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September 30th, 2007
Son Of Parnas? worldsSmallestViolin (7 comments)
"although, technically, we aren't married." -wsv Wayne (11)
"went to a quaker meeting this morning" worldsSmallestViolin (25)
The only thing wrong with Ms. wSV is ... AmerrickanGirl (8)
Iran is _smart_ worldsSmallestViolin (14)
Ever hire a lawyer? Michael B (8)
51 Reddit points! AmerrickanGirl (15)
I just got a geek erection. Bot (2)
September 29th, 2007
I hope that none of you are a... xampl (4)
Where do you jokers go on the weekend? Bot (3)
NetBank closed by FDIC xampl (2)
Another quiz for citizens xampl (9)
I'm not a CoT-er but I play one on TV __monty__ (2)
A typical South African forum argument: were Egyptians black? Bluebeard (19)
Well, that sucks muppet (22)
anyone want to get LOTS of attention? worldsSmallestViolin (4)
Can't we just put a countdown timer in the sidebar? not muppet (4)
September 28th, 2007
i thought they made Eclipse faster sharkfish (16)
36135 days until Disney Bot (15)
is this offensive Bot (23)
hysterical sharkfish (6)
Another smart candidate; no more black people in the US Bot (15)
Clinton our next president, God help us Bot (19)
216 Days until Disney Michael B (2)
1:33pm Kenny (2)
When do you use 'this'? Michael B (14)
The web is overrated? Bot (38)
Contracting companies you respect? xampl (11)
Could you pass the test to become a US citizen? AmerrickanGirl (10)
Does anyone else not get this? man on the stair (5)
So... Mat Hall (22)
history of vibrators worldsSmallestViolin (4)
Feeling stressed out by discontinuation of Disneyworld updates Bluebeard (3)
September 27th, 2007
Cigarette lighter fuse -- Key removal XYZZY (10)
Habeas corpus isn't gone Michael B (3)
Mad Men Michael B (3)
A serious study Bot (1)
New in VB.NET sharkfish (16)
Bot sighting Bot (9)
OMFG! sharkfish (19)
My anxiety caused to me have super hearing Bot (14)
Duck...and Cover! xampl (16)
Entrepreneurs - why most of us are doomed to the cube Bluebeard (9)
Weird javascript question Clay Dowling (15)
geek brigade in my building sharkfish (9)
who's my bitch?! sharkfish (20)
It's always funny how Flasher thinks he knows things muppet (4)
Another good reason not to shoot for success and take lame jobs Bot (7)
USA penny being redesigned; why does it still exist? Philip (32)
The Office jingalala jingalala ™ (5)
EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW Impractical Economist (16)
Damages sharkfish (4)
that's a mean sidebar, dudez sharkfish (7)
Tax plan people might like, no taxes on earned tips Bot (20)
Wow a tax refund! muppet (10)
NZ law making goes online man on the stair (1)
"childrens DO learn" worldsSmallestViolin (8)
apple has made 900 million from itunes song sales worldsSmallestViolin (0)
September 26th, 2007
"Iran, he says, has never invaded anyone in its history." worldsSmallestViolin (24)
memes gone wild sharkfish (17)
lovely critique of bollinger worldsSmallestViolin (11)
US Gov in debt economista (5)
The new hyper-focus on product placement in network shoes muppet (18)
most fantastic game _ever_ worldsSmallestViolin (24)
Why is this BS? sharkfish (4)
Obama didn't vote sharkfish (7)
Capitalizing God Michael B (14)
Backlash Against Bollinger Hits Columbia Dan Denman (5)
America's aid to Israel Dan Denman (6)
Consulting Form? JoC (7)
A success story, 19 year old starts chair business, Bot (4)
Qt on Ubuntu sharkfish (19)
Sorry for trolling today? Bot (14)
to sharkfish and others, why aren't your rich? Bot (48)
How much cash do you keep liquid? Michael B (26)
Become rich quick for poor people Bot (23)
Tapiwa: Tragedy of the Commons? Michael B (10)
Altered Carbon sharkfish (9)
Muppet sighting (6)
Balls balls up man on the stair (1)
the point libertarians like tapiwa strenously ignore is that... worldsSmallestViolin (14)
Investments:: Flight to quality Tapiwa (15)
The rich getting richer is a good thing Tapiwa (49)
In brightest day... Hal (2)
September 25th, 2007
Instead of reading all advanced math book Rick Tang (2)
Not like the frenzied Jig-a-boos you expected. sharkfish (10)
God, I love this woman! Dan Denman (3)
who pays when the girl's got the career? heartsheep (17)
Spinal Tap xampl (3)
New laptop Stephen Jones (3)
Great analysis on wealth, starts out with 6billion people... Bot (13)
what is your stupid theory about weight loss and exercise? Former Fattie Beating Dead Horse (21)
giggle. snort. sharkfish (1)
ubuntu server sharkfish (4)
extreme programming making me suicidal (2)
I love it when a nazi wannabe joins the class Jewish Kick Boxer (1)
funny amazon recommends... heartsheep (2)
I am making it to the top of reddit just by putting haskell Bot (1)
Tapiwa, Bush to sort out Zim's woes! Bluebeard (8)
Machu Picchu Ward (2)
I'm a jerk Clay Dowling (4)
Holiday from hell... Bluebeard (9)
Anti Semitic thoughts Bot (69)
When to use among and when to use amongst? Bluebeard (10)
Prediction:: Market meltdown in October Tapiwa (14)
Dvorak keyboard Kenny (22)
Who thought of sticky keys? LeftWingPharisee (9)
What happened to muppet? (Maybe he's in Ireland) Impractical Economist (0)
Schadenfreude JoC (23)
Halo 3, amazing Bot (1)
Use VB.NET to JoC (0)
I want one of these for Christmas! man on the stair (2)
Life is stranger than fiction xampl (1)
One and one makes three trollop (27)
If you want to be happy man on the stair (3)
Hartman's law strikes again (4)
Camp Nou Redesign el (4)
Is it *really* better to have loved Tapiwa (34)
Sharkfish is not black. I am not anonymous. (12)
Birdfeeder trollop (4)
sraeli writers urge Hamas truce Dan Denman (1)
omigod. xtra/yahoo. those fucking freaks. worldsSmallestViolin (0)
September 24th, 2007
Lee Bollinger of Columbia University Dan Denman (20)
Iranian president at columbo worldsSmallestViolin (8)
LOL  no gay people in Iran worldsSmallestViolin (5)
"I'm astonished that such transparent demagogury get's past you" worldsSmallestViolin (2)
Freaky black woman on the bus today Chicago Commuter (9)
Live from my couch AmerrickanGirl (7)
What are some songs that you listen to over and over again Bot (14)
The right way to make real money on the web Bot (6)
who else really loves water? CoT Creepy Male Fairy (8)
It takes $10 million sharkfish (17)
"software/content as a service is bollocks." sharkfish (0)
How I know I'm crazy, or How to Make Someone Uncomfortable sharkfish (34)
Correlation or causation Freakonomic (12)
Really puts things in perspective, doesn' it? AMerrickanGirl (5)
Useless feature on Adobe reader 8 (send to FedEx Kinkos) Bot (1)
China is the future yet again Bot (4)
how is this possible? sharkfish (3)
New Idea: retroactive Income Tax Kenny (20)
9 trillion in debt, why is this figure relevant anymore? Bot (8)
I did not know this Aaron (6)
hey Bot - rich v. poor v. middle class v. living wages sharkfish (23)
How much to charge? the great purple (15)
What's up sockfuckers? (5)
"Mornin' Sam." "Good morning Ralph." zuh (3)
More targeted ad fun xampl (1)
The difficult thing about Flash man on the stair (5)
where I'm going when I die sharkfish (7)
WTF sharkfish (17)
mildly amusing sharkfish (2)
CoT sharkfish (9)
If Iran spreads his idealogy at Columbia... Bot (10)
Racist little punks get nailed Clay Dowling (5)
Funny JoC (3)
Want to start your private office arms race? jacobroder (2)
Fraggle Rock the great purple (1)
How many days is it until Disney again? Breathless (2)
The internet is my financial planner Michael B (3)
What a horrible idea AMerrickanGirl (9)
Gods I love the Iranian President worldsSmallestViolin (8)
Ahmadinejad in Ground Zero or Columbia - who oppose among COTers Asian Contingent of COTers (14)
September 23rd, 2007
Wondering .... zed (18)
I like Edwards best now LORB (7)
WHY would the NYTIMES do this? NY times reader (ad lib) (7)
israel raids syria nuclear site oren 2.0 (4)
what? guess worker (15)
7 reasons I switched back to PHP Rick Tang (3)
where is Philo? sick-o (8)
iranian pres politico (5)
the dogs were gone sharkfish (12)
He was a quiet man ... Mongo (4)
kettlebell bob (15)
I am a pompous ass. hello. (24)
trade weighted dollar bob (2)
No links to youtube will be deleted henceforth* worldsSmallestViolin (9)
why does torture endure? Ned Flanders (2)
how shit is google Ned Flanders (7)
Minimum dating age xampl (14)
XKCD __monty__ (3)
ron paul is an idiot (gold standard) economista (16)
I am probably gong to delete youporn posts from now on... worldsSmallestViolin (27)
my mech game in haskell Bot (0)
How many days until Disney? Ward (2)
Report: Iran has 600 targets for missile strike in Israel if att Dan Denman (2)
jena 6 guess worker (15)
the students at UF ed wood (4)
September 22nd, 2007
Walk home from the World bon vivant (7)
Oops AMerrickanGirl (5)
Muppet, I am beginning to think you are a bully. sharkfish (14)
violent, guilty pleasure sharkfish (8)
eerie sharkfish (0)
porn and masculinity sharkfish (27)
I wonder what Denman thinks of this AMerrickanGirl (16)
3:10 to Yuma sharkfish (5)
my SO doesn't work sharkfish (22)
what does this mean? politico (6)
Sharkfish and Financial Programming LORB (19)
who is allan talking to JOSer (2)
The rain interrupted my workout Michael B (3)
Paul Graham gives head Abstract Typist (1)
Security trollop (2)
'Stupid' male geek culture xampl (17)
climate change law guess worker (4)
Iran is hip Bot (7)
For those outside TechRepublic's contagion circle trollop (0)
Why google spell check isn't the best in the world Bot (10)
September 21st, 2007
The insanity of bush... Peter (10)
Why is SF and other places in California so liberal/progressive? Bot (16)
I'll never manage an American accent bon vivant (6)
This'll give that trebuchet a run for its money AMerrickanGirl (3)
JoS financial programmers are lying sharkfish (18)
It's official Hillary is a shemale! Dan Denman (2)
you people.... are so moralist, but stupid gfg (2)
its britney bitch spears spears spears (0)
The economics of regular sex fucking suck Not PE (12)
the only reason you are surprised economista (1)
This makes me wanna puke violently Dan Denman (5)
rise of ron paul politico (9)
Microsoft Shills Rick Tang (0)
a moment of peace and tranquility sharkfish (4)
Ubuntu and Kubuntu sharkfish (9)
bitching about backup software sharkfish (3)
the Starbucks option sharkfish (21)
How many rows in the CoT posts table? sharkfish (11)
Visual C++ .NET sharkfish (6)
Hmm, straight from the movie; Children of Men Bot (0)
I saw Daddy last night Kenny (2)
inanimate objects sharkfish (7)
MIT student attaches $10 worth of radio shack equipment to chest Bot (16)
Glad Hillary is not a Lesbian Bot (6)
Hey muppet - can you lend me a thousand dollars? Bluebeard (1)
That famous quote about insanity Ward (7)
Venting - loved ones who (sort of) try to hold you back possibly maybe (15)
223 Days until Disney muppet (3)
If I buy Microsoft Office with my student discount Not Philo (15)
There's tons of videos like this showing up all over youtube muppet (8)
quinoa heartsheep (4)
Growing forex diary, interesting. Bot (0)
#@$%$%&#@%#Q!!!!!!! sharkfish (13)
tearjerker sharkfish (1)
Mary Mary sharkfish (3)
Zend Framework MVC Clay Dowling (1)
Doing some hacking/testing. how do you put a newline/carriage? Bot (21)
Montenegro next net "boomtown"? man on the stair (9)
Venting... JoC (8)
Awesome Birthday Combo Clay Dowling (6)
Hey USians, Cuba Tapiwa (9)
lying fuck worldsSmallestViolin (0)
good men are hard to find worldsSmallestViolin (1)
pure math letures on youtube hello. (1)
Anyone know a good free email client? (9)
Dear Wayne, worldsSmallestViolin (3)
September 20th, 2007
Everybody's got a drug dealer on speed dial Friday (1)
At 2am down a dark alleyway... Colm (12)
I can't stand stupid sharkfish (10)
These guys are the best CoT friends in the world Bot (1) sharkfish (3)
Loonie Parity trollop (4)
Thanks, web proxy Bot (3)
Hey Ward Impractical Economist (7)
What do you think Bot (14)
the lowdown on adult dating sites anon for this post (3)
which CoT member did this? hello. (14)
I nominate heartsheep sharkfish (2)
DF how do I speedup aggregate queries Bot (16)
separate but not equal - civil unions. sharkfish (5)
So, why are we hiring mercenaries, again? muppet (2)
Go Play Soccer Clay Dowling (9)
Cheery!! muppet (10)
wtf? Aaron (22)
THE post on Web Apps. Stephen Jones (54)
How can any of you still post at Daddy's house? muppet (10)
224 Days until Disney muppet (1)
Chillout xampl (8)
Minimalism is boring son of parnas (16)
hardly rare sharkfish (2)
Jane Goodall goes to community college M. Bolton (4)
Bank fucked up my direct deposits for the 3rd time in a row muppet (44)
Silly dykes, don't they realize... Bluebeard (17)
Sorry I haven't been complaining lately AMerrickanGirl (4)
economista - think non dollar assets bob (6)
Microsoft on the shortlist for the 2007 Andrex awards Stephen Jones (7)
I basically agree with this. worldsSmallestViolin (6)
One American's take on Zimbabwe Tapiwa (12)
Netanyahu Dan Denman (4)
Sharky, have you seen this place? son of parnas (23)
Best Song Video Combination Ever son of parnas (2)
September 19th, 2007
what pisses me off is its just so freaking blatant worldsSmallestViolin (8)
slippery sharkfish (29)
Peforming oral sex Chubby hubby (14)
Towers of Deception: The Media Cover-up of 9/11 RalfMaoris (8)
There are no leaders Aaron (36)
Kid Nation is on muppet (1)
Rebooting Windows is Like an Enema son of parnas (14)
Lee Miller what are you reading for? (3)
The gay agenda AMerrickanGirl (10)
Class action suit against telecoms for subscriber access fees Rick Tang (1)
Just got a pay CUT AMerrickanGirl (29)
Ok serious question; serious issues versus superficial issues? Bot (16)
My best advice I can give to kids Bot (23)
Vote for the most annoying poster. Ward (68)
fresh stupidity sharkfish (8)
REQ: Excel Data Table help Tapiwa (10)
I want to get in touch with my inner man on the stair (9)
Vegetarian and fertility Rick Tang (21)
900 pound man xampl (2)
Just had my annual review muppet (6)
ahhh. Humor. sharkfish (2)
If you were going to commit genocide... sharkfish (33)
Google truly sucks son of parnas (11)
bleh.  I did this one for ProjectEuler already just for fun sharkfish (10)
For those with young kids son of parnas (8)
daddy in the news sharkfish (25)
my co-worker reminded me sharkfish (4)
just called the doctor the great purple (28)
Here we go Bot (2)
225 Days until Disney muppet (14)
Already making friends at college muppet (31)
Sidebar man on the stair (5)
interesting worldsSmallestViolin (11)
Do you read non-fiction books with a highlighter Bot (9)
Tell me how this is useful Bot (5)
September 18th, 2007
if your mama was a ho sharkfish (10)
Great, simple application idea Bot (0)
love amateurs (NSFW) bob (2)
holy shit, SaveTheHubble goes ballistic worldsSmallestViolin (5)
Da-yum!  That's cold.  Ice cold. sharkfish (23)
I am star struck Bot (3)
yelling at co-workers sharkfish (17)
Lawyers are pussies trollop (2)
Business xampl (7)
Any command-line bittorrent client that supports RSS? Wayne (4)
I saw someone today sharkfish (9)
something I have never shared sharkfish (19)
For the first time in my life... Wayne's Wife :) (9)
The most pertinent question is... Colm (7)
Remind me why this is a soulless, empty endeavor... hello. (2)
Arrgh! sharkfish (7)
I just spent the last 3 hours working a single bug... Wayne (21)
so kewl sharkfish (11)
Another Republican Sex Pervert Arrested... Peter (7)
How addicted are you to CoT? Bluebeard (15)
People over the age of 40 check their email 1-3 times a day Bot (14)
Clap for your next president Bot (11)
CoT virgins, please stand in line here. Bluebeard (13)
Donating to campaigns... anoneemouse (4)
Bot are you still Windows-free? Bluebeard (7)
The Code Will Hold Humanity Back son of parnas (4)
Sex Pistols back together xampl (5)
I thought Linux already had a desktop version sharkfish (64)
Muppet is an emotional twit. sharkfish (9)
Meta: Hiding distracting posts Rick Zeng (5)
how to stop being homeless? sharkfish (26)
Eyes Can't Resist Beautiful People Oy- (4)
Going to hate me...but modern computing is made for games Bot (11)
WTF adblock stopped working! Wayne (9)
Things to do before 30 Bot (14)
London CoTers - Senior PHP Dev Role Tapiwa (17)
A little SQL speedup I didnt know about Bot (12)
Is Google Microsoft Lite? son of parnas (8)
For muppet man on the stair (4)
Don't misquote me in the sidebar muppet (10)
226 Days until Disney muppet (55)
I'm almost done with "The Martian Chronicles" muppet (7)
Couple divorce after online affair AMerrickanGirl (19)
Yay! NY Times isn't charging for Op-Ed Columnists any more AMerrickanGirl (3)
Health Care idea Clay Dowling (9)
this is why windows is screwed worldsSmallestViolin (8)
job-u-want Bluebeard (4)
see?  _this_ is why the argument... worldsSmallestViolin (21)
kuro5hin. Bwaaahaaaahaaa! sharkfish (6)
netflix Friday (0)
September 17th, 2007
Clinton is the smartest president he ever worked for sharkfish (5)
The Brave One - no spoilers sharkfish (1)
emotional men sharkfish (9)
what do you stick to? sharkfish (8)
skipping the MBA sharkfish (12)
half the population of indonesia is NOT under 18 bob (6)
*ahem* muppet (3)
Hillary Clinton = idiot Philo (27)
Real dork porn Bot (2)
As understood by Bush - go on, admit it, you're all just sheep Bluebeard (5)
I dont even know what to say. Bot (5)
Chernobyl to get steel cover xampl (4)
Is Jessica Alba perfect? son of parnas (57)
on the way to work this morning sharkfish (16)
Somebody want to argue that US culture is not youth-focused? sharkfish (13)
The data IS or the data ARE? Bluebeard (19)
its vs it's sharkfish (14)
Movie Review: "Shoot'em up" SaveTheHubble (4)
This is the modern software life... son of parnas (2)
Teens aren't reckless and dangerous, it's baby boomers! Wayne (10)
Roxio SPAM muppet (19)
How did this gem miss the sidebar/tagline? muppet (0)
Picking your brains muppet (27)
If you love me muppet (11)
What not to say when you have two penises AMerrickanGirl (5)
LOL  I actually rather like the Iranians worldsSmallestViolin (4)
227 Days until Disney muppet (22)
Er  ... Ur ... trollop (5)
Bouncing boobs redux Locutus of Borg (0)
people want to connect around content, not around age son of parnas (6)
September 16th, 2007
The "Leave Britney Alone!" video muppet (5)
So much for sports LORB (5)
Single women in NZ lament Colm (18)
Friend Zone shhh (29)
My thought on Iraq LORB (32)
PHP Sucks son of parnas (58)
228 Days until Disney muppet (9)
Would you go to this? Christopher Hester (3)
The Dutchman $-- (1)
(OJ Arrested) Thank God for Obama and Oprah Bot (9)
what to do? sharkfish (57)
What will computer look like in 10 years? son of parnas (23)
Statistics question (another) Michael B (3)
Lydia the Tatooed Lady Ward (1)
Iceland Fact of The Day (7)
September 15th, 2007
something for the rich haters bob (4)
Just beat Metroid Prime 3 muppet (12)
everytime I read the ethicist bob (2)
Consumer grade routers suck xampl (9)
The curious profession of the law trollop (3)
Well, I missed the protest on Sept 15, Bot (6)
Bras Don't Support Bouncing Breasts, Study Finds arg! (15)
The one without the watch, Mr. President xampl (1)
229 Days until Disney muppet (5)
Yea, screw reparations, I want this (maybe a little NSFW) Bot (5)
APEC shenanigans trollop (1)
Auto makers say "Americans are too fat" - Philo's not so sure Philo (24)
Yikes! Expensive alcohol in the UK bon vivant (5)
Are liberal college students abnormal and disrespectful, ipmal (4)
September 14th, 2007
Where are my reparations? Michael B (7)
Hey Tapiwa, Michael B (2)
Weird tech writers at interviews XYZZY (9)
well. There are so many responses... sharkfish (7)
stick figure pr0n sharkfish (2)
Me with a analyst/tester Bot (6)
Without M$ there would be no Goo$le sharkfish (10)
Do black people think they're the only visible minorities? Kenny (4)
$1 USD = $1.03 Canadia son of parnas (14)
230 Days until Disney muppet (6)
Every time I go to Joel's site Aaron (17)
Cross site scripting, not 100% on the subject Bot Berlin (6)
torture sharkfish (11)
Where _is_ a good place for rearing children? Ward (20)
How about a "maximum wage"? AMerrickanGirl (98)
Attn wsv man on the stair (1)
Is it crazy to ... Female regular from northeast US (25)
TechRepuclic are effing spammers. Locutus of Borg (4)
Kettle, you're black paranoid on the stair (3)
South Africa not a good place for rearing children Bluebeard (15)
im feeling depressed worldsSmallestViolin (21)
muppet Bluebeard (8)
revisiting music from the late 90's sharkfish (25)
python sharkfish (5)
September 13th, 2007
swallowing sharkfish (18)
professor lost her mind tonight sharkfish (40)
and now for something different sharkfish (1)
I sometimes wonder jingy (3)
Sidebar: I prefer prolonged mental masturbation... jingy (4)
MODERATORS! jingy (4)
Strange people (things?) you find on reddit Bot Berlin (1)
Symbian OS sucks cocks in hell Bluebeard (8)
muppet's oddest personality trait Bluebeard (18)
some mistakes just aren't forgivable Ms. worldsSmallestViolin (3)
FruitShow bug Colm (9)
Why was my thread deleted? torrent curious (3)
Aw, sorry, Muppet. :( <..> (4)
Skype is a CPU sucker son of parnas (3)
Re: Windows/386 SaveTheHubble (2)
Cherry 2000 son of parnas (1)
My lunch today muppet (13)
HEY YOU. MODERATOR sharkfish (31)
Good grief what ugly kids muppet (4)
Why Akira one of my favorite films Bot Berlin (17)
Can we change the tag line? muppet (6)
Locutus: the new muppet muppet (8)
231 Days until Disney muppet (20)
Led Zeppellin One off gig Tapiwa (8)
helpful windows demo hello. (6)
Longing for the Sun son of parnas (5)
September 12th, 2007
Statistics question Michael B (7)
just when I start to feel sorry for myself sharkfish (21)
Clone Sci Fi setsquare (25)
it is cultural, not biological sharkfish (15)
freaky sharkfish (8)
Not every darn tutorial son of parnas (4)
Okay, THIS is creepy Colm (4)
SW throws a blanket over another passenger Philo (9)
At Joel conferences do you exchange handles? XYZZY (5)
Questions OTD heartsheep (7)
Websense xampl (2)
"But if you're struggling financially now, how will you survive worldsSmallestViolin (9)
stomp on an ant today strawdog soubriquet (13)
How many times have you flown? Michael B (24)
Kissinger must be dancing with glee Aaron (9)
gay bashing is still de rigeur sharkfish (16)
Now I need a seperate hamper for my stain-defender clothes muppet (6)
Dark versus light blog themes? son of parnas (9)
Recipes you'd rather not try xampl (2)
Pick your own last name? son of parnas (15)
Hey Purple, want to move to Russia? Tapiwa (8)
Happy New Year! LeftWingPharisee (2)
232 Days until Disney muppet (16)
My approach to users/analysts Bot Berlin (2)
Javascript ? JoC (4)
The IT Crowd Scott (8)
Yeah, Republicans HATE this approach Philo (8)
Rolling you R's what are you reading for? (6)
Anonymous = Useless? Tapiwa (41)
leave britney alone hello. (10)
September 11th, 2007
recommendation sharkfish (8)
programming will ruin your life sharkfish (11)
All deals are off. trollop (13)
Obscure written English rules Michael B (6)
my woman cook sharkfish (3)
The perfect application Bot (6)
Free Pascal 2.2 Rick 曾 (7)
"my gf wants to end her career and be a full time mom..." worldsSmallestViolin (13)
Walmart trying to lower labor costs even more son of parnas (4)
Petraeus/Crocker Testimony to Congress arg! (5)
Google Shill Rick 曾 (8)
Pet peeve, people not using google maps in favor of yahoo maps Bot (5)
Really trippy story Peter (11)
go microsoft! worldsSmallestViolin (27)
Hey Sharky - Madonna's stealing your act Philo (10)
Ah yes, those open-minded scientists Philo (21)
new favorite youtube guy hello. (3)
UK fat-asses sharkfish (5)
we need a blockbuster film sharkfish (16)
LA banning fast food joints sharkfish (20)
Bisexuality, (Noun.): sharkfish (19)
yeah, she's pretty hot sharkfish (19)
How to install software with admin privs Bot Berlin (7)
Tip hotel housekeeping? muppet (19)
Here we go again, Disney to ruin Tron Bot Berlin (5)
Today's date Dan Denman (2)
233 Days until Disney muppet (10)
Dear coworkers and colleagues muppet (15)
Briggs and Stratton made a roadster trollop (4)
Happy Sept 11 Bluebeard (6)
marinade $-- (1)
We are more different than anyone expected son of parnas (12)
Oscar on Art son of parnas (5)
Kransky's are definitely an acquired taste trollop (0)
September 10th, 2007
it is this kind of scientific discovery that makes life so... worldsSmallestViolin (0)
a little advice to my Cot friends bob (3)
Bill O'Reilly worldsSmallestViolin (2)
the currency trader -- bluebeard? guess worker (1)
someone asked the Iraqis politico (0)
Last Samurai Me (5)
Cooking is making me fat Bot (11)
joel @ nyc strawdog soubriquet (1)
Muppet laughs at your silly pathetic lives muppet (6)
If you didn't work in IT ... AMerrickanGirl (24)
What does J2EE is supposed to include? Aspirating Soft Architekt (5)
Why doesn't cpp have a --java-compatibility mode? Michael B (20)
Kind of disturbing, a little Bot Berlin (2)
Is our military that bad? Bot Berlin (15)
Having to fix other people's bugs that I found while QAing... Kenny (4)
hey ho, hey ho $-- (5)
Concurrency xampl (4)
protesters removed by force from senate gallery arg! (3)
i let them stay in my place now they are kicking me out sharkfish (20)
i don't think she is into it sharkfish (20)
The US has _always_ been overrun by lawyers Ward (13)
To a good job recruiter I know Bot Berlin (11)
My curry JoC (8)
We live in a sick world muppet (60)
What quantity of luxury goods do you consume? xampl (33)
234 Days until Disney (8)
Good grief Full name (6)
website interace design worldsSmallestViolin (7)
That tenderizing a steak with salt thing? bon vivant (48)
September 9th, 2007
holy shit that was a long time ago spiro (10)
What would be your death row meal?? son of parnas (14)
a prejudice of mine sharkfish (12)
"American Express comes to Britain" bon vivant (16)
Calling all COTers John Micklethwait (0)
Conjoined twins AMerrickanGirl (14)
musical numbers in comedy and animation sharkfish (7)
waxing sharkfish (17)
Metroid Prime 3 muppet (0)
lying to your kids worldsSmallestViolin (20)
The Muppet Cam muppet (14)
I am banned.  These are the posts that did it. regular (6)
UN General Assembly Resolution 3379 Dan Denman (0)
war hawks ==> chaos hawks politico (2)
heh - hoel pscho analyzed (1)
before Wayne went dickhead: He used to say stuff like that (5)
Gary Kildall's flying partner xampl (2)
Allan's dog update Me (8)
click to summon MAXER (0)
your problems listed homer gump (10)
<div id="something <blink worldsSmallestViolin (1)
congratulations to marktaw homer gump (3)
cliches I dislike wow. bad writing on the internet (3)
what? gfg (5)
How many of us were "quirky" kids? AMerrickanGirl (27)
Starbucks economics? Why does an Americano cost more? Bot (26)
why do white women date, mate and sleep with blacks? bang bang (6)
Yea Bot (0)
perl has a garbage collector gfg (8)
Mah head asplode! Peter (6)
What kernel hackers look like Bot (4)
he's a cranky little bitch ain't he? bob (2)
bullshitters nytimes (3)
Why are TI calculators so expensive? Michael B (15)
America bob (6)
Naomi Klein takes on Milton Friedman ipmal (8)
white humiliation bang bang (9)
235 days until Disney muppet (1)
Can users create their own apps? AMerrickanGirl (9)
the trouble with making websites $-- (1)
Just found out my Dan Denman (6)
F**king amazing, Ron Paul at Google Bot (30)
September 8th, 2007
I agree with most of bin Laden's message Colm (20)
Time to short Google stock Philo (25)
my one food vice sharkfish (16)
3:10 to Yuma review (no spoilers) Bot (6)
Is tagging a disruptive innovation? son of parnas (9)
Language is a Virus Stephen Jones (0)
No Allan's dog update? Me (0)
Tempur-pedic mattresses xampl (13)
The new Joel article LORB (1)
the great income disparity in america worldsSmallestViolin (0)
Dear Ward, worldsSmallestViolin (6)
you guys still here? stupid stupid? gfg (3)
List of folks that Hamas Dan Denman (9)
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Do people really have one browser with 30 tabs? son of parnas (8)
236 Days until Disney muppet (4)
_this_ I believe worldsSmallestViolin (3)
the trouble with blogging worldsSmallestViolin (6)
How many days to Disney again? Locutus of Borg (6)
playing 'nah nah bonk'.. worldsSmallestViolin (5)
September 7th, 2007
Shrub's alcoholism kicking in son of parnas (7)
anyone want to help me with regex? sharkfish (18)
Garbage collection is absolutely the worst feature ever... bon vivant (25)
I couldn't resist Ward (5)
fibs vote up if you love pie! (3)
Anybody up for google chatting. Bot (8)
Old flame war Rick 曾 (12)
minor rant sharkfish (2)
Redneck Activities Clay Dowling (5)
Bot's tales of depression Bot Berlin (21)
Researchers say "that son of parnas chick? Totally wrong." Philo (5)
Rugby World Cup Patrick (1)
Local renaissance fair is coming soon son of parnas (6)
What is life? son of parnas (13)
After reading through comments on reddit... Philo (16)
All those old anti-Communists were motivated by LeftWingPharisee (6)
Dear son of parnas, Michael B (14)
Holy shit, if they turn out to be responsible all along muppet (21)
237 Days until Disney muppet (9)
Germans just don't get it Philo (13)
neat antenna hack $-- (27)
Pimpin' Indian Pop Video Eonix (1)
anyone know anything about xpdf form data? worldsSmallestViolin (4)
dammit sharkfish (6)
Bush didn't give a fuck about the intelligence son of parnas (20)
Pablo Picasso on Art son of parnas (4)
my girl strawberry soubriquet (7)
September 6th, 2007
Speaking of comebacks, Wayne... Ward (0)
column databases sharkfish (9)
speaking of gay sharkfish (3)
I learned a new porn genre today sharkfish (5)
That's it. It's over Mel. sharkfish (20)
fuck culture sharkfish (27)
A blogger leaves Iraq AMerrickanGirl (4)
"But the desire for speed and certainty are what the neo-cons... worldsSmallestViolin (3)
holy shit, SaveTheHubble goes ballistic worldsSmallestViolin (15)
LOLPresidents Ward (5)
Red Scare Rick 曾 (19)
"2-4 pm:  be spontaneous" AMerrickanGirl (8)
This is when you know you are a good developer Bot Berlin (33)
hello is having an inflated sharkfish (4)
The Mexican 300... sharkfish (3)
oh man.  "Poor people don't respect other people's money" sharkfish (35)
Tapiwa, when last were you in Zim? Bluebeard (1)
Further evidence that 18 year olds are stupid bon vivant (3)
Judge strikes down part of PATRIOT Act Philo (4)
Oh come on MPAA. Impractical Economist (6)
You Have to Admire those Bonobos son of parnas (3)
muppet, since you love Disney so much, you should move... Michael B (10)
If you're going to caption your photos on Picasaweb muppet (14)
Is this art? son of parnas (36)
I agree - impeachment is dead Philo (35)
Sharky: Chicago Kenny (15)
local scandal sharkfish (5)
Pass the popcorn trollop (1)
My favorite junk food and the calorie intake Bot Berlin (5)
Cheaper iPhone xampl (11)
Done with botlist for a while, new projects Bot Berlin (13)
Grrrr. Yet another "food" causes cancer. Peter (15)
And now it is time for a <br> angry man on the stair (0)
Poor Blah muppet (11)
Counting on the Canadians' trollop (0)
Poor Blah muppet (11)
238 Days until Disney muppet (41)
Hey, Great Purple AMerrickanGirl (6)
Dear Ward worldsSmallestViolin (6)
more radical honesty $-- (4)
rad... UK public pikey humiliation h3llo. (39)
238 Days Until muppet's Plane Crashes Going to Disney Ward (23)
Ron Paul is older than McCain Bot (2)
Hey Sharky... Philo (5)
September 5th, 2007
i hate gcc sharkfish (13)
Most women have it better than most men Philo (29)
Jon Stewart on American support to the Middle East Philo (4)
democracy:  best way to make a technical decision worldsSmallestViolin (7)
lowest rated South Park episode sharkfish (3)
Dan Michael B (7)
Locutus trashing microsoft worldsSmallestViolin (2)
Northeastern expels students for being stupid Philo (15)
The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy (Hardcover) Dan Denman (2)
muppet reminded me of my affair :( Michael B (12)
Coffee, tea, or ... not her AMerrickanGirl (24)
B-52 carried nuclear armed cruise missiles by mistake: US Oy- (16)
Down with www! son of parnas (13)
DC's mayor is insane Philo (12)
mortgage free lifestyle worldsSmallestViolin (4)
For Dana and muppet - my horror flight Bluebeard (10)
How is a SEP-IRA different from a Traditional IRA? Michael B (5)
babytalk mushmouth age limit? hello. (4)
Went to see Breach yesterday. Scott (2)
FogBugz World Tour Vancouver Report Ward (6)
Fred Thompson is a Dangerous Moron son of parnas (5)
That's a great name for a band muppet (7)
I would definitely get rid of tenure son of parnas (5)
Sharkie ... them dead niggers in Africa Tapiwa (2)
My server is back Clay Dowling (0)
Bot's Bourne Ultimatum Review (no spoilers) Bot (6)
The Definition of Art son of parnas (19)
The Internet Looks like a Flower son of parnas (0)
So the other day on youporn muppet (13)
Let the Beatdown Commence Clay Dowling (6)
Radical Honesty DF (9)
muppert, what is your skillset as a matter of interest? Bluebeard (24)
more credit card/bank crap $-- (21)
Need a list of the most profitable industries by rank jingalala jingalala ™ (22)
I forget who posted this link muppet (19)
England v India .... wtf? $-- (10)
So the other day to get stoked for my plane trip to Florida muppet (41)
Feeling like Bot Clay Dowling (15)
My fantasy vacation... Michael B (13)
239 Days until Disney muppet (22)
Why does software... man on the stair (12)
microsoft pissing on mac users again worldsSmallestViolin (4)
USB crap on Vista __monty__ (5)
Yeah, like fuck they are bon vivant (15)
Female moderator needed Rick Zeng (27)
Your Next Car? son of parnas (15)
Web comic Full name (0)
September 4th, 2007
question about SQL Server Reports sharkfish (20)
Why are there no standards on mouse devices for laptops? Bot (14)
uh, delicious? sharkfish (3)
here we go...McMansion bust sharkfish (6)
picture of the year sharkfish (0)
In a few hours, Allan's an average bloke (1)
FogBugz World Tour in Vancouver tomorrow Ward (6)
Overpriced, mundane cell phones Ward (7)
Forget Credit Card Rick 曾 (3)
funny thing about sleep sharkfish (2)
What part of the deal? Impractical Economist (3)
Let's all pray Pat Robertson's second cousin (1)
Only 1 minute until ... wait Kire khar (1)
What's AllanL5's dog story? AllanL5 is my hero (13)
so ms wSV and I have been trying to get pregnant for a few... worldsSmallestViolin (16)
10 days until ... $--mooth talking welshman (4)
2 days until... sharkfish (3)
Stupid Tax Question Rick 曾 (12)
How does phone coverage work? son of parnas (22)
78 days until.... Impractical Economist (6)
hi guys, I'm really a woman. hello. (10)
2 hours until an average bloke (0)
24 days until disney. hello. (1)
ATM fees to rise xampl (13)
Any opinions on the N95? son of parnas (16)
my boss pretends he's not rich question mark (15)
Dan Denman's parents Joe Lieberman (2)
Joe Lieberman's parents Dan Denman (1)
Comcast found me out Clay Dowling (2)
Whole Foods xampl (3)
Best SKU ever!! muppet (2)
Backyard garden, year 1 DF (13)
Is this a racist comment? Dan Denman (24)
to the women out there the great purple (33)
Reddit karma sharkfish (13)
Yoomba sharkfish (4)
at last $-- (0)
I'm bored, can we have an ... Locutus of Borg (14)
virtual chapters $-- (2)
sidebars $-- (8)
240 days until Disney. muppet (57)
241 days until Disney muppet (1)
Frequent Flyer pointer trollop (4)
Forcing myself to let an eBay item go to a higher bidder bon vivant (5)
Sewing machine? sharkfish (27)
Oh, I just learned Michael Jackson died bon vivant (2)
How do I do this? son of parnas (16)
September 3rd, 2007
I have a crush on Katharine Hepburn sharkfish (14)
In addition to the puppy sharkfish (1)
stalemate sharkfish (24)
Friggin' credit card company AMerrickanGirl (37)
When did they start cursing on TNT? Bot (3)
video sucks as a learning tool worldsSmallestViolin (13)
holy shit that is blatant worldsSmallestViolin (6)
First NATO, now SATO?? xampl (7)
New Rotten (0)
holy shit.  sydney locked down. worldsSmallestViolin (1)
bah worldsSmallestViolin (1)
so I really did accomplish something sharkfish (17)
who does this for the money? sharkfish (6)
Paul Potts on Britain's got Talent __monty__ (7)
When I drove from Chicago to San Fran sharkfish (4)
chat $--mooth talking welshman (3)
when good lawyers get pissed off worldsSmallestViolin (1)
labor day social disaster hello. (16)
Home security Philo (25)
My favorite new show this fall Philo (7)
Let the abuse begin muppet (29)
Metroid Prime 3 = best FPS game ever, period muppet (3)
A little public education would be good Philo (23)
Whole Management heartsheep (10)
Web pages that won't load AMerrickanGirl (15)
MAGGOTS are not NORMAL Michael B (23)
it's getting old robin $-- (2)
the register rocks $-- (5)
hi guys... Dan Denman (2)
Insurgent accidentally blows himself up LORB (3)
September 2nd, 2007
My parrot ill. Minnduglas (6)
Startups are racist, this is BS. Bot (6)
Ghost Hunters xampl (6)
Hilary can't win just say no (15)
pwned (4)
Oh thank god - Edwards starts becoming candidate I can support Philo (2)
no Iranian invasion worldsSmallestViolin (9)
Vitter vs. Craig AMerrickanGirl (4)
triathlon training.  DUH! sharkfish (11)
Oh cruel cruel world son of parnas (2)
HOLY CRAP Philo YOUR PRES is an IDIOT Lunky (8)
How to disable the explorer auto refresh page? LITEON (2)
Maybe this is what the germans felt like Bot (10)
The Older You Get the Less You Care son of parnas (9)
Any bets on an attak on Iran? Bot (10)
September 1st, 2007
Since 9/11, Dan Denman (1)
Aussie Chick ??..? (4)
rate cut in sept? gfg (6)
I'm so excited! Wayne's Wife :) (11)
Legal content copying Michael B (9)
Anti-war protest in Washington DC September 15 AMerrickanGirl (17)
Xmas present Michael B (7)
Penis Power vs Vagina Power Impractical Economist (11)
the banning thing gfg (2)
jackie passey off the net gfg (1)
I know this is spam just when I see the title son of parnas (6)
Hairy men man on the stair (0)
So ladies... Michael B (5)
Developing software is very much... swiss toni on the stair (4)
A tea-towel for the times trollop (2)
spreading pate on four biscuits before returning to the couch... worldsSmallestViolin (15)