RIP Philo

July 31st, 2010
anyone played with processing computer language? ?? (7 comments)
July 30th, 2010
Sexiest woman alive? df (25)
What's worse: virus scanners or viruses? Wayne (9)
Has anyone ever worked for a bully? Bob (18)
I leave, this place dies Bot Berlin (11)
Why would you use an MS Access application? Somebody (51)
It has been above 90 degrees farenheit in Connecticut EVERY DAY muppet (16)
July 29th, 2010
Finding syllables xampl (21)
Inspired Water Cooler v2 (2)
I need to get out of contracting ASDF (31)
Honestly, fuck Microsoft! Water Cooler v2 (22)
On the scale of bad-ass motorcycles xampl (5)
Android wallpaper app that steals your data was downloaded by mi Full name (3)
This shows why BoS is practically useless Bored Bystander (23)
Scary stuff not CC (9)
TARP, etc. prevented 2nd depression xampl (11)
Client Pissed Me Off Morons (9)
dealing with job burnout, stress, and insomnia anon for this (35)
Gaza Humanitarian Crisis (NSFW) not CC (17)
Mother charged with killing 8 babies lorb (0)
Yet another sign that the US is going down... not CC (6)
Uh oh. Losing my hair for some reason Mr.Clean (13)
Dad life __monty__ (1)
Insurers rob everyone blind Spaceloid (26)
Should kindergarten teachers be paid $320,000? CC (13)
July 28th, 2010
wikileaks screwed up CC (2)
New Kindle is cheap India loves Japan (7)
how to get a job CC (14)
New Safari has Extensions CC (1)
Mortgage broker = Sex Offender? Morons (14)
I had almost forgotten this guy exists Bluebeard (8)
Duquenois-Levine test for marijuana is completely inaccurate CC (6)
So I need to work an extra day this week to cover for someone . for this (36)
Steve Yegge is Back! SaveTheHubble (2)
This is disgusting. Lurker Indeed (31)
3 Gorges garbage watch trollop (9)
WHAT THE FUCK muppet (18)
Devil's advocate India > Japan (25)
Adventures in Voice Recognition: Honda Fit Navigation Edition muppet (6)
How much vacation time do you get? work to live (14)
Tea Party requests help from 4chan/anonymous CC (1)
Anyone tried Starcraft 2? FrakBuccaneer (17)
XM Radio df (8)
Kenny, to answer your question about the cars we considered muppet (16)
WTF All Nightner Rick in BC (8)
You guys don't talk about this? Rick in BC (7)
Don't be a hero Rick in BC (25)
Indian business vs Japanese business Rick in BC (29)
July 27th, 2010
ASP.Net 4 Fan boy (14)
Visual Studio 2010 is still beta Fan boy (11)
Teen Girl Sailing Around World! CC (9)
%0 would pay to use Twitter Morons (15)
Want to stop a check? 30$ every six month.. till the end of time Morons (14)
It always helps to have Charlize Theron save you from ninjas Bluebeard (2)
Let's talk CC Bluebeard (13)
Angelina Jolie is hideous and her lips and jaw are deformed muppet (30)
Let's Talk High Frequency Trading CC (34)
DVD Ripping muppet (7)
av software eek (4)
Inception JoC (15)
"Have they lied to you before?" Rick in BC (2)
But they are not raising my taxes Fan boy (4)
New Mac models CC (5)
COT Threads Started in July 2010 MTD By User Morons (9)
Oh, good! muppet (5)
I understand the logistics involved, but c'mon muppet (12)
So, in order to apply to the nursing program muppet (10)
are autistics a new sub species of homo sapiens CC (5)
Hillbilly Cat Fight! CC (11)
July 26th, 2010
County propert validation Fan boy (9)
BP dispersants causing internal bleeding, death CC (2)
So, we're trading in the beater Elantra for a Honda Fit muppet (21)
Boomers - going into old age xampl (3)
Major Flaw Found in Apple’s Safari Browser Full name (5)
good article on economics of wind power eek (1)
VLC is a 124MB executable CC (9)
Is vacant land a good investment? Tim (13)
so let's say that your department is cut in half dot for this (21)
Just got laid off triple-dot (36)
Philosophy Io (16)
Teen accidentally shot in leg at gun show FrakBuccaneer (9)
australia: cmon mate, there's no $35 tablet computer CC (17)
An interesting article on looking for work while unemployed Morons (6)
The World is coming to an end. Morons (10)
Hey Ward John Aitken (4)
35 years ... I guess Bot Berlin (0)
Tell truths from falsehoods Rick in BC (6)
July 25th, 2010
Would you bathe in hydrochloric acid? CC (44)
still stuck in Baltimore Full name (cell phone) (5)
if you are crazy enough you can get stuff done CC (3)
The War Logs el (7)
Salt xampl (4)
illegal to believe homosexuality is a sin CC (33)
Now reddit is charging, Murdoch's plan isn't so bad Bot Berlin (3)
Job Ad Requirements Scott (13)
A market to buy temporary jobs df (10)
Robbed my first house Unemployed Programmer (10)
good books of IT management path Rahul (11)
July 24th, 2010
Xbox sierra (1)
Viral marketing gone bad CC (3)
Benjamin Whorf was RIGHT after all! CC (6)
BP using slave labor to clean up toxic mess CC (11)
brunette sleeps with 1000 men CC (17)
You're in a field and lightning starts striking df (17)
Internet roleplaying Billy the Fish (0)
F18 pilot has a narrow escape seconds before impact Bluebeard (6)
Lego df (14)
Pot is good for you CC (5)
Solution to global warming found! Billy the Disastermonger (6)
Police brutality in Toronto, the saga continues .... Joe (2)
July 23rd, 2010
good article on US prison insanity CC (0)
FACT! If you don't have an MBA, your career will go NOWHERE! Mr. Strickland (12)
GM using government grants for hostile takeovers CC (0)
If I were shopping for a smartphone today xampl (6)
Recruiters! xampl (3)
The 5 levels of incompetence xampl (2)
Lazy Ass Security. Morons (4)
More Time Spent Sitting Linked to Higher Risk of Death; dude (6)
Canadian Thug Cops beat disabled woman CC (10)
Congress food budget Bot Berlin (4)
Putting space in perspective Bot Berlin (7)
Give me some reasons NOT to get an MBA . (13)
Wow, man, that's deep: muppet (34)
I ran a troll on the Business on Software forum Ward Cleaver (3)
Distribution of partial credit card numbers ASDF (9)
In memory databases df (3)
following the game trollop? eek (24)
It Finally happened.. CC Snapped. Morons (17)
That piece of Crap is not worth 35$. Morons (15)
Also, WHY THE FUCK are they still making Flinstones Vitamins muppet (20)
Limbo muppet (1)
Bell California city worker salary showdown CC (10)
Japanese take on outsourcing CC (32)
Should I get an MBA? CC (7)
July 22nd, 2010
BP academic buy off contract CC (6)
Democrat has a 11% approval rating, Bot Berlin (16)
LOL @ JoC (4)
Patriot Missile System - there's an App for that! xampl (4)
Careless Beaver Flash Floods Roadway muppet (27)
Fruitshow Feature suggestion (that I'm not going to implement) muppet (6)
HA! Aaron (1)
Turns out there is a full time night nursing program in a city muppet (19)
I'm also thinking of going for an MBA. Tim (28)
Dog receives communion. Dumbo (56)
A good man. trollop (19)
Obama losing to Generic Republican in poles Morons (62)
Fireworks Ward (2)
google's new image search CC (9)
July 21st, 2010
Followup on Replacing C/C++ Wayne (12)
Design Patterns Lurker Indeed (8)
TARP money gone, Obama promises new, bigger banker bailouts CC (20)
Discussed the UFO in China already? sierra (4)
Installing XP requires a crapload of reboots xampl (11)
atlanta torture porn CC (2)
41 years ago today CC (16)
illegal for arabs to have consensual sex with jews CC (11)
Zero day exploit SaveTheHubble (12)
Good news for IT wimps Morons (9)
White baby born to Black Parents Morons (21)
Get DLR source Water Cooler v2 (17)
What? No gay zombie porn? I'm outta here... FrakBuccaneer (8)
July 20th, 2010
Did CC really get rich when he turned to "boring" niche software Bored Bystander (10)
great purple! I blame you! Belay the Fish! (14)
giant amazon women helping us army deserters to canada CC (15)
MSDN links always open up in IE if activated from MS Office Water Cooler v2 (6)
So, does anybody on here play Magic on XBOX Live by chance? muppet (8)
Shout out to the doubters Aaron (6)
Woman loose even more rights in Gaza... Morons (40)
US no longer worlds top energy consumer xampl (15)
Muppet this is why you should post personal Info on the internet Morons (19)
Agent Procateur is Caught! df (14)
HP PP Rick in BC (4)
Colonoscopy Fan boy (14)
July 19th, 2010
Toronto police - office bubble HILARIOUS! Joe (26)
The StackExchange delusion Ward (7)
Modern Jobs: The Content Reviewer CC (3)
Hubble trolls Scott! Ward (18)
Taiwanese media take on iPhone reception issues xampl (2)
voice mail the great purple (14)
Google pulls plug on Nexus One Wayne (5)
"Didn't everyone...." df (6)
Why the world needs WikiLeaks SaveTheHubble (0)
A Post for No Reason but to Up the Post Count Morons (1)
Drama in the supermarket xampl (7)
Justice? Ward (19)
"Your poor bitter little twit. I feel sorry for you." FrakBuccaneer (0)
Well, RIP CoT muppet (44)
BP pays off Universities who agree to keep silent CC (17)
The girls muppet (20)
Self inflating whoopie cushions muppet (3)
How shoud we replace C? Rick in BC (30)
Any *good* OSS/Free installers for Windows? ??? (13)
July 18th, 2010
Bot's review: Inception Bot Berlin (7)
Barb Wire not CC (2)
Relationships xampl (iPhone) (19)
An actual programming question! Somebody (0)
"Burka ban: Why must I cast off the veil?" Bully da Feesh (3)
I don't think Bobby Fischer was so mentally-ill after all lorb (9)
July 17th, 2010
Should children be brutally tortured? CC (4)
Who wants to troll the Business on Software board? Big Mama Joe (2)
Parking Wars CC (4)
Dual SIM phones Rich Tsang (4)
Look at your grades, now look at mine xampl (4)
unprotecting m4p files eek (6)
July 16th, 2010
And yet another internet user is scarred for life xampl (6)
Best paying domains in software development ArnieBarnie (10)
Antivirus Programs Morons (1)
Thermal printing and records retention Ward (6)
Do you think al qaeda should just chill the fuck out? CC (9)
banksters financing drug cartels CC (6)
So Apple is giving away free cases df (22)
Which is worse, C++ or Ada? Rick in BC (49)
The Bourne Identity df (15)
Earthquake! SaveTheHubble (2)
Zed Shaw: "C++ is almost as big a piece of shit as Lisp" CC (37)
Is nothing sacred???!!!?!?!?! Ward (5)
July 15th, 2010
ha ha, sometimes freelance digs up interesting jewels Fake Programmer (6)
Book about LINQ Water Cooler v2 (10)
Question for Americans who subcontract to Canadians dumbo (17)
DEA to regulate mp3 files due to risk of getting high on Trance CC (4)
The gaming stackexchange Wayne (7)
gay comic book published by DoD CC (9)
Subway restaurant at WTC construction site xampl (7)
Droid X self destructs if you mod it!! Wayne (14)
Are any of you going to miss XP? lorb (46)
Misleading Error Messages ASDF (0)
Apple df (30)
July 14th, 2010
DVCS question xampl (20)
wtf is a standup CC (13)
People hate change Q (3)
Idiots will be idiots df (8)
Newt Gingrich "considering" 2012 presidential run xampl (21)
Great idea - pay comments df (26)
Is MySpace ghetto? xampl (3)
Is there anyone here that is NOT on facebook? . (29)
The Return of the Giant Hogweed FrakBuccaneer (2)
Hi from Yale Chick Yale Chick (12)
strlcpy vs strncpy Rick in BC (6)
Gambling self-exclusion df (13)
NOLA killer Cops could face death penalty? LOL. CC (8)
Chinese rating agency strips US/UK/FR/DE of AAA status Spaceloid (23)
July 13th, 2010
The Write Stuff Scott (13)
Something CC said, that may be interesting JoC (21)
75% of bisexuals are straight CC (15)
Dr. Seuss speaks xampl (16)
airlines seem to have solved competitive pricing issues CC (6)
new medical procedure: the shit transplant CC (10)
I like my woman like I like my reddit... Fake Programmer (4)
conservative leaders call for arrest of bush, cheney CC (6)
old spice guy answers your questions in real time CC (3)
Celebs and trouble Bot Berlin (0)
3 British soldiers killed lorb (3)
Taliban is bringing out the big guns. Morons (5)
France forbidding circumcisions Rick in BC (13)
Is today's hardware fast enough for declarative languages less is more (11)
lisp really is a stupid language CC (53)
Canon's top-of-line camera Ward (3)
July 12th, 2010
Double rainbow df (10)
amazing turn of events at facebook CC (6)
CoT: nut watch Bot Berlin (3)
Obama : NASA is a lier. Morons (6)
Problems with WWII plot CC (3)
Swiss release Roman Polanski Attila (10)
I hate him but his thoughts on creativity are interesting... Bluebeard (23)
StackExchange update Ward (12)
CoT is quiet. Too quiet. SaveTheHubble (11)
france is a pretty intolerant society CC (41)
July 11th, 2010
Coding Man Admits To Being Inexperienced In An API ProudDadOfManyThings (26)
News flash: Code not under your control xampl (3)
porn sites are boring eek (28)
good LOGO implementation ProudDadOfManyThings (23)
The game is boring not CC (19)
greatest delinquent in history arrested CC (11)
&*(& at BoS pissing me off Scott (20)
"if you get raped by a pack of niggers it'll be your own fault" CC (10)
speaking of all this crazy denman stuff sierra (13)
July 10th, 2010
The next set of twins to be born to a CoT member xampl (5)
Police is looking for Denman over Internet Speech Rich Tsang (13)
Apple iFriend service CC (0)
Still arguing about moderations? Rick in BC (3)
July 9th, 2010
Old, but cool stereo Ward (21)
NoSQL df (40)
Older & educated workers are out of work longer xampl (15)
For Christ's sake, the CURRENT moderation system is fine muppet (7)
So, I think the radiator may actually be leaking itself muppet (0)
Purging is meant only for name/address stuff. Attila (25)
A new Delete System is Needed… Morons (33)
I can see who did it Bully the Fish (8)
WTF do you think you're doing, Apple? Bully the Fish (3)
russian sub scientists: "we could fix that leak" CC (9)
Jesus Christ muppet (13)
Is UTF-8 the same ASDF (11)
Marijuana is where the $ is - for cops CC (2)
Very interesting Aaron (16)
So my wife's car was completely empty of coolant this morning muppet (33)
Tim's magically insulting, trollop (16)
BP decides won't pay cleanup workers CC (7)
Zed Shaw rocks ProudDadOfManyThings (7)
Obama preparing for nuclear war with China CC (19)
the previous post CC (4)
July 8th, 2010
new CoT policy for deleted items and the deleted posts link ProudDadOfManyThings (9)
brilliant INTP recluse forced to blog about personal life CC (5)
How to know if a movie is memorable xampl (13)
iPhones explode, kill customers CC (5)
judge rules defense of marriage act unconstitutional CC (6)
Measure body fat % with a measuring tape Water Cooler v2 (12)
Delete Posts SaveTheHubble (11)
Best headline EVAR Bluebeard (6)
LeBron James the great purple (12)
The Market SaveTheHubble (7)
Oh you m***********s! Bully the Fish (23)
Stick with IT field... or switch to a more fulfilling field? Ed (28)
Neighbors and barking dogs . (23)
Is there another way to skin this cat? ASDF (9)
So am I correct? JoC (1)
DB Design Tool, SQL 2008 wayrf? (21)
Function to convert MSSQL names to Oracle ASDF (23)
If the 2008 election went the other way... xampl (30)
Elizabeth agrees, dad's got no empathy muppet (30)
Fewer and Fewer take up H1B visas Stephen Jones (4)
saving time by outsourcing tedious stuff Scott (102)
world to end courtesy bp CC (15)
July 7th, 2010
This is *so* wrong Aaron (5)
can someone please purge the 'deleted posts' argv[0] (52)
Black Ice in NZ ASDF (6)
Save SaveTheHubble ProudDadOfManyThings (27)
L_Tim is here to fuck up Wayne Aaron (8)
Dr. Who, Americanized JoC (6)
Sorry, I don't know this. Water Cooler v2 (22)
New Best Headline Ever! JoC (4)
Things are still being purged from the delete list muppet (3)
Reasons College Tuitions is the Next Bubble to Burst Frank (26)
US IT departments 'still axing jobs' Frank (27)
AAPL Stock HoyZa (6)
Who's going to get the chance to show the Dutchies defeat? trollop (6)
Wayne, dude muppet (8)
Wayne: why not remove STH as a moderator? Colm (35)
College degrees do not matter - Epsiode 10202 Rick in BC (7)
canada rape threats in new detail CC (4)
How does terminal services/remote desktop work *in your home*? Rick in BC (7)
How does terminal services/remote desktop work Bot Berlin (36)
July 6th, 2010
Why Q! SaveTheHubble (8)
wow, there are some stupid people on ProudDadOfManyThings (6)
White female going to jail, wtf? Bot Berlin (15)
Conan reacts to Larry King's retirement Full name (0)
NASA: #1 space goal is improve relations with muslims CC (12)
GodBlock Attila (2)
Pass an anonymous delegate in place of IComparer Water Cooler v2 (15)
Holy crap what an ugly old fucker Bluebeard (5)
How I shred documents Ward (10)
Hilarious recruiter spam not CC (6)
The Christians: Circumcellions Attila (4)
TIOBE for June still up -- read it while it lasts SaveTheHubble (0)
Update on the Cardinal in Mechelen Attila (15)
Dude had a good run not CC (2)
annoyed at graphic artists thinking 'design' means them CC (3)
Cloudy with a Chance of 2 Million Euros Io (2)
Transitioning to a Marketing Research Analyst? . (4)
Mac Guys - HoyZa (5)
This is a little strange, Az immigration law Bot Berlin (11)
Amputee Has His Artificial Leg Ripped Off By Police during G20 Rich Tsang (13)
CodeMeter copy protection Scott (2)
Can't wait for Thursday JoC (0)
Indescribable SaveTheHubble (2)
Remove Hubble as old-style moderator! Ward (16)
Dear Muppet, ProudDadOfManyThings (5)
how is life with four Things? ProudDadOfManyThings (17)
Also, Matt Smith sucks eggs as the new Doctor muppet (32)
July 5th, 2010
Today's featured article Aaron (13)
Personal copyright xampl (4)
islam joining the modern world, no more stonings CC (8)
Best burger xampl (iPhone) (12)
National IQ CC (7)
Amazon 1-Click df (9)
Induce Tea Party cognitive dissonance Aaron (66)
feral hemp CC (4)
man installs camera in eye socket CC (8)
Crime in broad daylight ... trollop (7)
We need a system of badges and awards just like Overflow ProudDadOfManyThings (5)
Ward making a stand against teenage boobies. ProudDadOfManyThings (26)
Finale Of Skins coming up proudDadOfManyThings (10)
Black people dancing Bot Berlin (5)
i fucking hate signing in to post CC (1)
what would it take to leave google? CC (13)
July 4th, 2010
Joel's movie series is on youtube CC (6)
CoT Poll: Which browser do you use? df (32)
IT is not the only industry xampl (16)
Happy Independence Day! xampl (9)
One of the most worst uses of Flash yet df (10)
feature design discussion: quoting syntax and rendering CC (7)
does apple make new macs anymore? CC (42)
July 3rd, 2010
Bot's favorite songs Bot Berlin (7)
Bitching about IT: Programmer's Guild, TechsUnite, and the like Bored Bystander (69)
Charlize Theron in WC Joe sixpack (3)
Is it still possible to get into grad school with a GPA under 3? Mike (7)
Gaffe machines Full name (3)
The problem with EU - minumum tip Io (12)
G20 protestors sexually assaulted by Canada police CC (30)
Eureka show CC (5)
I am house shopping, how much to put down Bot Berlin (34)
my unpredictable sierra (0)
The 401K is a scam Mike (22)
July 2nd, 2010
I need to get the hell out of IT Mike (14)
Ever wonder about the inside of the SR-71 Blackbird? SaveTheHubble (3)
Greenberg movie... dave (7)
Large tax hikes in six months Bot Berlin (13)
Futurama's Eye-Phone xampl (2)
project managers and the developers that 'work for them' dave (9)
Apple's antenna problem because the meter lies! Wayne (3)
Al Gore Jism Massage Case CC (32)
Yesterday I smuggled $800 item into Canada Rich Tsang (14)
Latest solution to oily Louisianna beaches: muppet (7)
The Invention of Lying muppet (4)
USB app perhaps? wayrf? (5)
Repo Men muppet (0)
Federal minimum wages are up there Bot Berlin (8)
The Expendables Bruce Lee (1)
Cornify == Vampires Fan boy (3)
July 1st, 2010
Can someone explain youtube's weird commenting system Bot Berlin (3)
I used a iPhone4, OMFG Bot Berlin (10)
No, I don't want to hire you xampl (3)
I’m officially Done… Morons (22)
Two reasons why association football is better Bully the Fish (8)
Happy Canada Day! Joe (2)
Tagline Bunny the Fish (1)
M. Night Shyamalan df (4)
Fox News reports: Lye-berries R a wayst uv cha-ching! CC (80)
AAPL to $390? xampl (2)
Call-in request from the gulf coast xampl (0)
Toy Story 3 muppet (3)
Love the customer submitted images muppet (10)
What do you like and hate about your job? crimsonx (10)