RIP Philo

September 30th, 2005
2 games left... Jim Rankin (8 comments)
Bad week for the GOP Philo (13)
unseenwar Jesus H Christ (9)
Slick... Mat Hall (0)
Any chavs out there? Jim Rankin (31)
Rectal probe a touch too far for Commercial, Office Man banned Simon Lucy (5)
Do you follow sports? Berlin Brown (21)
BBC goes ?Off Simon Lucy (9)
I think "she" use to be a man Time for Action }i{ (15)
US Control of the internet sharkfish (16)
Politicians who don't get it Philo (10)
new laptop ed lanyard (8)
Serenity & History of Violence joey (20)
Kyle Maynard sharkfish (4)
Home theater buffs? tailotg (12)
September 29th, 2005
Irony in the Arctic XYZZY (22)
Would you support this law? Philo (57)
Guess who's free MarkTAW (3)
Bill Bennett President Berlin Brown (30)
I'm telling you, boy, that God is black Rick Tang (26)
Swan song of songs sharkfish (2)
Swan Song anon (16)
The delight that is Euroenglish Flasher T (11)
That test was ridiculously hard. MarkTAW (24)
The ?Off Hall of Fame Jeff Barton (22)
Dell wants to be Apple Jim Rankin (6)
Have any famous people been into Programming!! Confused!!! (38)
NetSky, NetSky, NetSky Simon Lucy (4)
Delayed sleep phase syndrome MarkTAW (38)
So long, and thanks for all the trolling muppet (53)
The Goon Show trollop (20)
Pop quiz Ian Boys (112)
September 28th, 2005
Best (21)
Welcome to Brooklyn – Believe the Hype MarkTAW (6)
hot off slashdot - open source election software Jesus H Christ (5)
DeLay replaced by closet gay Misanthrope (8)
Saturday Night Live transcripts Ward (14)
the backstroke of the west Eric Debois (16)
The real reason MSFT likes HD-DVD Jim Rankin (5)
Cap shrinks, not many drowned. Simon Lucy (54)
Delay is Degone son of parnas (10)
Dig a hole through the earth Eric Debois (8)
10 Billion Dollar Treasure Found! Dennis Forbes (17)
I'd just like to mention... a cynic writes... (11)
speechwriting Jason (27)
What time is it? (23)
Any thoughts on becoming a PMP? One Trick Pony (14)
Please comment this letter abu (18)
Gas pricing database Dennis Forbes (12)
September 27th, 2005
Screw Linux Aaron F Stanton (34)
Commander in Chief sharkfish (10)
Would you move to San Francisco if you had the money Berlin Brown (35)
Gilmore Girls Dennis Forbes (30)
To Mat Hall Sathyaish Chakravarthy (9)
When we are Seven Simon Lucy (7)
Master of Software Engineering Program at Carnegie Mellon Godless Visigoth (13)
Champ-sur-Drac, France Business Visit forThis.Anon (8)
Gouranga jz (10)
In a tearing hurry. Simon Lucy (11)
The twelve step program Jeff Barton (18)
Intel/Microsoft going with HD DVD example (26)
Bush outsourced example (10)
Where's my green checkie? (You?) (19)
What every child should read! Jim Rankin (27)
He's baaaackkk.... son of parnas (6)
Dead pixels on laptops - still happening today? some guy (13)
Removing pages from Google and MSN cache Newbie on web (4)
I got a little brass pin for service excellence today muppet (32)
Maybe this is why they aren't limiting guns...? Flasher T (4)
Sathy, still fixated on Microsoft? Honu (2)
?Off Joke Thread Flasher T (7)
OLE automation question... Mat Hall (8)
Wtf? Flasher T (3)
CYA Rick Tang (18)
Do you specialise in your work? Planet Funk (17)
Societies worse off 'when they have God on their side' Dan Denman (35)
September 26th, 2005
Lets Bash Bush - he also wants to use the military in emergencie Jesus H Christ (17)
Strategic Oil Reserves - what am I missing? Philo (34)
Bush plea for cash to rebuild Iraq raises $600 Dan Denman (22)
Cindy Sheenan has been arrested outside the whitehouse Rich Rogers (34)
Do we really need yet another sharkfish (49)
Questions about Indian food Aaron F Stanton (41)
What else? Sathyaish Chakravarthy (14)
Aaron, the new chief Sathyaish Chakravarthy (11)
Why can't I find the sidebar? Ian Boys (6)
Place you bets ronk! (10)
(1) What happened to Philo's moderatorship? Sathyaish Chakravarthy (22)
Is this stuff for real? (27)
Peanut Butter vs. Nutella Nate Silva (38)
John Haren hogging all the victory scraps Jesus H Christ (13)
Banned Books I.P.Freely (31)
Virtual Virus. Writing. sharkfish (7)
Where can I get this from? Sathyaish Chakravarthy (17)
More Estonians on ?off. Flasher T (17)
Do Americans believe the US is an empire? Mongo (32)
Ralph Nader Dan Denman (22)
Water Cooling your PC? Dave B. (13)
Constructive ?off Cory Foy (25)
What brother size does this qualify as? ping? (4)
Google search challenge Flasher T (28)
Oreos G (40)
Flying Spaghetti Monster hits mainstream example (11)
bush to veto geneva convention (his first veto) son of parnas (30)
How do I loathe thee Simon Lucy (2)
Stupid (fog)buggy software. MarkTAW (20)
Is it "quote," or "quote". MarkTAW (80)
September 25th, 2005
Do something constructive if you can. Aaron F Stanton (40)
Bella Archive Bored Bystander (13)
Bella MarkTAW (8)
Lost in Translation some guy (19)
Virtual Virus example (10)
Suicide List Jesus H Christ (105)
Opera and the kitchen-sink interface Ogami Itto (1)
ID court case Jesus H Christ (59)
new reason to get the fsck outta dodge sharkfish (25)
soldiers routinely beat iraqis Jesus H Christ (14)
Counting crowds - march on the White House Philo (18)
Flasher - always wear a raincoat Rich Rogers (11)
So my parents saw "Alexander" Philo (26)
WinXP questions Eric Debois (11)
never try to bake 3 butternut squash simultaneously muppet (15)
I'm trying to find some high quality "nature sounds" recordings muppet (15)
Selous Scouts & Iraq Ogami Itto (9)
Freelance QA John Q Tester (2)
Children Starving in India Rich Rogers (28)
Reservation... Another poster... (20)
September 24th, 2005
One rupee Joel Goodwin (14)
Six days to mental clarity sharkfish (36)
Money or ego or what? sharkfish (10)
Problem with computer games Scared to Death (56)
OK so Snow Patrol only had the one good song then. muppet (3)
How to wire a ceiling lamp? Flasher T (77)
Get Drunk with Bob sharkfish (4)
For anyone here who knows Russian Flasher T (3)
Remote installation - too cool Philo (12)
Nice Planet Funk (6)
A lawsuit waiting to happen? Mat Hall (9)
What's your favorite Dan Denman (24)
NVIDIA & The Sims MarkTAW (37)
September 23rd, 2005
Question Sathyaish Chakravarthy (4)
Difference between a vacation and a holiday Bob (7)
ax^2 - (2a+1)x + (a+1) = 0 MarkTAW (46)
Black Native Americans? sharkfish (33)
Can anyone live off of Subway wages? John Haren (24)
Can anybody live off of Subway sandwiches? Berlin Brown (63)
totally fscked over. what now? anon (13)
log home mortgage info AC (2)
Has this been done? Flasher T (10)
My new waste of time forget work (22)
Mary sightings sharkfish (51)
The Apprentice Jeff Barton (19)
Check Out Narnia AllanL5 (25)
Snippets of smoke Simon Lucy (7)
OMFG! STFU! Mat Hall (4)
Picture of the house muppet (38)
ESR on guns... some guy (21)
Fleeing Rita eps (21)
Stumped! Simon Lucy (3)
Happy birthday Microsoft... qwe (11)
work at fog creek? xava! (38)
why wouldn't Philo let muppet be moderator xava! (1)
September 22nd, 2005
Eric has some competition MarkTAW (0)
Right Wing Republican Women... hoser (8)
Renting out Dan Denman (16)
They say you are a snow queen... hoser (1)
Jet Blue MarkTAW (16) spam? sharkfish (6)
People blog as therapy Actively Disengaged (15)
Lending Tree just told us to have a nice day. muppet (34)
Sharkfish, please! Sathyaish Chakravarthy (5)
What do I do? Sathyaish Chakravarthy (43)
Called Scoble Sathyaish Chakravarthy (32)
WTF Sathyaish Chakravarthy (11)
MSFT getting hammered Jim Rankin (8)
Lesbian Linux tongueInBeaver (1)
oh my goodness sharkfish (18)
Wiesenthal dead - but what of the Roma? sharkfish (6)
New NASA spacecraft visualizations... Bored Bystander (27)
What is your dream home a nd have you achieved it? Gerald (24)
Hallelujah! Jim Rankin (26)
The Apprentice - Martha Style Dennis Forbes (8)
Well, it is that time of day again, I see. (3)
Muppet, we need pictures of the house. Flasher T (3)
How many people here Flasher T (44)
"Well you folks qualify for at least $275K...." muppet (108)
Thanks MarkTAW (38)
September 21st, 2005
Opera Dennis Forbes (31)
Selling God Dennis Forbes (4)
It's about time John Stewart can go fuck himself too. (5)
Nuclear Kyle Rayner (29)
Thinking about the stay-at-home mom thing sharkfish (35)
Amazing Pilots Cory Foy (35)
War on porn example (24)
Pop culture trend I'm sick of: Badasses . (18)
Anybody in government jobs or contracts worried about the cuts? Berlin Brown (8)
LOST Jeff Barton (14)
Ok, Ok, Ok, How about this one... just wondering (23)
Your challenge is to make (after tax) $100,000 this fiscal year sharkfish (30)
Place yer bets sharkfish (6)
global warming..plants create co2 Jesus H Christ (22)
SuperMemo MarkTAW (5)
Galveston ig (21)
Finding DNS IP from behind NAT Eric Debois (16)
Oracle sharkfish (21)
How often Jeff Barton (10)
Money to illegal aliens XYZZY (21)
Finally, a decent rap album bionicroach (8)
I got a new agent muppet (15)
Innocent until proven guilty Dennis Forbes (3)
Need a cheap box to play with? muppet (18)
Need a cheap box to play with? Aaron F Stanton (3)
Need a cheap box to play with? muppet (6)
Many unlucky people. Flasher T (1)
Trademark on color Blue Geert-Jan Thomas (17)
Almost a therapeutic activity (plus pointless thread)... Mat Hall (6)
Note to self: Get a proper buyer's agent next time muppet (20)
7 Habits of Highly Effective People Ogami Itto (11)
OK so I'd be crazy to go with a 5/1 ARM with the rates now yeah? muppet (19)
Changing of the admin guard Philo (31)
Evolution and Global Warming Mick (67)
The Geek Grail Flasher T (7)
199 all out (9)
To sharkfish, Flasher T (17)
September 20th, 2005
Anyone watching Nip/Tuck? Philo (14)
You need God sharkfish (32)
Serious question for muppet KayCee (9)
Ummm... we just received 6 offers from Lending Tree muppet (50)
muppet ,..., (12)
I'm gonna reduce the topic list from MarkTAW (12)
Philo [MSFT] got reorg'd hoser (2)
?nomuppets Jesus H Christ (18)
Uncalled for sharkfish (148)
Philo does it yet again... MarkTAW (8)
Everything in American politics Dan Denman (10)
So who wants to help me buy a house? KC (23)
Need a cheap box to play with? Philo (23)
Souls of Glass is linked from more Spanish speaking pages muppet (18)
Hurricane Rita explains to Nagin ... Philo (8)
Mister Abramoff goes to the Whitehouse hoser (2)
Iraqi war numbers thompson_gunner (10)
google wifi son of parnas (14)
If you're a man, shut up about abortion. muppet (155)
So I presented my case to the boss muppet (27)
Probability Terminology? Snark (8)
This thread reserved for muppets post review rant (12)
Passive-Aggressive strikes again muppet (9)
Out of Context Quote of the Day muppet (20)
Opera is no free of ads & free of charge... a cynic writes... (10)
Thunderbird - what kind of stupid shit is this? some guy (5)
Wow, I've been reading the main forum the past evening and muppet (6)
My brain is mush. MarkTAW (20)
Sperm donation and paternity obligations John C. (3)
September 19th, 2005
When will we have a President... Philo (23)
Muppet needs... Actively Disengaged (43)
?off as they base thingie for the bayesian filter Jesus H Christ (2)
The Best Design Patterns Book Sathyaish Chakravarthy (7)
Eviction Notice hoser (18)
The importance of being assertive muppet (35)
ForumWars Jesus H Christ (35)
woo hoo, i'm using 4% of my gmail box John Haren (28)
Jeff Barton John Haren (7)
The Abortion Debate - ?Off Style Mongo (17)
The Grand Challenge AllanL5 (2)
Help me, I am think I am a closet republican Berlin Brown (74)
The MOST irritating laugh ever Stephen Caldwell (24)
Now it all makes sense Jim Rankin (5)
IE and embedded video Dan Denman (2)
Just some musings Dennis Forbes (4)
What do people mean by extreme individualism? Tayssir John Gabbour (26)
Curious academic liscense question Joel Coehoorn (7)
Still nothing from LendingTree muppet (40)
FEMA Resume Padding : Life Imitates Art Snark (7)
Morning/Afternoon slowdown Simon Lucy (9)
Other forums Peter Ibbotson (3)
Predictable problems... a cynic writes... (10)
Forum Alliances Dennis Forbes (21)
Talk like a pirate day example (29)
In better news, I feel 150% better, suddenly, this morning muppet (20)
Passive/aggressive manager muppet (32)
Am I the only one who's having this problem? Flasher T (21)
Philo is the new muppet. Flasher T (25)
September 18th, 2005
A handle for... muppet's ass (6)
new sensitivity in ?off... Jesus H Christ (15)
Educational Aspirations? Philo (31)
Philo John Haren (26)
New Trig for Old Fart trollop (4)
Philo sharkfish (68)
Global warming/Katrina Jesus H Christ (47)
Opinion on purchasing one's childhood home? Almost H. Anonymous (17)
Feds & Locals argue over reentering NOLA Philo (1)
All Hail, the Great One,... Jesus H Christ (19)
Philo - Lending Tree muppet (10)
We went and saw the house muppet (16)
umm... google... John Haren (14)
GB rally tragedy Flasher T (3)
reading Wisea** (52)
Nice Old Man and Woman! :-D Another poster... (1)
Sonofa I am Jack's pin pricking pain (2)
What a lovely device. Flasher T (15)
FEMA workers anticipated the problems with katrina Jesus H Christ (15)
September 17th, 2005
Oil: first $68, then $56 per barrel hoser (12)
Mactels worth the wait? KayCee (16)
Canadian humor Philo (3)
The Ghandi Antifact Ghandisghost (8)
Philo the drama queen. xava! (32)
They say, China finances us? How bad is it? Berlin Brown (13)
The Onion does Jon Stewart's Shtick bionicroach (6)
polyamy - how many here would seize the oppoortunity? Jesus H Christ (34)
Apparently you're not supposed to call a realty office directly muppet (61)
How to pick a FEMA director xava! (2)
muppet dude -- get well xava! (4)
Never miss a chance to further the republican agenda. xava! (16)
dan deman xava! (1)
Unexpected French lesson Ian Boys (9)
Katirna victims blame Nagin, praise Bush Rich Rogers (23)
September 16th, 2005
this may sound crazy... John Haren (14)
tmuninst.exe, RFBF49.exe Sathyaish Chakravarthy (6)
I am going Nick the Dick (5)
I mean really... anon this time (11)
Busted staring at the gym Philo (17)
Is Muppet dead yet? Actively Disengaged (3)
Kanye sharkfish (13)
Nintendo Revolution Controller Jeff Barton (27)
Who is with me, starting a video-arcade/bar/club Berlin Brown (19)
Surgeon says stuff is healing properly muppet (12)
If the shoe fits muppet (7)
Anyone here work with another ?offer John Haren (4)
Perpetuating mind viruses? A regular (7)
I think that at this point it must be assumed muppet (54)
What's a gigapascal? Chris McKinstry (45)
Google, a company with a sense of humor or bad PR Berlin Brown (9)
Hey Philo Aaron F Stanton (199)
Forum goes tits up again 100% (is that name full enough ?) (23)
Simon you password protected your ?off in development? muppet (1)
Two varying articles Arm Ohnam (7)
Ugly with a capital UGH! Mat Hall (22)
"US Customs were very friendly" trollop (6)
Do you ever wonder... John Haren (34)
September 15th, 2005
muppet, Bush's bathroom memo just made the Daily Show Philo (0)
Would you say this to your boss, when asking for a raise? concerned hubby (24)
New Orleans is A-OK ! Jesus H Christ (25)
The new pandemic sharkfish (8)
tshirthell Dennis Forbes (2)
Algebra I've forgotten muppet (64)
Jon Stewart's take on Bush taking responsibility Philo (17)
Dying Mother Story was Big Policital Lie Rich Rogers (37)
Where do all the young people go? Berlin Brown (18)
Where do people keep their task bar? Ian Boys (29)
iPod Nano example (18)
Son of Parnas Mat Hall (8)
In case of total forum failure muppet (35)
Does anyone else have formatting weirdness on Google Homepage? muppet (1)
Pledge unconstitutional - Part2, remove the words. Berlin Brown (6)
Dear Steve My Apple is a Lemon (12)
Microsoft Outsourcing! (It's a bonafide outsourcing thread!) Dennis Forbes (44)
This is awesome muppet (31)
Osama bribed our 'allies' to let him go Jesus H Christ (7)
muppet gone tits up? Simone (4)
Bush says he may need more power in disasters Anon (11)
September 14th, 2005
Google Blogsearch trollop (4)
THAT is a progress??!!! Dan Denman (46)
terrorists bring US airlines crashing down Jesus H Christ (24)
Bill Maher takes on "George of the Bungle" Misanthrope (34)
Does this fall under FEMA? Christopher Hester (3)
Hey sharkfish, ap, Dana, & co Philo (22)
Philo, is this accurate? Jesus H Christ (13)
US tries to bend NATO to its own ends Jesus H Christ (4)
If muppet dies... Almost H. Anonymous (22)
Google translator Jesus H Christ (4)
Well at noon today I nearly passed out and ended up escorted to muppet (45)
Schedule or features Philo (14)
pledge of allegiance unconstitutional! Jesus H Christ (19)
so how many people on this forum are still using IE? Jesus H Christ (27)
so, when does Aaron get his... Jesus H Christ (18)
Good news Dan Denman (26)
Nissan vs. Nissan example (13)
PDC! Zzzzzz... Steve Jobs (0)
New MS products announced Philo (53)
This Forum Software Sucks Jeff Barton (54)
Bush makes right choice with judge appointment dd (0)
Stress outside the USA bionicroach (5)
Will somebody please explain to poor, stupid muppet... muppet (48)
Eat Your Damn Flob! Ted L. Nancy (5)
If I drop dead at work, can I sue? muppet (39)
This guy is getting a lot of flack, but muppet (2)
Finally, victory in war over budget fat Tom Delay (9)
September 13th, 2005
XP & Google Earth Planet Funk (23)
This *IS* news Misanthrope (12)
Guantanamo prisoners on hunger strike Jesus H Christ (44)
NOLA a result of 'The Welfare State' wtf, man. (14)
How many people here have owned up? Philo (42)
Sidebar quote suggestion John Haren (10)
Who is the most pompous here? Aaron F Stanton (33)
CPAN question Aaron F Stanton (13)
Who broke the internet? Dennis Forbes (20)
after MAJOR backlash muppet (56)
Does anyone else have this problem? John Haren (27)
Poll: How many times/day does Word/Excel crash on your machine? Frustrated (18)
Armed military personell in elementary schools muppet (38)
Ok, I am proposing for theology in schools Berlin Brown (36)
Need feedback on resume...and some overall career help Soft Duck AKA Skeletor (11)
Meeting with bigwig clients for the first time... Kenny (13)
Ashes Team so pissed that Urn is lost. Simon Lucy (5)
A Softer World Joel Goodwin (2)
At Grand Central Station yesterday muppet (67)
The spirit of Dr Kevorkian? Mat Hall (4)
See A Queue, Join It Simon Lucy (18)
Still going... Philo (7)
Joe "Stumpy" Pepys MarkTAW (3)
September 12th, 2005
Size 10 can o' whoopass has been approved Aaron F Stanton (24)
Do you forget words? Philo (29)
Credit History/ FICO Score Orman (6)
Quicken Loan Arena - stupid name Noke (11)
?off and Self-Governance Dennis Forbes (176)
brown is gone Jesus H Christ (11)
Can't Post This Thing MarkTAW (20)
Software design question Aaron F Stanton (30)
Brown cuts and runs! Peter (4)
I watched a televised sporting event... John Haren (7)
An article worth reading In search of clarity (7)
The truth about Dan Denman (35)
Does anyone else... Silly Me (7)
911 in Chile Chris McKinstry (9)
Interesting focus Philo (38)
In-Office surgery, the wave of the future! muppet (15)
WTH was that? I am Jack's movie madness (7)
And NOW! John Robertson. AllanL5 (9)
Anyone from Australia? Another poster... (20)
EBay buys Skype Christopher Wells (6)
Possibly the last cricket thread this year... Mat Hall (27)
A V P Joel Goodwin (15)
Computerised Speech - Stagnation? KayJay (9)
September 11th, 2005
Go f*** yourself, Mr. Cheney. Humor Buddy (2)
Just when you think they've done their worst... Misanthrope (9)
I remember everything... Philo (13)
Crash sharkfish (30)
+1 for Whole Foods Market Berlin Brown (32)
Check this site! Another poster... (4)
No, no - I'm over here now Philo (19)
Sep - 11 Memorial. KayJay (8)
Wal-Mart donating to Katrina relief Dan Denman (8)
Bad service Yoey (19)
I can't decide sharkfish (19)
September 10th, 2005
Cockroaches, what about them? Rick Tang (19)
Kim Clitoris WINS!! sharkfish (16)
Flashback to "Robocop" (12)
In light of FEMA's capabilities Philo (22)
Mexican troops enter US example (10)
No bid contracts for Katrina Rich Rogers (9)
Cops Shooting Dogs in front of owners Rich Rogers (31)
Last Katrina Post(promise), it is about responsibility Berlin Brown (21)
Oval day 3 Mat Hall (18)
How many Java programmers does it take to change a light bulb? BulB (8)
Booting Windows XP off a USB drive? Sudden (7)
Plural form of 'status' Sathyaish Chakravarthy (11)
September 9th, 2005
One hell of an angry Dan Denman (3)
Adobe Acrobat Reader Dennis Forbes (18)
Debit card debacle Philo (15)
What does it take to get fired from the Bush administration? Philo (21)
Iraqi president gives bush deadline for troops Jesus H Christ (15)
George Bush Hates Midgets MarkTAW (15)
Discussion about NOLA/Katrina at work today... sharkfish (32)
Son of a... John Haren (8)
Happy now, sharkfish? bionicroach (3)
W2K Tweaking Made... Whoops! I am Jack's inimitable idiocy (4)
why the terrorists have won reason #976 son of parnas (7)
Sick fanfic re: NOLA Bored Bystander (2)
Blame the environmentalists Jim Rankin (60)
NOLA Convention Center Account Rich Rogers (4)
British Gas shoves it up their customers Simon Lucy (18)
NewsFlash: Muppet annoyed by news story muppet (25)
Will Republicans save the Republic? Misanthrope (15)
Gotta love video game news writers muppet (13)
Bullfighting? Another poster... (34)
Instant rebates - How do they make sense? Dennis Forbes (26)
Pravda: LSD likely to be legalized in Russian medicine Chris McKinstry (11)
See, I've been going about it all wrong muppet (48)
A very strange thing Aaron F Stanton (5)
Another movie ratings rant Philo (18)
ID Joel Goodwin (32)
Windows XP needs a RAM disk facility Ian Boys (29)
Tony Blair apologizes for Katrina response Misanthrope (5)
September 8th, 2005
Emily Rose MarkTAW (7)
This whole off topic board reminds me of... Dot Com bubbler (16)
A strange episode with my (EX) employer (9)
Gmail using Lynx sharkfish (10)
Good holy crap, I hate the PTA muppet (27)
Dinosaurs, what about them? RAH's Love Child (96)
What happened to the fear? Dennis Forbes (9)
Kazaa ruled illegal in Australia Simon Lucy (13)
Netflix Yoey (11)
Online Poker g (6)
What about Zen? AllanL5 (25)
ID, science, god, who gives a rat's ass? Bored of this crap (36)
If you ever get a chance to work at Microsoft Philo (27)
EXCELLENT headline on FARK right now muppet (1)
Ticket brokers? Philo (19)
Where to move to Andy (16)
What's wrong with talkshow hosts anyway? Duff (16)
So long, and thanks for the pants.. Jared (31)
Flu pandemic Dennis Forbes (18)
God-directed Evolution AllanL5 (133)
US Gives $2000 to Katrin Victims Yo (67)
Intelligent Design Christopher Wells (117)
stroking it through the covers qwe (19)
Gmail Server Error Matthew Lock (7)
"books that managers force their employees to read" Joel Goodwin (19)
Oval Test el (28)
Dissolve the ties that bind us Art Wilkins (12)
Amazing two weeks Rick Tang (11)
Oil Company Profiteering Rich Rogers (16)
Technical Virgin Almost H. Anonymous (2)
September 7th, 2005
atural laws run counter to a universe governed solely by chance. son of parnas (14)
Cringely Mat Hall (8)
"You just don't let anyone in." Ian Boys (10)
short-sighted policies Jesus H Christ (39)
Time waster Aaron F Stanton (29)
Rich Rogers and sharkfish will LOVE this Ward (52)
Mac iTunes 5 requires a reboot Nate Silva (1)
playing politics John Haren (7)
OT is NOT populated by geeks. Philo (33)
Google not working well Rich Rogers (19)
Crazy on Tap needs more stuff Aaron F Stanton (5)
iTunes phone Full name: (13)
Children are a luxury item Kenny (51)
If your debt after going to college wipes out your income... Ian Boys (34)
Listen, you holier-than-thou "in our day we were pure" jerks Philo (13)
All the Lonely People... Paul (11)
Cool, but a bit weird... Mat Hall (6)
How do two people play paintball? Philo (19)
Widweek relaxation qwe (12)
God help me, I'm a blogger. Flasher T (40)
is FEMA director confirmed by Senate? Jason (8)
I got a big speech about my attendance today muppet (89)
Ban muppet! muppet (22)
Katrina coverage from The Onion Mat Hall (2)
Katrina Jokes Geert-Jan Thomas (18)
An subscription vindicated Simon Lucy (6)
Cleaning out the storeroom I found... Jack of all (11)
Maureen Dowd hoser (25)
Zoo better prepared then the city?!? Almost H. Anonymous (8)
September 6th, 2005
The Court said that it's next ruling will be to... muppet (1)
Gas dropped seven cents today muppet (15)
Jon Stewart is on FIRE Philo (61)
Wow - she's put on weight... Philo (47)
All white people are... sharkfish (30)
I love a good Microsoft rant hoser (5)
What the fuck is this, Muppet? Anon (16)
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September 3rd, 2005
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September 2nd, 2005
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