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June 30th, 2010
Cheetos with melted cheese Wayne (26 comments)
WTF is "canonical form" ASDF (25)
"deeply split and appears politically driven." Rick in BC (7)
Obama to deport Hero.. Morons (15)
US refused Dutch help re oil spill CC (15)
copilot live eek (7)
VS 2010 Evaluation Extension Water Cooler v2 (1)
My comments on SB1070 on a blog Bot Berlin (9)
Hilarious Cease & Desist Bluebeard (1)
Depp Alice in Wonderland CC (12)
Illegal immigrant shoots cop Bot Berlin (1)
Placing bets, the Prop19 bill in Cali won't pass Bot Berlin (7)
June 29th, 2010
feature request: italics CC (41)
Gulf coast businesses Fan boy (7)
BoS dying now CC (8)
Electronic Flyswatter Fan boy (10)
What is the most popular version of UNIX on Wall Street? C++ n00b (2)
Market crashed after G20 meeting Rich Tsang (6)
The Charisma of a Damp Rag df (19)
Oh dear Bully the Fish (2)
Hey Wayne Aaron (7)
Shouldn't it really be... JoC (3)
Secret Plato code? For real??? Rick in BC (6)
Google stays in China Rick in BC (0)
Mr. Speaker, I stand before you today to offer an apology to Rick in BC (2)
Your opinions on "The Prisoner" (original and remake miniseries) Palmer Eldritch (15)
mongolian girlfriend eek (15)
russian spies don't need no stinking internet license CC (3)
article about finding programming work nowadays CC (22)
Falling asleep standing up Ward (3)
How much is 120 million dollars? Rick in BC (5)
How do you become a Solar panel installer? . (2)
June 28th, 2010
Robot paintball sentry xampl (0)
Yay! Finally got Froyo! df (20)
Canada is a peaceful nation Joe (47)
Liberal McChyrstal retires Bot Berlin (6)
Miguel's got it right Wayne (12)
On the iPhone Bot Berlin (5)
Google to use HTML5 in Gmail Full name (0)
Reddit is melting down today xampl (5)
Give all your money to Bully the Fish (9)
muppet's crackhouse Bully the Fish (2)
The 30+ year old weight gain Bot Berlin (8)
Hot like an oven Full name (5)
Apple hates lefties not CC (6)
First fast food in 4 months xampl (1)
US wants to give Afghanistan to Taliban CC (13)
Our government officials are fucked up Bot Berlin (3)
You lurkers, Bot Berlin (7)
June 27th, 2010
Conspirarcy theories, the 911 attack Bot Berlin (2)
Marijuana is too expensive, this is just ridiculous CC (8)
great jobs for the 2010s CC (10)
Clean energy protests xampl (14)
The Best G8/G20 Protest df (5)
internet licenses coming CC (10)
JOS Posting Flowchart Kthx Bai (7)
pope complains ... eek (2)
martial law in toronto CC (24)
Why is Google in the phone business? Bot Berlin (10)
G8 membership CC (22)
privacy act notice Scott (0)
who is Mr.B sierra (12)
Lego boobies xampl (8)
June 26th, 2010
Everything will be recorded df (11)
Kellogg recalls four cereals after some report nausea Full name (10)
Unicode 6 standardizes on emoticons CC (2)
Grocery store pricing...and Whole Foods Trick Rang (30)
Is the android os ... a java os? Bot Berlin (11)
Gag Candidate Wins Top Job in Iceland CC (2)
Protesters df (20)
32 yr old software developer to be caned in Singapore CC (18)
"Why I charge $1000/hr for development" CC (14)
Benjamin Whorf was RIGHT after all! CC (3)
french dude who carries a lot of stuff in his jacket CC (3)
WTF with some sourceforge project sizes CC (12)
Does having 'cheated on girlfriend' on your record Michael B (15)
June 25th, 2010
Obama's internet kill switch is approved CC (7)
Man gets not reward because he called 911 first Fan boy (4)
Java 4-ever - the movie (trailer) CC (13)
Oh shit... Kevin Costner did it! <pervert> (2)
bottom-up vs. top-down: what do you choose? Io (15)
I don't know where this is, but it's cool SaveTheHubble (2)
Afghanistan lorb (10)
Nokia adopts MeeGo, but Intel ports Andriod to x86 Rick in BC (3)
Don't know anyone else with an iPhone4? xampl (1)
"you can fool SOME of the people ALL of the time" Rick in BC (17)
Man arrested for having 4,900 illegal penises Rich Tsang (10)
1st anniversary of Michael Jackson's death xampl (9)
Debbie Gibson and Tiffany to Brawl in Syfy Movie Full name (16)
Looking for Cape rentals for next summer muppet (10)
Obama's poll numbers are dropping fast as he flubs . (8)
Boo hoo! Bluebeard (6)
iphone antenna issue fixed! CC (0)
justified tasering CC (2)
Tea Party Fan boy (27)
June 24th, 2010
More re: Toy Story 3 Ward (8)
Democrats have to rethink strategy with Bush's guy Bot Berlin (16)
Sikh woman running for Governor in South Carolina CC (18)
Serious question Anon for this (19)
Gulf oil eyewitness trollop (1)
Peanuts JoC (58)
Italy is out! Rick in BC (7)
To-morrow, and to-morrow, and to-morrow what are you reading for? (11)
Kitteh World Cup xampl (2)
Wireless distribution of power xampl (9)
The problem with Obama... Bot Berlin (24)
It is funny, it is about time for a "no war" president Bot Berlin (9)
80 million iPads in 80 days HoyZa (4)
I hate to be a huge cynic (ha) but what exactly will the muppet (20)
Grownups Ward (1)
A tip for CC. Morons (1)
British wartime rations trollop (4)
Obama approval way down Bot Berlin (14)
Bot and Plan B not Bot nor Bot's Mother (5)
What if there were a country... GodHelpUsAll (15)
Who else been drinking???? CC (3)
June 23rd, 2010
Good news everyone! xampl (7)
iPhone 4 Quality df (17)
It's all happening in Australia less is more (4)
America during the World Cup not CC (11)
England vs Germany on the next round c (3)
a man, a plan, a fusion reactor... Manhattan Project CC (7)
Google Voice + Droid X / Increbles = the win? Rick in BC (8)
God is angry about G20 and G8 Rick in BC (5)
Type used to reference an object vs. backing store type Water Cooler v2 (11)
digital watch want fatboy slim (6)
Detect a code fragment using reflection Water Cooler v2 (32)
First tennis 40-40 called by an umpire... el (12)
He's out! muppet (31)
The Secret Powers of Time Wayne (6)
Two parties politics Rick in BC (12)
SCORRRRE! xampl (6)
Canadian politicians under foreign control df (11)
General Crystal lorb (16)
Looks like a new Oz PM by lunch tomorrow. trollop (3)
Deep drilling ban lifted el (19)
Has Obama lived up to his hype? Bluebeard (44)
Evra vents fury at Domenech FrilkCara (0)
latest high res satellite photo of gulf coast CC (11)
whitehouse: "torrent downloaders threaten national security" CC (4)
June 22nd, 2010
In other news... Ward (on my old Palm T5) (3)
My mother-in-law Ward (on my old Palm T5) (6)
Anyone live in Florida? Ward (on my old Palm T5) (8)
54 people murdered in Chicago last weekend CC (24)
UK VAT now at 20% xampl (8)
Labeling problems come to a head Ward (10)
Area 51 is now in Beta SaveTheHubble (7)
BP fixes the leak xampl (1)
Canada police disguised as protesters to instigate violence Rich Tsang (5)
Cigarette taxes xampl (11)
"Throughout my career, I have lived by the principles..." muppet (36)
Comic Idea JoC (0)
WWDC session videos now available xampl (4)
house prices in China CC (15)
It sucks, IT is all I know Bot Berlin (15)
Does anyone else do this? Q (27)
My boss knows that I applied to another company Rudolf (14)
June 21st, 2010
New form of stupidity Ward (7)
obamacare causes 20% insurance increase in 90 days CC (14)
Dome houses xampl (4)
Kindle prices are 20 dollar cheaper than book price Bot Berlin (5)
What I remember most about LEGOs Full name (12)
Either I smell popcorn Full name (6)
Portugal routs North Korea xampl (6)
B&N cuts price on Nook xampl (7)
Holy crap Aaron (36)
So my wife is leaving to go to work this morning muppet (7)
happy birthday the great purple (13)
double down review CC (5)
Anyone need a new hard drive? Aaron (12)
June 20th, 2010
Second time around can be just as good Fan boy (10)
We shouldn't assimilate them (the Mexicans), we should learn Bot Berlin (5)
Ebonics and a fact, maybe it should be taken seriously Bot Berlin (35)
Toronto and the G20 df (46)
obama's oil crisis panel CC (9)
The British will have to pay reparations... JustAColonist (16)
For your convenience... Bully the Fish (2)
Kiwis draw with Italy 1-1 trollop (4)
Flash vulnerabilities Bully the Fish (10)
j on the sill eek (9)
just finished The Blind Side sierra (1)
June 19th, 2010
This is why Detroit can't have nice things xampl (3)
Bride Wars Bill42x (5)
why is europe such a poor country? CC (12)
Board or card games Fan boy (16)
June 18th, 2010
Funny thing about Alvin Greene Bot Berlin (13)
Prostitution sucks in the US Bot Berlin (27)
Football stripped to the essentials trollop (4)
BP: "cleanup workers using safety gear will be fired" CC (7)
So the England team obviously has no desire to win the world cup Q (5)
15 million pounds of SpaghettiOs recalled for possible under-pro Full name (1)
Excel sucks Bot Berlin (51)
More slashdot reposts: The Supreme Court, in a 9-0 ruling... Rick in BC (15)
How software gets peoples' names wrong. Rick in BC (2)
More excuses for cencoring websites Rick in BC (1)
60 severed heads in Arkansas for delivery to Texas Spaceloid (5)
Envisioning the Future df (2)
AAPL at 273 Kenny (3)
Red cards xampl (37)
obama demands power to control, shut down internet CC (27)
BP spills coffee lorb (2)
The Good Wife Fan boy (1)
CSI Ward (2)
June 17th, 2010
bertrand russell. argv[0] (11)
What is the difference between Rugby and Soccer lorb (4)
Rahm Emanuel's rent free apartment CC (6)
What motivates us Water Cooler v2 (8)
By firing squad? Really? You guys still do that? df (33)
People keep telling me to get out of IT because there is.... dude (16)
Semi-interesting JoC (4)
America's Got Talent muppet (20)
Israel caves Colm (19)
Multi-Programing Language support for Android? TDT (5)
Toy Story 3 Ward (10)
FTC wants blogger tax to support dinosaur media CC (3)
June 16th, 2010
B.J.Novak is an asshole sierra (7)
Bot's next research, language Bot Berlin (5)
Blu Ray on a regular TV Bot Berlin (9)
Console power consumption df (5)
This Modern World xampl (iPhone) (1)
Creative video df (3)
How to deal with hoarding SaveTheHubble (5)
Going to restaurant/eating out or fast food Bot Berlin (10)
Silly Putty and You! xampl (3)
Baptists: "no more politics for us, thanks" CC (16)
The best first line of an article EVER. Aaron (8)
Microsoft is changing the MSDN Library (again) xampl (11)
Just got an iPad Stephen Jones (12)
Your slightly-less-than-weekly StackExchange update Ward (7)
If you could artifically make diamonds df (12)
it's actually been 2.52 million gallons a day CC (9)
How to keep someone with you, forever SaveTheHubble (10)
Oooo, this is a good one... FrakBuccaneer (3)
Very noisy here... Bully the Fish (6)
seems lots of men can no longer compete in the job market..... . (8)
mystery power switch eek (4)
Contracting Question? Fucking A. A. Hatt (Morons) (21)
The reduced value of an autistic kid df (16)
So, yesterday the electrical line to my well pump caught fire muppet (29)
Cognitive dissonance on congress interviewing oil execs lorb (12)
What I miss most about the JOS forums . (4)
F**k Palin Bot Berlin (21)
Would it be good to have Obama Bot Berlin (24)
More college-educated jump tracks to become skilled manual labor dave (10)
I skipped the stage of being an apartment dwelling young adult.. Dan (7)
June 15th, 2010
A message from Australian Search and Rescue CC (1)
So is it legal in the UK... JoC (8)
Keychain spy camera Aaron (32)
How little they understand... Q (4)
15 Grossly Misleading Movie Posters Kenny (0)
BP's dividends CC (18)
If you get a cat in your early 20s... df (17)
Xbox 360 Slim = Vista df (15)
Sick or reverse-engineering Io (8)
American Women: a critique dren (19)
Gas prices xampl (7)
On this day in 1956 xampl (3)
Is "technical superiority" of USA a sham? lorb (15)
dog whisperer eek (14)
Is there a way to live in harmony with the univerise Rick in BC (7)
At 30+, all nighters Bot Berlin (7)
Moon (movie) CC (21)
Christians in Africa CC (2)
June 14th, 2010
Great, I graduated from the best HS in America Bot Berlin (21)
Eye floaters Fan boy (3)
Table history by end-dating records Fan boy (22)
Weighted Rank for Beer Bot Berlin (4)
She was shocked about porn Bot Berlin (16)
I have a problem with the spill that isn't being mentioned lorb (20)
Russian scammers have tricked my mom xampl (11)
The new WKRP in Cincinnati movie Ward (3)
The new "Sledge Hammer!" movie Ward (3)
'The Facts of Life' movie Full name (0)
The new A-Team movie SaveTheHubble (1)
The new Karate Kid movie SaveTheHubble (0)
Illegal invasion of Georgia ASDF (3)
The small print for today.  Mmmmmm.. Spaceloid (11)
New Xbox df (3)
Canadian Residents boycott new tax: Buying in Washington State Rich Tsang (8)
Can't open any more tabs Full name (10)
What else is illegal? not CC (43)
people complaining about sea rescues CC (22)
Afghans: US finds mineral riches in Afghanistan Full name (8)
Gaza blockade *is* illegal: Red Cross Colm (47)
Looks like SC isn't the only state with xampl (7)
New DEVO album is out tomorrow xampl (7)
Schwarzenegger drops offshore drilling plan lorb (8)
"legitimate" claims CC (6)
Foxconn to close factories in China Rick in BC (24)
military drones coming to US airspace CC (8)
transcript of polish plane crash CC (2)
looking for a good free web hosting service... Bizarre (3)
But what about 42? JoC (2)
June 13th, 2010
But there's no oil ... trollop (3)
Sensitivity Gone Wild Zroid (14)
banned from BoS Scott (20)
Iran sends flottila to Gaza, incl. soldiers Dr. Horrorwitz (17)
Messed-up Pro-Cannibalism Site of the Week Bored Bystander (7)
Should Rappers be allowed to eat people? Bot Berlin (5)
should rappers be allowed to eat their girlfriends? Bluebeard (4)
Forex Io (5)
should artists be allowed to eat human babies? CC (17)
Chevron fallows BP's lead Fan boy (4)
June 12th, 2010
Wargames is available on Hulu xampl (2)
Online Poker, not spam but a question Bot Berlin (10)
England what are you reading for? (23)
Evolution of the boob xampl (6)
Watch the Israeli raid, full hour Bot Berlin (28)
wayne eek (7)
Old dude JoC (5)
Function composition in Java Bot Berlin (4)
BoS Darwin Award of the week Bored Bystander (9)
Public service: is still available Rick in BC (2)
where the fuck did this story come from CC (12)
June 11th, 2010
Belgian elex frontrunner wants to break up nation less is more (11)
The Road df (3)
Why is Sarah Palin worse than this guy? Bot Berlin (28)
wikileaks guy is f**ked Bot Berlin (23)
best VPN option from dynamic IP Rich Tsang (2)
More questions about SC Democratic candidate xampl (10)
Demanding a Phone Screen Fucking A. A. Hatt (Morons) (6)
Looks like the Iranian Uprising if officially dead. Fucking A. A. Hatt (Morons) (8)
Say Tweet -- unless you are writing for New York Times Rick in BC (6)
Demand Media HoyZa (3)
The Economist: Interesting article SaveTheHubble (16)
Another example of  “Freedumb” Fucking A. A. Hatt (Morons) (11)
I have decided that any art form that is xampl (7)
District 9 muppet (9)
World Cup thread b (12)
Is this an act of war? CC (47)
Jackie Chan vs. The Eye of Sauron Aaron (7)
Is this an act of war? Bot Berlin (21)
Surfing with Celine Dion Fan boy (11)
Had my annual review today. Fan boy (9)
June 10th, 2010
The racism comes out, The Next Karate Kid Bot Berlin (7)
Goatse in the news! Bored Bystander (2)
16 yr old girl sailing around world - MISSING! Ward (40)
Why all these CC mocking lately? Rick in BC (8)
Oh, look, another "Y2K"-style threat lorb (10)
The problem (what caused the crash) Io (5)
Oblivion, Morrowind and Fallout 3 on sale on Steam Kenny (1)
Windows Hosting el (4)
Most remote place on the planet xampl (4)
This would probably not be remiss on Fox News Colm (1)
What happened to the board at joelonsoftware? dude (6)
Is an MBA a good ticket out of IT? Tom (14)
Google classic page copying Bing.  :( muppet (11)
iPhone 4 glass back df (14)
Watched Ghostbusters 2 with Sarah last night muppet (7)
Too harsh? muppet (10)
when you log on a dating site ahem. yes, well. (7)
Muppet Legacy SaveTheHubble (2)
another great letter eek (2)
persons unknown CC (0)
shift work disorder CC (1)
June 9th, 2010
Black person or snake Bot Berlin (5)
A caughtionary tail trollop (0)
Did CNN get hacked, angry black men? Bot Berlin (6)
When your wife and your ex-wife meet for coffee ASDF (3)
Solar Power sucks Bot Berlin (13)
SC Democrat candidate in trouble xampl (23)
Feynman letter to Wolfram CC (22)
NATO helicopter shot down in Afghanistan lorb (1)
"Mr T laments 'adult' A-Team film" Bully the Fish (14)
Rig survivors: BP ordered shortcut on day of blast b (3)
iPhone FaceTime app xampl (10)
Time shares for everything df (7)
I've been out of the loop... Mort Pritchard (12)
i hate bit rot CC (10)
Correlation is sometimes due to causation CC (38)
Democrats repeal estate tax for billionaires CC (6)
Bot quit trolling When You're Gone You STAY Gone (8)
A case of the Monday's at BP Bot Berlin (5)
U.S. 'secret war' expands globally as Special Operations forces Bot Berlin (0)
Is it possible a large majority don't look at the issues? Bot Berlin (7)
California proves retarded once again CC (27)
Iran can have nuclear weapons or use sourceforge Bot Berlin (5)
affirmative gender action in science CC (7)
WTF? "Collectible Pencil Sharpener" ?? Ward (3)
Racism is important again, why is Israel racist? Bot Berlin (30)
June 8th, 2010
why does america hate iran? CC (28)
Automotive Headlamps Fan boy (6)
I have decided that I would like a Kayak df (14)
Need a project naming theme xampl (7)
Safari 5 is out xampl (0)
StackExchange problems update Ward (2)
deaf girl can't use sign language CC (1)
Citizen of the Galaxy Ward (5)
Are you fucking happy? The rig's on fire! CC (8)
The Mormon missionaries are back xampl (6)
Suggested Reading what are you reading for? (5)
Reuters used Photoshop to alter Gaza photos CC (11)
Now might be a good time to buy some cheap stocks Kenny (5)
Safari Reader - Apple goes for Google df (8)
Interracial is beautiful, normal is incest Bot Berlin (19)
Where are Sharky and Brice? Bully the Fish (3)
App store vs. iAds xampl (8)
I feel dirty after writing some ugly code Rick in BC (10)
Oracle question ASDF (9)
These pictures will convince Colm not CC (20)
Madoff "F*** his victims" Rick in BC (2)
Mission accomplished -- Buy Apple products again! Rick in BC (8)
"The Times" paywall - fact or fiction? Bully the Fish (5)
Palestinian authority : No humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Fucking A. A. Hatt (Morons) (10)
Iran opens first women-only bank branch Fucking A. A. Hatt (Morons) (4)
Iran says it's US, Britain's fault too SaveTheHubble (7)
Hamas rejects aid from Flotialla Fucking A. A. Hatt (Morons) (32)
Nissan wants about 5% more for than Honda muppet (6)
Are you dating older, dating hispanic, black? Bot Berlin (5)
ideas? argv[0] (8)
June 7th, 2010
Energy independence Fan boy (19)
"Tell Israel to get the hell out of Palestine" Q (28)
I finally understand the health care battle dren (26)
complaint #2 dren (4)
Networking Cliff (8)
J-pop at its finest, thank me later Bot Berlin (4)
Cartoon Fucking Fucking Fucking A A Hatt (1)
Brice Richard is the same off CoT as on Colm (20)
complaint dren (5)
new soccer rules for Ottowa CC (4)
I quit, I am done with IT Bot Berlin (18)
iran announces military invasion of israel CC (38)
Apple announces the iPhone 4 Full name (15)
A policeman pulls over a speeding car. Bully the Fish (2)
"We regret the delay to your journey on this tram... Bully the Fish (1)
all children should be raised by lesbians CC (4)
To People Bot Berlin (7)
So, we need to replace the 2005 Hyundai that ?off bought for me muppet (30)
The Onion nails it Aaron (18)
Haneen Zoubi Knesset rights revoked SaveTheHubble (25)
So if I wanted to take a boat ride to my Palestinian friends Bot Berlin (75)
Aid is not always welcome in Gaza not CC (0)
Israel admit flotilla didn't actually say "go back to auschwitz" Colm (18)
Finally saw the 24 finale FrakBuccaneer (9)
How fucked up is it that the police get to keep what they take? Kenny (12)
Agile Alliance, Women in Technology HoyZa (7)
Java surges ahead! SaveTheHubble (9)
The joys of DYI home improvement. muppet (34)
Police State Statistics Bot Berlin (2)
Haskell and the open sores circle jerk Bot Berlin (14)
Israel gov't releases music video about Gaza boat CC (18)
.NET Remoting Question HelpMe :-( (6)
So we're losing 50% of our staff Cliff (16)
more racist arabs CC (4)
The H1-B Problem wirelesswarrior (14)
I only date married men By Analogy (15)
June 6th, 2010
racist police attack black homeowner CC (22)
You know Europe is fucked when... ... (11)
Israel sending flotilla to run Kurdistan blockade CC Free Kurdistan (9)
Anyone have any idea what this says? JoC (8)
I missed it a couple of days ago... Bully the Fish (0)
Geeks in Cali Bot Berlin (5)
Belated June 4th post Rick in BC (3)
June 5th, 2010
Smuggling peanuts df (17)
The truth to investing? xampl (26)
Turkey PM declares war on Israel CC against anti-Kurdish genocide (11)
I like pie Aaron (2)
good article on brothels CC doesn't mind brothels (15)
Look at this bad boy. Bot Berlin (3)
i7 laptop below $1000 f (5)
The SS Exodus vs. The Mavi Marmara Colm (24)
Turkish Terror Invasion Take Two CC watching (18)
How do the top 1% of humans deal with the other 99%? Bot Berlin (14)
The Arizona law is working, yes Bot Berlin (17)
Rush Ward (4)
if it's not leaking oil, it means it's empty sierra (0)
methane based life found on Titan CC says smog on Titan is bad (2)
June 4th, 2010
Arizona artists asked to "lighten the faces" of school children iPoster (2)
outsource your wooing CC Cyrano Cassanova (14)
Obama starts military operations against 75 nations CC says no to the draft (10)
why is Hallmark racist? CC not impressed with NAACP (9)
Falcon 9 achieved orbit CC space cadet (6)
generation kill dave (2)
Sort of like Terminator JoC (0)
Big Oil, McDonalds... and now swing flu Bot Berlin (1)
Java is a mess! Rick in BC (28)
Shut up, go back to Auschwitz not CC (18)
700 bases in Afghanistan Bot Berlin (22)
This showed up in the internet content filtering logs xampl (6)
How did this guy became New York's mayor? Uncle pussy (0)
spelling bee the great purple (21)
WTF is Michael B, awesome CoTer Bot Berlin (5)
'thou shalt not kill' Rick in BC (12)
McDonald's pulls cadmium-tainted 'Shrek' glasses Full name (29)
Online dating JoC (18)
Do you care about caring? HoyZa (11)
Do you care about Software? eek (7)
Thoughtful life question of the month. dumbo (11)
Forget Polanski, what about this douche Bot Berlin (3)
TIOBE Programming Community Index for May 2010 Full name (5)
James Bond collection Aaron (2)
"Hedonic Treadmill" xampl (3)
Polanski claims himself victim of injustice CC disgusted (6)
breaking: well is capped!! CC relieved (9)
how to solve crimes CC amused (4)
June 3rd, 2010
oil photos CC!BP (6)
How rich is someone? Ward (2)
It's 2:30 am Cory (6)
"the economic value of gambling" Rick in BC (25)
Do you care about Software Craftsmanship? Cory (33)
Taking photos of police on duty Rick in BC (19)
Israel’s piracy of the Freedom Flotilla humanitarian aid convo Fucking A. A. Hatt (Morons) (18)
Do you care about software testing? HoyZa (9)
Natural ways to clean up the oil spill Nailin Palin (3)
(Nvidia) CUDA Io (2)
Mercury melts down xampl (10)
Laundry surprise xampl (10)
Idiots and bank taxes df (34)
When can beggars be choosers? Somebody (21)
If you liked it then you should have put a ring on it ASDF (3)
planning a trip the great purple (36)
Chomsky on the flotilla incident Colm (49)
The Wire Aaron (11)
I will get the double down CC getting on board (7)
More on Vancouver real estate Ward (8)
Ah there is good TV out there Bot Berlin (0)
gay mcd ad leMonde (6)
Energy saving project Fan boy (9)
June 2nd, 2010
Example of why facebook UI sucks eek (11)
What motivates us? Fan boy (18)
Excellent Survival site Ward (7)
Libertarians' dream in Canada Rick in BC (13)
doing the bare minimum CC interviewing (20)
Can fruitshow be improved using HTML5? Rick in BC (18)
Wny do peopple hate muslims beside that they follow a religion? Rick in BC (10)
The BBC goes to North Korea xampl (10)
What a lovely son, this Van der Sloot guy Bot Berlin (11)
Joel continues to screw up his new venture Ward (37)
Hmm JoC (3)
Is google in the wrong here? Bot Berlin (31)
Raskin Finder replacement, cool CC geek (4)
al qaeda organized gaza flotilla CC tired (18)
Developer Opinion on Android Fragmentation Bot Berlin (5)
Question for Chinese speakers ASDF (14)
So, we have two Percula Clownfish swimming around our living roo muppet (23)
Babylon 5 Aaron (33)
June 1st, 2010
Screw you Photoshop Bot Berlin (21)
Android Fragmentation Wayne (18)
Al & Tipper splitting up xampl (22)
BP Next Experiment, do our nuclear Bot Berlin (18)
North Korea and Israel Fucking A. A. Hatt (Morons) (17)
"Quitting" JoC (22)
Fair and Balanced - is it possible that the spill is ... Bot Berlin (8)
Relief wells next best hope CC analyzing (16)
You enter the gladiator arena and xampl (4)
One less gun nut able to reproduce FrakBuccaneer (26)
Everyone is an expert on undersea oil wells df (13)
AAPL's up for the day HoyZa (1)
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