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October 31st, 2010
Horrowitz, are you late to the party? not CC (20 comments)
Christmas gifts xampl (28)
Pot roast xampl (18)
I went to the rally, now I really hate liberals Bot Berlin (20)
Meta at HN Nerdtree (1)
Palin, Voldemort, 2012 Spaceloid (9)
October 30th, 2010
Rally for Sanity and/or Fear SaveTheHubble (12)
Hi, bitches. Masiosare (4)
Networking help please Oh... fish! (7)
Book 'em, Danno! Five-O... fish! (2)
Need advice buying a router Dr. Horrorwitz (63)
In honor of Halloween -- Elvira! SaveTheHubble (1)
America is funny Oh... fish! (4)
October 29th, 2010
Are certifications worth it if you want to be a DBA? . (2)
Yet more proof that Southern Republicans are scum not CC (12)
horse in the apple store the great purple (5)
Get your freak on in WoW Weevil (1)
"The Event" Oh... fish! (19)
If only I were white trash muppet (16)
China can take Taiwan without firing a shot cbmc64 (3)
AZ illegal law written by for profit prison corporations Weevil (0)
This page is a prime example of why the 24 hour news cycle muppet (8)
Stripping your house near foreclosure Bored Bystander (7)
Well, no SHIT it was shot down muppet (16)
Every which way but loose. trollop (15)
Too bad Canada won't join the states not CC (13)
What languages today will exist 50 years from now? not CC (10)
MMA for kids FrakBuccaneer (6)
Evolve smaller brains Fan boy (11)
Property taxes up Fan boy (11)
Fucking pumpkins. rightwingnutjob (11)
Office costumes xampl (iPhone) (5)
trick or treat the great purple (10)
She'll probably get less than a year, with probation muppet (18)
At last, a film comedy about suicide bombers Bluebeard (7)
O'Donnell has Storm Troopers, wants to be dictator Weevil (11)
October 28th, 2010
Do you want McAfee with that? trollop (9)
The $27K 300GB drive df (4)
Microsoft is frickin stupid xampl (iPhone) (9)
Fecal coliform xampl (iPhone) (7)
This Oracle "feature" always gets me not CC (2)
time traveler caught Weevil (8)
Really? Jack's ... (4)
How much do you make and how much experience do you have? . (28)
UK - No terror arrests aft100,000 police searches rightwingnutjob (2)
COBOL developers of the world, unite! Bluebeard (13)
Being a Liberal is a condition now FrakBuccaneer (5)
Her head in her hands... literally rightwingnutjob (4)
What the fuck?! muppet (8)
So, another facebook acquaintance of mine muppet (13)
So, wait muppet (5)
Amazon silently rejected my long review of Fallout: New Vegas muppet (7)
More US war crimes Weevil (3)
October 27th, 2010
Head Scratch? Verizon Sucks!! (Morons) (1)
New buzzword: Information Rage! Rick Tang (0)
yea! we're rich again Nerdtree (0)
Acer to release tablets in Nov 23 Rick Tang (0)
Rock Band 3 Jack's ... (15)
.NET is doomed Rick Tang (19)
Microsoft is doomed. Rick Tang (8)
Offer to review Ivy League applications Rick Tang (0)
home improvement loan Weevil (15)
This seasons "The Apprentice" hoyza (5)
So is the grass greener on the other side? Seeking Advice (16)
Oracle has gone to case sensitive passwords! not CC (0)
Hard power down instead of shutdown Fan boy (37)
Write Longer Emails! (To save the planet) rightwingnutjob (4)
October 26th, 2010
Great article: White America Has Lost its Mind Joe (11)
Any programmers here happy about their job? ArnieBarnie (20)
Forth sucks Bot Berlin (19)
free business idea eek (10)
Microsoft patents sparklines Weevil (10)
ribbon is stupid Weevil (13)
So, my health plan is fucked next year muppet (42)
More about Knuth Rick Tang (13)
Why go into IT..... Bargain Hunter (27)
Brilliant article df (17)
Rhode Island's Democratic Candidate to Obama: Shove It! Verizon Sucks! (Morons) (23)
A New Low for Bot. Verizon Sucks! (Morons) (1)
cholera in haiti Weevil (4)
New Zealand in crisis over filming of The Hobbit Bluebeard (3)
I am now a Senior Web Developer ProudDadOfManyThings (17)
The anti-advert... Q (3)
October 25th, 2010
I get it now Bot Berlin (76)
A smash beginning on HN Bored Bystander (13)
Is GNU Strongtalk a dying language? Bot Berlin (2)
Is Windows dying? Rick Tang (4)
iphone 11 - BEWARE - deletes all your photos Nerdtree (2)
Portland MBA Rick Tang (9)
Mail Merge on Mac Weevil (9)
you're not a hipster unless a stud fucks your wife Weevil (15)
Rebirth of Digg Rick Tang (6)
Should I retire with supporting OpenVMS applications? Rick Tang (4)
Java langauge isn't good at solving problems Bot Berlin (38)
working in a university vs. working in the private sector .for this (11)
Steve Jobs now turfs Office for Mac and all open source.. Bluebeard (16)
See the pictures! Nerds! Rick in BC (1)
October 24th, 2010
Hulu Struggling... Verizon Sucks (6)
decline of digg Nerdtree (4)
Write a popular game by yourself, make millions Bot Berlin (24)
Chevy Volt vs Nissan Leaf Lee (39)
October 23rd, 2010
So this place near my home is looking for an Oracle DBA . (15)
How do you deploy/use Haskell apps? Bot Berlin (3)
chris mckinstry sierra (6)
Nosey Parkers Palmer Eldritch (14)
Is it easy to make a million dollars over 10 years Bot Berlin (11)
Why should I give a damn about Canada? Ricko (13)
Randy Quaid & wife request asylum in Canada xampl (8)
Amsterdam Court knock out Attila (10)
Goslings on Java and Apple Rick in BC (67)
Is Australia a Police State? Weevil (7)
No Java, no Flash Rick in BC (3)
Assange walks out of CNN smear interview Dr. Horrorwitz (17)
Enemy of free speech faces 30 years Dr. Horrorwitz (19)
Reminding me why I used to be into metal Oh... fish! (5)
October 22nd, 2010 do u handle a ceo of a startup sierra (9)
Yes, they really wante peace had it not been for Just Sayin' (3)
Motherfucking crocs on a motherfucking plane Weevil (15)
Exception handling Io (6)
Professional Victim xampl (iPhone) (14)
So I'm looking to get an MBA (don't laugh) Code Monkey (16)
Money Magazine hoyza (10)
America is NOT a Christian nation SaveTheHubble (10)
Please donate! Oh... fish! (5)
10.7 Lion any real substance? what are you reading for? (9)
Palestinian Battalions in the West Bank SaveTheHubble (23)
Go Vegetarian Or Else! rightwingnutjob (51)
Why is it? Colm (10)
the pitfalls of working in a large company grunt (18)
October 21st, 2010
USA to attack Iran.  USA gas to go to $5+/gal. Discuss it biotches! (44)
dept of followup reddit robot (1)
No demo or trial versions (or reg windows) on the Mac App store rightwingnutjob (7)
Fraud American Technology from Govt Moters Rich Tsang (13)
The Network is the computer Rick Tang (23)
Do not evil Rick Tang (14)
Casting Call for Town Hall Meetings Weevil (2)
Out! Rick Tang (4)
Obscene GQ Cover rightwingnutjob (12)
Exploring this would be a better use of $$ not CC (9)
Pretty purple electrical fireworks: Flash! Bang! Kaboom! Q (3)
Yet another lost giant not CC (9)
Very little well-written code out there xampl (iPhone) (6)
NPR's Juan Williams fired SaveTheHubble (15)
New Bruce Lee video SaveTheHubble (1)
Apple: new macs will no longer have DVD drives Weevil (22)
Tea Party Founder: Tea Partiers are "Douchebags" Weevil (4)
Google announces will only hire gays Weevil (10)
Apple: Java no longer allowed on Mac Weevil (36)
We used to discuss about the Apprentice Philippe (5)
I wonder how sharkfish would respond Bot Berlin (15)
I'm downloading Caligula Ward (1)
October 20th, 2010
Looking for spam tester xampl (4)
Niche Tool Idea Jack's text tool (16)
Jack's <adjective> <noun> Bored Bystander (6)
Ugly Meter Syprexa (3)
Octomom picked fertility specialist as fellow Iranian Jew Weevil (10)
boy scouts: Fags and Mormons not welcome Weevil (9)
No one wants to be honest cop in Mexico Weevil (12)
Whoaa... Steve Jobs looks really ill Bluebeard (0)
Burgernet Attila (3)
Apple brings iOS features to the Mac Wayne (9)
Sure, the crash was caused by a mysterious and absent truck muppet (16)
Lego lovers are history not CC (4)
For one of you Jack's elemental epic (15)
Sparkly Windows forever! Bluebeard (8)
October 19th, 2010
Bill O'Reilly Flips Out - Best Rick Roll Ever less is more (2)
Now this is a WTF not CC (8)
people who are scared of the LHC should be shot... no fat chicks (59)
6 billion new members scheduled to join CoT Weevil (4)
oh wow, haha... no fat chicks (12)
Flu shot xampl (iPhone) (8)
Subtlety Jack's fun freedoms (5)
Accurate picture Attila (0)
You can Marry a Shoe.. Morons (19)
"Officer Bubbles" is back, and he's pissed SaveTheHubble (8)
those tea party fellows don't seem half bad Weevil (70)
CoT is my spiritual home... Bluebeard (8)
What is the one thing you want to learn? Bot Berlin (37)
October 18th, 2010
public employee salaries Weevil (2)
Zombie Apocalypse Fan boy (4)
Design flaw? trollop (19)
4:06am in India Syprexa (7)
Heatballs big hit in Germany Weevil (19)
Closures in Java5,6 Bot Berlin (9)
Torino what are you reading for? (19)
Humans will need two Earths by 2030 Syprexa (25)
I sold a dozen Wii games on Amazon over the past week muppet (8)
Can we just admit that the whole attempt is doomed muppet (60)
NSA is monitoring CoT Weevil (22)
Wow. Morons (16)
Jocelyn Elders Weevil (9)
Story time muppet (23)
We just lost a giant not CC (7)
October 17th, 2010
Monsanto and Disney's private violent army Weevil (0)
Sharkfish Barbie v2 Weevil (8)
Strange comments from Lake Powell Fan boy (22)
Economic Protests in Europe? juan (32)
Blog Response: The Next Big Language 2.0 TCad (16)
Obama's polygamist muslim family Weevil (8)
A Giant Step Backward for Introverts Al (10)
Blog Response: The Next Big Language Brice Richard (20)
Overprotective parent?? Annoyed, and yes, I have kids (6)
Stupid, cowardly Americans Ward (15)
October 16th, 2010
So, should I work for this delusional company not CC (16)
Gyro-unicycle going on sale next month for $1500 Weevil (7)
fbi agents who predicted 911 would have liked wikileaks Weevil (10)
I'd love to try riding this Oh... fish! (3)
screw this escalating commitment bs Weevil (2)
October 15th, 2010
got the corner office sierra (5)
I still don't understand why we would tax the rich Bot Berlin (40)
would you buy more albums if they cost $1.60? Weevil (7)
Fuckin' Seriously? Jack's newsflash nobrainer (6)
I haven't read this Jack's flaky female (4)
Tea... Someone try this... Jack's tea time (1)
2% of GDP Syprexa (3)
obama: pot smokers will be arrested Weevil (17)
Reading a Microsoftee farewell letter Syprexa (4)
Sarah Palin Ward (14)
Dealing with insurance companies xampl (iPhone) (4)
The problem lies in believing for even a second muppet (1)
NEOTA day the great purple (47)
insulated microwaveable mug? the great purple (57)
iPhone Virus Morons (0)
Earth 2 muppet (10)
SEMANTICS WEEKLY - 75 cents muppet (53)
Emergent concept Attila (4)
Minis are crap cars. Ward (12)
Julian Assange deserves the 2011 Nobel Peace Prize Syprexa (1)
Testing software: what do your company use? Philippe (4)
October 14th, 2010
If you want a mind fuck Bot Berlin (3)
What do you guys know about Marketing Research and Psychology? nick (8)
Labview Syprexa (9)
Software Engineering? Syprexa (9)
Cool. Y Combinator startup striks again Syprexa (0)
Apple iPad available on Verizon and AT&T Syprexa (4)
More Chilean miner... Bluebeard (1)
DF mentioned in dispatches GTRsM (25)
Yay! BC has the most! Ward (2)
Is this REALLY a good time to buy real estate? Austin (19)
Continuous Chest Compression CPR LH (10)
Protecting from change & failure to commit xampl (iPhone) (34)
Overdose: The coming financial crisis hoyza (49)
I wonder if he wants to go back down the hole. LH (8)
housework the great purple (24)
Crank 2 muppet (1)
Hehe muppet (0)
Up to date list of mobile browser agent strings? muppet (10)
What the hell good is it to be an expert in IT? Ranter and Raver (5)
Are citizens allowed to resist against a foreign invasion? Attila (25)
Stamp out this vile form of child abuse rightwingnutjob (10)
miner meets mistress Weevil (7)
Hi Yale Chick (13)
Modeling a basic universe in code Bot Berlin (22)
What's your definition of a "good job"? dot for this (19)
IT job market...LA is sloooow dave (2)
October 13th, 2010
Mattel Releases Official Sharkfish Doll! Weevil (14)
no point in voting Weevil (7)
Whoaaaa...! Oh... fish! (7)
I don't like the miner scoreboard JoC (7)
Digg df (12)
Poor Mom Syprexa (3)
AAPL over $300 xampl (iPhone) (3)
A radical pessimist's guide to the next 10 years Bluebeard (2)
My Hero not CC (14)
Paid to play games? hoyza (17)
An IT career is almost likes a sports career... Mike (11)
Digg: 200MM page views, 500 servers. Stack Overflow... Joel Spolsky (18)
How many hours of actual work do you put in at the office? dude (25)
Has anyone else had a co-worker like this? dude (20)
An interesting thing I've observed in selling on Amazon muppet (41)
What are some good side gigs to make extra dough on the side? Tom (24)
For the java people, couple of interesting tech I have used Bot Berlin (19)
October 12th, 2010
How often are they supposed to replace your machine Bot Berlin (31)
settlers of catan JoC (12)
Fun With Wheels SaveTheHubble (4)
Filthy cornholin' fags in feeble bid for statistical normalcy! Bluebeard (16)
Oldest land plants came from fresh water Attila (7)
Haha JoC (19)
unemployed guy starts free bus service with coffee and drinks Weevil (11)
More mobile phone users in India than the population of US! Syprexa (17)
benefits of management the great purple (28)
What the fuck is wrong with these people? muppet (13)
How many iPads will Apple sell this year Syprexa (2)
Movie: The Social Network Kenny (6)
Hell's Kitchen or Top Chef for programmers, what do u think? TV maniac COTers (20)
Great product df (13)
skills mismatch in hiring Weevil (26)
Friends of mine are circulating articles and prayer requests muppet (31)
LOL best correction in an article EVER muppet (3)
All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others ... trollop (3)
October 11th, 2010
Sign this, go to prison Rick in BC (4)
Trusting Google Rick in BC (24)
How does Obama put up with people? Weevil (9)
Welcome to the new middle class Weevil (12)
American hostage rescue tactics Oh... fish! (13)
Happy Thanksgiving! Ward (8)
you don't own your software Weevil (16)
Oh My God. muppet (9)
Dropped my car keys today while running MobyDobie (17)
Obama - even Democrats are starting to realize the truth rightwingnutjob (0)
Paranormal Activity 2 muppet (33)
Isn't my boss supposed to be doing this? Jim (8)
October 10th, 2010
An excerpt from the COT Owner's Manual, part 3/15 Nerdtree (9)
Joining the 5-1/4" drive in the trash xampl (15)
Actual Klingon Bird of Prey sighted! Fan boy (5)
The monks A Monk (3)
Serbian faggots go nuts and burn US embassy Nerdtree (4)
October 9th, 2010
Just for revheads trollop (3)
on the value of college degrees . (18)
Penelope Trunk represents all women Weevil (9)
HP committing suicide, still Weevil (3)
age nobody (21)
Race horse names Oh... fish! (0)
What do professional wrestlers have in common with programmers? Tom (40)
shocking development: China not happy with Nobel Peace prize Weevil (5)
Comming soon: The Greater Depression Fan boy (36)
October 8th, 2010
minecraft enterprise to scale Weevil (7)
Like Metal? xampl (5)
Dating profile fail xampl (7)
computer programmers vs computer software engineers Nerdtree (27)
Desktop machines are CHEAP Good Rick (6)
Zork available for the kindle Weevil (1)
disturbing letter to editor in village voice Weevil (9)
We love Microsoft, but not Windows Phone 7 Good Rick (3)
Fackbook Group Magic Good Rick (1)
google front page as promoter of shared culture Weevil (1)
2010 Nobel Peace Prize Weevil (17)
job stress, burnout, insomnia: part 2 . (24)
LOL what the fuck? muppet (2)
it's not done, they need to deep fry it muppet (0)
She couldn't afford a Segway I guess muppet (5)
Interesting perspective from a Palestinian not CC (34)
muppet - how is your daughter? Oh... fish! (3)
Nobel prize cbmc64 (27)
Angry Man Darwin Award SaveTheHubble (1)
I sold AAPL @ 291.00 hoyza (8)
A timely warning rightwingnutjob (4)
At last! Police taking underage drinking seriously rightwingnutjob (16)
Linux is still a round off error in terms of usage Bot Berlin (9)
October 7th, 2010
intelligence analysis of North Korea's Twitter Friends Weevil (3)
yale professor, unabomber victim, unsuccessful entrepreneur Nerdtree (3)
johnny depp can't say no to Rum Weevil (0)
Happy birthday wheelie-bag! xampl (1)
Austin police chief wants "DWAI" law xampl (9)
New TV Series: Outsourced Kenny (52)
Seems like Dr. H effort is futile Good Rick (7)
To show your sympathy, send him money Good Rick (14)
Looks like a fun party muppet (11)
perfect elevator pitch eek (0)
Happy Birthday Chana Leah! not CC (30)
Holy fuckin father Abraham! JoC (0)
Obama's Stupid plan to try Terrorist in civilian courts Morons (44)
So what's with the gay df imposter? muppet (13)
Definition of Marriage rightwingnutjob (22)
CoT Secret Santa? Flasher T (5)
More righteous indignation, this time levelled at Hooters Bluebeard (15)
Evil Libyans Seizing Domain Names rightwingnutjob (5)
Comcat cable: One hour service window Fan boy (3)
October 6th, 2010
I am going to see hippy liberals the Sanity Rally Bot Berlin (4)
Dr H's COT DOS Nerdtree (6)
Who is selling who in phone biz Weevil (10)
I need this app Weevil (15)
blocking API domains Weevil (9)
Mobile Patent lawsuit Good Rick (4)
Where the ladies at? GTRSM (1)
Lego Porn JoC (0)
Should Johnny Learn to Program? JoC (2)
stargate universe season 2 Weevil (0)
A Good Cop SaveTheHubble (2)
working from home Weevil (14)
more and more developers becoming homeless Weevil (18)
Jailed for refusing to fess up password GTRSM (20)
Drowned at the water park rightwingnutjob (23)
No revolution in the U.S. FrakBuccaneer (7)
Who deleted Horrorwitz's thread... Bluebeard (30)
Just got done rewriting a ridiculous legay report that won't die muppet (30)
Waiting for the follow-up story muppet (11)
A small cluster what are you readying for? (6)
Countdown to zero, this time biz Fan boy (5)
Waiting for the follow-up story muppet (3)
Batman Cameos Ward (1)
Why do most programmers frown on MBA's? Dick (21)
Colm, are you still in Shanghai Rich Tsang (4)
October 5th, 2010
women get more orgasms with anal sex Weevil (15)
NoSQL For You, Bitches df (14)
I don't get why commercial developers constantly fix what isn't muppet (20) /article/870979--canadian-spam Just sayin' (2)
Google Apps available to NY States Schools Good Rick (3)
Still mad at Borat not CC (1)
Nothing beats a good shit Bluebeard (5)
Almost forgot xampl (8)
What are you learning in your spare time Good Rick (29)
job stress, burnout, insomnia . (19)
Magic Eye is patented rightwingnutjob (2)
Unintended, unforeseen consequences not CC (6)
On Nationalism df (47)
Awesome muppet (2)
please go to Deleted Posts Today Nerdtree (16)
Obama to fix community colleges Weevil (8)
Mighty Saints! less is more (2)
October 4th, 2010
A brief message to COT fascists Just sayin' (5)
Huckabee Good Rick (15)
STH: are you OK??? Good Rick (20)
re: Breakfast Gift Ward (13)
Atheists outscoring Christians- On quiz of Christianity!! Morons (7)
"Values types are not always on the stack" Good Rick (0)
Hey Wayne, Chrome vs Firefox on CoT Good Rick (5)
CoffinDodgerWare on the web GTRsM (1)
This ad is kind of stupid Wayne (2)
Ever since I started cleaning up my diet and eating healthier... Tom (19)
Would you rather be a big fish in a small pond, or smallfish.... . (18)
Needs xampl (iPhone) (9)
Magic Eye puzzles muppet (10)
Football (soccer) - weak/week 5 MobyDobie (4)
Best Yiddish ever on TV not CC (6)
GPS directs driver to death in Spain's largest reservoir Stephen Jones (10)
chrome eek (11)
smart people + dumb company = dumb company Weevil (10)
October 3rd, 2010
I love Canada Rick in BC (16)
Healthcare expierence in China Rich Tsang (29)
Business Idea hoyza (11)
Do not adjust your set Weevil (17)
Cheerleaders Oh... fish! (23)
October 2nd, 2010
What I've said here many times (sorry Sharkfish) df (14)
Nose picking xampl (iPhone) (13)
Android? what are you reading for? (14)
Germany still paying for WWI .... GTRsM (28)
IT Salaries in Canada Water Cooler v2 (13)
October 1st, 2010
this is just scaring me sierra (2)
Muppet, M:TG special on steam JoC (0)
Jon Stewart is a Jewish Bigot Weevil (13)
If you want something... Oh... fish! (0)
An interest rate ceiling df (47)
Rolls Royce & BMW recall GTRsM (9)
WTF - Cut Your Carbon Emissions Video - New links MobyDobie (2)
Meanwhile, these people are not forcibly sterilized muppet (21)
Elizabeth is going to a neurologist today muppet (14)
Multicore programming JoC (19)
Still dumping posts, eh Hubble? muppet (4)
Benevolent Segway tycoon dies in a final act of kindness muppet (25)
Are you cutting your carbon emissions? MobyDobie (2)
Finally understanding Node.js Rick in BC (5)
Project /Program Management at your office Le Monde (9)
Baby boy names recommendation please Looking 4 a name for 2nd son (30)
worthwhile court transcript Weevil (6)
Did all participants of youtube videos consent? Bot Berlin (5)
Death-ray Hotel Fan boy (11)