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September 30th, 2016
Growing old Bob Baden (1 comments)
Saudi Princess in France Regular Poster (3)
Hoboken, NJ train crash kills 1 Bob Baden (4)
Machado hired an assassin Regular Poster (3)
Retirement budget: September Wabi-sabi (11)
How to grow vegies in the desert , Cup (3)
Pay for performance is all luck Bob Baden (2)
Trump was right about the microphone Bob Baden (12)
Budget question Io (10)
It's 3:14 pm EST Apple or cherry (0)
Yet another Kickstarter startup screw-up TricksyWankerman (24)
that trashy sex video Regular Poster (8)
The Hero Yoshihiko xampl9 (1)
Trump: tweets from last night GrumpyOldMan (9)
Looking into Male Prostitution on the Side Typical CoTter (7)
Zika is evolving Regular Poster (9)
Jesse Ventura salutes Colin Kapernick President of the Brice Fan Club (3)
Arq - a pretty good film TricksyWankerman (1)
Yo!  My boss is picking on me and I need advice President of the Brice Fan Club (12)
Yo Hubble!  Did you see the picture of Michelle Obama hugging W? President of the Brice Fan Club (29)
Trump vs. Miss Piggy TricksyWankerman (20)
How they fight ISIS in Iraq GrumpyOldMan (15)
India and Pakistan about to rumble Nawaz Modi (23)
Duterte is fnished GrumpyOldMan (11)
Hillary and Trump are both good candidates Mr. Burns (2)
Deutsche Bank is falling down GrumpyOldMan (12)
Questions to make you cringe... TricksyWankerman (15)
Questions about ICANN transfer Bored Bystander (20)
September 29th, 2016
Hard tech startups Bob Baden (2)
How to Retire at 40 Three early retirees tell their story of liv Bob Baden (19)
Iran Chess Championships Regular Poster (5)
Happy new year to the Jews LeMonDe (4)
Moment in the sun Ralph (1)
Finance is Not the Economy Markowitch (9)
iPhone 7s explode too... TricksyWankerman (2)
anyone can be a programmer Regular Poster (9)
Congress: Reddit has secret anti-democracy team Regular Poster (1)
My IT manager kep bugging me to install Hadoop and Mongodb, so . Sparky (2)
deported mexican becomes texas mass murderer Regular Poster (5)
pronouns, pronouns, get your pronouns, freshest ones Regular Poster (5)
Next industrial revolution Bob Baden (6)
Trump the loser GrumpyOldMan (13)
El Cajon : fuck the police Bob Baden (29)
AT&T COWs xampl9 (2)
StackOverflow considered harmful GrumpyOldMan (8)
Time wasted? Wick (9)
September 28th, 2016
The reason that I might vote for Clinton is An astute observer (2)
Trump illegally violated US embargo with Cuba Bob Baden (12)
Republican traitors override Obama veto Regular Poster (4)
2 factor authentication Regular Poster (5)
Trump & Johnson in dead heat xampl9 (6)
Brangelina insight Regular Poster (3)
The company fucked over one of the managers at work . (22)
NASA trolling Cosmo readers Regular Poster (8)
Debate #2 coming up Regular Poster (13)
Hillary lies immediately at the start of the debate Legion (3)
MS Groove music player sets new record xampl9 (8)
Lesbians HATE Hillary! MeLikeBreadYumYum (2)
Oh my!  The UN is getting a bit big for their britches! MeLikeBreadYumYum (8)
September 27th, 2016
Shimon Peres An astute observer (8)
new Star Trek Continues Regular Poster (6)
100,251 polls that show Trump won Regular Poster (6)
Pay USD 250K to go to Mars Phil (15)
private debt collection Regular Poster (9)
Murdoch Media: Trump won in landslide Regular Poster (5)
Bob Baden and RP are ardent feminists! Congrats! President of WildRiver fan club (2)
Selfie deaths on the rise xampl9 (5)
Liberal media and the democrats are saying Trump is sexist.... President of WildRiver fan club (10)
Looking into contracting on the side, part 2 Tom (78)
Developer compensation bimodal? Bob Baden (28)
media: Trump lost debate, is drug user Regular Poster (20)
September 26th, 2016
Debate play by play Legion (86)
9 shot in Houston R (22)
More problems at the trump foundation Bob Baden (6)
A truce Io (2)
Christie should have been charged Bob Baden (0)
Peter Hitchens: I support Trump Regular Poster (1)
Nigel Farage: I support Trump Regular Poster (2)
Obama leaking classified info Bob Baden (2)
Would you eat dog? xampl9 (16)
Was Hillary responsible for the death of Sharam Amiri? TricksyWankerman (4)
The origin of the name Hollywood, CA. President of WildRiver fan club (3)
Saudi Bob Baden (15)
What do you guys think about the TV show Oulanders? President of WildRiver fan club (1)
Independence Day : Resurgence Ralph (16)
Who in CoT will move to Canada when Trump becomes Prez? President of WildRiver fan club (4)
Find out what I'll do Io (3)
Roller-coasters can cure kidney stones! TricksyWankerman (7)
What do you guys think about Seth Godin? President of WildRiver fan club (7)
Mark Cuban is a dick! President of WildRiver fan club (6)
Billing partial hours Wabi-sabi (16)
Swift 3.0 Bob Baden (1)
Is this a bad time to relocate for a job? . (11)
Io, what's the heck is this? President of WildRiver fan club (0)
Not just about Palestinians GrumpyOldMan (20)
Jeff Dunham X (2)
September 25th, 2016
Both reddit and stackoverflow could be improved overnight... Wayne (6)
Cuban wanted Trump's VP position? NPR (9)
We've only just begun Karen (3)
Predictions for the debate? Legion (20)
Company asking for personal flag? Joe (28)
What are you doing for your debate night party? Ronald Dump (18)
Your memory of 2008 Bob Baden (30)
The "Serial Entrepreneur" Free Brad Pitt! (5)
Do you use StackOverflow? xampl9 (25)
Presidential doctors note 1932 Bob Baden (5)
Homeless man who found New Jersey bombs is given apartment and j Bob Baden (2)
Bank tellers now being outsourced to India Morons (12)
Communist China Pogroms Jews Regular Poster (5)
My eclipse glasses came today Legion (11)
September 24th, 2016
Obama's Brother checking in Regular Poster (7)
Do you have anywhere I can read more about this? xampl9 (5)
I wonder how Hubble explains this Bob Baden (6)
Gennifer Flowers agrees to be Trump's +1 Regular Poster (7)
Forget about global warming! This is what you should worry about WildRiver (2)
First Ever Quadriplegic Treated With Stem Cells Regains Motor Co Bob Baden (15)
Mall Murder In Washington? FSK (15)
open carry legal in north carolina Regular Poster (18)
Dead Protestor was shot by police Regular Poster (25)
Everyone thinks they are middle class Bob Baden (2)
I went on a couple of interviews this week....any red flags? Joe (20)
Hillary gave classified secrets to Russia Regular Poster (5)
Data Smart NPR (6)
Hillary's seances Regular Poster (5)
Fuck the police - St. Louis cop charged Bob Baden (0)
A Ponzi scheme using mayo! TricksyWankerman (4)
September 23rd, 2016
drop guns Regular Poster (23)
Breakdown of Terrence Cruther shooting NPR (18)
Rewards Ralph (1)
Refugee crisis causing crime in Europe is just fearmongering! Bluebeard (0)
more endorsements! Regular Poster (5)
Is the flu shot worth it? I haven't taken one ever! President of WildRiver fan club (17)
This is a joke! These people won't survive for a minute without President of WildRiver fan club (3)
Naked shorting of stock. President of WildRiver fan club (10)
Damn! Don't mess with some Asian woman. President of WildRiver fan club (14)
Is cheating a way to go nowadays? President of WildRiver fan club (6)
Sad what happened at peaceful protest NPR (2)
The natural selection of bad science Lotti Fuehrscheim (5)
No riots in Charlotte last night xampl9 (0)
Billionaire troll Bob Baden (8)
Proxy wars are fun! GrumpyOldMan (11)
September 22nd, 2016
Any good riots tonight? MeLikeBreadYumYum (2)
About 100 years ago, you can buy drugs at the corner store in WildRiver (15)
FSK, how's the new job going? WildRiver (11)
"Americans Must Give up Freedoms" - Obama Regular Poster (8)
Brad Pitt: Child Molester? Regular Poster (13)
Our Plan Worked Trump Will Go 26th (6)
Hey Bob Baden! I should have been a frigging lawyer! President of WildRiver fan club (6)
52 and 15, May-December? Regular Poster (13)
For Bob Baden Bluebeard (2)
This cop should be fired and should have never been cop in the President of WildRiver fan club (11)
Hillary aid in Contempt of Congress Regular Poster (12)
Have you ever... Morons (5)
man gamestop has been hammered the past few weeks HoyZa (16)
Can we have a naughty survey to spice things up in here? President of WildRiver fan club (5)
PhantomJS NPR (2)
illegal to release police video in north carolina Regular Poster (31)
Is trump getting indicted for self dealing? Bob Baden (18)
The perils of fitting history to fit SJW mindset GrumpyOldMan (26)
IntelliJ Io (7)
Black lives matter? WildRiver (5)
September 21st, 2016
Elvis & Nixon xampl9 (8)
My Experience with BLM NPR (5)
So a black cop shot a black guy who pulled the gun on the cop. WildRiver (38)
Big riot in Charlotte, NC! WildRiver (4)
9 Weird Things About The NYC And NJ Bombs That Will Make You Say ... (3)
12 Step program – How to f*ck up your country ... (1)
Wells FArgo Bob Baden (5)
News the media doesn't want you to know: Blacks for Tump Flaming Axe of Antioch (2)
Soros gaming the US election! Circus and bath salts for all! (5)
Remember the nice folks that funded 911...well its payback time! Flaming Axe of Antioch (1)
Sweden continues to burn as Swedes commit cultural suicide Ultra Rock Star 10X Programmer! (9)
Cool security camera TricksyWankerman (5)
Any suggestions for good & really cheap ASP.NET hosting? Wayne (25)
McLaren Lotti Fuehrscheim (22)
69% of Americans Have Less Than $1,000 in Savings Io (24)
Will Minnesota turn into the next Sweden/France/Germany? Circus and bath salts for all! (14)
Another example of US helping ISIS GrumpyOldMan (21)
Hard choice GrumpyOldMan (11)
Looking into contracting on the side, anyone got any tips? Tom (60)
Uhhhmmmm.... Bored Bystander (11)
September 20th, 2016
Poor Hillary's eyes Regular Poster (8)
Hillary has to once again "postpone" ANOTHER event Assange Super Fan Club President (14)
Trump's charity .. paying off his private obligations Bob Baden (4)
fuck the police - tulsa Bob Baden (29)
Inception Io (12)
30 day challenge for Io boozehound Bluebeard (11)
Mini PC update Io (6)
Impossible Io (19)
Bingo Guy - No.4 on HN! TricksyWankerman (12)
wORTH Io (5)
Ok so I have a new plan, thanks to the advice here. . (13)
Do rich people have problems that shouldn't be problems? Why? President of WildRiver fan club (8)
CDC ALERT: Stop Kissing Chickens, Morons! Regular Poster (13)
Unofficial teamlead role Io (3)
editor's note Regular Poster (15)
I didn't get much sleep last night xampl9 (12)
Nassim Taleb on The Intellectual Yet Idiot NPR (22)
Task Scheduler in Windows Wick (13)
Tannerite TricksyWankerman (13)
Who is Ahmad Khan Rahami? Bluebeard (2)
September 19th, 2016
God bless New Yorkers... Steal your bomb Bob Baden (8)
Chris Christie Knew About Bridge Lane Closings as They Happened, Bob Baden (3)
Are you photogenic? High school reunion (13)
How to win in the HFT market GrumpyOldMan (13)
How I picture Io Bluebeard (6)
Treat warnings as errors xampl9 (6)
Emmys - Jimmy Kimmel TricksyWankerman (4)
terrorist caught Regular Poster (15)
Quantitative Easing is addictive TricksyWankerman (13)
Hillary, Obama, and their supporters are known as Jack Asses. President of WildRiver fan club (5)
Ever go over your boss's head to express concerns? . (31)
WTF! Is Obama aiding the terrorists? Denatured Protein (4)
Obama remains silent about latest terrorism Denatured Protein (3)
crashplan Wick (14)
Trump winning over people...Hillary is silent AGAIN Denatured Protein (0)
Fucking hate sirens Io (19)
Working for the government vs. private sector Joe (10)
Hillary's email admin guy allegedly posted questions on Reddit TricksyWankerman (12)
Donald Detestation , Cup (5)
RIP - Liesl TricksyWankerman (15)
I'm getting a lightbox! TricksyWankerman (1)
5 people taken into custody in connection with Chelsea explosion Denatured Protein (7)
Would you take a job that was vacated by someone who just dieda Joe (9)
September 18th, 2016
UFOs don't like SpaceX Mr Snowden (0)
UFOs don't like SpaceX Mr Snowden (1)
‘We Misled You’: How the Saudis Are Coming Clean on Funding RealityStrike (5)
Men ain't working .. part 3 Bob Baden (4)
Hillary Clinton gave order for Waco massacre? Assange Super Fan Club President (8)
WASH POST LEAD MONDAY: Clinton losing Hispanics Los Argumentor (6)
Huma Abedin to be Clinton's Secretary of State, Say Wiki-leaked Denatured Protein (5)
Trump taxes Bob Baden (2)
Why do people in the EU support Sharia Law? Somento (14)
Looks like Satan is winning! FloydTheDroid (4)
Where can people in the EU hide there money? FloydTheDroid (5)
Snowden An astute observer (6)
Overqualified applicants need not apply NPR (12)
Gay men are now viewed as oppressors Bluebeard (5)
Do you prefer to be a manager or techie? Techie (24)
Islamic terrorist stabs 8 non-believers in Minnesota Mall NPR (28)
Tough rebbe GrumpyOldMan (0)
US destroys Syrian post for IS to conquer it Lotti Fuehrscheim (26)
September 17th, 2016
NYC explosion -- 25 injured Bob Baden (17)
And may the good Lord blow ya up reeeeal good! Jockohomo (2)
Jaws on TCM SaveTheHubble (2)
So all those birthers who were planning on voting for Trump... Wayne (5)
I just love Paris in the Fall... Jockohomo (4)
Another sign of corporate insanity? Jockohomo (6)
A spark of hope in Germany and maybe the EU? Jockohomo (3)
Startup School - Livestream TricksyWankerman (2)
Relationships between what politicians promise and do Wabi-sabi (8)
Sandra Bland settlement Bob Baden (1)
Fucking Chinese! X( Io (22)
Bounty for Trump Dirt Jockohomo (5)
AntiTrump Activist Arrested Regular Poster (1)
September 16th, 2016
rise of the video game, fall of the job Bob Baden (12)
was obama born in the united states? Bob Baden (20)
chair of the black caucus Bob Baden (4)
Oh! Jee! Fuck! Lotti Fuehrscheim (2)
So Hillary Clinton was the first birther huh? An astute observer (2)
breaking: Obama Born in USA! Regular Poster (3)
Veracrypt again Wick (5)
Stock & bond yields moving together xampl9 (5)
Drunk on war GrumpyOldMan (8)
Why is bitcoin fundamentally similar to fiat currencies? GrumpyOldMan (14)
Ducknald Don President of the Brice Fan Club (9)
Bingo guy reaches no.1 on HN! TricksyWankerman (20)
Great analysis of Stranger Things Bluebeard (2)
Heroin-users to get safe spaces! Bill Ding (9)
iPhone7 earphone-jack adapter bad for quality TricksyWankerman (0)
Yo!  Anyone remember The People's Court? President of the Brice Fan Club (4)
Yo, how many Joe's post on this bitch? President of the Brice Fan Club (3)
Sometimed the EU is completely insane TricksyWankerman (4)
Tesla covered up first Autopilot death Regular Poster (12)
Cancelling an interview at the last minute Joe (42)
Colin Powell RIP GrumpyOldMan (28)
Microsoft shareprice almost at its high of 1999 Bluebeard (11)
alex jones channeling hubble Regular Poster (8)
VP job for Quant Io (10)
Apple II ProDOS 2.4 is out Regular Poster (3)
Darn data cleansing Io (7)
Joseph Gordon-Levitt on Hillary TricksyWankerman (13)
Do you wear a tie when you go on interviews? dude (21)
September 15th, 2016
Anyone want to join a venture to create generic Insulin? President of WildRiver fan club (11)
Trump ahead in Florida, Ohio and Iowa Regular Poster (6)
Any one of you have Safari Oreilly subscription? Is it worth it? President of WildRiver fan club (15)
The Mini-PC has arrived Io (31)
Great Trump quote GrumpyOldMan (3)
hillary returns Regular Poster (7)
What is a good excuse to get out of an interview? Joe (17)
Air Force One on 9/11 xampl9 (0)
Johnson pulls ahead to #2 Regular Poster (6)
Go ahead for UK Nuclear plant (Hinckley) TricksyWankerman (15)
Running: good or bad for you? Bluebeard (20)
September 14th, 2016
Goodbye, Six Dollar Burger Legion (4)
Trump on Colin Powell FSK (4)
Amazingly Healthy Hillary Clinton? Bob Baden (7)
colin powell emails Bob Baden (2)
Free range organic locally sourced word processor Bored Bystander (8)
8 year presidencies. Wick (15)
What if we are at war at sea? Fucking feminism went bad! President of WildRiver fan club (14)
The instant messenger ISIS uses - Telegram Bluebeard (1)
The future of the NHS in England Ducknald Don (4)
$60 prostitutes? Bored Bystander (8)
Super-jumbos may not be economically viable TricksyWankerman (3)
RP - Bullshit as usual TricksyWankerman (19)
Big wikileaks bang is more of a fizzle Deb (7)
Awwww cat photo Bob Baden (1)
veracrypt Wick (8)
Live asynchronously, developers! Bluebeard (5)
The next financial crisis? - Parent Plus Loans TricksyWankerman (3)
I just drank a glass of water Bluebeard (8)
Roasting Muslim tourists in NYC GrumpyOldMan (2)
September 13th, 2016
Internet has widened the Overton window? Bob Baden (1)
Police are now only making arrests for crimes they witness? Bob Baden (6)
Double-standards in anti-doping? TricksyWankerman (6)
iPad - Assistive touch TricksyWankerman (1)
Satellite dishes WTF!? Markowitch (9)
iOS 10 - Better backup your device before upgrading TricksyWankerman (1)
Can you discuss these things independent of Hillary? Shylock (24)
U.S. Household Income Grew 5.2% in 2015 Ducknald Don (9)
Going over your boss's head to get a question answered I work in a dysfunctional corp (5)
Which one of you suckers is going to buy the iPhone 7? President of WildRiver fan club (10)
No one is buying Hillary's health lies Regular Poster (4)
Congress interview of Asst. FBI Director Regular Poster (15)
HillaryBeast is disgusting! She wants the title of President President of WildRiver fan club (4)
best post evar Regular Poster (7)
Intersting blog about libtards who work in Silicon Valley President of the Brice Fan Club (6)
Hillary is NOT dropping out President of the Brice Fan Club (5)
Running System 7.5 Regular Poster (4)
Psychopath FTW , Cup (12)
September 12th, 2016
Hubble 1 PigPen 0 Bob Baden (3)
Trump says Clinton running ‘hate-filled campaign’ Bob Baden (5)
Hillary's orbit + water Bob Baden (6)
My computer learned how to write like Shakespeare NPR (11)
New data on gay marriage Bob Baden (6)
More on HRC's Untimely Demise NPR (12)
If it comes to civil war Shylock (11)
A Tim Kaine presidency? xampl9 (Moto phone) (4)
While the geeky boys here mock pneumonia Shylock (22)
sad news - HRC has passed away Regular Poster (13)
reddit front page Regular Poster (2)
Are index funds communist? GrumpyOldMan (19)
N. Korea appealing for aid following floods TricksyWankerman (4)
does your phone have a kill switch? Regular Poster (7)
They raised over $3m for this TricksyWankerman (15)
Maximum social power from MaxPlat TricksyWankerman (2)
COT memebers should donate to Clinton foundation An astute observer (3)
Yo!  Mother fuckers!  How the hell are you doing? President of the Brice Fan Club (4)
Adams is killing it Regular Poster (7)
Riots in bangalore Matchu (5)
"Pneumonia" xampl9 (5)
Assuming Hilary has pneumonia Ducknald Don (11)
I had pneumonia in my 30's Bluebeard (15)
It’s Tough Being Over 40 in Silicon Valley Tom (6)
Hillary videos mysteriously disappearing! Ronald Dump (5)
Assange wherefore art thou?  Hit us with your Clinton news! Assange Super Fan Club President (2)
September 11th, 2016
Question of the day: is the cunt dying on us? Cliton no Clinton (10)
hn retards --- now posting meme videos Bob Baden (2)
Volkswagen engineer pleads guilty .. Bob Baden (5)
reports in the pool Bob Baden (1)
not standing during the national anthem: brandon marshall Bob Baden (7)
Latest Hillary Story: Pneumonia Sergio (23)
Pepe the frog? Bob Baden (2)
Can Hillary take the stress of Assange's next hit? . (6)
Grading on a curve Shylock (7)
Eagles against drones Lotti Fuehrscheim (4)
Stick a fork in her.  Hillary is done. TheFatLadySang (6)
The Lost Streets of Chicago NPR (9)
Hillary's health is top-notch GrumpyOldMan (41)
A study of Religious kids Bob Baden (5)
people tired of hillary's support of rapists Regular Poster (1)
Hiring manager asked what my desired salary range is - part 2 Joe (22)
Agreed Legion (3)
mob attacks family in France Regular Poster (6)
Happy 9/11! GrumpyOldMan (7)
A nation of confident idiots Bluebeard (8)
September 10th, 2016
tech + business acumen Bob Baden (2)
Coca-Cola Bob Baden (3)
Stairway to Heaven xampl9 (0)
Grumpy's wrong prediction Bob Baden (8)
Clinton tries to control the damage GrumpyOldMan (14)
My career has taken a shit since I started posting here anon for this (16)
H.R. 5537: Digital GAP Act Regular Poster (6)
Economics pdf Bob Baden (9)
Does anyone here still enjoy writing software? Bluebeard (41)
Moral high ground of Mrs. Clinton Racist vs a war criminal (24)
Texas discovers the railway TricksyWankerman (8)
Stripe CEO Bob Baden (10)
Nuclear weapons Bob Baden (7)
Programmer dying from 9-5 office life, need suggestions Joe (22)
September 9th, 2016
STEM, humanity studies and employment dude (23)
trump lies more than clinton Bob Baden (1)
what do we know of the russian apartment bombings? Bob Baden (6)
HN retard watch Bob Baden (2)
Dear Amex Shylock (6)
Fun and light reading.  It is even better while drinking single President of WildRiver fan club (7)
Lucille Ball was a Communist Shylock (2)
Employers that want you to give them your salary requirements... Joe (17)
Bingo guy gets a job Bill Ding (10)
Hillary addresses black church Regular Poster (5)
25 logical reasons to vote for Trump Bluebeard (10)
Ralph Nader: Criminal Clintons should be Indicted Regular Poster (8)
Noticing less responses to resumes after having 18 yrs exp Joe (22)
SpaceX - Musk hinting at possible sabotage? TricksyWankerman (4)
The Last Kingdom on Hulu President of WildRiver fan club (0)
OMG, we need street justice applying to criminals like this. President of WildRiver fan club (1)
Amazon Fire HD - looks good TricksyWankerman (7)
To all Trump haters, I would like to entertain you! #4 Regular Poster (16)
A problem I've seen in the software industry Joe (10)
The US can take back Mexico if we want it! President of WildRiver fan club (10)
To all Trump haters, I would like to entertain you. #3 President of WildRiver fan club (9)
Newsflash: Printing still sucks xampl9 (3)
The NSA is following me Regular Poster (12)
Streamate Bluebeard (2)
Mexico to take back Texas & California xampl9 (17)
Selfie warning Wick (4)
leak: Hillary threatened to kill Sanders wife Regular Poster (1)
Huma's in charge of Hillary's earpiece cheat Regular Poster (3)
America's creative divide Bluebeard (4)
Ageism in the Valley Markowitch (10)
September 8th, 2016
the death threats against myself, bored and wildriver Regular Poster (4)
Engineers gone wild Shylock (2)
So the Star Trek Universe Shylock (4)
AirPods xampl9 (2)
iPhone 8 details leaked Regular Poster (6)
antivaxxers cause outbreak Regular Poster (2)
Uncle Hubble may like this one! President of WildRiver fan club (6)
Insurance Company vs. Black customers xampl9 (3)
Philae found! Bluebeard (0)
To All Trump Haters, I would like to entertain you! #2 Bored Bystander (7)
Battery life doubles with this Bluebeard (6)
Clinton Foundation Fraud Regular Poster (4)
Gary Johnson is done Shylock (51)
best law ever! Regular Poster (6)
Polish police mascots GrumpyOldMan (2)
ITT Tech Shutdown Ruseman (9)
Possible proof that 'Great Plague' was 'Bubonic Fever' TricksyWankerman (1)
Another great move by Goldman Sachs GrumpyOldMan (4)
September 7th, 2016
Daddy video on HN Bob Baden (5)
Wordpress as ecommerce website? WildRiver (7)
Michael B left a comment on Youtube NPR (1)
Second world leader says Obama is "Son of Whore" Regular Poster (8)
Crooked Donnie Shylock (10)
Please don't include me in xampl9's "people" NPR (4)
Real-time chat for CES? NPR (7)
Yo dot, want to become alpha? Challenge Tricksy to a fight! President of the Brice Fan Club (4)
Apple event is today at 10.00 PDT (18.00 BST) TricksyWankerman (26)
Global Warming - This could be the final straw TricksyWankerman (12)
another unfortunate suicide Regular Poster (6)
HFT goes into space GrumpyOldMan (26)
The coughing Bob Baden (11)
Fuck data collection, let's smuggle drugs... TricksyWankerman (1)
September 6th, 2016
they are killing Legion's ride Regular Poster (3)
Epipen economics Regular Poster (14)
Trump's just this New York Guy, you know? Regular Poster (26)
Brexit - dual Irish nationality TricksyWankerman (2)
To all Trump haters, I would like to entertain you! President of WildRiver fan club (9)
Amazing story! President of WildRiver fan club (3)
Obama won't meet Duterte GrumpyOldMan (5)
Ayahuasca Bluebeard (14)
Grab life by the balls Bluebeard (12)
Reddit is down xampl9 (1)
Umbridge for President xampl9 (9)
Director is leaving, should I go out of my way to attend.... grunt (27)
Trump at that black church & media coverage Regular Poster (0)
hillary health, experts weigh in Regular Poster (17)
More french style Burkha bans Regular Poster (1)
Ann Coulter Ralph (16)
Even more Crockford drama Bob Baden (7)
Corporate democracy GrumpyOldMan (7)
Class Warfare at Burning Man Markowitch (8)
September 5th, 2016
Narcos Ralph (0)
Mexican Dental xampl9 (7)
playboy-playmate-dani-mathers Bob Baden (6)
Silver: don't assume electoral college will save Clinton Bob Baden (1)
Brexit Bob Baden (13)
Gerard 't Hooft Lotti Fuehrscheim (3)
What can go wrong..... Bob Baden (1)
First SpaceX, now this... TricksyWankerman (8)
Gene Wilder 2013 Interview SaveTheHubble (5)
Why do some here have such a hardon for HN? Bored Bystander (12)
Philippine leader threatens US President Regular Poster (7)
what evolutionary biology says about female comics Regular Poster (3)
Are international blockbuster films killing hollywood? TricksyWankerman (28)
Interaction^2 Ralph (3)
Justice, Cleveland style Regular Poster (10)
How to learn advanced maths without uni Bob Baden (7)
Shaky Cam Documentary NPR (2)
The scale of war Bluebeard (0)
Rabbis for Human Rights Regular Poster (4)
SpaceX - Satellite owners want $50m TricksyWankerman (3)
September 4th, 2016
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September 3rd, 2016
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September 1st, 2016
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