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June 30th, 2008
No racial progress Depressed boy (7 comments)
Hussein Obama and FISA Dan Denman (1)
Hey Cory Foy sharkfish (8)
Perl, OOP? MVC? sharkfish (12)
A fun day out is expected trollop (3)
did Bot come out as bi-racial today? sharkfish (4)
yummy code monkey girl sharkfish (11)
Uhm... NSFW asshole. anti easy (4)
the schmoofies want to play sharkfish (1)
who is "anti easy"? sharkfish (5)
is this what joost should be? anti easy (10)
OMG NETFLIX!!! sharkfish (2)
this is why I need a sharkfish (32)
For those who have soldiered in the front line trollop (2)
Those kinky Democrats xampl (5)
New application idea, what do you think. Bot Berlin (15)
Race and gender Rick Tang (15)
initial thoughts FF 3.0 son of parnas (21)
What? Rick Tang (7)
Is Obama African American/black? Bot Berlin (41)
Best prank of all time? son of parnas (8)
NSFW Senator David Crockett (20)
obama has some troubles son of parnas (21)
Pull up yo pants JoC (19)
Featured Products xampl (1)
Causing trouble on the intarwebs Clay Dowling (4)
Robotics: The "Looj" Gutter Cleaning Robot SaveTheHubble (9)
Jerks, you have no excuse Rick Tang (3)
June 29th, 2008
fraud - when were they announced? anti SEC mindset (6)
CoT IRC? Cory Foy (6)
how the f is saudi responsible for 1/3 of world amphetamine? anti meth (8)
sell your software for $20,000 sharkfish (14)
McCain late on taxes anti common man (8)
Is McCain mentally Ill? (Changing my Vote) Senator David Crockett (19)
LOL  president of Iran married to cousin it. whistle (15)
why google sux to work at google it for the link bitches (14)
boots Lee (11)
do you read tech books? sharkfish (16)
Saw Jesus Christ Superstar last night Cory Foy (8)
Right vs Left vis a vis the Government Senator David Crockett (9)
Drill it or lose it... Peter (10)
fuck the police Anti WaRd (1)
thoughts on this photo? Anti WaRd (9)
There's a bear in there ... trollop (2)
US had slaves into the 1940's sharkfish (11)
Apple staff pick whistle (8)
today's fear is called... whistle (8)
test of antilorb feature whistle (12)
Ajax lorb (5)
More attractive black women man on the stair (2)
I wonder lorb (10)
Hey, Sharkfish.  Follow-up-thread lorb (7)
June 28th, 2008
dana perino gainer (3)
Web applications and long running processes Bot Berlin (20)
Something changed at IMDB? Philo (5)
Decapitation article - details are critical Senator David Crockett (13)
bot did not move to new york Cot Historian (7)
e-opinions repackages amazon reviews tv shopper (4)
new energy drink sharkfish (1)
Geek/Lisp reading material Bot Berlin (9)
Stalking and google Bot Berlin (7)
Obama Against Marriage Michael B (33)
dumbest woman alive? sharkfish (11)
Denny Crane for president xampl (0)
OOP sucks Bot Berlin (29)
Is there more to relating to people? Bolton (14)
who are you voting for and why? arg! (21)
June 27th, 2008
Ended up in the ER again... Cory Foy (4)
local produce the great purple (4)
gates steps down VJ (4)
when you start thinking sharkfish (4)
I have to write a bio sharkfish (15)
name some interesting software technologies sharkfish (8)
sites that scrape data from other sites sharkfish (7)
specializing sharkfish (9)
Some non-looks/relationship related advice?  (YC) Yale Chick (60)
lorb, how is job search Rick Tang (1)
Who's this guy? Rick Tang (1)
Where do you buy your computer recently? Rick Tang (16)
Here you go Clay, some art you might enjoy Mountain_Dewd (4)
Fox news hires brainiac xampl (13)
Vancouver get-together this weekend Rick Tang (9)
YChick, RUNNNNNNNNN!!!! AWAY from Crazy on Tap Bot Berlin (25)
How to tie your shoelaces Senator David Crockett (4)
Yale Chick, stop looking in the mirror Treppenwitz (15)
What do you think about Ethopian women? Bot Berlin (28)
Yale Chick, you are socially inept. Tapiwa (30)
Wall-E Released Today! SaveTheHubble (0)
The official airline of CoT Ward (7)
The wonders of modern technology Ranulf (3)
Another experiment YaleChick (91)
Blackdar Aaron (1)
Should we drill for oil in ANWR?  I finally have my answer. Mountain_Dewd (16)
CoT London what are you reading for? (3)
House-hunters lorb (4)
Voting for McCain, so there Senator David Crockett (22)
Beneath the Planet of the Apes lorb (5)
June 26th, 2008
super +1 to this T (10)
A brilliant New Model of Justice Boston Legal (9)
Are you a fag if you dance to Man Eater? Michael B (4)
case study: DRM in monitors Senator David Crockett (8)
What you should do with your life sharkfish (12)
Chicago, Derrick Rose Patrick (0)
sussing out the haters sharkfish (11)
day at the races sharkfish (9)
Math major Michael B (9)
You May Already Be a Pedophile! Senator David Crockett (14)
Has this website been attacked somehow? Kenny (1)
Muppet come back, we apologize Bot Berlin (10)
Frustrating non-reproducibility of a Vista install: a lament possibly probably (5)
Name that ethnic group Colm (26)
Cost of Zero Emissions vehicles Senator David Crockett (40)
LiIon batteries xampl (2)
On Ugly Senator David Crockett (29)
Snowball Oskar (4)
Awesome review Aaron (5)
Free speech in Canada df (5)
sigh... time to get myself a gatt. arg! (23)
Design by comittee JoC (2)
Windows and are shit man on the stair (12)
Amazing Sodomy Facts Boston Legal (20)
Well I've been banned, wtf though Senator David Qrockette (17)
June 25th, 2008
this is huge for gaming sharkfish (8)
why can't we love one another. sharkfish (10)
Lorb, I lied Bot Berlin Brown (5)
Wayne, if it's your intention to approve of stalking forumers muppet (23)
Finally! Israel lobby, the video Dan Denman (0)
Hey muppet sharkfish (1)
I'm just gonna say what has not been said sharkfish (13)
If I ever get treated this way sharkfish (33)
What's the proper way to quit Director of Blowjobs (8)
you know your SO is a woman when sharkfish (9)
need help on betting sharkfish (16)
evolutionary reasoning behind homosexuality sharkfish (18)
Post Deletion SaveTheHubble (23)
passey in the tub T (11)
Obama using 'white guilt,' Nader says Full name (4)
If you are deleting someone's posts sharkfish (52)
German vs. Turkey, and professionalism lorb (10)
The Stalled Server Room Full name (5)
Wow, freak muppet (9)
and now a song for you sharkfish (13)
Ohio man stuffs phone up his ass Full name (11)
LOLCat without the LOL Clay Dowling (2)
How much is inflation? Peter (4)
Didn't see that coming xampl (3)
Imageshack JoC (13)
So... muppet (27)
Forget the TASER, welcome the "Active Denial System" man on the stair (13)
how do I fear?  let me count the ways... whistle (4)
Hapless bloatware Soup Dragon (14)
Symbian going open source Soup Dragon (3)
How DO you become a great developer? sharkfish (52)
30 Days - Gay adoptive parents sharkfish (7)
June 24th, 2008
if Yale Chick was a white girl sharkfish (134)
It's pilot season: Leverage s01e01 - not bad Kenny (6)
hehe.  He's gonna make you famous sharkfish (7)
$75K/yr to work on an oil rig sharkfish (14)
I'm at a loss when I can't code sharkfish (9)
Where's Bot? sharkfish (10)
bleh. the blahs. sharkfish (5)
WALL*E review sharkfish (5)
comic book flying vs. karate/ninja flying sharkfish (8)
Gary Ridgeway sharkfish (15)
windows shell extensions possibly probably (2)
Where's SoP Rick Tang (15)
Why is Calculus and Algebra hard? Rick Tang (6)
Will religious nuttery never end? Bluebeard (4)
my shareware has sold a combined... whistle (6)
plans for the future whistle (4)
Jesus Christ was old (33) when he was crucified Lombrado (5)
1.5 Million Australian Students Dump Outlook/Exchange For Gmail Lombrado (3)
"unusual" error message sharkfish (3)
My one regret in life muppet (44)
Yet another YaleChick thread Armchair Grammarian (47)
So, once the standard of living in China rises to the point muppet (36)
First female 4-star general nomination ,..., (3)
So, Chinese people are smart, right? muppet (24)
Domain free for all man on the stair (0)
More semi-abusive advice to YC Ward (64)
June 23rd, 2008
excellent:  diary of a failed startup sharkfish (10)
I suddenly realize Rick Tang (19)
debt advice for muppet sharkfish (1)
how bad is Sharepoint consulting? sharkfish (9)
YC - just got it muppet (41)
when Yale Chick posts... sharkfish (24)
I have great news about me sharkfish (12)
the single most unattractive thing sharkfish (29)
OK so I'm not up on recent computer hardware muppet (16)
In which curiosity trumps common sense muppet (1)
People care about trade balance with China Rick Tang (7)
Gas prices could fall to $2 a gallon, if congress acts LORB (26)
The most bad-@ss animal LORB (9)
overheard re obama Senator David Crockett (26)
I am so fucking annoyed with the ExtJS forum sharkfish (5)
Java Training Clay Dowling (19)
Yale Chick again YaleChick (163)
heh. Joel aka Daddy has a mention on Inc. cover sharkfish (8)
Custom fields & web services xampl (1)
Caught the end of Conan the Destroyer the other day Ward (7)
vim wins again Bolton (8)
Brass Eye what are you reading for? (0)
Laptop feature I want Ward (5)
George Carlin died sharkfish (8)
50,000 vs 40,000 Rick Tang (2)
Security Alert - Jury Duty Scam Full name (5)
The Doors xampl (7)
How did we get here? muppet (17)
Entertainment on the cheap muppet (115)
Oh what the shit muppet (8)
George Carlin whistle (9)
Oh God. I think I'm going to have to off myself man on the stair (3)
getting to yes whistle (12)
June 22nd, 2008
Fugutives from Other Regimes Clay Dowling (3)
Cousin's Wife in Hospice Clay Dowling (8)
I hate the internet sometimes sharkfish (27)
Has anyone went on a great vacation lately? lLucyinnWash (6)
Holy crap Cory Foy (8)
Okay, okay, so perl may be a steaming pile LORB (20)
uh, mothball hail sharkfish (4)
star wars crawl for CoT sharkfish (8)
let us all take a moment to celebrate sharkfish (6)
We hate each other cordially sharkfish (13)
Any idea why an HttpWebRequest POST becomes a GET (c#) neutrogena (12)
What can I use against my wife? wtf (14)
cable companies running completely fraudulent ads Senator David Crockett (13)
muppet, here's a serious debt reduction plan Bluebeard (11)
sound on your pc, which will sound better ? Mr. Blank (2)
Obama places a bob each way whistle (12)
To prove a point to someone nobody here knows, I have decided... whistle (2)
June 21st, 2008
Went paintballing today Cory Foy (5)
but I am le tired sharkfish (5)
a rather trivial php app sharkfish (11)
if you think about it Colm (12)
Wil Wheaton has a sense of humor xampl (3)
Saturday Night Fever, 30 years later sharkfish (6)
Every community has that one hopeless loser Michael B (6)
having a good memory is an impediment to deep understanding sharkfish (8)
my non-tech book wish list sharkfish (3)
i see what you did there sharkfish (2)
Fascinating xampl (2)
Freaky friday just reduced me to tears whistle (5)
Freaky Friday is... whistle (3)
Why is that NSA+telco thing illegal again? Michael B (11)
Application Support Engineer vs. Programmer lorb (10)
" He gave ground on the prosecution of the telco's," whistle (9)
June 20th, 2008
Refactoring is like a Rubics Cube only... Boston Legal (2)
OK look I need $50,000 to end my cycle of debt, despair, and muppet (70)
Zend Studio. And all these damn frameworks look alike. sharkfish (7)
An inspirational message for CoT'ers sharkfish (4)
fuck obama whistle (26)
Guess I'm gonna learn Zend sharkfish (13)
How often do you work from home? Bot Berlin Banned Forever (3)
Google calendar sync with Outlook 2003 sharkfish (2)
Fill up, or dribble in a few gallons? xampl (25)
today's cannibalism news Senator David Crockett (0)
What America looks like when we do it right Clay Dowling (0)
The Wonder Pets Ward (1)
apologize, bitches! sharkfish (1)
no matter what they say, I still love you, Bill! sharkfish (9)
LOLOL muppet (11)
bite my shiny metal ass sharkfish (15)
I voted for sharkfish (16)
$150 and a career.  Is she worth it? Clay Dowling (16)
Defying U.S., EU scraps Cuba sanctions Lombrado (13)
Tedious posts man on the stair (18)
Asymmetrically smart/motivated spouse possibly probably (13)
incest is best Senator David Crockett (17)
who is googling you Senator David Crockett (15)
Religion 101 for Dan Denman (0)
onion: supreme court overturns 12 yr old's grounding Senator David Crockett (8)
June 19th, 2008
What's your definition of American Dream? Alan Di' Spooza (21)
I like how easy it is to tell when a recruiter writes an ad lorb (3)
The black imperialist: Barak Hussein Obama Dan Denman (2)
wow, I'm at a company where I'm not the only "socialist" sharkfish (13)
simple regex sharkfish (7)
Got a call from my old company's HR again Cory Foy (6)
100 Thing Challenge xampl (2)
Hm. We are really cruel Rick Tang (3)
!!!!! muppet (1)
After spending the day job searching lorb (12)
Text mining content on the web Bot Berlin (13)
Why can't white people dance? sharkfish (14)
Happy Juneteenth LeftWingPharisee (8)
The prosecutions are beginning xampl (8)
IQ Rick Tang (17)
another PHP question sharkfish (5)
Limbaugh: Black Katrina victims 'hined and moaned' Bot Berlin (8)
Japan, so cool Senator David Crockett (5)
People generally look like what they are Bot Berlin (9)
Confirmed: Helping the bad students hurt the good ones Rick Tang (10)
php/mysql question sharkfish (14)
G&T programs not diverse enough xampl (59)
PHP PDO Extension hurts my head Clay Dowling (9)
General Accuses WH of War Crimes Full name (2)
the (short term) oil crises: blame Enron arg! (5)
If she's under 50, wear a rubber Senator David Crockett (17)
Excellent BoS quote Clay Dowling (11)
If it ain't Barack Senator David Crockett (9)
Anyone have problems with wireless and OSX? Cory Foy (5)
Pass this along muppet (5)
Is she a mole? Or just really stupid? JoC (16)
maybe sharky can do exciting things with kettlebells the great purple (25)
World Champion Fatsos trollop (4)
June 18th, 2008
ugly women sharkfish (12)
sharkfish, why irc is cool Bot Berlin (3)
we could do this for less sharkfish (35)
mini-breakdown sharkfish (21)
It's the truth whether you like or not Obama Dan Denman (7)
What is a good word for "fiddling around"... man on the stair (16)
Don't we still shoot traitors? Clay Dowling (8)
Congratulations, Rick xampl (3)
Random JoC brain waves JoC (3)
I'm attending a conference and... sharkfish (8)
Typical, so I'm not sure why I'm even posting it muppet (12)
Look closely. Bot Berlin (12)
It happened sooner than I expected, but I knew it was coming muppet (0)
So on our coffee break this morning a coworker and I began muppet (14)
This will solve nothing while putting a few more million dollars muppet (16)
afraid of sharkfish (13)
Hancock muppet (9)
Jaw drops, reddit is open source Bot Berlin (0)
The f*ckhead pattern (from TDWTF) JoC (11)
Application idea: project manager Bot Berlin (10)
If for some reason you want Firefox TWO trollop (1)
Just for the tape, he's no Aussie trollop (0)
Why you shouldn't rob a bank in Detroit Clay Dowling (6)
What's going to replace XML in the future, if ever? Lombrado (7)
heh.  so I participate in a website thingie that... whistle (4)
Best JoS quote this week Ritchie freakin' Swann (4)
Another reason to be a vegetarian Rick Tang (32)
it is all about sharkfish (5) Dan Denman (8)
June 17th, 2008
Celtics Patrick (5)
Baaaaahhhhh Cory Foy (21)
what would you do if you saw your little girl sharkfish (17)
awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww muppet (2)
doggoneit sharkfish (4)
The real enemies are the corporations Bot Berlin (8)
ROTFLMAO muppet (10)
Windows Powershell Rick Tang (4)
Your commute Ward (28)
Got the call from HR today Cory Foy (8)
I've unfortunately been... arg! (4)
Suddenly I find Rick Tang (29)
Endless hours of fun from the CIA Clay Dowling (10)
Internet Explorer is the worst piece of software Bot Berlin (5)
Heart checks Philo (13)
Best Spore creature EVER! muppet (7)
Whoa.  No way. Aaron (10)
heh. Coda on Mac sharkfish (5)
Tim Russert Repost SaveTheHubble (18)
The only places with higher gas prices than Connecticut muppet (28)
Polly muppet (6)
I sent a bug to Reddit sharkfish (7)
found the solution to my rewrite problem. whistle (8)
So, a recruiter keeps contacting me about a QA job at Cigna muppet (17)
Repost dildo man on the stair (0)
So which one is correct? Colm (40)
Anti-Islam: Our Newest Unchecked Bigotry Lombrado (2)
it's gonna happen, so how can we capitalize on it sharkfish (17)
The one thing in politics that bugs me right now lorb (20)
June 16th, 2008
Regarding Obama Dan Denman (17)
coupla beefs here, one short, one long. sharkfish (18)
how irresponsible am I being sharkfish (14)
a little treat sharkfish (6)
My latest spore creation (video) muppet (17)
Gay marriage in CA xampl (29)
Street sweeper machine sucks up dog xampl (16)
May have a pregent cat? what are you reading for? (16)
U.S. Open JoC (6)
The other side of the force JoC (3)
McCain conceedes? Clay Dowling (4)
anti-adoption the great purple (8)
Speaking of space aliens muppet (11)
Exit Festival wayrf (16)
I always knew muppet was a space alien... Bluebeard (1)
June 15th, 2008
e-Bay strategy Le Monde Jr (14)
My EC2/Common Lisp way to circuvent CoT bans Bot Berlin (2)
You might like this quote Bot Berlin (6)
Net Neutrality AlmostAnon (18)
Science proves Obama Dumber than a Monkey Senator David Crockett (9)
Cindy Lauper: If You Really Want Inclusion, Include Yourself Lombrado (3)
a fairytale sharkfish (10)
Happy Father's Day Full name (3)
I think Im going to have to hire a web designer whistle (8)
back to the future whistle (3)
June 14th, 2008
Mah head asplode Aaron (13)
damn, I make good vegetable soup whistle (5)
Unemployment reminder FYI LORB (5)
Bluetooth implementation stupid on phones Senator David Crockett (12)
we're all bi sharkfish (12)
The dancing banana will die xampl (1)
Nothing to watch on the internet Senator David Crockett (1)
You elitists SHOULD be applauding me sharkfish (13)
baseball sharkfish (5)
Should you Brand your date if they don't call? Senator David Crockett (10)
Swiss bowlers man on the stair (0)
Euro 2008 man on the stair (3)
the business of software sharkfish (9)
Japanese waistline law sharkfish (6)
Why old people get in the way xampl (0)
Hup Holland Le Monde Jr (0)
Irish reject Lisbon Treaty man on the stair (3)
Parting fools from their money, the $500 ethernet cable! AlmostAnon (6)
June 13th, 2008
Beyond Chutzpah: On the Misuse of Anti-Semitism Dan Denman (0)
Tattoos xampl (5)
Resharper 4.0 now available xampl (3)
And companies wonder why employees aren't loyal... Cory Foy (22)
OMG, Tim Russert is dead lorb (8)
9/11 an inside job I'm special (8)
you know why? Because assholes are a critical bunch sharkfish (22)
Liquidmac el (14)
TV screwed the public JoC (4)
Could someone PLEASE help me understand why this is? lorb (25)
Since men and women have similar genes... Bolton (10)
You tied your kid ... to a tree? xampl (20)
Math disco xampl (0)
Students sent to prison for cheering at graduation Senator David Crockett (1)
The thing that worries me about Tomcat lorb (17)
Rescued a chipmunk from Irving last night muppet (13)
frickin' morons Colm (16)
PHPEclipse sharkfish (6)
June 12th, 2008
Obama's baby mama sharkfish (9)
Okay folks, installing Tomcat is waayyy too easy on Linux lorb (3)
$30 quiet, comfy keyboard sharkfish (11)
Services rich people need Ward (5)
Back to the future for Yahoo son of parnas (8)
I can smell the smoke xampl (0)
On the one hand... Bolton (3)
Your call is important to us xampl (1)
Any good flash RPG/MMORPG builders? son of parnas (11)
So I was almost killed this morning, incidentally muppet (22)
Supreme Court: "For the third time, Guanatomo is illegal" Senator David Crockett (39)
dildocams and bloodletting the great purple (15)
*chuckle* JoC (1)
Advertisements 101 trollop (4)
Wikipedia and hyperlinks df (10)
Donaghy NBA conspiracy No fan boy of sports (10)
Dear developers of the free world lorb (17)
Nice startup article at 37signals his imperial majesty on the stai (0)
Nice 'fortune' this morning his imperial majesty on the stai (1)
The innocent George W. Bush in his own words Lombrado (0)
The WSJ Fabricated a Scandal to Impugn an Obama Supporter Lombrado (2)
June 11th, 2008
Polite terrorists fly Fan boy (4)
Old wine in new bottle trollop (2)
I am Rula Lenska (2)
Canadians are sorry Rick Tang (9)
mashup ideas sharkfish (10)
Star Trek Rap muppet (2)
sharing source code with your employer I'm special (20)
hi, i'm back LeMonde (8)
Nooooooooooooooooooo! man on the stair (3)
Ajax Sux son of parnas (7)
LOL. Is Wikipedia reliable? Rick Tang (1)
multi-desktop software sharkfish (10)
would you walk away? sharkfish (10)
Apple introduces video conferencing for iphone son of parnas (1)
Brice is back Clay Dowling (21)
This is *cool* Ranulf (8)
If youare hyperactive become a nomad son of parnas (12)
New low in website design LH (13)
Muppet an Obama VP Candidate? Clay Dowling (6)
Postage blues xampl (11)
This clinches it for me...I'm voting Republican Mountain_Dewd (24)
finally nailing the troubled neighbourhoods I'm special (10)
hey, we need developers sharkfish (13)
June 10th, 2008
Laker Girl Le Monde Jr (4)
train incident sharkfish (4)
heh-heh notes to techies in the company wiki sharkfish (12)
From Clark Kent to Super-Ghetto-Man... Anonymous Asshat (6)
The new imperialism Kenny (5)
got an hp2133 today Ward (4)
Productivity Rick Tang (4)
So yesterday when they sent the kids out into the heat... muppet (13)
The muppet soap - illustrated! bon vivant (16)
It is 85 degrees in my office muppet (18)
Oh my God! about a billion Indiana drivers (3)
For Clay man on the stair (8)
Text fields for Delphi solution Clay Dowling (6)
Who needs a shredder xampl (0)
Asshat appologizes for firing shaved-head waitress Clay Dowling (9)
iPhone / iPod Touch as a gaming platform Patrick (0)
Vine Deloria Jr Oskar (16)
I *like* Boston Legal I'm special (1)
Crackpottery Oskar (21)
June 9th, 2008
teachers should just be able to fail students sharkfish (31)
Thinking of switching my major from business to math Michael B (20)
Whoa, go Kucinich muppet lost his cookie (7)
I'm tired of this "Hillary can get the voters Barack can't" crap Philo (35)
got a macbook today sharkfish (25)
Floppy disk (music) xampl (2)
You're takin' yer chances when you bone a NY'er sharkfish (16)
In other news, Molly is doing awesome muppet lost his cookie (4)
That's it, I'm moving to Antarctica! Senator David Crockett (5)
So I bagged up the raccoon muppet (12)
Apple hit a home run Patrick (10)
C++ evil, but necessary Clay Dowling (15)
4 hour workweek xampl (29)
Hooray for one-size-fits-all, don't rock the boat bullshit! muppet (16)
I hate it when... son of parnas (10)
Think of the Children! Clay Dowling (21)
Teenagers from Outer Space muppet (12)
Monday man on the stair (13)
[Oh no!] India increases fuel prices by 10 percent Lombrado (6)
We're in the news June (1)
Forcing others to have fun Fun boy (9)
June 8th, 2008
We had a massive thunderstorm today muppet (15)
More PhDs from China than the pop. of Canada within 10yrs Lombrado (29)
Sounds like Israelis are more interested in getting wiped out Dan Denman (5)
Muslims Discovered America Before Columbus? Anon for this (10)
Freeman Dyson on climate change Ward (3)
if you wanna see some drama sharkfish (10)
Jackie Browne (the movie) sharkfish (3)
video crash update sharkfish (3)
YaleChick's back...with a question. Yale Chick (21)
(a bit of) a milestone sharkfish (28)
uh, commercial, sex ed -- NSFW sharkfish (3)
study about smoking 50 joints a day Senator David Crockett (15)
I can do handstands what are you reading for? (9)
one thing I am grateful for sharkfish (16)
salaries for developers sharkfish (8)
Better Mileage Cars - Doing the Math (case study) Senator David Crockett (34)
"This will be some great blackmail for later." I'm special (8)
bye ward and a bad person (1)
BAN WARD - JUSTICE ON COT ward is shit (10)
Ban Bot RIGHT NOW. sharkfish (8)
If you guys are going to allow Bot sharkfish (3)
June 7th, 2008
Cloak of anonymity vanishes trollop (7)
from JOS: and SPOT on... Another Fine Nick -fw (1)
question for you all sharkfish (13)
Why Blockbuster and(yes) Netflix sucks; Comcast/On Demand wins Bot Ghost (1)
leisure suit larry another favorite nick -fw (1)
Anyone tried 'yelp' yet Bot Ghost (5)
shocking news -- some countries have crappy doctors another favorite nick -fw (2)
Next game for CoT, Ninja Gaiden 2 Bot Ghost (6)
medical establishment screwed up the biggest health issue ever sharkfish (3)
terrorist fist bump? Another Fine Nick -fw (4)
open carry Another Fine Nick -fw (12)
this is the image of john kerry in my mind Another Fine Nick -fw (6)
Lost Job Due to Outsourcing sharkfish (41)
the future another fine nick -fw (0)
How much can an apartment place scam me for after I move out? Bot Ghost (16)
Christians who get abortions Senator David Crockett (14)
Treat Creation Museum Like Abortion Clinic son of parnas (3)
$1 billion dollars up in smoke Ward (3)
Zohan (1)
For those who thought Hans Reiser didn't do it... AlmostAnon (10)
June 6th, 2008
Have you ever took your jorb (12)
honestly Another Fine Nick - fw (2)
best line I've read today Another Fine Nick - fw (1)
pretend the cell phone doesn't kill you -- it's too profitable Another Fine Nick - fw (1)
shooting - bit morbid Another Fine Nick - fw (4)
Animal Control just knocked on my door sharkfish (2)
given the code, that just cannot happen... Im special (16)
90 Day Jane was bogus "art" project Aaron (16)
Feeling Slightly Guilty Rick Tang (10)
Aspect Oriented Programming Rick Tang (10)
why is this lesson so hard to learn? sharkfish (5)
proggyy font good for you sharkfish (4)
thank goodness.  you need this. sharkfish (9)
web service architecture sharkfish (17)
High temps xampl (7)
Those aren't really RJ45's Ward (5)
Oh look, they are drinking oil now! lorb (12)
Wait... muppet (8)
hey mup: Amazon is totally down. sharkfish (6)
Thank you, Web Developer Plugin Rick Tang (6)
at this juncture, it would be prudent sharkfish (4)
Who is unemployed this week? xampl (11)
ISV programming lorb (14)
please post your neuroses here sharkfish (26)
dontcha just hate non-competes sharkfish (7)
ID10T sharkfish (5)
black female smart => militant sharkfish (0)
Let's see how many thousands of files sharkfish (2)
I just witnessed the birth of a super star sharkfish (4)
How do I get one of those little Amazon widgets on my blog? muppet (2)
Makers and Takers lorb (10)
Oprah is not hot Rick Tang (5)
Ahhh. Lovely upstairs idjit yelling "fuck" 1000X in the AM sharkfish (14)
Opera is HOT sharkfish (13)
interesting about the 2 fired airforce command chappies I'm special (9)
Why C++ is harder than it should be man on the stair (18)
don't you just hate it when sharkfish (10)
Now THIS is a great feature sharkfish (15)
Holy shit. Steroid whistleblower shot to death sharkfish (13)
what was so disastrous about McCain's speech? sharkfish (9)
things I hate: I'm special (11)
Soldiers popping prozac Senator David Crockett (6)
now *this* appeals to my libertarian streak I'm special (11)
How long do they stay fresh in the refrigerator? possibly probably (13)
How many positions do you do on average? Bolton (8)
June 5th, 2008
Why I dumped my latest girlfriend Boston Legal (15)
my 100 lb. Unix monitors lorb (10)
"You just don't have that....'congeniality'" sharkfish (27)
Universe Developer needed Cory Foy (6)
Large Hardon Collider Bolton (3)
Interesting article Peter (0)
Electric Kracker trollop (1)
Girly things we like Ward (5)
Colin Powell will be in town Dan Denman (6)
Nice, my kind of guy Bot Ghost (6)
I hate hanging out with males Bot Ghost (12)
More women are single than married in the U.S. ever? Lombrado (14)
makefiles Rick Tang (11)
Coding on the road sharkfish (29)
Maggots xampl (7)
...or how the wealthy can loot Social Security sharkfish (2)
Now anyone can program son of parnas (18)
Another odd use of percentages - wood moisture Ward (4)
Vonnegut - A Man Without a Country muppet (5)
viri will never beat that son of parnas (5)
IM for support and sales? son of parnas (13)
Well, no shit, Sherlock Aaron (24)
Inappropriate Hair Length df (30)
reading help files the great purple (5)
we've destroyed nations for less arg! (7)
Javascript spell checker Clay Dowling (14)
Zeppelins in skies over London! man on the stair (6)
wow, povray is a pain.. I'm special (12)
Fresh New Zealand Macadamias and Brazil Nuts Senator David Crockett (18)
Delegate as term for ViewController Boston Legal (4)
June 4th, 2008
Carolin Glick is a prime example of Dan Denman (0)
Pan's Labyrinth LeftWingPharisee (14)
South Park Over Logging episode sharkfish (1)
surrendering the streets Im special (14)
reddit / jquery - math stoopid Another fine nick - fw (11)
Tore a callus open xampl (6)
Poll: math symbols or code? sharkfish (5)
Once again, people are retarded Aaron (8)
a completely reasonable discussion of disadvantage of being male sharkfish (13)
God's Away On Business Bluebeard (1)
Awww. Shortage of PHP slingers in Cyprus. Waaah! sharkfish (5)
How do I stop being such a bitch about using the phone? Bolton (5)
Obama pledges to support Israel sharkfish (19)
so Ive registered Im special (7)
must....resist... sharkfish (11)
Comment to an Ebay auction df (3) man on the stair (0)
Keep only bonds in 401k? xampl (12)
GTA IV df (11)
LORB Another Fine Nick -fw (10)
Are you more likely to steal sharkfish (13)
Hey Tim. sharkfish (17)
hey bot, banking people: OFX question sharkfish (11)
barack obama I'm special (25)
Dear Carolyn S. (4)
the part I hate sharkfish (35)
I don't know about that... Bot Ghost (7)
Lorb, what did you think of the m*inframe world Bot Ghost (16)
Make it personal man on the stair (3)
businesses abusing GPL? sharkfish (14)
Why is .NET better than Java Bot Berlin (16)
June 3rd, 2008
I feel loved Bot Berlin (11)
Penny rounding scams Senator David Crockett (6)
clinton pissed Another Fine Nick -fw (2)
new reddit front page layout Another Fine Nick -fw (3)
NASA = liars for Bush Another Fine Nick -fw (4)
so great - Philip Greenspun being mean Another Fine Nick -fw (9)
move of youtube is people failing to find porn Another Fine Nick -fw (6)
"VortexDNA is a map of human consciousness, expressed as a 7 ... Im special (12)
maybe muppet has a point Colm (15)
Google favicon sharkfish (7)
Oil prices lorb (20)
let me share something with you sharkfish (15)
Metered internet usage xampl (10)
Poll:  dual monitors vs. alt-tabbing sharkfish (11)
could someone please explain the M$ strategy sharkfish (14)
Stargate: The Ark of Truth xampl (7)
We drug test everybody sharkfish (19)
this makes me want to cry the great purple (24)
lialda - muppet sharkfish (4)
"pushing anger" in politics son of parnas (4)
Do you like the infinitely scrolable interface? son of parnas (8)
Obama set to win the democratic nomination Bot Ghost (4)
Obama is the Anti-Christ, and racial profiling is ok? Full name (14)
I didn't call my boss yesterday sharkfish (22)
Do you really ever "own" the land? sharkfish (44)
Hubble muppet (7)
Office Space Bot Ghost (6)
Developer dude sent surveyors yesterday muppet (19)
Analysis of drudge Bot Ghost (3)
Whee! Lego Escher! man on the stair (2)
heh.  stopping forum spam dead. I'm special (12)
Mashed Potato, Yeah. trollop (0)
Newspaper editorial work all outsourced to India Senator David Crockett (4)
This has been the most boring NHL final, IMHO LORB (10)
June 2nd, 2008
If I were single sharkfish (17)
McCain to AIPAC Abe Foxman is a smelly douche (0)
adorable! Another Fine Nick - fw (3)
the comments Another Fine Nick - fw (6)
do you make decisions based on data or intuition? Another Fine Nick - fw (7)
this economy -- hard on the RICH Another Fine Nick - fw (10)
Bosnians next door sharkfish (9)
In Honor of Jerusalem Day LeftWingPharisee (12)
the fear hits at about this point... I'm special (11)
what in fahrvergnugen sharkfish (15)
Kidz with gunz what are you reading for? (4)
My Mac is awesome Bot Ghost (14)
Where is $-- what are you reading for? (7)
I also code better at night sharkfish (2)
Anybody diabetic, here? sharkfish (11)
Words I learned today on TV LORB (26)
bye bo diddley son of parnas (8)
Sixes and the City LORB (1)
They're taking the p*** man on the stair (4)
Watching some of the Simpsons on my DVR the other night muppet (0)
This is the only time I regret not being in middle management muppet (9)
nothing but nets Another Fine Nick -fw (2)
Rambo Bot Berlin (5)
Pottering is good for you man on the stair (1)
screw you, javascript sharkfish (16)
June 1st, 2008
Forgetting Sarah Marshall Senator David Crockett (4)
So tommorow I'm starting at the gym again clerkenwell (13)
restaurant food sharkfish (17)
What makes you orgasm really really hard? Bolton (14)
Great comment about "Obama is a muslim" Philo (1)
Does Google spider active-content pages? xampl (5)
dyanmic rogrammmrignae Another Fine Nick - fw (0)
Other refugees LeftWingPharisee (18)
hobbies? Another Fine Nick - fw (7)
Party not Protest what are you reading for? (5)
Indiana Jones or Iron Man? sharkfish (11)
circuit city execs market testing Another Fine Nick - fw (5)
fractal furniture son of parnas (1)
female scientist attrition sharkfish (12)
sub-prime borrowers are NOT the cause of the mortgage slide sharkfish (26)
"Anyone with a name like bon v is an arrogant fuckwit." I'm Special (3)
just finished the demo code... I'm Special (10)