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November 30th, 2008
a little economics from the NYT Philo Hater (31 comments)
french bob (5)
Jewish Names tabby (0)
As a society, shouldn't we Dan Denman (2)
Breaking more popular than shoppping bon vivant (6)
King of the Hill sharkfish (4)
phelp's girl bob (14)
artist bob (0)
I got my karma hammered on HackerNews sharkfish (21)
this is an interesting take on the financial crisis whistle (1)
How does Fog Creek make money? CuriousDev (8)
happy for this guy bob (3)
Which craven pollywog axed the Baghdad Bob thread? trollop (5)
baghdad bob thread whistle (3)
evolutionary fitness bob (4)
Mods? Aaron (14)
baghdad Bob was right Dr. Horrorwitz (0)
Bruce Lee Mr.Blank (5)
Quantum of Solace - lousy cinematography Ward (22)
nuclear bomb @ bali quote from a COT kook (38)
Formula SAE trollop (2)
himmler on the extermination of the jews whistle (7)
LOL  what a dick measuring contest. whistle (4)
British behind Mumbai Massacre Consultant (10)
don't care for persians - the people ward on a treo 700p (7)
hey STH, NASA funding issues coming up sharkfish (5)
November 29th, 2008
fake? JOSer (3)
Don't care for Persians xampl (6)
funny links thread! (1)
rich people are scum Million (0)
For Sharkfish Cheesy (9)
too funny sign mistake man (4)
founder of flickr one of the world's most influential people? bob (9)
Rails sharkfish (14)
Depression or Bad Recession or Blow It Off? NotSharkfish (6)
One Year in an IT Project Consultant (6)
Changing words letter by letter Stephen Jones (8)
bombs on planes bob (26)
They can take my gold but sharkfish (18)
How is it that I spent the whole day cleaning sharkfish (9)
cant sleep, again whistle (1)
holy shit, my code sucks whistle (9)
"with my flatbed I park it on the top of a cliff overhanging... whistle (1)
heh.  I get to feel smug here. whistle (4)
Men who should have beaten their wives more Consultant (22)
this is insane whistle (12)
2 dead after black friday toy sale dispute leads to gunplay Consultant (10)
this is a nice overview of some good code practices whistle (4)
need advice on this app sharkfish (23)
Where else but Twitter, who else but Bendis... Aaron (8)
November 28th, 2008
Environmental programming? sharkfish (9)
The price of college/university/trade school cholo (11)
Flatbed truck?  bah, Chainsaws make you longer Ward (9)
luke skywalker.  jiminy. sharkfish (10)
holy shit, are there any property developers here? whistle (8)
I just bought a flat deck truck... whistle (7)
Flame as you like, but the 10 inches quote on sidebar Rick Tang (9)
total web burnout sharkfish (8)
Stampede death at Walmart in Long Island sharkfish (3)
Good deals at Harbor Freight Clay Dowling (4)
Thanksgiving xampl (4)
So.  The Israel v. Palestine thing is just a co-opted excuse sharkfish (13)
insomnia whistle (4)
Jews forced to compete in waterpolo before being gassed by Nazi' Dr. Horrorwitz (54)
How GM fucked themselves in 10 easy steps Clay Dowling (29)
Proof: Intelligent life on Mars Dr. Horrorwitz (26)
Catholics and Muslims agree Consultant (5)
November 27th, 2008
Christainity Conversions and Hindu Protests forThis.Anon (17)
Do you think they'll bother to vet the menu trollop (1)
Sorry. I was wrong. Rick Tang (12)
ok this is hysterical sharkfish (7)
Sorry about Mumbai. Terrorism sucks Bot Berlin (28)
Final Solution? Dr. Horrorwitz (14)
MS, ME, Chrohns, ALS curable with Abx. Dr. Horrorwitz (5)
S.E.T.I. is Bogus Dr. Horrorwitz (50)
The Jerusalem Embassy Act? Rick Tang (3)
italy rules that blogging is illegal Consultant (3)
No, I don't want to complete a survey when I visit your website df (5)
Christian Terrorism Rick Tang (10)
windows programmer editor of choice? bob (10)
the ajax merry go round son of parnas (7)
How does college work in Europe? Michael B (15)
Citibank to buy army, weapons Consultant (2)
Holocaust denial Bluebeard (12)
Darn, I won't be missed at work Ward (3)
November 26th, 2008
This would be funny: Aaron (3)
the one thing I need before I die sharkfish (20)
fake registration info is a jail time felony Consultant (15)
(Computer) Engineer's Song trollop (2)
breaking: American hostages in India sharkfish (29)
OpenVMS is DIFFERENT! Rick Tang (17)
GURPS Geekdom Revisited Clay Dowling (3)
PURPLE DILDO SIGHTED ON JOS (with video) Consultant (7)
Bot Berlin laid off? Rick Tang (3)
figuring out that I'm a nerd sharkfish (8)
Mailman refuses to deliver sharkfish (2)
the day before a 4 day weekend the great purple (14)
upcoming science fiction/sci-fi films/movies sharkfish (18)
Affirmative Action vs. Legacy Admissions sharkfish (10)
I didn't know Obama uses BlackBerry sharkfish (10)
are you a "nancy"? sharkfish (26)
Slashdot getting worse by the week df (19)
OMFG Hilarious Aaron (0)
GW Funny son of parnas (4)
macbook has attention deficit disorder trollop (2)
Music trollop (11)
Extra "R" thrown in for fun by Brits Fan boy (35)
COT = freak show lately Clay Dowling (7)
Looks like a lot of the imposters are coming out Rick Tang (4)
COT could be a wonderful place argv[1] (6)
November 25th, 2008
It's official COT historian (10)
Saab is a piece of Dan Denman (11)
Should we tolerate Dan or not? Rick Tang (35)
If it had happened, it would have been a blessing in disguise. Dan Denman (3)
Americans are funny Dan Denman (5)
Unauthorized Acquisition of food stamps? Rick Tang (4)
from my crackberry sharkfish (2)
Do you feel sad about making fun of mentally disabled? Rick Tang (3)
Coulumb and Ampere Rick Tang (18)
I am a mess the great purple (17)
Firefox is shit Gerald Hoppy (8)
bailout: now at $9.0 trillion Consultant (3)
bailout: now at $8.5 trillion Consultant (13)
GURPS Geek Clay Dowling (25)
Flaws in this C++ Template Clay Dowling (9)
Oil isn't "fossil" at all Dr. Horrorwitz (62)
WPA not safe? Dan Denman (23)
Misprotected Individuals Clay Dowling (47)
Market Strategies SaveTheHubble (7)
Dear CoTters (3)
"Elect a MILF to the Senate" trollop (4)
Dear Racists Michael B (19)
Increased Taxes for the Rich --- Delayed df (9)
What happens next depends upon lobbyists Colm (0)
"Evolution" is Hilarious Nonsense Dr. Horrorwitz (39)
Donation to UNRWA Rick Tang (1)
'Israel spy' put to death in Iran Dan Denman (2)
November 24th, 2008
Is there a job where... Michael B (2)
good. fucking. lord. argv[0] (19)
Germany to pursue Holocaust denier's arrest Dan Denman (20)
Joseph Stiglitz is a traitor! Rick Tang -) (0)
The shit is about to hit the fan sharkfish (17)
Should shareholders shrink CEO salaries to suit circumstances? trollop (7)
PPP's in peril trollop (0)
Double whammy trollop (6)
Poor Ballmer Rick Tang (0)
Consumer price index xampl (3)
someday in the office of th future sharkfish (1)
Got a concealed carry permit for that turkey? xampl (3)
LOLVampire Clay Dowling (4)
war on Christmas caused financial crisis the great purple (31)
Without a theme escandor (3)
Pick your recovery month xampl (14)
early bird people sharkfish (9)
bailout: now at $7.7 trillion Consultant (12)
Precalc Exam 3 Michael B (iPhone) (24)
Why doesn't .NET have... xampl (9)
19 yo suicide video on the web JoC (8)
Proof the "Holocaust" is a hoax Dr. Horrorwitz (24)
this place is the Dan Denman show lately JOSer (5)
November 23rd, 2008
Bill Of Temporary Privileges whistle (1)
Citigroup - You've gotta be sh*tting me lorb (30)
That is some hardcore lesbian Bot Berlin (4)
Dan Denman and people of color Lulu (4)
Israeli and Palestinian conflict not actually happening Billy (5)
Natural selection Dan Denman (8)
Dr Horrorwitz, your points and rebuttals whistle (17)
heh.  correlation between holocaust denial and anti-semitism whistle (17)
Judea Declares War On Germany whistle (5)
Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion Zorba (9)
joost gives up on download, went flash joost booster (0)
"Israel" tests genetical bioweapons on Palestinians Dr. Horrorwitz (6)
School Boards consulting scientific research Consultant (5)
"it's just that searching the web and conjecture has lead me..." whistle (0)
Ubuntu 8.10, cant find the upgrade option Bot Berlin (2)
bruce lee is teh awesome whistle (13)
"It's just a typical check at school for underwear" Consultant (2)
Icelanders riot for food, police respond with biochemicals Consultant (30)
Drugged-up students xampl (11)
Wet, wet, wet. trollop (0)
Colour printer/scanner trollop (2)
Ghost of times past bon vivant (3)
study shows most congressmen can't find US on a world map Consultant (24)
perverted obsession with denman macbook (21)
November 22nd, 2008
If I didn't vividly fantasize about having sex with... Michael B (9)
Stock picks and TV media Bot Berlin (3)
We should go and kick Rick Tang (16)
Africa, ain't doing so well Bot Berlin (11)
Dr. Horrorwitz care to elaborate Dan Denman (9)
obama appointments glad is thick (10)
Dan, any idea what the impact of the credit crunch bobcat (0)
Dan Denman Monical (1)
Why is Danny D so jealous of America? Bunggo (2)
How to ensure a smooth Vista shutdown process? Ariel Sharon (12)
bot -- is citi going to fail? bob (10)
Gas, again Aaron (2)
One HOT woman for Dan Bluebeard (3)
mmm...princess leia... whistle (5)
My half-baked theory on the original bailout package lorb (7)
Awesome quote Dan Denman (7)
Deniss Ross Dan Denman (2)
Looking for an Ebook - Do not want to pay forThis.Anon (3)
November 21st, 2008
New Guns n Roses Mr.Blank (9)
I am a rectangle! Ward (1)
The colonoscopy thread Ward (5)
Dan, what do you hate the most about Jews? Michael B (6)
"Whistle, what if you were a Jew? " whistle (1)
holy shit whoa (5)
nice article on mob software whistle (3)
bon vi: on factory classes what the heck? (3)
Factory Method and Abstract Factory jings (17)
The Enema Thread! Consultant (9)
US government asks Saudi and Kuwait for bailout? WTF. Consultant (13)
So, I lost my mind last night.  Hit tipping point Bot Berlin (6)
Has Michael lost his damn mind? Bot Berlin (11)
Tux Paint *rocks* whistle (2)
Well, Consultant lorb (20)
Safe Haven: No infants protected by Nebraska Law Clay Dowling (5)
Another cool vid Aaron (2)
Perfect people list Rick Tang (7)
I'm not a homophobe this guy I used to know (0)
Very cool Aaron (5)
I am homophobic, supposedly Rick Tang (10)
Excel formulae gone bad (7)
Colm, find something else to do or troll sharkfish (10)
I'm not a racist the ghost of Richard Pryor (6)
Right on! Dan Denman (0)
If you liked Buffy Aaron (7)
deflation the great purple (27)
Grandpa the pusher xampl (6)
Pity The Child whistle (0)
I am a dentist... whistle (2)
I'm a racist Ward (6)
This promises to be very silly. Trilobyte (2)
homelessness argv[0] (5)
November 20th, 2008
Stephen Jones Dan Denman (11)
Gas Aaron (16)
If you bounced the people who make racist statements sharkfish (35)
19 year old posts his suicide video to the web sharkfish (4)
$3 billion con man Consultant (1)
I'm not a nationalist anyway, I'm a cosmopolite. Colm rules! (4)
Gmail themes Ward (6)
geek question sharkfish (52)
New precedent set for sampling xampl (2)
Dow at 7,500. new bottom Lombrado (24)
"drilled into me during my US Army days" Rick Tang (21)
This is awesome Aaron (19)
I see we have gotten to the point in the dev world where sharkfish (3)
citi kitty sharkfish (10)
Pittsburgh area? xampl (16)
Are our culture Rick Tang (10)
What in the world is going on? Nice Boy (6)
Purple toasted me, I was wrong Bot Berlin (2)
Our political process is lacking common sense. Bot Berlin (5)
The Economy kill (0)
Screw the automakers Kill (16)
the second person on CoT to admit to being a racist Colm (49)
OK who has GTA IV for XBOX and is interested in a game this wknd muppet (7)
XBOX Experience - first impressions muppet (15)
Xcode (help me wsv) what are you reading for? (5)
When Arabs have the demographic majority LeftWingPharisee (65)
What is it with AVG? Bill42x (8)
"let their babies' bellies swell and flies crawl in their eyes." whistle (57)
November 19th, 2008
Criminal and najas Zionist entity blocks aid to Gaza Dan Denman (48)
LWP spotted Dan Denman (2)
STH: on the economy some action (6)
Fishy Fishy Fish FishBreath (12)
bob says bob (5)
LOL JoC (1)
Tricking the testers Bot Berlin (13)
The Dow is falling like a rock lorb (36)
Are Boomers to blame for economic woes? JoC (11)
how much does a new baby cost? the great purple (49)
India takes on expanding pirate menace Consultant (5)
What's the Libertarian answer to Tragedy of the Commons? Michael B (15)
Al Qaeda No. 2 Calls Obama Racial Epithet Lombrado (7)
I want man-sized lady gloves muppet (9)
Warsaw, Indiana trollop (6)
bash rap Bluebeard (0)
Ambassador Alan Keyes: Obama is not a US citizen Consultant (47)
eh, fuck you Joel sharkfish (44)
This is just brought to my attention Dan Denman (10)
November 18th, 2008
Let's call Michael Dan Denman (1)
Money doesn't buy happy Michael B (17)
If I were 'smart' and 'crazy'...I might be kind of malicious Bot Berlin (16)
Is the whining from the automakers and excuse Bot Berlin (13)
Texas grand jury indicts Cheney, Gonzalez for various crimes Consultant (2)
evil racist fucks exposed Colm (14)
M$ coming out with their own anti-virus software sharkfish (10)
Scared to Give zolly (5)
Is bob smart, an experiment? Bot Berlin (4)
yay me! sharkfish (1)
nsfw - she's hot bob (7)
If you got laid off for an entire year sharkfish (16)
And the prize for delicate phraseology goes to ... trollop (9)
So let me get this 'straight' argv(0) (6)
smart & rich bob (19)
I'm so amused when... Michael B (47)
high school sweethearts It's obvious my english is bad (3)
4 trillion bob (13)
Apparently there is a clojure book Bot Berlin (6)
HP's Fury At Vista Capable Downgrade (Slashdot) Rick Tang (2)
We might get some snow tonight xampl (7)
We can talk tech, it is ok now Bot Berlin (1)
Ok, so who are our musicians? JoC (1)
Swedish Dance Bands From the 70's LH (2)
My code has moved to unmainted Bot Berlin (7)
$5 foot long sharkfish (50)
Hey Wayne muppet (8)
Yang resign Le Monde (0)
Jap Car companies run by engineers not MBAs Consultant (54)
my coworkers are starting to notice the great purple (11)
Unemployment for Techies on the Rise? EngiNerd (12)
Hillary for Secretary of State Philo (17)
Why are people so means on the internet? Bot Berlin (27)
My dreams last night were starring a nude Alyson Hannigan muppet (7)
November 17th, 2008
cable quality sharkfish (7)
Securified Fan boy (6)
get ready to rock, bitches sharkfish (5)
dammit. Palin instead of Obama as Time person of the year? sharkfish (15)
F**k it, I created the damn company Bot Berlin (15)
Dr. Horrorwitz Dan Denman (17)
bot - working for Citibank -- bob (9)
bailout tab as of november 17: $4.28 trillion Consultant (19)
uh-oh sharkfish (0)
do you believe in American Exceptionalism? bob (8)
Any biophysicists here? xampl (5)
American cars => ugly sharkfish (46)
not sure if I'm over-analyzing this sharkfish (9)
Vista fails at the simplest stuff df (27)
shared microsoft libraries, fuck up of a design Consultant (11)
great purple Colm (8)
Not cool, 20% job cut Bot Berlin (39)
This guy is brilliant. SaveTheHubble (6)
On java web/server-side jobs Bot Berlin (10)
shut out of their lives whistle (17)
November 16th, 2008
Okay, Sharkfish lorb (20)
the coming downturn sharkfish (12)
Freedom of the press trollop (3)
bob, are you drunk? sharkfish (6)
wtf?  states want bailout money as well whistle (14)
I am debating going to hooters? Bot Berlin (26)
It is liberating that Hollywood is outing a lot of people Bot Berlin (9)
Prop 8 database Consultant (25)
"Huh, I had no idea Wanda Sykes was gay" Bot Berlin (19)
Bob is an angry guy, I like it. Bot Berlin (3)
two articles about UAW programs Consultant (15)
Drop down boxes and IE6 Bot Berlin (1)
Good analysis of the current state of the GOP Bluebeard (2)
racemongering: blacks who love skinheads Consultant (22)
"what happened to the asshole who used to post from new zealand" whistle (3)
while watching the Bears lose to the Packers sharkfish (7)
Recession to Heat Up and Jobs to Cool Down! Oh No!  :-( (8)
I always feel like a genius when sharkfish (9)
in keeping with the CoT religious tradition sharkfish (7)
outsmarted whistle (31)
Ho fucking ho! Gerald Hoppy (9)
Bailout racing to $2,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 ,000,000 Consultant (5)
santa will come regardless, even to dan... macbook (0)
DoEvents in .NET, I forgot jings (3)
i think we're kinda lonely here right now macbook (2)
drinking in wisconsin pog (6)
November 15th, 2008
Test-driving my new look Michael B (9)
Inhibitions Michael B (13)
Get a reference to an internal static class declared in another jings (4)
Dressing myself is too hard Michael B (iPhone) (18)
How do I avoid this type mismatch? jings (7)
great music sharkfish (11)
haskell book electronic edition out! (1)
Deleted Post on JOS Stephen Jones (7)
programming KATA lz (7)
The Road, Cormac McCarthy sharkfish (0)
selfish libertarians sharkfish (15)
for those of you going bald sharkfish (23)
i have no idea bob (4)
People who need to be killed in prison (50)
Stargate SG-1 Fan boy (11)
Startup employee goes ballistic lorb (14)
Why are developers so scared Gerald Hoppy (22)
November 14th, 2008
Ron Paul: New World Order creation this weekend Consultant (8)
Mara Carfagna, Italian Politician Consultant (3)
has anyone else every humiliated some asshole cut and paste (5)
Secretary of State Rick Tang (30)
Please don't bring your teenager to Nebraska sharkfish (8)
Assault Rifle Recommendations Consultant (53)
Zed bashes ruby and saves his ass Bot Berlin (6)
Crack is bad, m-kay? (Winehouse photoessay) Consultant (3)
Cluenessless Rick Tang (14)
The Future AlmostAnon (5)
Is Java losing Ground to Flex? Lombrado (47)
The right chips sharkfish (7)
What's the best.. Mr.Blank (6)
Warren Beatty or Alain Delon Mr.Blank (2)
Renewed war on Christmas... bah, humbug! AlmostAnon (11)
Colm the censor, meet Colm the anarchist Rick Tang (4)
Changing minds, openness sharkfish (13)
Mexican slang sharkfish (2)
Sun Microsystems lorb (24)
Anyone Buying Precious Metals? The OP                        . (15)
Another electronics retailer bankrupt xampl (16)
Someone figured out developing plug-ins sharkfish (5)
Junk food day sharkfish (7)
Does this prove gov't regulation is bad? sharkfish (7)
Censorship sucks the ghost of Henry Miller (9)
Something to brag about sharkfish (15)
so be contrarian sharkfish (0)
Change the iFAQ Rick Tang (0)
How you lost our faith sharkfish (13)
I'm in love with Jinny Jacinto! :-) (2)
Extract icon from IE .url file jings (1)
November 13th, 2008
Wrath of the Lich King xampl (0)
last photo before death Consultant (17)
so long arg! you worthless piece of shit cut and paste (4)
Homemade pornography Michael B (14)
So what happened with Eureka sponsored by Degree for Men? muppet (2)
Forgot to pack an after-workout shirt Michael B (7)
Kung-fu kittee lorb (0)
piss your pants funny magazine Consultant (3)
study proves Obama inclusionists are really violent bigots Consultant (5)
I think the market rally is under way lorb (27)
TV still sucks LeftWingPharisee (15)
PG again Rick Tang (4)
So I'm watching season 1 of Californication Dennis Ferrer (5)
I always find it interesting sharkfish (4)
"There is a lot you don't have to know" Rick Tang (20)
Psychopathology lorb (2)
Colm The Boring, meet... whistle (3)
Making windows flash Clay Dowling (4)
Sharkfish the humble, meet sharkfish the braggart Colm (42)
Taps: something for your Latin the ghost of MLK (2)
There is a lot you don't have to know sharkfish (20)
groan the great purple (12)
bah arg! (8)
So how many more Dan Denman (9)
Latin and other language adventures Tapiwa (33)
the ghost in my  machine sharkfish (2)
Mid November, Still Riding Clay Dowling (1)
Selling the soul to the devil Lombrado (14)
Happiness in collapse Michael B (iPhone) (6)
Goatse df (15)
Fallout 3 continues to be a fantastic game muppet (14)
Some Resumes Do 'Ave 'Em trollop (2)
nearly time to buy yahoo stock whistle (5)
Mosley's quite wrong  ... trollop (3)
Bad sign for those of you in High Tech! MistaIntel (20)
read this about engineers if you want to be depressed sharkfish (19)
November 12th, 2008
Hey!  Who censored my love-making post from this morning? Michael B (27)
ooooh.  ObamaCTO sharkfish (9)
c++ style sharkfish (41)
What are the pros and cons of taking a techlead dev pos? Bot Berlin (5)
Bye for now Rick Tang (5)
70's nightmares xampl (4)
Conspiracy theory time: Plunge Protection Team? Rick Tang (1)
Eitan Gorlin says he is Martin Eisenstadt Consultant (3)
Cory Doctorow Philo  (D) (11)
More Ron Paul Rick Tang (4)
Palin is willing to help Obama, folks df (7)
DR Congo vs. school shooting xampl (3)
Obama appointing same wall street crooks to manage economy Consultant (9)
My company is not doing to good Bot Berlin (21)
The Economy is going to Hell :-( Verking4ALiving? (22)
National Enquirer: Cindy McCain Having Affair Lombrado (4)
For Consultant Aaron (2)
First picture of Lil Purple Mountain_Dewd (15)
Canada: carpooling is illegal due to compete with city bus Consultant (24)
In the interest of your continuing education muppet (2)
Brice is BACK, and better than EVAR the ghost of MLK (15)
ultrasound the great purple (16)
Painful Aaron (8)
Voting for the Best Candidate Consultant (14)
Sharkfish this guy might be able to help heal you of your gays! Rikyfish (4)
Reddit might not make it Bot Berlin (0)
November 11th, 2008
Important message from New York Michael B (iPhone) (0)
I had this t-shirt on today sharkfish (6)
Can't go past sex sharkfish (4)
I am part of the hive mind, indeed sharkfish (4)
oh my this is a good book on debugging sharkfish (8)
sexism on da intarweb sharkfish (23)
If you don't get your dick out of my ass by the time I count to sharkfish (4)
$6500 graphics cards Consultant (9)
AIG, now Autos Rick Tang (12)
It's 4:20 AM where I live jings (10)
Obama, the Economy, Layoffs, and H-1Bs The Questioner (6)
The Federal Reserve and US constitution Rick Tang (12)
Bad software...worst game ever Bot Berlin (15)
Organizing & Storing. How do you deal with it? Consultant (50)
Hey Purple Locutus (2)
Obama meets with associates of terrorists Mountain_Dewd (5)
obama crackdown on lobbyists arg! (4)
Happy Veterans Day xampl (13)
I'm not comparing him to Adolf Hitler AlmostAnon (16)
Sidebar edit request... JoC (3)
Forget about the meaning of 'run' for a sec Rick Tang (13)
I wish they would spend more time putting things into the brain sharkfish (13)
Do you have friends? jings (37)
I sent a long email to Novartis, who makes Molly's medication muppet (18)
Keith Olberman gets it right Clay Dowling (66)
NASA needs a bailout Bot Berlin (29)
Aftermath el (0)
Nothing in Life is Easy Heilsfliliciz (4)
Disturbing confusions about Rick Tang (3)
What do you think of Malcolm Gladwell's latest sharkfish (11)
Denman, dammit sharkfish (3)
November 10th, 2008
A new genrean Dan Denman (1)
Fast Frogs trollop (14)
A&E Intervention Michael B (2)
if I can hang on for six months sharkfish (27)
socialism in the us arg! (23)
Obnoxious, but why bother? LeftWingPharisee (4)
Molly was tested today muppet (35)
Speaking "trash" of Sarah Palin can get you in trouble Lombrado (28)
Reddit represents America! Bot Berlin (5)
Fundalmentalist Rick Tang (6)
Confusion of terminalogies Rick Tang (0)
Too many go to college and too many pay too much for college I've got too many degrees (2)
How do you proposition a married MILF coworker Bot Berlin (12)
Maybe forcing women to wear burkas isn't such a bad idea... Michael B (6)
The developer now drives by every day, slowly muppet (5)
Obama a Matrix fan? xampl (0)
Systematic and Systemic Tapiwa (19)
Circuit City files Chapter 11 xampl (38)
Hive mind group think on reddit. Bot Berlin (5)
Bacon salt Aaron (11)
Reid Defends Lieberman SaveTheHubble (3)
Rahm Emanuel plan - mandatory slavery for all americans 18-25 Consultant (55)
How to heal w wound? My TOEFL and IELTS is bad (5)
You've seen the lawn signs, now the story.... Peter (6)
So, we had early Thanksgiving with my dad's side of the family muppet (53)
Serious political bullshit Clay Dowling (2)
Affinity for remembering numbers Bot Berlin (29)
insomnia xampl (7)
"it takes more guts to be an enthusiastic dreamer." whistle (61)
Kinsey scale Rick Tang (9)
Resolution and size Rick Tang (28)
Should children be allowed to talk about Obama? Consultant (3)
November 9th, 2008
history teaches us not to have gay leaders sharkfish (12)
Whisky dick Michael B (6)
Steroids Saved My Life sharkfish (12)
What are the best free porn web sites? Not Sharkfish (15)
The secrets of the 2008 campaign: online book Lombrado (0)
Comparing Tony Blair to Barack Obama Lombrado (5)
I was watching Dexter sharkfish (1)
The Return of Clinton Futurism sharkfish (14)
Obama Irish shock :) Clouseau (29)
Cat sleeping on my lap Clay Dowling (4)
US auto manufacturers Aaron (27)
Foreplay overrated Clouseau (15)
More Economic Woes and More Layoffs on The Way Surviver (12)
I'm through, but weirdos don't, they just keep programming... Bluebeard (1)
anyone still up macbook (3)
double dutch rudder sharkfish (10)
In a few minutes there is going to be a power outage... bon vivant (6)
Talk about your boring people? Michael B (iPhone) (2)
I like this site macbook (3)
November 8th, 2008
God Hates Shrimp sharkfish (55)
I found that programming attracted a lot of "sad" personalities sharkfish (39)
Crisis:  Growing up Gay in America sharkfish (18)
Fuck, everybody seems to be out partying Clay Dowling (31)
Somalia is all fucked up - still Clay Dowling (9)
tagline is not funny or witty sharkfish (13)
Best Tough-guy Scene Evar Ward (7)
lwp, since you wantd to know the great purple (12)
"asked if he would meet the leaders of Iran, Syria, Venezuela.. whistle (3)
Breakdance? LO ELha O (3)
Palin was behind Obama death threats! Consultant (13)
Boycott those opposed to gay marriage Consultant (21)
WTF is with the impersonations again Me (5)
How come Hollywood hasn't made a high-production movie about... Michael B (19)
This site... Michael B (1)
bank balance bob (6)
Interesting story Peter (6)
Biden Notes Consultant (15)
Marriotts are now Gay-free! Ben Patrick Johnson (1)
anyone read Ilium? sharkfish (2)
she can see Alaska from her house sharkfish (9)
Another Queston for Dan Denman Get off my lawn (1)
Question for Dan Denman NoseHair (3)
Why aren't men and women sexually attracted to the same things? Michael B (iPhone) (13)
Prime time Dan Denman (4)
How much further do you think job-losses will go? lorb (12)
Is this Dennis? Dan Denman (4)
November 7th, 2008
probably "fuck taxes, then", is not the argument to make sharkfish (8)
Israeli issues orders to Obama: "Do not dare talk to Iran!" Dan Denman (9)
Stock Market lorb (4)
when is cockpunching acceptable sharkfish (6)
arg! stop being a Me (6)
don't you just hate it when sharkfish (11)
list of df's abusive websites bob (6)
Mums support Palin, now this for Joe Rick Tang (7)
Is Jury Duty slavery, Rick Tang (4)
Another interesting .gov site Rick Tang (7)
president's weekly youtube well I guess it is modern radio (0)
law and order LO ELha O (4)
Name the greatest Gallup (9)
Worst. Bug. Ever. AlmostAnon (8)
Quality posts from ghost of MLK Bot Berlin (0)
Gun sales up after election xampl (7)
Follow Philo on reddit Bot Berlin (18)
Interesting look at the new Unreal3 Engine/from Gears2 Bot Berlin (3)
mini-rant on a tech issue sharkfish (20)
Holy crap Aaron (12)
GM prognosis Clouseau (30)
Click to summon Aaron (5)
Bill Gates... Michael B (8)
hey Denman sharkfish (10)
Caroline Glick Dan Denman (2)
This is awesome Aaron (12)
why do Consultant (6)
Sharky, how do you feel about Prop 8? Sin-Wat (21)
Muppet, burn more money on Gears of War 2 Bot Berlin (2)
"Wah. All conservatives come out of the closet tonight!" Lombrado (2)
List of People in New Zealand SaveTheHubble (12)
US dating scene Tapiwa (6)
"you think I should quit my job so I can stay home with the... whistle (20)
my continued lack of presence in the new series of lists.. whistle (1)
"deal with it, bitches" whistle (0)
Blacks don't like the gays. Bot Berlin (11)
Baptist to Picket Obama's Grandmum's funeral Consultant (5)
November 6th, 2008
Dan Denman Hussein The Plumber (6)
Racism is over! (0)
The Economy Will Get A Lot Worse Chef (23)
I can't really take astronomy seriously sharkfish (7)
Obama's plan: americans to become slaves Consultant (64)
Talking to my dad on election night sharkfish (28)
LOL Mums for Palin! Rick Tang (1)
When you're drunk.... lz (12)
Unix Russian roulette sharkfish (3)
My Lorb theory sharkfish (3)
pieces of shit on this board fuck-arg (21)
classy, fox news arg! (11)
can the dems behead joe lieberman now ? spy vs. spy (8)
Nosy news: the 106 yrs old lady who voted Obama Rick Tang (1)
Gays rioting in LA Consultant (8)
McCain campaign legally pursuing Palin over loss Consultant (3)
Discount for college xampl (8)
Is this slighlty racist of Consultant? Bot Berlin (11)
In other news Soup Dragon (1)
Darn Bot Berlin (6)
How's your job searching, lorb? Rick Tang (19)
Pictures of Bot Consultant (7)
Interesting map Aaron (8)
All married people jings (17)
Have these stocks hit rock bottom, yet? Kenny (9)
The Pickup Artist Kenny (0)
Should Palin prepare for 2012? xampl (87)
Tuesday in 4 pictures Clay Dowling (2)
Lost the bet! Consultant (5)
blood test numbers the great purple (15)
How stupid do you think Obama has been Lombrado (13)
Still riding Clay Dowling (3)
Jokes xampl (5)
domestic partnerships vs. marriage the great purple (50)
Df may be right about Putin Bot Berlin (5)
any time you use the phrase "it seems" Colm (8)
Bill O'Reilly, FOX news throw palin under the bus arg! (35)
November 5th, 2008
Brice sighting: Dissing the RIBBON Fan boy (3)
Have you ever noticed that Dan Denman (22)
did Peter get elected? lkjadsflkd (19)
Michael needs to give up his idea Rick Tang (9)
Minority vote Consultant (4)
J.P. Morgan to refinance risky mortgages EstisaDiabe (4)
lorb: "I mean, he is smart and capable and I see a lot of myself muncher (14)
Tragic End Likely Not Involving Nefarious Call of Duty Clans df (6)
Would you work for xampl (7)
I was wrong Gerald Hoppy (0)
teh muppet? arg! (12)
Hamas praises Obama win as 'historic victory for world' demoncrat (12)
Rahm Emanuel Maybe Denman is right (9)
Is Save the Hubble retarded? Ward (4)
Michael Crichton is dead Bot Berlin (13)
Mark Cuban bullish on America sharkfish (10)
Is Bot mentally retarded? Bot Berlin (16)
Sarah Palin - MILF or MIFed? Lombrado (11)
I didn't vote for McCain Bot Berlin (9)
Advice for Barack Obama die microsoft die (4)
"So in the end, I voted for McCain." Bot Berlin (54)
I didn't get the memo sharkfish (5)
Why that particular tag on the header? sharkfish (3)
To all those crying black people LeftWingPharisee (1)
gay marriage shot down in CA - maybe Consultant (39)
What an ugly dress! Fan boy (10)
Weirdest thing about the election df (7)
How did lorb finally vote? Aaron (68)
Election party el (1)
"by the polls, it's a mccain landslide" Colm (2)
Russia and the election df (1)
Where is George Bush? Lil' Cheney (7)
mccains concession speech whistle (4)
I hereby the death to the meme that all politicians are the same whistle (15)
Indiana? Aaron (3)
Yay! A New Beginning. SaveTheHubble (12)
Sharkie, I still think you're full of it Tapiwa (35)
So we know each other for four years Rick Tang (2)
USians, welcome back to the human race Tapiwa (4)
The Obama Effect on the Black Community lorb (0)
I didn't vote for Obama today sharkfish (6)
I want to bang Solidad Obrien and Suzanne Malveaux to cellebrate (4)
Im gonna be pissed Me (1)
America Concurred Evil Today!!!!!!!!! Good Job America! (6)
I am in love with my country again sharkfish (11)
America has been freed!  No more opression!  No more evil! A True Christian (6)
November 4th, 2008
Why are you afraid of a Black man with an Arab name? Tang (10)
Are all Republicans as dumb as Palin and Bush? Consultant (6)
60 Dem seats in the senate??? Bluebeard (5)
so Peter, how's the vote going for you? die microsoft die (10)
The bright side of Obama winning, for the GOP lorb (11)
McCain gives up!  Throws in the towel! :-P (12)
mccain concedes. arg! (10)
Study shows Nazis are happier, more fun to be with :-P (2)
study shows conservatives are happier, more fun to be with Consultant (12)
fox news channel haters arg! (3)
I won't believe it until Colbert calls it! 123 (0)
Is 297 a landslide? don't know much about US politics... Bluebeard (7)
Grant Park Chicago is rocking!  Obama has been called THE PREZ!! sharkfish (9)
CNN predicts Obama President. Crowd goes mad. Lombrado (1)
Interesting: race vs. investor fear sharkfish (6)
you've been great politico (0)
Fox calls Virginia. politico (3)
Renaming monuments sharkfish (5)
murtha might hold on politico (1)
-Fox withdraws Miss. Senate call for Republican politico (1)
Game's over Michael B (iPhone) (3)
BBC America pulls a neat stunt bon vivant (2)
a thought: 202 + 27 (FL) + 55 (CA) = 284 politico (0)
senate situation politico (2)
jim himes takes out Chris Shays in CT politico (0)
losing my optimism politico (4)
IOWA politico (1)
Rocky Mountain News: Colorado for Obama politico (0)
are they following the election on blah? mod parent up!!!!!1 (2)
If I were moderator.... mod parent up!!!!!1 (3)
If Obama is president... Me (16)
Previous four times Rick Tang (1)
Wait an hour, people Rick Tang (1)
what does an obama presidency mean for europe? the world? politico (10)
Obama gets Ohio!!!!! sharkfish (12)
Urban vs. Rural xampl (4)
I'm watching Ohio & Florida politico (8)
These are Al Franken (D) internal exits - so SALT people SALT. politico (3)
I'm going call a bunch of states politico (0)
MSNBC calls South Carolina for McCain politico (0)
exits -- these & two dollars will get you on the bus politico (0)
mac->vpn sharkfish (6)
RockWiz trollop (1)
Holy cock-gobblers, CNN is doing holograms for the elections Bot Berlin (10)
More combat brigades to fight americans on US soil Consultant (4)
Guess which group has the lowest foreclosure rate? Consultant (8)
What is the most updated election status? LeMoNdE (12)
This is the first time in my life I have been keen on BO Gerald Hoppy (7)
This guy is so full of shit (0)
Peter Gerald Hoppy (13)
Why Obama Will Lose Today... Or so he said. Lombrado (5)
Markets are up for election day xampl (6)
Told girl I liked her a lot Bot Berlin (4)
message for Bot Dan Denman (3)
Voted Consultant (13)
hell hath frozen sharkfish (7)
Liberal or conservative may be genetic; related to fear reaction Philip (8)
Dan is good for the "jOOZ" LeftWingPharisee (4)
So, Consultant lorb (2)
Power companies want to help customers avoid debt Consultant (7)
Suhweeet JoC (10)
Post-election predictions lorb (45)
the symbian zombie workers attack! Bluebeard (4)
by the polls, its a mccain landslide whistle (19)
Last chance! Dan Denman (4)
if you don't for obama m (18)
first election day polling booths have closed, final results Consultant (5)
Made my choice Consultant (48)
November 3rd, 2008
Having trouble caring about Ruby on Rails sharkfish (4)
Oh, man, that sucks Aaron (5)
Graph: a challenge Michael B (iPhone) (16)
more likely be killed driving to the polls.... it's a cut and paste, that's all (6)
what links the nyc subway and a wisconsin school board? Colm (7)
Consultant, maybe you can help me out Aaron (15)
We are about to live through history, folks sharkfish (22)
sonoluminescence sharkfish (6)
Concurrent multiple checkouts jings (9)
BREAKING NEWS 7:39 PM ET: Gov. Sarah Palin Cleared of Ethics Cha fired her brother in law? (19)
Americans working 4 shifts a day to keep up Consultant (0)
MS Office is so cheap now Rick Tang (3)
So has he made a billion dollars yet? Bluebeard (9)
Celestial teapots redux Bluebeard (2)
the bettors have it sharkfish (3)
Obama anxiety Lombrado (3)
Started my new job today Gerald Hoppy (7)
Here it comes! ... (9)
The urge to blog / Do you blog? probably possibly (2)
Bot - need any home electronics? xampl (7)
Isle Royale Clay Dowling (6)
Self Sacrificing Acts redux Tapiwa (5)
Also did I ever mention that Philo is awesome? muppet (5)
Trip to Britain recommendation? Lee (15)
the key phrase in this interview is Colm (15)
I've been fiddling with the sensitivity on my motion control cam muppet (19)
LOL me (0)
heh.  some of these are pretty good. whistle (2)
the problem with the government bailout is... whistle (5)
I'm tired of this "anti-Black" reasoning lorb (28)
Nazi Klansmen for Obama Consultant (10)
SaveTheHubble Bluebeard (9)
Collateralized Debt Obligations Consultant (15)
Help out the google devs on chromium-linux Bot Berlin (4)
Smartest women in the world Bot Berlin (2)
microsoft lifechat Immonoamics (2)
November 2nd, 2008
Linux supports Obama sharkfish (5)
Born in the USA LeftWingPharisee (11)
Most of the time, an amusing fiction is just as good as a fact. politico (2)
nsfw: how does the arrow left arrow right thing work politico (13)
Socialism as investment: I'm not sure I buy it... Michael B (23)
Drug War (4)
No more sub-10 inches EEE laptop Rick Tang (11)
Is there such a thing as a rational, self-less act? Michael B (iPhone) (22)
trite movie openings sharkfish (3)
Palin: yeah to big government handouts politico (0)
the brother of one the 300 smartest people in america posts here can we hear more about it, pleas (28)
Kids and swear words sharkfish (7)
The shallowest generation sharkfish (2)
Minimal text markup for homepage Michael B (3)
being smart isolates you, doesn't it? sharkfish (25)
Why America Needs an Economic Strategy beevis (7)
ok - obama & mccain bingo (3)
obama: ego and mouth bingo (7)
yes yes yes the problem with OO -- it's just too much bingo (12)
sharkfish your partner will go straight once she graduates... Bluebeard (5)
the churchgoers nuc (4)
can anyone recommend a game? fuck xampl - non spam (9)
Election philosophy lorb (3)
Texans are clever. Rick Tang (6)
November 1st, 2008
java is faster than c# no spam, ok, xampl, you fucking (13)
Pure Lolcat Gold Clay Dowling (5)
she's the green party candidate for PRESIDENT a black female president (1)
Five sites predict Obama win xampl (2)
OK, I have to admit it. Michael B (24)
Which came first? The chook or the egg? Kthx Bai (0)
Genius sharkfish (2)
heh.  I thought sarah palin did pretty well. whistle (10)
holy crap -- our worst tagline ever lz (2)
the so-so folks sharkfish (6)
VBS.TV goes to North Korea xampl (1)
Anybody here work in insurance IT? sharkfish (2)
Experience sharkfish (9)
now this is a sexy man sharkfish (7)
OK, electronics type people muppet (4)
College Michael B (iPhone) (14)
Yale Chick! Rick Tang (2)