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August 31st, 2010
taiwan news covers mosque issue Weevil (1 comments)
BP cares about Texas Weevil (5)
Moody's rated CDOs as AAA xampl (6)
President's speech xampl (20)
New V.P. over engineering Fan boy (16)
should parents be allowed to refuse medical care for kids? Weevil (24)
Tuesday boobies xampl (1)
"Hindsight is a powerful thing" not CC (17)
Enterprise/Big IT, most people are worthless Weevil2 (13)
Hi Everybody, It's Been Awhile Jeff Barton (15)
molesting unconscious patients not allowed, it's required Weevil (9)
muppet... no fat chicks (23)
study proves drunks live longer Weevil (9)
Google Translate is just amazing not CC (1)
Never Eat Shredded Wheat trollop (1)
Putin on the Ritz muppet (6)
So John Haren muppet (3)
What's the word? xampl (8)
This is HILARIOUS muppet (3)
What did you have for breakfast muppet? Fan boy (14)
Digg? Fan boy (9)
Israel shocker: Jewish state converts to islam Weevil (24)
August 30th, 2010
Are there any organised people here? Bobby Browne (6)
Will Obama get a second term? Bobby Browne (22)
So, my ex came by to pick up her stuff Michael B (61)
Oosterschelde storm barrier eek (2)
Economics done wrong, Obamacare encourages increases Weevil2 (8)
China lost half trillion in US bonds, Bank Chief on the run Rich Tsang (13)
5-0 Ward (6)
165 University Ave, Palo Alto Bluebeard (2)
How do you want to go? Michael B (19)
I just had some Cheddar and Tomato soup from Au Bon Pain muppet (7)
Oh shut the fuck up you big weeping British vagina muppet (8)
Why put a block heater on an unleaded engine? muppet (17)
Over the weekend I soft-modded my Wii and added a 0.5TB drive muppet (11)
Not right now mom, I'm tryin' to choke a bitch muppet (7)
I hereby release my Facebook idea to the universe... Bobby Browne (9)
Not my new truck! Fan boy (19)
August 29th, 2010
C# object initializers & IEnumerable xampl (4)
Anyone have a start-up that... CoTAddict (2)
Zeekracht project - windmills in North Sea kunta kinte (10)
Katrina refugees, five years later xampl (3)
Is antivirus software needed these days? Bobby Browne (14)
Thirsty? Billy the Fish (1)
y combinator is stupid and a bad deal Weevil (23)
credit card experiment with homeless people Weevil (7)
August 28th, 2010
How much weight can you gain in one day? Michael B (15)
useful word of day: jobsworth Weevil (3)
Japanese Secret Moon Robot Base! Weevil (2)
How does Red Hat make money? boost (9)
Article about growing old in tech.  Comments? GettingUpThar (25)
Paris Hilton found with pot and coke in Las Vegas Weevil (7)
Software for risky domains tirade7 (4)
For Weevil Attila (1)
Hangover prevention Michael B (8)
McCain/Lieberman helping America Weevil (9)
I'm played football today - God I'm an unfit bastard MobyDobie (10)
DNA testing proves Hitler was Jewish Weevil (14)
gmail's free telephone service, wtf Weevil (5)
Original HP Oscillator on Antiques Roadshow Ward (2)
beta book versions Weevil (6)
IT jobs again... sierra (7)
August 27th, 2010
I'm slightly shitfaced on the LES Michael B (7)
Eat pray love Jim was here (7)
A beautiful, bucolic woods and stream not CC (9)
My Kindle 3 is here xampl (8)
Exceeding the speed limit in Ohio Spaceloid (10)
"One in four lap dancers has a degree" Billy the Fish (10)
ARMA II df (3)
Tired of getting BSOD'd not CC (6)
Father nearly kills 2-year-old by "teaching him how to box" glosyarroli (3)
What a sickening story muppet (9)
Read it while it lasts... JoC (2)
Mafia 2 muppet (4)
So, I installed Netflix for my iPhone muppet (10)
August 26th, 2010
What do normal, happy, attractive people do every night? Michael B (26)
Who bought those fries, anyway? Fan boy (12)
couple arrested for making sex tape Weevil (0)
more Ron Paul & the Mosque Weevil (16)
Another large Toyota recall xampl (1)
Where is bot? WTF is the negro (2)
Domain Name & chances of a lawsuit xampl (14)
Child support hypotheticals Michael B (16)
new management technique to motivate employees Weevil (13)
smartest man in world: global warming? pshaw! Weevil (8)
welcome to the world of aids Weevil (19)
Sounds like another CoTter lost it... FrakBuccaneer (2)
It's taken me 3 weeks to write a few lines of code YouGODude (5)
I'LL TAKE 15 PAIRS muppet (4)
wall climbing eek (11)
Everybody and their Dog is Venture Capitalist CC (4)
unemployment extensions Weevil (2)
Grapes of Wrath Fan boy (2)
Productive Fan boy (13)
August 25th, 2010
"Kindle 3 ships this week: Are you buying one?" Rick in BC (19)
Why do so many people choke themselves out while Michael B (8)
Typical MySpace/Mocospace Member Lemur (14)
girlfriend is a pig Weevil (24)
working from home pro/con Weevil (2)
street view creating problems in germany Weevil (3)
latest secret documents Weevil (6)
whois Weevil (13)
Holy crap, a fire tornado Aaron (6)
Standing workstation Michael B (3)
sites being slow Weevil (41)
How to minimize politics in your company xampl (3)
How did Apple get it so wrong? what are you reading for? (9)
Would AIs Billy the Fish (8)
My job search is just about done.. Morons (4)
When is client server coming back? not CC (13)
MasterShake muppet (1)
What's the difference between (current) HTML and (old) BINARY? Io (9)
Katrina cops told to shoot looters on sight Weevil (1)
Vote to tagline Spaceloid (0)
Apple prices df (37)
windows 7 preview icons eek (9)
Computer dreams Fan boy (4)
Does anyone remember that old forum f* . (3)
August 24th, 2010
Inc 5000 list Scott (9)
Blarrgh Full name (5)
Seems to be some kind of fire sale on Tech Stocks today Kenny (2)
Disturbing heroin AMA on reddit Michael B (14)
Thank you and goodbye! Dr. Horrorwitz (6)
Rumors that SAP wants to buy RedHat xampl (5)
Will it be a better world when we all know we're being recorded? df (43)
Windows 95 turns 15 xampl (2)
August 23rd, 2010
Ron Paul on the Mosque Weevil (33)
hulu Michael B (2)
okcupid Michael B (9)
It's official... Full name (4)
Much hate for crystal reports and sap today Peter is grouchy today! (6)
Building a StarCraft bot xampl (1)
Presidential Address warns of vast corporate conspiracy Weevil (6)
Youth in Revolt Weevil (0)
Anyone looking for a job? xampl (1)
Hoarders! df (9)
going on vacation the great purple (4)
Michael B: Was right about everything Weevil (3)
August 22nd, 2010
white mob in NYC tries to lynch black man Weevil (2)
usability gripe: momentum in google maps Weevil (7)
an advantage to living in big cities Weevil (0)
"No one noticed.  Not even me." proudDadOfManyThings (2)
'69 Impala xampl (5)
latest homemade rocket comes with homemade submarine Weevil (17)
Victorian steam engine xampl (3)
muslim miss usa , who knew? Lenny (16)
frank rich on park51 Lenny (3)
How good was color photography in 1910? Spaceloid (4)
Seeking young wife to help run farm Box 61 Forsyth, Georgia (8)
Cities start taxing bloggers Weevil (16)
I'm not a holocaust denier any more Dr. Horrorwitz (39)
Massive Bonuses for Goldman Sachs Execs! Weevil (2)
what to do with your ex's wedding dress Weevil (4)
Unemployment Michael B (13)
August 21st, 2010
In a tent Michael B (33)
What a knockout by Ubuntu Rick being a spoiled brat (2)
Socialist vs Libertarian Rick being a spoiled brat (18)
Should we give Dr. Horrorwitz fair treatments? Rick being a spoiled brat (9)
I hate oracle Rick being a spoiled brat (0)
Swedish rape case Weevil (32)
Australian Parliament hung! Billy the Fish (10)
Julian Assange arrested in absentia for double rape Dr. Horrorwitz (8) sierra (10)
Lesser-known truths about programming Wayne (8)
Keep in Touch with North Korea Weevil (8)
August 20th, 2010
Rammstein Michael B (7)
How long? Fan boy (24)
"The application requires Internet Explorer" xampl (8)
Final Verdict on the "Ground Zero Mosque" not CC (77)
dilbert on regulatory capture Weevil (1)
Update: 40 Windows apps contain critical bug, says researcher Full name (3)
Flashpoint FrakBuccaneer (0)
"Wild West", "The Deep", and "Jungle Style" pinball for iPhone muppet (0)
DSLs considered harmful Billy the Fish (23)
New level of TSA intrusiveness Weevil (18)
Intel + McAfee = Rick in BC (17)
August 19th, 2010
getting a job (not IT) sierra (5)
confession Weevil (5)
Vicodin Michael B (13)
IAmA house owner now. Paid 9500 bucks. AMA. Dr. Horrorwitz (73)
BM Michael B (10)
Living minimally redux FrakBuccaneer (12)
Canadian Real Estate Bubble Kenny (18)
FWBs Michael B (38)
Writing a business plan xampl (10)
Chocolate milk and Rumple Minze muppet (2)
how to buy beer when underage Weevil (13)
GM: "gov. restrictions on bonuses hampering our success" Weevil (8)
August 18th, 2010
Living Minimally xampl (18)
observations while buying new underwear Weevil (15)
The REAL Web is *not* dead graph Rick in BC (3)
One juror saved Blagojevich from years of prison life Rick in BC (17)
mel gibson australian Weevil (25)
Eggs recalled around the US Full name (5)
World's Best Countries Olimpico (12)
I'd be lying Aaron (14)
job offer! proudDadOfManyThings (19)
"Ground zero" mosque? lorb (14)
August 17th, 2010
Weird xbox live automatically disappearing games df (6)
Young Boys Wankdorf erection relief Billy the Fish (2)
Inspired Chutzpah not CC (0)
Oh, btw... Billy the Fish (1)
more I read this guy ... eek (5)
Ha ha ha Rick in BC (1)
How big of an emergency fund should one have before..... Jeff (27)
SO I managed to rip those episodes for Elizabeth muppet (24)
What direction should I take my career? Jeff (19)
Airline pass - where would you go over a month? xampl (15)
Wired is staffed by retards df (12)
Wayne muppet (9)
Atlanta old lady police shooting resolved Weevil (5)
We want sharkfish! Rick in BC (16)
August 16th, 2010
BEDBUGS! df (28)
What personality disorders do you have? [take the test] Michael B (34)
Rude roulette Michael B (5)
Google doesn't keep Android app money? Wayne (7)
usb flash drives with decent performance Weevil (2)
"Leaked memo" Rick in BC (2)
Does the incompleteness theorem prove Michael B (3)
How much do you really need? Rick in BC (2)
What a douchebag Full name (2)
Going back to college in your 30s .. (25)
Microsoft's Rennaisance df (41)
Suicide Counselors helping people deal with harddrive loss Weevil (11)
antidepressants and sex drive Weevil (17)
Teen Sex helps grades says study Weevil (0)
Police respond when English Prof won't order right at Starbucks Weevil (22)
Apple manager charged with taking kickbacks xampl (1)
are yiou afraid of the upcoming terror babies? Weevil (8)
Alvin Greene indicted Weevil (6)
I suck at getting wasted Michael B (16)
August 15th, 2010
Kids acting up Weevil (0)
Obama helps distraught bride Weevil (8)
Wedding tragedy in Turkey Weevil (8)
%deleted% Aaron (3)
Looking for work for next year... proudDadOfManyThings (3)
Broke up with my gf Michael B (8)
What do you all think of this? not CC (8)
Detroit: best city in america? Weevil (21)
*pop* ProudDadOfManyThings (2)
wifi poisoning Weevil (4)
wtf are you guys doing?  there were about 10 deleted posts... ProudDadOfManyThings (8)
Step Brothers gag reel Bluebeard (2)
Five Fingers shoes attract pirates xampl (4)
some places welcome entrepreneurs that love freedom Scott (11)
Cloudman sees all xampl (4)
Nude beaches Michael B (4)
August 14th, 2010
US cities sierra (6)
Negative karma on SO xampl (14)
Most reverted wikipedia articles: 69, nipple, apple sauce Colm (0)
More science article nostalgia Ward (0)
August 13th, 2010
Cash Cab xampl (3)
What's with the R2-D2 ass pics? xampl (8)
If you could, would you? Billy the (Star-)Fish (18)
I don't think I'd be able to help myself... FrakBuccaneer (11)
One less parasite on the roads FrakBuccaneer (28)
Missed submitting this yesterday xampl (12)
WTF with Java Daniel Chein (35)
Cold Stone Creamery - Public Service Announcement muppet (14)
million dollar speeding ticket Weevil (7)
August 12th, 2010
Kiwi Horror Interactive trollop (3)
Nostalgia - looking at old science articles Ward (4)
wikileaks shows ... Rick in BC (10)
Thats It, We Really Are All Going To Die proudDadOfManyThings (9)
More Star Trek technology coming to life Wayne (17)
"america was built on freedom of religion... but *come on*" argv[0] (7)
I believe him JoC (8)
GM shows a profit xampl (9)
Travel tips FrakBuccaneer (15)
WTF?! muppet (5)
Missed one of my favorite B movies xampl (1)
Black parents give birth to blonde white child Bluebeard (10)
I am so glad trollop (7)
August 11th, 2010
DBA's are cat lovers Fan boy (16)
ChatRoulette geolocations cracked Weevil (24)
Perl vs C, debugging ease Weevil (34)
Hot Piece of Assssss what are you reading for? (12)
Sharkfish has well and truly left Bluebeard (9)
Monsanto will soon own North Dakota FrakBuccaneer (4)
Beavis and Butthead are returning Bored Bystander (9)
The poor are more generous than the rich Rick in BC (9)
feds to jack up mortgage rates, cancel interest deduction Weevil (29)
Why care about Afghan informants? Weevil (11)
Spartacus Blood and Sand Ward (1)
google: in the future we will control you Weevil (5)
sex by phone brand Weevil (19)
August 10th, 2010
Chrome working great! not CC (8)
Dell accepting pre-orders for the Streak xampl (8)
Late For Phone Interviews\Screens Morons (15)
Breast feeding on the bus Rick in BC (13)
no pumping today the great purple (13)
Cost of Living Interactive Map Morons (9)
Interview dress Witholding my name for this post (12)
Bankruptcy the best option Witholding my name for this post (39)
Sarah's birthday gift today muppet (6)
Wow, it doesn't live up to the hype/nostalgia at all muppet (11)
Vote Levi Johnston for Mayor of Wasilla! Weevil (1)
Boobies Tuesday xampl (9)
The amazing thing about this post is muppet (5)
Full employment df (6)
Boy, I wish I remembered what the impetus for this post was muppet (4)
Inside job muppet (3)
August 9th, 2010
Flight-attendant rage Full name (17)
Microsoft CTO publishes cookbook Weevil (4)
Porscher Fan boy (12)
US withdrawing from Afghanistan Weevil (14)
huh, obamacare says all gold sales must be registered with feds Weevil (15)
Strippers protest anti-stripping church Weevil (4)
MS vs Apple usage among Freshmen Rick in BC (9)
Ruby rules!!! Rick in BC (1)
No! Excel 2007 no longer supports WK* Rick in BC (3)
Will you fall for her? Rick in BC (5)
Currently 97F with a heat index of 106 xampl (1)
Do no evil, yeh, sure el (9)
Minor pleasant experiences (recent) Palmer Eldritch (11)
"upstanding \ productive member of society" Rick in BC (12)
Buy, buy, buy? JoC (6)
High performance transactions systems Attila (27)
This is retarded JoC (8)
To parents (mostly moms) who complain about muppet (23)
Do most IT jobs suck? . for this (37)
Elizabeth inhaled (aspirated) about 1.5 CC of muppet (10)
Kittens update ASDF (3)
hanging up the horns the great purple (8)
Roald Dahl's wife just now died Weevil (4)
August 8th, 2010
list traversal syntax Scott (12)
Tiger Woods having a bad weekend xampl (13)
serial killers on the internet looking for attention Weevil (12)
I n c e p t i o n (spoilers) xampl (16)
Hybrid drives xampl (19)
thinking about the no-denial provision in the health care act Scott (18)
Boating bucks Fan boy (23)
$36 Billion/yr in Medicare payments are fraudulent Weevil (14)
Glad I don't have this guy as my neighbor. xampl (12)
IT prostitution sierra (24)
August 7th, 2010
Nude people are only one click away. Rick in BC (10)
FUCK YOU AMERICA ! Rahul Gupta (21)
Data everywhere disrupts everything df (7)
Gratuitous Space Battles muppet (4)
Ummmmmm... Billy the Fish (3)
American Logic Fuckin' eedjits. (14)
August 6th, 2010
Damn, the management is keen where I work Q (8)
HP CEO resigns over sexual harassment investigation Rick in BC (6)
BBC interview the wrong guy Water Cooler v2 (1)
Say what? SaveTheHubble (4)
A special kind of stupid. Morons (16)
PS this is my watch muppet (10)
A lie with no exit df (10)
funny site eek (16)
Well somebody is lying.. Morons (7)
And I said, "What a coincidence, darlin'!" muppet (12)
How do you get web developers to do mundane things ASDF (12)
Software patents Io (18)
Obama helps to offshore more IT jobs! Good Luck.  We'll Need It! (9)
Wayne's Guide to beating Windows 7 into submission Wayne (11)
August 5th, 2010
Does a more perfect food exist? df (27)
C# In Depth, Second Edition Water Cooler v2 (6)
20,000 non-trivial transactions per second df (12)
Win 7 on work computer Fan boy (8)
so ... eek (12)
Layoffs at my company. Fan boy (5)
Voice Recognition Hardware SaveTheHubble (0)
Roald Dahl is overrated df (24)
Subversion is the most successful form of change xampl (8)
Live from Abbey Road trollop (5)
This so called "career" is dead to me now Jim T (6)
I'm being taken advantage of at work and should be looking.... NOT Wayne M (13)
windbg the great purple (14)
Wave is dead Spaceloid (8)
I find this Hilarious.. Morons (5)
Also, I'm pretty sure I dropped my nice watch at the hospital muppet (14)
Elizabeth took two naps in her potracrib yesterday muppet (8)
August 4th, 2010
Missouri Voters send a big F*ck You to Obama.. Morons (26)
What is one quarter of a really, really, really big number? Q (16)
The average cruising airspeed velocity of an unladen European not CC (4)
Inception actors don't understand it either SaveTheHubble (2)
Gallop Infiltrated by Tea Partiers Morons (1)
Yet another COT Member Cracks.. This time : Colm Morons (7)
A bus that literally straddles traffic Full name (13)
Wow. UN backs Israel's version of events not CC (2)
This gave me a chuckle Full name (0)
So Elizabeth went to the ER yesterday muppet (12)
Programming languages supply/demand Io (16)
August 3rd, 2010
Supermarket sushi xampl (18)
Bush vs. Obama taxes not CC (37)
Boobies Tuesday xampl (4)
muppet finally lost it FrakBuccaneer (6)
Separate raise talks from performance talks xampl (10)
How do you get rid of the Firefox trash? Water Cooler v2 (14)
Azure xampl (0)
double submission means automatic disqualification Morons (9)
Obama Care Approval at an all time low and falling Morons (31)
Only work half time now? Fan boy (25)
August 2nd, 2010
Triceratops was an immature dinosaur SaveTheHubble (5)
Have you worked with natural langauge parsing Bot Berlin (11)
Good news if you're missing a hand SaveTheHubble (1)
Rate (and politics) of tech advancement in China Spaceloid (5)
Abstract your persistence engine xampl (15)
StarCraft 2 triple-dot (12)
When Def Con 1 almost shut down the Sands hotel SaveTheHubble (4)
Mac (smb) connections and windows shares what are you reading for? (4)
August 1st, 2010
Chelsea's wedding xampl (5)
What's a casual interview? FrederickIan3rd (18)
AZ vs. immigrates chupacabra (18)
Civil War? Local government vs federal government Bot Berlin (6)
World comes to end: Twitter down for hours xampl (1)
Another point of view not CC (0)
Cop Shop trollop (3)
Doing my bit to up the post count ... Palmer Eldritch (0)
Fewest new topics in a day EVAR! Rick in BC (2)
green zone sierra (2)
belgium sierra (9)