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July 31st, 2012
Dark Knight Rises (spoiled) xampl9 (15 comments)
romney in israel lemonhead (9)
The Nexus Q is being revamped df (1)
The end of formality (essay) (not by me) (37 signals dude) hoyza (11)
Ping muppet Dr. Horrorwitz (6)
Finally thought of a real use case for Big Data Shylock (43)
Snoop Dogg getting legal name change Idiot (5)
Facebook has bots clicking on ads links Rich Tsang (19)
Swiss banksters swindle Facebook share buyers for massive profit Quant (17)
Half of India powerless Dr. Horrorwitz (32)
July 30th, 2012
NBC has twitter accts of journalists suspended Idiot (15)
Sorry, something went wrong Q (1)
sidebar Idiot (1)
new apple ads (real) Idiot (6)
John McCain Responds To Dick Cheney's Sarah Palin Criticism lemonhead (8)
HP's new cloud computing initiative Idiot (3)
Lehrer pulls an Idiot Idiot (24)
Are Americans dumb, voting for Obama? Bot Berlin (36)
Hadoop and Big Data Bot Berlin (18)
What do you call this? hoyza (26)
Considering a degree in Psychology aging developer (29)
API driven development Bot Berlin (20)
July 29th, 2012
NYPD Detective suspended for kidnapping+ransom Idiot (12)
Yahoo’s URLs Cafe  [Marissa watch] lemonhead (17)
Dressage competitor - 71 years old Idiot (23)
Bought some more Physical today Dr. Horrorwitz (80)
More than one shooter Idiot (2)
Racist comments online Bot Berlin (38)
For CoT, world olympics is just dumb Bot Berlin (3)
July 28th, 2012
Partying women attacked by fundamentilists Matchu (10)
Python 3.0 final was released on December 3rd, 2008. lemonhead (11)
Interesting infographic df (37)
HTML5 standard forks Idiot (3)
colorado death row (how safe is aurora?) lemonhead (11)
Are British people still called subjects? Rich Tsang (14)
Romney's wife is competing in the Olympics, that's a WTF Idiot (47)
Prison suicide in Prague Quant (6)
london olympics opening ceremony sagan (30)
July 27th, 2012
VMWare, freaking awesome Bot Berlin (9)
Bot Prediction, no death penalty for shooter. Bot Berlin (16)
Insanity Defense it is Idiot (8)
I am a aspie creeper, discuss Bot Berlin (18)
Unsafe Gun Safes can be opened by 3-year old SaveTheHubble (4)
Judge Judge brings back sanity to the courts PigPen (27)
FB continues its death plummet Idiot (10)
Reuters notices tech enthusiasts Quant (3)
Master in Agriculture Io (29)
Govt to outlaw 3D printers PigPen (9)
Amazing flies Fan boy (48)
Dark Knight Rises Fan boy (15)
No apologies Quant (47)
July 26th, 2012
Databases are hard df (11)
taxi cab earnings (plus blogger math) lemonhead (2)
Cool Olympic interactive Shylock (8)
Oh snap, your bigotry followed up with more bigotry Bot Berlin (4)
pricing themselves out of the market Idiot (21)
More evidence that the US is insane Shylock (9)
Boy the way Glen Miller played.... Bunker (11)
Getting a job in Toronto Bot Berlin (11)
Pricing yourself out of the market gonzo (37)
All non-compilable dynamic languages suck (Python, Ruby, etc) Bot Berlin (17)
grep 2.12 incompatible with grep 2.11 Idiot (26)
Idiot, was that your doing? Quant (17)
Money is lovely Having lots of it is better than not having any PigPen (8)
Have to work with... Bot Berlin (18)
July 25th, 2012
Eat more and support Chik-fil-a Bot Berlin (41)
The day the world stopped turning .... PigPen (16)
Wisdom on Guns, from of all places, Shylock (9)
Middle class whites PigPen (22)
Do the people that chase money end up burning out earlier... gonzo (11)
Batman shooter outted as CIA agent Idiot (17)
Random trip to New York Bot Berlin (29)
The father of "too big too fail" calls for bank breakup Quant (14)
A new dimension of "Ditching you Mom" bpd (4)
Web Services + Middleware vs. JDBC/ODBC Shylock (11)
legacy of the bush presidency.... lemonhead (72)
Marissa MAyer lemonhead (27)
Having great laughs now at the expense of the clueless HI-B's IT Dev (23)
find the hidden causes behind events Idiot (10)
July 24th, 2012
The *rest* of the amazon tuition story hoyza (13)
My best friend fell from a roof today Dr. Horrorwitz (13)
Apple and financial analysts df (12)
Yes Mr. Murdoch, the government did invent the internet Shylock (32)
He should sue Bot Berlin (32)
CoT > BoS Mëtäl Ümläüt (53)
How much should a programmer with 12 years experience be making? gonzo (29)
Is project manager certification worth it? programmer (14)
First lawsuits come out in shooting Bot Berlin (43)
Yoda xampl9 (6)
Post a review on Glassdoor and we'll sue! Somebody (8)
an-amorous-professor.html lemonhead (20)
So you spent some $$$ on your fancy iPhone docking station? Quant (13)
July 23rd, 2012
Your racist if you don't support Obama Bot Berlin (12)
British man arrested for using Lynx browser Idiot (4)
mom changes kids grades Idiot (9)
hadoop/big data hoyza (13)
CO DA not a slam dunk case Bot Berlin (5)
learning C# programmer (8)
So I have one of those career plan things I gotta fill out . (6)
Joker Killer, charge the parents? Bot Berlin (15)
Corrupt science Quant (3)
Obama seems to be working on improving American economy Matchu (8)
Developer trying to get into strategy consulting dev (23)
Zynga's new Slot Machine game Idiot (15)
cool brogrammer parties in the valley Idiot (3)
July 22nd, 2012
Our boys in blue MS (0)
iTunes really is an incredible piece of shit df (11)
60 minutes lemonhead (2)
Every have a day where... Kenny (7)
Stupid Shit what are you reading for? (29)
Obamacare II: Mandatory investment accounts Idiot (7)
Girl arrested for naming rapists Idiot (14)
July 21st, 2012
online communities trend toward increased strictness lemonhead (9)
despite what colm says, MAyer doesn't SOUND like an idiot lemonhead (13)
Can IBM do ANYTHING right? xampl9 (31)
Salon article on massacre Idiot (44)
Hillary hires islamic extremists at state department Idiot (3)
Joker Killer's sex profile Idiot (23)
July 20th, 2012
government figures new gun regulation angle Idiot (8)
Fired for wanting to change Somebody (15)
Now it all makes sense Rick -- idiot version (3)
Who got Nexus 7 here? Rick -- idiot version (8)
Supervillian Death Trap Idiot (5)
Torn between staying in IT vs Accounting degree Bill (9)
CoT profile of shooter Bot Berlin (27)
what will be the aftermath of the 9gag theatre shooting? Idiot (79)
The whites are overrunning the blacks Shylock (11)
Venture capitalists say Romney is not one of us Quant (4)
NY Times admits news is propaganda Fan boy (2)
Pentagon hires muppet and quant for antiterrorism Idiot (2)
July 19th, 2012
Some people should never be employed PigPen (1)
Yahoo to Pay CEO Mayer $100 Million Over Five Years Rick -- idiot version (7)
Tech profits and other non stories PigPen (10)
Religion being attacked? Bot Berlin (23)
Kathy Sierra to speak at Business of Software hoyza (9)
Also, I'm 35 as of Monday muppet (16)
court rules nudity at airport is allowed expression Idiot (5)
I've been in a two day flamewar on reddit muppet (31)
Dumb not to buy a house in this market? Bot Berlin (30)
so I am considering joining a credit union the great purple (19)
Veterans Affairs, future of government run health? lemonhead (13)
Post Office, future of government run health? Bot Berlin (23)
July 18th, 2012
multiple nuclear blast zones are good for you Idiot (10)
"I've been screaming about this on Reddit." lemonhead (19)
Friends, which Roku box do I buy? Dave (3)
Continuum (TV) Idiot (9)
nuclear fallout is good for you Idiot (6)
Yes Men help Greenpeace embarrass Shell Idiot (5)
Atkins Diet MobyDobie (3)
Ron Paul adopt's Idiot's theory about tax returns Idiot (41)
Buying cheap homes in Detroit Idiot (5)
Jonah Falcon (world's biggest penis guy) in the news Joe (9)
I am the only programmer and there is no back up . for this (20)
So, all told, I grossed $610 at Connecticon muppet (16)
Farming Simulator df (8)
If someone wanted to create the worst possible DDL Shylock (11)
good obituary making the rounds Idiot (10)
muppet is this you? eek (6)
forensic analysis shows obama birth cert FORGED Idiot (10)
July 17th, 2012
Discuss, Bot Berlin (8)
MUMPS xampl9 (15)
Life tips from Trev trollop (2)
How Microsoft decided to write software without bugs Quant (8)
Good speech on socialized medicine Idiot (6)
#1 iOS app doesn't earn enough to pay even 1 developer Idiot (14)
Christianity redux PigPen (38)
Traffic signs in New Zealand destroyed by prostitutes performing Heroic Hacker (10)
The Hivemind Bot Berlin (15)
US military police to occupy Britain Idiot (12)
What are the best cities in the midwest for tech jobs? . (15)
leaked dark knight scene Idiot (1)
Larry King Coming to Hulu in Deal With Ora TV Mike (0)
July 16th, 2012
Race question 7/2012: Why are we so good at racial purity? Bot Berlin (35)
everything about romney in one file Idiot (1)
Marissa will play the CEO game!!! Idiot (78)
Zuckerberg gets 1.05% mortgage rate xampl9 (18)
Trollhunter df (1)
Yay. Now we can attack Iran PigPen (9)
7 Habits of Highly Dead People PigPen (5)
cheap way to recruit the best Idiot (7)
Can you imagine if a Democrat pulled this crap? Shylock (26)
Had to buy a new Rubik's Cube xampl9 (5)
Bizarre behavior df (12)
What is a Christian? Idiot (48)
Is Assad going to fall ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 16.7.2012 (28)
RIM loses patent suit less is more (3)
Sales strategy Io (1)
Magnets, Bitch! Mother, the chevrons are locking (2)
July 15th, 2012
the austistic freaks take over HN lemonhead (5)
Honeywell's forgiving HR department lemonhead (11)
Guy asks me to make software change, other manager complains . (32)
drones lemonhead (2)
Report: Agile a scam to sell shit Idiot (19)
Joel says we should not fix bugs... Quant (16)
Hey df muppet (27)
July 14th, 2012
Who would you prefer the presidential nominees be? Some dude on the 'net (14)
I'm selling my house Dr. Horrorwitz (6)
Does this geek defensive reaction have a name? Joe (21)
Higher end stocks Bot Berlin (3)
Apple filing lawsuits against all retailers Idiot (1)
Visa and Mastercard say, screw you Bot Berlin (7)
software disasters: SD Fireworks Display Idiot (4)
July 13th, 2012
Money in America Bot Berlin (5)
putting a few pages on the internet Dave (4)
Tax avoidance trick - will this work? Dr. Horrorwitz (15)
Apple backs down from EPEAT withdraw Rick -- idiot version (3)
Israeli lab claims cold fusion breakthrough - CBS docu Dr. Horrorwitz (10)
Big fish in small pond or small fish in big pond? anon for this (14)
Why can't we get crystal Drano anymore? Shylock (9)
Great quote from Accenture Consultant Shylock (1)
Viruses df (7)
More bad news for IBM xampl9 (29)
Digg sold for $500k xampl9 (2)
Men, just accept your hair loss xampl9 (14)
Hey Io, is this accurate? Shylock (6)
July 12th, 2012
Romney's Abortion Businesses Idiot (10)
What do you think?  No way? Bot Berlin (17)
FaceBook to commit suicide by transforming itself to a Job Site A Kinder, Gentler, Humble Morons (11)
hey wayne - hoyza (13)
My big bank client left all contractor rates for all to see Refrigerator (14)
Owning a house is a pain in the ass . (61)
Do you guys see any value in networking sites like Linked In? Mike (11)
how to tell if someone is lying Idiot (10)
Made in America Flasher T (88)
Hubble discovers 5th moon of Pluto SaveTheHubble (1)
Yet another good idea shot down at work Somebody, Pissed Off (16)
Latest from Egypt's secular revolution - to destroy pyramids MobyDobie (25)
July 11th, 2012
Headset for video creation?? trollop (4)
What makes a great developer? Shylock (34)
Seen Gordan Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares? lemonhead (28)
Dr H, do you still believe in the e-cat? Andrew B. (60)
Non IT Business Idea Shylock (5)
XML Validators Shylock (12)
Cheating Kenny (22)
Masturbating to midget donkey porn worldsSmallestViolin (11)
When users do not follow proper procedures to report IT issues Duke (18)
My manager is pissing off other managers . for this (5)
So I upgraded my phone OS... muppet (3)
Surface tablet "just a reference design" xampl9 (16)
advice request: response to crigley hoyza (4)
As the only person who pays for crazyontap... Wayne (27)
July 10th, 2012
Interesting post by Cringely Peter (33)
G** Fucking Damned Rachel from Cardmember Services Mëtäl Ümläüt (9)
Should Harvard own Facebook? Idiot (14)
How to identify and compensate your most valuable workers Idiot (20)
So, is the ICS release on Galaxy Note impacted by the patent muppet (6)
Good girl! Look at the camera good girl! Over there! See mommy? muppet (19)
July 9th, 2012
let's shit on the other fogcreek founder for a while lemonhead (7)
Window Change: Zay Muv't My Chisa! Sathyaish Chakravarthy (44)
Trying to decide whether to go back to school...and what to stud Robert (29)
It's official: Samsung tablets not as cool as Apple Quant (2)
Have to do some work in the crawspace.... . (22)
Is this child abuse? Quant (19)
Increases in tuition and grade inflation xampl9 (11)
Spent over $100 on board games (more than the iPhone) muppet (37)
Obama wants to extend some of the Bush tax cuts Quant (10)
July 8th, 2012
my new addiction sierra (4)
catholic church lies at every scale lemonhead (11)
the electorate lemonhead (12)
July 7th, 2012
Transparent displays get patent granted Q (0)
the tax post Idiot (10)
retirement Dave (16)
Apple drops absurd pretense their products are green Idiot (0)
July 6th, 2012
Captchas Bot Berlin (7)
C Dave (17)
Whether you're clipped or not... Shylock (3)
Another liability Io (13)
One link, discuss Bot Berlin (12)
People that keep you from getting your work done . (9)
The best advice I could give you is not to ask for advice Mike (19)
How do you guys justify the cost of buying a new car? Kenny (15)
This would be perfect for my dice jewelry booth next Friday muppet (2)
Finding a sales guy Shylock (9)
More short-letter domain names xampl9 (4)
Picked up an iPhone 4 for the wife muppet (18)
July 5th, 2012
NYC Dave (7)
Apple losing the cognoscenti xampl9 (31)
Staffordshire Police (UK) stupidity Q (13)
Found a new mascot during a demolition project Mëtäl Ümläüt (6)
Anyone ever use that Rogaine stuff? balding dude (10)
Be careful out there... Duke (13)
Russian Startups Idiot (28)
50 Shades of Gray df (16)
Spiderman (spoilers) xampl9 (6)
Finally got iPhoto integration (sort of) with Android muppet (5)
Don't buy Cisco routers Quant (9)
How to deal with telemarketers Io (28)
The Stasi is alive and well and in... Evansville? Mëtäl Ümläüt (4)
July 4th, 2012
looks like marktaw is a photographer, not a doc? Eric Debois (return of) (9)
French Taxing @ 75% ... UK rolls out red carpet PigPen (26)
They remember df (11)
ACTA smackta trollop (5)
This is capitalism Quant (9)
Unpaid Interns Sues for pay. A Kinder, Gentler, Humble Morons (39)
Higgs Boson confirmed! Bluebeard (27)
Looking around me, I see a lot of people who are bitter at life Vincent (15)
Wall Street earns its money Idiot (11)
July 3rd, 2012
What is the best way to design beautiful web pages? Toby (13)
Quit CoT once again Rick -- idiot version (11)
THIS guy is a Rick -- idiot version (6)
Ticketmaster xampl9 (4)
Am I doing it wrong? Duke (10)
Weird, scary thing at the town pool yesterday muppet (12)
A joke Io (6)
medieval warming period extended to antarctic Reality Check (4)
200 post thread (about to be locked) about God muppet (60)
If you could make a 60 second phone call to your earlier self... A voice from the future (20)
Lin Withdraws From U.S. Select Team, Citing Free-Agent Status lemonhead (10)
July 2nd, 2012
Question: do you find this appalling or not? Anonymous (6)
Shocking, Anderson Cooper is what? Bot Berlin (15)
BronyCon xampl9 (8)
In what way the UK is ahead of the US in cleaning up the crisis Quant (36)
Went to Mystic Aquarium yesterday muppet (8)
July 1st, 2012
Volt DB Shylock (5)
Krugman wins the bet Shylock (10)
Romney will repeal RomneyCare on day one! Idiot (3)
republican leadership show true colors lemonhead (16)
Sharkfish tried to explain this 50 times lemonhead (23)
Happy Canada Day Shylock (2)
Intellectual property Io (9)
Sunday's Purple Dildo Idiot (4)