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November 30th, 2013
Math for advantage Bob Berlin (19 comments)
Brooklyn Nine Nine Kenny the Robot (30)
My favorite software robots Bot Berlin (4)
contributing to open source C. McGhee (16)
I don't want a lot for Christmas Friday (6)
November 29th, 2013
msabaha - very good Dan (3)
How to Make Ogura Cake Dan (1)
The war in Syria Dan (3)
Unraveling Walter (7)
Recent Space Exploration Movies: Apollo 18 vs Europa Report Bored Bystander (3)
Miss South Carolina explains why the US sucks at geography Philo (12)
Distribution of birthdays throughout the year Philo (6)
(US) Who is working today? xampl9 (Windows Phone) (2)
Brice Richards on Wall Street Walter (8)
MS in Library Science and Health Informatics Mike (33)
This should blow a few fuses here... Colm (21)
beware of a rant Friday (19)
McGhee, you are over 60?! Tom (13)
November 28th, 2013
more wine than bird left Friday (3)
got another $9 tablet C. McGhee (2)
Magpie Chick and friends trollop (2)
Presentation Zen Philo (19)
Bad filtering xampl9 (0)
Learning how to use the oven - holy carp - best turkey ever Philo (9)
149 Days until Disney muppet (4)
DHS has medical records of all foreigners C. McGhee (10)
Spacex launch currently on hold Bill42x (0)
Is this a good buy? ShyK (10)
20 tips for interpreting scientific claims Quant (2)
He threw the fortune away Quant (19)
In-laws Philo (15)
china plays its hand ... ? eek (13)
Whole Foods strike successful Colm (3)
Why Russians are not smiling Io (7)
grooveshark Friday (2)
suffering waitress update C. McGhee (20)
November 27th, 2013
The war in Syria Dan (10)
On "You're probably dying" - DNA testing Philo (9)
The Ramones xampl9 (Windows Phone) (1)
eating disorders the great purple (9)
Crappy Weather SaveTheHubble (4)
girl expelled over beautiful natural african hair! C. McGhee (12)
Maps Legion (21)
1 MW eCat for sale: 1.5 million USD - delivery Q1 2014 Dr. Horrorwitz (25)
The women of banks - approach method? Single (22)
One more reason to be annoyed with the DEA Philo (6)
23andme hires lobbyists to attack FDA C. McGhee (13)
NSA emails dissidents child porn Dr. Horrorwitz (5)
Unfettered Capitalism the New Tyranny - da Pope Colm (15)
Boss doesn't want to use my idea . (14)
November 26th, 2013
Official bragging thread Colm (19)
Survey - degrees and nodes C. McGhee (30)
LinkedIn and small worlds Q (10)
Honest Trailers: Home Alone Philo (2)
Ancestry Philo (40)
Connection request via LinkedIn - new scam vector? Philo (3)
US vs China C. McGhee (36)
Have Design Patterns infested the RDB space? Shylock (22)
True or false? Q (32)
For Philo.. Morons D. Dipshit (4)
We're not asking for their permission less is more (11)
Single Payer starts in the US Shylock (13)
See, Americans aren't the only morons in the world... Shylock (19)
On synthetic drugs Philo (6)
analyze this job ad C. McGhee (12)
A 2700 line stored procedure Shylock (36)
Should I get cellular, not activate, and use as mp3 player? C. McGhee (11)
Should I get a PS4? Quant (4)
vaccines kill C. McGhee (16)
Federal Land Jobs and Energy Security Act C. McGhee (3)
I love this song Philo (12)
another waiter making up shit about customers C. McGhee (19)
This is sweet Shylock (7)
articles criticizing the Iran deal C. McGhee (32)
What is the advantage of getting a PS4 Bot Berlin (11)
Etymology of "foo" SaveTheHubble (1)
Damn you Google people Quant (9)
Been there, done that Shylock (4)
Anybody have anything good to say about Sharepoint? Colm (10)
I hate developers so very, very much Philo (92)
Cool heads under fire - trollop (3)
November 25th, 2013
¿Is this a good idea? Shylock (3)
Answering the Jennifer question df (17)
gene testing companies C. McGhee (7)
hold on tight now eek (13)
selling any kind of anything ... eek (55)
Yale locked down over anonymous call about gunman muppet (35)
Deflation is coming Colm (15)
More legal training - straining credulity Philo (3)
Michael Hastings, dead journalist, update C. McGhee (5)
My favorite trivia from the IMDB entry for Holy Grail Philo (5)
"someone" executing physicists in India too C. McGhee (6)
So yesterday morning, my 4 year old was watching muppet (7)
Millenials vs Boomers Colm (48)
So, once upon a time, a 16 year old kid got fed up with muppet (23)
Hybrid drives part 2 df (15)
If they didn't have a phone, I guess nothing would get done Philo (9)
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani Calls Obama a “funny joke” Morons D. Dipshit (0)
"We'll nuke Beijing" says Pentagon (Saturday) Dr. Horrorwitz (8)
So, I heard you guys all wanted to see my clam, 15 years old! muppet (3)
Marxism reveals its ugly face Quant (4)
When the generation gap hit me in the face Philo (29)
November 24th, 2013
since thanksgiving in US is comming up Friday (28)
maven probe launched lemonhead (13)
Shylock has a way of talking about Israel Leonardo (29)
Iranian nuclear deal Walter (22)
CoTers Descend on Vancouver En Masse Bored Bystander (4)
Best web dev setup can't remember my usual handle (19)
Tony Blair fucked Rupert Murdoch's wife Colm (16)
pilot license Friday (11)
November 23rd, 2013
technical assay of indian programmers C. McGhee (32)
Teen thrown in high security prison without charge C. McGhee (13)
Massachusetts math teacher found dead behind school Dig (4)
American war criminal arrested? Or harmless old man? Colm (17)
Letter to NASA Dr. Horrorwitz (12)
On the bright side, England get smashed less is more (11)
It gets worse less is more (7)
large videorecording project C. McGhee (32)
November 22nd, 2013
Today is November 22, 2013 Bob Berlin (13)
Australia's PM singlehandedly destroys relations with Indonesia less is more (14)
This is the kind of thing that makes me wonder WTF Philo (11)
Dr Who 50th Anniversary show to be simulcast in 75 countries less is more (12)
Landing at the wrong airport df (24)
al qaeda as legit government C. McGhee (26)
Finally, it all makes sense trollop (2)
DUD ROOT less is more (8)
Elf Yourself! Bluebeard (9)
Gold? Bob Berlin (35)
November 21st, 2013
Weird situation... Wayne (8)
religion Friday (31)
TV sending file names case gets worse C. McGhee (6)
agreement: US will remain in Afghanistan forever C. McGhee (16)
Fresh, delicious blueberries in November Shylock (12)
Sacred Cows Philo (15)
...guess what happens if you announce you're outsourcing all IT? Philo (19)
CSC & Lotus Notes Philo (12)
France fines US blogger C. McGhee (9)
geek attempts dating C. McGhee (25)
economics of las vegas shows C. McGhee (34)
Absolutely marvellous idea Dr. Horrorwitz (2)
McDonalds to Employees: Sell xmas presents if low on cash Colm (34)
Dear Congress: Where's your brain? Philo (5)
ICBM officers all burned out Colm (11)
Warthog Stuck Between Wild Dogs and Crocodile F5 (2)
Are all software billionaires obliged to own these things? Bluebeard (13)
Slacktivists victorious Colm (1)
I'm sorry, didn't meant to troll bringing this up again Friday (4)
November 20th, 2013
I cannot imagine making this decision Philo (25)
IQ testing again C. McGhee (17)
High end audio xampl9 (15)
Awesome essay on gender Shylock (23)
loop antenna eek (5)
So, is it just me, or just the eastern US, or... muppet (10)
There's a huge dearth of nice looking DARK Wordpress themes muppet (12)
So Lodewijk, should I apply for this? Shylock (7)
parents letting children run wild Reality Check (0)
Obamacare success story NPR (40)
Do you have what it takes to ride this waterslide... F5 (9)
State rep smashes homeless people's possessions Colm (15)
Cancer xampl9 (3)
What Makes a Woman Beautiful? F5 (11)
The essence of the corporate system Io (4)
Answers to leaf's questions Dan (0)
Ironic Colm (8)
Speeding tickets are not tax deductable Bot Berlin (5)
November 19th, 2013
amyloidosis Friday (5)
The Killing df (12)
Well, I give an F Philo (4)
Leaving a comment does NOT excuse your code worldsSmallestViolin (30)
Is anyone here the proud owner of an mISV? Bill (22)
I feel bad for all those who decided to stay in school.. Morons D. Dipshit (7)
Announcement to Make::: Brice Richard (20)
Is server name *comma* port number a database standard? Philo (14)
For the religious fatties ... PigPen (12)
1BTC = $750 Morons D. Dipshit (7)
Hybrid drives df (10)
I just love Douglas Adams Philo (12)
Martha Stewart goes senile, apparently muppet (21)
Man buys house next to ex-wife, erects giant middle finger Morons D. Dipshit (17)
Your LG TV spies on you Colm (26)
Oracle vs. Postgres Shylock (9)
All you need is a good plot muppet (19)
I really really hate geeks that think they can write Philo (12)
Wow - massive company purchase fuckup Philo (4)
Feeling bad about Google's decline Rick Tang on Nexus 7 (37)
Washington Redskins dropping offensive word from team name Philo (4)
November 18th, 2013
Economy must be doing well or something Legion (16)
Is Iraq & Afghanistan the new Vietnam? xampl9 (8)
Qatar's Vagina less is more (1)
hey parents (and non parents) Bot Berlin (7)
Equity Market Bot Berlin (4)
What's the matter with New Mexico? Shylock (6)
Things I hated getting for Halloween. F5 (6)
Domain name home run Philo (1)
The famous singer Dan (7)
Guess what Teradata Consulting wants to pay for these skills Shylock (17)
Java sucks, developer responds Bot Berlin (1)
On the charge of "soulless, funless numpties"... Judge Less is More (5)
DF - Toronto's mayor apologizes. 60 Minutes believes him. Philo (3)
1BTC = $600 C. McGhee (22)
There you go abusing your power again, muppet Jack (4)
is it a good thing this shopkeeper was armed? C. McGhee (66)
DJIA above 16K.  Woot. SaveTheHubble (50)
159 Days Until Disney muppet (5)
Secret Service agent's insurance cancelled C. McGhee (8)
Deutsch Kinderlieder Corner weniger ist mehr (1)
November 17th, 2013
Adele Bot Berlin (24)
A New Vocabulary for "Democracy" Bot Berlin (14)
medical costs - it's fat guys like Hubble costing the money C. McGhee (62)
The famous singer C. McGhee (3)
The famous singer Dan (6)
Obama in 5 gifs Colm (2)
The famous singer :) Dan (15)
JFK and the second shooter less is more (19)
25 years ago today Lodewijk (5)
ACA contractor was responsible for 20 other failed projects Colm (26)
IT market Friday (32)
November 16th, 2013
What's the missing letter? Bassanio's Creditor (8)
Hacker News df (51)
Georgia Tech - hellacious nightmare for entrepreneurs C. McGhee (5)
Awesome rant on the D's Bassanio's Creditor (1)
Libraries helping the wrong people? C. McGhee (8)
So, what do you think should be the age of consent? Dan (32)
The case of the famous singer Dan (9)
So you think you can make money on the App Store? Bluebeard (15)
Maverik's OS update Ted (1)
dealing with quants and bankers outside the west C. McGhee (14)
DIY airplane bomb C. McGhee (3)
Stock Valuation News! C. McGhee (2)
Is there a term for a one-room drama? Philo (9)
no school shootings at this school C. McGhee (26)
Federal Student Loan Debt is inheritable C. McGhee (18)
November 15th, 2013
runner anyone, even a little bit? friday (5)
short stories from leaked emails bob (2)
climate change bob (7)
judge rules web site TOS are enforceable C. McGhee (13)
'bamas cancelled policy extension hoyza (14)
TDD Io (6)
man who raped 14 yr old C. McGhee (15)
The NSA strikes back Bassanio's Creditor (4)
The famous singer Dan (11)
work life balance = work 24 hrs C. McGhee (2)
crazy date C. McGhee (26)
Once again Fox News Voted 'Most Trusted' Morons D. Dipshit (3)
Working in a dysfunctional company Tom (6)
JFK assassination was no conspiracy. Legion (17)
ORM for C# to SQL Server Legion (54)
Samsung took my analogy Bassanio's Creditor (4)
Only evil and morally bankrupt people visit prostitutes Quant (36)
November 14th, 2013
The best dubstep song ever muppet (7)
Saying sorry a bit late Shylock (5)
Not the smartest use of Twitter I've ever seen Shylock (57)
The Mayor of Toronto Show df (13)
Software features - yep, it was me Philo (13)
Real names policies disastrous, ineffective C. McGhee (38)
So, I've started casting my podcast radio drama thing muppet (4)
Software features that stop at the five yard line Philo (18)
November 13th, 2013
I found this, it's long but... Friday (15)
Prayer is the reason why you died and not me Leaf (9)
Seriously - WTF with people and vague computer problems? Philo (21) Bot Berlin (4)
Yale Chick Steel McLargeHuge (21)
The anger and denial in this thread is remarkable... Canned Gods Inc. (14)
Kevin Rudd a ''bastard'' less is more (2)
RL eyedropper tool less is more (4)
This MCLE video I'm watching is odd Philo (5)
spy killed and dismembered self, put parts in bag C. McGhee (7)
Nobody ever likes my solutions Philo (40)
Excel clone in 30 lines of JS, with NO external libraries C. McGhee (15)
Obama started a trend PigPen (6)
lowest bidder medicine C. McGhee (35)
ObamaCare desperate for young enrollees Morons D. Dipshit (18)
Animals make music Quant (20)
November 12th, 2013
McGhee vs Hoyza, Muppet vs Jack, Brice vs Hubble Hulk Rules (33)
What happened to Spring? Rick Tang from Nexus S (5)
What is involved in creating simple .net gui applications redux Rick Tang from Nexus S (18)
For Philo No name (1)
TIL SQL Inexpert (9)
Freaking people out with my history Philo (23)
$2000 in stock in 1923 C. McGhee (8)
New idea for services Philo (15)
200 years ago Lodewijk. (5)
Freaky little fountain Philo (6)
Good drones Shylock (0)
An appreciation of the craft Shylock (6)
EMP? Nah df (6)
Yay! Hartford made the Daily Mail! muppet (2)
Obamacare will be repealed well before next election NPR (39)
ObamaCare won't cover cancer. Morons D. Dipshit (20)
The Large Havoc Dr. Horrorwitz (7)
What is involved in creating simple .net gui applications Bot Berlin (32)
Cash-for-breasts scheme Quant (26) Bot Berlin (4)
Stack ranking coming to Amazon, Facebook & Yahoo? Colm (16)
vet kills self, confesses to war crimes C. McGhee (28)
November 11th, 2013
Batman Suparman jailed for crime spree Colm (0)
Electric grid in California feeling threatened by solar energy Colm (36)
Video usability C. McGhee (6)
I like Quantum of Solace more than Skyfall Philo (9)
Best review ever Philo (4)
Pacific Rim is shit PigPen (27)
The Joy of ... Work? hoyza (24)
Oh by the way, this is cool as fuck muppet (1)
Scrotums in the news Bored Bystander (3)
that's quite an air gap C. McGhee (0)
OK so, this is really the wrong forum for this muppet (37)
Google Cloud Print df (17)
should microwaving live cats be outlawed C. McGhee (37)
Apple maps Bot Berlin (14)
OK so Philo I apologize muppet (3)
Ashley Madison df (1)
@Bot .... your silence = assent? PigPen (24)
NK trivia Io (21)
Your tax dollars at work Quant (2)
1+1+1*0 Scott (9)
November 10th, 2013
taking the leap Scott (28)
it wasn't israel news C. McGhee (3)
2 + 2 = 5 Wayne (1)
48÷2(9+3) Scott (40) Walter (8)
I, for one, welcome my new traffic light overlords less is more (3)
USA! USA! USA! Bassanio's Creditor (23)
Economy has recovered! C. McGhee (5)
TWTR C. McGhee (23)
People like PigPen are the reason I despair Dr. Horrorwitz (14)
People like Hubble are the reason I dispair PigPen (20)
Facebook is old hat as oldies finally clamber onboard trollop (5)
November 9th, 2013
Ultra huge tablets coming C. McGhee (12)
Stack Overflow Rep analysis: Experience trumps youth Morons D. Dipshit (21)
I don't understand YouTube Philo (10)
India's 103% tax rate C. McGhee (6)
My read on Microsoft since 2002. Philo (33)
healthsherpa getting media coverage C. McGhee (6)
black inventor gets paid C. McGhee (4)
another anal probe in New Mexico C. McGhee (14)
no worse than any corporate job C. McGhee (4)
November 8th, 2013
Microsoft should... xampl9 (11)
Propaganda Lodewijk (5)
gun control and fascism C. McGhee (24)
YouTube cofounder's lurkage breaks C. McGhee (3)
Amy's Baking Company, the reality TV show - coming... C. McGhee (12)
I would wear this muppet (16)
Horrorwitz-free Friday -- is that a thing now? SaveTheHubble (3)
169 Days until Disney OMG LOL 69 muppet (2)
Do fish enjoy swimming? Canned Gods Inc. (13)
Do birds enjoy flying? less is more (14)
The art of Peeing Matchu (0)
Prisons cost 4x more than Harvard Colm (7)
November 7th, 2013
Ungrateful ally did you say? Shylock (29)
BBC: All is well in the world PigPen (6)
new 3d printer tech C. McGhee (3)
gun owner to be sued for shooting robber C. McGhee (1)
Someone thought this outsourcing was going to save money? Philo (16)
Jobs leaving New York following fascist gun laws C. McGhee (31)
The Politics of Thailand Colm (3)
Is IT/software development a "social" field? Bruce (32)
Anyone else in a perpetual rut? Milton (31)
thinking about getting a HD TV Honu (20)
Getting rid of malware that will not go away Tim (12)
Reward for being good corporate lapdog? Colm (14)
I really hate idiots at work Philo (18)
IT guy just told me how computer resources work xampl9 (Windows Phone) (13)
teachers raping students C. McGhee (24)
My spidey sense is tingling at work Somebody (25)
This is QI Shylock (35)
What a bunch of twats Quant (13)
November 6th, 2013
Is C. McGhee one of those new jerks here, or Denman again? Friday (15)
Requirement: sort by first name Asian (6)
Fix Or Replace Daily Rick Tang on Nexus S (1)
Women grew bones in her eyelids NPR (2)
Agents of Shield xampl9 (7)
CCSU and Newington, CT paramilitary police continue muppet (1)
Bestbuy screwed up my purchase of Surface Pro 2! Rick Tang on Nexus S (10)
You don't know drone Shylock (12) hoyza (47)
.223 or 5.56 Lodewijk. (11)
Blocksbuster busted Rick Tang on Nexus S (7)
Weird PC issue JoC (7)
topless protest C. McGhee (25)
anal searches are routine in New Mexico C. McGhee (6)
forensics in: Arafat was in fact assassinated C. McGhee (10)
donating for medical bills C. McGhee (7)
INTERPOL chief: "Armed Citizenry only practical solution" C. McGhee (3)
The final word on Chris Christie Shylock (3)
On the topic of working from home. Philo (18)
Did anyone here really care that we got Bin Laden? Philo (31)
So the mayor of Toronto thing muppet (21)
How much of your shift do you guys actually work? Tom (25)
Is it now time to buy cans+guns? BIS predicts BIG trouble ahead Home Despot (10)
WTF is wrong with you people that continue to insult Brice President of Brice Fan Club (36)
Ralph Macchio (Karate Kid) just turned 52! Dutch (11)
November 5th, 2013
Paypal - "paid with echeck" - delayed payment - wtf? Metal Ümlaut (16)
working programmable computer from 1770 C. McGhee (2)
Rand Paul Bot Berlin (7)
CX-5, Fortuner, or Pajero? Asian (7)
@Colm ... on Industrial Espionage PigPen (5)
Dear JoC muppet (2)
Watching "The Newsroom" ... again Philo (13)
A Joe Pesci moment Philo (9)
anal cavity search in new mexico C. McGhee (31)
Muppet's new theme song df (0)
Not an 80s movie but still one of the best movies ever Quant (8)
India Proof-of-concept Mars Lander Philo (7)
Lenova wanted to buy Blackberry df (2)
I've been schooling my daughter in essential 80s movies muppet (45)
Watching "Olympus Has Fallen" Philo (6)
The Mayor of Toronto Everyone df (13)
Jack, I voted to undelete all you Posts Morons D. Dipshit (7)
My next vehicle purchase df (31)
This is the best bathroom ever muppet (8)
Bubble Colm (4)
India to Mars C. McGhee (35)
So yesterday, CCSU was locked down and 4 SWAT teams muppet (13)
.22 vs .223 C. McGhee (43)
Traitor Snowden hurts US business Quant (16)
172 Days until Disney muppet (12)
mid air collision, explosion, passengers survive C. McGhee (3)
Thanks 2nd Amendment! Bassanio's Creditor (28)
Stable IT gig or software rat race? Steve (29)
November 4th, 2013
Pinball Arcade JoC (8)
Unicode 7 out! C. McGhee (0)
A rose by any other name PigPen (17)
Leg thumping Legion (11)
TIL Rick Tang on Nexus S (1)
Media still reading CoT less is more (0)
So I went ahead and installed Libre Office 4.x Quant (14)
Flying now more intimate than ever - thanks to bare feet Todd (13)
I decided this Idiocy needs it's own Thread(closer to the Top) Morons D. Dipshit (5)
BB no longer for sale. CEO out. xampl9 (Windows Phone) (8)
Do you have passion in your work? Mike (10)
When dad defends you on message boards df (2)
Sadly the MBA thread is the best thread posted here in... Mike (5)
soldier stabs wife of another soldier C. McGhee (7)
Star Trek: Into Darkness makes no sense (spoilers) hoyza (23)
All people used to be super-intelligent and super-talented Dr. Horrorwitz (25)
Here's why "Go Blue Plan 91" sucks in Florida. SaveTheHubble (3)
Ender's Game SaveTheHubble (9)
Sickness rots us all. laptop trollop (4)
For Hubble: why FISA oversight is a fiction Quant (7)
Richest 300 Persons Have More Money Than Poorest 3 Billion Colm (42)
what makes a good sales man/woman Friday (14)
November 3rd, 2013
Worst parts of working at Google Colm (7) Bot Berlin (5)
penetrating the NSA C. McGhee (3)
North Korean tablet review C. McGhee (6)
Should I get an MBA? SaveTheHubble (36)
Why MBAs are worth less C. McGhee (18)
Was Romney's site hacked by Anonymous on election day? Bassanio's Creditor (7)
Happy Diwali No name (5)
Holy crap - "Rogue Trader" is clairvoyant Philo (24)
November 2nd, 2013
I think I'm falling in love with this airline Q (23)
This simply isn't possible df (12)
Do-Gooder Replaces Woman's Stolen Bike — But There's a Catch Bot Berlin (4)
Good Samaritan Pays Stranger's Baggage Fee at Airport Bot Berlin (0)
New policy quote from Humana NPR (15)
A better company organization Io (12)
but, obviously, this is impossible and implausible ... eek (27)
November 1st, 2013
That arsehole Muppet keeps deleting my posts Jack (6)
Are there 10x coders? Obamacare edition. C. McGhee (15)
Just a humble suggestion Philo (4)
high freq airgapping demonstrated C. McGhee (22)
"Obamacare is a travesty to this country" Rick Tang on Nexus S (10)
This is cool Bassanio's Creditor (2)
Hangovers suck Bot Berlin (24)
hundreds of millions, 6 users, WIN!!! Bot Berlin (15)
Pole dancing is not erotic Philo (3)
Just brilliant df (1)
Rebekah Brooks fucking Andy Coulson Colm (6)
High unemployment? Blame high home ownership, study says Mike (21)
176 Days until Disney muppet (3)
Washington Post: Obama 4x worse than Pinocchio Morons D. Dipshit (9)
Why the US won't ever go socialist Bassanio's Creditor (16)
Looking for countries to invade PigPen (17)
Tax them until their pips squeek PigPen (30)
Serj Tankian - "Lie, Lie, Lie" Philo (2)
Holy shit The Cranberries' "Zombie" is amazing Philo (39)
obama orders NSA to stop spying C. McGhee (5)