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June 30th, 2009
john adams. strongly reccomend. argv[0] (4 comments)
Wayne, your archive pages are very slow muppet (7)
How do I know if I have a sense of Deconstructing Kate (6)
Going on a date tonight, short notice Michael B (iPhone) (37)
Puzzle games and the brain Printf (1)
Ward, thanks for promoting ServerFault Rick Tang (3)
Dear Rick, einstein (4)
Feature request: Up and down vote sidebar quotes! Rick Tang (14)
Most Free country of the world? Rick Tang (3)
Sanford's wife refused him permission to visit mistress Cowboy Coder (12)
Real life trolling For the Developers (9)
How to get found by clients who Google for contractors Bored Bystander (7)
Primary goal: Humor SaveTheHubble (3)
Awesome new moderation system Michael B (12)
Do women schedule their periods for end of the month? Michael B (9)
Should Federal government stop doing business with Cisco too? Rick Tang (1)
metro station argv[0] (16)
Oh No! Even PHP is going to have 'closures' now! Rick Tang (1)
Naming children Toshihiro (9)
CNN has pulled their white reporter xampl (iPhone) (21)
What did Michael Jackson invent? Toshihiro (11)
Hard to argue with, sadly muppet (10)
BBC headline FAIL ... eek-o-tourist (7)
Come to the conclusion For the Developers (6)
Er, we have a pigeon nest, what do you do? what are you reading for? (45)
So, I'm printing up some silk-screened shirts muppet (8)
So, my earring fell out last night while I was going to bed muppet (0)
Check Engine light on Chris' car lit for 3 days muppet (22)
the really sucky thing about winter is... einstein (15)
GM: we are shutting down our only productive assembly line Cowboy Coder (9)
I am a union employee In solidarity (8)
Need formula for CoT search Wayne (15)
Maybe I need to treat girls like shit? Michael B (21)
So what's the deal with Honduras? Peter (3)
Discussion software again -- upvotes / downvotes have a cost df (3)
June 29th, 2009
good morning horwitz! argv[0] (9)
Voice discussion threading software df (5)
They say celebrities die in threes muppet (8)
Jonothan Ive Talk in London? what are you reading for? (2)
You know it's bad sharkfish (17)
Jackson death prediction all the rage Cowboy Coder (4)
Goodbye, Hubble Rick Tang (16)
heh. stackexchange sharkfish (27)
I don't know what to do with my free time anymore Kenny (15)
Blanket's mother is unknown Cowboy Coder (1)
Bernie gets 150 years in prison. Peter (14)
All the Pick Up Artistry you'll ever need to know... Bluebeard (5)
Health care in the US Sin-Wat (15)
Developer's time is valuable For the Developers (5)
iPhone 3GS df (12)
Scientists finally doing useful research Cowboy Coder (0)
Horrorwitz I am not understanding you... Bluebeard (202)
So, it's going to be a girl muppet (44)
I can definitively say that Pick Up Artistry is bullshit Anon.Thanks (10)
Making money out of nothing ShyK (1)
Why no black market for adrenaline abuse? Michael B (iPhone) (15)
Chris has a third ultrasound today muppet (3)
Wow, I hadn't noticed this about Transformers 2, but he's right muppet (5)
NASA didn't find the moon tapes after all Dr. Horrorwitz (54)
June is Gay Lesbian Transgender Month Cowboy Coder (5)
Argentinian Mistress Revealed Cowboy Coder (3)
Fan boy has created a new meme Wayne (3)
Posted: No Trespassing Fan boy (6)
June 28th, 2009
Government Bidding Nobody (4)
so who are our new moderators? einstein (18)
Argv the elusive blank poster? Rocketman (11)
how to behave with a young woman at work? TEAC (13)
They're dropping like flies - Billy Mays croaked Bored Bystander (4)
food for sex is prostitution Cowboy Coder (23)
Ghoul Call Aaron (4)
gender: a social construct? sharkfish (9)
Youtube, google flash bug Rocketman (3)
Example of propaganda Dr. Horrorwitz (10)
I'm about to go throw myself out of a Michael B (10)
Heisenberg Acquits Cowboy Coder (0)
Wow this gives made in China a whole new meaning! Wayne's Wife :) (10)
Cowboy Coder, you're counting out of order. Wayne (7)
Success at last Cowboy Coder (111)
The perfect day.... einstein (10)
Entourage sierra mist (3)
Good Korean Film, Memories of Murder Pete's Brew (14)
June 27th, 2009
IP Steaganography xampl (8)
Iran: We will CRUSH America! Cowboy Coder (26)
New topics should be fixed Wayne (4)
Crazy On Tap Update / New User Moderation Changes Wayne (34)
Sexism Pete's Brew (22)
Manipulated Man, required reading for CoT and sharkfish Pete's Brew (8)
Crazy on Tap on Reddit, funny Pete's Brew (2)
Show us your mISV! (1)
Are you from Africa? Pete's Brew (13)
how many digits in Dennis Forbes' slashdot ID? (2)
Pirated PDF reviews? Dr. Horrorwitz (18)
Joel's board is kind of a piece of shit Cowboy Coder (10)
The Hangover xampl (iPhone) (5)
Stop hunger in Israel Attila (26)
Funny, I haven't seen any MJ coverage Pete's Brew (4)
Deletion Wars SaveTheHubble (22)
Transformers 2 muppet (13)
Robocop2 Pete's Brew (6)
Can we introduce the concept of 'thread ownership' ? einstein (26)
yay! Ive got my first twitter follower... einstein (16)
more on burkhas ... eek-o-tourist (36)
June 26th, 2009
How in bloody Hell did I miss this!  Open Source Boob Project sharkfish (6)
Lessons learned in 30 years of programming Fan boy (20)
just signed up for facebook as... einstein (31)
this thread had it all (5)
I wish Aaron (2)
I don't hate people. Rick Tang (20)
Time for IT work to require certification/licensing? muppet (42)
Should witches be burned alive? Cowboy Coder (22)
Ok. I won't respond to the theories of Dr anymore. Rick Tang (8)
I'm a child abuse denier Dr. Horrorwitz (39)
Fat thumb pad LeftWingPharisee (4)
Oldie but goodie Michael B (6)
Cost of web development vs desktop development lorb (8)
Pick up artists Michael B (18)
Anyone know how to pull this off. Freezer Head (8)
Hubble has to go Had enough of nanny state (25)
Sacha Cohen and uber gay now. Freezer Head (6)
Seven words George Carlin (31)
To whoever deleted my post about Michael LeftWingPharisee (29)
A thought SaveTheHubble (11)
Global warming is probably not man-made fuckpirate #1337 (24)
Michael was killed Freezer Head (0)
They lied about Michael? sharkfish (17)
Dating site use patterns Michael B (iPhone) (15)
Amazon cuts off affiliates in NC xampl (iPhone) (8)
very long birth story of my son the great purple (10)
Mossad PSYOP assassination of Neda hits mainstream Dr. Horrorwitz (60)
Roger the refactorer Fan boy (13)
US man faces death penalty for raping 31 girls Dr. Horrorwitz (4)
MJ died of food posioning what are you reading for? (4)
Re-imagining the mundane events of our lives Pete Garden (2)
Music you work to (recurring but always interesting) Pete Garden (4)
June 25th, 2009
Mark Sanford, Bobcat lover (8)
congratulate me! sharkfish (9)
Can you teach programming? sharkfish (8)
Stuff white people like, MJ The Real Rick Tang (3)
Blank person, why so angry? Rick Tang (13)
Smart people, getting by Stalking the others (13)
So, this place is just like, highschool? Rick Tang (18)
Crash (1996) Michael B (12)
Sharky, have you considered converting to Judaism? muppet (11)
Your childhood idol list sharkfish (41)
I can't wait for the "tell all" book about Michael sharkfish (7) front page already using Michael Jackson's death muppet (4)
Celebrity Death Pool sharkfish (5)
I almost copied the whole post over here Rick Tang (4)
Mercedes S63 AMG xampl (4)
That hot redhead wants to see me again Michael B (23)
Yeah. No strip search in school... Rick Tang (3)
Nigaz, please! Cowboy Coder (4)
Michael Jackson dead Toshihiro (26)
couch db , not the fucking great (12)
Transformers revenge of the fallen Lee (5)
Vote to remove STH (4)
Check the ingredients xampl (iPhone) (4)
Apparently I can't drink anymore Freezer Head (1)
"tell me what you have pertaing to soap" argv[0] (2)
Why the hate on Cygwin LeftWingPharisee (11)
Unemployment help from the government? Freezer Head (12)
Welding can not be taught Cowboy Coder (11)
the existence of an Order 10 finite projective plane disproven! Cowboy Coder (14)
E. Naggum: Moralists and punishers are psychopaths Dr. Horrorwitz (12)
Wayne should set a buffer of one minute Rick Tang (24)
Farrah Fawcett dead xampl (iPhone) (17)
Michael B what are you reading for? (1)
"Jar Jar Bots" sharkfish (10)
Interesting take on those 134 B bonds Dr. Horrorwitz (33)
Great review of a movie Freezer Head (4)
Best website this week muppet (10)
Homosexual "demon" :-( Dr. Horrorwitz (1)
affiliate eek-o-tourist (40)
this is very crass sharkfish (10)
Erik Naggum: Moralists and punishers are psychopaths Dr. Horrorwitz (1)
i know it's old but .. eek-o-tourist (2)
Gary the not invented here Fan boy (22)
Took Sarah to Boston Childrens' yesterday muppet (10)
Wayne - suggestion fuckpirate #1337 (6)
Recursive make considered harmful Clouseau (1)
IE6, IE7, IE8 Not here right now (4)
Press Release: Cowboy Coder elected President of CoT CoT Election Committee (8)
Fake it Until You Make it (9)
birds eye view in bing maps, magic? Cowboy Coder (3)
June 24th, 2009
Awesome date? Michael B (iPhone) (22)
Sanford: Obama responsible for my trip to Argentina Cowboy Coder (8)
Adobe Flex lorb (1)
starting an S coprt thingie einstein (7)
New survey Rick Tang (3)
Hiking on the Appalachian Trail Cowboy Coder (1)
nsfw (3)
I just want to say I'm surprised sharkfish (15)
being opposite sharkfish (3)
credit report companies sharkfish (5)
unix file permissions question sharkfish (20)
STH: tell your employer to MODERNIZE Rick Tang (39)
north korea redux argv[0] (19)
tell me, what is it like being a small man? sharkfish (15)
Three groups of human Rick Tang (5)
Not sure where 'home' is Nomad (5)
Data Recovery Software John Aitken (15)
Converting a Windows file to a Unix File LeftWingPharisee (19)
What happened to the Brice and Ken show? Wonderin' (2)
New version of Eclipse, enjoy Dog Licker (1)
Functional programming languages Q (29)
Challenge: how to improve health care without going 'socialist' Rick Tang (45)
More non-news: divorced Italian Prime Minister Rick Tang (3)
That's non-news Rick Tang (3)
Helen Thomas - still a bad ass Cowboy Coder (9)
Governor of South Carolina in the new again. SaveTheHubble (12)
$2500 for a drupal shopping site? Kenny (8)
republican works to salvage u.s. image abroad argv[0] (1)
Illegal business, illegal mail Dog Licker (17)
blog of developer at Sun Cowboy Coder (12)
Paid about $USD 28 per 5-pack of Hanes men's undershirts Pete Garden (10)
Soccer fans, is the US going to get smoked? Dog Licker (7)
The WHO's suppressed 1995 cocaine study was leaked (finally!) Michael B (11)
Jon the incompetent Fan boy (20)
Mandated Health Care in Massachusetts -- Results SaveTheHubble (20)
The DC Metro Crash, Part Two SaveTheHubble (22)
The girl who doesn't age Colm (10)
rucksacks eek-o-tourist (1)
Ward deleted 7 of my moonlanding posts Horrorwitz (proxy due to ban) (17)
php shite eek-o-tourist (1)
How many languages do you speak? what are you reading for? (25)
Intel to America.  We like cheap people a lot better than you! (6)
rub a finger around your testicles and butt crack Cowboy Coder (5)
uh, a gift like this would make me violent sharkfish (9)
why do burqas make us so uncomfortable sharkfish (40)
Is Morgan Freeman fucking his own granddaughter? Cowboy Coder (13)
Makes you want to buy a BMW.... QADude (5)
What can I make for you? Fan boy (5)
June 23rd, 2009
A functional vs. imperative language shootout Michael B (27)
non-tech interview questions sharkfish (36)
Paul Blart: Mall Cop sharkfish (6)
cool web app sharkfish (4)
where are big girls going to shop now? sharkfish (38)
traffic photo cops cause wreckless driving sharkfish (7)
"The Last Lecture" xampl (4)
I think I found the new 'Rick Rolled' vid xampl (10)
guy on train sharkfish (7)
CoT Blog Rick Tang (2)
battlestar galactica sharkfish (5)
whatever is in protein berry workout jamba juice sharkfish (19)
Sharkfish objectifies us! Rick Tang (5)
"Best Practices" don't exist and are not possible Cowboy Coder (9)
Mousavi "butcher of Iran" Dr. Horrorwitz (5)
Spaces are death LeftWingPharisee (12)
Experts: Moonlanding photo's are fake Dr. Horrorwitz (9)
Predict the Next Hot Programming Language (21)
Don't you just want to strangle her? Sin-Wat (19)
Business Web Applications Dog Licker (1)
The person I loved is dead Michael B (36)
Steve Jobs Cowboy Coder (4)
From The Gurdians liveblog on Iran what are you reading for? (4)
The Hangover the movie Dog Licker (0)
picking and rejecting friends based on their job sharkfish (48)
Hey mup, how do you feel about pornos? Kenny (20)
6000 books before 19? by Horrorwitz Dog Licker (21)
Who decided that the NIPPLE is the offensive part of a tit? muppet (14)
Eating meat, I don't understand the point? Dog Licker (17)
The Lunar Crater Observation and Sensing Satellite (LCROSS) LH (3)
The White Family Cowboy Coder (3)
if you want this job, hand over your social network passwords sharkfish (17)
Why are we analyzing bad behaviour. Dog Licker (12)
Does Wayne stroke STH's ego privately, or something? muppet (9)
Strip clubs -- What's the point, really? muppet (35)
if I had studied harder in school sharkfish (12)
I am so $#%^*& hot sharkfish (9)
is Tim Burton really as talented as I believe? sharkfish (7)
Alan Turing birthday, salute. SaveTheAstronaut (1)
1000 FPS what are you reading for? (1)
I've been working for 30 years Fan boy (44)
I forgot to do drugs this weekend Michael B (iPhone) (9)
Uh, oh.  TSA agents get busted. SaveTheHubble (8)
tech problem eek-o-tourist (10)
Oh, my.  What a nice job. SaveTheHubble (1)
Mario Kart Wii muppet (16)
DC Metro Subway Car Collision SaveTheHubble (5)
That $134Bn in bearer bonds.. Clouseau (32)
Rant, Linux on the desktop, now it will die because people... Not the other one. (17)
Excellent libertarian propaganda Michael B (6)
I was ghetto bouncing to Michael B (5)
June 22nd, 2009
British American Tobacco worths more than Tesco??? Rick Tang (2)
The Zen of HN (2)
moving to 4 days a week einstein (4)
What's the best way to destroy this place Rick Tang (5)
STH - An insane psychopathic killer? einstein (5)
Who "killed" Dan? Rick Tang (6)
I made a machine to kill my father Dr. Horrorwitz (17)
Best thread of the year Rick Tang (5)
Almost bought this fuel cell Dr. Horrorwitz (7)
I like Hitler Horrowitz, Hitler Fan (46)
This is an interesting problem Education Bastard (28)
Serious moderator abuse Michael B (14)
SaveTheHubble: who the hell is this guy? Michael B (38)
"7 Year Developer Crossroad" on the other board Bored Bystander (15)
Denial of service, delete posts It doesn't fit (4)
I love The Onion Aaron (3)
A modest proposal regarding 'blank' handles. SaveTheHubble (24)
Going to be hard to explain... It doesn't fit (7)
The husband of the NC governor xampl (iPhone) (1)
Involvement in Iran xampl (iPhone) (0)
words that are alternatives ... eek-o-tourist (9)
India: US IT grads are morons - MS agrees Dr. Horrorwitz (33)
Anyone wants to live next to me? Rick Tang (5)
June 21st, 2009
Anti-Rock Star Programmer (7)
wii - is it all running around? (13)
Change of moderator what are you reading for? (66)
pakistan! eek-o-tourist (2)
Downside of apartment living xampl (8)
d7b90e8e = bot = random deleter (3)
Happy Birthday Little Purple LeftWingPharisee (1)
Eddie Murphy film gets Top Execs fired. Letting Anyone (5)
Hey, Great Purple Aaron (1)
The banality of evil trollop (5)
Lens Error, Restart camera  - WAIL! trollop (5)
food inc sierra mist (3)
June 20th, 2009
announcing little purple the great purple (29)
Interesting, very opionated few of XML Running Scared (6)
Seriously missing my wife Michael B (iPhone) (16)
Fruitshow, a money making proposition... einstein (18)
STH or some other moderator deleted the black people thread Running Scared (6)
Change default playback device widget Michael B (2)
git (1)
alright you genetically inferior cretins sharkfish (6)
NYtimes reporter freed by taliban (3)
Trains Michael B (iPhone) (9)
New Conan movie? xampl (6)
More on my sex life Michael B (iPhone) (21)
Photocop update: I got the paperwork Fan boy (12)
1988: Mousavi executes 30 000 political prisoners (5)
Open Source Software Running Scared (9)
sharky - you don't treat your slaves well Gerald Hoppy (6)
More jrat analysis, interesting look at JVM clojure code Mr T Minus Three (3)
June 19th, 2009
Obama job approval at 58% Mr T Minus Three (6)
Barrel Monster's creator xampl (2)
you don't know the type being returned sharkfish (23)
Dude quits programming to become a bartender sharkfish (6)
Unconditional love important for sanity Michael B (iPhone) (6)
It's a great time to invest! xampl (0)
Chores as a child Ward (11)
Ooh Aah, I'm a ServerFault bigwig! Ward (3)
Jrat is cool. Rick Tang (5)
Apple store xampl (iPhone) (3)
Java Chicken Head (14)
Whats the current US line on this Iran business? what are you reading for? (3)
talk about catering to male drives sharkfish (18)
men with fat necks who shave thei heads sharkfish (25)
Just found the answering machine in Ghostbusters last night muppet (1)
How many times do you have... Michael B (33)
If this story doesn't make you cry muppet (23)
There was a death from H1N1 in our hospital this week muppet (10)
What are you punks reading? what are you reading for? (23)
sidebar! (1)
June 18th, 2009
war nerd on Iran einstein (0)
Trusted Computing Group Rick Tang (5)
HTML 5? Rick Tang (11)
man, I love some of the stuff microsoft is doing einstein (32)
evangelists sharkfish (8)
Barbara Boxer on use of "ma'am" sharkfish (55)
I tried to watch Conan sharkfish (8)
Sure sign of a noob xampl (5)
tutorial videos are slow watching einstein (5)
Selling iPhone apps.. Wayne (1)
newspapers & sales tax xampl (6)
Iranian IT guy who claimed election fraud killed Dr. Horrorwitz (3)
Europeans will get Windows 7 with no browser Rick Tsang (18)
purple Gerald Hoppy (17)
toilet yellow in colour argv[0] (6)
CoT and the people who hate me Michael B (24)
North Korea plans first strike against Hawaii Cowboy Coder (13)
News media is a funny thing Colm (26)
Ghostbusters on XBOX 360 muppet (11)
Gay shit: feelings Michael B (20)
one thing joel gets right eek-o-tourist (7)
iPhone sales for app 5 are staggeringly consistent... einstein (26)
Who deleted Dr H's posts? what are you reading for? (22)
Iran demo picture photoshopped to show more people Horrorwitz (proxy due to ban) (10)
Obama: Gitmo prisoners to be in prison for life with no trial Cowboy Coder (11)
true blood sierra mist (3)
June 17th, 2009
More Sunday school = more likely to become atheist Cowboy Coder (23)
more power to joel + his idiot co-founder on this one (24)
The top 10 Stimulus projects xampl (11)
"everyone is a libertarian" argv [0] (1)
why I'm a bitch sharkfish (1)
bing is not google Bluebeard (16)
Hey, Muppet, thought you should see this Crisis of Salad (1)
Baby pool xampl (iPhone) (19)
Hubble df (8)
The business to be in xampl (iPhone) (18)
The art of looking sideways Clouseau (2)
this is satire, right? sharkfish (5)
SEO book recommendation what are you reading for? (57)
just blow them up already + Twitter as revolution sharkfish (8)
fuck fuck fuck the great purple (30)
My next album (9)
Photocop update: I'm probably screwed. Fan boy (20)
Seeing as we're all having a go at Joel Spolsky Bluebeard (30)
June 16th, 2009
I want to name a company "Void" Aaron (9)
Morgtate, monthly rate calculation Vagina Face (4)
crap (9)
Now that I'm single... Michael B (iPhone) (17)
Just watched Caprica Vagina Face (5)
Weird Al - Craigslist einstein (1)
I know what's buried under Solomon's Temple Michael B (iPhone) (6)
In the battlestar gallitica future Vagina Face (1)
The fucking neighbor behind me muppet (37)
And the good news is there's fodder for more "Underbelly" trollop (2)
Would you work for free to save your job? trollop (18)
Saab sold to Koenigsegg Cowboy Coder (2)
Did you "bing"? Rick Tang (1)
we are above the simple minded groupthink of small minds. (12)
stm vs. your garbage (0)
DumDum is home muppet (5)
I have nothing left to talk about Michael B (8)
all kitchen knives must be replaced in england Cowboy Coder (36)
opera unite Cowboy Coder (15)
i can't believe the whining sharkfish (4)
Herd mentality in SW development Bored Bystander (8)
Pet peeve Sin-Wat (2)
Democrat questions stimulus packages Rise to the Top (5)
Moving large files between sites df (41)
Better send that article back. Alec Baldwin (3)
Properties of magnetism, short CoT version Pete's Brew (6)
Iranian Election xampl (iPhone) (12)
DumDum is missing muppet (12)
Letters to Joel Wayne (11)
Canonical to fix the small UI bugs Alec Baldwin (1)
June 15th, 2009
Love someone so much to divorce M (21)
XXX FIXME einsteon (2)
Conservatives largest group Peter's Brew (3)
Convenient fantasies Michael B (iPhone) (17)
future serial killer argv[0] (26)
Anyone familiar with Trustee's sales? JoC (23)
US still ethnically cleansing LeftWingPharisee (10)
Having Trouble Understanding Niko Bellic df (11)
Home is where the hell is the heart? JoC (4)
BBC modifying their phrasing of Iran coverage muppet (22)
There's no US support for the Iran uprising Michael B (iPhone) (15)
PSYOP propaganda on Iran elections Dr. Horrorwitz (8)
goddammit the great purple (31)
For the record, I did not delete those posts SaveTheHubble (26)
Further proving that I'm crazy, we don't live on wetlands muppet (17)
I am sorry that I waste your time and more importantly mineWah Rick Tang (0)
The Revolution will be Twittered Cowboy Coder (1)
Muppet, have you tried hook worms? Fan boy (3)
For the RPG geeks Clay Dowling (4)
June 14th, 2009
Michael Did you Nail Her? (10)
Ah, a new comic site Aaron (2)
Writing what I should have written so many years ago sharkfish (6)
has anyone played with processing? (3)
Case for against the death penalty London (7)
For the record, I deleted those posts. SaveTheHubble (19)
i'll be deleting all bot berlin posts from this day forward (5)
Everything the government says about drugs is Michael B (33)
anti-immigration republican group arrested for mass-murder skeptical (13)
Bill Maher on President Obama, don't be popular Alan Turing (5)
Seth Godin's textbook rant sharkfish (10)
"Schlemiel the painter's Algorithm" is a stupid non problem Bored Bystander (6)
Italy catches some new smugglers Peter (9)
Waiting to get fucked Michael B (33)
June 13th, 2009
Why aren't more women wearing this? Alan Turing (6)
Friends, getting too close Alan Turing (4)
Alternatives to Ephedrine? Zode (4)
What is the difference between CS and Information Science? questions (5)
Question for Programmers/Software Engineers 2.0 (9)
New low for JoS Down with registration! (2)
Just ordered a Gecko Edubook Dr. Horrorwitz (11)
Unrepentant white trash bitch from West Virginia Cowboy Coder (34)
Net Troll dates Castro over internet Cowboy Coder (7)
North Korea declares war on US - promises nuclear response Cowboy Coder (17)
Anabolic Steroids Dr. Horrorwitz (24)
Coke Michael B (29)
Question for Programmers/Software Engineers (8)
PTSD and other similar disorders (6)
June 12th, 2009
Holocaust Killer was Mensa Member Cowboy Coder (31)
Why is argv a compulsive liar and defamer? Cowboy Coder (12)
Olbermann - Ron Paul followers responsible for Holocaust shootin Cowboy Coder (10)
Stupid energy audit program that is really make work project df (4)
Domain knowledge Alan Turing (8)
The Boss Alan Turing (7)
today's music picks ... eek-o-tourist (1)
TVs converting from analog to digital tonight Sin-Wat (18)
Hah Aaron (11)
Strangest food you've ever eaten? xampl (iPhone) (33)
raphael saadiq eek-o-tourist (1)
can anyone ... eek-o-tourist (3)
Chastity Bono switching from gay to hetero Cowboy Coder (14)
child prisoner released from guatanamo Cowboy Coder (13)
Program Manager (12)
anyone has a degree in math sierra mist (17)
June 11th, 2009
Use LSD to program Alan Turing (11)
That is some bad luck Alan Turing (12)
why not sharkfish (5)
do you know yourself? sharkfish (7)
To orders Alan Turing (4)
North Korea/US journalists situation sharkfish (26)
Cowboy Programming Kenny (21)
Chris probably has gestational diabetes muppet (26)
cool Chron's disease story Cowboy Coder (6)
Ugly vs. hot bitches: more anecdotes raised to fact Michael B (19)
It's business, It's business time... Wayne (2)
Air France - crash might have been caused by terrorists skeptical (19)
Redressing of Grievances no longer allowed Cowboy Coder (1)
My earring fell out last night and was lost :( muppet (11)
Zhao Ziyang's 'Prisoner of the State' Pete Garden (1)
MOSS vs Windows Sharepoint Services xampl (iPhone) (10)
Useful salad tip Dr. Horrorwitz (16)
WHO declares global pandemic alarm stage 6 Dr. Horrorwitz (18)
Possibly getting a PS3 Alan Turing (22)
WoW vs. crack Michael B (iPhone) (12)
Congressional Republicans wrong again Clay Dowling (11)
great site for new musicq eek-o-tourist (1)
This is why you don't take bailout money Clay Dowling (8)
Craiglist ads lorb (4)
bitmap image is not valid lorb (7)
TweetBike what are you reading for? (8)
Hey LeftWingPharisee, what are your thoughts on this Wayne (24)
Congress' new universal health care plan Cowboy Coder (19)
Google search is being dumbed down dude (4)
Why are British judges such pussies? Cowboy Coder (16)
Tools vs. Domain Knowledge (18)
vanity fair (phones) sierra mist (1)
June 10th, 2009
HTTPS requests Alan Turing (4)
What happens if you don't have guns Cowboy Coder (19)
Internet double standard, O'Reilly and the Tiller Murder Alan Turing (13)
Apple vs. Microsoft's approach to getting stuff done xampl (12)
insecurities sharkfish (19)
10-100, good buddy! argv[0] (1)
air sex argv[0] (0)
new home argv[0] (21)
4 weeks to go the great purple (10)
Armed guards turn out to be useful Clay Dowling (31)
Inflationary times xampl (iPhone) (2)
Dream job Clay Dowling (10)
this is why y'all are so dumb Colm (6)
Running your annual credit report Sin-Wat (9)
Ultra low rate department Bored Bystander (11)
So I'm setting up a new test region at work muppet (16)
Non High School friends Michael B (15)
burden of proof the great purple (28)
Cool weather fuckpirate #1337 (17)
they should have let him keep it eek-o-tourist (3)
A good use of Twitter what are you reading for? (5)
Urbanspoon xampl (iPhone) (4)
Shouting fire in a crowded theater Colm (55)
Programmers before 40 get plan B (28)
Gentrification trollop (13)
June 9th, 2009
google now with more evil (12)
Kill Bush and Paulson Cowboy Coder (34)
new safari 4 feature Cowboy Coder (17)
car of the year Cowboy Coder (28)
Development Deployments Alan Turing (8)
2010 Olympics preparation Ward (3)
^M^M^M argv[0] (9)
MILFwatch - Keren W of Bananarama oediphy (9)
need easy web page builder sharkfish (17)
Court rules OK for Aspies to punch cops within reason Cowboy Coder (5)
Service I would pay money for Colm (12)
This is almost painfully funny Colm (8)
Freakshow Michael B (17)
What do you think of StackOverflow/ServerFault? Ward (12)
At the dump Ward (7)
Don't stand so close to me. Ward (20)
More Remicade stuff muppet (3)
The Big Tipper df (23)
Hong Kong-style breakfast Ward (6)
Have you been in a relationship most of your life? Bot Berlin (13)
"Shit, I went 5 years without sex once too,... einstein (28)
How Would You Boot-Stap a Software Company? (6)
Apple adds closures to C and Objective-C in XCode Wayne (24)
Informatics Pharmacist Cat (1)
Saw my first commericial on tv Alan Turing (4)
June 8th, 2009
sharkfish fantisizes about having sex with me Michael B (6)
Politics in Canada df (8)
I need one of these sharkfish (7)
making america less of an embarrassing, disgusting shithole.. einstein (2)
you know how people stomp out of COT? (20)
I haven't had sex in 2 weeks and Michael B (iPhone) (32)
latest backyard mecha exoskeleton - biggest one yet Cowboy Coder (7)
sharky's raging out about NYC Michael B (29)
Unix shell scripts vs. Window PowerShell scripts LeftWingPharisee (12)
Legal Rec Drugs Part 2 Alan Turing (6)
iPhone 3GS df (12)
So good... Bluebeard (0)
Javascript should support XML as part of the language Alan Turing (18)
Drug dealers after prohibition ends df (28)
European Elections - left takes a beating what are you reading for? (3)
Ads JoC (14)
pest control - your recommendations? Cowboy Coder (19)
California to nix welfare Alan Turing (23)
The confusing world of MPEG-4 df (10)
Is Twitter really that big? what are you reading for? (2)
Application Design xampl (iPhone) (11)
Odd links for your inner lego nerdling... Peter (1)
June 7th, 2009
Why I joined the Navy 2.0 (4)
Stunning! (2)
The null coalescing operator Cowboy Coder (37)
Azure vs. AWS xampl (3)
Work hotties Michael B (iPhone) (29)
Babes of the 80's xampl (7)
Max Blumenthal video therapist (0)
How much cash is dangerous to have around at work? dude (16)
June 6th, 2009
Salaries in High Tech JT (51)
Twitter Discuss! (23)
going back to NYC sierra mist (29)
"I blow a hole in your face and I sleep like a baby..." sharkfish (1)
Why I joined the Navy sharkfish (8)
What is Your Technology Stack? (9)
Transit cop to be tried for murder xampl (11)
bringing your own toilet paper to work sharkfish (6)
XBMC Michael B (2)
I didn't know this about George Lucas sharkfish (20)
airplane crash not being airplane crash skeptical (6)
subverison help! what are you reading for? (3)
Your Blood Will Paint The Way to the Future Gowron (2)
Reusability Discuss... (18)
Computer speed up tip - update blocking Cowboy Coder (20)
I was just stalking cory foy's twitter thingie and... einstein (12)
June 5th, 2009
myth of the genius programmer einstein (4)
Why are Michael's great posts on MDMA deleted? (12)
I bought a Dodge Ram Megacab Diesel Fan boy (4)
overheard on train sharkfish (9)
I'm back! Dr. Horrorwitz (9)
High school graduation standing xampl (iPhone) (7)
hey sharkfish (23)
Remicade stuff muppet (20)
The Doodle Bar what are you reading for? (4)
barack obama's greatest speech? einstein (83)
kkk etc free speech skeptic (10)
Rolling your own programming language (13)
June 4th, 2009
More wierd tales/wings from science... Peter (9)
dear china, that shit with umbrellas and the no talking (1)
For our next installment of "as your head spins"... Peter (5)
Breaking Bad Season 2 finale muppet (3)
being proven wrong. (12)
Well, that only took a freaking year Peter (8)
Bot Berlin (33)
Where is Obama on this one Bot Berlin (42)
45 minute reddit mention of aaron schwartz (2)
more fox news bullsh!t, sotomayor character assination argv[0] (9)
Python! 3.14 (8)
Twighlight Zone moment: Shih Kien died today Ward (7)
Fuck this country Michael B (1)
good voice eek-o-tourist (0)
Obama ... eek-o-tourist (7)
What is this? I don't do it, so it must be wrong Bot Berlin (10)
Some value in psychadelics Michael B (17)
Windy muppet (3)
meat in your burger? skeptic (9)
Drugs Are Really Excellent (Nice People Take Drugs) Michael B (29)
airplane crash not being terrorists skeptical (17)
GTA IV df (9)
David Carradine Aaron (11)
Tradeoff Michael B (1)
What do you think of this interview technique? df (46)
New Google Maps feature? df (4)
the real secret of daddy's success ... eek-o-tourist (4)
joel taking over the world einstein (18)
What are your thoughts on Spring 2.0 (1)
Seeking love, attention Bot Berlin (36)
June 3rd, 2009
This is genius Wayne (0)
Web security Fail Bot Berlin (1)
16 hours Bot Berlin (14)
Michael B Bot Berlin (24)
5 weeks to go the great purple (17)
Initial Testing Bot Berlin (8)
Spooning Michael B (19)
What are your thoughts on Spring Bot Berlin (19)
Technology of the future! xampl (iPhone) (9)
Bald Conservative barking head performs in blackface... Peter (15)
JPMorgan hires supertanker for 9m to store heating oil Clouseau (31)
I just can't bring myself to take this Keystone-Cops office muppet (125)
More of Hitler's might, kills US soldiers in Iraq in 2009. Bot Berlin (0)
and this is news? eek-o-tourist (1)
Help me stay away from the stripclubs and hookers Bot Berlin (13)
Awards with coworkers Bot Berlin (6)
June 2nd, 2009
what do u think about sierra mist (11)
A rabid but cute fatalist Russian once told me Michael B (iPhone) (16)
Beta uppa trollop (6)
amen: jacqui smith gone Colm (4)
CoT smarts, passing on the knowledge Bot Berlin (18)
I love spring xampl (iPhone) (14)
Sun always does stuff in a lackluster way Bot Berlin (8)
Why is Sasha Cohen's flying ass news? xampl (iPhone) (9)
This goes with the tag line Spelunker (1)
I watched Red Dwarf - Back to Earth Fan boy (1)
Dumping Ubuntu for Windows 7 Bot Berlin (29)
hypothetical scenario Colm (57)
just finished watching The 300 einstein (22)
arg == Cowboy Coder Cowboy Coder (1)
abortion rights argv[0] (5)
cowboy coder thinks i set him up the bomb argv[0] (1)
June 1st, 2009
GM question Bot Berlin (7)
holy shit, JoS is reaching new lows.. einstein (4)
When is a late term abortion wrong? Bot Berlin (37)
Setting the stage for the future? Bot Berlin (5)
Hiring and Firing of software developer employees. Bot Berlin (10)
cowboy coder argv[0] (74)
fox news and domestic terrorism argv[0] (63)
Investing Bot Berlin (4)
GM and $172 billion dollars and debt Bot Berlin (8)
2/3 redefined legally as 0.66 Cowboy Coder (13)
Chess organization politics lorb (0)
DOW at 10,000 by years end? xampl (iPhone) (10)
GM = The Producers Clay Dowling (20)
End of breaking bad Bot Berlin (4)
Sarah has twice reported chest pain since the infusion muppet (6)
Fargling Skreezers SaveTheHubble (4)
Hell Kitchen US is better than the UK one cooking master boy (2)
Anyone see Principal Charity Classic? JoC (0)
Anybody read about MS and netbooks? JoC (15)
So, after being awake all last night in Sarah's hospital room muppet (7)
Saw the movie Flight Plan Bot Berlin (3)