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November 30th, 2007
links? Friday (2 comments)
Warren Buffett likes Hashbrowns and Rootbeer floats Bot (14)
Space station photo Tic Tocs (1)
Time to Dump the Parasitic Red States son of parnas (5)
well, that was fast Traveler (4)
uh, cynical much sharkfish (1)
what i've been reading hello. (1)
what happens when you are a security asshole sharkfish (13)
What are your flaws? Bot Berlin (32)
uh... wtf... bomb wielding terrorist takes hilary hostage? hello. (7)
Interesting development. Clay Dowling (6)
gmail sharkfish (9)
management programs heartsheep (0)
How the markets really work Tapiwa (0)
Night shift linked to increased cancer risk? arg! (5)
More Vista fun xampl (18)
I hated English class and writing all through school. Mountain_Dewd (9)
Cackle xampl (0)
Facebook raises more money Tapiwa (10)
Too much time on his hands Clay Dowling (3)
Oh! man on the stair (11)
Tool was better as A Perfect Circle Bot (5)
I have a fast food addiction Bot (28)
Quite the Economic Miracle son of parnas (12)
November 29th, 2007
anyone knows anything about dimenhydrinate Friday (2)
kathy griffin not a sex offender (5)
Pam Beesly from the Office Not Jim (12)
Cant agree more Bot Berlin (70)
OS features you would like to see sharkfish (7)
Sweet! Aaron (3)
How can I learn to pee when other people are in the room? Michael B (15)
bored and desperate for entertainment? sharkfish (4)
P2P botnet Aaron (9)
NY Google jobs sharkfish (9)
At this moment sharkfish (7)
Current classical playlist from Wikipedia Bot Berlin (3)
score one for the nerds sharkfish (1)
Psst, Clay Yogi (8)
Cool location Clay Dowling (6)
is this true? sharkfish (11)
Critizing illegal donations to Labour party = anti-semitic s (3)
Superbad Kenny (7)
I just realised... Asian contingent of COTers (7)
New Activities Make You Happier son of parnas (5)
We don't need no beard control man on the stair (3)
Syed, just in case you missed it Aaron (0)
boobs in the news sharkfish (14)
OCD sharkfish (14)
Imaginative resignation letters man on the stair (7)
On the top of reddit, (No 4?) Bot Berlin (3)
Cold as a witch's teat sharkfish (12)
What's down with Trent Lott. Peter (3)
Generating code - Last Post LORB (22)
Statistics Majors Colm (4)
The wife and I saw Beowulf 3D last night. Mountain_Dewd (8)
Finally, Christians in the news for doing the right thing. Clay Dowling (3)
Happy Birthday, Funny Bunny! jingalala jingalala ™ (6)
ruby on rails man on the stair (7)
Republican Debate LORB (12)
13 Finance and Investment companies have gone broke in the last. blogwipe (4)
Iranian girl gang-raped, then charged by police Tic Tocs (1)
still giggline blogwipe (3)
How to approach life(might help on gender, race, whatever issues Bot (2)
November 28th, 2007
i'll be up again sharkfish (11)
wow.  ocw at mit sharkfish (13)
london or nyc? hello. (15)
Republican debate is going to fun (Rudy might punch Mitt) Bot (11)
American woman raped, then punished by legal system Syed Sameer (15)
Firefox or whatever browser; are you tabs or new window? Bot (12)
The newest christmas carol Ms. Wsv (0)
Ron Paul owns the web (CNN pre poll, Paul at 95% to win) Bot (7)
Sex crazed females chase males, males collapse with exhaustion bon vivant (2)
What job is the exact polar opposite of programming? Michael B (32)
spelling bee the great purple (5)
I'm not getting much harder sharkfish (18)
Verizon Wireless To Let You Use Any [CDMA] Phone On Its Network Philip (4)
How would you design my botlist (url database) tables Bot (23)
Where to advertise for freelance / part-time sysadmin? possibly maybe (9)
Suck it, gun haters. Clay Dowling (62)
I would love to have my personal nuclear battery son of parnas (14)
Marine recruiter called my office asking for me Michael B (31)
absolutes LORB (29)
Giving in to my inner butch sharkfish (50)
What is crazy on tap? Carmack (19)
New battle for dominance in my fish tank. Mountain_Dewd (6)
What is the name of this hat? what are you reading for? (22)
Says it all really trollop (2)
The Amazing Clitoris son of parnas (13)
Stupid Olympic Mascots Ward (4)
November 27th, 2007
American regional question? bon vivant (7)
anyone on the job market? Friday (16)
The new futurama movie God (4)
My life in traffic court... Michael B (17)
"I think I'm gonna be sad" Love Stinks (2)
More reality TV on the way xampl (5)
Programmer's Paradise sharkfish (6)
You are not the father sharkfish (3)
need an invite sharkfish (16)
God never gives you a problem you can't handle. son of parnas (17)
Under-represented Bot (3)
Molly update muppet (4)
Something to thinks about next time you're at KFC's nessuno (6)
A great place for a new landfill son of parnas (2)
JRE xampl (16)
Glad to be back home where it's not cold son of parnas (6)
Anyone been to Iceland? son of parnas (11)
I got to do some time traveling. Mountain_Dewd (5)
Ticket: DISMISSED! Michael B (12)
Analysis paralysis LORB (31)
Dear Sharky's mom and dad The voice of reason (32)
economy already screwed? blogwipe (8)
Tito, give me some tissue! sharkfish (0)
Opensores is just that, still crappy; Bot (15)
November 26th, 2007
Kyoto progress report anywhere? DF (5)
Scoble reviews Amazon's Kindle jingalala jingalala ™ (8)
FREE MP2 to MP3 converter jingalala jingalala ™ (5)
That is scary stuff, welcome to America Bot (10)
*crossing my fingers* JoC (4)
Short anime reviews from an anime apprentice. Bot (2)
What are some things that don't make sense but are supposed to? Bot (21)
I just had a great idea: Koranic toilet paper The Man of Great Ideas (5)
Did digg close down in between? digg curious (1)
Jumping Rope Clay Dowling (5)
Sharky muppet (7)
what does it mean when your mother sharkfish (21)
Effort to Bankrupt Social Society Rick Tang (9)
Went back east for Thanksgiving.  Saw muppet's house too Mountain_Dewd (4)
I've experienced this so many times.. Wayne (2)
I live in Sudan, what shall I call this teddy bear? The real s (28)
A sad day for freedom of religion Aaron (10)
looks like fun sharkfish (12)
Wii Hurt JoC (16)
I don't watch football because I'm not gay Gimme a break (4)
Sourceforge projects 'Help Wanted' ads LORB (2)
Keep up on all the terror in the world Ward (1)
Seriously, how to smart chat bots work? Bot (19)
Message for Objectivists Dot (9)
November 25th, 2007
no way he saved this much money sharkfish (15)
Hey Bot sharkfish (18)
More racist comments from Ron Paul Bot (10)
So my traffic ticket court date is on Tuesday morning Michael B (10)
heh. heh. sharkfish (2)
What side of the cop taser stories are you on Bot (39)
Apparently man on the stair (4)
Hey Sharky!!!!!!! The Knights Who Say Ni! (9)
November 24th, 2007
detox foot pads sharkfish (2)
UN states that tasers violate the UN convention against torture Tic Tocs (8)
Plethora of books on Linux Programming LORB (8)
She Let Herself Go sharkfish (0)
polarization question Ward on a Treo 700p (6)
I'm not really up with Aussie politics: bon vivant (5)
is there a way to create our own internet? sharkfish (21)
if I had a boyfriend sharkfish (8)
banks ignoring bankruptcy laws sharkfish (3)
not a good little consumer sharkfish (8)
black saturday Ward on a Treo 700p (11)
Glen Beck xampl (2)
school libraries are blocking wikipedia access Tic Tocs (19)
What should I do today? Michael B (26)
Camtasia 3 for free Yellow Roses (0)
"5 gallons of peanut oil for $60"? man on the stair (2)
Give us your poor, your tired, ipmal (1)
negroponte's OLPC sharkfish (6)
Greatest Stone songs LORB (3)
It's all over now, baby blue trollop (0)
sharky, have u found demonoid replacement ? Mr Blank (2)
November 23rd, 2007
The Office (US) jingalala jingalala ™ (7)
Fathers get screwed again Wayne (4)
Muppet sharkfish (4)
Apparently Kucinich is the Reddit favorite and Paul is racist Bot (15)
i admit it sharkfish (4)
some of the hottest women Le Monde Jr (4)
The Ugly American Bluebeard (2)
The Submarine - PR DF (5)
peace is anti-American? sharkfish (10)
Beat Mario Galaxy last night muppet (16)
McClaren again The real s (6)
Wow, talking cats LORB (8)
Breaking news - Black Friday sitrep LORB (30)
ask advice from COT parents Patrick (10)
OK I'm at work, and it sucks. muppet (6)
Songs of today you think will still be great 40 years from now LORB (13)
smart people live! blogwipe (2)
Huge whopping great mistake on Doctor Who bon vivant (9)
Black Friday LORB (21)
November 22nd, 2007
Saudi woman gang raped, then charged by police Tic Tocs (25)
german police dispatching trojans on computers Tic Tocs (2)
Happy Thanksgiving! Yellow Roses (3)
now is the time to default on your mortgage payments blogwipe (7)
Lions for Lambs sharkfish (5)
wide vs deep blogwipe (1)
for muppet (1)
I think he's pissed sharkfish (6)
Another project for you people; Asterick Bot Berlin (2)
please help (nt sp@m!) turkey (0)
Car names that actually make sense xampl (1)
Boy bands xampl (0)
I know why that Amazon device is so ugly man on the stair (0)
I apologize Bot Berlin (2)
November 21st, 2007
Won't talk politics sharkfish (9)
Dennis is a good friend of mine Bot Berlin (6)
If we really bought nothing on Buy Nothing Day sharkfish (9)
Chomsky nails Ron Paul Colm (18)
Follow up: I am scared Yellow Roses (10)
England OUT Latino (15)
Amazon recommends sharkfish (2)
Die Hard 4, why I can't watch Hollywood movies (some spoilers) Bot Berlin (15)
Balzof Aaron (3)
Who here has a boss who is an idiot? Colm (13)
Rock'em Sock'em LMFAO JoC (2)
Hello CoT, Bot Berlin (2)
Operating system dev - XINU sharkfish (9)
On my genius JoC (1)
This is gonna hurt the Dems sharkfish (7)
In search of focus sharkfish (27)
I am thankful for... sharkfish (13)
A black guy walks into a bar with a parrot on his shoulder muppet (1)
What's 18 inches long and makes women scream? muppet (3)
Massive UK data loss man on the stair (7)
8ft scorpion discovered man on the stair (10)
Carmack's Root Algorithm (for sharkfish) Tic Tocs (12)
South Africa has the most HIV infections in the world Bluebeard (1)
November 20th, 2007
ultimate threesome arg! (5)
Evenings or Mornings? Yellow Roses (13)
ok. Tuesday night and I'm home early sharkfish (13)
fermented dick sweat sharkfish (8)
18 Inches Yellow Roses (3)
While you are twiddling over minutiae sharkfish (4)
Are any of you fags using Perl 6? Michael B (5)
Well, he is gone Bot (7)
Join me sharkfish (14)
am i overreacting? sharkfish (43)
What is the longest you have been away from the computer or net? Bot (23)
How many of you are left handed? Mountain_Dewd (21)
Thanksgiving holiday weekend challenge muppet (1)
Is it ok to hate your relatives? Bot (12)
Not sure how to feel about this one sharkfish (7)
This is a big surprise son of parnas (13)
Cool Support for Bene Gesserit Control of Reproduction son of parnas (4)
Race Relations in the U.S. Clay Dowling (77)
MFC lives! Bluebeard (6)
WWI and the rise of Hitler Clay Dowling (32)
Online sperm donors legally responsible for resulting children man on the stair (8)
Anyone seen Dexter? JoC (5)
Google wants your DNA man on the stair (3)
Oily naked babes man on the stair (10)
Wayne et al: Mario Galaxy -- thumbs up muppet (2)
Wayne, could you please fix the Search? Frustrated (4)
Rampant food price inflation worldwide Billx (17)
To a topologist trollop (2)
Any artists here? man on the stair (3)
The Spy Who Loved Me sharkfish (5)
Anybody into anime? Bot (10)
facebook is depressing. hello. (2)
Enchanted Ward on a Treo 700p (9)
My 73 year old friend's life observation #263 sharkfish (14)
US government decides that gold, silver now illegal again Tic Tocs (22)
November 19th, 2007
Sharky... Yellow Roses (23)
dream jobs http://Friday (2)
When will you get married ? curious anon guy (25)
Non-sexual fantasies Yellow Roses (35)
Gimme torrent jingalala jingalala ™ (16)
Strange questions in Daddy's house Rick Tang (8)
Uhhh, here it comes sharkfish (8)
CoT vs. CNN - what would happen? Colm (1)
"It's just like a black wedding" sharkfish (1)
I might be suffering muppet (0)
dammit. sad. sharkfish (3)
Family Therapy: 5 cents BigJigger (15)
Twenties sharkfish (13)
random gay moment of the day sharkfish (7)
Property tax assessments xampl (8)
Thanksgiving a celebration of betrayal Clay Dowling (27)
Speaking of Kucinich the great purple (36)
Push poll prediction of the year (5)
gmail nit sharkfish (5)
Fate has a sense of humor Colm (36)
My C/Unix habit proves beneficial Clay Dowling (3)
torrent site invites sharkfish (11)
Molly update muppet (8)
Why Kucinich instead of Obama? son of parnas (27)
Books Have Never Been So Ugly son of parnas (15)
We've turned our thermostat down to 63, with oil $3+ muppet (20)
If marijuana was legalized Mountain_Dewd (15)
Weird name coincidence All news is bad news (3)
CoT will soon go very quiet man on the stair (3)
Woes of a programmer LORB (7)
Thought this was kind of interesting, who owns the government? Bot (1)
OMIGOD Jesus Fucking Christ (5)
It is alive!!!! my operating system lives Bot (7)
November 18th, 2007
Plug of the factor programming, from mongrel, towards the end Bot (1)
Reason to use Eclipse, can develop Android applications with it. Bot (9)
I don't like to eat anymore Bot (17)
defense of estate tax billionores (1)
COT POLL: does Colm speak french doubter (8)
Awesome! Aaron (3)
People who have left CoT Recently TheyAllLeave (17)
your constant negativity is your downfall guess worker (15)
Phobias Yellow Roses (8)
Old school Sesame Street just not very PC Aaron (7)
Good (free) blog host or software for programming related blog? Wayne (5)
More lunatic Watson defenders Tic Tocs (6)
Time to double up on Microsoft stock sharkfish (3)
women's breasts are bigger sharkfish (26)
bwaaahaaahaa.  Geek. sharkfish (9)
Time zuh (1)
Boot camp, anyone? The voice of reason (2)
Something often overlooked in theoretical job conversations LORB (5)
start from the end sharkfish (18)
November 17th, 2007
Writers Strike Collateral Damage Tic Tocs (22)
Kucinich wins polls in 47 of 50 states Tic Tocs (14)
Xmas Present for Computer Inclined Juvenile Delinquent? son of parnas (9)
dude wild ideas (15)
Another corrupt republican't tied to rudy takes a fall... Peter (2)
Sharky's Job guess worker (23)
Welcome to Bali Gde Wirawan (0)
Please kill the feed Reddit (2)
today's headlines Tic Tocs (7)
New Zealand: "Fatties not wanted" Tic Tocs (9)
ban free trade! politico (7)
Bush Onion's Himself son of parnas (6)
What's on your speakers RIGHT now? skiboyx (5)
anyone up, get your lazy coders ass up http://Friday (7)
Grace Park is my neighbor! Ward (3)
November 16th, 2007
Please please please watch THIS -- it's IMPORTANT Michael B (6)
hi I make shit up for COT fucking lies (11)
Please please please watch this jingalala jingalala ™ (0)
I think I'm in love: Kendra Shaw Kenny (1)
For those of you who haven't seen BBC's Extras jingalala jingalala ™ (4)
Smart SOs Yellow Roses (22)
Hackathon all weekend Bot (7)
Michael B is black sharkfish (12)
They cloned Denman sharkfish (1)
How many of you think you are really intelligent? sharkfish (16)
heh! heh! jingalala jingalala ™ (2)
I think I just figured it out. Aaron (2)
Who's coming up with these error messages? http://Friday (3)
Redneck kills two black burglars - was he justified? Owner (48)
Google mail spam filter is better than Yahoo's ? Idea machine (5)
If USA want to be leader of the free world.. Idea machine (5)
.less thread jingalala jingalala ™ (7)
We had to name our pig, we're gonna dissect it more in two weeks muppet (5)
These spam emails are getting wild ..! Owner (0)
Right outside your window Tic Tocs (3)
mom who taunted teen girl to suicide is republican do-gooder Tic Tocs (7)
Hey sharky - NSFW Aaron (7)
November 15th, 2007
We had personal finance in high school a zillion years ago son of parnas (4)
it's the parents sharkfish (10)
Comcast shut down a port I was using for seeding sharkfish (3)
Göring, Alive and Dead? Yellow Roses (4)
is the UK really a melting pot of racial harmony? (15)
So I tried shaving with mineral oil today Michael B (10)
More talented than you'll ever be (6)
another stupid tech question sharkfish (17)
Way to go, Hef! xampl (3)
al-cochom and the urologist heartsheep (4)
I miss music Aaron (24)
software/programming/technology prejudices sharkfish (22)
Astronomy porn Aaron (4)
Democratic debate, what are expecting out of the candidates Bot (2)
Putting out the garbage! DF (13)
I'm dissecting a pig tonight. muppet (4)
Happy Anniversary To Me! Clay Dowling (13)
Why I don't like lawyers sharkfish (12)
grieving for her man sharkfish (7)
Sexually harassing your Michael B (12)
Firefox finally does something sharkfish (12)
Hotmail is ticking me off XYZZY (2)
Can you be objective when you're passionate about it? Mountain_Dewd (9)
muppet is me living in a parallel universe Bluebeard (10) isn't half bad, first contract went well Bot (6)
Never let a man think you’re smarter son of parnas (54)
What about software? JoC (9)
OK, you got me, I'm asking Locutus of Borg (3)
Today's workout xampl (9)
Smalltalk jingalala jingalala ™ (22)
Call of Duty 4 (PC) DF (10)
Chocodiles redux muppet (10)
Wayne, Allan, picked up Super Mario Galaxy last night muppet (3)
Who started rap? xampl (7)
Me too! man on the stair (1)
The Disney sidebar countdown is sterile. Bluebeard (0)
I am scared Yellow Roses (6)
dream about my boss wtf (7)
it was the jews who committed 9/11 Jesus Fucking Christ (4)
November 14th, 2007
Emerson, Lake & Palmer Yellow Roses (6)
Why are the writers striking? Colm (37)
anyone coding/still thinking? http://Friday (4)
And you thought they had no fun on the Space Station? SaveTheHubble (2)
How are you supposed to communicate WRONG, BAD! Michael B (18)
scissor sharkfish (7)
a game I would actually play sharkfish (4)
hood tourism heartsheep (10)
Last Words Yellow Roses (12)
What does it take to motivate someone to leave a job? thinly-anonymous-guy (6)
Gene Simmons can do on the road trollop (3)
Do you have free will? xampl (33)
I bet if I said Bluebeard (4)
I'm still not able to focus sharkfish (14)
"You are not a cuban dictator" __monty__ (3)
What's for lunch? Full name (26)
I missed the memo on animal fat soap Michael B (10)
LA wild-fire arsonist won't be prosecuted. Peter (1)
No free speech for you! Peter (13)
More Great Spam Headlines son of parnas (6)
Got an interview request from 3M today muppet (22)
Wii user caught short man on the stair (12)
American Idol for programmers sharkfish (5)
need a simple code for SetWindowsHookEx PHP Man (7)
Barack Obama to name a “Chief Technology Officer” son of parnas (11)
Android Google Shows Microsoft's Embrace and Extend Strategy son of parnas (14)
Rules for Junior Developers xampl (1)
So adding the cost of the war to the cost of sub-primes... Billx (5)
I, for one, welcome our robot overlords Mongo (9)
Us against them. Mountain_Dewd (17)
November 13th, 2007
billionaires globalrichie (24)
Why all the cynicism and doubt??? zed (7)
can I get to #irc from the web? netsavvy (1)
Great news Dan Denman (8)
What's with all the off line sync tools now? son of parnas (27)
Prince fossil (2)
Michael Clayton 7/10 review Bot (4)
A good feeling son of parnas (15)
I'm just curious JoC (4)
How do you feel about the SHAVING CREAM RACKET? Michael B (22)
Give Disney the finger when you visit Mountain_Dewd (24)
Pakistan Erik Springelkamp (10)
How is Belgium doing? Erik Springelkamp (25)
listening to the Bolívar Venezuelan Youth Orchestra heartsheep (0)
lesson learned sharkfish (14)
Paris Hilton & the drunken elephants xampl (7)
Anti-phishing man on the stair (9)
Stone two bitches JoC (9)
Javadocing getters man on the stair (5)
Sub-prime parade JoC (9)
Candidate for the Darwin awards?? Tapiwa (21)
$20,000 per US family Erik Springelkamp (5)
Vista LORB (12)
Scary numbers man on the stair (10)
It must be murder waking up trollop (3)
November 12th, 2007
How's WA treating you Aaron? http://Friday (12)
Facebook debacle sharkfish (21)
the rich billionthere (3)
Beijing pleaded ignorance Aaron (26)
android demo guess worker (11)
Reserve Edition Thinkpad xampl (8)
Multifactor authentication xampl (18)
they should ask a copmuter programmer Jesus Fucking Christ (22)
heh heh.  Blast from my past sharkfish (27)
Wakeup cat xampl (3)
A plethora of Windows Server 2008s xampl (4)
I hope he makes it sharkfish (1)
Finally decided to do something cool with my coolest domain name muppet (9)
Can't post? Erik Springelkamp (14)
Recall: Curious George contaminated with lead Full name (3)
What is "trust"? Kenny (16)
Trojan on new hard drives Clay Dowling (14)
If it doesn't generate a revenue-producing procedure, why bother son of parnas (7)
Hey, did you guys notice? jingalala jingalala ™ (5)
Engineers make the best terrorsists son of parnas (16)
Gold Redux Part II JoC (55)
That evening at Jack's jingalala jingalala ™ (11)
In Bush's America, shouldn't working on Veteran's Day be felony? muppet (11)
London's burning Tapiwa (17)
Happy Birthday, Colm! jingalala jingalala ™ (18)
I found Sharkfish on Facebook Cornholio (14)
November 11th, 2007
Fear of Heights Yellow Roses (6)
Well-stuffed Turks Seraglio (0)
LORBing defined JOSer (2)
the whole going to see joel thing daddy (13)
Wrong music genres xampl (2)
Scott Adams as pointy-haired boss (7)
giving up creature comforts gfg (8)
Man vs. Wild sharkfish (5)
COTers are stupid gfg (15)
Perfume sharkfish (1)
Norman Mailer RIP Bluebeard (0)
This is you sharkfish (4)
To my blank stalker sharkfish (2)
Photo sharing site recommendation for large event computer nerd (7)
tic tocs == practical economist (3)
Most Famous American son of parnas (21)
iPhone review el (4)
12 dead ants Jesus Fucking Christ (2)
I like cake (w/ apologies to Aaron) Ward (4)
heh.  curb your enthusiasm and the loud cell phone guy sharkfish (4)
30 Days changed my mind about immigration sharkfish (18)
November 10th, 2007
proof that women are more practical than men sharkfish (11)
Coffee Fest Seattle Ward on a Treo 700p (4)
Numb3rs xampl (3)
Sex Offender decapitated, burned Tic Tocs (22)
Wow.  Apparently they think she is ugly sharkfish (18)
Subtle racism sneaks up on me Mongo (20)
deadliest year republican warrior! (5)
DNA, IQ and bullshit sharkfish (2)
ultra hi calorie food sharkfish (3)
Anti semitism label in North America must be treated as a badge Dan Denman (4)
sharkfish should petition steve martin basque (1)
Money Aaron (25)
Free Rice Mongo (11)
I guess the mods are strike (see below) man on the stair (5)
Should it be illegal for parents to discuss sex with their kids? Tic Tocs (13)
quest for six-pack sharkfish (7)
fetish sharkfish (16)
November 9th, 2007
Question for you on Friday night Me (3)
bot reborn http://Friday (4)
farm support 268 billion what a waste (4)
london drinks Scott (13)
Why PHP Sucks son of parnas (25)
Demonoid gone sharkfish (10)
Bergen outside office hour ? Hi (2)
Anyone remember the Dilbert animated series? Bluebeard (8)
Weird experience man on the stair (11)
KFC ..s.. (12)
PhD doesn't make you smart Rick Tang (17)
Smooth or Crunchy? son of parnas (7)
Got it about right Clay Dowling (16)
"Syntax highlighting is a 'crutch'" sharkfish (15)
We get a temporary reprieve xampl (0)
Men: Call a Women a Fucking Bitch You Show Your True Colors son of parnas (21)
Why I eat Dolphin Safe Tuna son of parnas (14)
Gotta love the crescent city Clay Dowling (6)
How did London pints go? what are you reading for? (4)
who predicted the collapse of the soviet union? vote (3)
Robertson endorses Giuliani for President Tic Tocs (14)
Bought a new halogen desk lamp w/bluish light LORB (4)
November 8th, 2007
Overcoming zionism Dan Denman (3)
Zombies! Aaron (2)
Can't go bankrupt?  Foreclose! sharkfish (25)
OSX gamer townie (3)
Floored by Warren Buffett Bot (23)
Katrina coming to Europe bon vivant (11)
Howdy Brice Richard Rick Tang (6)
Incest i (10)
the many avenues open to a terrorist Jesus Fucking Christ (12)
Capitalism creates... sharkfish (65)
Open Source Music iwan (3)
stuck pixel massage CoT Reject (10)
if only that animated kiwi had met these guys probably a repost dildo (1)
We are screwed here, people. Screwed. Chef (6)
Wow JoC (2)
So if you grow horizontal JoC (10)
I got one of those ASUS EEE pcs Antony Flew (16)
privacy sharkfish (13)
Clearly this toy SHOULD have been recalled, but muppet (29)
overweight people are healthier Jesus Fucking Christ (14)
Allan is abusing his status as moderator.  BAN ALLAN! Jesus Fucking Christ (7)
USA is screwed Colm (19)
They Found Where the UFO Exploded son of parnas (27)
Democrats -- Herding Cats 700-level SaveTheHubble (27)
Vagina Dentata Mongo (31)
Outlook what are you reading for? (2)
Playgroup for 2 yrs old An anon guy (10)
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November 7th, 2007
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Im changing my nickname as well, in honour of Allan being a mod Christ has a tiny penis (0)
I have a new nickname Jesus F Christ (0)
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OK wiping my posts is pretty lame guys muppet (12)
OK so I've figured it out muppet (4)
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November 6th, 2007
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November 5th, 2007
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November 4th, 2007
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Suicide Bluebeard (43)
November 3rd, 2007
Where can I get a cell phone jammer? son of parnas (6)
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November 2nd, 2007
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November 1st, 2007
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