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June 30th, 2007
Who taught you how to drive? xampl (10 comments)
OK, now this is just amazing bon vivant (3)
My best international friend in the world Bot Berlin (5)
Roswell Aliens Shot JFK son of parnas (1)
Forth of July Dan Denman (14)
Sicko was Dan Denman (0)
The Fruits of Good Old American Labor son of parnas (4)
Does this make any sense to you? Slave to fashion (2)
Hitler Would Have Been a Great Designer son of parnas (6)
Kind of like the iphone Bot Berlin (8)
Something cool actually happened, in politics LinuxOrBust (3)
The real reason blah exists Tapiwa (22)
Glen or Glenda Practical Economist (2)
when is a rat not a rat? TrustedTraitor (11)
All you atheists Philo (10)
June 29th, 2007
Improving productivity through Firefox extensions Wayne (3)
Bot Berlin, what do you parents think of sharkfish (6)
Prince kills me sharkfish (2)
You can't open this location using this program Bluebeard (1)
What have YOU done for overpopulation of late? Bluebeard (11)
More on the goodness of interval training son of parnas (6)
It's always all about money. son of parnas (17)
So who is still here? O Canader (27)
Making things that go bang bon vivant (7)
Is being fat so okay? Clay Dowling (25)
Assuming the Worst DF (10)
My theme song sharkfish (7)
Car ownership blows Michael B (7)
FBI:  Stop raping my wife! sharkfish (14)
sell your cell phone sharkfish (6)
I hate these people with a vengeance bon vivant (2)
Owning a flamewar DF (9)
Population Reduction Plan s (46)
What is the ideal comment system design? son of parnas (17)
You know any popular one man programming projects Bot Berlin (17)
I always liked hardware evolution son of parnas (4)
Losing your fear of porn son of parnas (8)
over for fopp what are you reading for? (4)
What if s (19)
Think positive thoughts for rover! son of parnas (4)
Who really needs peer-to-peer? son of parnas (2)
Are all ecosystems created equal? son of parnas (4)
You're the one with your hand on the mouth going clit clit clit (100 + 85)/2 (2)
So Bluebeard Tapiwa (2)
Hey muppet __monty__ (39)
Up late Wayne (9)
Price subsidies for gasoline lead to... Practical Economist (21)
This shit annoys me. Wayne (8)
Next FruitShow Release Wayne (1)
June 28th, 2007
I'm going to try and improve my productivity Wayne (8)
European Union - a new Totalitarian State? Practical Economist (10)
Partition to the PCs attached to network JOSer (4)
More UK justice, this time alimony Practical Economist (9)
Think you can pull this off? Bot Berlin (18)
These TV competitions take it out of you bon vivant (1)
Wikipedia, a little too good, predicts death Bot Berlin (11)
Guess the missing letter fish in a barrel (1)
Results 1 - 10 of about 104,000,000 Bluebeard (20)
Python regex noooob Bot Berlin (12)
WOW JoC (5)
new CoT moderators grand sphincter (41)
Getting into golf... JoC (2)
It's just a file format! Gawd. son of parnas (35)
You know muppet (38)
Anybody tired of the Bush bashing on reddit Bot Berlin (21)
Hans Reiser Murder Trial Michael B (9)
Wishful thinking in reporting Philo (19)
What should I eat today? Bot Berlin (12)
Crazy Italian Guy and his Sidekick: Bohemian Man muppet (15)
Whitehouse Say It's not Even Part of that part of the Government son of parnas (10)
One Way I don't Want to Die son of parnas (6)
The fabulous 4 wonder friends dynamic duo film was pretty good son of parnas (9)
Let's Play "Guess the Gender" Clay Dowling (7)
Can the firm survive as the action flows to the edges? son of parnas (5)
It's time we did something to reduce the #1 cause of pollution (20)
This minority deserves respect too (3)
See..both COT and Superfriends have no new thread ... (4)
Can you balance a book on your head? Michael B (3)
June 27th, 2007
universe thread revisited strawberry soubriquet (2)
an entire day of (2)
Funny or Die Bot Berlin (1)
Yay! One page of new topics! Cool (0)
Best Daily WTF EVAR Philo (4)
Ann Coulter Dan Denman (0)
Hide the kids, Bruce Willis a conservative, voted for Bush Bot Berlin (8)
Space Shuttle takeoff xampl (1)
How charged are you... Bot Berlin (11)
Administration subpoena'd over wiretaps! Michael B (7)
Python gurus, standalone python on win32 Bot Berlin (4)
Would blowing up an SUV count as a carbon offset? Philo (14)
Nintendo impresses again... Wayne (5)
Taking a laptop on the Trans-Siberian railway Ward (3)
A new way for men to get into trouble Ward (14)
My thread jingalala jingalala ™ (7)
I hate being done with work Bot Berlin (4)
No Iphone for Me son of parnas (8)
Warren Buffett Says Tax the Rich son of parnas (48)
What if there is no equilibrium? son of parnas (26)
Tony Blaire Now Available for Supermarket Openings son of parnas (11)
Does government do anything except provide services? Bot Berlin (32)
Encoder SDK/Media conversion JoC (3)
Freedom Farce JoC (17)
LOLcats, because I'm sick of meta Clay Dowling (3)
So Wayne, you decided to remove me as moderator after all? muppet (49)
The strangest thing... JoC (5)
So Wayne muppet (13)
The universe does not give a shit about life. Tapiwa (44)
Bloody hell... el (13)
With the split between COT and SF.. ... (13)
Perspective Michael B (9)
This isn't Supertards FreeYourMind TheRestWillFollow (2)
Darth Coulter in the News Again son of parnas (8)
Superfriends FreeYourMind TheRestWillFollow (1)
June 26th, 2007
Privacy (20)
not only noogies strawberry soubriquet (1)
What is a petaflop? son of parnas (7)
hello poster pike (0)
When you mentioned about pretty Asian woman. Nameless (1)
Rendezvous with my high school sweethearts Nameless (5)
Now available *exclusively* at superfriends: m.m. (5)
Fox News still popular Bot Berlin (3)
arg! under water arg! (5)
England under water bon vivant (4)
Boobies! xampl (2)
New Forum arg! (5)
Career-wise, in five years, Rick Zeng (9)
Asian babes Ward (26)
Books on cellular technology and 3G Ward (0)
Today will go down in infamy sharkfish (19)
The Pleasure of Finding Things Out by  Richard Feynman son of parnas (5)
This is real social engineering (or why I hate apple) Bot Berlin (6)
For those who want an environment immune to Star Chambers muppet (13)
"There is no word for 1/2 friend." sharkfish (25)
Vote No/Veto JoC (18)
Google news image edition I woke up, Blah was still there (1)
MarkTAW is a social idiot sharkfish (44)
This is the last thread on blah, dear God please! Bluebeard (1)
I wasted some much time here today Rick Zeng (16)
It's all over and everyone can rest easy now, right? muppet (5)
I challenge you to a dual Blah (4)
One of the big problems with CoT recently muppet (43)
grand sphincter you egregious New Zealander Bluebeard (2)
Looney Bins JoC (7)
Give me blah or give me death! Bluebeard (6)
Dark movie that disturbed me as a young adult Bluebeard (1)
"The problem is that it is parasitic to CoT " grand sphincter (10)
I am totally enjoying this. sharkfish (2)
sharkfish's temper tantrums... Michael B (14)
"There is now also MEMBERS ONLY group in addition to P&P" grand sphincter (7)
Blah - take down the CoT feed sharkfish (23)
Unbelievable. sharkfish (44)
His father talked about being disappointed as a parent: grand sphincter (5)
women who aren't mainstream attractive sharkfish (9)
iPhone service plans announced xampl (13)
could whoever is deleting the new CoT motto off the sidebar... grand sphincter (8)
Blade Runner sharkfish (11)
Where in CT do you clowns live? Michael B (17)
Portable sawmill Ward (2)
Are tag clouds useful? son of parnas (3)
Please shut up Rick Zeng (12)
bon vivant muppet (9)
A pity. Really. Plus ça change (5)
Cheney's not part of the executive branch Michael B (10)
PDA gone a little bit too far Bot Berlin (30)
Do you think that at some point the efforts will get SO crazy... muppet (40)
Coke Zero JoC (18)
Three reasons why you don't eat fast food Michael B (48)
muppet, Michael B (1)
CoT/Blah Personal Attack Refresher Bot Berlin (44)
Hey Forbes muppet (39)
Practical Economist - assuming that you're not totally full of muppet (32)
The answer may be 42 after all. ipmal (32)
Rick Santorum has a blog!!! Dan Denman (4)
June 25th, 2007
Dry Cleaning case thrown out, insane plantiff ordered to pay Practical Economist (20)
Shave lathering brush Michael B (15)
Join B1ah Phi1o (1)
water sharkfish (13)
I always thought this is what Americans thought sharkfish (8)
Age of Love - place your bets sharkfish (17)
I think I may have ingested some hornet poison muppet (10)
Even though I long ago realized the futility of wishing my life muppet (7)
Vancouver CoTers: sign up for FogBugz demo Ward (5)
The fucking dog muppet (20)
Real Life Prison Break Bot Berlin (16)
Stupid spammers Ward (2)
fresh candidate for a sandwich Bluebeard (2)
Question for Bot and shark Bluebeard (7)
couldn't your prof/teacher google this too? sharkfish (5)
not a bad idea sharkfish (0)
What qualifies as the "American Banana Republic"? sharkfish (37)
gratuitous boobie shot of the day heartsheep (7)
Brand new shirt, stitching just came out right by the buttons muppet (13)
walk into the ass sharkfish (4)
Kissed an Iranian woman Bot Berlin (45)
When I have, in the past, dated younger women muppet (9)
Jobs that Americans don't want...(IOKIYAR edition) Peter (5)
All rapists are moving to England.. son of parnas (20)
AMA to declare... JoC (17)
The Irish, and racism Tapiwa (7)
Actual work question, LT parameter name Bot Berlin (7)
Offensive accessories s (11)
JoC, I got my ass handed to me in CS:S last night, didn't see ya muppet (5)
Like, oh my gawd, fer shure muppet (7)
LOL, album of a Wii scalper muppet (1)
apparently the majority of us are criminals grand sphincter (14)
A message for my Indian brothers jingalala jingalala ™ (11)
mafia shakedown? grand sphincter (2)
damn LOLcats to eternal hellfire Bluebeard (7)
June 24th, 2007
wtf is it with LOLcats? grand sphincter (14)
Drama sharkfish (8)
tagline headache grand sphincter (3)
CoT is the red pill sharkfish (2)
The next time we go to war xampl (2)
Who cares about what muppet looks like. Rick Zeng (3)
this is some funny Rick Zeng material m.m. (5)
Cheney: "I have a different understanding with the president." son of parnas (3)
bbq?  its a mans job grand sphincter (4)
Hello, i'm new here MariaTereza (4)
Anonymous porn admission (6)
Fighting Al Queda in Iraq grand sphincter (4)
Willis and DumDum compete for limited real estate muppet (2)
Rick is rude bon vivant (6)
this is simply UNACCEPTABLE sharkfish (22)
whatz blah? katya_scott_bennett (34)
New action footage of Sushi muppet (1)
The new dishwasher muppet (22)
Chicago Gay Pride sharkfish (8)
Daddy let your daughters grow up to be mathematicians.. son of parnas (16)
Dear CoT tagline moderators, grand sphincter (2)
wow. new moderation policy needed on threads about muppet grand sphincter (0)
iPhone vs Zune vs Segway grand sphincter (2)
google Adwords shocker discovery grand sphincter (0)
Question for God jingalala jingalala ™ (4)
The piece of muppet that passes all understanding Bluebeard (2)
The CoT tagline jingalala jingalala ™ (24)
Turn to me Bluebeard (0)
Muppet is a cunt Jeffrey (21)
I never liked MDI (Multiple document interface) son of parnas (2)
Woohoo, ordered a new bike Scott (3)
Hey Rick the redirector (0)
"The Secret" Practical Economist (25)
Leaving Beirut Dan Denman (1)
What does your clutter represent? son of parnas (8)
Best music video ever Michael B (8)
June 23rd, 2007
ohh, this is a nice article. grand sphincter (0)
bush admits he may have made a mistake grand sphincter (4)
How 'bout this? Hymie Pippick (0)
a question of ethics.  is it wrong to... grand sphincter (3)
lessig's new project m.m. (4)
try this is your red-neck town NYCer (1)
how good is this math? cot historian (1)
Dana and Tim muppet (25)
why is bon vivant bv ex-lover (2)
fuck the govt - reddit oddballz (1)
people are so full of shit oddballz (0)
rudeness oddballz (7)
Oh please tell me this is real Philo (8)
Cot Romance Tips Oddballz (4)
Can't access Blah! Blahder (10)
Are "success" books the new opiate of the masses? Bluebeard (7)
Dear Abby, Totally mortified (10)
At your most insane... anoneemouse (9)
Buying space on your site is advertising son of parnas (3)
Household plumbing question muppet (41)
More UK children on murderous rampages getting wrists slapped Practical Economist (28)
muppet - Transformers everywhere Philo (2)
flash music players on non-music sites Practical Economist (1)
"I am not a plastic bag" A-Merrick-an-Girl (23)
So a Stew Leonard's just opened up near us muppet (28)
A problem Mikael Bergkvist (3)
The American way of life is a blessed one son of parnas (8)
June 22nd, 2007
just call me sharkfish (6)
tonight's Painkiller Jane sharkfish (5)
cocoa/coredata data migration grand sphincter (4)
Michael B, just so you know, I can kick Dan Denman (19)
this is why you suck at success grand sphincter (5)
Let's ban Denman, "he is Dan Denman (4)
russia coming back grand sphincter (5)
so does being forced to invoke hitler and salad cream in a.. grand sphincter (7)
daddy comes to your town m.m. (5)
Where do you put personal artifacts? Father Fails (13)
US urges UN to charge Ahmadinejad Dan Denman (67)
so if teenagers cant help themselves, does that mean that... grand sphincter (20)
When no means no Practical Economist (18)
The term "Low Fat" fills me with anger and hate Practical Economist (11)
4 people, hmm, seems kind of low Bot Berlin (14)
bittorrent question sharkfish (5)
They Come in Peace son of parnas (5)
Use NFS? to link a network directory Bot Berlin (4)
A nice jewish girl for Dan to take home to Mum Bluebeard (2)
No Justice for the Black Man sharkfish (3)
am I wrong for wanting it sharkfish (10)
Is our CoT Chinese festival over yet? Rick Zeng (8)
When horny you probably will do a deer son of parnas (41)
Quirky statistic du jour (OK, de 2004) (5)
I agree! sharkfish (30)
So, Bot Berlin sharkfish (25)
peer pressure the great purple (16)
Australia implements Apartheid Practical Economist (21)
Action scenes gotten too complex? Practical Economist (24)
June 21st, 2007
Heaven - all that? Practical Economist (27)
Call Center Video Practical Economist (0)
Network question Philo (15)
When did banks stop accepting double endorsed deposits? Michael B (15)
Naming your child with weird name JOSer (24)
Should have sex with a dead deer be illegal? son of parnas (19)
For the past hour, I've been screwing ... A-Merrick-an-Girl (24)
Google Extortion (tm) (1)
Promoting toursim: Israel and maxim team up Dan Denman (12)
Government sucks Bot Berlin (22)
This makes "is" like like a noun son of parnas (16)
Vancouver CoT Meetup Redux Wayne (6)
No it isn't sharkfish (5)
okay, now I've heard it all sharkfish (4)
Satan and Adolf Hitler rejected sharkfish (26)
Whatup?! Yo yo yo (1)
for those of you sharkfish (6)
car thread jinx tony whateveritwas (4)
Killers on CoT s (13)
Youtube giving away ftp passwords Masiosare (1)
this can't be real sharkfish (7)
Sharky Torque JoC (8)
Completed the Sky Temple in Zelda: TP Wayne (4)
This warms my surface-hating heart LH (10)
Suicide bombers make simple cost-benefit analysis son of parnas (38)
Some cool research on how we recognize speech son of parnas (2)
Headphones are click-to-summon xampl (18)
I am depressed Bot Berlin (57)
How to find a model featured in videoclip ? Anon for this one (2)
the FOSS loonies are dreaming again Bluebeard (36)
pwned Michael B (0)
June 20th, 2007
F*O*B $KBR (0)
why prostitution is expensive? Daan (12)
would you vote for a Dan Denman (8)
I should just be sharkfish (11)
Would you get an iphone Bot Berlin (28)
Someone mentioned Berkeley A-Merrick-an-Girl (13)
Troubling article Philo (12)
Okay, maybe I will vote for the mayor of New York Philo (39)
The apocalypse: will it be dusty? muppet (11)
Vasectomy JoC (35)
It came... from Wisconsin JoC (2)
I'm not really gay sharkfish (18)
we're not getting work done because sharkfish (3)
which way does your hair whorl and is Rick really gay? sharkfish (1)
why are the ugly ones sharkfish (3)
Job applicants' racism test Bluebeard (9)
Religion in China SaveTheHubble (12)
Another silly insult: We are all chinese? Rick Zeng (20)
sex toys banned in India $-- (15)
Title bar and Sidebar Rick Zeng (8)
static initialization (C++) Practical Economist (2)
Dear Rick Zeng, grand sphincter (16)
Dear Rick Tang, grand sphincter (0)
Are ISPs moving to mysql 5.0? son of parnas (8)
creative writing Creative Writing 101 (6)
High activity web-development, CoT and the maximizing browser Bot Berlin (4)
Are you on the list? Philo (5)
Rick is a homo sharkfish (30)
Oh crap, some justifiable ridicule is deserved here... bon vivant (1)
Microsoft forced to change Vista for competitor... Wayne (7)
Who is hotter, Nicole Kidman or Sharkfish Bot Berlin (31)
Is progress possible without greed? son of parnas (10)
words of wisdom Ben Franklin (0)
Summary of why food is screwed up: Ward (38)
help--I need a script to sharkfish (27)
I've decided not to respond to recruiters anymore muppet (8)
"Bring a change of clothes" sharkfish (8)
Is this some sort of social networking scam? muppet (9)
Wsv or Muppet Rick Zeng (14)
Crazy Bot Berlin (5)
Dear Aunt CoT friend of the petitioner (13)
Thirteen sharkfish (29)
Realization LoverBoy (1)
networking the great purple (40)
Management Relations Clay Dowling (24)
web frameworks competition/comparison $-- (33)
Tomorrow is the big deal OMG department golf outing muppet (22)
London CoTers ... census Tapiwa (12)
who gets to decide what justice is? $-- (30)
what do y'all drive? Bluebeard (33)
Game company makes incredibly badly thought out decision Paul Brown (22)
Proposition 13 -> Mello-Roos NSFW (3)
Yea, we really are stupid Bot Berlin (7)
Now I am pissed off, government (legal system) outrage Bot Berlin (2)
If you didn't cook, where would you eat breakfast Bot Berlin (10)
Dan Denman AKA santorum Aaron (0)
Dennis Forbes AKA Rick Santorum Dan Denman (1)
June 19th, 2007
why oh why do I love this so much sharkfish (3)
Eating a piece of cheese Bot Berlin (20)
Dennis Forbes Dan Denman (8)
Willis just wailed his head on my elbow muppet (2)
Va gur vagrerfg bs vapernfrq cevinpl muppet (13)
Re: Facebook Aspiring College Developer (10)
I just found out OH SNAP! (13)
Being the Computer Guy... Aspiring College Developer (10)
I wouldn't mind looking like that son of parnas (21)
CoT Vancouver Meetup Ward (16)
I'm trying out Quicksilver muppet (2)
Meeting other's member of CoT offline Rick Zeng (53)
I just found out sharkfish (118)
Great idea for an application Bot Berlin (7)
Who is Masi Oka? Philo (3)
thought for the day Bluebeard (3)
Think there is a race component here? Bot Berlin (12)
Interview weeder questions Michael B (25)
bizarro empire grand sphincter (2)
It was a bug xampl (4)
how dynasties end tony whateveritwas (5)
What goes around always.. Plus ça change (5)
"Your boss's priorities are your priorities" son of parnas (14)
It's going to be a slow day on CoT... Wayne (40)
Another Childhood Illusion Destroyed son of parnas (14)
Here's a question for a geeky forum muppet (38)
went to a marriage counselling seminar thingie grand sphincter (7)
Is your workplace infested with the GTD brigade? Bluebeard (17)
Dearest muppet Bluebeard (34)
how do yuo use the exec* functions? Jagdish Kumar (18)
This ought to be simple RexAdventure (5)
June 18th, 2007
tim bray is an asshole and rogers cadenhead? (0)
programming not a viable career in the US sharkfish (3)
flight of fancy sharkfish (17)
Rejected Wii games xampl (10)
Canada's governemt is catching up to the US Dan Denman (12)
Definition of anti-semitism Dan Denman (2)
I just threw my back out muppet (28)
An intersting example of "biased" SAT questions. Rick Zeng (11)
wearing a wedding ring while trying to get laid Michael B (9)
Amazon used paperback shipping now $4 Practical Economist (12)
Sharky, speaking of nursing ... A-Merrick-an-Girl (21)
Muppet - nursing horror story Philo (48)
Blackbird watch Scott (5)
Working for a Previous Employer Kenny (27)
Walmart no longer needs to pay even stock photo fees DF (6)
Figure out my problem Bot Berlin (24)
TSA stops terror scheme Practical Economist (7)
Interesting article on PNAC web site Michael B (9)
anti-jesus freak sharkfish (23)
Help me find this film... Billx (5)
help me find this picture sharkfish (19)
I hate when there are bugs in my code Bot Berlin (18)
Ahnold to hispanic immigrants: "Turn off Univision" Philo (22)
Fox-news talking points. Rick Zeng (33)
Michael Moore is a god damn hero muppet (24)
need to get away and here is an idea sharkfish (15)
bunny suicides sharkfish (3)
Oh *SLAM!* -- Woman who "accidentally spilled" water from cup DF (21)
so what IS manly? sharkfish (2)
The Universe son of parnas (4)
Rubber duckies trollop (10)
incident at the grocery store sharkfish (9)
Hmmm JoC (5)
I can't seem to find muppet (5)
48k xampl (8)
Heh, I love shit like this muppet (5)
Here's a great way to beat rising gas prices muppet (3)
Wayne, Allan, Wii owners... muppet (11)
Polyamoury Redux Tapiwa (28)
Great father's day muppet (11)
Do you sleep naked? Michael B (31)
The problem with Philo Rick Zeng (24)
June 17th, 2007 grand sphincter (3)
The problem with Hillary Philo (47)
heh.  china to the US:  "hey. bitch." grand sphincter (45)
Many guys wish they had this name xampl (1)
you are having quadruplets sharkfish (13)
Will you sign my petition to ban something? bon vivant (8)
Car accident redux Michael B (3)
Books on Viagra Sopranos last episode was shiate (6)
lol chiropractics Michael B (5)
Hey, which post does the sidebar quote belong to? LinuxOrBust (3)
I have a baby blackbird in my garden. Scott (5)
why do anything sharkfish (12)
Dell Ultrasharp 30" Michael B (10)
Lessons Learned from Your Dad son of parnas (7)
American civil war arranged by corporations? Billx (12)
Rather pissed off with an anonymous idiot trollop (3)
Price of oil is rising at about the rate of inflation Michael B (17)
Right-Winger Sues Blogger And Wins (1)
June 16th, 2007
every moron gets a vote! mofo (3)
Somewhere over the rainbow sappy! (8)
Scam of the day son of parnas (7)
that's a retirement hit economita (22)
side effect of smoking ban sharkfish (11)
Why are the clinton haters on libby? son of parnas (5)
How reliable is Vista's System Backup utilty? Bluebeard (12)
Sharky, what kind of lunatic is your mayor? Philo (32)
They took TELNET out of Windows Vista??? muppet (25)
Was this whale around long enough ago to see... LinuxOrBust (4)
Kitchen chemistry bon vivant (15)
Jennifer Love Hewitt Ward (10)
Dill in a pickle trollop (9)
June 15th, 2007
Employee Ethics (11)
Banana! Banana? Ryan (2)
muppet is an ideal employee zed (1)
Broken A/C xampl (1)
Angelina is a freak Bot Berlin (13)
Almost missed my HS reunion. Bot Berlin (10)
Is this reasonable? JoC (9)
Why polygamy can be bad xampl (3)
the bottomless pit that is muppet Bluebeard (2)
hate crime against a straight man sharkfish (11)
Trolley problem: chimpanzee family and a crying baby Rick Zeng (11)
Going to try git Bot Berlin (1)
The Omnivore's Dilemma Ward (23)
Blarrgh, I want out Full name (4)
Ok, I joined Facebook. Wayne (29)
Speaking of brats--the French have them in control sharkfish (15)
Maybe a repost... JoC (0)
Web tools to aid disaster victims man on the stair (4)
"I found I was completely naked and in excruciating pain" man on the stair (7)
Scrolling on Phones Not on a Roll son of parnas (1)
New gaza conflict, anybody losing interest in the middle-east Bot Berlin (10)
The Face Bot Berlin (8)
I am ready Bluebeard (8)
Stupid kids, stupid parents Clay Dowling (47)
Fucking help muppet (23)
Oil 'n' grease trollop (2)
Why do people hate America? son of parnas (12)
June 14th, 2007
I arrived home to a giggling girlfriend sharkfish (13)
Google, quit contacting me for a job Bot Berlin (3)
YouTube - You Suck Bot Berlin (5)
Old guy can dance! xampl (3)
Open marriage gaining in popularity A-Merrick-an-Girl (38)
Which is gayer? muppet (9)
Good grief, can't anyone stand out to words anymore? Bot Berlin (8)
must. try. this. sharkfish (10)
Speaking of badonkadonk sharkfish (3)
Office 2007: I am not lovin' it Bluebeard (12)
Former Flash Firing Frenzy JoC (1)
Awesome shirt DF (4)
Lisa Simpson going Commando! Locutus of Borg (3)
Dollar coins xampl (16)
Is it rude to say Rick Zeng (32)
Feel sorry for the goto programmer Bot Berlin (50)
The new changes to Ebay are great muppet (2)
Surface -- Check out the videos Michael B (8)
the gay lisp sharkfish (19)
The cheerleading traditional media and the parabolic arc DF (25)
Video surveillance xampl (14)
The lumbering wheels of justice Michael B (7)
So, is anybody the least bit interested in Evan Almighty? muppet (10)
I'm suffering from Windows Aphasia (TM) muppet (0)
What the fuck, Dell muppet (15)
If you've been having trouble getting motivated ... A-Merrick-an-Girl (21)
gmail spam box $-- (6)
Forget the iPhone, the Nokia N95 is awesome Michael B (12)
Cannibal Holocaust Practical Economist (4)
June 13th, 2007
help me understand furries sharkfish (16)
sugarest sharkfish (6)
Did you know about this k-reet bash feature? Michael B (8)
As if we needed a rationale for breasts A-Merrick-an-Girl (34)
I want one sharkfish (36)
Your Own Encyclopedia Practical Economist (19)
When are pants worth 54 million dollars? A-Merrick-an-Girl (9)
When commando at work yesterday. Scott (13)
Why grandma smiles sharkfish (20)
I backpacked around America when... Bluebeard (16)
Hey, Sathy, do you read Reddit? Lurk Machine (2)
FUCK RON PAUL grand sphincter (24)
How can used book on amazon vary so much in price? son of parnas (31)
Mexican American Barrios, bad? Bot Berlin (22)
the Redistricting Game son of parnas (1)
Write Great Code sharkfish (9)
Which would you buy? possibly maybe (8)
wanted:  gay erotic novels with a decent plot/story line sharkfish (18)
What American accent do you have? sharkfish (42)
I just added Bumblebee and Soundwave to my shelftop display muppet (3)
A workman and his tools trollop (6)
Long, complicated, confusing queries or multiple queries Bot Berlin (35)
so suppose we do buy a house the great purple (14)
Fucking seriously, how does he get through these speeches muppet (7)
for shame america m.m. (3)
Bush's watch el (4)
Muppet, Nursing, and L-1 visas possibly maybe (17)
June 12th, 2007
Lost our bid for a condo... Kenny (7)
Tuberculosis Guy: family obstructed investigation Practical Economist (7)
I am reading God is not Great Dan Denman (13)
so where is my share, you bastards? grand sphincter (0)
Robot Heroes on the move muppet (3)
Interesting Time Rick Zeng (6)
Wife comes back tonight! Michael B (16)
I have 9 friends Bot Berlin (7)
Vista just died on me without even as much as a BSOD Bluebeard (4)
Economics and dollar purchaes Bot Berlin (23)
What we should see in a *real* Presidential debate Philo (14)
how does one find a doctor? the great purple (15)
The issue with the American woman is closed. foreigner rant (8)
The f-word Rick Zeng (21)
I'm looking for a cheap cruise AnJohnis (6)
Okay, let's just be completely honest. Philo (25)
depressed Bluebeard (19)
Well now THAT'S tempting muppet (3)
Muppet - essential accessory for a laptop Philo (2)
not your father's fatwas tony heartsheep (10)
My ex-wife muppet (22)
Why do people smoke? son of parnas (33)
Cutting school+OpenGL helped me pass trigonometry class Michael B (4)
Robot Heroes are the current best thing ever muppet (0)
Bot Berlin Bluebeard (3)
If the political system in America is such Michael B (38)
Record your job interviews Ward (2)
Two weeks to my six-pack sharkfish (7)
Massa sez sharkfish (2)
June 11th, 2007
Cavemen:  Existential Meltdown sharkfish (6)
US veterans 'high suicide risk' Dan Denman (4)
Carmack = genius sharkfish (18)
brown vs. white sharkfish (9)
Fascinating transformations sharkfish (4)
Bot goes 7 hrs without looking at p0rn! Practical Economist (9)
Vancouver Sun parody: how a few creative and conscientious folks Dan Denman (5)
Some financial words of wisdom son of parnas (3)
pubic works tony heartsheep (3)
Butts Charged With Stealing Toilet Paper Full name (5)
Shouldn't they have some kind of emergency backup generator? bon vivant (6)
I really wish that I had gotten the builtin bluetooth muppet (6)
PCRE is crap Rick Zeng/Tseng (2)
Slava thinks you should be flipping burgers Bot Berlin (7)
Maybe my hives are caused by sharkfish (10)
Dispite work, I still like Rick Zeng/Tseng (1)
Oh sweet lord I'm never going near Georgia again Philo (10)
New Mac Web Site son of parnas (1)
If I said moron you know exacly who I am talking about... son of parnas (2)
How will straight html/javascript work on the iphone? son of parnas (7)
sopranos spoiler despoiler tony heartsheep (1)
Would a mod please fix the concentration camp thread? Lurk Machine (35)
Safari on Windows grand sphincter (5)
How It's Made JoC (9)
You ALL sharkfish (8)
Somebody in government has some sense, anyway. xampl (6)
Because you really do care sharkfish (27)
Going a week with p@rn Bot Berlin (35)
VS2008, LINQ, and autocomplete JoC (14)
US to Help its Citizens Think Better son of parnas (24)
Would you do Shane...? sharkfish (9)
Just Use a Docking Station son of parnas (6)
we’re in the top .001 percent. blahty heartsheep (14)
Had frozen custard for the first time yesterday muppet (10)
see, what they need to do is find some kind of strong warleader, grand sphincter (5)
Disaster Movies Ward (19)
Studies say death penalty deters crime LinuxOrBust (19)
Hey, Look! Another Poster... Sathyaish Chakravarthy (14)
June 10th, 2007
Very insightful dialog on neocons Michael B (9)
How screwed are we if... Michael B (25)
Lecturers back boycott of Israel Dan Denman (22) Dan Denman (6)
On a plane to Montreal ward on a treo 700p (2)
Some things you just can't unsee. LH (4)
use my new linkin park as a coaster Bot Berlin (1)
I wish Vista was more than this Bluebeard (10)
LOL breakfast with the girls grand sphincter (12)
It is great when you are poor Bot Berlin (7)
Strangely, I've always wondered sharkfish (5)
Put the friggin' lotion in the basket! sharkfish (8)
I'm exhausted sharkfish (13)
Hypothetical question number 2 Dan Denman (8)
I am procrastinating A-Merrick-an-Girl (15)
The only reason Western civilization exists Michael B (13)
now this is a religious person I can deal with A-Merrick-an-Girl (21)
Is it really that thick? sharkfish (10)
Extreme... sharkfish (2)
How do you say "AA" in Korean? A-Merrick-an-Girl (6)
More on the immigration bill A-Merrick-an-Girl (1)
Are browser bookmarks pointless? Bot Berlin (6)
Joel Reads CoT Sathyaish Chakravarthy (25)
Found a photo of Muppet (3)
Puddles of Water Found On Mars son of parnas (3)
Best Movies of the Year son of parnas (10)
June 9th, 2007
I'm guessing the IOC will ignore this Philo (18)
I was craving a burger sharkfish (23)
How lame is going out by yourself? Michael B (12)
gay bomb sharkfish (11)
The sooner you come to terms Dan Denman (2)
Tourette's is fucked up Michael B (9)
banning error? madame bovi (1)
yay for Bluebeard (0)
I like how these guys give you a screen shot of the page son of parnas (1)
itunes always asking for password m m (1)
Let Me Have Your Full Attention son of parnas (2)
used clothing trade in africa m m (6)
salary graph from nyt m m (2)
JVM deadlocking Michael B (17)
not every job sucks madame bovi (reddit) (9)
8 year old touches 14 yr old's breast during madame bovi (reddit) (13)
immigration reform died in the senate politico (11)
So there's a name for this Alone again, naturally (1)
it's been DAYS since we argued about religion here, so ... Godless heathen (8)
and thats all ladies and gentlemen, youve been a great audience grand sphincter (0)
and this, ladies and gentlemen, is the republican lineup grand sphincter (0)
assholes grand sphincter (6)
Dinner and a Play grand sphincter (1)
Why is my firefox hosed? Bot Berlin (3)
Interesting study Bot Berlin (2)
This one is sure to tear up the charts muppet (2)
So, is hitting the wall HARD the new black? muppet (16)
June 8th, 2007
This rabbit sharkfish (4)
If nothing else, Vista is pretty muppet (13)
I'm soo bored Wayne (14)
Forbidden couples sharkfish (12)
Is it just me Michael B (16)
Compare Carter with Bush? Rick Zeng/Tseng (3)
Paris is goin' back to da big house!!! sharkfish (100)
Guy asks is yelp black people friendly? Bot Berlin (8)
Ooh, here's a nice art study SaveTheHubble (6)
Bot Berlin - The Cleanse sharkfish (10)
god I love evolution grand sphincter (46)
tobacco industry should be gitmo'd son of parnas (6)
So Now the US is Kidnapping Children? Mongo (55)
Vulcan captured in England s (7)
heh. I overreacted. sharkfish (16)
What is the weight of a cat? Erik Springelkamp (47)
3:16 am and Ive been up since 2am grand sphincter (5)
so Ive just finished pounding a nail through my penis and... grand sphincter (9)
Here's an interesting take muppet (25)
French Open el (4)
I'm intrigued by this spam muppet (17)
Perhaps America shouldn't be a democracy after all? s (12)
Mr. Peepers has passed on muppet (3)
Dont free Paris, Dont free Paris Bot Berlin (28)
Paris Hilton should never have been in jail Paris Fan (36)
When they shut off the internet that's when they'll come for you muppet (45)
Is this even possible? A-Merrick-an-Girl (7)
New York Times discusses Philip K. Dick A-Merrick-an-Girl (2)
Australian storms ground tanker (100 + 85)/2 (10)
Joel is gay, not that there's anything wrong with that! possibly maybe (25)
June 7th, 2007
I hate cell phones A quarter-second is a long time (4)
ExtJS event listener? Michael B (3)
I am loving this phrase Dan Denman (3)
Canada passport rule slightly modified Practical Economist (46)
OMG. Someone has patented boiling stuff with microwaves bon vivant (15)
Who would want wallwarts ... trollop (9)
No, it was the police Philo (10)
would it be rape? grand sphincter (12)
dating highlights dating poem (12)
Credit Unions Rick Zeng/Tseng (8)
phpbb.php 3.0 more like 2.0 qubodup (3)
Is it pointless to continue with environmentalism Practical Economist (29)
Destress dammit, you fuckers Bluebeard (5)
Discworld xampl (3)
Instant Gratification Rick Zeng/Tseng (11)
Splendid isolation Bluebeard (7)
Woman arrested for staring at dog Practical Economist (8)
Night at the Museaum Ward (13)
Apple to go to ZFS son of parnas (9)
Hello Kitty Laptop Practical Economist (14)
What is Microsoft Query? muppet (4)
dating poem dating poem (5)
Rich worthless cunt gets out of jail! Peter (19)
Materialism Wish-list Michael B (49)
LifeHack - get rid of your debit/credit cards Bot Berlin (35)
Jericho xampl (6)
Kurt Vonnegut's "Galapagos" muppet (4)
they really are insane grand sphincter (59)
fallen arches grand sphincter (4)
Teacher escapes conviction on porn charges, claiming spyware (11)
chinese wages economista (10)
Attacks in Iraq Erik Springelkamp (0)
Dear sharkfish Bluebeard (6)
fistula Bluebeard (9)
muppet, good news for you (100 + 85)/2 (1)
php is a steaming pile of shit to install son of parnas (9)
Who do you really support? Ward (19)
June 6th, 2007
Cleaning up sport trollop (1)
In my imagination sharkfish (3)
Caste sharkfish (13)
what I used to think sharkfish (3)
Ya gotta read this sharkfish (1)
What's wrong with my insurance broker? Michael B (5)
Fixed vs. dynamic wealth Michael B (21)
Turkey invades Iraq? Peter (6)
Dear Ward, grand sphincter (4)
What's Karl Rove is my hero (7)
can someone explain what XM's are? sharkfish (8)
Aid to Africa - bad idea sharkfish (19)
Made a drag queen blush LeftWingPharisee (1)
An amazingly beautiful American woman foreigner rant (19)
man-hater sharkfish (13)
is it considered unethical sharkfish (11)
all sort of messed up arg! (6)
history's photos sharkfish (12)
Bot Berlin likes to know Rick Zeng/Tseng (13)
I wanna give a shout-out sharkfish (10)
I have a new nick grand sphincter (4)
Bailing a job because of "principles" sharkfish (38)
Gays at the dance club Bot Berlin (20)
Gingerism sharkfish (5)
Lifehacks, do they take too long? Bot Berlin (14)
For once, a top 100 list of women that is CORRECT sharkfish (33)
facial hair sharkfish (7)
I thought the Mexicans were supposed to help sharkfish (11)
Crap about games meno (12)
ok now I'm ticked sharkfish (14)
So, my Dell came with a "useless" 10GB recovery partition muppet (11)
So I've been having LOTS of flying/levitation dreams lately muppet (18)
Here's for you late sleepers muppet (2)
Are you offended by email return receipt? JOSer (51)
Why dating? JOSer (12)
June 5th, 2007
Car accident UPDATE Michael B (7)
Libby Given 30 Months for Lying in C.I.A. Leak Case m.m. (6)
How many dates does it take to be considered a couple? Bot Berlin (26)
worldsTightestAss sharkfish (10)
Philo, what say you about the MVP that got mauled by M$? sharkfish (45)
um, is this the JoC I knew? sharkfish (13)
I love these when i'm bored sharkfish (0)
Where do you folks go for torrents? muppet (16)
I am going to work you to death, hello I am America. Bot Berlin (9)
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!! I'm on FI-IRE!!!! sharkfish (21)
There's hope yet A-Merrick-an-Girl (11)
Maldives sharkfish (16)
The question on everyone's mind: Lurk Machine (2)
JoC got a double-barrel shilling today Philo (1)
advertising that is part of the application Bot Berlin (9)
Apps that won't run under Vista Bluebeard (5)
amazing worldsTightestAss (13)
Vongo sharkfish (0)
I found this very amusing sharkfish (2)
Another example of hating unsolicited response Rick Zeng/Tseng (0)
is this two girls? sharkfish (16)
On the scale of evil Rick Zeng/Tseng (20)
something is different at work Gurl (31)
YouTube & your politicians xampl (9)
WMVs won't play in Vista muppet (6)
Wish I got invited to a bachelorette party Michael B (28)
Something I just found out today re: laptop 3D cards muppet (15)
POLL: George W. Bush is motivated by Michael B (28)
javadoc equivalent for C#? the great purple (7)
dark google son of parnas (8)
Cognitive Lock-in: Why You Can't Teach An Old Dog New Tricks son of parnas (4)
Well behaved daughter Asian Contingent of COT (13)
Female sex radar Bot Berlin (41)
New Macbook Pro's el (13)
The old, new tagline SaveTheHubble (8)
trac or cvstrac Clay Dowling (9)
Nerds who can play, but look like twonks s (7)
no connection? $-- (6)
wii $-- (30)
Hell's Bitches! bon vivant (12)
This I do like trollop (3)
Aren't military tribunal/secret courts usurping judicial review? Michael B (17)
June 4th, 2007
Pirates of the Carib 3 s (30)
Procrastinators Anonymous trollop (8)
Well, duh. xampl (12)
Lazy ass Rick Zeng/Tseng (9)
what makes people post? m.m. (47)
gonzales - out of the news? (4)
Rise of Nations, a MICROSOFT game, sucks under Vista muppet (20)
Vista UAC lasted less than 5 minutes worldsTightestAss (17)
pissing in the swimming pool worldsTightestAss (16)
I must confess sharkfish (8)
Vista display annoyance muppet (6)
Cleaning blocked ears bon vivant (28)
Daily WTF at work that almost made me lose it Bot Berlin (15)
Aargh...puke... bon vivant (15)
This just in... JoC (7)
How long must we wait for the prison memoirs of Paris Hilton... Bluebeard (23)
The New Side-bar SaveTheHubble (9)
Seriously, George Bush is the greatest president, ever!! Bot Berlin (6)
Amerrickangrrl - she didn't mean to abuse her moderator worldsTightestAss (7)
Happy Monkey Not So Happy Human (4)
hard work sharkfish (24)
TechEd JoC (6)
Why is America the only nation that confronts tyranny? Michael B (63)
I am sure the parents freaked out sharkfish (7)
windows server name don'ts sharkfish (5)
Hilton passes on "pay jail" sharkfish (18)
The Bush Fantasia son of parnas (1)
Wii sensor bar xampl (1)
working from home sharkfish (0)
Another reason not to vote for McCain son of parnas (9)
I smell bad in the office... Bot Berlin (4)
Gmail is letting a lot of spam through today muppet (1)
Half Life 2 is better the second time through muppet (4)
The Looming Tower what are you reading for? (2)
Drivers are stupid xampl (8)
So.. What exactly IS Wayne's liability muppet (8)
Our Girl Scout troop asked me to be a troop co-leader next year muppet (16)
Hey! pf (2)
June 3rd, 2007
surge = failure mother fucking morons (8)
a theory both in canada (6)
coolest thing I've seen in awhile sharkfish (7)
The Shield sharkfish (9)
Hypotethical question Dan Denman (15)
Shhhh.... Someone from Hustler is reading CoT Philo (1)
comin' down the mountain comin' down the mountain! (2)
Moved that same snapping turtle out of the road again muppet (10)
What a Republican tool Philo (5)
Information Worker Truism bob (5)
Holy Cow.  Steve Gilliard passed away. sharkfish (12)
technology revolution reshapes business organization bob (5)
the price for intellectual property-based economy sharkfish (48)
colm makes a good observation Q (4)
muppet better judge than Philo? w. m. ron (15)
Colm The Defiant Teenager cot historian (0)
Ubuntu Linux Laptop has been a real good media machine Bot Berlin (3)
Meta: let's end ward's life as moderator m.m. (6)
Energy and being around people Bot Berlin (4)
Another consequence of outsourcing production xampl (23)
It's not just tobacco that's bad for your lungs xampl (4)
Two questions about photography The Cunning Runt (4)
"If your material came from Blah, I'd delete it" worldsTightestAss (39)
oh fer chrissakes sharkfish (14)
Mac V Windows debate debate Bounthunter (11)
Oh no! Smoking joints could be bad for you. Who knew? bon vivant (22)
the big question in my mind at the moment is: logician (5)
Meta: Let's think about the positive, eh? bon vivant (7)
Hey... Bounthunter (11)
I really can't stand Americans sharkfish (35)
Why when people get old do they get scared shitless? son of parnas (7)
June 2nd, 2007
It was only a matter of time... Ward (0)
...Speaking of Linux or Windows.  Sharkfish, LinuxOrBust (23)
Hillary - mixed emotions Philo (11)
The patricians might be right... son of parnas (15)
Yup, he's a cat owner xampl (4)
what you really hope to find on your dating site sharkfish (4)
Why we need a smart and studious president A-Merrick-an-Girl (14)
Photosynth presentation Michael B (7)
60! So generous! Plus ça change (10)
Apple Hates DRM... Paul Brown (8)
Myspace vs Friendster Mr. Blank (9)
Rick Zeng/Tseng what's your deal? Michael B (10)
Oleanna Rick Zeng/Tseng (1)
Somehow I don't like this one bit. trollop (12)
4 hour work week podcast Bot Berlin (13)
Gay Rape Gang spreads AIDS Practical Economist (17)
The Best Diamond Encrusted Skull I've Seen Today son of parnas (10)
High School Diploma Fiasco Practical Economist (9)
I want fuck Ann Coulter so deep that Michael B (15)
it is possible that your statement would be less inaccurate son of parnas (0)
June 1st, 2007
Fuck this - I'm strting a game of Rome Total War Rupert (0)
HLA sharkfish (8)
I am alone tonight sharkfish (7)
TB guy sharkfish (31)
NSFW: an artist and a pornographer hot body (12)
spamming via mechanical turk had to happen (1)
Erik "no perspective" Springlydick posts here/ m.m. (4)
i love seeing colm lose colm is a loooser! (0)
We all know daddy's homosexual... Manuell (2)
which way did you draw the Q? m. m. (5)
Rails or Django for web app development. Bot Berlin (19)
Satyaish trolling big daddy's bountiful perch pond Practical Economist (11)
I just blew my wad on a stone... Kenny (33)
If *I* were Satan... Michael B (16)
very, very strange person of the day Bluebeard (1)
The Brazen Careerist sez... sharkfish (19)
muppet and sharkfish are Bluebeard (5)
Dear Blah: Hiding the "ban muppet" thread in the "private" topic muppet (10)
The strange and disorienting land known as India Lurk Machine (3)
I hate anti-virus software xampl (8)
safe freezer temp strawberry baroque (4)
AMerrickanGirl is hawt Practical Economist (7)
Ban muppet! muppet (14)
You are promoted to IT manager or something similar Bot Berlin (9)
Why are you moderators such pussies? Michael B (8)
For the record AMerrickanGirl (44)
Bush Sketch what are you reading for? (1)
Woot JoC (2)
Abuse of moderatorship power jingalala jingalala ™ (158)
How to create json callback? son of parnas (6)
When Saturday Comes Rod (12)
sharkfish $-- (12)
Full moon has no known physiological effect on humans Michael B (14)
I saw Pirates of the Carribean muppet (8)
Are you a good liar? m. m. (20)
Oh yawn. I'm INTJ. Bluebeard (21)
Shouldnt we be pissed off about this kind of stuff Bot Berlin (3)
Any great conservative artists? son of parnas (31)
In Xanadu did Khubla Khan a stately pleasure-dome decree... trollop (4)