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August 31st, 2015
good site for tax Walter (0 comments)
Lessons on Love, From a Rabbi Who Knows Hate and Forgiveness Jared Pizza (13)
Academic MoFos Jared Pizza (23)
Is medical school difficult?  Is law school difficult? WildRiver (9)
End of month paycheck didn't arrive xampl9 (28)
oldest koran dated Regular Poster (13)
Quant, is this true? WildRiver (21)
Netflix: Harmontown Kenny the Robot (0)
Short term thinking Shylock (10)
Music that makes you dumb trollop (0)
August 30th, 2015
Technical forums Ralph (37)
August 29th, 2015
Just slap a barcode on them xampl9 (4)
is israel supporting ISIS? Token (35)
Have you tried the new Kenyan Blend Coffee? Ari (3)
Tila Tequila Wick (18)
August 28th, 2015
I broke my iPad... brone (9)
New Yorker on work Walter (1)
Black in the US of A (dead in the cell edition) Bob Baden (1)
Linux on the desktop Ralph (19)
Why do Uber's directions suck so bad? Shylock (23)
how to handle the overflow Code Dog (5)
The un-Tesla Shylock (23)
HP "The Machine" - QI Trog (1)
Do you have a flashlight app on your phone? Bill (8)
Tinder again . (18)
August 27th, 2015
I thought I was a sell-sword... Shylock (3)
OMG, she is stupid! WildRiver (15)
Cool solo programmer! WildRiver (7)
Yo!  Any Tom Leykis fans here? Dino (4)
Linus Torvalds is my age and my generation! WildRiver (20)
One cool military replacement vehicle! WildRiver (4)
By Grabthar's Hammer, Something Important Bored Bystander (10)
Is it true? China dumped 143 Billions in US treasury recently? WildRiver (15)
Homeland Security Shylock (6)
So CEO's secretary doesn't want to open trouble tickets . (16)
How often do you get horny while at work? WildRiver (23)
Female/Male Sex Drive Ralph (48)
August 26th, 2015
kobar towers arrest: why now? Bob Baden (3)
Personal grooming? 5 cents (21)
Disgruntled worker!  Crazy shit! WildRiver (28)
Poland: Jewish tombstones used as building materials. Markowitch (16)
Sharkfish in the news Ralph (24)
Brice fan is Brice's alias! WildRiver (13)
Vacation spots suggestion for MD/VA/DC/NJ,PA area WildRiver (23)
How many COTers are member of Ashley Madison? WildRiver (5)
It was one year ago this month that this forum almost went away President of Brice Fan Club (20)
From now on any career advice will just be: Be like Donald Trump WildRiver (3)
Hey Chewbacca, this guy is looking for you! WildRiver (3)
 So I started out as a programmer/analyst, now they want to.... . (35)
Running R on Windows or Linux for development? Deployment? WildRiver (4)
Transcript Girl Broke Cup (2)
E-CAT patent reportedly granted by USPTO Trog (21)
Yea, now is a great time to test it. Legion (7)
August 25th, 2015
useful? Bot Baden-Wittenburg (13)
taylor jepsen Bot Baden-Wittenburg (2)
I agree with the top comment Bot Baden-Wittenburg (3)
2 bedrooms ..... $10M ??? Bot Baden-Wittenburg (11)
some dope Bot Baden-Wittenburg (1)
who was Wayne M? and why is S... Bot Baden-Wittenburg (15)
Rescind job offer Legion (40)
Why there aren't many high tech jobs in Florida? WildRiver (18)
LinkedIn turning even creepier Shylock (12)
So, why is having the empty string <> NULL a good thing? Shylock (24)
Any of you hasn't taken a vacation this summer yet? WildRiver (23)
I was on vacation while the stock market tanking! WildRiver (5)
West Bank - whose? Regular Poster (25)
your best blunders eek (11)
oops '_` Wasn't Me Cup (8)
Transcript of a suicide The Last Cup (19)
Two Prime movies to waste an evening Bored Bystander (9)
The don't-argue Don't Argue with the Cup (2)
Taylor Swift or Carly Rae Jepsen Pollster (11)
August 24th, 2015
Tinder again... Bluebeard (8)
Does everyone on Reddit literally xampl9 (8)
Come in, suckers ... trollop (1)
The Evil Dead returns xampl9 (3)
Matrix of ponds Wabi-sabi (21)
Ozymandias Wick (2)
Dow takes a beating Bluebeard (10)
Tornado potato Food Frog (1)
Bulgarian PCB manufacturer Io (5)
Meme of the moment Bored Bystander (15)
August 23rd, 2015
Hispanic homeless man beaten This space for rent. Call owner. (1)
I Dream of Wires NPR (9)
Fuck the police -- Aussie edition Bob Baden (1)
Biden-Warren Bob Baden (8)
fuck the police  -- wiz khalifa mix Bob Baden (0)
Official: NASA Logo sucks Somebody (5)
German city that said "fuck Windows" now wants it back Bluebeard (10)
murder via text message Bob Baden (3)
Dime ride outside grocery store Legion (9)
1:33PM Somebody (3)
My new Tinder profile pic Wabi-sabi (37)
need your help with this coding riddle Code Dog (7)
Race baiting goes awry ... (9)
Tōkai earthquake Friday (3)
I'm a mid-career programmer (38) who wants to.... Mid Career Programmer (48)
August 22nd, 2015
david cameron flies economy.  pretty badass. Walter (5)
saudi women get right to vote? Walter (5)
Idiot aka Weewil aka regular post aka fan boy WildRiver (14)
Those four brave US Marines in France... Regular Poster (35)
hahahah Bob Baden (5)
Patrick Stewart in pictures Bob Baden (0)
CoT would have died without trolls? Leaf (8)
Sex-crazed snakes caught at it trollop (2)
August 21st, 2015
Robonews - is this a thing now? Robocup (0)
success! R (3)
Muslim appologists take note. WildRiver (6)
that is the art! Fan boy (10)
Ridley Scott, Matt Damon, NASA interview xampl9 (0)
Faster/Better/Cheaper fails yet again Shylock (29)
Dow down 530.94 on China woes... Kenny the Robot (3)
Welcome to Dismaland, UK Bored Bystander (0)
Pandas in a web app? NPR (7)
Pool party Ralph (4)
How many Canadians does it take xampl9 (7)
What do you do for fun in the summer? Code Monkey (7)
Facebook auto-accepting invites xampl9 (Windows Phone) (1)
it was josh for reals common poster (4)
Censorship I wasn't aware of Quant (22)
UK turning into Russian form of democracy Quant (25)
August 20th, 2015
The Bush Presidency Bob Baden (4)
Nyc police rapist Bob Baden (1)
Ashkey R (4)
fucking americans fidelio (11)
I have to come up with a "project plan" NPR (26)
Latest Recruiter WTF Shylock (28)
So the Jared threads get tons of responses President of Brice Fan Club (11)
Ashley Madison Ralph (28)
sorority recruitment Regular Poster (18)
The mother of quants Asian guy (24)
August 19th, 2015
Josh Dugar Ashley Madison Patient Zero Somebody (41)
Fuck the police Bob Baden (3)
Nature photobot (0)
Molest Fresh with Jared Bored Bystander (41)
New Manager from Philippines: Part 2 . (12)
Shylock fact check mup (28)
Innocent ain't shit Reddit reporter (0)
This was Irving mup (14)
I'm working to learn R - so the Ashley Madison data is perfect Home Despot (17)
Have any of you dudes been to Comic Con? Code Monkey (21)
bill and canned goods inc are a waste of space President of Brice Fan Club (5)
August 18th, 2015
Ashley Madison dump Ralph (30)
Leaving CoT LeMonDe (8)
Lynching in the south! WildRiver (6)
WTF? Hey this is stupid and crazy.  OK, I just want to show WildRiver (11)
Fuck!  Starting to get spiders in the house now Vince (8)
Do you feel good when you first wake up in the morning? Code Monkey (6)
So Bored, do you know of any forums where intelligent topics.... President of Brice Fan Club (11)
Texas women can be hotter than California women! WildRiver (1)
August 17th, 2015
Another off-topic, random forum Bored Bystander (27)
Who contributed to Chelsea's look? Pa Bill or Ma Hillary? WildRiver (21)
Har har har to your equal opportunity Somebody (0)
shooter: arrested and booked for first-degree assault? Somebody (7)
Hey bored, do you have Texas's Roadhouse near you? WildRiver (14)
Donald Trump is the real deal! WildRiver (4)
Why aren't we changing the model of how restaurant workers WildRiver (10)
How many of you like this healthy snack: WildRiver (7)
Soylent guy gives up A/C power Wabi-sabi (5)
Stupid outside vendor xampl9 (4)
How stock recommendations are made Quant (6)
7 vs 7200 Quant (2)
Applebee's steaks Bored Bystander (26)
August 16th, 2015
padma lakshmi's tits Somebody (6)
Darren Wilson profile Somebody (7)
Art Theft: can we get a straight mother fucking answer? Somebody (2)
For the Data[base]/ETL/OLAP lovers.. Trog (8)
What the fuck? Quant (32)
It's feasting time in Papua Quant (4)
This Kindle buk should give everyone here clarity Bored Bystander (5)
16 TB SSD... the future arrived a bit earlier than expected.. Bluebeard (9)
August 15th, 2015
to Shylock Dan (9)
Shabbos Asdghjfryhb (2)
Fuck the Miami police Asdghjfryhb (17)
Pipes, anyone? Hae Cup (0)
Should you job hop? Reality Check (19)
she's a bit of a nut Z (12)
You know you'll suffer when Wick (2)
August 14th, 2015
fucking pigs Ice Cube (17)
Iron Maiden's Eddie works his way xampl9 (8)
Automatic Toothbrush Legion (3)
Help me pronounce a furrin name Anonymous Coward (4)
I don't want to hear anymore from Islamic apologists! WildRiver (20)
How some people buy stocks Quant (22)
Is this you mama lemonde? Bill (1)
I solve computer problem LeMonDe (3)
Paraguay Wick (9)
August 13th, 2015
I must watch this movie eek (8)
mind management eek (9)
The One Trump Article to Rule Them All Shylock (32)
Be warned! Wick (23)
What do you do with excess retainer payments? Cornsultant (19)
my day eek (17)
Best Radio App Shylock (3)
UT vs. Texas A&M xampl9 (1)
Name Suffixes Shylock (11)
Sad story! WildRiver (11)
Now this, this is Chutzpah! Shylock (8)
OS X xampl9 (34)
This is great Wick (4)
Gnucash for small business accounting? Quant (17)
August 12th, 2015
For muppet: Star Wars Holiday Special Legion (12)
Lyft is starting the death spiral Shylock (8)
trump! Bob Baden (18)
Latest Average Engineering Salaries Regular Poster (12)
Google Image Proxy WildRiver (3)
Stupid Wick (12)
We interrupt CoT for a brief assembly instruction OS (20)
where is lemon head? guppet (7)
I'm tired of ear buds Shylock (9)
Brice, can you give me some tips on buying a car? Cheap Ass (17)
Kind of a guarantee to get the wrong people Shylock (16)
Update on the book Hoyza (Formerly Pizza Guy) (5)
Soylent Bored Bystander (6)
Would you do a 90 minutes commute each way by train? dude (31)
Maxim Magazine Ralph (12)
Buying a car is a pain in the ass Car Shopping (20)
Anyone here NOT have a smart phone? Cheap Ass (11)
Tinder article, again Quant (20)
the simple ideas are the best eek (6)
August 11th, 2015
What kinds of music Answer the question, dammit! (17)
le;; rundrunk drn drunk bot (5)
Lawrence Lessig exploring White House bid mahmahbla (3)
Google Alphabet? FSK (11)
"Stop treating Trump like a Kardashian" xampl9 (25)
Juridical advice Io (10)
My Ubuntu expires today Io (6)
Anyone know what happened to Wayne M? Mike (4)
Why do people sit in their houses on a beautiful summer day? ? (10)
So you win, tilde imposter guy mup (11)
As terrible as this is mup (13)
The Beetle is far lower to the ground than I realized mup (46)
Reddit confession bear really disappeared from use reddit reporter (2)
oktoberfest Friday (7)
August 10th, 2015
Promotional material for The Martian xampl9 (0)
Trump!! Bob Baden (3)
What percentage COT historian (6)
Fucking wifi brone (10)
reddit shower thoughts//// reddit reporter (7)
New York Times no longer supports IE9... Arrested Development Manager (2)
I worked for 4 different large corporations from 1989-2011 Corporate Stooge (19)
Has PHB lost weight? Hoyza (Formerly Pizza Guy) (6)
So I met a chick on an online dating site Vince (14)
I bought a new car, picking it up today. mup (38)
skip to the end Jared Pizza (4)
Ferguson 1 year later - what has changed? Quant (10)
Happy Kepala Kelapa (6)
Tinder hookups - is this phenomenon true? Tianshi (41)
The city-data forum has its own version of Brice Richard Vince (3)
August 9th, 2015
free-dom Somebody (2)
The High Line Shylock (25)
Trump! Bob Baden (23)
Why are we in the EU Io (14)
american idol Somebody (3)
life lessons Friday (26)
Unauthorized credit card charges WildRiver (41)
August 8th, 2015
sentimental? Jared Pizza (10)
hot chicks Jared Pizza (7)
GOP Debate Hoyza (Formerly Pizza Guy) (12)
Dual loyalty part 764747 Chuck Schumer edition COT historian (6)
Privacy and advertising in Windows 10 Holy Data Mining Cup (1)
They are bringing in a new manager from the Philippines.... . (27)
whassup Wick (11)
August 7th, 2015
707 HP Charger xampl9 (0)
He's a good actor Jared Pizza (10)
Toad Shylock (9)
I'm not taking this board seriously any more Arby's Macht Fries (22)
Job description Shylock (37)
Uber Shylock (24)
If you could not get much for your trade in vehicle.... Mark (28)
More mt gox Jared Pizza (0)
What's the number 1 search term on Bing? Wick (7)
Are you religious? Leaf (25)
August 6th, 2015
lol reddit rapper (0)
god bless Ed Wood (1)
LinkedIn - Keeping in contact with scumbags? Bored Bystander (17)
There's a guy in a suit xampl9 (25)
Who comes up with this shitty term: sapiosexual? WildRiver (21)
Why Israel suddently admits Jewish terrorism Quant (39)
HN goes even more reddit HNer (0)
Shitpost xampl9 (0)
Quack,quack, smack!, quack. tablet trollop (50)
August 5th, 2015
.NET WinForm HTML edit control WildRiver (3)
Ok so they are going to merge us (IT) with another department . (33)
Bad luck if you live under number 11 Quant (7)
New book sample (free) Hoyza (Formerly Pizza Guy) (8)
Accurate? Hoyza (Formerly Pizza Guy) (13)
FBI wants to improve email security: Studies Clinton's servers Legion (4)
Time to round up all economists and put them in prison! WildRiver (17)
chrome has become a POS eek (16)
Making money in finance Walter (27)
August 4th, 2015
Do you get mad if your friends hang out with other people? Wabi-sabi (38)
Windows 10 "privacyGate" exposes porn collection Markowitch (1)
ASP.NET 5 is not ready yet.  Here is the roadmap. WildRiver (0)
OK, don't laugh...but where do I find jobs with porn video WildRiver (10)
ASP.NET 5 - watch this link often... WildRiver (0)
What IT companies want in recruits Bluebeard (14)
Isn't it time to compensate grandchildren of holocaust survivors MobyDobie (8)
It's hardcore sex at the Tory Party Quant (12)
"I know you're salaried, but... mup (70)
wildriver Bluebeard (1)
August 3rd, 2015
does Io still work at this company? COT historian (5)
Things start getting serious Quant (17)
Here's the deal-killer for Windows 10 Shylock (24)
monster is a legal term Time for Cup (8)
Behold the face of the monster Quant (13)
Dentist visit xampl9 (20)
Mtgox guy admits.... MobyDobie (3)
Not an apartheid state . (54)
August 2nd, 2015
self hating US jews up to no good! Shimon (4)
Crimes against my people Whitefeather (3)
US swearing map Jared Pizza (6)
high school seniorS Regret (3)
Police lie Jazzy Pizza (8)
Someone's death never reported... how does this work? Bored Bystander (30)
Study of NoSQL technologies Io (56)
August 1st, 2015
hadoop Friday (17)
Officers Balcerzak, Gabrish, Porubcan.... Reddit reporter (1)
Has anyone tried Mono/C# on Linux platform? wildriver (12)
Update from Ukraine Markowitch (24)
Mt gox employee #1 AMA Jared Pizza (19)
Eat fresh, with Jared Bored Bystander (10)
eek musta missed dis Wick (11)