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August 31st, 2008
throwing away a mortgage for an MSCS sharkfish (24 comments)
strong urge to jerk off Ed (5)
adam savage on MeFi sharkfish (4)
Michael Douglas was also a sex addict Skeptic (2)
you go girl party time (1)
Americans should leave british shows alone son of parnas (7)
hurricane striking New Orleans indeed (5)
I am going to see traitor Bot Berlin (1)
What is more rare, beauty or intelligence Bot Berlin (13)
Sarah wants to be President Skeptic (20)
Polar bear populations have soared in recent years Skeptic (20)
uh-oh. Daddy's gettin' pounded sharkfish (6)
aaronsw LOL (0)
yawn 1950 called (13)
que estupido!  Why can't men have abortions sharkfish (2)
rich black people in Atlanta (10)
Jesus I am in the wrong field Bot Berlin (2)
Tannins sharkfish (8)
Traitor was excellent. No spoilers please. sharkfish (4)
god doesn't want philo's team to win got cot? (6)
I just followed some 13 year old kid to the park pedo muppet (3)
The Denny's closed for the night. Redman (1) - is it really hard to find a bf / spouse ? Lee (13)
This is what jesus whould have done son of parnas (5)
So, this morning I was chatting to Thing 1... whistle (12)
Happy Birthday Dennis! bon vivant (1)
Myspace founder arrested by FBI Skeptic (17)
Martial Arts vs. Weight training sharkfish (12)
scared sharkfish (4)
I'm way more retro than you sharkfish (1)
Bot: Atlanta Real Housewives sharkfish (2)
What good is Joost. sharkfish (6)
Hooked sharkfish (28)
Tabatha has my attention sharkfish (7)
palin california (0)
Final advice to YC Dr. Horrorwitz (4)
Milky way and meteorites Ward - on vacation (3)
My wife can crash any computer system Ward - on vacation (2)
Sarah Palin is a secret weapon: Entire Evangelical Vote Lombrado (14)
Roving Sarah Palin Skeptic (0)
Rove Sarah Palin son of parnas (3)
August 30th, 2008
no wrinkles, not fat sharkfish (5)
sex addiction sharkfish (13)
I know why YC doesn't get second dates sharkfish (5)
"Has anyone poor ever offered you a job?" Lombrado (2)
Sarah Palin's church and the Joel's Army Lombrado (16)
how does your shop find great developers? sharkfish (22)
time for philo to face facts, mccain is going to lose (10)
I just followed some 13 year old kid to the park muppet (26)
Palin's First Lie as VP Nominee Lombrado (8)
"Merb"? sharkfish (9)
this is not limited to "experts" sharkfish (2)
closures sharkfish (13)
Books I want to write Bot Berlin (9)
Monetize your e-Penis sharkfish (3)
Would you pay sharkfish (7)
Sharkfish, you are one of us Rick Tang (3)
In other news, the Palin announcement impacted Obama sharkfish (18)
The awesome opportunity women have Michael B (16)
small talk with co-workers sharkfish (3)
Palin's child may be her daughter's? Lombrado (24)
Hilarious Aaron (2)
don't marry career women! Colm (11)
fyi, if you're caught short, here's a link you'll appreciate trollop (2)
Second date, Yale Chick? Rick Tang (3)
fuck me, this was funny whistle (5)
Enterprise marathon on Sci-Fi Ward - on vacation (6)
MythBuster Adam Savage: 3 Ways to Fix U.S. Science Education son of parnas (13) experiment YaleChick (48)
August 29th, 2008
aliens and binary math sharkfish (36)
Dear Michael B, whistle (5)
something for ward to jerk off too Ed (6)
alien electronics sharkfish (23)
Missing Sathy Rick's being naive again (1)
Ah, Open Source.  For the people, by the people muppet (12)
Vidal: US never had democracy Dan Denman (7)
"You are very likely an Aspie" sharkfish (19)
Naïve is better with two dots bon vivant (5)
Labo(u)r day! Rick's being naive again (4)
How much would Obama's plan cost? Rick's being naive again (3)
Palin's newest son was born with the Down syndrome Lombrado (23)
So Obama is an Atheist df (15)
Re to: sharkfish is right Bot Berlin (2)
VPILF Skeptic (3)
How do creationists explain the differences of races? Lombrado (24)
McCain's VP Wants Creationism Taught in School Lombrado (23)
Rednecks Rick's being naive again (15)
Oh Shit, I had a dream with CoTers in it Ward - on vacation (7)
Oh! Brice can give advice! Rick Tang (2)
Is it fair to give McCain humour points lorb (9)
hot? Colm (35)
creationists right again: nuclear decay rates not fixed Skeptic (27) profile (and some race analysis) Bot Berlin (9)
Clearly Georgia should just STFU Bot Berlin (2)
First Black President or Woman Vice President Clay Dowling (46)
Source for a lot of haskell functions Bot Berlin (2)
Farmers' Market df (3)
Silverlight Fan boy (3)
when did you love your children? whistle (4)
Your cat is stuck in a tree? No problem ... trollop (5)
sharkfish is right Bot Berlin (30)
third night in a row that I'm ordering hotel room porn Michael B (14)
Thank god I am not religous Bot Berlin (36)
August 28th, 2008
The anti-Barack response is scary stupid lorb (11)
Android Market vs. iPhone Store sharkfish (23)
why not just ask the woman sharkfish (15)
Good moses, god is good Bot Berlin (4)
Obama doesn't miss a beat does he Bot Berlin (6)
maybe it is time to go to DSL sharkfish (8)
Male behavior in the Army lorb (14)
heh. office joke sharkfish (0)
al gore is a golden fucking god arg! (12)
hmmm.  simple redirect sharkfish (8)
Mentors Rick Tang (3)
Benefits of working in media instead of technology Michael B (5)
MUPPET:  MY Times article on Crohn's Disease CoT Historian (1)
Help me become cool sharkfish (15)
AMEX Platinum Card Michael B (14)
NSFW Furniture son of parnas (2)
help with male culture question sharkfish (26)
Bot's neurotic breaking point. Bot Berlin (40)
We Already Have Universal Health Care! Clay Dowling (12)
LPGA stirs the pot JoC (2)
Little Boxes JoC (8)
Putin says US started Georgia war to "benefit McCain" Lombrado (6)
Anonymous emailing? xampl (12)
Layout of this board YaleChick (28)
Female Culture Rick Tang (14)
Has anyone used the new MS? JoC (2)
McCain's an Idiot son of parnas (4)
With a few exceptions sharkfish (42)
bottom line:  EXPERIENCE sharkfish (13)
parenting poll the great purple (17)
Obama Tonight el (2)
Muppet Show is Back Clay Dowling (4)
ABC reporter arrested for photographing Democratic donors probably possibly (17)
heh Colm (1)
A rant about YC Tapiwa (40)
Is flash part of the internet? Rick Tang (4)
Underrated Sci-Fi Movies son of parnas (20)
Do I catch up Bot Berlin (3)
IE7 more compliant.  break the web Bot Berlin (1)
August 27th, 2008
a little something for ya sharkfish (20)
Tom of Finland sharkfish (20)
What do you think YC will say Rick Tang (14)
Microsoft could crush Google with a simple step Glitch (8)
Sound speech by Bill Clinton at the DNC 2008 Lombrado (3)
Coke centre? Dan Denaman (0)
Happy Birthday, Mac! Rick Tang (4)
My grandma What should I do? (7)
They came up with my idea (Text oriented web use) Bot Berlin (1)
Fox New is fair and balanced. Not. theConfiguratonFile (2)
For Bot: Photo exchange? Rick Tang (1)
Rick; WTF is Canada like?  (or Ward) Bot Berlin (13)
To YC,, from guy to girl Bot Berlin (12)
Quick! Someone send P Diddy some oil! Bluebeard (2)
iPhone Girl xampl (5)
Shipping container for a house? xampl (18)
Yale Chick Tomorrow The Seer (17)
Another reason I can't be a PHB Rick Tang (3)
Interesting take on being white theConfiguratonFile (15)
What's a better career path title? Michael B (11)
I have a date tonight! YaleChick (32)
The nice thing about having meaningful work Rick Tang (0)
I was watching the "anti-piracy advert" last night Colm (34)
Would you date this woman? Chubby Chaser (6)
Java quiz, problem 1 Bot Berlin (11)
Quote for the day: son of parnas (35)
Republicans set up "Ministry of Truth" Clay Dowling (12)
So now my desktop on Ubuntu/Gnome muppet (3)
inline-block on internet explorer whistle (4)
genius Colm (3)
The beginning of the end of Fog Creek? Rick Tang (8)
so how do you organise international delivery and prices? whistle (3)
tell developers what to do is... whistle (6)
August 26th, 2008
USPS sharkfish (10)
It dawned on me Aaron (39)
The people upstairs sharkfish (9)
batting cages sharkfish (5)
if you need a break from CoT sharkfish (3)
McCain's and Obama's papas differences. Lombrado (3)
Hillary's grand plan? xampl (15)
New toy Bot Berlin (1)
Obama trailing in one new poll by 46% to 44% lorb (10)
lunchtime mediocrity arg! (14)
Lovely (5)
oops. I did it again. sharkfish (34)
Muppet, what about counter strike source or battlefield? Bot Berlin (12)
Interesting TED religion discussion. SaveTheHubble (7)
How to identify a desperate woman. datingSherpa (14)
Did Yale Chick kill herself yet? muppet (30)
Two points for the animals Oskar (6)
Any website like this? son of parnas (16)
Is there a name for this?  Two faced?  (:-P) muppet (13)
humbling moment sharkfish (7)
So I switched my dual-core Vista laptop over to Ubuntu muppet (2)
On healthcare... JoC (11)
Holding the day df (4)
stand in the place that you are, now face east, think about from google earth?? (17)
Oh no! make install needs cc??? Rick Tang (7)
Milky Way ward on a treo 700p (3)
dancing on the bar sharkfish (6)
best summary of programmer traits, EVAR sharkfish (11)
August 25th, 2008
Frank Feldman Full name (3)
Michelle is kicking ass on NBC tonight sharkfish (10)
Democratic speeches, think they drug them Bot Berlin (6)
when did this happen? history, people. (3)
Google _is_ evil sharkfish (11)
Javascript question sharkfish (8)
Why is medical care equated with social good? Michael B (40)
DNC 2008 Lombrado (3)
Quiet day? Rick Tang (1)
SEO rap xampl (0)
Clearly, MS doesn't keep Philo busy Bot Berlin (6)
Meet McCain's foreign policy Lombrado (13)
Tragedy Rick Tang (9)
Web tip of the day.  Image tags Bot Berlin (17)
How should England run the Olympics? son of parnas (5)
"Hey, where's Tigger?" muppet (4)
Can you solve this puzzle? son of parnas (8)
Yo Purple! muppet (23)
How do you conduct a serious study like this? muppet (9)
Ah, the D'Angelo's number 9 muppet (5)
"The Shoppes at Evergreen Walk" muppet (15)
Experience is the best and simplest way to learn anything, son of parnas (10)
Quit deleting my posts, Aaron muppet (8)
Welcome to Oceania JoC (5)
repeated disappointment the great purple (20)
I need a... whistle (2)
August 24th, 2008
Obama is tied with McCain Bot Berlin (13)
Good cartoons for 3 to 5 yrs old ? Mrs Doubtfire (10)
Nice reading: Georgia at War: What I Saw Lombrado (7)
Daddy to go work in the white house? Colm (9)
Table 1 - Practical Significance of IQ Ed (4)
whistle: ditched Web-Developer Suite and installed XAMPP Bluebeard (4)
Abraham Lincoln and the Bush family and McCain Lombrado (5)
Intelligent life in another planet and great Linux Desktop? Lombrado (11)
What is the difference between a failed home biz Bot Berlin (5)
The internet makes us stupider son of parnas (5)
Great haskell one-liner Bot Berlin (27)
Evil in the US elections Oskar (7)
COT for Obama: soak the rich Ed (2)
Olympic - flag waving chinese Joaquim Antonio (9)
Stuff Aspie's Like Skeptic (9)
"You guys are as real as it get" whistle (3)
jesus, it really is heart breaking whistle (2)
Bizarre WAMP behaviour - php renders in IE but not Firefox Bluebeard (9)
August 23rd, 2008
the trouble with excellence sharkfish (43)
Americans make me sick sharkfish (5)
travel by train Michael B (18)
Teaching Discrete Mathematics via Primary Historical Sources son of parnas (3)
CoT Book on Clay whistle (2)
Car companies have no shame son of parnas (3)
Aaron, do you go out and how often? Bot Berlin (7)
Science is Oskar (7)
Of Software Incompatibility and Cranky Customers Clay Dowling (10)
Cultures of faith and doubt Michael B (35)
First training ride Clay Dowling (6)
Do you prefer real ones? xampl (6)
George Bush is funny elochePlash (2)
I am on TF2 Bot Berlin (0)
Biden is it son of parnas (5)
Live Search & Google Maps use the same images Oskar (1)
Zed Shaw Fan Club whistle (11)
I have a bottle of Fazenda Mãe De Ouro... bon vivant (1)
August 22nd, 2008
Where is that idiot-be-gone script when you need it? Ed (12)
Einstein's wrong, part II Rick Tang (11)
oh, you want this book sharkfish (7)
Could bot see into the future; Obama VP pick Bot Berlin (21)
Business of Software Oskar (8)
Joel hires Yummy (9)
"Can't Get a Date" sharkfish (30)
I'm curious, Bot JoC (10)
DYI haircut? Le Monde (7)
I thought trains might make it big again too son of parnas (37)
Negavity view, how to reverse Bot Berlin (30)
Where's the real America? xampl (4)
Is the OEM much cheaper? Bot Berlin (17)
Dev today vs. Mainframe sharkfish (15)
Philo, VS request JoC (6)
I am neurotic by the way Bot Berlin (8)
Wall Street Warriors df (8)
On Eating Out / Cheapskates df (49)
failure notice son of parnas (1)
SQL injection attacks JoC (1)
Gaining credence trollop (10)
Tiptoeing around authoritarian states is not a winning strategy probably possibly (37)
Programmer Competency Matrix Cory Foy (10)
August 21st, 2008
It's true what they say about Dan Denaman (12)
Status Anxiety sharkfish (0)
As Russia is in vogue: Russia shrugs off McCain's criticism Lombrado (9)
I was thinking about quitting sharkfish (20)
pornstar jobber (8)
hunter sharkfish (10)
to the people who complain about NSFW jobber (5)
This election is going to be AWESOME Michael B (6)
I expect now that Dan Denman is in jail news maven (2)
the perfect toothbrush whistle (2)
ooh. Gay girl gymnasts lip lock sharkfish (5)
To the cheapskates, what about a $3-4 lunch? Bot Berlin (27)
Inadvertant Hawk Feeder LeftWingPharisee (14)
the bliss is over sharkfish (4)
Professional question sharkfish (15)
This is a thread about YC where Rick Tang (4)
Why Obama doesn't build a buffer in the polls? Lombrado (0)
Hey Sharky - No Racists in Chicago Airport Lounge Mongo (2)
On Reddit, real or not real Bot Berlin (2)
HR finally got back to me... Michael B (15)
When will we get over Yale Chick? Rick Tang (12)
IOUSA movie xampl (1)
US Guided Missile Destroyer to Black Sea Skeptic (15)
Einstein is Wrong ? Jaguar Paw (8)
Gay Witch Hunt: Are all Christians Violent Assholes? Skeptic (27)
Denman fest: Pushing right-wing American politics -- in Israel Lombrado (0)
DHS hacked by middle easterners Skeptic (2)
Another stupid question Rick Tang (2)
I need an excuse Rick Tang (12)
I think i get it now sharkfish (22)
Four week's basic training trollop (6)
Jack Reed who? Potential Obama V.P. :-) Lombrado (2)
Do you guys get the Mojo HD? Michael B (3)
recalling my database view/join question/problem sharkfish (8)
Keeping the age limit on Olympic Football trollop (2)
Gold farming: entrepreneurship or oppression? xampl (2)
Booby clouds bon vivant (5)
MRAM advances Soup Dragon (2)
Dept. of Muppet Annoyance Clay Dowling (0)
Sleepy at meeting seno (8)
Molly's lesions are improving, but her hair is still falling out muppet (6)
Have you ever felt resentment for doing your job too well? Kenny (13)
Cat actually rumbled with dog last night Clay Dowling (1)
Wayne: feature request? Sin-wat (12)
Olympic sport with an age limit Tapiwa (14)
"The weak are not loved and not heard, they are insulted, ... Patrick (3)
Clearthinkers trollop (12)
Analog vs digital trollop (9)
Wall Street Warriors Michael B (2)
August 20th, 2008
Evan Bayh has a good curriculum, but... Lombrado (2)
but I'm not a pedantic twat sharkfish (7)
bored, so playing with Metasploit sharkfish (3)
MonsterQuest sharkfish (4)
Tapestryshopp'd Philo  (D) (2)
All your problems are due to Perl Rick Tang (11)
finally, Ive found all the answers. whistle (3)
I am now a shill sharkfish (4)
Good article on heart scans Philo  (D) (2)
How much time do you spend not working? Bot (4)
This guy describes REST Bot Berlin (1)
SQL Injection vulnerability checker sharkfish (19)
needing hard problems sharkfish (25)
Messy Indian divorce sharkfish (29)
the death of god the great purple (28)
YC posts in threads not about YC YC!!! (70)
Test Post Addicted to COT (3)
He said, he said Rick Tang (4)
Any php based CMS that doesn't dictate the frontend? Bluebeard (11)
Hyperentanglement-enhanced Quantum Communication Ward (9)
If being super-young is an advantage sharkfish (53)
Obama/Kennedy 2008 Lombrado (0)
Play Team Fortress 2 on the PC? Bot Berlin (1)
can I just ask for lexapro Bot Berlin (33)
The problem with No Child Left Behind Philo  (D) (44)
Noooooooo!!! Aaron (3)
So I don't have chlamydia Yale Chick (53)
I'm a junk bond king playing seminole bingo... Bluebeard (0)
Giant windfarm at sea Philo  (D) (9)
Is space quantized? Aaron (24)
cctv doesn't bother me so much Colm (15)
Cat forms motorcycle gang Clay Dowling (13)
one of maggie thatcher's waves of privatisation being fixed Colm (18)
obama attacks! (0)
What do you think of Speilberg? Bot Berlin (11)
Crisis in the Caucasus.What are they smoking in the White House? Bluebeard (2)
SaveTheHubble, where art thou? Asian, not Oriental, my friend (3)
The Democrats should just give up Michael B (8)
August 19th, 2008
How times have changed bon vivant (8)
It's East Asian LeftWingPharisee (9)
I'm so mad I could spit sharkfish (34)
McCain who? A Pundit Not a President Lombrado (4)
Not a total loss LeftWingPharisee (15)
should I apply for super-techie-ho? sharkfish (8)
shoppin'! sharkfish (13)
Greek's athletic tit in the Olympics pool Lombrado (8)
call PC Farooq at home and tell him you hate power mad pigs fuck the police (1)
Rick, just so you know Ward (11)
I need representation Michael B (27)
I will upload you, you can download me... Bluebeard (2)
Is Rick Tang writing online advice columnists about YC? Crisis of Salad (19)
I am sometimes a dick Kenny (2)
The Love Post what are you reading for? (7)
Marketers are from Planet X xampl (3)
Friend of a friend JoC (1)
Who do you think the nominee will be? Biden Bot Berlin (20)
Darwin Asian, not oriental, my friend (19)
Bazaar SCM and Clay Asian, not oriental, my friend (17)
An email from DHH jingy (13)
Bee in the face Ward (3)
Mike and LWP, did you meet up? YaleChick (149)
Open source textbooks gained grounds Asian, not oriental, my friend (1)
Used cheque books jingy (16)
Java Development Tools Clay Dowling (11)
digicam - nikon or canon Mr.Blank (6)
Interesting read on garbage collection Bot Berlin (13)
Killer ad campaign Clay Dowling (14)
Using Apple Computer is environmental! It's asian, not oriental, stupid (9)
August 18th, 2008
Finally I experience using impersonal nakename It's asian, not oriental, stupid (17)
I see Bot is still sharkfish (4)
Suddenly you wake on morning Anon (8)
whoa.  Blinking at your cat works! sharkfish (9)
YC'ing f (8)
Mike B. and LWP, come here YaleChick (15)
New nominee for "photos that should be hot, but just aren't" Philo  (D) (2)
My response to Bray on REST Bot Berlin (6)
I have decided sharkfish (23)
"Tell me more about what I should do with my year." It's asian, not oriental, stupid (14)
I had a FedEx moment today sharkfish (7)
ROFLMAO sharkfish (6)
Michelangelo was a filthy pig with autism sharkfish (9)
I just spent 30 minutes trying and failing to get my new Netgear muppet (4)
Open World vs Close World assumption It's asian, not oriental, stupid (5)
Too funny, first page on and I found someone I know Bot Berlin (12)
Ob being ugly, ...ouch this hurts Bot Berlin (9)
Oh goodie, we've finally become commodities lorb (9)
Do you watch porn with your wife? sharkfish (20)
Reagan's Secretary of the Treasury says US a police state Skeptic (6)
I never understand why google cache still performs requests Bot Berlin (2)
Are there any good reasons to Rick Tang (21)
The cat has found the spot with the afternoon sunshine xampl (7)
Yes, I have earned my paycheck today Full name (4)
is kernel development equivalent to... sharkfish (63)
how come i couldn't be a sub? sharkfish (22)
If you really want to know REST Bot Berlin (3)
this makes me mad Colm (23)
Poll: Obama Faring Poorly Among Racists Lombrado (4)
Best recruiter spam this week Ritchie Swann (0)
Thank goodness I'm not a mod anymore muppet (8)
Help YC!  Help Bot!  What about Bot Berlin (15)
sushi regret Sara "C" (17)
Employment Application: Day 13 Michael B (9)
They Key to Happiness is... son of parnas (31)
I am attracted to the Mary-Louise Parker char Bot Berlin (22)
Austrlia Awaits, YaleChick! ,..., (2)
Java Development Clay Dowling (25)
Subtle things you can do to make your coworkers uncomfortable muppet (20)
Light plane entangled in power lines Soup Dragon (0)
i hope more people follow this guy's lead Colm (18)
Yet another Yale Chick thread (I hate myself) Sin-wat (57)
meh whistle (9)
Bought a boat ward (6)
It's August 18th Ritchie Swann (2)
Have the.. man on the stair (6)
Have the.. man on the staor (0)
August 17th, 2008
lolz Sara "C" (2)
Activists challenge Gaza blockade Dan Denman (1)
convert IP to image could be fun (9)
I have a horrible feeling Sara "C" (52)
Do you have an MSCS/MSCIS/MSIT sharkfish (14)
You know there's a food crisis going on when Dan Denman (8)
coincidence? sharkfish (8)
Oil from algae xampl (12)
so I'm not the only one who didn't "get" Dark Knight sharkfish (0)
your new word sharkfish (7)
France threatens russia with CONSEQUENCES Ed (6)
Pakis vs. Mexicans sharkfish (7)
dear jeff wood f (3)
COT Manhattan Meetup Tuesday Night Michael B (22)
this board sounds like COT f (19)
Who's your all time Jeff Woods (6)
Mama, don't let your girls grow up to be Cheerleaders. f (1)
Dan, when can we meet? Michael B (11)
Final moments of Taser victim's life in dispute Lombrado (2)
Yale Chick should move here:  Australian town needs women Sin-wat (3)
Can someone explain REST to me again? Bot Berlin (6)
Mad Men is ok.  Weeds is awesome Bot Berlin (9)
With the YC thing, it is an interesting problem Bot Berlin (70)
It's August 17th Ritchie Swann (5)
multi-line string literals in java sharkfish (9)
BDSM sharkfish (16)
i went out to the dyke club sharkfish (19)
I've seen this guy before son of parnas (7)
August 16th, 2008
when is funeral service for YaleChick? Jim (15)
obama not cruising to victory (14)
See I told you Bot Berlin (4)
obama raised more (2)
cool equation I guess N (3)
our local board of education JoAnne Manse, Rutherford, N.J. (6)
the CEO vote crashed HP, made Google (1)
Something to rejoyce about: Analysis: UK gun crime figures Lombrado (2)
captivity is boring son of parnas (3)
Bicyclist struck & killed xampl (1)
9/11 inside job or outside job who cares? Dan Denman (4)
American family seeking refuge status in Finland Dan Denman (0)
State of Emergency declared for Florida Cory Foy (4)
Colbert was right Full name (0)
Motorcycle is now here Clay Dowling (5)
Gun crime in the US - I didn't expect this... Philo  (D) (31)
I for one, don't welcome our new US Stazi overlords. xampl (0)
I hate when the first son of parnas (2)
bon vivant sharkfish (3)
Lorb Another Fine Poster (13)
wow Usain Bolt Patrick (5)
It's not FOSS Aaron (2)
Report from Georgia Oskar (11)
For the hands-down best Jew ever walked on this planet Dan Denman (9)
Lemon got attacked Rick Tang (8)
Dan, I challenge you Michael B (5)
August 15th, 2008
who to believe? sharkfish (14)
In which city Jeff K Pawlenti (12)
Michael Phelps just got the 7th gold medal Lombrado (5)
I really expected to get bored with this idea by now... (4)
Russia Seizes Arsenal Of US Weapons In Georgia - Military Lombrado (5)
Unemploýment: Day 16 Michael B (3)
Should I fulfill my wants or do something useful Bot Berlin (10)
Programming like in Russia Lombrado (12)
Preteen bikini waxing helps save money for college! Wayne (11)
More on Breastfeeding: Most Moms Give Up Wayne (5)
More defined muscle features Bot Berlin (8)
A Nation of Whiners Michael B (9)
Mad Men, how much drinking? Bot Berlin (8)
Sunshowers LeftWingPharisee (0)
One consolation for us Americans LeftWingPharisee (3)
Vicky Cristina Barcelona Dan Denman (3)
Obama Nation Dan Denman (7)
I'll never be a PHB Rick Tang (10)
US navy and Georgia Oskar (11)
US puppet/fascist GONE! Dan Denman (2)
The domain is taken!!!! Dan Denman (4)
"Gee your feet smell terrific!" sharkfish (0)
YUMMY: Moscow warns it could strike Poland over US missile shiel Dan Denman (21)
"We can't do that because..." Philo (30)
Dan, seriously lorb (11)
TV: Making America Stupid, or Giving Us What We Want Michael B (9)
ElBaradei: spying on Iran's nuclear program for the US? Dan Denman (0)
Tel Aviv to Tbilisi Dan Denman (12)
Apologize to the World Mr. Wallace and Return that Emmy Dan Denman (0)
So, what does everybody think is wrong with Denman? muppet (28)
US demands Russian troop pull-out Dan Denman (15)
The Olympics df (24)
Bernard Kouchner is cool Mr. Blank (6)
(Beijing) kindergarten students must know pi to 100 digits sharkfish (16)
this is amazing Colm (6)
Do you think McSame even knows what net neutrality is? son of parnas (26)
HR is taking FOREVER Michael B (14)
Bill Nye is back sharkfish (4)
California going solar son of parnas (0)
So is Yale Chick dead yet? muppet (22)
Australians man on the stair (9)
i want a flat here Colm (74)
Generating categorization tests (java) man on the stair (7)
See Americans, this is a real conflict Bot Berlin (7)
I think I pissed off some asian gangsters Bot Berlin (5)
Isael has sent weapong to Georgia Dan Denman (8)
create your avatar sharkfish (7)
August 14th, 2008
Obama's VP: Evan Bayh Dan Denman (1)
With what sharkfish said, beatty's and success Bot Ghost (0)
George Carlin on religion Dan Denman (1)
I think I am listening to one of the best cds Bot Ghost (7)
Rick Tang sharkfish (7)
Angry black woman seeks white man sharkfish (16)
office purchase sharkfish (6)
omfg sharkfish (8)
Pet Peeve: satellite music in stores and restaurants Bot Berlin (1)
Yale Chick Philo  (D) (3)
kfc sharkfish (7)
War photography from Georgia...NSFW Bot Berlin (10)
chickpedia f (1)
A better writer than df Rick Tang (5)
family dinner f (3)
how fast is quantum entanglement? f (11)
Angry renters xampl (6)
Bad fiction contest winner xampl (0)
Clinton's Name To Be Placed In Nomination - becomes THE V.P.? Lombrado (10)
The Prestige - I just realized (spoilers) Philo  (D) (5)
Shia Muslims Oskar (0)
Why do we use SMS again? son of parnas (14)
easy math problem sharkfish (27)
Scandal of the Ages: Documents Reveal Underage Chinese Gymnast Lombrado (16)
Mad Men Kenny (8)
Every day this week Ritchie Swann (4)
Like this son of parnas (13)
I know Yale Chick's problem Dr. Chill (17)
Money what are you waiting for? (16)
Girl kicked out of mall for wearing too short a skirt Philo  (D) (17)
Dick Stretching Clay Dowling (18)
No insurance for iPhones ... WTF? sin-wat (5)
Hardware people, WTF is up with my sound card. Bot Berlin (5)
today's cake the great purple (8)
IronRuby on Rails Aaron (18)
this is sad Colm (9)
There is no data. There is only Xul. Ritchie Swann (1)
interesting apple/microsoft comparison whistle (18)
"Microsoft's primary handicap has been this organization wide... whistle (25)
How are you doing, jingy? Rick can't sleep now (3)
Olympic badminton bon vivant (7)
Message for Yale Chick jingy (2)
YC is klling herself Rick Tang (6)
Last post Yale Chick (69)
Are you really free?  Individuals? Bot Berlin (13)
"Why do Americans so obsessed with guns?" arg! (41)
database question sharkfish (12)
David Brooks on individualism vs collectivism Dan Denman (7)
August 13th, 2008
I am watching Dan Denman (10)
What does a Political Science Graduate from Yale Rick's obsessed again (9)
Hard problems lorb (31)
She is hot, black and republican...Amy Holmes!!! Bot Berlin (4)
more on composite keys whistle (12)
one of my least favorite things about programmers f (10)
which 10 million dollar house do you like? f (10)
Viva Putin and Russia Dan Denman (4)
Handguns lorb (33)
how rich do you want to be? f (44)
the SO is lying to me sharkfish (15)
You mean, they weren't secure before? xampl (0)
certs and capitalism sharkfish (39)
SaaS sharkfish (8)
Making it "closer": Nothing Says GOP Like Voter Suppression Lombrado (2)
Mike Huckabee Turns Out To Be Another Selfish Republican Lombrado (4)
Competitions Rick's being naive again (8)
WTF? Arkansas Democratic Party Chairman Shot At State Party HQ Lombrado (3)
Derailing a JOS thread 101 Ritchie Swann (14)
Russian Hackers Attack Georgia's site Bot Berlin (3)
Cerifications or Degrees tbarker (21)
Silverlight df (30)
Military Diplomacy df (29)
Is this guerrilla marketing? clode (8)
Disgusting Olympic event (NSFV) Bot Berlin (6)
I suspect "rich people" spend a large portion of their income Michael B (18)
I couldn't pass this interview son of parnas (4)
cake wrecks the great purple (9)
Pink box testing man on the stair (5)
I predict sharkfish (9)
Dads of teenage daughters, prepare thyselves for Twilight Philo (D) (10)
Fabulous Lemon koan spotted on JoS Ritchie Swann (1)
Biggest mistake of the year man on the stair (12)
Book for YC LeftWingPharisee (25)
a nice summary of the georgia thingiewhatsit whistle (27)
hey Sin-wat sharkfish (4)
Asking white guys out: YC challenge sharkfish (60)
August 12th, 2008
Does running your cock under scalding hot water... Michael B (10)
Is Bush on drugs? Skeptic (11)
outsourcing MBAs sharkfish (4)
"I don't want to offend my friend by hitting on her sister." Rick Tang (16)
Love this guys stuff on religion et al. theConfiguratonFile (8)
Cooking makes us human Rick Tang (0)
omg I just met this hottie sharkfish (36)
C# var war Rick Tang (33)
For muppet, best game ever Bot Berlin (0)
Windows/SQL server question Wayne (5)
dawkins goes to gaza Colm (0)
ooh! ooh!  I'm hot! sharkfish (17)
Nice to female = Sexist Rick Tang's naive again (11)
I sent it sharkfish (3)
Kosher gym in Brooklyn Dan Denman (13)
yale chick as internet meme arg! (6)
Why does Rick Tang think Locutus (7)
Why does YC think Rick Tang (20)
Church Signs That Won’t Make You Go To Church Bluebeard (3)
LOL Bush el (3)
Office pranks man on the stair (10)
Men's birth stories (aka dick measuring contest) Ward (18)
hacks, spam, etc. sharkfish (6)
warfare on the internet sharkfish (8)
I need a website that will make me a millionaire xampl (8)
Braid muppet (5)
The US and Georgia df (12)
Giant dog turd causes havoc in Switzerland! man on the stair (12)
What a mistake... JoC (0)
Invisibility cloak... man on the stair (1)
Poll: Have you used the .NET Enterprise Library in production? (10)
Russia as a "corporation" state, and Colm (7)
Israel readies for 'emergency aliya' Dan Denman (8)
YaleChick should hook up with Flashter Dan Denman (23)
"Deploy NATO rapid-response units into Georgia. See if ... whistle (20)
This is nothing to do with me man on the stair (1)
YaleChick condoms fund Jim (8)
Orson Scott Card is My Enemy whistle (8)
More about Georgia Ward (7)
Muppet COT fund Jim (34)
Breastfeeding, Round 2 Cory Foy (35)
Chinese Gymnists Ward (2)
Yet another question YaleChick (61)
August 11th, 2008
Wishing I had a geek leader sharkfish (16)
excitement and stress sharkfish (13)
MacPorts sucks Bot Ghost (7)
Why did Russia invade Georgia? lorb (68)
the intarweb provides hours of laughter sharkfish (3)
Spanish basketball team sharkfish (12)
US and Russia's war of words about Georgia Dan Denman (6)
gmail down Another Fine Poster (8)
Molly is sick with mange again muppet (18)
Footsteps to the birds nest df (2)
Bwahaha is this for real? Bluebeard (2)
Detroit mayor does it again xampl (4)
downside of python's whitespace policies son of parnas (9)
Random thought for HTML and CSS Bot Berlin (34)
Go! Breast-feeders, go! Rick on a so-far boring Monday (90)
Russia is going to get McCain elected df (28)
Don't they have video cameras in South Ossetia? df (26)
What is a good credit report service? Bot Berlin (1)
Happy birthday Sathy. Tapiwa (12)
How much can I make from Rick on a so-far boring Monday (9)
What are you gold standard ninnies going to do when... Michael B (44)
YaleChick's not pregnant Yale Chick (39)
How did the Dollar stabilize? Lombrado (2)
Bush pictures in the Olympics Lombrado (9)
this guy is a good thinker whistle (1)
what happened to post 39000?  about the georgian conflict? whistle (3)
Take that France son of parnas (5)
Official Support for PHP 4 ends Rick Tang (1)
How hard is it to get into a law school? Rick Tang (17)
Google maps has switched off Georgia's roads trollop (4)
August 10th, 2008
I'm watching Cloverfield now sharkfish (6)
Interracial Marriage Clay Dowling (8)
Japan on Immigration Bot Berlin (16)
Spam Attack Cory Foy (8)
what is wrong with people? John Passie (4)
R.I.P. Isaac Hayes Peter (5)
re-draw the lines if you can't win the fight sharkfish (21)
if they aren't already in NATO, they're going to be utterly fuck Oskar (8)
interesting approach to depression son of parnas (14)
Colm vs. muppet f (7)
"Blink" won the Hugo for best Dramatic Presentation Philo (D) (4)
why do couples go to bars/clubs? Michael B (18)
List of movies with female leads Michael B (17)
tragedy of the anticommons son of parnas (21)
All-girl Haka trollop (3)
For me the best son of parnas (2)
August 9th, 2008
Regarding Georgia, a good article Lombrado (19)
Beautiful Subway Hack Presentation Boston Legal (2)
Sybolism of Olympic Games son of parnas (7)
Freddie Mac dead at 38 Alan Greenspan (0)
Hey, sharky! Question about body building. (9)
how is comunaty formed? how does wabsite get peepole sharkfish (4)
One of first USA medalists is Duke student xampl (0)
Bernie Mac dead at 50. sharkfish (3)
Having an affair xampl (10)
Bought a motorcycle Clay Dowling (16)
Red State in yo' face lorb (0)
August 8th, 2008
Olympics Opening Ward (21)
I am in love Bot Berlin (2)
Cheapest Solution to this hardware problem Wayne (23)
Star Trek MMORPG xampl (1)
How flying used to be xampl (14)
Hitler raging about Twitter sharkfish (8)
China can be rich, world super-power, military Bot Berlin (11)
Yalechick Weekly Stats I lead a life of crime (10)
John Edwards had an affair sharkfish (13)
Bot's list of reasons to get a girlfriend pretty soon Bot Berlin (12)
Since you guys are excellent sources of advice Sin-wat (10)
Kwamee Kilpatrick at it again Clay Dowling (2)
i think we should form a posse sharkfish (8)
Berwyn Mayor Drug Bust Followup Clay Dowling (5)
It's stupid not to work on hard problems. Worse, it's lazy. sharkfish (12)
I'm so ignorant sharkfish (23)
Ambulance chasers are the lowest I lead a life of crime (2)
Westborough Baptist stopped at the border Clay Dowling (5)
Bill Maher is my role model (on Religion movie) Bot Berlin (2)
Taught ya trollop (2)
"Yes Sir, I Can Boogie... man on the stair (9)
whoopi tries to explain sharkfish (12)
For the hardware enthusiasts... JoC (2)
The nature of my spam xampl (7)
Today's workout xampl (4)
I was just asking for this sharkfish (0)
Olympic Spectacular trollop (5)
For Purple Soup Dragon (4)
speakin of crying whistle (1)
Denman give away LeMonDe (1)
Ahmadinejad to the US Dan Denman (5)
Bush declaring war on Iran, China and Russia Skeptic (20)
DB Dogma: Never use booleans as a data type Philo (D) (43)
August 7th, 2008
When America went dumb Bot Berlin (7)
see?  this is why you dont have sex with steel work benches.. whistle (1)
your taco flavored kisses sharkfish (5)
cum dumpster sharkfish (14)
recess pieces LeMonDe (17)
I have JoC (7)
YC and Sathy (8)
Chandler df (4)
So, after YaleChick was impregnated by the rogue cop who raped muppet (2)
Saying goodbye (for now) Rick Tang (13)
"How about simply refraining from posting if you.. whistle (18)
you guys are awesome the great purple (4)
Wife said I could have this Clay Dowling (13)
Oh my God, do you ever read my post!? CommunityCollegeChick (36)
In case you don't know, YC is not Rick Tang (14)
Haay.............ulp! (35)
I tested it, the code is fine Oskar (10)
I find it amusing Aaron (21)
The death of quality in music xampl (19)
Just so there's no backtracking Aaron (3)
anybody know the answer to this one sharkfish (23)
YC strikes back! Rick Tang (26)
Liberal Justice df (6)
Congratulations to YC Bot Berlin (17)
Let the Salem Witch Trials and Christian Fundalemism begin Bot L Berlin (9)
Yet another democrat bond skipping democrat Bot L Berlin (1)
There are two types of onions Rick Tang (8)
Yet another sexually deviant Republican Lombrado (18)
Consumerism / Americanism df (25)
More fun in Detroit xampl (2)
I think it's obvious to everyone here muppet (71)
YC Aaron (47)
Repost for poor stupid YaleChick's benefit muppet (12)
Still unemployed Michael B (5)
Are you (10)
sometimes life sucks the great purple (26)
Obama unfazed by Lunatic at Rally Clay Dowling (4)
Please critique my retirement plan Welcome to Walmart (10)
Torchwood muppet (33)
Omigod, we're being invaded! man on the stair (2)
New Job what are you waiting for? (5)
" I've never before witnessed adults so unable to correctly... whistle (21)
Are these two phrases the same? Ward (5)
How do you wash blueberries Ward (7)
Has the poor economy changed your habits at all? Bot Berlin Wall Germany (18)
August 6th, 2008
thank you, YaleChick sharkfish (33)
freaky phone happening sharkfish (7)
Peter's observation Rick aka 'The sexist' (42)
seeing men cry sharkfish (17)
What is the site for mock web data for forums Bot L Berlin (5)
Suicide Rick Tang (32)
Aaron is not happy today Rick Tang (3)
I was just thinking of this 5 seconds ago son of parnas (7)
HIV incidence Rick Tang (31)
web research people - is this true? the great purple (20)
Beijing is now pollution free! Skeptic (11)
jquery ui vs extjs? son of parnas (9)
Web Unit Test Frameworks Bot L Berlin (8)
I was sexually harrassed this morning JustGoingToWork (29)
McCain offers wife for topless beauty pageant Clay Dowling (from bushes) (8)
database design, what does this offer? whistle (34)
heh.  changing the rules of the game whistle (14)
Speaking of ironies, Iraq lorb (6)
Need a way to stop the cyclic rebirth of memes Ward (15)
ending slavery without war whistle (10)
Dear f Fat Joe (0)
Result from STD clinic in NYC 303 Ninth Avenue(28th Street) (37)
Dark Knight. No spoilers sharkfish (17)
August 5th, 2008
Twin's ,..., (5)
German music sharkfish (14)
She says, "but the Sal Paradise (3)
now that muppet is back f (15)
Holy shit! Paris Hilton is smarter than McObama combined Sal Paradise (19)
introducing people IRL to internet memes sharkfish (9)
I recommend this book list sharkfish (2)
Code Monkey the great purple (6)
I think it is time sharkfish (18)
Is it official? Sal Paradise (9)
corn rows = criminal sharkfish (4)
Orgasms on Tap Oh Dear (9)
What's the story with Rick Sal Paradise (7)
Microwave popcorn xampl (9)
bliss is over I think sharkfish (3)
.NET question sharkfish (12)
I may be a prude, but not a Rick Tang (8)
So, I took our spending data from the last two years muppet (58)
For shark (or anyone checking up on ISP) JoC (2)
Update on cop guy YaleChick (73)
For YaleChick: March of Shame Fan boy (1)
No means no Rick Tang (47)
Term of Service Rick Tang (0)
Hi, I thought y'all might like these free books on philosophy Stefan Molyneux, MA (8)
I'll keep this in case I have a daughter Rick Tang (12)
August 4th, 2008
my head sharkfish (2)
how's your gaydar sharkfish (17)
My next transportation device son of parnas (5)
JMeter, nice tool Bot Berlin Wall Germany (1)
CoT = bunch of boring, suburbanite losers. ff (9)
was i wrong sharkfish (25)
I'm with this translation sharkfish (1)
Stereotyping: Black/White interracial couples part 3 Bot Berlin Wall Germany (5)
Yale heads are dizzy what are you pranging for? (1)
Good insight.  Covers startup and working fulltime Bot L Berlin (2)
This is why you shouldn't code in bars Bot L Berlin (5)
Aaron's thread on AIDS Dan Denman (4)
Well said son of parnas (9)
oh fer cripes sake! sharkfish (21)
He didn't respond to my text.. Oskar (23)
Restraint of trade, indeed. trollop (15)
Practice makes perfect man on the stair (8)
Firefly deal sharkfish (12)
Simple pleasures Michael B (1)
counseling the great purple (10)
YaleChick and AIDS Aaron (98)
Did LSD get classed as spam? what are you typing for? (8)
elisp man on the stair (1)
Mamma Mia! The Movie - The Best songs Lombrado (8)
I couldn't help myself sharkfish (4)
Jews in Iran Dan Denman (2)
August 3rd, 2008
you threw up on him and then fucked him f (49)
essentially no one with a college degree is unemployed f (3)
bank gave me an extra $20 what should I do? f (6)
I am smart now Bot Ghost (4)
um. Heh? sharkfish (12)
Writing sharkfish (27)
Very odd spam - recently deleted Peter (1)
Antony Garrard Newton Flew f (1)
To the home depot guy son of parnas (14)
Day care is the new villiage son of parnas (3)
Foolish get money quick schemes for programmers Bot Berlin (14)
On the new Einstein book Bot Berlin (8)
Unemployed: Week One Michael B (11)
College educated males more likely to be criminals Skeptic (15)
Taking pictures of a house Oskar (12)
It's so wrong trollop (0)
August 2nd, 2008
Literraly flabbergasted! Dan Denman (5)
Wipeout xampl (0)
Finally, Congress is trying decriminalize pot possession Not Yale Chick, not a dating Q (1)
Did I blow it with this guy? YaleChick (87)
why the social web doesn't turn me on sharkfish (11)
but he was a VP at a $100 million copmany! sharkfish (14)
the virus that is Walmart sharkfish (11)
Time to push IM people over a cliff sharkfish (2)
Why notify a bespectacled cheerier Tom, mots? man on the stair (0)
I quit my job, with... Michael B (11)
"There are no systems above physics that can be understood." (6)
You're in a maze of twisty little memes, all alike plugh (3)
Obama too skinny thing and Murdoch's Fox Street Journal Skeptic (3)
Fantastic Day whistle (6)
Primus Kepala Kelapa (6)
August 1st, 2008
For Sharky Philo (11)
this will freak you out sharkfish (12)
When my SO isn't home sharkfish (11)
Yahoo marks email I send to myself Rick Tang (5)
Meme me up, spotty. Capt'n Berk (0)
"I am now Helga, Valkyrie and saviour of the Vikings" whistle (4)
Oh. I miss Rick Tang (6)
Lot of work today, hope I don't cause trouble Bot Berlin (2)
what does a hipster look like sharkfish (11)
I want to build an interface to get to information fast Bot L Berlin (5)
Bot <> muppet Kenny (9)
Congrats to Rush Bot L Berlin (16)
I am back, misssed you all guys LeMonDe (11)
Memory again, strange Bot L Berlin (3)
That Whole Lori Drew Thing df (11)
I'm enjoying this thread sharkfish (7)
The rebirth of way stops a need to cyclic meme JoC (9)
Table name prefixes xampl (10)
Learn a language in five minutes! Rick Tang (8)
*Now* they've definitely found water on Mars SaveTheHubble (5)
Smart but not getting things done Rick Tang (12)
SoP's Cyclic Meme - A Note of the Deer Birth Way Ward (2)
Mr Bush is a fascist Bot L Berlin (2)
Where Elitism/Wealth/Class/Location don't matter Bot L Berlin (11)
Does anyone have experience writing benchmarks Bot L Berlin (1)
something in the water, maybe the great purple (5)
Karma reincarnates mental entities, seek Nirvana Aaron (1)
The cyclic memes need to stop a way of rebirth Ward (0)
Cloud computing xampl (0)
More stuff about me Bot L Berlin (6)
Find a way to stop the cycling meme man on the stair (3)
Xampl; are you a racist, hate gays or some other bigot? Bot L Berlin (6)
Talk about a nanny government son of parnas (11)
Technical question: where is firefox's default CSS Bot L Berlin (2)
wsv Aaron (5)
Muppet on Twitter Bot L Berlin (8)
CoT memmbers, posting messages Bot Berlin (20)
G. K. Chesterton Rides Again! Clay Dowling (3)
Memecycling restop to way need a find Aaron (1)
So, who is lying? Oskar (5)
"There are no systems above physics that can be understood" whistle (39)
What's the different between Schwarzenegger and McCain? Lombrado (2)
Coloreds not welcome in Australia Skeptic (1)
Twitter's an interesting beast... Cory Foy (2)
Speaking of jobless... Cory Foy (6)
97.5% Dan Denman (9)