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July 31st, 2014
So every thread that questions Muppet gets deleted Jackson (1 comments)
Tori Amos drags her daughter into music df (5)
Who is JeffB? Colm (8)
too good to be true eek (10)
Seriously? Somebody (0)
Threads are still being deleted? ? (1)
Life Imitating Idiocracy Bored Bystander (2)
Office Space - extreme edition! WildRiver (14)
So who's in charge?  Muppet or Colm? a concerned poster (1)
This stat totally explains WW1 and WW2 Quant (2)
Racism, or culturalism df (31)
US judge prevents Argentine from paying its debt Quant (32)
Brice, I want you to know something... President of Brice Fan Club (6)
Funny Nightclub Pics Bored Bystander (7)
Muppet, why are you deleting threads for no good reason? Jack o Lantern (54)
Muppet, are we having fun yet? Jack o Lantern (0)
I am not C. McGhee, Muppet The man formerly known as Jack (0)
July 30th, 2014
read this quick muppet is a shit mod (0)
This week in the Middle East WolfDog (1)
Muppet doesn't wash his hands after he takes a piss Jack (1)
I was taking a dump at work and noticed that.... Jack (0)
I was taking a dump at work and noticed that.... Jack (0)
what were the deleted posts about? C. McGhee (23)
Protests Quant (1)
Israel offense in Gaza C. McGhee (0)
Israel vs Palestine Vote Craig (1)
Anti-War Protestors Bing (0)
since Israel offense started in Gaza (8 july) Bing (0)
Anti-War Protestors Bing (0)
since Israel offense started in Gaza (8 july) Thought (0)
July 29th, 2014
Why was "Israel has the right to self defense" purged? Leaf (0)
Please replace muppet as moderator Walter (0)
Please replace muppet as moderator Walter (0)
Please replace muppet as moderator Walter (0)
Please replace muppet as moderator Walter (0)
What was the personal message? Ted (9)
This is a personal message to you loosers Range (1)
Israel has the right for self defense Walter (3)
Pro Hammas censorship on CoT blue (2)
July 28th, 2014
CoT is being censored by Pro Hammas Gong (0)
are legion and ministryofsillyposts secret gay lovers? C. McGhee (2)
Hamas lovers erased any true post about Hamas G (6)
Hamas lovers delete any anti Hamas post Quant (1)
Israel The 'C' (1)
Build your own rubber-band Gattling gun Whoever (3)
Android Emulator Bot Berlin (7)
Ukrainian rebels desperate for weapons Quant (23)
Should you plan for possibly forgetting your passwords? Kenny the Robot (18)
Nymphomaniac Vol 1 & 2 Michael B (28)
July 27th, 2014
Girls in Rubber Boots Legion (12)
justice for billionaires Craggie (4)
humblebrag Bot Baden (17)
spiderman vs NYPD Bot Baden (3)
app povery line Bot Baden (13)
bullshit jobs Bot Baden (6)
Gaza Colm (1)
This week in the Middle East WolfDog (10)
yet another antisemitic pope Ari (9)
The United States is the greatest country on Earth [rant] Michael B (10)
Kate Upton Bot Baden (7)
I was an atom-bomb technician Not-Kirby (1)
the joel on software bingo guy really is Internet (Dork) Famous Bot Baden (2)
Google Docs vs. Word Online Somebody (2)
Speaking of Go df (0)
Buzzfeed editor fired Tyler Durrdurrden (0)
Eid Mubarak! nugreen (1)
Hello CoT dick heads! d.k (1)
Every pro Israeli post disappeared from CoT the past week pf (8)
interview methodology Scott (19)
July 26th, 2014
The concept of logging "levels" is bogus xampl9 (8)
Nice looking place df (7)
response to deleted tunnels topic The 'C' (2)
Go's flaws twater (47)
Lucy xampl9 (3)
This forum goes ani Israeli - Wanye? Herb (4)
Fun crowd David (3)
Gaza df (2)
I mustache you a question Bluebeard (0)
The truce is on, see you next year Bot Berlin (1)
A little good news Practical Economist (0)
Hammas tunnels Igy (5)
Became a public figure, awesome logic asshole lawyers Frank (2)
What do you guys think of learning a trade as a plan B? Programmer (35)
My new desktop background Michael B (2)
gcc is shit, says famous person Scott (32)
I blame it on the society here, the health system and the police df (5)
Battle of the minimum wage musical numbers Colm (0)
freshman Rep. Curt Clawson misidentified two senior U.S. governm Walter (3)
Sometimes you've just gotta choke a black guy to death Colm (1)
Welcome to Jakarta Soeharto (8)
July 25th, 2014
What does it mean when a woman you know... Anonymous Gutless Coward (7)
Internet Forums Are The Best Place To Get Medical Advice FSK (15)
Israel df (7)
Cold war really back on now Colm (20)
Retweet eek's cool project Walter (11)
Mark Hamill & Star Wars beard xampl9 (1)
burglar shot by homeowner, now with more drama The 'C' (23)
Biting the hand which feeds them Quant (1)
Greenspan wants to reduce income inequality Lae Cup (9)
another fine Darwin Award candidate (almost) eek (6)
in the words of Hermann G. eek (4)
Deer brothers Colm (1)
The startup guy look Colm (14)
Hillary takes it out in the public Quant (0)
Anna the horse Regular Poster (1)
Awesome bear death video Regular Poster (16)
Yay! Up school! We win! trollop (0)
I bought a t-shirt from programming, mother fucker President of Brice Fan Club (9)
July 24th, 2014
About time Colm (14)
ten million bucks for joel Bot Berlin (16)
Naming dead children too controversial for Israeli television Colm (9)
solar storm Bot Berlin (18)
airbnb squatter wtf Bot Berlin (9)
Dare you read this article? Leaf (5)
UK Change of faith wXw (11)
israel bombs UN school, 215 casualties The 'C' (13)
It's time to inroduce a more humane and advaned law to UK Mike (6)
this is how it's done, muppet eek (3)
Is it true that you should never outshine your masters? grunt (14)
A salesman keeps harrassing me with phone calls and emails . (26)
Are you an organ donor? xampl9 (19)
Today in plane crashes Colm (2)
Idea of the Day - A Proposal Brice Richard (7)
NSA == Google The 'C' (10)
Darth Vader for President! xampl9 (6)
It's starting Colm (2)
slow down gunbot (6)
Why exactly was this thread deleted? Jack (2)
July 23rd, 2014
Bad day all around Bot Baden (7)
Ignorance Bored Bystander aka 'Cup Noodle' (9)
Question to Quant Io (26)
The rocket salesman df (0)
"Geeks are smart and creative, but they are also egocentric..." Kenny the Robot (17)
What is the best way to get rid of spiders? Vince (18)
Tear apart and deconstruct, you perverts Bored Bystander aka 'Cup Noodle' (1)
So Muppet, you only spend 10% of your workday working? Jack (2)
Anyone here own a motorcycle? Mike (18)
How bad is it? xampl9 (23)
well, I'm glad he clarified *that* ... eek (13)
The Windows Event Viewer df (3)
What is the biggest gender gap in this article? Quant (0)
This forum hit the bottom with anti Israel hate Israeli (4)
A breakthrough in political biology Quant (1)
The numbers speak for themselves Quant (10)
Hammas bullshit Israeli (5)
Hey Muppet, why are you so mean? WTF (30)
July 22nd, 2014
I think we have driven off the Zionists... MS (8)
Lake Mead drying up Lae Cup (3)
A former coder that transistioned into something else. WildRiver (9)
This is so true about body-shop in computer field. WildRiver (14)
Logos df (3)
Spacex get nearer to halving the cost of spaceflight... Bill42x (1)
Attention embedded programmers: use "C" programming language! WildRiver (11)
Woman shoots man after disappointing date xampl9 (2)
Why is my penis blue? kee (4)
python event handler eek (38)
Joe Biden for President xampl9 (17)
Introducing our next President, Mr. Jokowi Soeharto (15)
University censors security research Quant (2)
Empire strikes back Quant (4)
Sales pitch fail: Iron dome sucess rate @ 5% Colm (8)
July 21st, 2014
I accidently typed ".colm" when I tried typing .com... Idiot (6)
Sniper murders civilian during Gaza truce wick (16)
maybe you're not working with the right people Regular Poster (32)
Another perspective on diaper-inflation hoyZa (30)
Hamas df (11)
So why not just let it happen? Colm (66)
July 20th, 2014
"Gotham" show xampl9 (0)
I wish I were the guy that came up with xampl9 (3)
BBC Review - The Men Who Made Us Spend Israeli (18)
Cheating on undergrad/grad school papers and thesis Astrontronx (12)
RJ Reynolds told to pay wife of cancer victim $23.6bn Quant (19)
another bad police video eek (16)
Rape in Academia The 'C' (27)
Who sponsored the iPhone? Quant (46)
using github eek (22)
tragedy in ukraine The 'C' (0)
July 19th, 2014
islamic law in iran Ted (0)
global income inequality is ... shrinking! Ted (8)
USB 3 xampl9 (3)
The Rothchilds? WTF (7)
ukraine audio Craggie (0)
Alternatives to the MBA The World (18)
The opposite of survivorship bias df (11)
Here's what's really important, you morons Bored Bystander aka 'Cup Noodle' (0)
ah those ukrainians! The 'C' (9)
USA still torturing people in Gitmo but some brave souls refuse Quant (1)
Jews Against Genocide The 'C' (1)
Hot Colm (6)
middle east friendship chart Walter (1)
Staten Island NYC Police kill man Walter (5)
Shylock's core complaint addressed & refuted Colm (3)
Corporate is where I like to be when it comes to software dev Vince (10)
July 18th, 2014
AMC's Halt and Catch Fire Kenny the Robot (0)
A most unusual defence: the plane was full of zombies Quant (20)
Question about UK TV Israeli (8)
Got this marketing in my email... Is it 2002 again? muppet (2)
Mediocrity defends itself Quant (34)
Layoff email Colm (9)
Anyone ever get attracted to a co-worker? developer (41)
Goals df (29)
Top 100 AIDS researchers all killed The 'C' (27)
For the inflation truthers: Shylock (5)
Fuck git Colm (7)
July 17th, 2014
extraordinary measures The 'C' (16)
Programming, Motherfucker Bored Bystander aka 'Cup Noodle' (28)
test hoyZa (1)
Another post from someone who doesn't like Israel Shylock (21)
Is this justified? Shylock (17)
should I /actually/ get an MBA? hoIyZa (38)
the gradual edifying reconciliation method The 'C' (6)
23 US citizens died in that Malaysian plane shot down WildRiver (24)
Ukraine a no fly zone? Quant (14)
Scheming co-workers . (15)
What if cats... xampl9 (11)
Android not popular says Microsoft The 'C' (25)
war crimes? The 'C' (4)
Becker and Fagen have a sense of humour ... eek (0)
I just praised brice in a thread hoIyZa (61)
w-2 vs 1099 vs ... hoyZa (2)
Meeting yesterday about stalled project task muppet (6)
Juneau where I'll be today? Legion (8)
Bravo Standard Chartered Quant (2)
No .net 4.5 xampl9 (19)
The Real Reason the US supports Israel Shylock (15)
Celebrity movie star dates software engineer Colm (10)
This Machine Generates Electricity From Humidity Bi Cup (3)
cop vs. cop eek (10)
July 16th, 2014
ASK BRICE: BRICE RESPONSES... Brice Richard (15)
Israeli naval ship bombs Palestinian children on Gaza beach, kil muppet (77)
Full Outer Joins Shylock (10)
Mazel tov to the UK parliament David (35)
giant hole appears in siberia The 'C' (13)
ASK BRICE: A new segment on COT Scheme Gene Okerlund (9)
cycling to work the great purple (15)
So banks don't want you to save money anymore? dude (17)
Being an independent developer may be less sustainable than ever Mike (32)
hey Brice, isn't Muppet a little bitch? Jack (9)
Creating the million job organization df (24)
Happy Birthday to me muppet (15)
New Ceasefire Idea Shylock (25)
How do you future proof your career? Mike (15)
July 15th, 2014
Jews protesting Colm (8)
Two new memes being established all over reddit this week muppet (18)
nice hoyZa (56)
Article on cease-fire SaveTheHubble (13)
All in One PC? Son (28)
Fast return to clubbing Quant (6)
About Hamas Cork (18)
Wow, this is painful to listen to Wayne (5)
July 14th, 2014
Oil and gas subprime Colm (1)
Another stupid assed conspiracy notion Bored Bystander aka 'Cup Noodle' (23)
questionaire for somebody eek (10)
Virginity concept WildRiver (26)
Would you be OK with open borders for Canada/Mexico Bot Berlin (24)
96 year old new dad The 'C' (19)
Maybe they should... JoC (3)
Nuanced article re: Gaza SaveTheHubble (8)
hilarious article on high stakes testing in US schools The 'C' (3)
Interesting that the state sponsored Isreali posters MS (25)
July 13th, 2014
Last of the Ramones passes xampl9 (3)
Thinking about buying a car. MS (23)
So maybe raising in com won't stop terror? zed (20)
Glorious excuses df (6)
Helsinki making the car obsolete Bot Berlin (8)
The really tough question Israeli (3)
Internet TV Israeli (9)
Sirens Israeli (5)
mobile first, cloud first world Lee (4)
Taxi uber drunk driving Bot Baden (3)
Germany v. Argentina SaveTheHubble (8)
Not in my name please David (30)
MSFT MEMO zed (17)
Roof knocking df (20)
so there are ads in the MIDDLE of youtube videos now? Ed Wood (8)
Pasadena 911 Caller Sentenced to Jail For Deadly Lie random reporter (11)
Who on this forum thinks these things? Colm (35)
Apostrophes are Bi Cup (4)
July 12th, 2014
Artistry with firewood Q (4)
good news - Detroit is the new Silicon Valley The 'C' (33)
North Korea: Another dominating World Cup performance xampl9 (2)
Which drug should I use for this? Z (12)
Yhoo. Gossip. Lesbian sex Bot Baden (0)
Mexico, Guatemala fast-track delivery of illegals to U.S! The Larch (9)
The most astonishing demonstration of gerrymandering ever df (3)
Iraqi poll Bot Baden (3) Bot Baden (9)
clean your space suits The 'C' (7)
I Wanna be your Cowboy in France Bi Cup (0)
Proof that we're doomed... DOOMED I TELL YOU Bluebeard (6)
government shutdown baby boom The 'C' (9)
July 11th, 2014
A form of stealing Legion (25)
Dems goood for stk mkt Ed Wood (2)
Work Problem - my boss is too vague Walter (10)
silly con valley wage fixing Walter (1)
Freeway jerks Legion (6)
Work Problem - Peer Acting Like My Boss FSK (27)
"Racism" Shylock (69)
Meanwhile, Egypt joins the fray Shylock (21)
Movie review: Snowpiercer MS (16)
Anyone have friends or relatives that can't stop screwing up... hoyZa (14)
Anyone have friends or relatives that can't stop screwing up... Tom (18)
The New KickStarter story df (10)
Aging muppet (20)
Bidding for parking spots df (41)
Obama cuts the line at Franklin's BBQ xampl9 (9)
This week's WTF Shylock (7)
Battle of the Indian: Satya vs Sundar Amitabh Bachchan (7)
Population densities are effectively meaningless Leaf (19)
great kickstarter case study The 'C' (6)
So "The C" won the COT World Championship and none of you ****s Scheme Gene Okerlund (5)
July 10th, 2014
American gets arrested in Mexico, people want Obama to free him Leaf (17)
50s are more satisfied at work than any other group Walter (9)
Because Science Shylock (3)
Israelis hiding in shelters in fear of Hamas rockets Quant (60)
shocking new idea: equity The 'C' (9)
Uber Makes Economists Sad df (45)
Dude fired from his job just because he had a blog Mitch (15)
Did I make a mistake picking software development? Mitch (47)
Another business idea... graphology... Business Crook (3)
So how are you all doing with tech self study? WildRiver (16)
What are your hobbies and interests? Joe (18)
A new COT World Champ crowned on this week's Monday Night Raw! Scheme Gene Okerlund (7)
July 9th, 2014
"Noah doesn't even refer to God!" The 'C' (7)
Brice, do you listen to Tom Leykis? Dino (4)
Terrorist threat averted at middle school The 'C' (5)
Glen Greenwald comments on Hubble The 'C' (2)
gauche Practical Economist (0)
Google addicted to smack and whores The 'C' (4)
Britney unplugged eek (19)
income tax cuts do not generate additional govt revenue Practical Economist (15)
The only way to make more money is to change jobs Wayne (27)
I am helpin to place a test automation expert in the Midwest Hoyza (19)
No-one wants the job of facing Germany? laptop trollop (6)
Brice is very mercenary.  Now I know why! WildRiver (8)
Would anyone want to buy a used car from Brice if he was.... WildRiver (0)
It's funny when Wall Street isn't as smart as they think Shylock (7)
Earlier Topic Response to Starting Over - For Muppet Brice Richard (48)
Offshoring: imperative even when it costs more Colm (30)
Your birth control has been hacked The 'C' (5)
Your lightbulb has been hacked Arc Cup (7)
Am I wasting peak earning years by working at a lower stress... Joe (33)
Every idea I have for a software side project is taken Duke (11)
Audi Lee (5)
OK, all of you consulting geniuses, I've hit a ceiling muppet (58)
JoC, I'm pretty underwhelmed with the XBOX One all around muppet (10)
Article spam? xampl9 (4)
Remembering previous books in multi-book series Me, myself and I (10)
Which stack to start off in? Shylock (31)
We've got 2 presidential election winners Soeharto (3)
Kickstarter Potato Salad Brice Richard (4)
Ayn Rand fail Quant (7)
UK joins the axis of evil Quant (5)
A kickstarter for making potato salad gets $1000's... Q (12)
What's your favorite beer gets 19 replies.... really? (9)
Tech in the big picture is worth crap President of Brice Fan Club (1)
July 8th, 2014
"Jumping up and down with excitement" Q (0)
Forgotten Vials Of Smallpox Found In Storage Room Walter (14)
Localization Shylock (20)
Kind of hard to defend that Anthony guy Bot Berlin (9)
Standing desk day 3 MS (7)
Interesting job offer in Brazil Lurker (7)
Do you guys eat breakfast before coming to work? WildRiver (24)
Xbox One monetization JoC (0)
Don't Brice me, Bro Bored Bystander aka 'Cup Noodle' (1)
What are your favorite car(s) to buy? WildRiver (11)
Brice, I have mixed feeling about you. WildRiver (8)
When is it time to buy a new car? Joe (9)
I saved a lot of money over the years doing my own repairs Handyman (10)
A friend of mine has a mortgage on his house. Rather then pay... Vince (24)
Posts? Bot Baden (14)
lifestyle change: day 2 hoyZa (24)
get them lesbians in the army, we'll soon convert them ... eek (17)
What's your autism score? Leaf (21)
david basha willsmithhero (1)
July 7th, 2014
Fujitsu is now farming company The 'C' (6)
My kickstarter idea hoyZa (4)
What's your favorite beer(s)? WildRiver (21)
Reddit newfound tifu Reddit reporter (2)
Kickstarter edge case The 'C' (26)
HCF6 (4BB) Scott (8)
application vs system programming article The 'C' (26)
What do you guys think about this f*cktard? hoyZa (2)
Losing Weight V3 hoyZa (11)
A new term for us to use: Bricing! WildRiver (17)
ISEE-3 Way Cup (5)
Twitter and other APIs hoyZa (11)
Losing Weight V2 hoyZa (24)
watched The Matrix Way Cup (26)
foxit eek (20)
waterbird eek (3)
July 6th, 2014
What do you guys think about this job? I think they're fucktards WildRiver (67)
And the results are in Shylock (9)
Want to know why you can't lose weight?  Here's why Leaf (24)
Innovation Quant (16)
Microservices Bot Baden (2)
Party lines Bot Baden (19)
Movie: Noah *SPOILERS* Kenny the Robot (29)
So, if I want to use CLR to have regular expressions in MSSQL Shylock (58)
MDS? Shylock (2)
July 5th, 2014
Schneier on that dead kid case The 'C' (9)
Nyt on social media Bot Baden (0)
Patents Bot Baden (12)
Where people get confused by the law Q (4)
Goldman can has your gmail MZ nz gy (3)
beware old broads at the beach The 'C' (22)
Fireworks drone video Bot Baden (21)
3D printing eek (24)
english speakers and incoherent grammar The 'C' (6)
Not Bad... fidelio (14)
July 4th, 2014
Happy boobday America xampl9 (5)
Le Tour trollop (0)
which cms is better ? Soni (31)
ASUS? Lloyd (19)
Marijuana in Colorado: the first six months Quant (36)
Why do people live in the tropics? Shylock (36)
$139 for remote desktop server... Wayne (10)
July 3rd, 2014
How fast is your computer Q (6)
Obamacare cares The 'C' (6)
My ISP is going to fuck up my network configuration Wayne (1)
Reddit in the news again df (14)
63% of English don't know what 6 times 8 is The 'C' (15)
Prepare your Supercomputers df (5)
My Daughter just published her first novel hoyZa (21)
Microsoft and their ALL CAPS menus Wayne (9)
Drunk's luck Quant (4)
alternative energy on trial The 'C' (45)
SOPHIA Infrared Telescope -- 747 SaveTheHubble (3)
So, I ordered an XBOX one muppet (3)
Microsoft ON the MOVE Brice Richard (27)
World Cup Flopping Rankings Writhe Cup (3)
authentic Trappist beers eek (0)
Some good news Shylock (22)
July 2nd, 2014
Georgia guns gunbot (16)
the idea that mindpixel was a poor ripoff of Chris Bush (6)
Damn racists df (3)
mavet la’aravim The 'C' (13)
US immigration broken says student violating visa The 'C' (9)
CoT sucks NPR (9)
Meet the third black President! NPR (19)
Call center business model Business Crook (6)
North vs South Quant (12)
The irony Quant (11)
Hey DF muppet (10)
Holy smokes df (25)
Muscle cars xampl9 (9)
2GB df (25)
guy posts ridiculous recursive photo The 'C' (36)
Crazy Tinder Stuff hoyZa (3)
The New Nazis: Iceland The 'C' (8)
The New Nazis: Baptist Family & Childen’s Services JJ (0)
July 1st, 2014
queers: 22  religious nuts and other haters: 0 KY Jelly (0)
PC game recommendations? Wayne (22)
NSA prevents ... chomper (13)
tech guys devaluing their own contribution? fuckstick incorporated (7)
Proper IPA (beer review) brone (14)
The very best thing about the World Cup Shylock (5)
USA Belgium Brazilian Wax (11)
Quarterly Fire Alarm REDUX Brice Richard (16)
Many Pizzerias will start accepting bitcoin The 'C' (8)
No-IP takedown xampl9 (0)
Americans, take cue Quant (9)
Hippies vs governments: 0:1 Quant (12)
How is Obama doing? Leaf (29)