1)
GOD DAMNIT JOOMLA Hugh Pacman™ (14)
just an observation Hugh Pacman™ (4)
June 12th, 2006
It seems to me that if you want to contribute to comp sci sharkfish (19)
I am so pissed off Aaron F Stanton (15)
josh quittner seems like a good boss Internal Memo Leaks (1)
Great idea Bot Berlin (1)
How To Get The Guy [x] (16)
When you are near 40 sharkfish (48)
holy crap Hugh Pacman™ (3)
Not here for long... Steel McLargeHuge (9)
This thread is reminiscent of ?Off    :) flip (1)
Hells Kitchen Bot Berlin (10)
anyone here not look at porn? sharkfish (14)
Iranian Female Police (11)
songs you hate sharkfish (36)
AH! I finally found the origin of the damn "30 facts about.." Funny Bunny (4)
Google Search history - I just dont know Bot Berlin (8)
It was NOT a buying opportunity in MSFT flip (12)
"Wouldn't it be nice Surf's up (2)
Warning! Europe is under muslim invasion. Oren (18)
QOTD Remember me (6)
Sphynxes are weird xampl (2)
Stallman is a Git son of parnas (35)
Here comes Alberto xampl (3)
Italy vs Ghana Ricardo Antunes da Costa (14)
10 square feet in hong kong knee jerk (32)
What's up with all these people BREATHING? muppet (28)
Wouldn't it be cool sharkfish (28)
Hearing People Eat I Can Smell You... (44)
Watch The Stacks Fall Dennis Forbes (4)
USA vs Czech Republic Ricardo Antunes da Costa (13)
US coverage of the world cup Hugh Pacman™ (7)
The only team playing soccer this world cup.. Plus ça change (1)
World Cup Feeds Plus ça change (1)
Can you hear this ring-tone? Almost H. Anonymous (23)
IDF chess set Flasher T (12)
Australia - Japan trollop (8)
Australia X Japan Ricardo Antunes da Costa (11)
Clearly my daughter will be a foot taller by the end of summer muppet (4)
AHA muppet (3)
The Revolution HAS BEEN televised... a cynic writes... (3)
MatLovesLocutus ?? Locutus of Borg (18)
Advertisers are now paying her $85,000/week Quartet (7)
google revenue model (redux) $-- (1)
June 11th, 2006
iTunes has little old stuff? onanon (10)
The full monty Bot Berlin (18)
Blast from the past Funny Bunny (16)
Navel piercing (13)
Catherine Bell of JAG (6)
A picture of tapeworms Funny Bunny (3)
Google Zeitgeist in GB Funny Bunny (5)
AAAAGGH! George W. Bush!! (nyt mag. debt issue) could 8 years really be this bad (22)
Event Registration Services Ward (1)
Tony Blair and the camera Funny Bunny (6)
.NET 3.0 -- the confusion begins... Almost H. Anonymous (5)
Angola X Portugal Ricardo Antunes da Costa (14)
Windows startup order... Mat Hall (13)
The ultimate CoT television poll Funny Bunny (24)
Nadal beats Federer. Plus ça change (9)
What's up Flasher's ass? [x] (23)
Stanley Cup xampl (8)
I'm going to marry Chloe Vevrier Funny Bunny (9)
Mexico X Iran Ricardo Antunes da Costa (11)
Well, if you *have* to work on a Sunday... Steel McLargeHuge (13)
Why hasn't the UN... Steel McLargeHuge (13)
Serbia and Montenegro X Netherlands Ricardo Antunes da Costa (11)
CoT Poll Funny Bunny (33)
Alternative to search thingy Funny Bunny (19)
Google came with an implementation first. No surpises. Plus ça change (2)
LCD is overrated. Flasher T (25)
Declarative video formats Plus ça change (13)
How many pushups can you do? Bot Berlin (22)
Learning the job LinuxOrBust (9)
Windows Tattoo Quartet (9)
Oh Hell Yeah Hugh Pacman™ (0)
Too cool Aaron F Stanton (4)
June 10th, 2006
Let's eat this pizza and get out of here before the portal to [x] (8)
Secretary Aaron F Stanton (7)
Act of war. trollop (9)
Good lord this is a bad movie. Steel McLargeHuge (7)
How *else* is Google raising revenue? Steel McLargeHuge (18)
I was this close... Bot Berlin (20)
Argentina X Ivory Coast Ricardo Antunes da Costa (3)
Turn your Hampster into... [x] (8)
World Cup chart xampl (5)
Trinidad & Tobago vs. Sweden Locutus of Borg (7)
What is it with high school girls these days? J. D. Trollinger (28)
I have a plan... Hugh Pacman™ (0)
Well it only took them three years to figure THAT out... Steel McLargeHuge (19)
I have a plan... Steel McLargeHuge (37)
Ghostzilla [x] (3)
England X Paraguay Ricardo Antunes da Costa (3)
Do the USA Dr. Who episodes [x] (3)
Your mom Me (22)
New interface for CoT Funny Bunny (2)
Transformers - new movie will be released on the 4th of July! Optimus Prime (14)
Small Children and Patterns Jason T. (9)
How could they make a new doctor who so soon? son of parnas (7)
Shoreditch station is no more bon vivant (2)
June 9th, 2006
Cars xampl (0)
Wheres the action? Grizzly Adams (2)
post some porn massive masturbater (3)
One way to bring in new blood Steel McLargeHuge (8)
Things that make this guy angry Steel McLargeHuge (7)
This guy met my manager! Funny Bunny (0)
Stay away from Kubuntu Hugh Pacman™ (8)
Anything that make you weird? Bot Berlin (22)
Panzers rollen im Costa Rica vor Funny Bunny (2)
I am so fucking tired Funny Bunny (4)
Weird What the heck? (3)
Easiest mistakes to make Steel McLargeHuge (10)
All right geniuses muppet (15)
Treo 700p question What the heck? (9)
Wayne muppet (10)
PSS RRE xampl (5)
Do you EarthSim Locutus of Borg (1) sharkfish (8)
Office joke of the day sharkfish (20)
UNION question muppet (51)
Well, THIS inspires confidence in the program... Hugh Pacman™ (4)
SBD xampl (9)
Something interesting I just learned bon vivant (21)
I'm not so crazy about... Locutus of Borg (6)
Poland x Equador Locutus of Borg (12)
OK I'm drawing a blank here muppet (5)
Enough with the Christopher Alexander name-checks Hugh Pacman™ (15)
google looses right to say we do no evil son of parnas (21)
So, how many people here have masturbated in a public restroom? muppet (10)
Does anybody know sharkfish (13)
Germany X Costa Rica Ricardo Antunes da Costa (10)
Wallpaper? Patterns? Colors? Steel McLargeHuge (16)
a little off balance today friday (0)
bitch sharkfish (9)
Anyone need a flash drive? Steel McLargeHuge (9)
Whatcha workin' on? Partial alias: (11)
Anyone own a Dow 30 index fund? Steel McLargeHuge (3)
The Assassination of al-Zarqawi ,..., (34)
Regular expressions again... Mat Hall (1)
I solemnly swear muppet (4)
Darn... Mat Hall (14)
This is challenging Aurora Mirae (2)
This is the best knife rack EVER muppet (8)
Tough time ahead Locutus of Borg (10)
Project Runway = gay? Patrick (9)
No buzz? Anon Forever (2)
OMG! Ladysmith Black Mambazo on Sesame Street! Ward (3)
Jetzt geht's los!! Locutus of Borg (7)
The Official World Cup Thread (10)
Previous Payments Organization Rick Tsang (5)
Do Ipod video owners really watch video on their Ipod? mr blank. (2)
June 8th, 2006
hey Aaron sharkfish (6)
So Philo, did you watch Hex? bon vivant (4)
COTers without Joel/?Off experience mr blank. (5)
Post to push the foreskin post off the bottom Label Me (2)
Joel Spolsky ,..., (69)
Has anyone here worked with Jakarta Tapestry? Funny Bunny (10)
French movie of the week Funny Bunny (12) false advertises muppet (2)
Was the A-Team gay? [x] (14)
Who would win in a race? [x] (26)
Help computer Hugh Pacman™ (1)
I know this is cyclic but MasioTroll (3)
Microsoft Marketing Game worldsSmallestViolin (6)
Top 30 Micorsoft Facts [x] (20)
Latest bit'o'innocence from my Yale friend Steel McLargeHuge (5)
OMG Microsoft stole my lunch money Hugh Pacman™ (13)
Hotmail and Ajax Funny Bunny (12)
Videos on the interwebs Steel McLargeHuge (17)
Holy crap the TimeCube guy gave an interview?? muppet (13)
Ana Lucia's mother on Lost is HOT! Funny Bunny (12)
Pine++ Funny Bunny (3)
More microsoft website feedback... Steel McLargeHuge (58)
Rochus Misch Funny Bunny (1)
Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares bon vivant (10)
Everybody knows that usenet sharkfish (17)
Search thing Funny Bunny (7)
Map: Peninsula Cities or Silicon Valley Ryan (7)
Scrapes with the law Funny Bunny (13)
Fonts for Ubuntu Funny Bunny (0)
Does anyone know if this works for coloring CoT links? Almost H. Anonymous (5)
A little favor... BigJigger (3)
OMG! Snape kills Dumbledore! Ward (3)
PORN [x] (4)
Who needs Dana [x] (4)
"My Best Friend is a Vampire" was on FLIXe last night muppet (0)
I just got ... $-- (9)
I hate all cops by default muppet (18)
OMG! They killed Zarqawi! who writes this stuff (1)
So true... كولم (9)
So muppet... sixtyten (23)
Stanley Cup finals xampl (11)
AHA - PHP stuff I haven't found docs for muppet (20)
Saturday June 10th muppet (12)
So glad I'm flying Delta this fall muppet (4)
War on Geology muppet (0)
Sathyaish, listen up you piece of shit muppet (23)
LMFAO Wilford Brimley raps muppet (1)
So you think you can dance Steel McLargeHuge (12)
OMFG, Justin Stavanovich from my high school class has muppet (29)
Classic Mac "Switch" spoof muppet (10)
OMG - Rachel is one of them too ... $-- (17)
OMG! Donald Sutherland is also one of them Locutus of Borg (8)
Did I make that many posts last night? jingalala jingalala ™ (4)
Dana, the super troll Locutus of Borg (5)
OMG! The Wizard is a fraud! Ward (3)
OMG!  They killed Bambi's mom! Aaron F Stanton (13)
question for Sharky and Dana Please, please tell me now (5)
Cyclomatic Complexity and .NET Dennis Forbes (4)
New job Bot Berlin (4)
June 7th, 2006
Oh hey, I even made the title bar! Steel McLargeHuge (2)
This thread is not about me. Steel McLargeHuge (3)
Your music player setup. Chi Feng (4)
OMG! They killed Kenny! Steel McLargeHuge (1)
sorry guys, changed my mind Dana - going on sabbatical (3)
Godless and Coulter Bot Berlin (9)
philo, can you comment on this? meh (6)
DSP is boring sharkfish (11)
I know all the answers sharkfish (15)
How many jingalala jingalala ™ (8)
Fort Sumptuous trollop (4)
Could someone confirm is jingalala is posting from wherever Funny Bunny (10)
Class of ..... Chi Feng (12)
I hereby declare jingalala jingalala ™ (9)
Artificial Foreskin Funny Bunny (5)
Philo Request jingalala jingalala ™ (16)
Another thread jingalala jingalala ™ (3)
Woman hit by lightning. Computer slows down when she uses it. Funny Bunny (3)
Loosin' my religion jingalala jingalala ™ (4)
Come September jingalala jingalala ™ (10)
OMG! They kill Old Yeller at the end! Steel McLargeHuge (1)
Women piss me off Steel McLargeHuge (7)
Why Microsoft can't win Steel McLargeHuge (36)
Confession jingalala jingalala ™ (8)
Bob Marley's jingalala jingalala ™ (5)
Guess who's the God Of All The Beer jingalala jingalala ™ (13)
Hello? jingalala jingalala ™ (10)
stupid orange thing. sharkfish (18)
WTF stupid outlook? Coronel Inngus (18)
The war against the evil cursor Coronel Inngus (0)
Blargh Aaron F Stanton (11)
sleepy, or work? Steel McLargeHuge (4)
OMG! Rosebud was his sled! Steel McLargeHuge (3)
Diffs jingalala jingalala ™ (19)
Dear assholes Hugh Pacman™ (7)
Kitty Cam xampl (8)
OMG!There's an Iraqi guy having sex with a WASP on Lost Funny Bunny (6)
Donnie Darko Steel McLargeHuge (6)
Meeting me Rick Tsang (13)
What would your lesbian name be? [x] (14)
Dell product alignment Steel McLargeHuge (11)
For sharky Aaron F Stanton (10)
The Subaru El Camino [x] (10)
How do they sharkfish (25)
Here's How Our President Makes Policy son of parnas (10)
PGP 101 jingalala jingalala ™ (20)
What's... Fab 5 Freddy (6)
"Why this won't work" vs. "How could this work" Steel McLargeHuge (18)
3 Starbucks pics Aaron F Stanton (72)
SMTP Listener jingalala jingalala ™ (7)
For muppet Aaron F Stanton (9)
Cool illusion Steel McLargeHuge (6)
Creator of Firefox gets it Steel McLargeHuge (16)
anyone who wants to join my lesbian group can email me Virginia Vagina (Dana) (10)
I cut myself off... worldsSmallestViolin (8)
BugMeNot is gone jingalala jingalala ™ (1)
Heh. Heh-heh. Flasher T (6)
I will no longer be known as [x] ]v[ (9)
theDirtMan is no more Aurora Mirae (10)
This Thursday my friends are playing at this club [x] (3)
June 6th, 2006
Damn that 3am coding Steel McLargeHuge (14)
Hey,  Aaron! Aaron F Stanton (3)
Fantasy Football - LOL! Steel McLargeHuge (6)
Inner Light Theory of Consciousness sharkfish (29)
I'm changing my posting name Virginia Vagina (7)
Brin says... Jon Stewart (0)
I'm surprisingly saddened by this development sharkfish (26)
so who wants to pretend to be a lesbian? Dana the Mon. morn. philosopher (63)
Mother of all roundabouts sharkfish (11)
A hypothetical question jingalala jingalala ™ (10)
Philo jingalala jingalala ™ (10)
True, that wouldn't really be a draft, per se... Steel McLargeHuge (8)
Shouldn't white men get premium pay? sharkfish (16)
aaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeee!!!!!! My EYES!!!! Steel McLargeHuge (4)
Boycott Starbucks!! كولم (15)
Kitty Kill sharkfish (5)
Philo is *not* an asshole jingalala jingalala ™ (6)
So, my glasses muppet (22)
Cheap beautiful housing, but two hours drive? sharkfish (8)
Sunday sharkfish (12)
Sticker War Funny Bunny (5)
Philo is an asshole jingalala jingalala ™ (21)
I hate it when I have to write a complex SQL query Almost H. Anonymous (17)
Shouldn't minorities get a premium in pay? Steel McLargeHuge (39)
First sentence of a book I just downloaded: sharkfish (35)
I want someone to come cut my hair Steel McLargeHuge (17)
Yay! I am a TV star jingalala jingalala ™ (36)
are you getting the timestamp from the client? jingalala jingalala ™ (1)
Is Aaron muppet in 10 years? [x] (13)
Flasher T serial bisexual exhibitionist w an autoerotic fixation [x] (7)
Leveraging Terrorism Dennis Forbes (24)
I've been going about things all wrong muppet (7)
It's official, my psych classes are 80% women. [x] (17)
Verticalisation what are you reading for? (6)
I love seeing these kinds of messsages كولم (3)
who's been messin with my COT? Hugh Pacman™ (3)
talking of UK vs US sports $-- (25)
Stanley Cup xampl (4)
I'm an idiot Aaron F Stanton (37)
"Kingdom of Heaven" + Recent Terrorist Arrests = KennyTheTroll (5)
What the hell? Steel McLargeHuge (23)
Dear Steel muppet (7)
I think I need to start messing with robotics muppet (14)
Net2phone sues Skype over the concept of the internet muppet (33)
I forgot to refill my med bottle this morning for work muppet (15)
Buying things dressed as a bank robber Flasher T (17)
Why don't we buy hosting for COT? Masiosare (21)
Don't you just hate [x] (24)
hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia Flasher T (6)
I'm away for four days ... Locutus of Borg (2)
Uh oh.  Something is burning sharkfish (8)
Beta Test Google Spreadsheet Funny Bunny (25)
Some stats of my repository Quartet (1)
sweet meh (2)
Mighty interesting (before I hit the shower and go back to the Funny Bunny (10)
Domino Theory Funny Bunny (12)
Hmmm Aaron F Stanton (13)
Mark's 50% Bullshit Theory [x] (45)
6 June 2006 Damien (16)
philosophical question So, you're a philosopher (27)
What happened to Tapiwa? Funny Bunny (1)
June 5th, 2006
DAMMIT Steel McLargeHuge (10)
A song from Cuba. Masiosare (19)
$15 paperbacks sharkfish (20)
Post your local time Funny Bunny (25)
30 reasons why ugly white men are better than ugly whale bitches sharkfish (6)
Sharky, what do we do after I show you my porn collection? Methuselah (Ward said I am a 18) (3)
On open source sharkfish (45)
Is Locutus the only one sharkfish (33)
what if sharkfish (14)
Strict parents cause fat kids xampl (20)
The Apprentice boys are getting spanked Steel McLargeHuge (29)
I asked for it first! Funny Bunny (8)
Okay, this isn't funny any more Steel McLargeHuge (26)
OMG Funny Bunny (9)
just shrot of two hours to go muppet (2)
"If you wish to cancel your domain registration, simply muppet (2)
139 days muppet (13)
LMFAO muppet (1)
This video makes me cringe muppet (7)
Please God, I don't usually pray... Steel McLargeHuge (13)
TestTestTest Funny Bunny (3)
I guess its going to be an all nighter today Funny Bunny (8)
WORA? Funny Bunny (22)
The day of the Beast Methuselah (CoT addict) (3)
Do you see through the Palestinian mask? Oren (11)
State of the Union theDirtMan (2)
Gmail Funny Bunny (3)
Nothing makes you happy; you have to *be* happy Steel McLargeHuge (35)
A fun little Flash game for you all... Almost H. Anonymous (7)
Are we tired of diversity? Funny Bunny (1)
Anyone read "A Million Little Pieces"? Steel McLargeHuge (15)
What the fuck is happened to the ordering of the posts? Funny Bunny (18)
Obligatory Devilish Post Funny Bunny (3)
Anyone in Fort Myers jingalala jingalala ™ (54)
I met Natalie Portman!!! KennyTheTroll (23)
I love jingalala jingalala ™ (8)
So could somebody who speaks Spanish please help me? Aaron F Stanton (13)
Internet not working sometimes Water Cooler v2 (2)
I have had jingalala jingalala ™ (37)
Moderation Escape: muppet is wonderful jingalala jingalala ™ (4)
Must we be as we ought to? Plus ça change (4)
I love CoT jingalala jingalala ™ (8)
Not posting today. Masiosare (6)
Post some porn jingalala jingalala ™ (8)
Cryptonomicon sharkfish (25)
WTF is up with the market? xampl (11)
Dogs piss on everything too. sharkfish (11)
SugarCRM sharkfish (5)
***********NUKE'EM DAMMIT!*************** sharkfish (3)
I'm sorry if it's wrong, but this exchange muppet (4)
Spiritual but not religious LinuxOrBust (42)
AHA!! 8 HOURS to go. muppet (3)
Oh I get it, AA muppet (3)
*******FRUSTRATED WITH THIS BOARD************* sharkfish (12)
CoT bug Methuselah (CoT addict) (7)
Perfect by nature Steel McLargeHuge (0)
Testing Almost H. Anonymous (18)
How does this work??? [x] (19)
Time to look up another obscure script? [x] (0)
So wait why was Intel good for Apple again? muppet (5)
I'm a terrible person I know, but this is funny muppet (0)
Is not the lifespan of threads much shorter here? Senthilnathan N.S. (1)
Afghanistan is lost son of parnas (14)
Test - it's 823am in AHA's time zone Ward (2)
um, something wrong with CoT sharkfish (2)
"God will save me" sharkfish (3)
What happened to Google Maps? J. D. Trollinger (7)
Posts seem to be ordered by day desc but by hour asc muppet (6)
This would have been more appropriate to have implemented muppet (1)
COT Timestamp Bug Ryan Park (2)
Rails Day 2006: Rails on Tap? Ryan (1)
June 4th, 2006
No cure yet for cancer, AIDS, etc Patrick (17)
My co.'s website sounds like a sellout to MS LinuxOrBust (21)
Dear Alyssa Milano Steel McLargeHuge (3)
Troops will get 'values' training Mongo (20)
VLC Funny Bunny (16)
Video explains the world's most important 6-sec drum loop [x] (14)
My take on state secrets Steel McLargeHuge (9)
Installing linux without cd/floppy Rock Hardbuns (6)
Apropos of nothing... Steel McLargeHuge (6)
Batman Begins Steel McLargeHuge (6)
?joel Former JoSer (10)
Right wing comedians كولم (18)
American WWII posters Funny Bunny (3)
Muslim demolitions company Funny Bunny (5)
What happens to cereal when they're exposed to the air for very Funny Bunny (6)
gekkomat enables you to climb like a gecko son of parnas (5)
Revenge of the Sith Steel McLargeHuge (29)
so I can't post on CoT at work ... Dana the Sun. morn philosopher (43)
Holy crap. [x] (6)
Apple computer logs out of India Funny Bunny (9)
I am famous Bot Berlin (1)
History of Oil [.] (17)
Saturday bad day on the net? $-- (3)
Do you think Al Gore will run in 2008? [x] <-- meanie (25)
Best whiskey? son of parnas (19)
This is great Bot Berlin (7)
June 3rd, 2006
What are you learning Just Asking (14)
The problem with catching up on TV while "working" Steel McLargeHuge (6)
3am, off to bed. Funny Bunny (5)
Watching old teen comedies will make you feel fucking old muppet (18)
Oh holy hell, they made a Cruel Intentions 3 muppet (8)
I just spent 5.5 hours finishing the staircase muppet (10)
French movie of the week Funny Bunny (3)
They're trying to show Cruel Intentions on ABC Family muppet (5)
ACTION CATS muppet (1)
I almost had sex tonight Funny Bunny (17)
For Jimbo Dan Denman (2)
Google Calender Bug [x] (7)
Will I explode if I drink Diet Coke and eat Mentos? [x] (1)
Who's read A Matter for Men? Steel McLargeHuge (4)
How did the name Crazy on Tap come about? Funny Bunny (10)
Al Gore Goes Visual son of parnas (3)
So, the pirate bay is back online. Rock Hardbuns (11)
cool flr t (4)
Holy shit, I just got a letter published in the New York Times! Dana the Sat. morn philosopher (13)
Muppet, here's a health article you ought to read Dana the Sat. morn philosopher (1)
YOU PLUS ME == US Me (0)
King Kong Bot Berlin (6)
commencement quote from the Cos Dan Denman (7)
June 2nd, 2006
Video; the fisher price laptop Bot Berlin (12)
e dont want those who read email in route to brush their teeth Bot Berlin (0)
swalls sharkfish (4)
Cot beats JoS to the punch! Methuselah (CoT addict) (4)
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Proposal to Implant RFID Chips in Immigrants Funny Bunny (4)
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that moron at work did it again Dana the Fri Nite Philosopher (18)
CoT beats SlashDot to the punch! Aaron F Stanton (2)
And CoT disappears in a puff of purple smoke... Almost H. Anonymous (19)
For sharkfish, this is cool too. Bot Berlin (12)
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IDF Funny Bunny (55)
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Women let cats drink the milk from their breasts (NSFW) Almost H. Anonymous (13)
Rich Dad ShyK (8)
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I think the "real" programmers are over on the HW side. LinuxOrBust (20)
I'm sorry - *who* will sue over use of their formats? Steel McLargeHuge (33)
Heh. muppet (3)
Wow it's a shame this guy probably doesn't get referrer stats muppet (4)
Crater as big as Ohio theDirtMan (4)
So what do you want us to do?  Read books? Bot Berlin (6)
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Bolton: ‘This is Put Up or Shut Up Time For Iran,’ Dan Denman (4)
Jon Stewart Dan Denman (1)
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June 1st, 2006
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French Sniper Team xampl (2)
Idiots should be fucking sterilized muppet (27)
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Server Upgrade Notice Almost H. Anonymous (5)
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