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September 30th, 2012
I wonder how long this article will stay up there? Q (2 comments)
Iran commandos Dan (1)
CRT-like rendering on LCD monitors Quant (5)
It only takes a few to give everyone a black eye... Fan boy (12)
Seen at Costco xampl9 (iPhone) (11)
Netanyahu's red line in Summer 2013 lemonhead (2)
Russia starting war against NATO Idiot (27)
September 29th, 2012
Israel and Iran: Nukes or nothing Quant (33)
The War In Sytia Dan (3)
Baby's On Fire! Bluebeard (7)
Why is this news? Bot Berlin (8)
Starting a new gig on Monday lemonhead (18)
September 28th, 2012
Apple kills grep in 10.8 Idiot (2)
A guide to social class in the US Colm (40)
Australian deputy PM: cranks and crazies threaten US economy the great purple (16)
Stanford joins Pakistan in lying about drone casualities lemonhead (15)
Quant (or Io) lemonhead (5)
average national salaries Idiot (11)
If his son had a gun, this tragedy would have been avoided Quant (11)
Reverse engineering and mathematics Io (17)
Overpaying for my car.. what to do? Somebody (99)
How to underpay H1B workers SaveTheHubble (17)
How come all the girls I had crushes on in high school Shylock (17)
Ann pulls the race card Bot Berlin (35)
Gary Johnson and private prisons Quant (44)
Government-sponsored securitisation Quant (23)
September 27th, 2012
If the tablet market was starting today xampl9 (iPhone) (7)
Microsoft changed terms on MSDN keys Rich Tsang (7)
obama sells toxic waste dumps to young families Idiot (8)
Samual Jackson Video SaveTheHubble (10)
President Sabourjian of Iran Idiot (6)
new google pad - $99 Idiot (32)
OK with the rich doing their own taxes Bot Berlin (15)
Does Java encourage anti-patterns? non-javaist (12)
Do you wear a watch? Kenny (22)
In every day, in every way, we're getting better and better Shylock (0)
We must not vote for Romney! SaveTheHubble (22)
We must vote for Romney Bot Berlin (2)
Copyrights in Panama xampl9 (4)
September 26th, 2012
Mo oo oo on Ri ver--- Rick Tang from Nexus S (5)
great read: Why I refuse to vote for Obama Mitten vs Kitten (12)
Fact Check Bot Berlin (3)
reassign the duties of a boss, what would you have them do? zennnn (5)
ABC: Always Be Closing CircusAttraction (0)
"Unwarranted"? What the hell? Philo (3)
Banks are stupid xampl9 (18)
Awesome - what an asshole df (4)
One rich Republican guy who doesn't fund Romney's campaign Quant (13)
Evidence that police routinely make false statements? lemonhead (4)
September 25th, 2012
new space station coming Idiot (2)
regressive property tax pushes people out of their homes lemonhead (22)
RIM will pay you $9000 if your app makes at least $1000 CircusAttraction "I am NOT Spam" (7)
Hehe, Samsung fscks up bigtime Heroic Hacker (18)
Take more money from Mitt Romney, give it back to Bot Berlin (0)
There's Arsenic in My Rice Mike (14)
Fake? Bluebeard (6)
How StackExchange is a betrayal of Joel's earlier ideas Quant (21)
Free markets destroy morality Quant (17)
Hotel Transylvania less is more (0)
September 24th, 2012
The Toyota Corolla xampl9 (10)
Mitt for Brains el (7)
Mitt's secret Idiot (16)
as president, Romney will change airplane specs Idiot (11)
I share with you the recipe for a tomator sandwich Dan (12)
Happy September 24th Day! CircusAttraction (10)
If they served baby food in a restaurant Shylock (21)
The NoSQL Era Ends Heroic Hacker (10)
Rugged? Anon, please don't out me (15)
Are you stupid if you haven't already decided who to vote for? Bot Berlin (8)
Parallels between the Great Depression and today Quant (7)
Do any of the rich, the top 2% Bot Berlin (15)
I am a Republican apoligist Bot Berlin (24)
US state with highest income inequality is ruled by Democrats Quant (30)
Not paying taxes is hard (unless you're Romney) Quant (10)
Yes we can! Uuuu! (1)
rednecks for obama Idiot (4)
blasphemy against islam to be made international crime Idiot (7)
odd browser stats eek (2)
September 23rd, 2012
new leading cause of injury death in US Idiot (13)
Is there any technical reason Shylock (13)
A Cartoon for Hubble Morons (22)
September 22nd, 2012
SaveTheHubble: I think you've been brainwashed Colm (15)
some people too dumb to figure out apple's simple ease of use Idiot (6)
Internet convinces man to jump into tiger cage Idiot (0)
Can anyone predict the presidential campaign Bot Berlin (35)
Car shopping xampl9 (9)
Homeschooling friendly article in The Atlantic Homeschooling Mom (9)
IPhone 5 - do you really need it? Dan (5)
Nokia are lying shits Quant (1)
brain wave controlled tail Idiot (5)
Anyone recommend a budget Android phone that doesn't suck? Somebody (15)
The one problem with Android phones Somebody (14)
rates part deuex NPR (36)
More of Mitt's support for baby slaughter Idiot (11)
Ryan and the benefit of the doubt Taxpayer (3)
September 21st, 2012
identify the terrorists on this wanted list Idiot (6)
Very odd feeling Bot Berlin (35)
Romney's 2011 taxes are out Idiot (6)
Well buys itself Idiot (4)
Apple steals design of Swiss railway clock Quant (11)
Will this impact you? Bot Berlin (5)
why you should charge $3000 an hour Idiot (4)
software disaster history welcomes Apple Maps Idiot (18)
Mark Cuban xampl9 (14)
Especially for Bot Lodewijk (1)
Keeping up with new technology Need to Update Skills (8)
World's Richest Woman Tells Poor To Drink Less Bluebeard (10)
Proof that SUV drivers are more likely to be assholes el (18)
Concise summary of global warming facts Bluebeard (44)
Equality of Opportunity or Sameness of Opportunity Io (7)
Philadelphia likes garbage in the streets Idiot (9)
6 million poor uninsured to be punished Idiot (6)
September 20th, 2012
post office issues tips on not smashing into post offices Idiot (4)
Am I missing something here? Shylock (17)
Every employee MUST write code... in javascript no less. CircusAttraction (15)
lower salaries to improve education Idiot (28)
The reason Americans need assault weapons Canned Gods Inc. (2)
September 19th, 2012
How can women (or any observers) not know they are pregnant? Q (6)
F35 design objectives Idiot (25)
Entitlements grow faster under republicans Taxpayer (7)
Charlie Hebdo Lodewijk (1)
Problem solved Bot Berlin (9)
Shit co-worker what are you reading for? (27)
rates NPR (13)
has anyone seen todays' xkcd? the great purple (24)
Windows 8 feels like a game of Tetris CircusAttraction (15)
The worst 3D film ever... Quant (14)
Mystery WTC Surfer Surfaces after 11 years Idiot (5)
F35 software Idiot (33)
September 18th, 2012
Just realized who Mitt Romney is xampl9 (6)
CIA attacking muslims with poisonous US flags Idiot (22)
A Group Is Its Own Worst Enemy SaveTheHubble (27)
Definition of Programming SaveTheHubble (4)
Philosophical discussion on wealth in the US Bot Berlin (19)
Picture on drudge, look at the kid with the gun Bot Berlin (4)
removing caps on immigrant engineers, computer computer scientis Paul Sr. (43)
Incest a problem on wall street Idiot (5)
Russia awash in diamonds NPR (32)
any web comics fans? Honu (11)
Click to summon Taxpayer (2)
September 17th, 2012
A supercomputer you can carry around xampl9 (10)
Everyone is saying Romney is fucked Bot Berlin (28)
new warp drive design Idiot (2)
Chocolate Courage SaveTheHubble (3)
If you have to deny such things... Quant (1)
Chinese iPad clones, $35-$45 retail Idiot (9)
Another OOP trick Bot Berlin (14)
The war in Syria Dan (10)
OOP Routines and their use Bot Berlin (21)
Life in 'Revolution' isn't so bad xampl9 (4)
The Thick of It Quant (6)
According to the laws of Islam, Obama is actually a Muslim Andrew B. (20)
September 16th, 2012
Color film from 1902! Idiot (9)
Trends on reddit Bot Berlin (9)
Non-partisan question, what do you want in 4 years? Bot Berlin (6)
Japan belongs to China Idiot (16)
just how big is this guy's cock anyway Idiot (1)
And my turn Shylock (0)
physical evidence against Assange Idiot (1)
ObamaCare vs RomneyCare Idiot (11)
Fantasy football df (1)
September 15th, 2012
Kate's topless photos Idiot (27)
Happy new year to all Dan (7)
Islam..... a remainder or preview? Dan (10)
iPhone 5's A6 is a fully custom Apple chip Idiot (7)
islam film maker taken into custody idiot (7)
is ward still around? worldsSmallestViolin<b>nope</b> (5)
wow, I just logged into gmail under my 'cot' email address worldsSmallestViolin<b>nope</b> (1)
anybody know any decent android developers? worldsSmallestViolin<b>nope</b> (6)
September 14th, 2012
White House soft censorship df (6) 2/09/14/us-protests-google-idU df (0)
Hey, hey, it's Saturday Soup. trollop (0)
What's Good on TV? Idiot (6)
Manhattan like you've never seen it Shylock (3)
Hot Ride xampl9 (4)
is posting here slow for you? Idiot (6)
Is formal education overrated? Tom (39)
Software that's old enough to legally drink? CircusAttraction (9)
A coffee Io (11)
Where is Nate? Bot Berlin (7)
How big a landslide? Idiot (24)
Intel: future chips will block Linux Idiot (28)
September 13th, 2012
islam critical film director to be charged in ambassador death Idiot (12)
Give people an iPhone 4S, tell them it’s an iPhone 5. Morons (4)
officer attacked by tea party redneck Idiot (5)
Waiting Outside An Embassy = Encourage Others To Storm Embassy MobyDobie (7)
QE3 is coming. Expecting $200 oil, Dow 15K and Gold $2500 Rich Tsang (52)
How do you deal with gossiping relatives? Beavis (34)
Have you ever tried to quit drinking or drugs? NPR (18)
SSD Hard Drives v. Thumb Drives Redux 3 SaveTheHubble (7)
Muppet, how is Zenni? Fan boy (1)
Hypnotic, subliminal messages in gangnam style Bot Berlin (4)
September 12th, 2012
Am I crazy to not ever want a permanent job again? NPR (31)
What is this site? Nate (24)
Take contract now or hold off to see if job I want makes offer Somebody (23)
Netflix: Memento SaveTheHubble (9)
FBI attacks teen for Ron Paul video Idiot (1)
Dutch Elections Lodewijk (6)
75% or not, are these ridiculously unfair terms of service? MobyDobie (8)
I have a confession to make less is more (2)
When you are asked to work on others' PCs Mike (21)
Libya and Egypt Protests SaveTheHubble (19)
German high court decision: Euro hyperinflation! Dr. Horrorwitz (20)
September 11th, 2012
I have decided to Steal Cable Morons (17)
This is STH's Party Morons (16)
I feel obligated to warn everyone about Branded Crisis of Salad (5)
Final day on CoT Andrew B. (27)
43% of Philadelphia registered voters disenfranchised Idiot (17)
quick way to create transparent gif? eek (4)
In an alternate universe xampl9 (7)
Question for Managers: do you deal with programmers? some_dude (5)
Working with BigCos hoyza (10)
Question for programmers: do you deal with managers? grunt (13)
eCat developments Dr. Horrorwitz (18)
interesting eek (19)
Apple using slave labor again Idiot (4)
What kind of change control procedures do you guys use? developer (11)
Global riots over food Fan boy (12)
Bush-II ignored 9/11 warnings SaveTheHubble (18)
coke invests in myanmar lemonhead (9)
Not being able to post from work sucks donkey balls Canned Gods Inc. (2)
Winter's Bone (2010) trollop (3)
Those deleted posts that were rendering HTML.. Troglodyte (7)
Goodbye, email Fan boy (14)
September 10th, 2012
The Fed will dump more cash into the economy xampl9 (95)
Has anybody been a landlord? Mr. Furley (16)
We are the 99% Io (1)
Total loss Dr. Horrorwitz (9)
Voyager I about to cross into interstellar space less is more (2)
Fifty shades of Grey gets very popular in Delhi. Matchu (6)
September 9th, 2012
Piss Fetishist makes pub modifications Idiot (6)
unemployment rate Idiot (9)
First black woman for Congress Bot Berlin (14)
Ive found where the luminaries hang out! .. (11)
No civil rights violations here Bot Berlin (1)
RFID implants eek (6)
From the I-can't-believe-that-worked department... Wayne (14)
Mandarin for poor kids Idiot (7)
September 8th, 2012
Are USB Flash drives a totally different tech than HDD flash? Idiot (18)
The South what are you reading for? (3)
The war in Syria Dan (22)
USB 2 vs USB 3 cables/plugs Idiot (4)
There are 4000 java jobs in NYC Bot Berlin (9)
Reconsidering an already rejected offer dev (37)
how to fix education Idiot (8)
CA-wide database of students critical of Israel Dr. Horrorwitz (4)
September 7th, 2012
is it still worth it to build a career in the software industry? BOS refuge (14)
Mortgage rates xampl9 (12)
Yahoo! is redonkuless Morons (4)
Train wreck at Daddy's House Mëtäl Ümläüt (47)
The Truth of Romney/Ryan, in a picture Shylock (12)
Old photos Fan boy (13)
Dollhouse SaveTheHubble (12)
Seaworthy yacht Dr. Horrorwitz (47)
advantages of first-to-file patenting Idiot (10)
I will never understand NT's Dr. Horrorwitz (12)
September 6th, 2012
Android and Nexus 7 Wayne (5)
Love 2012 Bot Berlin (4)
Is my web host a dumb shit and a risk to me? Bored Bystander (6)
Toronto Anonymous (3)
Bill Clinton doesn't look half bad Bot Berlin (8)
If you could live in a tech hotbed Bot Berlin (19)
We got robbed by the Greeks Dr. Horrorwitz (13)
I finally found a good use for Informatica Shylock (2)
I'm a libertarian and voting for Obama voter (21)
Was Romney's father a mexican illegal alien? Idiot (1)
Nutrition df (21)
Obama vs. Romney Shylock (3)
How many hours do you work a week? dude (12)
William Gibson is in town xampl9 (0)
Democrat Voter fraud at their own convention Morons (8)
I wonder what they mean by "sterile environment" Shylock (5)
Bill Clinton's speech Kenny (5)
death penalty and scalia Idiot (18)
Cannabis causes permanent brain damage in teenagers Io (14)
I have new respect for Mark Zuckerberg Bluebeard (4)
most surprising statistics of the night came from former Preside lemonhead (3)
Got a parking ticket Io (13)
September 5th, 2012
Toxic Relationship Bot Berlin (5)
Diseased Beaver SaveTheHubble (10)
West Nile Virus xampl9 (3)
Wireless Scrooge McDuck (19)
gifted education the great purple (26)
It's time more "Investing"! Morons (28)
September 4th, 2012
Upper end normal range blood sugar carries risk of brain atrophy less is more (2)
Oar Attila. (2)
Serial rape victim takes revenge Idiot (5)
How much money should a developer be making after 10 years? Tom (16)
New Green Lantern character xampl9 (1)
Dr Who: Asylum of the Daleks less is more (19)
September 3rd, 2012
Dealing with inter-department politics . (38)
republican intransigence Obama's fault! lemonhead (6)
Iran 3 Israel 0 Anonymous (24)
The war in Syria Dan (10)
"Breaking Bad" title generator? Bored Bystander (2)
I like to eat dick Idiot (13)
Lemon sour trollop (5)
September 2nd, 2012
Former Presidential candidate Bot Berlin (8)
Another flame war about Linux and the desktop Bot Berlin (25)
The final fast to goal Andrew B. (40)
Romney agents planting explosives in Paul delegates luggage Idiot (6)
September 1st, 2012
Who's ethnically cleansing the ME? Shylock (6)
Futures df (15)
FB share update Idiot (21)
Boom boom boom Attila (17)
  awadway (1)