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October 31st, 2007
Vaginas look like lilies. sharkfish (11 comments)
I'm drunk sharkfish (31)
A mixed bag for Molly today muppet (4)
Bible CRC check xampl (32)
Brice will teach VBA! SaveTheHubble (8)
FYI Oren (49)
Hydrogen is just another way to maintain centralized control son of parnas (17)
Quick Message From Brice Richard Brice Richard (24)
Not that I expect agreement JoC (2)
Come on meatheads, give me some ideas... Bluebeard (15)
About 4,000 people JoC (12)
The Concrete Pour is done Clay Dowling (11)
NASA pilot study JoC (9)
Another GOP GAY SEX SCANDAL Michael B (1)
Something is wrong JoC (16)
and evolution rages on sharkfish (1)
I'm an idiot but I seem controversial by hating popular things son of muppet (6)
Let's create a CoT group on Facebook Bluebeard (3)
The New Gmail Looks as Ugly and Poorly Designed as the Old son of parnas (1)
Where are the riots? Michael B (28)
Molly got 3 Get-Well cards today muppet (1)
They Kicked Out the Women When it Started Making Money son of parnas (43)
Facebook sharkfish (37)
Enigmatic COTers Le Monde Jr (2)
Disneyland el (3)
So, trying to get the results of a lab culture for 3 days... muppet (0)
I know it's crazy, but here's a VB6/ADO/SQL question muppet (25)
What's your CoT costume for Halloween? xampl (10)
Why in fuck is Amazon sending me targetted email ads muppet (15)
For Ward (and wife) muppet (10)
finished moving house OMGwsv1zasup3rl33tc0d3r (9)
"It's a convenient place holder, in any event." OMGwsv1zasup3rl33tc0d3r (7)
anyone still (already) up? Friday (4)
October 30th, 2007
Sigh. sharkfish (32)
Database Denormalization Kenny (16)
V8 V-fusion sharkfish (9)
son of parnas... Dan Denman (9)
Don't serve your own videos people son of parnas (1)
Real Estate License in 5 weeks Rick Tang (13)
Dark matter was always a stupid idea son of parnas (41)
Do you save recently widowed socks son of parnas (24)
new house the great purple (35)
Second life crime wave (10)
Now that I have my own office .. I play video games all day King Toot (4)
Englbert Humperdink Bluebeard (6)
Koreans are more similar with the Japanese than Chinese Le Monde Jr (9)
Internet speed optimization that work ? Le monde Jr (3)
Molly was a lot better this morning muppet (6)
last longer Bluebeard (1)
why dating men sucks sharkfish (16)
Damn ... the domain is taken! Dan Denman (16)
October 29th, 2007
how slow would it be sharkfish (10)
Two revelations sharkfish (11)
What can you learn from the recent Brice Richard episode? Rick Tang (16)
Just Cancelled BofA Card Mongo (5)
Interesting email I just received Ward (3)
Japan is not cool Kenny (14)
aside from kurosawa and miyazaki, japanese films... (3)
LMFAO - Yankee Gas.  Give me a fucking break already muppet (5)
Clay the Construction Worker Clay Dowling (12)
I'm sick of apologizing for them and making up excuses son of parnas (7)
Crunchy peanut butter and banana sammich on whole wheat son of parnas (8)
Japanese are cool Le Monde Jr (38)
Google's Blog Search: Nearly useless muppet (0)
What is the mission statement of the United States? Michael B (35)
book price wtf sharkfish (16)
Washington D.C. Plates JoC (13)
Molly's feeling better today muppet (14)
Can I get a free voucher to leave the US? Bot (18)
Real Vampire Slayers! (4)
Monday, Monday SaveTheHubble (5)
Oh good God. man on the stair (17)
MILF watch: new president of Argentina Le Monde Jr (8)
So much for not having ideas LORB (7)
Baseball is Over son of parnas (6)
October 28th, 2007
Giggle. snort.  Re-thinking the clipboard sharkfish (4)
party like it's 2012 sharkfish (6)
nothing worse than sharkfish (1)
200k troops in iraq (6)
farming bad, hunting-gathering good sharkfish (19)
army people on cot bsaically joining the army is st (18)
"On the Road: A Week With ‘Values’ Voters" Full name (3)
Open source - games Guys (9)
There is no HIV,AIDS or at lest no connection Guys (3)
I've figured out muppet's problem sharkfish (20)
Unbelievable muppet (2)
Cool Guys (7)
bizzaro land... more from FEMA scandal arg! (6)
stop dressing your six-year-old like a skank sharkfish (4)
It is possible that many Presidents... Michael B (9)
when was the last "good thread" meg (6)
Molly is in rough shape muppet (26)
CentOS 5 or Ubuntu or fedora? son of parnas (6)
geeky things sharkfish (4)
Is Bush our first retarded president? son of parnas (13)
250 - I said I wanted to focus... sharkfish (10)
What's the right time? jingy (7)
NY illegals get their own driver's license sharkfish (0)
Congress learning about email Tic Tocs (7)
I would be more motivated to program LORB (5)
London Boys what are you reading for? (6)
simultaneous torrent download w 2 clients - who will 'win' Le Monde Jr (1)
So what's the crime? Paul Brown (9)
Poignant Beatles song LORB (10)
google joining the dark side Friday (1)
Interesting testing approach son of parnas (1)
October 27th, 2007
The newest DARPA Robotics Grand Challenge SaveTheHubble (0)
Nurture is Nature's B*tch son of parnas (4)
USA Colm (16)
countries on cot global moron farm (27)
Are there any Youtube mirror sites? Dot (2)
since you guys are so smart thanks! (5)
Need a friend? son of parnas (5)
Wow, in what kind of mind was this a good idea? son of parnas (8)
Africa figures in the newspaper this week (4)
England vs Russia (Soccer) paralises (1)
Is nuclear death coming for US? Tic Tocs (18)
I am guilty sharkfish (11)
If you trim your nails too short social wonder (1)
COT Stats please ? Philippe Prohm (2)
Marlo Stansfield and gang is frightening Le Monde Jr (4)
daddy has spoken Friday (4)
October 26th, 2007
Microsoft and bundling of Internet Explorer in Windows bon vivant (6)
Attack on Iran is attack on Russia Dan Denman (2)
How dare you? How dare you? How dare you? Dan Denman (12)
What happens when apps use the clipboard for IPC Dot (4)
mundane update (3)
best computing innovation, EVAR sharkfish (7)
well, now that Dumbledore is gay... (1)
kill the Riddick! sharkfish (7)
iRack Dan Denman (4)
The Saudis get a clue LeftWingPharisee (33)
purpose Michael B (5)
which is your favorite sharkfish (20)
Fun working conditions Clay Dowling (7)
Bob Walsh is still a big JoS kiss ass Bot (6)
My list of stupid questions Rick Tang (8)
The snicker thread JoC (16)
Shatner not in new Trek movie xampl (14)
What's hot now ? TV series and Anime Le Monde Jr (11)
Hey SoP sharkfish (5)
Dumbledore tatoo xampl (10)
Snicker JoC (2)
Classic Newspaper Mistake IHAZURPARKING? (2)
How are you guys doing Bot (7)
Supply siders are insane son of parnas (1)
I want this job! sharkfish (2)
Why did track ball mice go out of style? sharkfish (15)
Funny stuff SaveTheHubble (4)
My iMicrowave needs just one button son of parnas (22)
Oh fucking please muppet (31)
Those damn Fatah Jews Owner (21)
Dead Elephants, part 2 SaveTheHubble (4)
Well, I got a 4.5% raise today muppet (6)
How repressive can you get? man on the stair (3)
So, we bought these neat radio control outlet switches from muppet (19) LORB (1)
7 hours, 15 minutes and 45 seconds el (6)
Is this a good job? Ward (6)
Teach to the tests, learn for the tests Rick Tang (8)
October 25th, 2007
Rote learning bon vivant (7)
racial observation... Dan Denman (2)
Iranian government must assasinate Norman Podhoretz Dan Denman (1)
This is so cheesy bon vivant (5)
Got some SPAM today I do not like green eggs & SPAM (1)
40% of americans have never lived without either a bush or politico (9)
you shouldn't have to hire superstars sharkfish (22)
Why Specialists are Grumpy and Generalists are Happy son of parnas (9)
My regular appeal Bluebeard (2)
The Funny Thing it is Healthier son of parnas (11)
Working Dead sharkfish (14)
Google IMAP sharkfish (9)
do any of you have middle schoolers? the great purple (36)
Nothing says sexy like a turkey on your head LH (3)
Complete collapse of society Wayne (38)
is muppet the definition of white trash? Visiting Scholar (8)
Oh, bollocks.  Nasa's Mike Griffin in the news. SaveTheHubble (4)
Gotta love Saginaw Clay Dowling (28)
US Burglars get fatter el (5)
Full steam ahead trollop (3)
Pop Quiz Flasher T (39)
So very fucked muppet (16)
WTF:: $15bn for facebook?? Tapiwa (7)
Here's a headline you don't see every day man on the stair (10)
So what do you think, are American kids really dumber that dirt? Wayne (40)
Anyone here read French? What does the following say .. Whelp (10)
way too many titles Friday (4)
October 24th, 2007
Dan, Michael B (17)
I love that we have a male receptionist sharkfish (26)
You think YOU'VE got a drinking problem... SaveTheHubble (6)
So I have been diagonosed with Dan Denman (7)
Now that I have identified that I am stupid sharkfish (18)
minor rant sharkfish (15)
For Dana Dan Denman (5)
Like Wow, you thought Comcast only overcharged for Cable! SaveTheHubble (12)
I... hippy dippy fag (3)
how did it end? cot historian (5)
I've been trying to fix this bug for two fucking days Michael B (11)
London drinks Scott (7)
Run to the hills!  Sharkfish is an alien overlord... Scott (10)
Watson in the Guardian Tic Tocs (10)
Wow.  People pay good money for sharkfish (6)
I just bought sharkfish (9)
I thought all the good scams were taken... JoC (1)
Big Bang Theory xampl (1)
Trent Reznor = Teh Gay? Pay attention to lyrics (3)
I hope someday to be smart enough to understand this son of parnas (12)
Be Grateful You Ingrates son of parnas (7)
Ban on public indecency considered harassment? Clay Dowling (19)
Validation that my stepson is a loud mouthed goofoff Clay Dowling (43)
Valerie Plame Wilson -- Part Deux SaveTheHubble (16)
Jesus Christ muppet (15)
How can I get MySQL to treat NULL as zero for an AVG()? muppet (28)
So, the girls were at it last night Tapiwa (21)
I view this as double-speak LORB (5)
The Excellent Adventure of Roxanne Shante son of parnas (2)
October 23rd, 2007
Looks like some new armor for Blackwater son of parnas (4)
Because muppet loves women sharkfish (11)
Cot Romance in the air OMGwsv1zasup3rl33tc0d3r (1)
VNC question sharkfish (20)
my 73 year old boyfriend said sharkfish (7)
a good place to raise kids (2)
Just as I thought.  A good portion of you are mentally retarded. zed (8)
stupid search zed (27)
Let's just Dan Denman (1)
what is happening in SoCal? strawdog (10)
What would you say to his teacher? sharkfish (25)
impending security deposit dispute (10)
This is going to be interesting to follow xampl (6)
Mac sales up 34% xampl (3)
When White People Plan a Disaster Clay Dowling (20)
London what are you reading for? (6)
Shuttle Is Up!  STS-120. SaveTheHubble (0)
creating your resume the geek way OMGwsv1zasup3rl33tc0d3r (14)
circulating the office today sharkfish (10)
Don't like no short short ,..., (8)
Death By Monkies! Mongo (12)
Why, Flasher, why? OMGwsv1zasup3rl33tc0d3r (9)
Ethernet WLAN adapter? man on the stair (7)
So. Cal. Firestorm Scott (5)
Information I can't find on the Internet - adjusting a Serger Ward (5)
well, Molly woke up screaming at 11 muppet (11)
Weathermen XYZZY (1)
October 22nd, 2007
Theatre of the absurd antipodes (1)
extreme lies: US military spending Scott (9)
on the stupidity of Cot gfg (5) events sharkfish (24)
anonmous sex with CoT new CoT Idiot (6)
CoT London meetup? Scott (7)
Why did I come to work today? Clay Dowling (8)
wtf?  I wonder what he thought he was saying OMGwsv1zasup3rl33tc0d3r (3)
anonymous sex sharkfish (89)
0 days after I ban myself Rick Tang (4)
I don't have the drive to create sharkfish (22)
Holy shit it's gonna be 80F again today in Hartford muppet (5)
Fake niceness Sociopaths everywhere (14)
tax cuts decrease government revenues OMGwsv1zasup3rl33tc0d3r (3)
trying for a baby update the great purple (14)
This topic is archived. No further replies will be accepted. man on the stair (11)
73 year old man sharkfish (24)
CNN: Fans ponder Dumbledore gay revelation Michael B (17)
You Just Can't Win - Don't try to be happier son of parnas (28)
Kill Muppet OMGwsv1zasup3rl33tc0d3r (11)
Should I make a facebook app? son of parnas (15)
I've always like the aquatic ape theory son of parnas (17)
up at 3am OMGwsv1zasup3rl33tc0d3r (15)
Start of another great Monday Dan (0)
Why would you want to continue to occupy and go on raids LORB (8)
When home is burning down, you've gotta think what's important LORB (0)
UGH muppet (0)
October 21st, 2007
This is just so CoT LeftWingPharisee (2)
playing it safe sharkfish (2)
DNS question xampl (3)
One of the funniest "Best of Craigslist" entries ever The voice of reason (5)
oh, hey, ward... OMGblahblahblah (8)
Wither facebook? son of parnas (10)
applying for a job, so what do I need to bone up on? OMGblahblahblah (2)
Cubicle size xampl (13)
Valerie Plame sharkfish (19)
zappos is a classy company bob (3)
lame post. I have quit smoking for a year. former CoT superstar (8)
women and men's shoes (12)
here's your ace, Bot sharkfish (8)
taking a chance on love sharkfish (10)
Zionism = Nazism (the violent ideology) Dan Denman (3)
Formula-1 Le Monde (4)
I felt something similar sharkfish (2)
The reason the least healthful calories are cheapest sharkfish (9)
this doesn't work for Master locks sharkfish (2)
CSI sharkfish (8)
Look, a pattern son of parnas (11)
Apple I-rack __monty__ (2)
'Stop and search more black people' man on the stair (7)
How smart is your parents? SmallDeveloper (4)
book dedication sharkfish (3)
October 20th, 2007
I slept for two days sharkfish (6)
[p&p]  reviving the p&p zone zed (8)
tech career question sharkfish (37)
huh? digger (0)
Congrats to Bluebeard and South Africa Le Monde (6)
My soul is a passionate dancer son of parnas (2)
bush might be joking, or might be serious... Peter (15)
congrats to taipwa on getting those TPS reports done zed (0)
why are we pissed at Bot? zed (12)
Wil Wheaton interview xampl (2)
I'm (not) in this news Ward (2)
I'm (also) in the news! hello. (3)
The Ward Trifecta is in Effect son of parnas (4)
And (almost) in the news again Ward (3)
I'm (almost) in the news Ward (5)
October 19th, 2007
bon vivant, Bot sharkfish (8)
MRSA. sharkfish (24)
Food with MSG Le Monde (3)
wow, two finger scrolling on a mac laptop rocks OMGwsv1zasup3rl33tc0d3r (13)
I love jingalala jingalala ™ (2)
Lonely and drunk jingalala jingalala ™ (14)
so why are the moderators so crap? OMGwsv1zasup3rl33tc0d3r (6)
how did this _not_ end up on the sidebar? OMGwsv1zasup3rl33tc0d3r (3)
Are firefox sessions stored anywhere? son of parnas (3)
Gold JoC (18)
Political Placement Test JoC (7)
Americans getting shorter... sharkfish (10)
Comcast sharkfish (4)
End User WTF muppet (10)
Anniversary of Black Monday xampl (5)
Aussie Clockwork Orange? JoC (68)
online just as trivial as the real world son of parnas (14)
Re: "Banning", such as it is SaveTheHubble (6)
Snowflakes implementation __monty__ (38)
You know, I've always thought of myself as pretty doofy looking muppet (18)
When am I visiting London? jingalala jingalala ™ (14)
Why are these girls after me? jingalala jingalala ™ (10)
More train on car action el (4)
Holy shit I'm not exhausted - 19 Oct '07 Tapiwa (18)
And the Duhwin award goes to ... trollop (4)
Testing, I am banned by name too strawdog (3)
October 18th, 2007
I am a little pissed, I have been IP banned Bot Berlin (15)
Pushing Daisies, part 1 SaveTheHubble (19)
The Joker isn't racist Full name (8)
"you HAVE successfully made it to my "ignore" list" OMGwsv1zasup3rl33tc0d3r (24)
From now on, I am going Dan Denman (1)
silly question of the day sharkfish (9)
I like being gay Bot (29)
this is what makes me feel old strawdog (2)
Sorry Joel, I missed you Bot (9)
was sharkfish doing game boy dev at one point? (2)
Did you enjoy being a kid or raising them? Bot (15)
traffic shaping and short skirts sharkfish (6)
Best wallpaper EVER! muppet (8)
This stress test confuses me Michael B (9)
If telcos can legally give calling records to third parties... Michael B (3)
I am exhausted, for a different reason Bot (12)
An example of "appearances matter more than reality" in politics Ward (6)
Holy shit I'm not exhausted Tapiwa (16)
Article on NYC by former JoS member? ZeFred (5)
A little whiny, but essentially correct son of parnas (21)
Molly is the sweetest dog that ever lived muppet (0)
Vulcan death grip man on the stair (4)
Train vs car el (11)
That days until Disney counter LORB (27)
Holy shit I'm exhausted muppet (61)
The baldheads jingalala jingalala ™ (6)
Can one insult the dead? trollop (4)
October 17th, 2007
Kids in prison - forever Mongo (5)
List COT's professional Dude looks like a lady (1)
Bush cautions nuclear Iran could lead to 'World War III' Dan Denman (5)
Just beat Portal muppet (21)
LOL!!  Portal spoiler muppet (0)
Free fuel for your car, that's neat! bon vivant (7)
Looking for really good forum designs Wayne (5)
My tribute to Dan Denman The Motivator (2)
Solar Minimum!  There you go. SaveTheHubble (1)
spinning woman strawdog (22)
xpath orgasm sharkfish (7)
Blackwater security xampl (2)
Muppet, did you finish Portal yet? <..> (5)
Neat Toy for the developers in the crowd Clay Dowling (5)
Proposed Parks Smoking Ban JoC (6)
Any Eclipse plug-in gurus here? man on the stair (7)
Second Earth' found, 20 light years away son of parnas (1)
We are all brothers and sisters in Ghenghis son of parnas (12)
National freedom of speech week xampl (20)
How the fuck do they allow sites like this to exist? (link) Melt that cheese (20)
This is what happens when we all start reading the same blog LORB (5)
The nature of hate and why we are over there? Bot (13)
Bot sharkfish (37)
SpongeBob Squarepants - the movie Ward (1)
October 16th, 2007
do programmer's have higher IQ's sharkfish (23)
I thought the Chinese were uncivilized Michael B (11)
Almost 10 years working in the same company Rick Tang (16)
behavior that gives me the creeps (10)
I learned more than I wanted to about Gigabit fiber today Ward (6)
Obviously this guy hasn't met muppet Wayne (4)
I eat a lot. sharkfish (13)
lol.  Too bad, Rick. sharkfish (5)
why do you hate Oprah? sharkfish (43)
Molly photos muppet (6)
First boomer applies for Social Security benefits xampl (12)
Yes, but is it art? man on the stair (1)
Are all the Yanks still at work? man on the stair (4)
Snooker Grand Prix man on the stair (0)
someone explain this to me the great purple (18)
How often do you refinance? anoneemouse (6)
Online JavaScript IDE w/ debugger ipmal (1)
See how much money you're earning while reading CoT from work Wayne (6)
Journalists' grammar man on the stair (9)
Life at Google - The Microsoftie Perspective jingalala jingalala ™ (14)
Ever written an Amazon review? son of parnas (7)
Holy Bouncing Spam! Mongo (3)
Muppet's Debt Load SaveTheHubble (16)
you think it would be easier blogacity (0)
Happy Day, playing game on linux Bot (0)
Fashion: balaclavas making a comback man on the stair (2)
50% of happiness sharkfish (5)
We're just a fad son of parnas (0)
I think we will be able to digitize the brain son of parnas (10)
October 15th, 2007
at what age did you lose your inhibition... Inappropriate Topic (11)
Not buying airfreshner from the India gas stations Bot (7)
Denman, please read this Secular Jew who loves Israel (3)
significance sharkfish (14)
"I laugh at the angry woman" OMGwsv1zasup3rl33tc0d3r (8)
just want to say strawdog (2)
Portal = Hilarious muppet (15)
LOL  Turkey puts US/Israel in a moral bind OMGwsv1zasup3rl33tc0d3r (9)
Putin doest again Dan Denman (3)
Anyone have any experience The Internet's a funny place (9)
Maybe instead of the Disney countdown I am Jack's fiscal fantasy (4)
Went to visit Molly tonight muppet (4)
help with SSH on linux sharkfish (20)
Internet or Movie? Bot (4)
So yeah, I bought another computer Bot Berlin (19)
What on earth? Abstract Typist (5)
insane prat decides to come out of the closet... OMGwsv1zasup3rl33tc0d3r (1)
thanks alot, AG sharkfish (10)
iPhone xampl (3)
Java sucks, cant keep site up more than 10 hours Bot Berlin (11)
Dating Help from Scott Adams SaveTheHubble (10)
Of course Han shot first son of parnas (8)
lookism? the great purple (7)
So yeah, we bought another dog muppet (59)
Philo, where are you? (12)
wow, this must suck the great purple (2)
Work in a high stress environment?? Tapiwa (8)
Welcome to Monday, 10/15/2007 SaveTheHubble (3)
All right you mods, quit screwing with the disney counter muppet (5)
Damn, Reddit is still down The voice of reason (1)
Who wants to try running Linux on this USB drive LORB (4)
wsv hasn't postedtoday, has he? man on the stair (1)
I "forgot" how quickly outdated PCs become outdated LORB (6)
testing testing testing OMGwsv1zasup3rl33tc0d3r (1)
I found a new mission in life! Melt that cheese (4)
Prison Break Full name (11)
October 14th, 2007
Love Looks Like a Block Plane Clay Dowling (41)
perfectly cynical movie sharkfish (0)
The Internet is broken bon vivant (9)
American Idol for bands sharkfish (2)
How dare this guy son of parnas (4) Bot (4)
heh.  instacalc rocks. OMGwsv1zasup3rl33tc0d3r (29)
South Africa 37 vs 13 Argentina Latino (4)
Ive finally finished... OMGwsv1zasup3rl33tc0d3r (6)
G.U. Bluebeard (1)
Kiwi Girls are Easy Scott (9)
Remind you of anyone? you know who I mean (1)
Gore may be an idiot, but we still need green strategies Bot (7)
This is more cynical that I could imagine son of parnas (8)
otherwise smart seeming blogger neaet (2)
Is "fat" a bad word in the United States Bot (14)
axis of evil wikipedia neaet (3)
Freedom is hammered out on the anvil of discussion, dissent, and OMGwsv1zasup3rl33tc0d3r (1)
an evil exists... OMGwsv1zasup3rl33tc0d3r (6)
October 13th, 2007
AMerrickanGirl number 3 on reddit, yea Bot (1)
Border lineups Ward on a Treo 700p (4)
Real time DVD? Bot (5)
Twin 30" Mac HD monitors and Aeron chair, yes please... Bluebeard (6)
The old poor are the new rich son of parnas (4)
Any Regex Sultan here ?? Anon for this one (9)
creating a good resume OMGwsv1zasup3rl33tc0d3r (12)
I hate Joel Spolsky Dan Denman (9)
Jewish dominate vanity fair Bot (7)
so I think Ive finally found the perfect nick... OMGwsv1zasup3rl33tc0d3r (0)
new star trek cast sharkfish (9)
October 12th, 2007
Shotgun wedding gift blogacity (3)
the wayne-muppet thing zed (3)
sample code sharkfish (5)
One time we visited grandma back in the old country... Michael B (3)
Stop posing, SaveTheHubble Michael B (16)
I would vote for Gore Bot (11)
Classic muppet Dan Denman (4)
An inconvenient counter-example Ward (17)
Dan Denman's Identity Revealed! JoC (1)
Hehe Coke or Pepsi? JoC (0)
My take on the Gore prize Bot Berlin (10)
Fat Bastards told to sweat it off Clay Dowling (1)
WTF: Lesbian thrown out of women's bathroom son of parnas (8)
Natalie Portman named in "Worst Sex Scene" SaveTheHubble (1)
Daddy beats Billy Joel, Joel of the Old Testament, etc... Bluebeard (6)
Women in Tech Rick Tang (20)
Lack of State Land Clay Dowling (13)
so, I was actually rather touched by... worldsSmallestViolin (13)
Al Gore!!! Rick Tang (6)
So, I think that since there's still plenty of notice muppet (11)
Well there you have it, why the media controls who wins the Pres Bot Berlin (16)
Aww no Declaration of Independance? muppet (4)
Aww no anniversary countdown? muppet (2)
SO Wayne did you deactive me already? muppet (27)
Oh well it was fun while it lasted muppet (15)
Robotic Insects? SaveTheHubble (3)
peace prize strawdog (11)
Calendaring standards DF (10)
How does it feel to die? son of parnas (9)
Update Java, get OO free xampl (19)
All I want for Christmas Tapiwa (14)
POST SOMETHING YOU B(%§&=?+! man on the stair (3)
Instead of bitching about Linux (redux) man on the stair (6)
Alternative names for CoT man on the stair (7)
This is getting on my nerves man on the stair (4)
Just to add something to the discussion Locutus of Borg (14)
Well, I wont be taking bathes anytime soon Bot (15)
October 11th, 2007
On second thought AmerrickanGirl (24)
Xtorshun blogacity (1)
Adverse Selection trollop (1)
now playing sharkfish (4)
Sign of digression Courier 12 (0)
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October 10th, 2007
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October 9th, 2007
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October 8th, 2007
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October 7th, 2007
Obama: Faith "Plays Every Role" In My Life Dan Denman (1)
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October 6th, 2007
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October 5th, 2007
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October 4th, 2007
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October 3rd, 2007
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October 2nd, 2007
War Tax Michael B (15)
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This place sucks. A hitler (2)
Eleven faces AmerrickanGirl (12)
I actually listen to Mike Savage driving from Work Bot (4)
Humor at JoS - Rockstar Programmers Ward (24)
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Hamachi is the shiznit sharkfish (9)
I am always wrong thinking Bot (26)
finding a doctor the great purple (22)
Sharkfish won't like Alabama Bot (14)
The origin of the <0.5g of transfats don't have to labeled thing DF (2)
Elliot Abrams advocating the superiority of jews Dan Denman (1)
awww, how cute, they're just like us... worldsSmallestViolin (5)
October 1st, 2007
banning trans fat sharkfish (29)
allergies. freaking GONE. sharkfish (6)
GWB=>Charles Manson sharkfish (6)
140K  for 12 hours a day?  a deal? guess worker (14)
How long can you go to jail for abusing pain medication? Michael B (2)
World's fattest man. sharkfish (10)
SFW/NSFW foolish (12)
Maybe it should be compulsory Just a proposal (3)
River Tam pictures Ward (9)
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endless feature conference call heartsheep (6)
People flock, Linux usage on the rise as it climbs to 0.8% Bot (17)
xkcd meetup the great purple (1)
I work for one of the handful sharkfish (4)
Given that America is within the top few percentage points Michael B (26)
wtf? JoC (8)
remote control software sharkfish (15)
What is this? Ward (1)
A good development (or ubuntu linux) resource Bot (6)
The 4 Boneheaded Biases of Stupid Voters Tapiwa (23)
I hope people aren't put off by my mopey look. Bot (15)
The real reason Linux is maddening (19)
Selling stuff online sucks muppet (3)
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