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June 30th, 2013
grammatical question sans ironic intent Bot Baden-Württemberg (16 comments)
Ecuador: "criminals like Snowden not welcome here" C. McGhee (16)
debugging ncurses app on Mac xampl9 (10)
one person businesses Bot Baden-Württemberg (8)
US heathcare factoids Headline News (12)
Legion ... how's the boss? Bot Baden-Württemberg (2)
Google etc lying according to NSA documents C. McGhee (4)
US spying on Germany C. McGhee (3)
Maybe this will halt aerial spying in the US Shylock (4)
"Holywood liberal bias", my ass Quant (42)
June 29th, 2013
20-somethings decline insurance xampl9 (15)
Forced, Intrusive Blood Draws In Georgia fidelio (4)
ballistophobia endemic in the UK C. McGhee (20)
Forecast: 106F NPR (5)
Book recommendation xampl9 (10)
Riots due to Zimmerman Acquittal Mëtäl Ümläüt (26)
Ok so let's say you make a mistake at work . (23)
Five year old killed by assault rifle gunbot (3)
12 year old shoots little brother, self. gunbot (2)
I'm gonna rag on Win 8 some more Legion (2)
Today I ate my first Dunkin' Doughnut... Legion (15)
June 28th, 2013
Need legal assistance fidelio (19)
Street IQ test C. McGhee (29)
snowden's father C. McGhee (8)
teen imprisoned for comments in video game C. McGhee (5)
Programming theorem #2 Io (16)
Am I the only geek without a smart phone? Chuck (32)
Army declares Guardian terrorist web site C. McGhee (6)
activist arrested for chalk message C. McGhee (21)
Social Mobility: It's all in the boobs stupid PigPen (24)
Is LinkedIn worth it? Steve (32)
June 27th, 2013
Follow up on that weding Bee Baden (5)
At first I thought... JoC (2)
booze at the south pole C. McGhee (13)
Conspiracy?  Here's the real thing. SaveTheHubble (5)
Ecuador sends aid to US C. McGhee (15)
RUP Agile xampl9 (Windows Phone) (14)
Boss jerking me around again muppet (24)
Beef Jerky xampl9 (Windows Phone) (17)
NOLOCK .. everywhere xampl9 (Windows Phone) (21)
Aaron Hernandez Part II df (11)
Hubble sucks part 10,000 Bee Baden (2)
Beyond the touch screen... Shylock (1)
June 26th, 2013
Welcome fidelio Bot Baden-Württemberg (6)
"Texas USED to produce a lot of oil, but I think that's dropping Bot Baden-Württemberg (10)
Oh that investor df (4)
is using sidewalk chalk vandalism? C. McGhee (66)
Snowden IRC Bee Baden (7)
Woohoo!  Microsoft unveils Windows 8.1 Today! SaveTheHubble (10)
"Admit it. For Obama et al, it's a 'pants-down' day." Canned Gods Inc. (10)
The Long Troll df (32)
250 new ICT jobs in Groningen Lodewijk (10)
hiring freeze the great purple (24)
PSA: Nakamoto block chains JoC (15)
Is tampering with senate records a serious crime? Bee Baden (38)
Rudd In. Gillar Out. What's wrong with you Australians? PigPen (9)
Egypt mob attack kills four Shia Muslims near Cairo Hscript (10)
another unsuspicious death C. McGhee (3)
Getting Hired As a Self-Taught Old Guy? Mike (14)
Science Fiction and Fantasy Author Richard Matheson Dead At 87 Mike (2)
June 25th, 2013
Irish comments on visit from US first family C. McGhee (6)
more of quant's people Bee Baden (3)
a thought reddit reporter (4)
"I went to Carnegie-Mellon" -- STH Bee Baden (6)
Which one of you morons has been in Ann Arbor lately? Bored Bystander (5)
One more reason we should be riding bikes Shylock (15)
Survey - Who here is better\worse off then their Parent? Morons (17)
The vast majority of millionaires are self made Kenny (33)
Here's one CEO who knows how to deal with iPhone lovin' re-TARDS Bluebeard (14)
Is idiot now ı and was idiot once weevil? Bluebeard (26)
Whatever happened to that Wayne M dude from the old JOS forum? T-Rex (9)
June 24th, 2013
accidentally clicked daddy's house Bee Baden (5)
Is this sleazy or what? Shylock (21)
Phone survey xampl9 (6)
Hong Kong's punishment is ready ı (4)
submission ı (10)
You wouldn't think this would be funny... SaveTheHubble (1)
Answer to "If Carpenters Were Hired Like Programmers" Quant (14)
Who cares about Twinkies, it's the Ho-Hos SaveTheHubble (26)
Morons did ask me, so... Colm (36)
31 weeks.  I'm iron deficient, apparently. the great purple (12)
The vast majority of Millionaires are Self-made Morons (42)
The Bot Berlin Imposter Bot Berlin (18)
Snowden's not really hiding or fleeing ı (9)
June 23rd, 2013
I have reason to live another month Legion (2)
bystander stops robbery ı (7)
government seizing bitcoins accounts ı (8)
Prof. Sergio Focardi died 🚾 (12)
Hubble was right - there was FISA oversight Quant (18)
"Does the Pope Shit in the Woods?" ı (22)
The Ultimate Burger df (34)
Nobody sells fingertip band aids anymore Shylock (2)
diagnose epo's personality disorder Bot Berlin (0)
vigilante justice is efficient ı (7)
Paula Deen fired for using n word ı (26)
Snowden in safety 🚾 (8)
indian tech placement ı (27)
June 22nd, 2013
love it photobot (1)
Man of Steel ı (4)
homeowner saves family from home ambush ı (0)
What's up with the drop in auto deaths since 2007? Bee Baden (13)
lions / wallabies eek (4)
Whitehouse raises signature threshold to 250,000 of the people by the people (3)
gun incidents this week gunDeath (7)
The good old days of air travel Legion (4)
June 21st, 2013
Why the fuck did nobody post here today? Where is everyone? (14)
Colm, how's the haze situation Stuart (19)
Message from John McAfee 🚾 (5)
The insidious spread of terrorism Bill42x (3)
short and long ı (42)
Fight Club (and pointlessness of corporate app development) Steve (11)
LAPD says no signs of foul play SaveTheHubble (14)
Aaron Hernandez df (0)
Product Idea Shylock (20)
In Mexico Io (5)
June 20th, 2013
3200x1900 pixel screen on 13" laptop ı (16)
Man bites dog Shylock (3)
bitcoin - out of cash ı (9)
Market Meltdown Kenny (3)
Gold below 1300 Kenny (59)
Mac for development sucks Bot Berlin (33)
The Wire df (11)
should i buy? MS (23)
LinkedIn dave (7)
When your workload decreases and you're not staying busy.... George (6)
how do you move to the bottom of a page on a tablet? tablet n00b (12)
puzzle questions did not predict good employees ı (37)
Don't block the crosswalk Bot Baden (20)
Ca-ching! Shylock (5)
June 19th, 2013
Must-read letter from lawyer Legion (3)
RIP James Gandolfini Morons (7)
Obama reverses position on gun background checks ı (9)
The new Google maps xampl9 (Windows Phone) (1)
Molly is having surgery on Monday muppet (25)
George Zimmer is out xampl9 (Windows Phone) (15)
Fun with Unicode ℙÍϑⱣᘓᙁ (3)
Question on translation Lodewijk (34)
Michael Hastings dead believe (13)
MySQL no longer GPL free as in slave (9)
Are we not welcome to succeed? T-Rex (52)
the bible belt news update (23)
June 18th, 2013
Google challenges U.S. gag order, citing First Amendment Bot Baden-Württemberg (8)
"what they were doing was no longer illegal" Bot Baden-Württemberg (1)
store owner defends family against armed gunman ı (1)
Visio Shylock (5)
When an HOA is useful xampl9 (Windows Phone) (2)
I'm working in a hammock right now df (10)
Gonna be a long test cycle xampl9 (Windows Phone) (5)
Confirmation for Snowden Shylock (7)
Gold never recovered from the April crash Quant (18)
Changi transit lounge sucks laptop trollop (16)
The rest of chapter one muppet (13)
Cheer up, Colm Quant (19)
US government creates jobs in Russia Quant (0)
No right to remain silent. Legion (10)
So hey guys I'm still running Snow Leopard muppet (8)
NY man who caught four boys vandalizing home is charged after lo The real Dr. Terrorpuss (3)
Being born rich = the new college Colm (64)
June 17th, 2013
Snowden Bot Baden-Württemberg (14)
mistiming Bot Baden-Württemberg (10)
What have I done? trollop (5)
What have I done? Shylock (25)
Shitty scifi 2013 Bot Berlin (11)
Anybody got a clue what my buddy's boss is trying to say here? Shylock (7)
"And 90% of new businesses, fail within the first year." Bot Baden-Württemberg (20)
Should I buy an iPhone or go with a different brand? Dean (5)
The Supercomputer Gap grows larger df (24)
Syria ı (35)
HP's Project Moonshot NPR (6)
Virtual browser screen Lodewijk (10)
A few question for the Socialists Here. Morons (27)
survivor paranoia Honu (7)
Why Snowden went to "The Guardian" instead of an US paper? Quant (41)
A disturbing trend Somebody (13)
Programming theorem Io (21)
June 16th, 2013
Global cities pricing out everyone The real Dr. Terrorwizz (29)
Interesting HN thread brone (27)
Well gee. It's high school reading The real Dr. Terrorwizz (6)
Wall Street is winning the long war against regulation The real Dr. Terrorwizz (10)
They got to Nadler The real Dr. Terrorwizz (1)
Fruit Snow BB Nick Name (6)
My kids Concerned parent (13)
Asus VivoTab Smart - To Buy or not to forThis.Anon (6)
From Ike to the Matrix Shylock (2)
Software Products Made in India forThis.Anon (24)
June 15th, 2013
NSA can listen to domestic calls w/o warrants Ed Wood (10)
Buying Windows? NPR (26)
Félicitations M. Rouhani Quaker oats (0)
official NSA talking points ı (5)
Terminus -- One muppet (13)
Government picking winners Quant (1)
June 14th, 2013
The difference between libertarianism and anarchy less is more (19)
Hopscotch, the movie SaveTheHubble (2)
message from wired ı (1)
Voice response syatems xampl9 (Windows Phone) (8)
Good article about Hadoop and the NSA Shylock (12)
This guys just loves the libertarian smackdown Shylock (28)
Bank of Israel claims all Middle East is Israel Dr. Terrorwitz (7)
Norway introduces draft for women today Dr. Terrorwitz (11)
guy coughs up lung, net doc says go to hospital, dude says eh ı (5)
8 million domestic terrorists in the US ı (4)
Sorry to see you go, OpenVMS windows! (10)
Can't talk crap about the Heat anymore Bot Berlin (3)
June 13th, 2013
Halftime Break trollop (2)
Occupy gezi Ed Wood (0)
Assad uses chemical weapons. Ed Wood (11)
Actually using OneNote Shylock (11)
The war in Syria Dan (17)
Jack Vance Lodewijk. (3)
Just forget for a second your sorrows Io (2)
Bosses coming Io (3)
Ukraine Io (8)
I'm bored Io (5)
A bit of a different story Io (8)
Ron Paul was behind NSA intelligence security breech Ted (1)
supreme court: you can't patent people ı (13)
It’s a fact that the Arab Population trust the Israelis Morons (6)
So, I cancelled my U-Verse TV sub last night muppet (7)
IBM transferring more jobs overseas xampl9 (Windows Phone) (16)
I got hold of a very telling spreadsheet at the bank I work at Mr. Angry (65)
At what point do you worry about Fascism instead of Communism? Kenny (11)
A week's wages Quant (11)
NSA now taking applications for potential Precogs! Bluebeard (3)
What if the NSA was to hand over your data to the RIAA and MPAA? Kenny (2)
How long will it be Shylock (4)
Drake on Snowden Quant (0)
Snowden is fucked Quant (6)
Steak cooking myths Legion (10)
June 12th, 2013
Barton Gellman, Glenn Greenwald feud over NSA leaker Bot Baden (0)
Snowden NSA hacking cclaims Bot Baden (0)
The five eyes less is more (2)
No Glassdoor etc. reviews... red flag? Somebody (8)
Booz Allen Hamilton == NSA?? PigPen (9)
It's the meta stupid ... Metadata not protected by 4th Amndmnt PigPen (4)
And the madness continues Canned Gods Inc. (7)
Eight Facts about Snowden Frank (3)
For SaveTheHubble Canned Gods Inc. (31)
Democrat and Republican voters switching sides on surveillance Quant (2)
survivor guilt Honu (9)
Brave criminal. Or super stupid. Certainly the latter. df (8)
How many intelligence successes xampl9 (23)
An Analysis of sniffling David Brooks ı (14)
Hyperbole less is more (3)
Development plan xampl9 (7)
Snowden & GF together for 8 years Bot Baden (5)
Resistance is futile Io (11)
World's sexiest nationalities Colm (70)
Perfect reaction to angry Christians Underdog (3)
June 11th, 2013
This is beautiful Shylock (16)
CEO pay: correlated to corporate performance Colm (2)
Who cares, why be surprised Bot Berlin (1)
the denials tell the story Bot Baden-Württemberg (4)
Snowden's Salary Bot Baden-Württemberg (14)
Terrorism is just not enough of a threat Shylock (2)
NSA as corporate espionage tool Bot Baden-Württemberg (6)
New Hobbit trailer xampl9 (1)
Amazing knowledge of google's internal architecture in this hack Bot Baden-Württemberg (2)
In This Photo, German Soldiers React to Footage of Concentration Bot Baden-Württemberg (10)
Snowden faggot, drug dealer Frank (5)
More Libertarian Mockery Shylock (19)
Putin: "Snowden, ask us for asylum! Ask us!" ı (1)
Plan B ı (7)
So Google catches an NSA plant df (20)
NSA Internal Security df (7)
A statistical problem with “nothing to hide” Quant (32)
Dutch access to PRISM ı (3)
NSA listening in on phone sex Colm (8)
Security vs. liberty Colm (6)
United Stasi of America ı (7)
June 10th, 2013
iOS 7's new colors i (18)
Troll the NSA Bot Berlin (20)
Sales of George Orwell’s ’1984′ up 69 percent on Amazon Bot Baden-Württemberg (11)
jackboots..  power corrupts large and small Bot Baden-Württemberg (1)
Mac Air Bot Baden-Württemberg (18)
Major US security leaks Bot Baden-Württemberg (3)
CIA has Snowden i (11)
Father's Day... Kenny (3)
Tim Tebow returns df (3)
Migration Lodewijk. (0)
OS 10.9 i (3)
new Mac Pro i (37)
The internet has crashed df (1)
"Oh, you mean direct access? Yeah, the NSA has that." i (6)
Making the most of your expertise hoyza (15)
Sharky! df (1)
Mandatory gun training Bot Baden (4)
Unsolicited Molly Update muppet (22)
Unfathomable Legion (37)
Xkcd on NSA SaveTheHubble (11)
WWDC Bot Baden (4)
Why HK? Bot Baden (9)
Snowden was just an "IT guy" LH (20)
New desktop Bluebeard (13)
June 9th, 2013
Disk drive troubles Q (9)
The Glamazon Way xampl9 (0)
Mowing the lawn xampl9 (17)
Iceland offers Snowden asylum i (14)
Do you need tape delay to watch HD? Shylock (12)
ballet? acid attack? LH (6)
Edward Snowden Pistorius (16)
Hubbling Pistorius (5)
Ian Banks has passed away xampl9 (2)
Daniel Ellsberg behind PRISM leaks i (0)
don't take your vitamins Pistorius (5)
people who join the military i (30)
$80 billion Analyst (4)
June 8th, 2013
> People get the government they deserve. [Lodewijk] Pistorius (16)
Negev... is it really that good??? Dan (4)
european disease capital i (6)
train conductors can't wear shorts i (5)
Deadline approaching Io (22)
Apple on PRISM i (14)
2nd ricin case Bot Baden (19)
June 7th, 2013
Fuckjng stupid Dr Bot Baden (0)
Spanish Engineers at it again i (33)
anti-rape activist faces 10 yrs prison i (5)
Washington Post: ignore PRISM story, it is all false i (5)
After earth (spoilers... If it's possible to spoil garbage) MobyDobie (8)
haven't made a first impression in 20 years he's an actor (6)
New York Post sued for labeling two young men as Boston Marathon Bot was the original Prism (7)
2 miles deep under Antarctica. LH (8)
Doublespeak, backtalk, and bullshit from Larry Page Craggie (9)
parsing the various PRISM denials i (8)
The title of this article just says it all Shylock (4)
The Dictatorship of Data NPR (0)
Xbox One df (13)
They pulled the plug so I'm calling it a day Dr. Terrorwitz (18)
Maybe a refund is in order df (6)
What are the annoyances of database developers? NPR (26)
"Don't be evil" Quant (0)
9-Year-Old Boy Shot In Chicago: ‘Mommy, I’m Shot’ gunbot (42)
Stupid USB A fittings i (6)
June 6th, 2013
How do you like your Obama government now? Bot Berlin (10)
It's not new. responsibility is for suckers (26)
Dallas police Child Abuse Unit investigating gunbot (0)
Microsoft, Yahoo, Google, Facebook, PalTalk, AOL, Skype, YouTube i (4)
A gift for Dr. H Shylock (2)
Microsoft domains xampl9 (Windows Phone) (2)
Idiot to i? Bored Bystander (3)
swedish developer moves into tent i (12)
woman with gun stops burglar i (1)
All the Programmer Monkey wants is a Fucking Banana CircusAttraction (1)
Sorry, can't reply xampl9 (Windows Phone) (3)
Hey Dutch people Former expat (7)
Goodbye Zionist Panama canal, hello Chinese Nicaragua canal! Dr. Terrorwitz (25)
June 5th, 2013
Is Lorb still here? Herp Derp (0)
lifting a car photobot (1)
Here's how trashy my home town is... Bored Bystander (13)
car theft mystery i (28)
court declares iPhone 3,3GS,4 and iPad 1/2 3G illegal i (1)
Can't have a medical procedure without a funny story Shylock (9)
Is it me or are most job ads posted by headhunters these days? Jack (17)
What is so funny? Dan (2)
VNC and OSX df (5)
Spring JPA + Hibernate + no transitive dependency management NPR (17)
Big Data Debate: End Near For Data Warehousing? NPR (20)
Entrepreneur's profile Io (45)
1250 Lodewijk (26)
Silicon Valley Aesthetic cpm (58)
tl;dr cpm (4)
Working as the only IT person in a company Bob (31)
June 4th, 2013
Paleo Diet Legion (20)
Question for libertarians Shylock (69)
a 4-year-old shot off a piece of his finger gunbot (2)
11-Year-Old Florida Boy, Fatally Shot By 4-Year-Old gunbot (1)
Ugh, I'm getting old... Underdog (2)
Bernanke to Princeton grads Quant (13)
Amazing Quant (19)
Blast from the past Shylock (0)
Extremely unusual Quant (29)
I'm sure the Gun was legal.. Morons (3)
Moving to Hong Kong Dr. Terrorwitz (53)
How is it possible that my client is NOT violating EOE laws? Airplane Coffee (28)
and this time... Dan (17)
When is it worth it for a techie to get an MBA? Bob (25)
Supreme Court upholds Maryland law, says police may take DNA sam Underdog (9)
June 3rd, 2013
nice story cpm (3)
Where's Gil? Morons (7)
Ooops, new laptop at work ... zzz bot guy (7)
Imre Nagy Io (16)
Game of Thrones df (13)
Zynga layoff xampl9 (Windows Phone) (6)
My other 5% Io (0)
The Dr's Infatuation Tops Hacker News df (3)
Star Trek Into Darkness Bored Bystander (19)
Untranslatable? Io (26)
The drawbacks of "Making It" Cappy Cap (51)
Israel to send African migrants to third country Andy (26)
A bit of career advice for the young people Boss (40)
When do you study? Io (14)
June 2nd, 2013
Pictures of People Scanning QR-codes Wayne (20)
Mormon? R. (3)
Yesterday Legion (30)
Edit Bunker is dead. Legion (27)
Pearl Jam, Mookie Blaylock Craggie (0)
Rewriting history, InstallAware leads the way trollop (9)
This same old topic that never dies.  We know the answer! WildRiver (9)
occupy gezi park R. (5)
Highest margin rate NYC,NY,USA R. (6)
College and corporate life Bot Berlin (10)
June 1st, 2013
bay area salary survey R. (11)
julian assange on google & eric schmidt's new book R. (2)
muppet JoC (2)
There's life on Mars Quant (2)