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July 31st, 2015
Clintons can't do taxes Quant (26 comments)
Why she never made it big? Wick (7)
Ready Player One xampl9 (Windows Phone) (2)
Golden rice study withdrawn from journal Quant (2)
The office microwave xampl9 (20)
they're just bees, who cares, right? eek (5)
Current trends in web development Somebody (26)
Terrorism ain't just an Arab thing Quant (46)
Experimenting Io (3)
154 degrees today, ug Shiraz (7)
July 30th, 2015
Hubble, please tell us about your internal conflicts Legion (6)
One Window 10 feature that I hate! wildriver (13)
Hunting Walter Palmer (Cecil The Lion) FSK (20)
Posts deleted but not in deleted posts?? Wick (9)
Bad dog Shylock (6)
Startups AD 2015 Quant (11)
Gay rights in Israel Quant (18)
What the fuck is Hubble on about?? Walter (14)
Relativistic Programming Output & Performance Brice Richard (3)
Impressive Quant (44)
Ducknald Don is a piece of shit! . (8)
July 29th, 2015
Your intestines have their own brain Not Just Your Average Cup (6)
Killer cop Somebody (0)
C++ Financial NYC Shylock (15)
The white welcome wagon of Douglasville, GA Bored Bystander (13)
Eight years for Bill. Eight years for Hill. Reality Check (6)
Buffalo, NY at risk of glaciation - developing permafrost Bored Bystander (11)
No developers were harmed in production of this software Wick (3)
Computer cluster Io (34)
All the films in the world stored for < $2,000 The Tricksy Banterman (10)
10/136 trollop (17)
Someone's actually using Scala, for realz! Shylock (1)
New book out Hoyza (Formerly Pizza Guy) (9)
Windows 10 launch event live. pk (12)
July 28th, 2015
Alas... Shylock (22)
From the assholes-are-more-enlightened-than -you-department Wabi-sabi (31)
MS finally figured out what to do with Skype Shylock (7)
Obama: grant me 3rd term or I'll declare martial law WildRover (4)
DLNA audio streaming dave (5)
Muppet is BACK!  Anyone else as excited as I am? President of Brice Fan Club (7)
Would you look down on a co-worker for driving a beater? . (25)
professional level trolling Reality Check (11)
Do you prefer to buy new cars or used cars and why? dude (28)
Obama: Africa must create jobs for its next generation WildRiver (9)
Python: You should be using it David lahr (19)
The automation myth Markowitch (12)
Windows 10 The Tricksy Banterman (7)
Don't Push your kids too Hard at School They Might Push Cup (20)
July 27th, 2015
People are nice! Legion (12)
Serial killer killed steel mc (0)
Nice story steel mc (3)
Robots are NOT taking our jobs SaveTheHubble (14)
So, where's that faggot muppet? Canned Gods Inc. (3)
He looks so friendly... xampl9 (4)
BS stock market. WildRiver (8)
passive-agressive gift ideas Pizza Guy (formerly Hoyza) (16)
Verified purchase and top 500 reviewer mean nothing Wick (4)
The third revolution in warfare Markowitch (62)
Where's the catch in this! The Tricksy Banterman (2)
July 26th, 2015
Bobby Jindal on guns Newsbeat (4)
Today in rock brone (0)
The purple snorklewacker returns! xampl9 (5)
remote viewing or past life Friday (29)
July 25th, 2015
What are you watching/reading right now? Horndoggy69 (29)
StrongLifts 5x5 update Wabi-sabi (15)
Will fruitshow be updated? Andrea (8)
Oliver Sacks is dying The Tricksy Banterman (4)
In the loop Quant (1)
Texas AGAIN eek (25)
July 24th, 2015
NIST Advanced Measurement Laboratory in Gaithersburg, Maryland Methhead (6)
Ted Cruz is Canadian - why is he running for US president? Regular Poster (18)
In what sense does an elementary particle "exist"? Quant (7)
Being smarter than necessary to survive Wabi-sabi (2)
Accenture kills stack ranking Markowitch (2)
GENER8ION + M.I.A. - The New International Sound I Choose the Red Cup (1)
Earth creatures! Stop agruing and think... WildRiver (16)
It's sad! Humans are cruel animal. WildRiver (13)
How to sell your name and retire wealthy Quant (25)
Religious freedom in Texas Quant (14)
yet another theatre massacre! Regular Poster (3)
Sorry, STH.  Hillary deserves jail. Legion (14)
July 23rd, 2015
New product idea: There is someone there. Legion (16)
and the LinkedIn spam begins ... :) No Peeing in the Cup (3)
Solar Panels Shylock (54)
Are you pro or anti GMO crops? Bluebeard (52)
more fucked up police shit in texas eek (2)
Holy shit, WildRiver & co are driving this forum into the ground President of Brice Fan Club (10)
July 22nd, 2015
is this really rape? Regular Poster (6)
Home improvement Q...outside lights dave (3)
I'll be away for a few weeks LeMonDe (6)
compare and contrast the Onion Regular Poster (2)
Psychedelics are illegal Terence McKenna (9)
Happy Wed! WildRiver (4)
Why is Phillip (Queen Elizabeth's husband) a Greece Prince? WildRiver (9)
raspberry pi eek (8)
Advanced or not advanced tech? Learning english (2)
Brilliant Observations eek (21)
July 21st, 2015
Wow, George Washington was a shit Shylock (29)
Republicans who attacks Trump took money from SwiftBoat funder WildRiver (3)
Following my hero Donald Trump WildRiver (16)
I'm holding on ... eek (9)
Obama is not a good president! WildRiver (14)
Is "data scientist" just a statistician? Shylock (8)
Give them a little authority xampl9 (9)
Housing problem in the UK Quant (0)
how to invent a new healing method (repost) Dr Ping (3)
headphones eek (19)
Spacex failure was due to bad grain in a metal strut Bill42x (4)
fucking mosquitoes eek (6)
July 20th, 2015
Reading The Martian NPR (4)
Seems we're hogging all the cold right now trollop (8)
Good job Al Gore Shylock (4)
The boy done well Wick (79)
I like Trump as a presidental candidate more and more! WildRiver (17)
Gold down to 1,105.60 Kenny the Robot (3)
Gmail and dots xampl9 (19)
Using Big Data to ensure further that the rich stay rich Quant (13)
July 19th, 2015
Bloom County returns xampl9 (6)
The Martian xampl9 (Windows Phone) (1)
Who controls the discussion about gun control Quant (2)
So NSW clerkship applications are closed 405 Cup (13)
whaaaat??? Wick (2)
July 18th, 2015
Movie: The Voices Kenny the Robot (1)
Computer magazines brone (18)
First they came for the badgers... Quant (10)
Armstrong is behind fake CoT character G Lemond (16)
Robot passes self-awareness test Wick (3)
July 17th, 2015
fuck depression, right? Friday (55)
Colbert on Pluto xampl9 (2)
So a while back I did survey on skills set on here... WildRiver (7)
The Ram Inn, A Gentleman's Club Regular Poster (10)
trollop eek (20)
To my friends who are in England, Britain, or the British Isles WildRiver (23)
Sooner or later won't Gmail will kill this company? Wick (6)
Canada's reputation takes top spot in international survey Wick (15)
July 16th, 2015
Inflation in Europe Pizza Guy (formerly Hoyza) (21)
Menendez Brothers' Therapist Loses License blast from the past Historian (0)
Eid Mubarak blessing for all universe (3)
new reddit rules from new CEO Regular Poster (12)
So why the Bible left out the dinosaurs? WildRiver (57)
Laptop is a pain in the ass! WildRiver (22)
Should math be taught in school? Legion (12)
So, Deutsche Bank ? Trog (33)
Trump the Magnificent Planet Earth. (17)
Minions Io (3)
LinkedIn Dos and Donts, please Link Cup (10)
prison for twitter disagreement Reality Check (2)
July 15th, 2015
This is a great series xampl9 (2)
Rose the bad cop Bob Baden (3)
Uhh, Oops xampl9 (6)
Funny quote about MS technologies for programmers WildRiver (4)
Quant, do you have a PHD in physics? LeMonDe (21)
Now you've seen everything xampl9 (5)
Please name a list of things for Brice Fan pledge to do. WildRiver (3)
Different Reddit insider says Reddit's screwed Wabi-sabi (6)
Does anyone here kayak or paddleboard? dude (6)
Virtual host on Apache WildRiver (2)
Monolith or Service oriented? Kenny the Robot (3)
Quant, what was your specialty in Physics? WildRiver (6)
what they were saying about Greece ... eek (4)
Visual Basic for iOs Pizza Guy (formerly Hoyza) (7)
Complexity in software engineering Io (7)
this might explain things eek (2)
How many developers are in the US? Io (7)
IMF injects some sanity Trog (23)
July 14th, 2015
Pentaquark announced Shut the Quark Cup (3)
Reddits gonna get cleaned up xampl9 (7)
Wow! Stallone looks good for being 69 years old!  Keep lifting WildRiver (9)
Goddam you liberals! All death row inmates with absolute proof WildRiver (23)
You need to read this about Carly Fiorina! WildRiver (12)
Comic fans WildRiver (3)
Pluto, down load your desktop app! WildRiver (3)
Hello CoT friends.... LeMonDe (7)
Hey bored, I have an interesting article for you to read WildRiver (6)
Pluto is red New Horizon over the Cup (10)
This place is going downhill fast President of Brice Fan Club (11)
The state of socialism in Britain Quant (9)
Biden's pain Craggie (0)
D&D xampl9 (0)
Roxette in O2 Quant (0)
July 13th, 2015
Cute on Monday Shyguy (6)
Pluto Legion (10)
To Quant Io (1)
Web world wisdom from bored Walter (14)
I'll always be Sting (1)
did you watch the man in the high castle Günter (2)
reddit revolt revealed Reality Check (8)
Germany controls the Euro Markowitch (3)
Bloom County returns! xampl9 (4)
My laptop saga... WildRiver (7)
What is the benefit of the Euro? Shylock (70)
Happy Monday! WildRiver (5)
Why do we drive on the right? SaveTheHubble (3)
I'm officially an eurosceptic Quant (63)
R.I.P. Satoru Iwata Quant (1)
Another good moview Quant (2)
July 12th, 2015
Thai restaurants with club decor Wabi-sabi (17)
A couple of lemonde issues... LeMonDe Cookie (9)
agh oh my god i read the comments Bob Baden (10)
Terminator Genisys xampl9 (2)
Doubts about euthanasia Quant (9)
July 11th, 2015
Article about Redit shows you must throw out the trash Legion (7)
Setting up your environment in a jiffie Wabi-sabi (5)
Hey lemonade I heard you had a baby in prison Craggie (0)
Privacy Edward Snowden (3)
Dominos noid reddit reporter (4)
I gave away my dog Legion (20)
interesting project eek (10)
Rand Paul backs NPR (7)
It's easy but needs luck, special equipment, a book, and DESIRE HN stupidity (25)
FSK, how about glassdoor Rick T (1)
FSK: Getting Craigslist Interviewers to Call forThis.Anon (14)
July 10th, 2015
efinancialcareers analysis FSK (12)
So my 3 years old Toshiba laptop isn't turning on wildriver (23)
So I know emacs NPR (11)
Wabi-Sabi, I have a restaurant recommendation for you NPR (12)
Pao Knockout Punch Reality Check (12)
I saw Wabi-Sabi at Newark International Airport NPR (7)
keep having to restart local apache in osx...anyone know why? dave (3)
As usual, Quant shrinks away when called on his bullshit Wabi-sabi (11)
So the Army wants to cut 40,000 troops! WildRiver (14)
Work harder Reality Check (10)
Tax levies Wabi-sabi (18)
Wall Street Funded the Bolshevik Revolution Markowitch (11)
How much of a salary bump can one reasonably expect.... grunt (3)
Racism comes to an end xampl9 (5)
US military has done 239 public bio warfare experiments Reality Check (4)
Do you know why so many people xampl9 (0)
July 9th, 2015
FSK, You are getting me really depressed! WildRiver (31)
The Mystery Behind the Biggest Bitcoin Transaction Ever Made R (9)
New Thing - Employers Flaking Out On Interviews? FSK (22)
The Feds go Agile Shylock (5)
I'm sure Roger Waters is going to cry out against this outrage Shylock (68)
First-person shooter with super-easy mode? J. D. Trollinger (11)
Don't work for Amazon Markowitch (13)
Tornados--not just for American anymore Shylock (2)
A Canticle for Leibowitz Shylock (5)
Cool advertizing Trog (0)
Is it even possible to make a profit on side projects anymore? dude (26)
July 8th, 2015
Pet Peeve(s) Legion (1)
Remote Employees - Bad Idea? FSK (13)
trump card Reality Check (15)
short video Wick (1)
More layoffs at Microsoft The Tricksy Banterman (23)
Job opening criteria xampl9 (23)
Emacs alternate names WildRiver (0)
So I accepted manager job and think I made a mistake . (13)
NYSE Trading Halt FSK (25)
Time to buy Chinese stocks yet? Home Despot (9)
mormon sex romp Reality Check (8)
How do you connect to your Linux cloud machine? WildRiver (26)
Nazi vegan cupcakes Quant (8)
The vision of a united Europe Markowitch (8)
The Expanse trollop (13)
July 7th, 2015
license fireworks says mom of headless guy Reality Check (27)
Bail-In, USA vs Greece FSK (23)
For Wick Shylock (5)
Apple Watch: The decades biggest tech failure Reality Check (26)
Gold at five year low Ed Wood (10)
My progess with DigitalOcean droplet WildRiver (8)
Code Monkey NPR (7)
Branches Io (18)
The system prepare revenge against Greek voters Quant (17)
July 6th, 2015
Red Dawn Firestorm (17)
Mississippi Flag is offensive Legion (10)
Chess Wick (12)
C++ autocompletion in emacs Quant (18)
New, Quality BoS Topic Bored Bystander (16)
Fireworks xampl9 (14)
If Obama has a son, he would look like this guy. WildRiver (0)
How big a factor does alcohol play in your sex life? Wabi-sabi (25)
Poland holds anti-semitic views Markowitch (35)
Piketty nails it. eek (24)
July 5th, 2015
women's world cup 2015 soccer Friday (1)
Over 60% voted NO Reality Check (32)
rising tide lifting voat PHP Guy (9)
Advice on good PUA material? Jedd Ward (16)
Plutonium question The Tricksy Banterman (12)
July 4th, 2015
hozier, someone new Friday (6)
study shows full employment in the US Reality Check (9)
Chewie's diabetic old man legs ~ (23)
Worlds tallest cow Bob Baden (10)
OBAMA planning to free non-violent drug offenders Wabi-sabi (23)
If you are Greek, would you vote Y/N? Pollster (18)
Welder Legion (5)
July 3rd, 2015
le tour starting tomorrow Friday (2)
let's remeber the good times Friday (0)
Spreading freedom, like it or not brone (3)
DAE hate JIRA? Kenny the Robot (3)
why we have riots in hague? mushroom (3)
freeeedom! Pizza Guy (Formerly HoyZa) (2)
Charleston shooter's family needs your donations Reality Check (8)
for the "hifi enthusiasts" amongst you ... eek (22)
Is Global Warming on Pluto Caused by Plutonian Cows? Science Geek (2)
good bye reddit Friday (6)
July 2nd, 2015
How does a web site like dailymail or bussinessinsider work? WildRiver (10)
massive reddit civil war Reality Check (22)
Easy Money Shylock (11)
Interesting soldier. WildRiver (5)
Spielberg finds the needle in the haystack Wick (4)
88 Lines xampl9 (0)
Trump or Clinton, which will you support? Reality Check (36)
surprise! Charleston killer was Jewish Reality Check (50)
do i stay or do i go Honu (33)
Obama's pro-slavery move Regular Poster (5)
CNN reporter robbed, robber killed in shootout at Motel 6 NPR (19)
For those C/C++ guys on that weird island Shylock (20)
July 1st, 2015
Apple Music SEAer (0)
Only in Monroe Regular Poster (0)
"11. Potential customers love long copy. " Pizza Guy (Formerly HoyZa) (9)
Arcade sounds xampl9 (0)
Interesting tidbit about Python performance. WildRiver (10)
Why do geeky people have the most stupid question ever? WildRiver (10)
Fun with spam JoC (1)
The value of fluff Shylock (7)
So the laziest slacker applied for the manager job Cube Dweller (9)
Rocky Balboa is back in another movie titled "Creed" Paulie is NOT dead (12)
Anyone else here just in it for the mkney? dude (9)
Can anyone recommend a good electric razor? Mike (10)
This is a joke right? Wabi-sabi (15)
Award winning, Connie St Louis Wick (2)
Freedom of speech in Australia Quant (7)
Laughably biased BBC on Tunisia MobyDobie (15)