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September 30th, 2008
Housing Bubble Propaganda Michael B (17 comments)
Sarah Palin is asked what newspaper & magazine she used to read Lombrado (21)
stealing employees sharkfish (9)
How many women sharkfish (23)
Dr. Horrorwitz Dan Denman (2)
Bailout Part of Hollow State Process son of parnas (7)
"The House is politicizing what is an apolitical issue." whistle (6)
df is an uninformed idiot bob (10)
Why can't the President Michael B (11)
way overpaid sharkfish (21)
Do you have any college alumni stuff? xampl (10)
Tired of this exception handling Bot Berlin (16)
Dow up joc (14)
Photo chain df (7)
Warming up -- What it's like to debate Sarah Palin Lombrado (1)
emacs is really useful for Python Michael B (3)
sounds fun arg! (5)
Speakin of crying baby: Muslim Children Gassed at Dayton Mosque Lombrado (3)
Cry like a baby day Bot Berlin (8)
Pay for 36 hours of consciousness with 12 hours of sleep Michael B (7)
How bad does it have to get before IPv6 is adopted? Michael B (11)
"Oil and coal are fungible commodities" bon vivant (9)
Palin could improve Lombrado (22)
It helps if you carry a piece to the gas pump Bot Berlin (18)
Party like it's 1999 Gerald Hoppy (5)
More Solid Comedy from Palin Lombrado (27)
Unbelievable, absolutely unbelievable Gerald Hoppy (6)
prediction markets say "NO MCCAIN PRESIDENCY" how now black dog? (10)
Done your dough gambling? trollop (2)
Everytime I think about this liquidity crisis lorb (15)
September 29th, 2008
Barney Frank hands Philo his ass It Hurt Their Feelings? (12)
the fake rick -- gay HIV chinese rick .. SO GOOD roger (2)
In case you missed Chris Rock's HBO Special Mobile survivor (2)
How are You Buying Precious Metals? Amer (10)
Vancouver meetup Rick Tang (6)
Mistake in the offer letter Michael B (10)
Awesome I just got the written offer Michael B (26)
Gold should be going up Lombrado (7)
Woman analyst on CNN Lombrado (7)
Hear ye, hear ye... Bluebeard (2)
Michael Moore Turned Me Conservative df (15)
republican trying to destroy the US for obama? son of parnas (9)
evil music cliche sharkfish (2)
Drive Thru Groceries df (23)
Do you work to get rich or something else? Analyst (7)
how do you get rid of nausea? sharkfish (13)
Dow 10,433.86 -709.27 -6.37% Lombrado (12)
good deals on stocks right now Kenny (13)
B.C. gay bashing suspect heads to court Rick Tang (6)
Nothing new under the sun Rick Tang (6)
Breaking news: Microsoft and Nokia Adopt JQuery! Rick Tang (5)
breaking news:  House rejected $700B Bailout bill sharkfish (46)
Mercurial Michael B (4)
They really are better and smarter than you sharkfish (6)
The Bubble Explained ShyK (7)
South Carolina mayor ‘just curious’ if Obama is the antichri son of parnas (13)
Vodafone + iPhone = Bullshit VeryOriginalName (4)
4 Step Guide To Dating For Men LoveMeister (9)
I'm sick today sharkfish (3)
much as i dislike the man Colm (36)
Moore: The Rich are staging a coup sharkfish (12)
Republicans and their blame game Lombrado (16)
Wachovia now belongs to Citigroup Lombrado (5)
awake since 1pm sunday Michael B (iPhone) (0)
Happy New Year! LeftWingPharisee (1)
stem cell science - cures blindness fing repubs! (1)
If it's Monday, there must be another bank failure looming lorb (14)
Death Ship - guess its contents Consultant (36)
September 28th, 2008
Big Tobacco paid actors xampl (5)
Confessions WishingIHadn't (18)
The psycho-active powers of chocolate bon vivant (5)
Anti-Gays MrHomophobic (29)
exactly what I feel many days sharkfish (7)
Fuck Emirates trollop (5)
I hate waiting. sharkfish (6)
61 Nobel Laureates of Science Endorse Obama Lombrado (2)
cost of a virgin gal bob (5)
An even-handed article on the bailout Michael B (9)
You are a bigot sharkfish (52)
slavery in africa Contractor (12)
Starbucks Rabbi and Jewish proselytization Dan Denman (15)
Manufactured financial crisis in the US Dan Denman (24)
Wall Street Jokes Lombrado (2)
Google announcement sharkfish (49)
What do the bailout and Iraq war have in common? Lombrado (9)
S&L on the debate lorb (8)
Consolas ftw Michael B (2)
So any of you Dan Denman (9)
Obama is a great speaker! Rick Tang (5)
September 27th, 2008
Theocracy alert: Beware the bully pulpit Lombrado (11)
Palin takes questions during cheesesteak run Lombrado (8)
Innocence sharkfish (6)
Spam buildup xampl (3)
Credit Default Swaps - Fraud Consultant (13)
Paul Newman, RIP Peter (6)
courage & cowardice under stress Ate, son of a shipbuilder (0)
Borat is awesome Bot Berlin (1)
I am not voting this year Bot Berlin (13)
Well, I don't think I'll take any contracts xampl (16)
Big wave el (0)
This is all me, but I didn't know about it Bot Berlin (0)
Wachovia next to be sold? xampl (12)
I'm being ripped off by Consumer Reports df (7)
this site part of the made  by monkeys network barrrrrrrrak (3)
Good night Rick Tang (1)
McCain vs. Obama SaveTheHubble (9)
Java Code Looks Nicer than Python son of parnas (10)
September 26th, 2008
Madeleine Albright: A Breakthrough Night for Obama Lombrado (10)
Bot's opinion, no winner Bot Berlin (17)
Debate templates Michael B (6)
JibJab is back with more xampl (0)
Spread of the American fat ass sharkfish (4)
Debate Michael B (18)
Sarah Palin's Beauty Pageant Swimsuit Competition Footage Lombrado (4)
I find this hilarious, why oh why Bot (3)
Everybody xampl (8)
I'm in sharky's position Michael B (17)
try #3 failed the great purple (15)
Smokey has a new name YaleSchtick (2)
$700bn? You ain't seen nothing yet Tapiwa (25)
Palin: Not ready for prime time Clay Dowling (7)
McCain Stops Bailout SaveTheHubble (20)
manifests, lots of candles, pentagrams and holy waters trollop (3)
oh fuck off, dear god fuck off and die whistle (8)
Beginning in October, the Army plans to station an active unit Dan Denman (9)
This how distributed computing should work. Bot Berlin (6)
buy my shitpile whistle (2)
Differential privacy Michael B (11)
September 25th, 2008
What would you want in a web framework? Bot Berlin (5)
See you later WaMu.  This is getting interesting Bot Berlin (7)
Is it bad to love the show Intervention Bot Berlin (2)
Iraq war Rick Tang (33)
Your IT department sucks Bot Berlin (4)
the other workers my age sharkfish (9)
Time for me to learn emacs Michael B (7)
What I learned working next door to the PR department Michael B (9)
Car manufacturers not left out Soup Dragon (0)
Does ideology trump facts? Studies say it often does Lombrado (6)
i need this wordpress plugin sharkfish (4)
WOOOOOO!!! joc (1)
Bad performance review Cato (6)
Another Slam Dunk by PeTA! Consultant (14)
So says the German Finance Minister lorb (11)
Obama: Of Viral Emails, Race, and the Muslim Factor Lombrado (5)
"...less savvy about how the world works than my cat?" Rick Tang (21)
Wanda Sykes Tears Into GOP, Palin (VIDEO) Lombrado (10)
Hey all! YaleSchtick (5)
Wet iPod YaleChick (17)
full on acid reflux attack in the convenience store sharkfish (28)
Fair crack of the stunned mullet, mate. trollop (1)
So, there is porn out there in which muppet (7)
Back in black? Gerald Hoppy (9)
Reno Jaton Gerald Hoppy (0)
Crusading redheaded mothers trollop (40)
An error message just for muppet Gerald Hoppy (4)
Even the Wall Street Journal is taking shots at Mc$ame. Peter (3)
China asks local lenders not to lend to U.S. banks Lombrado (11)
September 24th, 2008
Ahmadinejad: US empire near end Dan Denman (12)
awright. Place your bets sharkfish (11)
You are awesome! Rick Tang (9)
i might go to this Colm (1)
I changed my mind; I think Bush was right on Iraq. lorb (14)
jesus, did bush really make that speech? whistle (17)
Bush vs McCain Lombrado (14)
my TA sharkfish (10)
What's the name of the fallacy Rick Tang (8)
In case you were wondering xampl (2)
Stockwell what are you reading for? (3)
Obama effigy hung from tree at US Christian college Lombrado (13)
McCain suspending campaign Clay Dowling (10)
50% credit no matter what The Onion (12)
Obama'll be there LeftWingPharisee (4)
mccain folds arg! (20)
China will run out of IPv4 addresses Rick Tang (4)
My own intolerance Clay Dowling (12)
Is that our Cory Foy? Rick Tang (4)
You wouldn't believe it: boy sent home for anti-Obama shirt Lombrado (58)
Why do Americans Not Care About Lies Anymore? son of parnas (24)
Have I mentioned I love The Onion? Aaron (7)
Wallstreet more dangerous terrorists than Al-Qaeda? son of parnas (10)
What was that blog?  The female lawyer who eventually quit? muppet (4)
Is CoT down? Gerald Hoppy (10)
makes me proud to be human sometimes sharkfish (1)
Is too funny Clay Dowling (5)
About time too Gerald Hoppy (6)
Corruption Gerald Hoppy (20)
Lindsay Lohan Consultant (5)
The sets "Kiwi fruit" and "ace programmer" can overlap trollop (0)
I am Twittering Dan Denman (2)
September 23rd, 2008
How bout this for my project sharkfish (24)
“A primary purpose of the educational system is to train... whistle (20)
I am in urgent need of assistance sharkfish (7)
interesting post sharkfish (7)
Clear and Present Danger Gerald Hoppy (7)
Daily muppet annoyance thread Clay Dowling (3)
what other people think the great purple (16)
on the pending global financial meltdown arg! (20)
Has to be be the most popular site ever!!! Bot (3)
Circumcision reduces HIV? xampl (53)
What was that pragnant meme? Consultant (5)
Salary negotiating Michael B (17)
Lies of comission: sin; lies of omission: kosher Michael B (16)
Oh now that's just cool muppet (6)
Jeremy Kyle jingy (3)
Oh, dear SaveTheHubble (3)
Changing the subject; human frailty or sociopathic scheming? Michael B (25)
Women seeking clitorectomies Consultant (12)
Is there something in the air?  Wrong number cell calls... muppet (14)
Always Liked Thomas Jefferson son of parnas (15)
Cooking student is overdone Consultant (1)
Pro-tip: it is no longer muppet (1)
And now the methane Gerald Hoppy (2)
Any one try DMT? son of parnas (3)
Chastity is the new black Clay Dowling (109)
heh whistle (3)
"Why would anyone want to read novels? They aren't even true!" Rick Tang (2)
Kim Kardashian is fat Bot Berlin (8)
People mock flash, but this is pretty cool Bot Berlin (2)
A sad day for Dan: Madame Cleo's is gone. Ward (0)
one problem with getting older sharkfish (17)
Desecrating Jim Henson's legacy Fan boy (4)
September 22nd, 2008
scapegoat sharkfish (33)
I never understand logic very well Rick Tang (19)
Poll: Barack Obama could lose six percentage points on election. Bot Berlin (4)
What does pull a hustle mean? ESL student (8)
Android, internet Bot Berlin (5)
Why to stay sober, gang Aaron (6)
Interesting, space elevator Bot Berlin (19)
Failed Albegra Rick Tang (4)
Why do the Democrats hate America? Michael B (22)
Pairs Trading Michael B (12)
stellar sharkfish (44)
palin email hacker Colm (2)
Palin's leaked emails Rick Tang (2)
And now the moralizing and tut-tutting starts... (12)
The Dollar as a world currency Lombrado (6)
the berlioz requiem the great purple (2)
"The model is broken" Michael B (7)
Google phone is here Tapiwa (5)
Where the word 'Geek' comes from xampl (4)
It's Monday, stock market crashing again Consultant (33)
Hooray!  Pissing matches! muppet (41)
ok, we're evil whistle (0)
The Punisher whistle (12)
Best New TV Show Consultant (5)
McCain: bailout stupid, execs overpaid Consultant (4)
USA Rules son of parnas (6)
September 21st, 2008
Dammit Bot Berlin (11)
Snobbery around Maths Rick Tang (7)
Hello Main Street Americans Mother Teresa (1)
language "conciseness" sharkfish (11)
Code quality metrics Aaron (8)
where is that document? my google fu fails (5)
obama on bailout thanks! (28)
lorb, what book and website are best to get started in chess. thanks! (5)
what passes for "hacking" these days stupid like u (4)
Keating Five media whore (6)
What TV shows do you like? Consultant (11)
Bailout bill text will not stop at $700 billion Consultant (4)
IT is funny, 1 developer, 15-20 stakeholders Bot Berlin (13)
Who sells low strike price put options? Michael B (11)
Ruby is fun sharkfish (13)
heh. sharkfish (8)
uh. is this true? sharkfish (10)
trolloping on the internet (3)
Lehrman Execs to get $2.5 billion executive bonus Wall Street (15)
Business: The Economy  US to buy back national debt Lombrado (0)
Bailout and IT have in common... Consultant (0)
Economic Collapse - The American Dollar Is Dead Lombrado (2)
Conservatives are wimps who cry for their mommies son of parnas (2)
September 20th, 2008
Thanks Ron Paul, this explains it Bot Berlin (9)
This is cool Aaron (10)
My Google-Fu has failed muppet (12)
I think the bailout is going to the wrong people Aaron (38)
heh.  memory games. whistle (1)
Zed Shaw:  Still My Hero whistle (6)
intrade gives my guy OH, Penn, Michigan, NM, and Colorado bad (11)
zed shaw being an asshole -- fu inside bs bad (3)
MEMRI Colm (8)
current economics meltdown -- philo's fault. he voted for it (4)
First Toxic Bank Soup Dragon (9)
Developers don't test because they are lazy son of parnas (14)
question for you guys Colm (14)
He's *definitely* going to delete this one Michael B (14)
Anyone got any tin-foil economics book predicting failure Bot Berlin (12)
Well, the cat is healthy, but probably pregnant muppet (9)
All the actors are from England Bot Berlin (3)
bailouts r us mccainer (14)
Best New Scifi Book son of parnas (10)
the purpose in life is joy sharkfish (28)
about the Large Hadron Collider .... really? (4)
enough with the "gate" for all political scandals politico (7)
Philo's Candidate is Dishonest Not really Philo's, that humor. (2)
Bill O'Reilly hacked sharkfish (16)
The 'Fuck' word TheFuckWord (11)
Mike Bloomberg on who to blame for the mess (no surprise) Lombrado (8)
Fiat Money whistle (11)
Fear Rick Tang (6)
Vacuum Tubes trollop (7)
US Military caught making fake evidence Consultant (2)
Secretary of the Treasury... Michael B (2)
September 19th, 2008
The TA for my Ruby class sharkfish (13)
Lets see if Timothy Sykes lets my comment live Michael B (10)
I often wonder sharkfish (18)
lol. non-controversial sharkfish (14)
To go food Bot Berlin (6)
how stupid is cot , part 9000 so I heard (4)
Risk is directly proportional to confidence Michael B (4)
Detroit now has the Star Trek mayor xampl (1)
Congress Told "We're Literally Days Away From A Complete Meltdow Dan Denman (9)
Republicans are ruled by fear Aaron (19)
Rescued a cat tonight muppet (8)
Bite Me: I liked Blade Trinity son of parnas (15)
Love it Bot (3)
What's the purpose of this Yahoo! IM bot? jingy (8)
5 Dangerous things for your kids to do xampl (3)
Hey American Taxpayers The rest of the world (6)
I want a bad debt bailout I owe I owe (11)
Another reason to vote for McCain Michael B (10)
lorb, can you touch-type? Michael B (4)
Govt. bailout lorb (12)
Gov is implicitly admitting short-selling killed Bear Stearns? Michael B (10)
Example Code LOL joc (16)
Shiver me timbers! It's talk like a pirate day son of parnas (8)
How men think Gerald Hoppy (1)
bill o'reilly shows the same confusing as df Colm (49)
Pics or it didn't happen Gerald Hoppy (1)
So, looking over the past few hours of posts... muppet (11)
Pentagon 9/11 flight path impossible due to G-forces Anon (16)
Waves of pangs of regret Fan boy (7)
McCain Wins Endorsement of Democrat Lombrado (2)
121 Not Out Gerald Hoppy on the stair (1)
One of these days I'm going to leave a $0 tip Michael B (iPhone) (9)
Looks like short selling is to get it in the shorts-temporarily Peter (17)
Interesting thing you should all know about the user muppet. dogmeat (19)
are you Dan Denman (0)
September 18th, 2008
Never did like torrents, pirating Bot Berlin (7)
black hole swallows 30 ton transformer arg! (7)
I wonder if this would be too much for my Ruby project sharkfish (4)
I started using stackoverflow the other day and... whistle (3)
If Microsoft fails... Rick Tang (10)
Why didn't AIG declare bankruptcy instead? Michael B (30)
Why doesn't the government offer to buy homes in foreclosure... Michael B (12)
"This is no market for old men" lorb (24)
dead man's switch sharkfish (10)
dammit sharkfish (13)
What is the point of stuff like this? muppet (6)
Who issues this warning? jingy (9)
Saw two therapy-trained Berners at the mall today on lunch muppet (3)
Political Graffiti and Street Art from Around the World Lombrado (3)
Oh God! man on the stair (5)
Market Rally Consultant (18)
I love The Onion Aaron (12)
WTC employees say first explosion from basement Consultant (77)
chickipedia! Bluebeard (6)
*sigh* Bluebeard (1)
Bad news day continued man on the stair (5)
I bet you're wondering how I knew man on the stair (7)
Haha, we're all screwed man on the stair (5)
Haha, you are screwed Bot Berlin (13)
To Ron Paul: how bad will it be? Bot Berlin (12)
I want both Linux and Windows on my desk Michael B (26)
September 17th, 2008
So is he dead yet? Dan Denman (13)
you developers really hate maintaining other people's code sharkfish (9)
sharky, ask.. Aaron (5)
they laid of two coworkers today... Kenny (4)
How does population race/age present in "smart people" jobs? Michael B (26)
ruby class tonight sharkfish (36)
show me more examples Rick Tang (2)
show me some code sharkfish (14)
Deleted materials from Wikipedia Rick Tang (0)
How do you execute trades from software on your desktop? Michael B (4)
No, this isn't funny either Clay Dowling (9)
Decent Mac Board? Cowboy Coder (0)
now the FED is getting bailed out Colm (21)
That pig had it coming then... joc (6)
My Co Workers are insane? Bot (2)
Doug Stanhope what are you reading for? (0)
The Day I Was Denied Communion for Endorsing Obama Lombrado (21)
Pacman makes a comeback! man on the stair (6)
Can't recognize a troll anymore Rick Tang (12)
Now that FedCo owns AIG xampl (11)
On the residential street directly behind me muppet (21)
Final Verdict: Ubuntu is more usable than Windows Vista muppet (27)
ZERO (evidence for gummint version of 9/11) Anon (68)
Welcome to the bankrupt USA Dan Denman (14)
A bank fails; nobody sheds a tear Lombrado (10)
Unedited Palin Interview Rick Tang (4)
Not allowed to link to police department website Slashdot is fun again (1)
September 16th, 2008
How does this work again? Bot Berlin (9)
What _is_ a difficult technical problem? sharkfish (39)
awwwww sharkfish (7)
Battlestar update Bot Berlin (6)
We need sub-CoT! Rick Tang (8)
wall street Ed (0)
carly fiornia on palin did not know that (6)
How do you like our new socialism? USA/AIG lorb (34)
you guys are dumb fuck you (8)
Excellent analysis of the game braid, Soulja Boy Bot Berlin (0)
Happens in britain too Rick Tang (18)
Anonymous Hitman Protocol Michael B (6)
Would driving into a concrete wall at 120mph kill you? Michael B (14)
Aaron, you've found a "taker"... bpd (9)
Funny (true) anecdote joc (2)
Where do we store solar energy for dark night? son of parnas (3)
OMFG, what is up with the recruiters? Bot Berlin (6)
Double-barrelled name marriage Rick Tang (3)
How will Sir Tim Berners-Lee rate our truthfulness? Rick Tang (6)
Why should I care about American election Rick Tang (15)
Global warming. Financial meltdown. man on the stair (3)
The Volt df (2)
"I am looking for a president who believes in reality." whistle (59)
Oh great man on the stair (9)
The key thing to know about Apple xampl (8)
Another Rick Rick Tang (3)
does anybody remember McCain? the great purple (22)
Largest women's rights organization just endorsed Obama Lombrado (5)
reliance on the young is dangerous son of parnas (10)
Putting the whole project on a memory stick Rick Tsang (10)
If I had just a little capital muppet (45)
This is funny, dammit! Clay Dowling (9)
what's the normal solution to this problem? the great purple (24)
Think and Go To Jail son of parnas (10)
wtf? Aaron (1)
Dear Wayne muppet (2)
Top Ten Famous Con Men (Probably a little outdated) Lombrado (4)
New Taleb Nassim essay Tapiwa (21)
Dear Ritchie Swann... whistle (3)
Dhimmi - LeftWingPharisee whistle (18)
Why does the U.S. need to attack Iran? Lombrado (15)
These guys had a cameo on an Mc Chris album Michael B (2)
September 15th, 2008
Obama is a Traitor Consultant (23)
I can always count sharkfish (5)
bank dev is overrated sharkfish (15)
How do you put con men to productive [*] work? Lombrado (4)
Richard Wright has died xampl (6)
fuck!  They do this to me EVERY time. sharkfish (15)
Death of Work trollop (0)
Your life expectancy trollop (15)
Get out of here you fucking chinaman 123456a (17)
"Written up" Michael B (25)
We need more Muslim babies ... then we can take over Britain LeMonDe (6)
Computer Job Poll: sharkfish (51)
Random memories from my childhood Rick Tang (2)
Where is Waldo's Bison? Cowboy Coder (5)
"it's for adults. Of course you don't like it." Rick Tang (5)
Battlestar Galactica is boring Bot (16)
Configurable business rules via app.config in .NET (10)
New Political Blend Clay Dowling (3)
IIS7 and PHP Clay Dowling (7)
Day by Day - nonpartisan political cartoon Cowboy Coder (11)
Saudis lying about oil reserves Tapiwa (31)
need some advice sharkfish (29)
Is consultant Rick Tang (9)
another random story from my childhood the great purple (43)
Rove thinks McCain is lying too much the great purple (32)
Day off muppet (5)
Banks Michael B (iPhone) (36)
Obama = Bill Gates; McCain = Steve Ballmer Lombrado (6)
Life imitating art Soup Dragon (0)
ASP.NET: Route a request to a proxy (3)
Git'chour obama waffles now! whistle (31)
GoDaddy & DomainsByProxy: A Warning Soup Dragon (0)
Religion is Dan Denman (8)
September 14th, 2008
"If you're not a woman, you sure to think like one." Rick Tang (2)
Want Aaron (17)
hi I grossly mismanaged my company, can I have a check? fuck AIG (5)
Why Obama, Rick? How to support him? Lombrado (3)
McCain wants Dems to Get Out the Vote Consultant (2)
anything new in porn jerker (9)
How do you guys campaign for Obama? Rick Tang (12)
Should Crohn's Patients be Put to Death? Dr. Revokkian (4)
For what luxury is Michael B NOT a cheapskate? sharkfish (6)
Palin Derangement Syndrome Consultant (3)
48 hours of rain sharkfish (4)
In life, there's sex, food, and intellectual stimulation. (20)
the free market bullshit artists of wall street fuck 'em (14)
Japanese have an awesome scam going Michael B (91)
"an angry Betty Crocker" xampl (3)
won't someone PLEASE hack this sharkfish (3)
A day in Paris???? ShyK (15)
China runs one awesome kleptocracy Michael B (9)
How are you guys doing? YaleChick (6)
Why does music wear off on us? Michael B (9)
Sarah Palin is not unanimous even in Alaska (w/ photos) Lombrado (40)
England adopts Sharia Law for its courts David Wallace (16)
China's Godson-3 CPU will include improved compatib. with Intel Lombrado (2)
Oh. "Sensitivity of a troll" Rick Tang (12)
COT goodbye Cheers (6)
tina fey nails palin sharkfish (28)
bot is an idiot ike (1)
regis and kelly are both married arg! (3)
September 13th, 2008
how racism works the great purple (9)
it turns out those idiots spouting rapidfire words are actually whistle (1)
Given I'll be selling my app as an API sharkfish (2)
I hope the republicans win Bot Berlin (9)
Lorb's girlfriend Sarah is a real sweetie Sheeple is as sheeple does (23)
A case for my clip ons - suggestions please! Via Nueve (2)
I never realized before that Republicans are geniuses lorb (7)
Actually Funny Consultant (10)
Pretty Funny son of parnas (17)
Philo's buddy Karl Rove fuck you (0)
Why won't anyone in the US show this? son of parnas (4)
absolutely amazing, the "gender card" arg! (2)
Very few motor homes on the road this year son of parnas (6)
What's your Walk Score? Michael B (12)
3:30 - wow. palin is an idiot? Alan Greenspan (27)
YC's exact opposite Aaron (0)
bicycles are dangerous Consultant (8)
I like it better when google showed my previous searches son of parnas (7)
What do you call these tools? jingy (10)
Just Wondering jingy (2)
Wireless router incompatible with AT&T DSL? xampl (9)
Sound files whistle (10)
Coderific sharkfish (1)
*OR* he could have just answered her freaking question whistle (11)
Anonymous whistle (12)
China clinches first Iraq oil deal Lombrado (14)
Vote: Do we need more controversy? Rick Tang (3)
Good design? Consultant (7)
How is YC doing? Rick Tang (8)
I'd like to say I don't believe this, but I do son of parnas (4)
September 12th, 2008
volcano maki sharkfish (3)
"Wantrepreneur" sharkfish (10)
It turns out that, since 1948, the stock market has done better economista - google it you cow (12)
Isn't anyone going to ask me how it went? sharkfish (43)
cowbell hilarity sharkfish (1)
Survey Michael B (4)
what country is this? where do they send you for cancer? aids? Ed (3)
Defeat in the "Greater Mideast" Lombrado (5)
Monty Python's Flying Circus is funny xampl (2)
62 words a minute whistle (11)
Wow, I'm impressed muppet (1)
Best countries for startups xampl (3)
And the Sarah show continues son of parnas (56)
We need Linux evangelists, too sharkfish (2)
A simple argument that destroys socialized health care Michael B (25)
point and click games whistle (14)
Windows Gurus! Rick Tang (1)
Tilting at windmills, probably muppet (12)
Auction your virginity? xampl (16)
Conflict with Pakistan opened Clay Dowling (4)
Spam conviction overturned xampl (2)
Clan Rick Tang (7)
Gas price spike xampl (25)
try #3 the great purple (22)
I have no idea what happened muppet (1)
Michael B's National Plan Michael B (8)
I suck Full name (10)
Why is fish so expensive? Bot (17)
How times have changed son of parnas (33)
How do old people get so out of touch? Michael B (16)
Got foreclosed? Lose your vote. Peter (23)
what's wrong with germany and mexico? Colm (4)
gates / seinfeld 2  - so so funny ..... dots .... (8)
Bed sharing "drains mens' brains" man on the stair (17)
philo's man is a liar ..... dots .... (0)
fired without cause? he bankrupted the firm ..... dots .... (1)
well, duh whistle (1)
Now we know Rick Tang (2)
September 11th, 2008
Releasing code rather than consumable with UI sharkfish (11)
Venezuela's Chavez says US ambassador must leave Dan Denman (0)
We need more controversy Bot Berlin (4)
Add more cowbell to your hum/drum experiences trollop (3)
Right now, I'm totally stagnating. Ed (3)
things that suck about rick tang fag kid (12)
obama girl explains taxes old jokes ride the night (0)
I need a 'data' plan. Rick Tang (0)
mccain/palin supporters, riddle me this arg! (28)
how news reporting should be done arg! (1)
9/11 Dan Denman (2)
Wanna become a Jedi? son of parnas (21)
Nasrallah: No peace in Mideast if Israel exists' Dan Denman (2)
What not to tell recruiters xampl (8)
Michael, please prove to us Rick Tang (17)
Another development style: "Hope it works programming" Bot (4)
243M bytes used Rick Tang (10)
People vote Republican because Republicans offer "moral clarity" Lombrado (17)
Chicken Broth son of parnas (9)
Komodo Edit is free! Rick Tang (4)
Not good if true Soup Dragon (14)
And Colm muppet (30)
9/11 in yorkshire Colm (1)
School-customized textbooks Michael B (31)
Tiny Boxes - New Housing Trend Clay Dowling (23)
need a good excuse sharkfish (20)
Strange way to put it joc (1)
Thank you, STH, SoP, arg! Rick Tang (39)
Heh. muppet (5)
The 9/11 Conspiracy Sanity (37)
Just under half of US taxes goes to the military Colm (10)
We don't need you lot to post any more man on the stair (2)
Ad banned - woman finishes too fast. trollop (2)
People keep deleting my flickr comments :( muppet (30)
God, this man is brilliant Dan Denman (52)
The only reasons I go to yearly checkups Michael B (6)
Topics we have not yet discovered Rick Tang (4)
I looked at the clock for the first time today Michael B (0)
September 10th, 2008
What does this mean? Jimmy (3)
uhhhh.... sharkfish (9)
stalemate politico - google it bitches (2)
"Basically I hated my job as an insurance adjuster... whistle (13)
programmers who read? whistle (15)
help me with a decision sharkfish (34)
Teen Daughter Pregnant. Son On Drugs. What's Next? Lombrado (7)
The spam I just deleted Ward (7)
Survival instincts propel 'difficult patient' to insist on ... probably possibly (23)
What do you think of this for cell phone input? son of parnas (7)
India LHC suicide: darwinism or crazed media? Consultant (8)
Amazon is hosed (at least for me) muppet (9)
Palin won't give interviews or appear in public? Consultant (26)
get the physical address of any wireless router sharkfish (17)
New development style; women oriented development Bot (27)
Fuck muppet (15)
Mark Cuban is quite pleased with himself son of parnas (14)
COT to cut oil production son of parnas (22)
Who pays the Piper? trollop (11)
Inflation df (47)
Global warming is real Bluebeard (1)
Send in the clowns Bluebeard (6)
Michael - next time Aaron (4)
Remember when the title bar used to be funny? CoT Historian (27)
THE WORLD HASN'T ENDED! man on the stair (10)
vmware - glass ceiling - fired their best female engineer moron (14)
well to be fair you'd pay for 12 oz of water and a vitamin moron (2)
grrr whistle (2)
UK bans IT workers from India Consultant (3)
ok, so on the whole I believe in copyright, but... whistle (4)
what could you do with an embedded javascript engine? whistle (23)
Fail! Rick Tang (0)
Time Management working from home Michael B (6)
September 9th, 2008
coding at home whistle (5)
Does anyone know where I card find some open source animal whistle (6)
vinyl sharkfish (14)
Voting for Green Party! Rick Tang (19)
What Should I Read Next?  Third Edition Michael B (24)
NSFW: This is how I'll picture Great Purple from now on muppet (13)
(old) palin interview media (0)
"I don't think I've ever lost an argument to you" whistle (6)
Zed Shaw Hackers Union recording whistle (2)
Ask CoT:  Identifying Color blindness whistle (13)
I ended up getting a Mirra for my home office Michael B (7)
Nice Analysis Soup Dragon (9)
Side Interests/Businesses whistle (34)
Moral Quandary over jacket Clay Dowling (20)
So according to Colm... Bluebeard (48)
You Dont Need To Make Money From Every Person Who Enjoys Your CD Colm (52)
Big Bird's job offers are flying in muppet (6)
A Sarah Palin Factcheck GOP (5)
20 Greatest Sci-Fi TV Shows Clay Dowling (36)
Son of Parnas is a virus muppet (7)
Photo printer Cheapskate (9)
For STH (and anyone else interested) man on the stair (2)
Web Surveys are a virus df (2)
Political discussion is a virus df (55)
Dude, where's my Higgs boson? Bluebeard (11)
Has anyone read T4HWW? man on the stair (9)
i think that there is a high likelihood Colm (7)
There are too many fish around Africa man on the stair (1)
Who stole man on the stair (11)
Google's not so hot man on the stair (3)
god I love things like this whistle (2)
My @#*%@#* slipper is missing! sharkfish (4)
Game theory and trouble with authority Michael B (46)
Funniest thing I have ever seen, Spore = 1 star rating on Amazon Bot Berlin (7)
What's OCaml good for? Michael B (12)
September 8th, 2008
republicans made former pastors "fair game" arg! (12)
the movie is coming, I'm telling ya sharkfish (4)
When they ask how much my current salary is sharkfish (21)
Debunking Kilkenny Consultant (13)
psycho perfectionism sharkfish (16)
Markets rally after Fannie Mae buy-out xampl (9)
Wordpress hatred xampl (11)
and now for something completely racist sharkfish (11)
Chrome is the best Operating System Reality check (5)
Leaving COT for good Johnny Cash was a hero (14)
Windows hatred xampl (10)
Guess who has said this: Dan Denman (20)
bite me, bitch whistle (1)
police brutality? whistle (7)
Get ready to go through the looking glass here people Lone Gunman (5)
Uber geek, browse the web through telnet Bot (5)
How to make the stupid print box float to the top? son of parnas (2)
home sick, and I am wearing a pair of white bunny ears... whistle (5)
Ubuntu sure can be pretty muppet (16)
San Francisco = frickin' beautiful Kenny (7)
Republicans tell their lies & those stupid damned voters buy it Lombrado (5)
Republican Taxes - Inflation son of parnas (1)
Maximizing my time while taking a piss Michael B (13)
Why do Iraqis not embrace their freedom to be Christians now? Lombrado (14)
Retards muppet (6)
Secretary Problem applied to everything Bot (27)
Exemption Credits Michael B (8)
How Smart are You? I kan speakz inglish (31)
Fashion faux Tapiwa (5)
Business Management - this time I acted on my gut... Michael B (39)
Extending Shuttle SaveTheHubble (14)
Coolest damned cake evar!!1! Clay Dowling (2)
Father and son swept out to sea and survive lorb (0)
American as seen from the outside man on the stair (2)
"I love you" man on the stair (3)
cross platform method for finding documents folder in... whistle (4)
I was wrong, palin was... whistle (9)
wetriffs whistle (11)
Zed Shaws Free Hackers Unions whistle (0)
Ron Paul must be pissed, see you later free market Bot Berlin (31)
September 7th, 2008
Hey YC: Catch Him and Keep Him sharkfish (1)
This isn't good Bot Berlin (30)
French attempt to distract attention from boring US election trollop (3)
My stupid classes start again tomorrow morning Michael B (12)
heh-heh. Nipple rings on a straight man sharkfish (18)
Fall Eating (6)
Dear lazyweb Michael B (4)
Obama thinks he is muslim Bot Berlin (6)
Genetic testing & your job xampl (2)
Is disenfranchisement going to happen again? sharkfish (11)
Philo's Man gets MAD I can't wait for this president (1)
perfect sharkfish (9)
How to Get Rich (so far) sharkfish (34)
This can't be true sharkfish (32)
Dark Star man on the stair (4)
state-by-state campaign spending poliitco (6)
Government bails out FNMA and FRE Peter (13)
But here is the email Kilkenny wrote about Palin: The Anne Kilkenny Letter (3)
Ghost in the Shell 2:  Innocence sharkfish (4)
Hey Bozzo, chrome is a web OS, not machine OS son of parnas (20)
When they start saying you have to borrow sharkfish (12)
You know you want to know sharkfish (8)
This made my imaginary cock sharkfish (15)
Kill all republicans Rick Tang (22)
Euthanasia is too taboo, a Veterinary perspective Michael B (13)
Work from home from the bahamas Michael B (4)
Nobody takes the politics in the U.S. seriously Lombrado (2)
is she not the definition of Nubile Young Thing? Ed (4)
September 6th, 2008
rock star programmer sharkfish (15)
Which is the easiest J2EE server for web-services on Linux? lorb (5)
Palin - not demonic after all Ms. Wsv (6)
Truth is a complete defense. Ed (9)
'Pray away the gay' Bluebeard (9)
The very fact that you post to CoT sharkfish (5)
Appleseed sharkfish (5)
the great divide sharkfish (8)
McSame Isn't for Privatizing Social Security but son of parnas (60)
You just know what web developers don't know regular expressions Michael B (6)
sometime ago ward was "preparing to look for a new job" cot watch (5)
Large Hadron Collider Rap anon (2)
awright. I'm going to try Emacs. sharkfish (19)
In 2004, Ohio went for Bush Ohio (3)
men mostly voted bush, women for kerry looking back (16)
Ready for summer to be over son of parnas (7)
Notice How Free Markets Only Apply to Small People? son of parnas (4)
TS Hanna is gone xampl (4)
Nostradamus Predictions forThis.Anon (1)
Hammock Lombrado (6)
git source control whistle (9)
including links to CoT in CoT posts... whistle (6)
sandman in lolcats sharkfish (2)
The end of The France / Norway Ward (8)
you've been offered a free IT course sharkfish (8)
this is the single point of the US aid to georgia whistle (4)
Scott, join us here at CoT sharkfish (10)
Is Obama Uppity? Consultant (29)
September 5th, 2008
I wanna go home Full name (9)
one reason I hate cot is people here are stupid (9)
Chicago 150K in sharkville (4)
egbert - how to read a movie I post the good shit (2)
Oww, my balls! xampl (0)
Sweet surprise? Marshall McLuhan (4)
dwarves vs. elves sharkfish (22)
The Handy Republican Media Branch Lombrado (0)
Heh joc (2)
“So Sambo beat the bitch!” sharkfish (6)
Computer Programming Method Rick Tang (10)
The Getting of Money sharkfish (9)
Are we shipping by sailboat now? df (14)
Slave Mentality Bot (16)
Discover curvatures Rick Tang (62)
Tools of the journeyman sociopath Michael B (13)
restart the cold war Colm (15)
Graduating from Harvard Consultant (15)
"I respect you less" Rick Tang (3)
back from vacation the great purple (21)
Palin's children should take priority over being Vice President Me2, the Sql (9)
Gates / Seinfeld Ad df (19)
Cocks for Nerds muppet (4)
So last night my Sociology professor took 30 minutes muppet (29)
Ward's wild early days on the Internet something to talk to joel about (6)
For those of you creating accounting software Mobile survivor (2)
How one teacher teaches Evolution Rick Tang (2)
so the boss today said he wanted to hire another developer... whistley (17)
Oh No! Enterprise 2.0! Rick Tang (1)
Government web sites really are complete shit Consultant (2)
Programming lessons on Rick Tang (3)
Debating stupid people Ward (48)
September 4th, 2008
Essential Documentary!! Consultant (14)
Surreal Furs Day 57 channels and nothing on (1)
I thought God was speaking at the RNC Lombrado (7)
banks really are evil sharkfish (18)
which stereotype are you? Colm (9)
Testing Rick Tang (3)
Cookies for nerds sharkfish (5)
Trying to break past salary barriers sharkfish (12)
How can magnets attract things? bon vivant (13)
How come no one on COT has made a mint on some idea like this? lorb (9)
Every Step She Takes Consultant (17)
PThreads on Linux Caribou Barbie (8)
Political scientists and their crystal balls Lombrado (6)
Cheese Noodles! hmmm (0)
Haven't eaten since yesterday sharkfish (9)
Age gap in the office Bot (8)
How would you debate with Rick Tang (56)
Business Analysts Bot (1)
Sex and Marriage Consultant (4)
Another corporation conspiracy Rick Tang (7)
Simon Lucy invites you to Joost muppet (3)
How do you deal with an incompetent micro manager jingy (65)
Again, why Rick Tang (6)
Opinions, Clay? Aaron (4)
Canadians, will you vote for Rick Tang (23)
Guiliani's speech Michael B (13)
bloodcurdling scream for our country to retreat son of parnas (1)
So, there were two applications muppet (14)
Closures and C++ Clay Dowling (13)
Police looking for 100km/h skateboarder Tapiwa (6)
It should be noted muppet (8)
God I hate hardware - advice needed Soup Dragon (24)
Excellent use of funds Soup Dragon (6)
No privacy being violated Rick Tang (1)
Dems on the attack lorb (26)
I must be gay Rick Tang (3)
So I bitchslapped a teenager the other night Michael B (10)
September 3rd, 2008
Clearly we have to split up the US by Repub/Dems Bot Berlin (8)
McCain and Palin? Mr. & Mrs. Smith Lombrado (0)
real salary info sharkfish (12)
Way too tired to post the complete results of the meeting muppet (8)
US women voters turned off by Palin's pick: poll Lombrado (47)
I'm covered in hives sharkfish (11)
Hookers and Blow sharkfish (3)
Palin wants to convert me LeftWingPharisee (1)
politics of preschool Wayne (4)
More 64-bit fun with Vista xampl (4)
More republicans are not americans son of parnas (1)
Support the troops Bot Berlin (6)
Need a recommendation for *excellent* two-sided tape muppet (11)
I just pedalled my little bicycle all over the neighborhood muppet (15)
Michael B is a bad ass Bot Berlin (0)
My prayers have been answered; aggressive recruiters Bot Berlin (3)
thats why they went with palin as VP nomimee... whistle (13)
Chrome-wow joc (63)
From the oil-thirsty Texas to the oil-thirsty Alaska Lombrado (15)
Who are all these new potsers? man on the stair (9)
I am praying Bot Berlin (4)
Lily Allen tells Elton John to fuck off Tapiwa (7)
Weird Family History Clay Dowling (8)
"Gangstaland Homeboy" Bang Bang! (0)
How long does it take, again? to get a position Bot Berlin (18)
Put your sidebar worthy posts here xampl (11)
heh Colm (1)
"Caribou Barbie" Voting for "no drama Obama" (7)
man, python sucks. whistle (11)
heh.  missing the point. whistle (10)
site referral requests whistle (5)
I <3 BV Locutus (1)
#1 private recipient of federal assistance is... Consultant (4)
Palin's husband is an Eskimo! Consultant (11)
Rick Michael B (9)
I suppose several weeks before you get on the payroll Michael B (5)
Porgy and Bess or Madame Butterfly sharkfish (9)
September 2nd, 2008
heh. de-Chroming sharkfish (1)
Political Gender Lombrado (7)
don't you just love it when sharkfish (3)
someone who cares sharkfish (5)
fuck bon vivant JV (1)
Society helps the weak survive; why has it lasted so long? Michael B (15)
how to start to understand this? JV (12)
We need a war time president...really? Bot Berlin (7)
this garbage in the sidebar fuck you (10)
Lorb, you may like these J2EE tutorials Rick Tang (1)
Have everybody upgraded from Firefox 2 to 3 yet? Rick Tang (7)
Woman asks: What's Not to Like About Sarah Palin? Lombrado (10)
Bastard Philippe (0)
lorb, does chrome work on linux? Bot Berlin (3)
Could agnostics please run for office? son of parnas (2)
Love the review sites Bot Berlin (7)
Chrome not bad (26)
If you USians could work in the EU (incl. UK), would you? Michael B (12)
Sarah Palin featured in Foreign Affeirs Weekly cover Lombrado (8)
Can EU citizens work in England? Michael B (20)
Most annoying fanboys and fangirls? Rick Tang (21)
Timesheets Michael B (13)
Google gaming its own results muppet (2)
Developed for your own mobile phone? jingy (10)
solution to the economic crisis? Colm (6)
Can you tell a doctor/physc about illegal stuff? Bot Berlin (19)
No-Talen Ass Clowns, a.k.a. Borland Clay Dowling (10)
In a shocking surprise turn of shocking events (I'm shocked) muppet (14)
Happy Birthday! Aaron (4)
google browser Philippe (9)
Are republicans really americans? son of parnas (25)
Hahahaha.  On Win32 death lorb (8)
I don't understand Aquateen Hunger Force sharkfish (1)
old, but funny sharkfish (3)
September 1st, 2008
using an alias when job hunting sharkfish (6)
Mortgage v MS II sharkfish (10)
Haredi modesty patrol Dan Denman (0)
What would muppet like Katie Lucas (7)
Gun and American Flag Bikini Michael B (16)
Q: Does sop know anything about electronics? does Skeptic? wanna be (1)
digg crushes reddit, reddit crushes joel wanna be (0)
I played Civ4 for 10 hours Bot Berlin (0)
Sharky, here's a hard problem muppet (3)
Bristol Palin going in for sex addicition treatment. News @ 11 (0)
Web OS / windows killer is here sharkfish (34)
Hanna is now a hurricane xampl (6)
the rules target:420K (2)
I don't say it often sex machine (1)
what does it take to be rich in manhattan economisto (24)
Obama asks people to back off from Palin's family Lombrado (14)
Sublimated Homosexual Energy? sharkfish (6)
Palin's Rezko Lombrado (7)
Crazy Bitch with an Inferiority Complex? mac user (3)
Pimple On the Ass of Humanity? sharkfish (2)
Cocksteak? sharkfish (4)
Asshat? sharkfish (3)
PMS? mac user (3)
zed shaw inspired me mac user (14)
Get out of debt spam xampl (1)
New York Times debunks the Palin baby exchange slander Skeptic (37)
alt ascii code on macbook sharkfish (18)
Who actually makes money making decisions? son of parnas (23)
Good place for moview reviews? son of parnas (1)
msft scorched earth plan nava (6)
William Shatner (Cpt. Kirk) sings Fan boy (6)
Bill Bailey trollop (4)
i wonder if you could get away with Colm (9)
McCain Palin introduction theConfiguratonFile (3)
Bush's come-back tour el (0)
bad advice sharkfish (5)
people who make twice your salary sharkfish (27)
Denman, go see Defiance sharkfish (1)
Creative approaches to life and failure Bot Berlin (5)
Staying up past 24 hours, can't make it Bot Berlin (4)
you know you are old when sharkfish (1)
Great White Hunter Ward - on vacation (1)
Latte Printing Fad Skeptic (2)
I'm going to keep my blog updated lorb (3) analysis: site is useless but amazingly well designed Bot Berlin (18)
Sharky made the comics!!!! Philo (D) (10)
Bot's review of traitor (** some spoilers **) Bot Berlin (12)
-- for mankind sharkfish (5)
loud critters outside my window.  Mating? sharkfish (4)
Mythbusters: Man on the moon (spoilers) Fan boy (2)