RIP Philo

August 31st, 2006
this is freaking me out sharkfish (6 comments)
My dad turned 84 today Philo (14)
Real life cyberpunk Berlin Brown (6)
Let's have an Me (4)
Nice Asian woman xampl (2)
Here comes Ernesto xampl (5)
Cool jail Colm (3)
Where the rich live Redux r (9)
Gaba Gaba Hey! Funny Bünny (16)
Warren Buffet is a mack!!! Bot Berlin (6)
Honestly, you think we are going to stick it to Iran? Bot Berlin (15)
Yet another shove it up your ass for US Dan Denman (4)
omigod, this is fucking brilliant...ultimate intelligence test worldsSmallestViolin (51)
for real this time? sharkfish (1)
Robin Williams on YouTube Somebody (5)
Capitalism is destroying America r (15)
Lego My Ego son of parnas (3)
Subversion - is just cool!! Bot Berlin (12)
FruitShow Enhancement Request muppet (28)
Best thread ever muppet (6)
The Donald to Carolyn - You're Fired! Dennis Forbes (7)
How do you feel about being e-fired? son of parnas (28)
I'm in the mood for ice cream [x] (9)
Good movies JoC (6)
Home equity loans muppet (23)
சரி, இன்க யார் லக்ஷ்மி எ के. जे. (12)
Search is back. Wayne (AHA) (32)
Salary Negotiation Advice - Update Happy Man (10)
Whew..  I'm glad Canada is off the hook now. Wayne (AHA) (23)
Dumbass muppet (13)
Peter Crouch rules Lustiges Häschen (1)
Movie of Bacterial Gear son of parnas (12)
It must be Thursday... a cynic writes... (11)
Fruitshow Enhancement Request muppet (9)
Women and "That time of the month" Kenny (27)
The Red Cross Ambulance Incident Flasher T (39)
A letter for walmart ban that offensive book Masiosare (2)
Don't do this at home (unless you are christ) Masiosare (15)
Graphs and their visual effects. के. जे. (13)
If you torture and murder a child muppet (33)
I've been exchanging emails with a woman Lustiges Häschen (3)
The first since papa kicked us down the basement. Nu (7)
OK Amazon, it's getting old muppet (18)
Am I the only one who can't load the RSS graphic? muppet (4)
My last post from Southern Water! Mat Hall (14)
Dear Rich worldsSmallestViolin (13)
so what is your favourite "2.0" style UI? $-- (4)
Chavez gives US another shove it up your ass Dan Denman (7)
Why What Fox Does Matters son of parnas (15)
You Neanderthal son of parnas (3)
August 30th, 2006
Are you an anarchist? Berlin Brown (27)
POLL: does this make any sense at all? r (14)
The lyrics to my dating life.  Remind you of yours? LinuxOrBust (10)
John Sinclair moved... Berlin Brown (3)
Meh. Aaron F Stanton (6)
Rational thought Aaron F Stanton (58)
Depressed. Aaron F Stanton (14)
Wow - this guy is hardcore ,..., (29)
Epilesy Rick Tsang (7)
Well that was only slightly painful muppet (9)
Bot! don't you love me? (5)
Yale Schmale Dan Denman (13)
To be rich in this asian Berlin Brown (26)
Salary Negotiation Advice - Quick Please Happy Man (21)
Who is "victim of my own shyness" Rick Tsang (5)
I've just realised Funny Bünny (10)
"Since 9/11" Dan Denman (7)
Javascript pointer to a function muppet (15)
Its raining trash It had to be said. (2)
Outfoxed son of parnas (24)
Nice pic. Wonder where it is? Funny Bünny (8)
Flickr or homebrew solution? Funny Bünny (7)
How golf was invented Funny Bünny (1)
5 Days to Turbo Somebody (0)
Firefox has this cool feature muppet (28)
Hey [x], you gonna play or what? Somebody (14)
.NET 3.0 Somebody (3)
Medical care for veterans Funny Bünny (14)
Gotta love photoshop Bot Berlin (1)
"wSV is showing his ignorance and you're taking him seriously. " worldsSmallestViolin (9)
53 Rick Tsang (4)
Rumsfeld:  Of course we can win, we haven't lost a single battle worldsSmallestViolin (3)
How do women see the world? Funny Bünny (35)
Lie by Lie: Chronicle of a War Foretold son of parnas (2)
How do you ask a man sharkfish (24)
poll:  Myers-Briggs the great purple (31)
So, really... Aaron F Stanton (18)
Kurdish terror in Turkey r (4)
Free speech in the US (if you're Arabic) Methuselah (20)
First glance. Which finger? के. जे. (11)
Spammers all need to suffer the plague Dennis Forbes (9)
The probem with arguing with men... Kenny (14)
Republicans On Spending Control son of parnas (2)
I thought referring to elements by name was being deprecated? muppet (20)
Muppet, you're up again. Somebody (2)
The problem with arguing with women Lustiges Häschen (105)
This is one of the reasons DOM confuses the fuck out of me muppet (26)
Can anyone read Farsi? Mat Hall (10)
There's a lot of space in a hydrogen atom son of parnas (15)
TDS investigates snake on a plane Masiosare (1)
muppet brings up an interesting question... worldsSmallestViolin (15)
Carry money in your car is a felony Masiosare (4)
"wSV, your answer just goes to show how limited is your... worldsSmallestViolin (7)
Doesn't MySQL do any caching/optimization? muppet (22)
why doesn't any programming language offer... worldsSmallestViolin (45)
Making sense of the Apple/Google rumors Lustiges Häschen (9)
What would you do? worldsSmallestViolin (46)
Translation Software a2800276 (7)
Utterly pointles... Mat Hall (8)
Whistle Blower on Lustiges Häschen (6)
Thats IT.  Ive fucking had it with this place. worldsSmallestViolin (14)
Sharkfish! Colm (26)
Kiss my ass George Locutus of Borg (3)
Interesting slashdot comment on making money from creative works worldsSmallestViolin (17)
Bill to make database of public spending blocked by secret hold? r (4)
August 29th, 2006
Denman Crack Corn Jöhn Härën (2)
In other news, Israel keeps killing Palestinians Dan Denman (2)
Iran's president calls for TV debate with Bush Dan Denman (4)
New Republic Dan Denman (3)
"It's hard to work toward a goal if you don't have one, ... worldsSmallestViolin (8)
Does anyone know any good house realtors in new orleans? worldsSmallestViolin (9)
Robot sex and Web 2.0 sharkfish (11)
End Ennui and Become A Positive, Enthusiastic Employee! worldsSmallestViolin (11)
Beware Flickr users Funny Bünny (9)
World of Warcraft Ennui son of parnas (8)
Cloaking Device - for Real! Wärd (7)
Right now sharkfish (1)
Reporter caught with the skirt down Masiosare (5)
Bush and Katrina + 1 year... Peter (5)
Dumplings, anyone? Wärd (9)
I want to go home sharkfish (7)
ITS THE JEWS!!! Funny Bünny (9)
it's cold just me (3)
Bush is a genius! Masiosare (4)
Iranian President Wants To Debate Bush On Telly worldsSmallestViolin (16)
Risk [x] (10)
Here. Fuck on this. sharkfish (7)
WS-Security Library Clay Dowling (16)
what's a good graphical svn client for mac osx? j (1)
Could you create a public application in Java Bot Berlin (10)
Market value for a domain Masiosare (3)
That's why Estonia is _SO_ successful | (8)
And he calls it "encryption" Dennis Forbes (19)
Does the world belong to a new kind of person? son of parnas (18)
War on terror from the bourne shell Masiosare (4)
Israel and the US are the bullies Masiosare (9)
Female worker chased with sausage son of parnas (12)
Now that would be fun. Masiosare (6)
this is funny ... $-- (3)
that book on hacking hardware stuff $-- (2)
Proper tools make all the difference Lustiges Häschen (6)
Editgrid looks nice Locutus of Borg (3)
Fruitshow Watch (16)
Saving CoT Somebody (9)
Flickr is awesome Dennis Forbes (15)
Top 10: Weirdest cosmology theories Locutus of Borg (18)
What my apartment will look like Flasher T (33)
great article on chinese $-- (30)
books $-- (34)
Opera WTF Flasher T (7)
Base64String jingalala jingalala ™ (3)
I'm moving to LA! Yale Chick (25)
god im bored.  Im dying here. I have another hour to get.. worldsSmallestViolin (9)
bush going attack Iran worldsSmallestViolin (12)
wow, its scary to see it in action... worldsSmallestViolin (4)
August 28th, 2006
wtf?  where is everyone these days? worldsSmallestViolin (11)
Haren has always been mellow r (3)
Oh man, I love German Jöhn Härën (27)
Relation q: from the pursuer to equal or controlling partner Anon geek (6)
NSFW r (5)
malcolm gladwell rips jane galt a new one r (12)
I need a nap Aaron F Stanton (9)
Karr cleared in Ramsey case xampl (14)
nope.  sorry.  Just can't do it. Jöhn Härën (18)
User Registration, a working example Clay Dowling (25)
Christiantity and Anti-Semitism Rick Tsang (26)
Charges for Account, attached is Claim #66614 [x] (4)
Watching movies Bot Berlin (10)
Hey Muppet! Somebody (33)
Work/Sleep experiment Funny Bünny (15)
I want to read Noam Chomsky Funny Bünny (22)
Yay! sharkfish (25)
Half Google, Half Yahoo Funny Bünny (18)
We are interviewing sharkfish (15)
have you ever seen this windows error? sharkfish (2)
test marketing $-- (1)
bluetooth q $-- (17)
how to sharkfish (25)
Clay Dowling muppet (15)
There's no smoking, nor Ipod flushing, in the toilets... Somebody (2)
Homework sucks sharkfish (11)
Amusing Aaron F Stanton (16)
My idea for democratic CoT Wayne (AHA) (65)
Iran will have nuclear weapon and there is nothing Dan Denman (11)
Been on vacation for the last 5 days; missed a lot of meta Wayne (AHA) (32)
Cops for Drug Freedom! son of parnas (6)
victim of my shyness sharkfish (43)
Why do people falsely confess? son of parnas (10)
Math on Office Ribbon Reloaded Masiosare (5)
A very funny picture Clay Dowling (4)
36:12 के. जे. (3)
Money, Integrity and the Pentagon के. जे. (1)
I am moving to Moscow Generalissimo Francisco Franco (8)
sharky's "I love this book" thread $-- (34)
There are freaks. के. जे. (3)
To which country would you emigrate Locutus of Borg (46)
I feel like I missed all the fun Locutus of Borg (0)
Top 100 Wikipedia Articles Funny Bünny (9)
Time waits for no one LinuxOrBust (2)
Auto resume in browser Blank (6)
Oh what a night. LinuxOrBust (1)
ok Locutus, thats it.  sod you.  Im going to... worldsSmallestViolin (2)
Allah saved them Flasher T (26)
isn't it stupid.  Id rather be poor in the US than rich in india worldsSmallestViolin (17)
LMFAO worldsSmallestViolin (1)
I just booted Knoppix into a virtual PC bon vivant (1)
Dennis Forbes... The Narrator (17)
August 27th, 2006
ok, it turns out that being the only person in the world is... worldsSmallestViolin (2)
it just seems wrong.  this is the first time in years I can... worldsSmallestViolin (3)
wow, this entire forim is _mine_ now.  unbelievable.  I can... worldsSmallestViolin (6)
wtf?  where is everyone. worldsSmallestViolin (4)
Clay Dowling Encouraging A Fight worldsSmallestViolin (1)
whatever happened to cynic? phil? Jason T? Andrew Cherry? Planet worldsSmallestViolin (3)
survivor self (14)
Star Wars sharkfish (14)
Want to work for a .com millionaire? Funny Bünny (7)
who is trying to buy a digital camera sharkfish (5)
Conquest -- the game Somebody (13)
The thin red line Funny Bünny (3)
florida elections stolen worldsSmallestViolin (2)
I did it! Clay Dowling (12)
and the emergency vet lectured me for naming him "DumDum" muppet (7)
Sister responded to blog Berlin Brown (6)
Anti-Semitism Dan Denman (47)
Funny Bunny Dan Denman (8)
my kinda... Locutus of Borg (3)
Do we understand each other? Funny Bünny (23)
Rock Hardbuns is my hero not a believer! (6)
so ... Another poster .. is quite a piece of work shocked I tell you! (15)
After all, he is getting what he wanted Dan Denman (3)
An event driven process launcher के. जे. (1)
Microsoft Values jingalala jingalala ™ (0)
Mountain biking is fun :-| xampl (5)
Reading out files jingalala jingalala ™ (6)
First Question: Should this forum have a set of rules Berlin Brown (9)
Wherein we are reminded that Funny Bünny (6)
Housing in London Funny Bünny (3)
Are you still writing hobby code Berlin Brown (16)
If you were destitute sharkfish (16)
I added you guys to my delicious network Funny Bünny (2)
Laughter and Joy के. जे. (1)
The math behind the Office 2007 ribbon Steel McLargeEsquimaux (9)
Send money via Paypal programmatically Aaron F Stanton (6)
I'm taking DumDum to an emergency vet clinic in Avon muppet (9)
Why didn't the internet turn out ender's way? son of parnas (29)
Thank God for missiles Funny Bünny (5)
A Short (and Bloody) History of the High I.Q. Societies son of parnas (2)
More Christians Destroying What they Don't Like son of parnas (7)
How is DumDum this morning? Clay Dowling (0)
Sound Systems? what are you reading for? (4)
Hmm (34)
Dear blank, के. जे. (22)
That which does not kill you [x] (8)
My Saturday night screwup LinuxOrBust (3)
look at this before it's gone self (3)
Beer porn bon vivant (4)
London is calling, Muppet. London (1)
August 26th, 2006
anyone interested to vote who this was self (19)
2 ideas for cot Masiosare (8)
POLL:  More moderators? sharkfish (31)
Wayne sharkfish (10)
ok, so it seems pretty obvious that around 70-80% of the... worldsSmallestViolin (16)
Driveway Tennis Clay Dowling (19)
That sucks Berlin Brown (4)
Kiko (online calendar) sold for 258K shocker! (5)
DumDum is shivering muppet (7)
I did it. Aaron F Stanton (53)
I vote log in and password sharkfish (4)
hey Aaron, are you still looking for good ideas for development? worldsSmallestViolin (7)
Willis is farting like crazy now muppet (4)
Lili Marlene Funny Bünny (2)
Wherein someone arrives at my house Funny Bünny (12)
Need help parking? son of parnas (7)
I am watching freaky porns [x] (10)
I think I was probably wrong yesterday... worldsSmallestViolin (34)
A Group Is Its Own Worst Enemy Shirkey (11)
Other boards no name for obvious reasons (62)
Has anyone *EVER* seen a traceroute like this? Steel McLargeEsquimaux (16)
I want to thank my dad for doing my mom because I'm awesome. Funny Bünny (9)
I love this book sharkfish (72)
Email Client as a Windows Service के. जे. (4)
Samuel Adams Berlin Brown (18)
Help! Digital Camera Decision! Are you there? (15)
Got my Boe Bot today sharkfish (2)
Serial killer flicks sharkfish (7)
Does music kbps rate make a difference? son of parnas (10)
Hey Sharky! Steel McLargeEsquimaux (9)
Top Country & Western songs of 2006 xampl (6)
We aren't really at war son of parnas (1)
Dave Ramsey's Baby Steps Are you there? (14)
Tigers Love, Britney (23)
Second Life (more like No Life) ,..., (2)
Error message of the day muppet (7)
DumDum is sick Grouchy Smurf (15)
Ok, so... Mat Hall (45)
PS3 vs Wii Flasher T (7)
Clusterfuck II Anon (1)
12:30 and Im tired.  really, really tired. worldsSmallestViolin (2)
is there anyone out there? worldsSmallestViolin (3)
Same Sex Marriage के. जे. (8)
ho hum.  looks like Ive been busy. worldsSmallestViolin (3)
This place blows worldsSmallestViolin (12)
I am a moderator now YaleChick (1)
Voyagers! [x] (2)
New Moderators [x] (21)
Clearly, appointing Philo mod was a mistake Ward (7)
hey shitheads sharkfish (4)
Little Miss Sunshine Christopher Hester (6)
August 25th, 2006
pretty much this whole day could easily be moderated out worldsSmallestViolin (4)
ok, so make me moderator.  this is stupid. worldsSmallestViolin (7)
This fucker is wasting disk space Funny Bünny (5)
read the whole damn post son of parnas (0)
Hey Muppet!  Play on, dude! Somebody (18)
Good night Me (0)
I have a new nick (0)
By hovering over topics, we can get two sentences per post. How cool is that? (0)
Bot Berlin:  Marilyn Manson in disguise. (0)
this thread is to collect bad things Flasher T has done. . (0)
It always boils down to "It's Marilyn Manson's fault" sharkfish (2)
and it will drive our post count sky-high.  we'll look like... (0)
If only thread topics read from top to bottom, we could read CoT as one big long sentence. (0)
I hereby nominate that we no longer reply to threads, only post wSV (1)
Thread to identify swell people. (6)
I nominate that we secretly switch the two previous topics wSV (0)
This thread is to *nominate* another as an asshole (4)
Can we establish who the assholes here are? (1)
it would be cool (5)
I think Im imploding worldsSmallestViolin (0)
Moderators? sharkfish (9)
Yep, this forum is dead. Bot Berlin (7)
Highly Recommended: The Traveler son of parnas (4)
Which Ender book after Ender's Game? [x] (8)
Life of Pi [x] (1)
Going back to Texas Bot Berlin (7)
Porn Up, Rape Down son of parnas (11)
disgusting topic about poo sharkfish (12)
Risk [x] (8)
Going out for a pint with my mates Funny Bünny (2)
Green Checkie for Josh Volz! Yea! Troll Spolly (7)
Company Big Broother: I think they monitor our screens Bot Berlin (9)
I Suck At Risk. [x] (20)
Redux: Won't someone think of the children?!?!?: Bot Berlin (2)
Taysirr Gabour nasty rumormongering (2)
who's that guy with the mono-kini? muppet (4)
Flasher sharkfish (7)
Six Beer Theory sharkfish (9)
LOL who writes this shit? (9)
Flasher, are you going to visit? Dan Denman (5)
Fermi paradox Kenny (4)
Who represents me in the public eye? Clay Dowling (9)
Macaca के. जे. (26)
Why blondes are better in bed - I get it now. के. जे. (21)
Philo ,..., (1)
Friday Special Request jingalala jingalala ™ (19)
Question from a colleague of mine Locutus of Borg (20)
placebo power son of parnas (23)
Record store cats sharkfish (10)
Victoria's Secret xampl (10)
Porn के. जे. (4)
300 bucks for a battery! के. जे. (2)
Won't someone think of the children?!?!? Dennis Forbes (41)
Weird Firefox bug (happening in 3 locations, so not proxy) Grouchy Smurf (2)
What's the tgerm for this kind of Math? के. जे. (10)
Strippers at my funeral Tapiwa (8)
Competition and what it leads to. के. जे. (0)
Rotating the display in OS X Grouchy Smurf (13)
OH FOR FUCKS SAKE worldsSmallestViolin (3)
Adding a Name-Value collection to App.Config jingalala jingalala ™ (9)
3000 lines of code Lustiges Häschen (15)
So Mat, why did you feel the need to hide behind the secret... worldsSmallestViolin (24)
Quote of the month Flasher T (37)
Putting the fun back into flying trollop (6)
Dutch lies and propaganda. a2800276 (16)
Stanton Strikes Back [ (.)(.) ] (5)
can we not post any links self (3)
August 24th, 2006
Roof Sex son of parnas (1)
CoT: Home of the world's foremost 8==============================D (5)
does anyone know this game self (1)
My Life With MP3s jingalala jingalala ™ (0)
The evidence that watching porn perverts children Methuselah (5)
Google has Beta; Yahoo has Gamma?! Methuselah (2)
redneck rocket launcher Jöhn Härën (2)
okay, this is much better Jöhn Härën (1)
holy crap Jöhn Härën (5)
Rex? ned (2)
she called 911 911 for filming in a best buy??? (7)
500% less? reddit (1)
"Sir, your Dell laptop is not welcome onboard" Methuselah (3)
CE device with networking? xampl (4)
COT is FogBugz Jar Jar (4)
Digg - 5 habits of good programmers. what the fck is w/ that mhtd nm? (3)
Aaron Stanton ,..., (7)
Israel may 'go it alone' against Iran Dan Denman (8)
The RIAA does it again Funny Bünny (6)
CSI: Crazy on Tap Funny Bünny (4)
My TV just died. [ ] (32)
More I know where you've been son of parnas (0)
Hey, I was a jerk before. [ ] (23)
If you are in _that_ 50% JoC (9)
Microsoft Values Steel McLargeHuge (2)
Sidebar Flasher T (17)
What the Terrorists Want son of parnas (18)
Locutus, can you translate this? Masiosare (4)
OK this one is just weird (RegExp) Grouchy Smurf (3)
Sorry, Pluto! xampl (12)
cool 'parking' flash game Kenny (7)
US 'lacks Iran arms intelligence' Peter (11)
Evolution Major Vanishes From Approved Federal List crazy democrat (11)
Hereby, therein, and forthwith JoC (7)
LOL, my boss just dissed Daddy Jöhn Härën (23)
Survivor 13 df (4)
Why is Digg not Slashdot revisited? sagu (16)
Some Apollo 11 Footage Saved Somebody (4)
Functional programming -- books anon in Iceland (6)
and then you have the CoTers Tapiwa (16)
who could have guessed that ... $-- (4)
So, I'd been away. sensy guy (5)
Mantra internally Bot Berlin (25)
if you buy a pc and wipe xp off of it ... $-- (25)
hey aaron $-- (29)
Dear Valued Customer grouchy smurf (14)
This is the best news story ever grouchy smurf (2)
How's the weather? Locutus of Borg (11)
Bum, I'm an alien according to Simon Lucy (2)
I have a fucking cold muppet (7)
Getting Things Done for Firefox/Gmail Lustiges Häschen (7)
I am going to be tired tomorrow. Me (4)
America is a failed experiment sharkfish (42)
Sharkfish, are you up early or staying up late? Locutus of Borg (11)
uh oh sharkfish (15)
Problem in 3DES decryption using CBC mode jingalala jingalala ™ (14)
How to be identified as a terrorist Locutus of Borg (14)
Men, Your Penises are Shrinking son of parnas (11)
August 23rd, 2006
ok, I really need a _simpler_ online ecommerce thingie worldsSmallestViolin (22)
arabic serufu (5)
best open source commerce site? worldsSmallestViolin (5)
anyone want to write.... worldsSmallestViolin (8)
circuit tattoo sharkfish (4)
vote-rigging software sharkfish (17)
cracking up self (5)
Two laptops Rick Tsang (4)
MarkTAW, you are a pussy (3)
abuse of duck livers sharkfish (8)
Spiders are so cool -[ ]+ (5)
tranny on the bus sharkfish (11)
Motivation Chairman of the Bored (7)
CRTC (Canadian FTC) asked to block US websites Dennis Forbes (13)
if/unless/so long as/as long as Rick Tsang (13)
How old were you when you had sex for the first time? Funny Bünny (14)
If I move my eyes real fast sharkfish (4)
Prison Rape Funny Bünny (15)
Except for all the data that child molestation (of which flashin worldsSmallestViolin (35)
Dammitdammitdammit!!!!! sharkfish (8)
Motorola Bluetooth headset - can I pair it twice? muppet (9)
To Bot Berlin: Ms WsV (6)
Another confession Locutus of Borg (15)
Confession Locutus of Borg (18)
Wax job (NSFW) Locutus of Borg (26)
Saw V for Vendetta Aaron F Stanton (16)
Depression Somebody (34)
Life of Pi -[ ]+ (18)
SQL Server 2000 WTF self (8)
Book idea for Flasher T Dan Denman (10)
Ajax didn't make the Champions League Locutus of Borg (6)
Ms. WsV Bot Berlin (32)
I'm starting a new clothing line -[ ]+ (12)
Objective moral reasons Rick Tsang (10)
Winzip WTF Jack's cruddy clippings (3)
Acronyms Rick Tsang (0)
Meow xampl (4)
All the jokes are true. -[ ]+ (2)
Weep, weep; good article Bot Berlin (13)
I was sorry to discover that you were strongly homophobic Allan worldsSmallestViolin (9)
Babies के. जे. (19)
CoT Poll:  Most Illogical Or Amusing Responses Trying To... Ms. WsV (16)
I bought ear plugs Bot Berlin (12)
Java sucks Bot Berlin (23)
I wonder Aaron F Stanton (21)
great.  now there's coffee all over my monitor Jöhn Härën (14)
a little bit of ageism sharkfish (12)
As part of my stated mission to civilise America के. जे. (29)
Transformers trailer sharkfish (6)
Because animals do/don't do it muppet (23)
the original sex thread that mup posted $-- (0)
hey sharky - the ancient Greeks WERE African, many of 'em $-- (23)
Resume on the Public Sex thread. Masiosare (29)
New Technique for Getting Return Visitors Dennis Forbes (5)
We've got terrorists too, you know! Locutus of Borg (20)
BMI blues trollop (12)
OS X rocks for development muppet (3)
Google this! Locutus of Borg (8)
New Laptop Aaron F Stanton (30)
NSFW Aaron F Stanton (10)
Diphallus Flasher T (2)
Genius Rick Tsang (18)
apology I'm sorry (9)
Favour jingalala jingalala ™ (9)
August 22nd, 2006
I'll tell you exactly such a place jingalala jingalala ™ (2)
Crying Yale Chick (20)
personality and culture, the numbers just me (5)
let me tell you something self (3)
The Future Was Wide Open LinuxOrBust (10)
-[ ]+ wins. worldsSmallestViolin (0)
-[ ]+ please stop emailing me to... worldsSmallestViolin (1)
-[ ]+ is a donkey raping shit eater worldsSmallestViolin (7)
wSV is a horrible liar. -[ ]+ (3)
dammit worldsSmallestViolin (7)
more stupid PHP tricks muppet (11)
WTF OSX muppet (3)
CSS for hide visited topics Masiosare (7)
I have the *smartest* baby girl twins *ever* worldsSmallestViolin (33)
stupid PHP question muppet (16)
magic razor blades worldsSmallestViolin (10)
Operation Acoustic Kitty son of parnas (2)
Heeerrre sharky... Jack's cruddy clippings (1)
Will Our Faith In Humanity Survive? son of parnas (8)
New 'game' Jack's cruddy clippings (2)
Hezbollah and German Nazi Rick Tsang (15)
we really need sharkfish (1)
drop your pants sharkfish (6)
So it's come to this Jöhn Härën (7)
flasher is an asshole noted (7)
Tracking your browsing history Dennis Forbes (22)
End of an era. के. जे. (3)
RegExp madness, again muppet (8)
Which countries don't value sharkfish (39)
Is it a good idea? [.] (10)
I just watched a few Ruby on Rails videos muppet (14)
Would You Turn Down 1 Million Dollars? son of parnas (12)
don't you hate if self (9)
"Morality" as an abstraction over "Might Makes Right" muppet (38)
Oh no Bobby Brown ,..., (14)
Some Fine Tap Dancing son of parnas (1)
ceamus $-- (5)
Dark matter Locutus of Borg (17)
What a load of BS -[ ]+ (2)
Nice name for an Electric Conveyance trollop (17)
The bluetooth headset I thought I laundered muppet (8)
WTF Adobe muppet (19)
WTF Firefox muppet (14)
Losing mind - Joel on Software Bot Berlin (26)
Now that it's back muppet (5)
Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail Flasher T (0)
Project Momentum Locutus of Borg (11)
Does anyone remember that map site where you can connect the -[ ]+ Watches too much CSI (7)
K-Fed Jon (10)
August 21st, 2006
When Warner released censored copies of several Tom and Jerry... -[      ]+ (11)
Bored sharkfish (25)
You used to like "fat" chicks sharkfish (30)
I said this in 2002 sharkfish (6)
There goes your wedding singer career sharkfish (8)
man at the gas station sharkfish (8)
Who would you do Bot Berlin (20)
The graphic alone is worth the click. -[      ]+ (4)
reading Anonymous Asshole (14)
It's Clear the Oil Market is No Longer Rational son of parnas (28)
Buying a Mac nathan (19)
Weird Level 3.0 Somebody (4)
Against the method implies against the goal Rick Tsang (24)
SPAM of the day muppet (1)
Faraday Flashlight [ ] + (22)
Lamborghini Cialis Flasher T (15)
free German course sharkfish (19)
Simple javascript Bot Berlin (3)
Windows Media Player sharkfish (8)
Philo, I just have to say Rick Tsang (22)
Dear shithead Jöhn Härën (28)
I see dead people (but not that pillar, D'oh!) Somebody (6)
Jesus will survive sharkfish (9)
Affirmative Actions Rick Tsang (51)
Drunk Driving Bot Berlin (23)
Cool, parasites! Kenny (8)
Forget the terrorists, the war on drugs have been eroding rights Wayne (AHA) (68)
Who Invented Calculus? son of parnas (25)
In keeping with the long standing Jack's cruddy clippings (5)
They must think I am slow Bot Berlin (7)
WiFi hotspots Mat Hall (9)
the scriptaculous homepage muppet (10)
Hehe, that's not quite "clever" but it IS funny muppet (14)
Baghdad: Insurgents Kill 20 in Shiite Pilgrimage Lustiges Häschen (0)
Independence Day Flasher T (23)
Scoble at it again. nickelplate (11)
A sense of place Jöhn Härën (39)
August 20th, 2006
every sunday night self (28)
It is completely ridiculous how much more usable my mini is muppet (22)
Okay, so besides naively contributing to the LinuxOrBust (3)
Clusterfuck. trollop (1)
Thinkpads vs Macbook pro for a developer j (22)
LMFAO muppet (1)
Working on the next FruitShow... Wayne (AHA) (19)
Tiger Woods Anonymous Asshole (5)
Paranoia has settled in Funny Bünny (4)
If I want to turn off a bit in a bit-flag muppet (44)
This just in... Some Random Dude (2)
Why Didn't the DVR Kill the TV Star? son of parnas (13)
Either I'm stoned or I'm glistening punani (4)
I love glistening punani (5)
Girl abortions sharkfish (2)
I'm hearing explosions Jöhn Härën (17)
Stop Land Mines Funny Bünny (8)
Dolphin Olympics Flasher T (4)
F.E.A.R. Flasher T (3)
this brought me to tears sharkfish (9)
So, I'm learning German now. Jöhn Härën (17)
Thank You for Smoking Flasher T (5)
Myth Busters sharkfish (3)
if you want to look like a weed dealer sharkfish (8)
Women in Computing Guy in IT (26)
here we go again sharkfish (42)
Explain to me how dates are stored xampl (40)
'We need to be affiliated to something.' just me (15)
Urinal Sculptures son of parnas (10)
Anyone seen Zathura? Steel McLargeHuge (9)
Yo, Ubuntoers, just found this on my bookmarks (new one) Funny Bünny (0)
listen to kris aurora mirae (2)
New fighting in Lebanon Ward (on a Treo 700p) (0)
Night driving close call Ward (on a Treo 700p) (14)
Disneyland was a blast Ward (on a Treo 700p) (5)
Matt Damon [ ] >< (10)
Today was like the last day of my life and first day of heaven LinuxOrBust (9)
anyone into wine? (and still awake) self (6)
To Bush:  Bounce Nigga! sharkfish (6)
My daughter brought me home a chocolate malt Steel McLargeHuge (11)
August 19th, 2006
Is there something wrong with everyone? Bot Berlin (12)
Surface - the complete series now on DVD Steel McLargeHuge (5)
Is there anyone here who isn't in denial? [x] (16)
When there is no argument, make one sharkfish (37)
Stranded on a desert island [x] (7)
muppet: here's what your kitten do when they're alone Methuselah (3)
So was it Flasher who sabotaged the Insult Codex? muppet (8)
The Illusionist son of parnas (4)
my two dicks sharkfish (3)
"You are white, and therefore, accepted by the mainstream" Wayne (AHA) (20)
I think I have bulimia Methuselah (6)
Sharkfish: Cats muppet (19)
white guys with dreds sharkfish (27)
Oh, and Miami Vice is teh shit. Funny Bünny (8)
Sharky, you've summarized my thoughts about Bot Funny Bünny (10)
doing shit around the house. sharkfish (5)
Successfully doubled the RAM in my Mini muppet (5)
she won't lie next to me sharkfish (6)
I just wrote a complaint letter Dick McPenis (12)
Wanted: tutorial on tron schematics Dick McPenis (43)
I'm starting to lack pride Dick McPenis (17)
USAians dumb. Again. Dick McPenis (33)
Venom [x] (0)
I love nature's complexity! Dick McPenis (5)
Is it ok for black people to listen to heavy metal? Funny Bünny (57)
Save Ferris! [x] (6)
This guy is gonna make millions [x] (4)
An interesting take on office space. nickelplate (7)
Israel Dan Denman (10)
Slither Link LastWordGuy (0)
Lido di Jesolo The Harbour Master (6)
Coin a phrase... LastWordGuy (4)
Anybody into Saki? Bot Berlin (26)
Length of Femail Pleasure a Test of Male's Thougtfulness son of parnas (6)
Go Be Stupid Somewhere Else son of parnas (5)
something nice to read jingalala jingalala ™ (3)
My best friend's sister's boyfriend's brother's girlfriend heard jingalala jingalala ™ (4)
Idiotic blog by a mentally handicapped man Blog Beater (4)
So Allan Me (10)
People who think *really* think differently LinuxOrBust (8)
Suicide Bombing Promo Replaces Conjunction Function son of parnas (3)
Paramount on new Star Trek movie Steel McLargeReader (16)
I stopped blogging? Bot Berlin (4)
haiku competition self (18)
August 18th, 2006
Scanners Steel McLargeScanner (11)
friday night self (17)
People who think differently Steel McLargeScript (15)
The real problem with Google Penis McDick (7)
If Bush were Black Bot Berlin (23)
Snakes!  On a Plane! AllanL5 (9)
You are all a bunch of necrohipposadists. Dick McPenis (2)
Lord help me, I'm beginning to enjoy javascript muppet (4)
Windfall Steel McLargeTwinkie (15)
Honest Tea is an AWESOME brand muppet (5)
A CoT without muppet is like... Jöhn Härën (13)
Hey Locutus Jöhn Härën (1)
How different is an ant hill from a skyscraper, really? Jöhn Härën (10)
Yo Dutchlanders! Jöhn Härën (9)
It is Friday, what are you doing? Bot Berlin (37)
Anyone thought of this? Rock Hardbuns (5)
CoT - losing steam? Steel McLargeTwinkie (36)
Today sucked Aaron F Stanton (19)
Pattern for this? Jack's cruddy clippings (3)
Sushi Dennis Forbes (18)
Kiko up for auction on ebay. nickelplate (5)
Sharkfish is much more likeble Rick Tsang (16)
Dallas Detention Detonation Jack's cruddy clippings (8)
Dodging the bullet Jack's cruddy clippings (6)
Steel: Why is Office:mac such a pig? muppet (11)
Why do we have toenails? के. जे. (14)
Um, so? Steel McLargeTwinkie (7)
eReader revisited sharkfish (8)
"This pain in your head..." Steel McLargeTwinkie (3)
Don't you hate it when... xampl (2)
Anyone in Chicago looking for a job? Steel McLargeTwinkie (18)
Why has Google removed 'groups' from the main panel? के. जे. (13)
Does the cable guy EVER show up at the beginning of the span? Steel McLargeTwinkie (7)
Do you ever wonder sharkfish (21)
The difference between JoS and CoT [x] (11)
Does tartar sauce in packets expire? Cunty McLabia (26)
We're wasting our time here Aaron F Stanton (8)
Muppet is a freak No, really. (8)
Hypothetically... Aspiring College Developer (36)
Quantum mechanics Aaron F Stanton (11)
Man I love Firefox Dennis Forbes (42)
Ready Reckoner Only Thread के. जे. (13)
back in the office self (3)
Thanks for breaking the fucking pop-up, dick suck. Cunty McLabia (15)
Cat with a grille xampl (4)
Boobies Question jingalala jingalala ™ (24)
The New and Improved Insult Codepage Cunty McLabia (16)
Profile this Flasher T (9)
We really need, for the good of mankind, to figure out Cunty McLabia (9)
Some thoughts I had yesterday jingalala jingalala ™ (4)
Oh Fuck You, Microsoft Cunty McLabia (21)
Anyone have this? jingalala jingalala ™ (5)
Flash 9 for Linux coming soon Lustiges Häschen (0)
The dream of a neocon America Flasher T (24)
True story from a Novell NetWare SysOp jingalala jingalala ™ (23)
Damn it Cunty McLabia (11)
Unit Testing Cunty McLabia (57)
Draw One More Pig jingalala jingalala ™ (1)
Chinese Ambassador: "Better For The US To Shut Up"... Dan Denman (8)
Does anyone here use Aaron F Stanton (2)
A full circle. के. जे. (1)
i park like an idiot sharkfish (2)
Lavender sharkfish (3)
Oh for crying out loud sharkfish (8)
...and traditionally, anybody still awake? self (21)
Professional assassins? Steel McLargeNotfound (11)
Stash sharkfish (14)
wayne self (5)
Mr. & Mrs. Smith Steel McLargeMercury (12)
August 17th, 2006
I am a Master of the Universe [x] (4)
Jon Benet and Pedophiles ,..., (4)
Don't you hate it when Steel McLargeEsquimaux (6)
"And I'm wearing a bra... Steel McLargeEsquimaux (7)
Almost buying Rick Tsang (9)
Database question bon vivant (6)
I could go into detail but it would scare you a lot more. [x] (14)
Say CoT was going to store, server side, every post you'd read muppet (21)
Just for the geeks Masiosare (2)
List web 2.0 websites ordered by traffic Funny Bünny (3)
Why they hate us (Redux) Masiosare (4)
Can someone please point me to today's good threads? [x] (12)
Meta Topic: Thurs sucked Bot Berlin (2)
I wonder if everybody else realizes Funny Bünny (7)
Would you adopt interracial? Funny Bünny (16)
Is this for real? Funny Bünny (5)
Orchid bon vivant (6)
Well that about wraps it up for freedom (redux) bon vivant (13)
Pet Peave - view of software development Bot Berlin (7)
Asshat Jöhn Härën (10)
Hezbullah के. जे. (12)
How you people get anything done self (9)
Worse than photoshopping... Wayne (AHA) (11)
Dont mind admin programming Bot Berlin (4)
My boss wants to know why SSL certificates vary in price Wayne (AHA) (20)
Wary of sending private email on this site Philip (9)
Philo: Muppet did it again Rick Tsang (7)
Photoshop fraud in Lebanon war Oren (6)
L. Ron Hubbard - Man Genius ,..., (4)
A couple of thoughts के. जे. (12)
New Nick Cunty McLabia (1)
Do men just want an Amelie to save them? son of parnas (28)
Space Shuttle Launch Set Somebody (5)
Hey Funny Bunny Oren (6)
25% hate others in office son of parnas (17)
Bush to dead soldier's mom: son of parnas (11)
So, does anyone read the specs? Mat Hall (75)
Jon Benet suspect has confessed LinuxOrBust (12)
All right, I've been looking at this too long and I'm stumped muppet (16)
World Trade Center muppet (12)
Dear gedit muppet (6)
White Stripes = teh bomb muppet (4)
Weeeee... Flasher T (14)
One good thing about leaving a job... Mat Hall (20)
The other day I said... jingalala jingalala ™ (2)
UK Deputy PM: Bush Admin Is Crap... Dan Denman (8)
Dennis! Steel McLargeEsquimaux (3)
I'm tired Steel McLargeEsquimaux (11)
¿Virtual Insanity o Weapon of Choice? Alan Whicker (2)
And the winner of So You Think You Can Dance tonight was... bon vivant (3)
One Dance Steel McLargeEsquimaux (7)
Fox News Producers Regain Soul By Resigning son of parnas (5)
A new contest: Troll or Idiot Wayne (AHA) (9)
Peace in the Middle East May Be Impossible son of parnas (3)
OMG is it... is it... can it be? YES! It is! [x] (7)
okay, i have my can of tuna in hand aurora mirae (3)
August 16th, 2006
Walmart.  Evil. sharkfish (5)
Cleaning up old zip disks Aaron F Stanton (8)
Don't call me baby sharkfish (6)
So when Emperor George the Incompetent (3)
Damn it all to hell sharkfish (4)
What does this mean? sharkfish (7)
all you can eat tuna sharkfish (15)
Well that about wraps it up for freedom Steel McLargeEsquimaux (12)
If you're going to do a song on national TV [x] (2)
So my good friend got a gf Yale Chick (26)
Delivering baby in a couple hours jingalala jingalala ™ (1)
New British anti-terrorist laws Funny Bünny (6)
whoa. just me (2)
.NET Equivalant of VB6 App.PrevInstance jingalala jingalala ™ (10)
Muslims display cartoons of the Holocaust. son of parnas (16)
Everyone knows She's on my mind (3)
George Galloway Savages SKY NEWS! and Israel Dan Denman (4)
What's The Coolest Shit You Ever Wrote? Pissant (11)
Lebanese general arrested for drinking tea with IDF Oren (12)
Waggy waggy Steel McLargeVista (7)
javascript/DOM is a little buggy in Firefox if elements have muppet (14)
Wherein I have nothing to say Funny Bünny (5)
Spam of the day bon vivant (2)
Yale Chick - date testing Steel McLargeVista (6)
Holland just hammered Ireland in football. Dash Riprock (2)
Watched all Curb Your Enthuthiasm Bot Berlin (9)
The Inducements of Contests Dennis Forbes (6)
Intel/AMD, 32/64, Dual/Single Core Rick Tsang (12)
Shark [x] (2)
Sharky: my game has also stagnated... Jöhn Härën (11)
Hey Sharky Jack's restricted rambling (14)
Dave Grossman Rick Tsang (5)
WTF??????????????????????? muppet (14)
lift weights, wimps sharkfish (45)
Holy Hell muppet (6)
Redheads get more sex xampl (10)
The Straw Test trollop (2)
Sharkfish - Where the hell is my 3D Paintball Game ,..., (21)
from J(B)oS guidelines .self (3)
Four Justifications for Punishment the great purple (14)
I do not like javascript's object notation muppet (12)
JOS Post Dennis Forbes (9)
Happy Birthday, Mat! Flasher T (13)
...aaaand we're back. Flasher T (0)
Hey TAW! Steel McLargeWhatever (2)
I am a javascript n00b omg muppet (6)
FUCKER! muppet (2)
We don't really know what death is [x] (20)
Cookies Qüàrtét (2)
My successfull univ friend Pedro (9)
WTF is this Bot Berlin (1)
August 15th, 2006
Is anyone awake? [x] (18)
Who the hell finds Wicker scary? [x] (15)
education writer can't spell sharkfish (3)
Muppet, is that you?! sharkfish (1)
Just a little vent bon vivant (10)
What's the diff bt secks and sex? sharkfish (15)
Lisp question sharkfish (24)
Scary train ride home sharkfish (22)
Smoking is for assholes Methuselah (1)
My brain is seriously malfuctioning Jöhn Härën (18)
Bush says U.S. safer, but not yet safe Dan Denman (7)
Breast implants save Israeli woman Funny Bünny (8)
Emacs gripe Bot Berlin (3)
Can you tell where a person comes from Funny Bünny (11)
Sigh Aaron F Stanton (10)
How interesting Aaron F Stanton (18)
Robert Wright says ... just me (4)
I'm in an argumentative mood... Wayne (AHA) (24)
The mysteries of Pie Jack's restricted rambling (1)
Hey Oren Funny Bünny (9)
scary error .self (3)
I need to download an older version of the iPod firmware Funny Bünny (2)
Source control Colm (27)
Men agression towards women Rick Tsang (39)
I hate server problems; it's so hard to get back to regular work Wayne (AHA) (3)
Suspicious email jingalala jingalala ™ (19)
The US and AIDs Jack's restricted rambling (16)
Cell phone cameras Steel McLargeEsquimaux (5)
DumDum is trotting around the house with his little muppet (3)
interspecies love sharkfish (3)
USB key life cycle muppet (6)
"Any conservative ideal" Steel McLargeEsquimaux (6)
I'm drinking green tea Wayne (AHA) (17)
Dude, you're getting... FIRE!!! Jack's restricted rambling (11)
Google has released a new version of Blogger Funny Bünny (8)
Rear disc brakes: $400 muppet (28)
Can we explain inflation this way? Senthilnathan N.S. (12)
USA default Flasher T (18)
Do they know what causes it? son of parnas (15)
There's more than one way to skin a cat Funny Bünny (24)
Oh yeah, and I have to complete my annual "online training" muppet (7)
??????????????????????????? muppet (34)
Oh man this is great muppet (3)
Highlighting a block of text, and then dragging it elsewhere muppet (15)
Jeez OMFG!  Ponies! (11)
Obese outnumber hungry people Funny Bünny (21)
Why would you run Pear PC and then run Mandrake? muppet (1)
Yo, Ubuntoers, just found this on my bookmarks Funny Bünny (3)
Now they want us to take rotating turns filling in on the muppet (17)
Wherein I play movies without a problem on Ubuntu Funny Bünny (0)
The value of Pie - final! Kinshasha (2)
HEY! Liberals! LISTEN UP! Steel McLargeEsquimaux (38)
Never speak again Ling (7)
I don't think I'll ever get tired Steel McLargeEsquimaux (12)
"The Game" [x] (14)
Do you ever try to look up people you used to know? Steel McLargeEsquimaux (29)
immigrational song Sensitive Hacker (7)
August 14th, 2006
FTD WTF? Steel McLargeEsquimaux (11)
My immmaculate dream Steel McLargeEsquimaux (10)
Hmmm. Half-baked business idea of the week. sharkfish (14)
Final Destination 3 Steel McLargeEsquimaux (10)
With no computer, life sucks Rick Tsang (10)
Now this is why I don't like buying stuff remotely bon vivant (14)
Poll Gravy (20)
Virtualization on a mac? Steel McLargeEsquimaux (2)
serious question Just Asking (24)
Hell's Kitchen dweebs Steel McLargeEsquimaux (9)
Weeds [x] (18)
inspirational song Sensitive Cracker (5)
New home computer needed Rick Tsang (17)
Tool videoclips are teh bomb. Funny Bünny (0)
Now that I'm off my meds sharkfish (70)
Maybe I'll just put for my IM status Steel McLargeEsquimaux (19)
Thanks for the Stumble invite Funny Bünny (7)
People who start an IM conversation then wander away Steel McLargeEsquimaux (6)
PepsiCo Names New Female Chief Executive beta (22)
I have learned that I don't know enough about statistical math muppet (10)
Oh no... Holy Impending Divorce, Batman! (12)
Do you like snails? Funny Bünny (9)
Joel likes me Bot Berlin (16)
Etymological similarity among languages Steel McLargeEsquimaux (23)
The value of pie is incalculable... PIE! (7)
Fuck Flash, Fuck Firefox, Fuck Ubuntu Funny Bünny (8)
I want to buy this sharkfish (42)
XNA Jack's restricted rambling (3)
going deep at JoS once again .self (10)
Somebody says ... lentil mama (13)
Org. source of "Fire, walk with me"? Rock Hardbuns (5)
Muppet Funny Bünny (17)
top 10 songs to put on my MP3 player [x] (29)
Whoa sharkfish (15)
One of the strangest exchange in OT/CoT history Rick Tsang (24)
Hezbollah Rocket very near my home Oren (17)
Simon, you santimonious, lip quivering, silly British twat muppet (17)
Of course not.  Because western culture invented everything. sharkfish (12)
How could you NOT like meat? sharkfish (35)
What happen? LastWordGuy (10)
That does it.  I'm going to grad school full time sharkfish (18)
OCD Watch, cant eat chicken Bot Berlin (17)
Pigs the great purple (14)
I'm leaning toward no, there is no "hell" sharkfish (24)
Wayne, after 5 minutes of perusing FruitShow's source code muppet (25)
I'm back with my Triple Whopper muppet (20)
Water cooling installed. Rock Hardbuns (13)
The Value of Pi is 3 son of parnas (16)
WHY? muppet (5)
CNN & New Yorker - Bush Planned Lebanon War Months Before son of parnas (26)
Bounce, nigga!!! sharkfish (16)
Offer the waiter some wine??? (33)
WARNING: flasher on the rampage again (3)
Yesterday my 8 year old asked me what inflation is muppet (17)
Is it safe? (7)
I am craving Burger King today in the worst way muppet (36)
Wild muppet (31)
Shouldn't we fight the "suicide is glorious" meme? Steel McLargeEsquimaux (27)
OK, so gas is up to $3.25/gallon here muppet (27)
I look like I was attacked by several reams of xerox paper muppet (42)
Dissent as a prerequisite of civilization Flasher T (38)
Well, I been and gone and done it... Mat Hall (8)
Disk space is cheap jingalala jingalala ™ (1)
Entourage (2)
I like babes. DUI (1)
Italian social worker murdered in Jerusalem Flasher T (8)
Torrent and bandwidth Ling (4)
I want an MP3 player that "tags" music [x] (3)
CodeRush jingalala jingalala ™ (2)
I feel like I am in limbo Yale Chick (10)
August 13th, 2006
Any Sanskrit Hackers Here? jingalala jingalala ™ (1)
Philo, Your are Right, Heros Looks Good son of parnas (2)
Cheesecake Me (18)
Fainting [x] (3)
Enhance your users experience and make money with adsense! lz (4)
Milton Friedman lz (0)
WOOHOO!!!!!! Steel McLargeEsquimaux (16)
New codeword for "hands": Funny Bünny (1)
In cars xampl (4)
Things I hate (5)
Moving on Jöhn Härën (17)
It got quiet Somebody (1)
Here ya go, Muppet.  Kitten. Somebody (1)
...and that's why tracking IP's made sense Steel McLargeEsquimaux (41)
I have always had this fantasy Yale Chick (15)
I finally met my date from Yahoo LinuxOrBust (5)
I'm feeling lonely today :( Yale Chick (6)
is this you? sharkfish (9)
On CNN... Colm (6)
Indian Independence Day sharkfish (14)
Let's kill the rich Jöhn Härën (12)
I've been trying to buy a computer Funny Bünny (11)
Some Questions jingalala jingalala ™ (30)
My Super Sweet 16 Colm (13)
is the everyone can post anything or the no one posts anything? nerdbird (2)
Opening programs on a server - Could someone please tell me LinuxOrBust (30)
Anyone live in Nevada? Mat Hall (20)
I'm reinstalling this machine Funny Bünny (7)
Vitamins make people fat Fat because of vitamins (12)
I am seriously considering a kilt Funny Bünny (21)
Now he calls me on Sunday morning Yale Chick (23)
What a cute dogless head. Steel McLargeEsquimaux (3)
"and integrate advertisements into them" [x] (2)
What a cute headless dog [x] (11)
Damn kernel update Funny Bünny (28)
Cool! Mat Hall (0)
Elevator Hacks Funny Bünny (4)
The earliest PC programmers LinuxOrBust (20)
I am in trouble Bot Berlin (8)
Neighbour Dennis Forbes (23)
Can a publicly traded corporation really "not be evil"? Steel McLargeEsquimaux (23)
TV Show Themes he haw (2)
Israel agrees to the Cease Fire Somebody (20)
Python Dennis Forbes (5)
Photo Fraud. Aspiring College Developer (4)
it had to happen $-- (8)
August 12th, 2006
I'm reading this ridiculous book sharkfish (5)
OMG Aaron F Stanton (5)
Coyote Ugly [x] (3)
blackout sharkfish (20)
AllanL5 is no more (3)
Radio KAOS Dan Denman (2)
I tend to stare at people Bot Berlin (5)
Goodnight all Lustiges Häschen (6)
Anybody know how reliably an anonymous function can be used as muppet (4)
YouTube beating crap out of Google Video Bot Berlin (18)
From now on, my new name will be " " (2)
I'm getting tired of nerds with a Japan fetishe Lustiges Häschen (15)
Seriously AllanL5 (7)
Hash Aspiring College Developer (10)
Click to dismiss xampl (0)
So, how WAS the tree? AllanL5 (9)
skank vs slut Yale Chick (14)
I am being castigated by you guys Yale Chick (12)
I'm going to watch Reservoir Dogs Funny Bünny (11)
Jesus Christ... Funny Bünny (13)
Just another victim Funny Bünny (2)
Bot Berlin why wouldn't you date me? Yale Chick (19)
Yale Chick Funny Bünny (9)
Ok I am leaving for today... the real Me (19)
Impersonating someone else is a childish thing to do Me (8)
Let's face it Yale Chick (4)
Why only wingmen hit on me? Yale Chick (5)
Will the real Yale Chick please stand up AllenL5 (5)
Bush Me (15)
I am the real Yale Chick Yale Chick (8)
The bottom line is Yale Chick (10)
Gandalf [x] (14)
I just don't see Funny Bünny (2)
Notice How Scoble Has Crap to Say Since He Left MS? son of parnas (15)
the ethicist jump me (5)
Nerd soccer sharkfish (1)
Stumbleupon Funny Bünny (1)
Big Mistake (8)
Another Million Dollar Idea [x] (1)
Cynism or cynicism? Funny Bünny (3)
does anyone read the poetry lyrics posts? (6)
How will my kids look like? Funny Bünny (19)
I love you Mary Jane Funny Bünny (4)
How Crazy on Tap treats newbies Steel McLargeEsquimaux (5)
New blood strategy - referer attacks Steel McLargeEsquimaux (5)
I travel all over the country and world. traveler (14)
Getting old [x] (27)
So I'm not going out with Tanzanian Guy's Friend Yale Chick (159)
getting laid-off? lazyboy (17)
love those bike messengers sharkfish (9)
Nice fight about insulin just me (18)
Sound is back on YouTube muppet (3)
Miguel de Icaza interview LinuxOrBust (3)
How does the onion know Aaron? Colm (17)
"Is it... Keane (1)
Fundamentalist... Me (12)
What kind of stupid Chemistry overview book is this? [x] (16)
They have this game show on TV now [x] (18)
Something I wuv Elmer Fudd (3)
online games (2)
Firefox browser woes--help? bon vivant (7)
'Friends' sitcom Senthilnathan N.S. (10)
How productive is RoR? Funny Bünny (7)
August 11th, 2006
Woohoo I just found a $5 note trollop (12)
I have a background in medical acting [x] (19)
relationship question (stupid one) (14)
Retroactive war crime protection drafted Funny Bünny (4)
Some parents... Aspiring College Developer (2)
Oh no. sharkfish (18)
All the ladies in the house, say hey!!! Bot Berlin (15)
Separating siamese twins [x] (7)
Diabetes (10)
Covered Everything Bot Berlin (14)
Yahoo Music AllanL5 (5)
Is it cheating if... sharkfish (93)
Poll: does your SO Bukakke scientist (9)
Suddenly ubuntu has no audio on YouTube muppet (6)
I'm holding a candle-light vigil [x] (9)
How Ads Fuck With Articles son of parnas (3)
How much is the IP used in an application Bot Berlin (5)
For sharkfish, date a conservative Bot Berlin (17)
Those Nasty Muslims son of parnas (5)
Oh man, I have to learn to do this. [x] (7)
Coupons on a plane! Mat Hall (0)
Supersize me Aspiring College Developer (42)
For peter Masiosare (1)
I think they are just screwing with us Bot Berlin (2)
Tired of Israel histories... Masiosare (2)
An interesting point... Mat Hall (18)
Mind just the name Chuck E. Cheese makes my gorge rise. [x] (6)
people, help, .self (9)
How much do you drink? [x] (31)
How much do you drink? Steel McLargeEsquimaux (30)
a huge blow to the medium of literature as a whole [x] (9)
muppet, why don't you try this? Senthilnathan N.S. (7)
I am fucking SICK AND TIRED Steel McLargeEsquimaux (18)
Outlook 2003 Bot Berlin (1)
So I'm going out with Tanz's friend on Saturday... wish me luck? Yale Chick (8)
on the JoS site... Kenny (6)
Happy Birthday! Aaron F Stanton (2) - dead? Aspiring College Developer (3)
The CoT mission for the Week of August 12th - 18th Dennis Forbes (57)
Hey sharkfish (9)
COTers, what do you think about this? Masiosare (9)
AllanL5 is my dad's age? muppet (10)
Systemic problems (TSA & screening) Steel McLargeEsquimaux (9)
Why is terrorism so frightening? son of parnas (17)
"but the IRA is no longer terrorizing" Jack's restricted rambling (7)
now this is news .self (6)
Other investments Bot Berlin (10)
Boxes left to tick Dash Riprock (37)
Cheney: Lieberman Loss ‘Disturbing,’ A Victory For Al-Qaeda son of parnas (11)
Investment question Bot Berlin (14)
Wherein my ego gets a superboost Lustiges Häschen (22)
CoT poll:  Cunty's last name Aaron F Stanton (5)
What Language To use AllanL5 (35)
That was a very short lived visit on MBM, Masiosare muppet (30)
I decided to run a marathon in 12 weeks time Dash Riprock (10)
Young generation is stupid Bot Berlin (15)
MediaWiki requires PHP 5.0 for the latest stable release muppet (18)
Why is there no resize handle on my frames? muppet (1)
ROTFL muppet (4)
Detecting your own kind Flasher T (12)
Woohoo! I got reviewed! Steel McLargeEsquimaux (2)
August 10th, 2006
Worship us women (11)
Philo is White (It's Official!) [x] (7)
Metrics that went terribly wrong Rick Tsang (2)
David Mamet is officially filed as full-of-shit Dan Denman (4)
We are at war with islamic fascists Commandante Marcos (14)
modeling sharkfish (7)
So my entire forum updates itself with AJAX now. muppet (8)
I want an Alienware laptop Steel McLargeEsquimaux (9)
Oh yeah, and after the escapade with cunty the nurse muppet (33)
If these fortune cookie guys are so wise, why are they writing [x] (11)
What's the point of turndown service? Steel McLargeEsquimaux (8)
Why I'm still married Steel McLargeEsquimaux (14)
I got lucky sharkfish (16)
this is what you want sharkfish (6)
How does Superman work out? [x] (19)
Just had... Don Danmen (5)
Defending the TSA Steel McLargeEsquimaux (10)
Conspiracy online newspapers Bot Berlin (2)
Lets Pretend Funny Bünny (0)
Lunch Tomorrow xampl (9)
Is there an MS blogging service? Funny Bünny (5)
Music I'm listening to Funny Bünny (4)
American Morons son of parnas (19)
robot with a face sharkfish (14)
Reddit Grows Tired of Spolsky BS Spolsky Is A Pompous Ass (4)
Donchu EVA poke a stick at me BITCH ThunderPussy (3)
Bad headline Jack's restricted rambling (8)
Dark Messiah Flasher T (0)
Men/Women of the Square Table; Man/Lesbian Laws for CoT Bot Berlin (18)
Water cooling Rock Hardbuns (9)
Happy Birthday, KayJay. jingalala jingalala ™ (8)
dealer sharkfish (9)
I just got a call from the nurse at camp muppet (14)
Poor cop ,..., (14)
Democratic vote, no more poetry Bot Berlin (6)
elevator butt cat (7)
LSharp for Sharkfish Bot Berlin (8)
Lesbian lizards LastWordGuy (16)
If I hear "well if it makes us safer" from one more coworker muppet (35)
Brain Imaging Identifies Best Memorization Strategies son of parnas (1)
Delphi Returns, Part 3 AllanL5 (1)
Do People Ware Watches? son of parnas (20)
Not just travel in the UK that's going to suck Steel McLargeEsquimaux (33)
Terrorists: 1 - Rest of Normal World: 39933993 Bot Berlin (9)
8 Changes I Experienced After Giving Up TV Dennis Forbes (20)
New Joel Article Masiosare (15)
Good Christ muppet (14)
"God's Debris" sequel "The religion war". Oren (6)
An interesting problem with FOSS Aaron F Stanton (7)
Flasher T Colm (20)
I'll believe Philo is black Lustiges Häschen (13)
Please Sharky Lustiges Häschen (8)
Sometimes you have to ask: Why a goat? a cynic writes... (11)
Actually it's fairly obvious that Philo is white. Flasher T (10)
Joel wants you to want to do the dishes! Flasher T (14)
God's Debris jingalala jingalala ™ (13)
What's the worst that could happen? jingalala jingalala ™ (0)
Travelling on Terrorism Day Simon Lucy (16)
Oh SNAP! Steel McLargeEsquimaux (1)
I don't mind the sun sometimes Steel McLargeEsquimaux (8)
Heroes Steel McLargeEsquimaux (6)
Do you ever read your posts sharkfish (10)
Music file format Aaron F Stanton (23)
Fucking fuck sharkfish (3)
Another pointless reality show comment Steel McLargeEsquimaux (1)
Why can you freeze [x] (15)
I just can't be bothered to search Aaron F Stanton (5)
Escher's "Relativity" in Lego son of parnas (2)
Automatic voting Colm (0)
August 9th, 2006
anyone unix here (15)
Age difference between couple Anon for this (15)
new mac/winedows game framework worldsSmallestViolin (3)
I have two vaginas sharkfish (23)
woohooo....Introducing Apples Wiki Server... worldsSmallestViolin (18)
holy shit, apple just put every mac based backup company out... worldsSmallestViolin (4)
Today is one of the few days Rick Tsang (4)
Black people with blue eyes sharkfish (34)
I learned... sharkfish (11)
The only thing I want to clone sharkfish (16)
THERE'S SNOW IN DUBAI!?!? Funny Bünny (5)
COT Poll: Bored stiff or bored limp? zuckers (3)
I was remembered today Funny Bünny (3)
more media photography tricks worldsSmallestViolin (0)
wtf?  how exactly is a hardware based rootkit a threat? worldsSmallestViolin (16)
Poll: Salary or satisfaction Rick Tsang (8)
Time for women to rule Funny Bünny (14)
Real question from a coworker Masiosare (9)
Personality test LastWordGuy (2)
Fruitshow on the web Masiosare (8)
45 minutes Bot Berlin (9)
Honeymoon jingalala jingalala ™ (9)
craigslist .self (6)
Hezbollah! No! LastWordGuy (0)
From tomorrow onwards jingalala jingalala ™ (18)
Delphi Returns Part 2 AllanL5 (8)
You're AWESOME! sharkfish (4)
Female voices sharkfish (9)
Optimal use of space LastWordGuy (4)
Question jingalala jingalala ™ (8)
Windows Live Mail is getting WORSE! @Philo Mat Hall (8)
major kudos, DF just me (4)
Veronika Zemanova... LastWordGuy (6)
Just out of curiosity jingalala jingalala ™ (8)
Robotic Garage AllanL5 (12)
Alan Cooper is *not* a moron. I am sorry. jingalala jingalala ™ (4)
HDR and some amazing photos Dennis Forbes (9)
Landscapes And Human Behavior son of parnas (13)
qsort and heapsort jam! sharkfish (7)
Podcast Recommendations: Who would you like to listen to? jingalala jingalala ™ (15)
Joel's latest Dennis Forbes (19)
Decompression Jack's past 'purchase' plan (20)
I'm back on Prednisone (wheeeeeee) muppet (6)
jingalala and coding horror Bot Berlin (22)
This is awesome muppet (22)
Cartoon network sucks now muppet (19)
What does an ulcer feel like? Bot Berlin (4)
sharkfish muppet (17)
Rightwingoverse Ricardo Antunes da Costa (0)
Last night I bought a 14" chainsaw on a 10' extension pole muppet (38)
What was that? Flasher T (4)
COT Poll - Do you turn to face passengers when driving Dennis Forbes (36)
Fruitshow Feature request muppet (4)
The Rise of the Super Rich son of parnas (56)
On CNN right now Steel McLargeEsquimaux (3)
good one on Schrodinger's cat .self (3)
feature I want worldsSmallestViolin (55)
August 8th, 2006
people .self (18)
So I saw The Aristocrats last night (spoilers?) [x] (4)
why didn't you do this, Bot sharkfish (17)
Games & beginner's luck Steel McLargeEsquimaux (3)
The living room Planter's can sharkfish (3)
How did judaism become Steel McLargeEsquimaux (22)
Dirty Bathtub [x] If Philo can start tangentia (11)
Mark & homonyms Steel McLargeEsquimaux (6)
toy sharkfish (28)
CoT Flash Poll: Are you single? Funny Bünny (15)
Hot lesbian reality sharkfish (20)
Roomba.  But for the tub and shower. sharkfish (19)
Hey Israelies tell me Dan Denman (15)
Americans too fat for x-rays? Colm (6)
The Rules of the McDonalds Road son of parnas (17)
StumbleUpon sharkfish (16)
Standards are too high. Bot Berlin (34)
um, I need a PHP editor sharkfish (31)
Marriage is a loss of control, but worth it AllanL5 (19)
Ooh. Dis! sharkfish (4)
Best website for Open Source Rick Tsang (10)
Monkeys and Subwoofers Sebrof Sinned (10)
Pain Aaron F Stanton (44)
great story about Woz sharkfish (8)
I'm in love Masiosare (19)
GameCrazy training video Flasher T (4)
I want to say this very bad jingalala jingalala ™ (5)
Browsing CoT while at work Lustiges Häschen (1)
CT democrats ... just me (25)
Hezbollah fake more orgasms, trick Israel into... LastWordGuy (5)
The triangle xampl (10)
HL2: Episode One The Harbour Master (5)
Delphi back from the dead AllanL5 (16)
No VB for Mac Office 2007? Aaron F Stanton (2)
The Case for Geothermal son of parnas (35)
Can't watch video jingalala jingalala ™ (12)
AOL data Bot Berlin (25)
Hey, developer, have you handled design duty? Lustiges Häschen (11)
The profile of the jackoff Dan Denman (5)
now *thats* odd.  wtf is hezbollah doing with a drone? worldsSmallestViolin (14)
Hezbollah fakes more civilian deaths, tricks Israel into... worldsSmallestViolin (18)
I wanna be a rock star! Steel McLargeEsquimaux (4)
Music imprinting Steel McLargeEsquimaux (4)
Damnit, be more funny! John Haren (8)
Time to withdraw all ambassodors Dan Denman (0)
muppet [x] (5)
They <diety> for real FOOTBALL! ManeaterOfPunani (6)
Continuing my Trip Blog Ward (5)
In case anyone cared ManeaterOfPunani (5)
August 7th, 2006
I dunno wanna be the same color just me (24)
wSV teaches astronomy? Steel McLargeEsquimaux (1)
Trek Motivational Posters Steel McLargeEsquimaux (9)
does anyone feel like sharing their copy of the AOL search data? worldsSmallestViolin (5)
Most universities in the UK seem to use a different scale [x] (15)
I need to correct my Hezbollah math. LinuxOrBust (16)
so, oren... worldsSmallestViolin (1)
Sorry trollop (4)
shrapnel in Haifa Oren (9)
alien UFOs ManeaterOfPunani (12)
Wrestling with Violent Kids trollop (7)
Philo plus Muppet ManeaterOfPunani (4)
A civilized state arrests and beats a parliament speaker Methuselah (7)
Bio-terrorism against the Palestinian authority Methuselah (1)
Two BEAUTIFUL ribeye steaks muppet (7)
Over 160 rockets fired at north Dan Denman (4)
Linus loves VB sharkfish (4)
Glad I got my copy Bot Berlin (5)
War Timeline AllanL5 (8)
If there is ever a time to start your comic writing career Bot Berlin (10)
Hizbullah's attacks stem from Israeli incursions into Lebanon son of parnas (22)
Gas prices are hurting everyone Bot Berlin (4)
Do any of you actually believe muppet exists? Had to be said (8)
Haha Jack's past punani pun (7)
Oh those crazy primates Jack's past punani pun (6)
When I am sad jingalala jingalala ™ (14)
Careful, Jack LastWordGuy (7)
Hitting the 'STOP' button Bot Berlin (11)
Can you type with one hand Bot Berlin (10)
PHILO YOU FUCKING RETARD worldsSmallestViolin (19)
Flasher: The possibility that they had confirmation of 100 kills worldsSmallestViolin (12)
The population of Internet has psychologically damaged Microsoft Wayne (AHA) (3)
Conversation with a client... Wayne (AHA) (2)
Love, not war LastWordGuy (12)
sagging balls sharkfish (16)
maturity.  immaturity. sharkfish (22)
This is a true Israel Dan Denman (8)
Language question Dan Denman (23)
Big Bang and Women Rick Tsang (7)
Access 2003... Mat Hall (16)
I loathed our weakness, I loathed being born as an Arab son of parnas (13)
Who do you respect more? muppet (14)
CoT poll - who do you respect more? Steel McLargeEsquimaux (26)
I'm going to get in trouble at work muppet (1)
I really wanted to go to work today sharkfish (11)
I talk to my neighbors and stuff sharkfish (3)
LOL muppet (6)
New Movies AllanL5 (20)
I'm confused by this muppet (61)
is setTimeout() in javascript a blocking operation? muppet (1)
"The latest in carrying handle technology" muppet (7)
Larry David is my hero Bot Berlin (8)
This was a misleading headline... Mat Hall (4)
Fuck.  What a fuck-off month this has been. muppet (8)
2 realities worldsSmallestViolin (33)
Who's being hit? Flasher T (14)
Need a new laptop backpack (8)
August 6th, 2006
for Philo & Bot Commandante Marcos (5)
Old joke retread Steel McLargeEsquimaux (2)
The Words population at this moment LinuxOrBust (14)
Tanzanian Guy... the Matchmaker Yale Chick (38)
Wear the same pants for days. Bot Berlin (15)
Do these sound like hot wings? Steel McLargeEsquimaux (3)
That Britney clip made the evening news [x] (3)
Is "Mein Kempf" an interesting reading? Methuselah (16)
Spammers, come on: Bot Berlin (0)
Some of you foolios would have big fun sharkfish (7)
Enough Israel - camel toe question Steel McLargeEsquimaux (28)
If only the Lebanese army... Oren (4)
Say goodbye home security [x] (46)
The moderation of this forum has brought me to my knees, Im gone worldsSmallestViolin (4)
Ok, online dating doesnt work Bot Berlin (25)
Poll: Pro or Anti Israel Bot Berlin (29)
Another up your ass for this administration Dan Denman (1)
facts about Israel and Palestine sharkfish (15)
Weeds sharkfish (6)
Israel losing its grip worldsSmallestViolin (4)
Arrests made in VA data theft xampl (0)
More Ads are Talking to Me Now son of parnas (4)
Britney Spears is a gorilla Bot Berlin (10)
Galloway on Sky News what are you reading for? (1)
Mom Catches Daughter Stripping son of parnas (7)
I forgot to celebrate forgiveness day on Aug 1 son of parnas (3)
reuters adds smoke to image of beirut Oren (10)
Well I'll tell ya this much... John Haren (on a MacBook!) (8)
10 civilians killed by Hezbollah barrage of missiles Oren (9)
My ex is being all freaky again... Wayne (AHA) (5)
This is THE most disturbing thing I've seen in a long, long time (_i_) <-- look, asshole! (4)
GOP plan in the middle east: convert them to christianity son of parnas (3)
Floyd Landis .self (6)
August 5th, 2006
is there way to remove printer tracking dots? sharkfish (8)
Get your boobs out of my classroom Bot Berlin (11)
Race issue defined so well Bot Berlin (19)
Why do some assholes thing they're entitled to everything... Wayne (AHA) (14)
I approve of this article lz (15)
Click to summon [x] (12)
she's a great writer and her baby is damn cute dooce (2)
Admiral's Club vs Amex platinum card? bon vivant (1)
Evolution Scores in Kansas Primary son of parnas (15)
I could write a paper on how Steel McLargeEsquimaux (2)
Commission members backed off after drawing criticism in newspap (0)
On the topic of moderation Steel McLargeEsquimaux (6)
Which of the current moderators should we vote out? [x] (23)
I'm taking a vacation ... Locutus of Borg (36)
on being happy son of parnas (8)
Pricing differences because of color?? [x] (10)
INDIA: Coke and Pepsi told to spill secrets or face ban (50)
lol (6)
Hey, MarkTAW Aaron F Stanton (2)
What's the most difficult worthwhile thing you can do? Aaron F Stanton (17)
Tom Cruise jr Steel McLargeHuge (4)
A cop show I'd like to see Steel McLargeHuge (9)
An interesting take on the current conflict Steel McLargeHuge (9)
"Lenovo Preloads SUSE on ThinkPad" Qüàrtét (12)
What did the jews do? Bot Berlin (30)
One more thing about that NYTimes article, SoP kinda obvious (2)
Doesn't Joel own Google stock? Steel McLargeHuge (5)
Eisenhower warns us of the military industrial complex son of parnas (14)
Quest for Knowledge - Busted. Qüàrtét (25)
cot grammar non native (16)
consider this unnerving fact (0)
Google does fantastic in search. (12)
Israel's Peculiar Position Flasher T (3)
I want you to _want_ to do the dishes Mongo (26)
all those nominations you did for joel? (9)
Israel a 'profoundly racist state' worldsSmallestViolin (19)
Im watching 'Bring It On' on telly... worldsSmallestViolin (5)
You are a bunch of lazy fucks DUI (20)
Aaron.. worldsSmallestViolin (9)
Im a man just behind my time... worldsSmallestViolin (6)
I think last word guy is wsV on happy pills... Jöhn Härën (1)
Is sharky a bi sexual or a lesbo? Me (6)
OH SHIT Jöhn Härën (3)
Name three Cotters. DUI (12)
hey philo Jöhn Härën (9)
microsoft .self (9)
Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East Dan Denman (4)
i see someone's alive tonight .self (1)
August 4th, 2006
hilary rips rummy politiko (6)
Some people just don't want to sell product bon vivant (12)
Theory also amply demonstrated on CoT. (1)
jobs, continued .self (12)
Hey Aaron Steel McLargeHuge (8)
If you don't want Aaron F Stanton (58)
Where do you get your digital music from? Wayne (AHA) (25)
I'm trying to code but Willis and DumDum won't have it muppet (3)
3 Hezbollah missiles hit Hadera, Israel Oren (9)
demo data lists Steel McLargeHuge (7)
While we were having fun tonight Crying Vagina (8)
I really don't get any work done... Wayne (AHA) (5)
Peter Stormare possibly maybe (6)
Which is the real Philo? [x] (90)
muppet off his meds sure is interesting... Wayne (AHA) (10)
Wireless security? Steel McLargeHuge (21)
Drop it. Steel McLargeHuge (13)
Upper class in military: Bot Berlin (13)
There is an unbelievable number of crying vaginas on this site muppet (10)
Day 1 of our trip Ward (on a Treo 700p) (8)
Geez Allan Flasher T (1)
Don't you love it... Ricardo Antunes da Costa (11)
Aww.  No Target.  Or is that Targét sharkfish (11)
50 minutes Bot Berlin (15)
now THAT'S some good gum! Jöhn Härën (0)
Genius के. जे. (5)
New startup Application; 50 million startup capital Bot Berlin (21)
Just for Bot Berlin LastWordGuy (15)
Cheapest Mac के. जे. (11)
Friedman & Broder give-up nytimes watch (2)
If you haven't grabbed the sysinternals tools yet Steel McLargeHuge (37)
Mark links as visited Masiosare (0)
I love you, Edith. But DUI (0)
Israel is now bombing Christians in Lebanon Methuselah (16)
Jet lag Jöhn Härën (16)
Green tea is the new sharkfish (7)
http proxy .self (14)
Pet Poll PETA (14)
The power of the moth is too great (from reddit). nickelplate (6)
bear mom goes shopping sharkfish (3)
need a task manager for xp sharkfish (7)
By the way, whoever bared me is a spoilsport asshole kitten fuc (8)
Would kidnapping DumDum and Willis start a major war? Methuselah (3)
Announcing: ?kittens Joel Spolsky (3)
YOU ARE NOT ANGELINA JOLIE! Lustiges Häschen (4)
All cats, all the time catwoman (7)
Pile on more Willis and DumDum Friday Jöhn Härën (17)
Announcing: Cat free Fridays a2800276 (11)
Mat Hall is a podaphile muppet (3)
It's not 1956 anymore muppet (18)
Market forces the market kinda obvious (0)
It's such a pretty day... Jack's smirking revenge (7)
Ride my poll LastWordGuy (23)
apple stock option problem flip (0)
This doesnt look good Bot Berlin (8)
Surrealistic Thursday Is Over DUI (7)
Surrealistic Thursday Is Over AllanL5 (15)
philo, are you ok? worldsSmallestViolin (3)
City vs. country xampl (9)
Drunk und Insane DUI (8)
javascript history Bot Berlin (2)
my hero. sharkfish (18)
What should we do this weekend Bot Berlin (17)
Hello Cotters DUI (18)
What is this: No post friday or something?? Locutus of Borg (18)
YouTube is down for maintenance. Locutus of Borg (5)
Bush Approved Secret Program To Help Israel Monitor Syria And Ir Dan Denman (1)
Gosh darnit, but I'm tired... Jöhn Härën (6)
August 3rd, 2006
Kidnapped Israeli soldiers were on a mission inside lebanon worldsSmallestViolin (14)
passive agressive is the new black? (7)
My interpretation was spot-on [x] (14)
I find KCs arrogance off-putting hey! he's no Bob Walsh! (6)
Ads on coT Senthilnathan N.S. (32)
3 weeks of bombing and only 1500/12000 Katyushas were destroyed! Méthüsèlãh (still in bad moo (7)
hahaahaha snort. sharkfish (6)
suspiciously quiet tonight .self (9)
Zune dropping features worldsSmallestViolin (6)
War crimes by Israel Dan Denman (6)
Since you asked.. Funny Bünny (1)
5 common PHP database problems (20)
Downsized and Desperate. trollop (1)
Congressional Statistics Phil (6)
The March of Al Gore, an Inconvient Spoof son of parnas (3)
Hezbollah Rockets Kill 8 Israeli Civilians (65)
How did NORAD react to 9/11? Funny Bünny (11)
Suggestions for Multiplayer Games Aspiring College Developer (15)
Be honest about this. jingalala jingalala ™ (15)
Do I need my eyes checked? Bot Berlin (2)
nickleplate jingalala jingalala ™ (2)
I like sathy more than I ever have before worldsSmallestViolin (20)
Reasons to hate the US of A. lz (44)
Well...someone got fired today sharkfish (30)
Flasher will explain that this is a fake lz (10)
Anyone remember... Dennis Forbes (4)
Speaking of bad pizza toppings the great purple (14)
Thurs, no energy left Bot Berlin (7)
Sexism in games Dennis Forbes (19)
U.S. Generals See Growing Threat of Civil War in Iraq (4)
And He gave her wisdom from heaven to lead to the के. जे. (4)
I like working here! Jöhn Härën (26)
Yale Chick, maybe you smell funny muppet (24)
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August 2nd, 2006
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August 1st, 2006
so if I wanted to make a solar brick like one of these... worldsSmallestViolin (29)
sharky, are you still playing with the linq thig? .self (13)
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20% of adults watch 44.5 or more hours of television per week lz (2)
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It's supposed to be 102 degrees F in Connecticut tomorrow muppet (11)
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Castro ill. Dash Riprock (18)
Lost. Series 3. Dash Riprock (7)
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Indian Women Bot Berlin (39)
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Moderation is piece of cake Qüàrtét (2)
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He's sold his soul! के. जे. (3)
How hot do you want it? Flasher T (3)
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It's not their fault sharkfish (29)
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Well, I signed up Aaron F Stanton (8)
YC VOTE: Post here for "We had tea together!" (5)
YC VOTE: Post here for "He F'd me!" (2)
Compensation $250-600K DOE those jobs are out there (19)
Why do I have the weird deja vu feeling Aaron F Stanton (10)
The way they talk today you know (0)
Stupid Q, but why not.... (16)