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September 30th, 2015
Eventual Consistency Challenge Rk (2 comments)
Read and learn! WildRiver (5)
More Bored posts, please NPR (12)
I just made a Cup O' Noodles Ralph (7)
PigPen, you make lot of sense! WildRiver (10)
Yo, what's with you mother fuckers ripping on my man Brice?! President of Brice Fan Club (9)
Two pictures are worth 3000 words Who Killed the Electric Car? (8)
Udemy Pricing Wick (11)
Yo WildRiver!  Quit spamming for forum with your lame threads President of Brice Fan Club (11)
September 29th, 2015
The Young and Famous NPR (5)
Eventual Consistency Shylock (27)
Where are you in Donald Trump's tax plan bracket? WildRiver (2)
Obama is da man! WildRiver (1)
The list of current richest presidental candidates! WildRiver (4)
Yep, the 400 richest people list is out! WildRiver (3)
Remember the stock market is a casino! WildRiver (2)
How can our economy does not grow when we have lot of needs? WildRiver (10)
fuck the police -- latina rape victim vs pornographer murderer Rob Baden (0)
Stock market what-what? HoyZa (25)
stealing ups packages Reality (3)
Duggar sisters: child molesters are you guys, not my brother Reality (0)
nsfw graphic video Walter (1)
JSDoc brone (8)
What do you guys (Americans) think about Donald Trump tax plan? WildRiver (10)
September 28th, 2015
Introducing the Brice Richard of the City Data forum Tom (3)
Bizarre and wonderful stuff can be found on Reddit xampl9 (2)
Anybody here expecting to still be programming ? ? ? (10)
Common knowledge on modern labour market validated by academics Quant (4)
Status Anxiety Markowitch (7)
water, a history Regular Poster (4)
Here is the guy that raised the price of drug fro $13.50 to $750 WildRiver (13)
Does anyone think Alasdair Wilkins is not the Who's on Cup (0)
Car dealers that use bait and switch tactics consumer (5)
So new manager from the Phillippines backed out . (11)
Pivotal brone (3)
Kafka, The Trial Glenfiddich Cup (5)
We will also check who you already know on Quora Wick (12)
Weed Io (14)
Mapping Relational Databases and SQL to MongoDB Bluebeard (13)
September 27th, 2015
Look at tha Moon. Tha Moooon! trollop (1)
winforms vs wpf Virtual Class (14)
Stupid question of the day! WildRiver (3)
Once again we can make a conclusion about with tech to use! WildRiver (3)
happy sunday: BSD networking, go, lisp, lexing Bob Berlin (3)
I'm now in management Markowitch (17)
CES Software HoyZa (8)
Stop wasting your life away. Learn to program. Tom (14)
Cot wtf? Bob Baden (28)
Congressional weirdos Bob Baden (2)
Watches forThis.Anon (5)
September 26th, 2015
What are the best paying in demand programming domains today? Looking4AChange (27)
so I'm the new dba Friday (13)
Can someone plz explain why taxation is not theft? SaveTheHubble (31)
Can someone plz explain why taxation is theft Rk (64)
Killer smartphone app xampl9 (Windows Phone) (3)
Those Germans for sure are very efficient ... Writing Code for Fun and Profit (7)
Competition for Rossi Quant (1)
September 25th, 2015
How easy is it to create a restaurant business or anything that WildRiver (8)
would your wife allow you three nights in a hotel with your 18 Anon for this (4)
Delta Skymiles card xampl9 (Windows Phone) (7)
Gadgets Io (43)
So my old boss called and wants to learn how to code..... . (42)
September 24th, 2015
Get your addresses here! Cheap! xampl9 (2)
2015 Global Theme: Deflation NPR (24)
Bernie Sanders wins Presidency!! Bob Baden (3)
The VW scandal spreads brone (26)
The #1 reason people do not succeed in business is ... Mister Wonderful (23)
I offended someone at work xampl9 (11)
How to protect yourself first time in prison NPR (0)
Why I had to cut my CoT usage Milk Boy (10)
Bored Bystander is right, Hubble is a loser President of Brice Fan Club (2)
Two barristers walk into a bar... Please Sir, May I Have a Cup (5)
FSK on TED Craggie (29)
George Hotz Craggie (1)
interesting piece on syria Craggie (2)
What the British are really laughing about Kermit (6)
Excluding sites from google news results Wick (4)
plan to fix the american dream Regular Poster (21)
September 23rd, 2015
ode to 4chan Walter (1)
Financial Independence via Self-Employment: How do we do it? NPR (30)
End of an era Milk Boy (8)
pyrimethamine Regular Poster (4)
Mpg vs Gpm Rk (11)
September 22nd, 2015
"fighting words" Bob Baden (21)
nice to be a FAMOUS black dude Bob Baden (5)
Smule v Shred - Bullying A Startup Or Self-Defense FSK (7)
Elon Musk must be pleased as punch about VW Bluebeard (14)
Rumors: Germany going to expel many refugees Markowitch (7)
Taking a break from CoT NPR (8)
End of an era xampl9 (12)
Easy fasting Avner (11)
VW used software to cheat on emissions Bluebeard (7)
Fuck C++ Io (44)
September 21st, 2015
Serial killer gets 28 years ...  9 known victims. Craggie (8)
what a fantastic day Friday (4)
Hillary adds value Quant (0)
What happens to old programmers (redux)? forThis.Anon (9)
Idiot/McGhee/Real Poster arrested by FBI Quant (3)
Agri-Voltaics xampl9 (2)
The opposite of "bigot" is not "credulous fool" Palmer Eldritch (3)
Krugman nails it again Shylock (61)
German capitalism Quant (3)
Har har har to your college degree and student loan Bluebeard (6)
September 20th, 2015
Saudi Arabia will head int'l human rights agency Regular Poster (12)
What happens to all the old programmers/software developers? Code Monkey (64)
"Innovation" Bob Baden (1)
free electricity in texas Regular Poster (8)
Anyone using Swift? xampl9 (13)
September 19th, 2015
Question of the day! WildRiver (5)
Japan shock the Springboks! Wick (1)
Let me re-introducing the ratio math WildRiver (9)
Bristol Palin speaks out on Obama! At last ! Walter (3)
Songs Legion (1)
September 18th, 2015
Nothing could go wrong with this Shylock (25)
he didn't 'invent' a clock Scrum Guy (Formerly HoyZa) (25)
40 min for 10 miles is 7 miles per hour forThis.Anon (13)
Now this is ballsy Shylock (19)
Amazon's new tablet Reality Check (17)
Have NY and LA switched places? Shylock (3)
BBC allows thug back Ducknald Don (1)
Commute MPH xampl9 (26)
Why is mobile app development so outrageously expensive? Bluebeard (28)
Gold Canned Gods Inc. (3)
very good point eek (68)
Job perk Io (18)
September 17th, 2015
Mythbusters xampl9 (1)
The problem I have with "scrum" Does this work? (4)
When you forget to put in the ISNULL (zxcv,'') Shylock (0)
And the fed does ... Scrum Guy (Formerly HoyZa) (21)
Which car should I buy? car buyer (28)
two tips Scrum Guy (Formerly HoyZa) (32)
10th anniversary can't be far away? Tin Cup (0)
September 16th, 2015
Harry Connick is a badass eek (12)
47,000 signatures in 14 hours eek (13)
Down about 10Kg Shylock (36)
Oldest entry for COT on wayback machine Wick (3)
Ouch xampl9 (2)
September 15th, 2015
Jungle Book reboot Bluebeard (19)
Now with 25% more peril xampl9 (3)
CoT Youtube Ban FSK (2)
Did Jeb Bush Marry The Hobbit? FSK (19)
Chewbacca needs a sidekick! Markowitch (0)
Cot^H^H^H9/11 Themed Wedding Bored Bystander (5)
Date-time types in Python Quant (7)
God doesn't like saggy pants PigPen (13)
Sanity Psycho Cup (9)
September 14th, 2015
do the rich give to charity?  no they do not Craggie (29)
Here's why you think clubs aren't fun Wabi-sabi (8)
Liberals keep repeating false idea! WildRiver (8)
Withering critique of Burning Man as playground for 1%'ers Bluebeard (29)
Good topic on the current migration crisis from the Middle East. WildRiver (14)
It's Monday and I am feeling depressed! WildRiver (4)
where can I start my way in the darknet? Del Z' (7)
IRS makes it harder to pay owed taxes xampl9 (14)
Do you expect your technical skills to make you wealthy? techie (29)
Today in rock brone (2)
oh frabjous day tablet trollop (13)
Tip for migrants Wick (4)
September 13th, 2015
fuck the police -- rich black female edition aka 8 days crazy Bob Baden (9)
lorb=Denman Shylock (6)
yet another jewish ISIS connection Regular Poster (3)
THis guy should work with Legion's chair throwing friend R (1)
Marketing Io (20)
More proof that George W. was the stupidist president Legion (13)
So, I opened up the Laphroaig Shylock (18)
Happy new year Avner (2)
September 12th, 2015
I surrender and work for a German 'you shouldn't speak of' compa Friday (1)
Kramer rant R (9)
why not fire 1800 police? Bob Baden (8)
are there terrorists interested in striking inside the US? Bob Baden (20)
fuck the police  -- $4.15 million times Bob Baden (0)
Bernie Sanders lorb (6)
Corbyn wins! Quant (36)
September 11th, 2015
fucking pigs Bob Baden (3)
Tonight in beer brone (5)
Burning Man again... funny ad Bluebeard (3)
Today is Sept 11! WildRiver (19)
Criteria for a new job!  I'm tired of making compromise. WildRiver (15)
Functional illiteracy Io (27)
Why does the middle class invest in the stock market? Imperial Executive (37)
So I bought a standing desk and knees are bothering me dude (10)
that's quite an error rate R (7)
Daily scrum Io (1)
Profiting from hipster technology Bluebeard (11)
September 10th, 2015
Obama on Iran Lee (6)
Why doesn't Muppet respect his elders? President of Brice Fan Club (23)
Workforce politics? Wes (32)
NFL question 48 Crash Cup (6)
National Geographic merges with Fox News Regular Poster (3)
September 9th, 2015
Unnecessary Censorship Mr. All Fucking Nice and Helpful (0)
iPhone 6S xampl9 (23)
Banksters! Bob Baden (9)
Black in the US of A (US Open Tennis Edition) Bob Baden (3)
Apple presentation Ralph (6)
Nashville Random CoT Dude (4)
Why the does the top of page say "Drop Dead, Bored Bystander"?! President of Brice Fan Club (18)
Jon Baptiste on Colbert last noght eek (3)
If you had 2 more hours in the day to spend on your career.... Vince (4)
Another article caught my eye in Shylock's magazine Wick (2)
Inflation and the Canadian dollar Kenny the Robot (12)
A thoughtful article on the Refugees Shylock (33)
Don't worry xampl9 (0)
Just bombed an interview lemonhead (35)
Kim Davis out of jail Regular Poster (2)
Who's a pretty girl then, OUCH!!! Wick (71)
Let's have some Trojan Horse (1)
September 8th, 2015
Burning Man 2015 Bluebeard (7)
Begun, the marketing has xampl9 (5)
Dick Cheney R (3)
Read this Wick (18)
Databases, ORMs, integrity and all that Trog (21)
Is our work hazardous to our health? dude (13)
Ratio of developers to project managers xampl9 (12)
Welfare Io (37)
A level of obsessiveness worthy of any CoT'er Leaf (8)
happy birthday eek (7)
September 7th, 2015
Krugman endorses Trump Regular Poster (15)
Adolf Hitler was a Vegetarian Wikipedian (20)
Israel Won’t Stop Spying on the U.S. What's up with that? (5)
U.S.Open Tennis Friday (6)
Syrian refugees Ralph (19)
Lawrence Lessig for President R (8)
european people are ahead of politicans R (5)
Java code for Conference management system problem Deepak A L (11)
Pope Francis says down and nothing (8)
Syrian refugees in Greece down and nothing (7)
17,000 houses to be demolished Regular Poster (15)
September 6th, 2015
here goes the annual oktoberfest beer reviews Friday (2)
COINTELPRO reddit reposter (8)
These people ... seem ... presidential? sadfg (1)
Today's food tip: you want to buy duck eggs brone (25)
Should this woman's mixed-race child be taken into care? Wick (6)
XXX is... XXX (3)
the kind of stuff you learn by reading ... R (7)
Pope Francis R (9)
black swan group R (9)
git - wtf R (21)
Hot Israeli girls wanted Bluebeard (2)
September 5th, 2015
training workers in the new hotness Newsbeat (1)
brady judge corrupt! Jokeline (0)
Did you know the Pacific Northwest is doomed? Q (10)
Cops fire 84 shots at robbery suspect, hit him once: police gunbot (3)
Israel should offer refuge to Syrians AHMAD (1)
Leaks about Assange Cup O' Leaks (10)
How Not To be ignorant eek (43)
Idiot Cup 'O Memory Lane (6)
Will Jarryd Hayne make the 49ers final 53? Power of Sale Cup (3)
hahaah Jokeline (0)
Gold held on deposit vanishes xampl9 (19)
Climate change deniers 5 cents (16)
History's revenge Branson (4)
What makes perents take such a risk? Markowitch (23)
September 4th, 2015
Goodbye IT?? Frank (14)
Hot girls wanted xampl9 (5)
Hey Markowitch lorb (2)
Refugees should be welcomed in rich western countries Token (13)
Fortress Europe Markowitch (6)
When is the best time to buy a new car? dude (19)
Putting troops and bases in a country is foreign aid . (16)
I am curious to hear COT's take in this Bob Baden (3)
September 3rd, 2015
I am curious to hear COT's take on this Bob Baden (0)
I am curious to hear COT's take on this Bob Baden (5)
If you have religious objections to a job, quit? Bob Baden (40)
bug fixing eek (7)
Question to you, Wick Avner (8)
Study: 15% of West Bank Settlers Are American Wick (53)
Auschwitz provides more authentic experience Leaf (23)
US sends woman to jail for not supporting gay marriage Regular Poster (53)
I enjoyed doing this riddle LeMonDe (3)
Let talk rubbish!  Do you like the lady who doesn't have hair? WildRiver (13)
I don't think I want to stay in this field.... Tom (27)
Coworker annoyances #73 xampl9 (18)
New video games are a fucking hassle dude (9)
Next stop, tell them to get in the "shower" . (25)
Islamic immigration Token (68)
September 2nd, 2015
Yes, he said that in an interview. Legion (83)
The students are back in Boston Shylock (6)
Global warming is natural! WildRiver (15)
I hate my boss lemondhead (3)
I should have went to school for a Finance degree . (20)
puzzle - Ashley Madison GPS mystery Regular Poster (8)
teen comes up with elaborate scam Regular Poster (9)
Why are your top 5 favorite posters here? President of Brice Fan Club (28)
Tobacco consumption down 19% in 3 years NoSMO Cup (3)
Water Phase Diagram xampl9 (5)
The MEAN stack Bluebeard (15)
Fuck off scrum guy (formerly hoyza) TricksyBanterman (3)
Postcode to nowhere Quant (9)
strange google maps discrepancy eek (2)
windows path variable eek (16)
September 1st, 2015
You know what it is about Scrum? Q (22)
sailing anyone? Friday (6)
Reason to visit with Ronald again! Legion (13)
spamming Cot Hoyza (Formerly Pizza Guy) (9)
NYPD refuses to release public information Bob Baden (15)
Are any of you real? NPR (35)
Obama's schedule Quant (11)
What is the best commuter car out there these days? Tom (32)
psycho eek (4)
European countries are lacking leadership! WildRiver (12)
China is second largest economy and now it is crashing the WildRiver (12)
Yo Shylock, read this article! WildRiver (2)
Ashley Madison? Don’t Know Her... NPR (10)
This is cute Shylock (9)
My religious challenge... Leaf (15)
wikipedia spam shakedown eek (4)