RIP Philo

November 30th, 2017
Joint Committee on Taxation is out X (2 comments)
Mustard Lotti Fuehrscheim (9)
Corner tax trigger Wham! (3)
Stock market at 300+ points. Thanks Prez Trump. Bibimbap (23)
Pelosi Tyler Dumben (2)
LinkedIn cont... 2bits (1)
Do you want to date her? Bibimbap (8)
Is there anything wrong with wanting to sleep with different Bibimbap (44)
I love this woman! Bibimbap (6)
The guy scheduled to eat his own testicle... MobyDobie (4)
So did any of you participated in Black Friday or Cyber Monday? Bibimbap (7)
There are thieves in London - who knew? BeebBot (18)
What should airlines do? Tricky Situations (3)
British police helicopters are totally incompetent BeebBot (0)
Trump retweets Lotti Fuehrscheim (14)
Typical bias by the BBC BeebBot (6)
Clearing mines can be dangerous BeebBot (3)
November 29th, 2017
whose responsibility for Trump's account shutdown? Guiya nole (0)
Europe cheers Brexit bank verdict Carlos Romero (1)
Took my car in to get it fixed and they screwed me ripped off (38)
We didn't start the fire... me (12)
Huh? How do you touch bare back? me (6)
LOL me (0)
Jay-Z Therapy Tyler Dumben (2)
360° Rainbow Lotti Fuehrscheim (3)
Let talk about sexual relationship. Did this chick achieve me (8)
An American Sickness Reality Check (23)
AWS invent Q (7)
Donald Trump retweets far-right group's anti-Muslim videos libtard_uk (6)
conservative smirk Antifa (7)
Matt Lauer Cot historian (21)
Praljak managed to kill himself BeebBot (2)
Photography X (0)
iPhone Photo problem: unsolved Reality Check (0)
What does Kansas tell us? (Tax cuts) X (11)
Cool wingsuit stunt P? (1)
Meghan overload Zaq (4)
Man to eat own testicle MobyDobie (2)
Do you believe NK missile? Question (18)
November 28th, 2017
Flynn: corrupt? X (2)
Explanation of sorts from Sir Mark Ivan Rogers trollop (1)
forget your os x password? cool tip inside... Reality Check (23)
udemy $10 sale X (5)
What do CoTters think of the tax bills? Liars & Idiots (8)
UK will pay 40-50 billion for Brexit Nice to watch (19)
Robert Mueller aka C.J.B. Spender Bored Bystander (13)
95million tether in 48 hrs & in unrelated news bitcoin $9900 MobyDobie (11)
dumbass spends $2200 on iPhone Reality Check (16)
My Linkedin account got suspended for no reason 2bits (10)
interesting iPhone anti-feature Reality Check (11)
English accent Io (9)
November 27th, 2017
Kellyanne Conway violated the Hatch Act. Will she be charged? K watch (6)
children’s health programs X (0)
Has Trump made America great again? Bluebeard (7)
CFPB X (1)
Trump is an asshole? X (18)
CBO on Senate Tax Bill X (1)
38.4% of Australians are Neanderthals Gay Gook (3)
Attempting to discredit Moore accusers? X (4)
Supreme Court newsdog (0)
So tell me Meghan... BeebBot (14)
Do You Know What An Hour Of Your Time Is Worth? Productive Time NPR (31)
Bad Chinese translations for our token Asian's amusement NPR (5)
Scaramucci Vs Tufts Student Journo Newsman Eddie (7)
Now's the time to pull an Office Space and work with your hands The Bobs (1)
So [something that has changed] because [your pet issue]... Simulacrum (4)
Marriage by any other name BeebBot (21)
Bitcoin approaches $10k, & in unrelated news Tether issued 20m t MobyDobie (3)
November 26th, 2017
Music for the upcoming week xampl9 (2)
MAGA: Russia Russia Russia botski (6)
Global Warming botski (6)
Fake news? botski (10)
Does CoT endorse Moore? X (3)
A co worker says he wants to exchange "LinkedIns" Tom (22)
What are the pros and cons of using social network 2bits (16)
Odd car deaths BeebBot (10)
This CLOWN needs better PR tablet trollop (9)
November 25th, 2017
las vegas post-shooting-death-syndrome continues march Reality Check (18)
iPhone photo import problem - solved! Reality Check (9)
I finally agree our profession has been ruined Booblicker (11)
Uber drunk Newsbot (5)
Are TSA hair pat-downs racist? P? (9)
November 24th, 2017
Beautiful story Lee (9)
12 CEOs predict the future Legion (9)
Panama Papers: why this arrest? Q (13)
#maga Steve Palouseman (6)
Car shite part IV brone (21)
How long for shoplifting in China Palouseman (3)
Laser Christmas Lights Legion (3)
Rumours of shooting at Oxford Circus BeebBot (12)
Holy shit Bitcoin, how much electricity? MobyDobie (10)
RDA for vitamin D revised to 8,000 IU Dr. Spock (1)
The Terminal Man got it right Michael Crichton (2)
Grenfell Tower Arsonist found (allegedly) BeebBot (4)
No longer being famous is bad for your health BeebBot (0)
the flat earth rocket guy Reality Check (5)
November 23rd, 2017
Black Friday loot Reality Check (37)
RIP - George Avakian The Grim Reaper (0)
Fuck the BBC - biased reporting on refugees BeebBot (5)
What are you thankful for this year? MS (7)
Loaf of God X (10)
Just grab them by the pussy Barry Norman's ghost (3)
Details, fucking lkittle details ... trollop (10)
November 22nd, 2017
"The world has become normal again." , Cup (8)
Game design Bunker (13)
Misconduct in Hollywood is more pervasive than we thought xampl9 (1)
do you capitalize Internet? [US 5TH CIRCUIT] @oddball (5)
Fed Signals December Hike Even as Debate on Prices Persists Leo Witte (5)
Bitcoin is not a company Leonor rodriguez (8)
The Southern Ocean Shylock (29)
Hey guys, they wrote a book about you Yoda (22)
Argentina's fucked up navy @oddball (3)
fire extinguisher @oddball (0)
Am I really the only person who thinks it's hilarious Wabi-sabi (32)
Non existent money driving up the price of Bitcoin? MobyDobie (12)
presidential reading habits X (0)
The NFL is now thinking about a new idea X (16)
Being a Software Developer Sucks! NPR (7)
Unintentional poisoning? X (1)
Trump is pissed (5am tweet) Twit & Stormy (14)
phantom soldier corpse Reality Check (15)
Cost of braces in the US Hugh Laurie (9)
Phillips Screws - The True Story Woz (8)
Hinckley nuke project is totally insane BeebBot (14)
RIP David Cassidy The Grim Reaper (2)
November 21st, 2017
Idiot is responsible for 99% of CoT Content Lately Simulacrum (6)
500K budget Waz (4)
Economists not believing Trump Tax GDP claims. Do you? X (10)
Am I reading too much into this difference? X (6)
Disney Pixar exec serial groper MS (7)
Happy Thanksgiving to all CoTers! Be safe. CharlieRose (2)
Uber got hacked last year and kept it quiet BeebBot (3)
Haha, Our Prez is so funny! We all need to troll the left again. CharlieRose (1)
It's a fact that Google employees make more money than CoTers. CharlieRose (11)
Blue collar labor is expensive Q (24)
Musk is a good bullshiter. CharlieRose (7)
RIP Rodney Bewes The Grim Reaper (1)
OMG, Obama's administration has been so destructive. CharlieRose (5)
iPhone just died - alternative for phone calls? NPR (41)
A single journey to MAGA starts with small steps! CharlieRose (6)
Net neutrality Q (13)
startup labor is expensive Coder (17)
Islam makes life on earth miserable. CharlieRose (11)
LOL at all you money grubbing scavengers looking to make a buck The Truth (29)
Attention CoTers! CharlieRose (4)
In real life, Mr. Magoo Shylock (4)
Is this guy a complete dick or just a moron? Bear Grylls (0)
So triggered by this Bluebeard (3)
November 20th, 2017
The Hillsborough disaster footie fan (8)
Sexual Harrassment at CoT is not acceptable. Whoa! (4)
Mr. Money Mustache ... is a rich blogger as you suspected (9)
#metoo Florida Edition (2)
US to be invaded by pies. , Cup (9)
cot homophobes.... Britney Spears (7)
Paris Hilton has a odd expression in these photos Britney Spears (3)
Dealing with a powerful asshole at work fuck torvalds (21)
Charlie Rose Suspended By CBS, PBS and Bloomberg Amid Sexual Mis #metoo (12)
thankful press briefing @oddball (0)
#metoo USA Gymnastics Edition (3)
Is 300x Tramadol an excessive number? Woz (12)
May blinks first Lotti Fuehrscheim (17)
Buy Now! xampl9 (3)
news i missed Baron von Baby (0)
Thinking about buying CoT. I want to be the CoT overlord. Whoa! (8)
Accuser: Al Franken Grabbed My Butt During State Fair Photo @oddball (5)
Thinking of buying a car wash Tom (39)
How would you create a scalable business in software development NPR (28)
Homosexuals have massively more mental illness than others Dr. Kinsey (15)
motivate your base @oddball (2)
fun project failure blog Reality Check (8)
Diversity Propaganda in UK Christmas Ads Racist Bigot (15)
Mugabe has balls of steel Cecil Rhodes (16)
Charles Manson is dead The Grim Reaper (5)
MI6 operated a slush fund for destabilising the Middle East Zaq (4)
November 19th, 2017
micro assassination drones are a thing @oddball (6)
Roy Moore's lawyer is fun! @oddball (3)
US Naval Aviators are cock hungry @oddball (1)
printed his name? illeterate secretery of trezurey (2)
LGBT in movies, films, etc Observer (11)
Manscaping brah! (6)
Report from HN HN reporter (6)
On "progress" in computer science Io (3)
Hey Brits, is this guy full of shit? Shylock (35)
Bit corners flock to give mtgox's mark karpeles an additional  $ MobyDobie (4)
What Hillary Knew Tristan (16)
November 18th, 2017
Tattoos - am I misguided? Tristin (24)
Malcolm Young, AC/DC Guitarist and Co-Founder, Dead at 64 Io (12)
A Roy Moore Question X (14)
Why I left suddenly xampl9 (Moto phone) (31)
pacific northwest UFO encounter from last month Reality Check (0)
November 17th, 2017
DoD Twitter account demands Trump resign Reality Check (5)
I sincerely don't believe this is actual incest Reality Check (6)
shopping cart hysteria Reality Check (3)
bad neighbors in rural california town Reality Check (10)
Economics of Uber Wages & Tipping Practical Economist (3)
CoTers are so talented. We are the best! brah! (7)
black friday is coming Reality Check (8)
Punishment for punching someone X (24) the sleazeball prime tactics MobyDobie (5)
Tesla truck! MuskBot (4)
November 16th, 2017
Expose's of famous/infamous sleazeballs- thoughts Bored Bystander (11)
Unreal vs unity X (4)
Is now the time for a tax cut? X (7)
Station F, Paris Ching Chong (10)
Mike Flynn ...  jail? Eurodollars (2)
Congressional Candidate arrested for stalking Qaz (0)
“Russian backdoor overture and dinner invite" X (0)
SpaceX launch in 4 hours MuskBot (12)
Taking chance X (3)
LOL. Parris Island review. brah! (13)
This is cool X (6)
Just bought a fidget spinner... MobyDobie (7)
Senator Al Franken Kissed and Groped Me Without My Consent, And X (20)
History of Senators & Sexual harassment: Brock Adams X (2)
Thank for your service @oddball (0)
History of senators and sexual harassment: bob packwood X (3)
Microsoft Store out of the music business xampl9 (3)
Ivanka Trump a Firefly fan Legion (2)
MSM getting desperate TrumpWatch (11)
Idle rich vs welfare cheats X (5)
I love Python, any good books? NPR (17)
The great data science hope: Machine learning can cure your... NPR (5)
Bring. It. On. X (4)
Is Rolph Harris innocent? Let my Abbos go loose, Bruce (3)
Final Destination 5 Barry Norman's Ghost (0)
The company web site is finally up in the air LeMonDe (3)
Udemy courses for $10 Qaz (15)
another victim of california shooter found Reality Check (9)
A nice little earner Brian Sewell (1)
SpaceX launch tonight MuskBot (0)
November 15th, 2017
Big mouth co-worker is leaving the company grunt (2)
how does he pay the rent? Bunker (0)
My role is being eliminated NPR (26)
Ivanka Trump Bunker (17)
Why music albums are getting longer Paul Gambacini (5)
Cool SpaceX video MuskBot (3)
The most recent shooter Simulacrum (6)
LiveStream of released alleged shoplifters Qaz (8)
motive of shooter now known Reality Check (3)
Former CEO of Dyson being sued Qaz (2)
Cannot contact user by clicking on the mail icon. Throw away account (4)
"Come on, you sons of bitches, do you want to live forever?" brah! (3)
Happy belated Birthday, US Marine Corps. brah! (22)
xampl9, there are lot of jobs in NC. Please look through this brah! (5)
MS and X, your personal hero is finally stepping down. brah! (15)
PR status X (4)
Gave notice this morning xampl9 (Moto phone) (15)
Me at 14 Shylock (7)
Bush 1 X (3)
LA is damn expensive (housing) @oddball (12)
You were right, updated my iPhone 4 and noticed speed increase Mountain_Dewd (7)
Can your Uber driver record you? X (12)
woot, 1 up against Honduras trollop (10)
November 14th, 2017
statistics regarding meteorite death Reality Check (2)
Trump after Trump Shylock (7)
Long time COTer looking for work. Throw away account (18)
Thinking about the upcoming Black Panther movie xampl9 (Moto phone) (0)
NPR's people X (16)
Bored, did you offer WordPress hosting? brah! (4)
More on Gox @b (0)
Bill Clinton's sex crimes Yoda (30)
5 dead in California shooting? Qaz (32)
If you quit on the first day of the month xampl9 (Moto phone) (9)
Joel on Tardware Pork Lunch (6)
Daddy do it again Wick (16)
Everything is a unit test these days xampl9 (Moto phone) (9)
growing transracial movement Reality Check (6)
This presidential pervert keeps his hands in his lap now Weeeerrrrve (0)
Gotta keep learning Weeeerrrrve (8)
Mentally ill now allowed in US military? Assad's brighter brother (6)
Teamviewer Wick (6)
May accuses Russia Vlad the Impaler (2)
November 13th, 2017
Cart before the horse, by next week Legion (11)
Seriously fuck NPR, fuck Ruseman X (12)
SNL turns against the DNC/Hillary? Z (0)
Stay on sinking ship or look for growth opportunities? NPR (26)
Is full-stack still a thing? NPR (4)
The Blind Watchmaker Yoda (9)
SLOCs Shylock (73)
capitalists in the 21st century @oddball (6)
Gal Gadot won’t be Wonder Woman unless... Wonder Woman (10)
Donald Trump Gets Advice from 3-Star Army General: Call Rodman President of the Brice Fan Club (6)
refugees educating children about islam in germany Reality Check (0)
Popocatépetl Lotti Fuehrscheim (1)
Stayin' Alive has replaced Nelly the Elephant Z (4)
When is an amnesty not an amnesty Ze (15)
Stabbing at Macy's Zed (1)
November 12th, 2017
An update on fogcreek copilot X (9)
Food Porn for Michael and Yoda Shylock (17)
When do you miss your parents the most? Tristin (29)
Not just the Supreme Court @oddball (9)
Tristen Q (18)
MAGA: aluminum foil @oddball (2)
Will Roy Moore reach the US Senate? @oddball (21)
Nearby gasoline? @oddball (1)
Fat Percentage MobyDobie (4)
Mt. Gox! He’s going to be a billionaire @oddball (11)
VA politics @oddball (4)
Trump Tweet @oddball (12)
November 11th, 2017
Lines per week Legion (23)
Ernest Borgnine xampl9 (1)
FYI - Andy Weir's new novel xampl9 (1)
putin did not meddle Q (9)
George Takei has responded to an accusation of sexual assault Q (3)
November 10th, 2017
Are we agreed Python is shit? MobyDobie (54)
Wow, there will be more trouble in the Middle East. brah! (8)
MS, can you explain something about your people? They secretly brah! (2)
Wow, Alibaba! Eat that, Amazon. brah! (5)
Flynn offered $15 million to kidnap Gulen Quote Unquote (2)
Nutella nutty Quote Unquote (5)
Sint Maarten Lotti Fuehrscheim (7)
CIA source Quote Unquote (0)
Louis C.K. Quote Unquote (28)
DaFuq? Shylock (15)
How come South Korea has lower business and personal tax? brah! (4)
OK, what is one last thing you want to do before you die? brah! (9)
RC, we need you to do research. What kind of Chinese food do brah! (1)
Erwin Java Lotti Fuehrscheim (0)
RC, what's this about? male vs female in engineering/tech field? brah! (0)
MS, your people strike again! brah! (4)
Ferrari vs Dacia (joke) Io (13)
RC: Where do you go in China? NPR (24)
November 9th, 2017
Before an overseas trip, do you get excited? Tristin (11)
'lost' at sea girl duo confesses it was book scheme Reality Check (15)
American Pathology Shylock (5)
Heckuva job Whitefish Shylock (2)
Helped my daughter with a switch problem Shylock (20)
Is May's government about to fall? Shylock (37)
Republicans have a pedophile problem Yoda (10)
ATT / Time Warner Political Rabbit (1)
The Booming Japanese Rent-A-Friend Business Io (14)
Solanas/Manson inspired femme sex cult lead by Smallville star Charles in Charge (1)
Afton Burton, please join us on CoT Charles in Charge (0)
Mariah Carey at it MobyDobie (5)
COT members flock to shop on Etsy MobyDobie (2)
Climate leave X (11)
November 8th, 2017
Yo Mup, how have you been? President of the Brice Fan Club (1)
Could this get rid of Trump? Shylock (12) v2.0 Reality Check (8)
Nothing can stop this spark (4)
New Polish Government Ad Reality Check (3)
ancient reddit posts about Spacey Reality Check (16)
More things to munch popcorn to... Shylock (1)
Shylock, you are warned. Going to Mexico at your own peril. brah! (5)
I'm an NRA member. Anyone else? brah! (14)
$280m of crypto disappears MobyDobie (2)
Trump has ratcheted up his criticism of China’s massive trade Al Toff (4)
So the phone interview did not take place, they no-showed! .. (6)
Sock Puppet Management Software (SPMS)? Wick (13)
TX guy Reality Check (5)
Virginia is OK after all... Shylock's Phone (14)
November 7th, 2017
GOP raises middle class taxes, cuts for idle rich Tax Man (8)
Bad news Oil price rises to $64 Key Gord (8)
Bitcoin Price Consolidation Around $8,000 James Rodiguez (8)
The euro dropped to 1.1580 James Rodiguez (2)
Who will win tonight in Virginia? Qaz (8)
Intel runs a secret OS on its chip. It's a parallel OS. lol brah! (7)
BBC reports Trump will win in 2020 Qaz (13)
Imagine if you have an armed bystander! brah! (1)
Perils of Egyptian Vacation Reality Check (6)
innocent teen missing, may be trafficking victim Reality Check (3)
What do you collect / hoard? Homeschooling Mom (22)
Please be aware that your fingerprint ID on iPhone is bad. brah! (8)
confirmed fact: vigilante stopped more killings Reality Check (21)
TX shooter escaped from insane asylum Reality Check (10)
The Bush family are useless rich traitors. brah! (2)
The Bush family sucks! brah! (1)
Well, there goes Richard Dawkin's argument that atheists don't.. Bluebeard (24)
Hubble, should you be retiring now after 40 years in the brah! (15)
Are those CourseEra courses worth spending money on? Tom (7)
November 6th, 2017
Meet The Robinsons is on Netflix SaveTheHubble (1)
War can make strange friends Bluebeard (1)
Woohoo, we win. tablet trollop (1)
Phone interview scheduled.  How do I not fuck it up? .. (26)
November 5th, 2017
Rand Paul in critical condition Reality Check (25)
what prayers are worth Reality Check (11)
Another shooting Lee (62)
Troubles at Stack Exchange Morons (9)
I am going to waste four hours Lotti Fuehrscheim (11)
While we worry about shit here on earth in this life time... SuperDuper AI (3)
Is there a market for Microsoft's Ml Server (on premise)? Home Despot (13)
November 4th, 2017
Saudi Arabia vs Yemen, Phase II Reality Check (10)
Anti-capitalist crusaders not so noble after all Yoda (2)
Regardless of your views, this past year has been eye opening President of the Brice Fan Club (26)
Tristatecity Lotti Fuehrscheim (1)
Scriptwriter succeeds after hundreds of rejections , Cup (12)
November 3rd, 2017
George Soros Sex Slave Torture Dungeon Reality Check (6)
Marketing yourself xampl9 (Moto phone) (40)
Brice, how are you, brah? This is a good read. SuperDuper AI (1)
Brice, please add VB to the list. SuperDuper AI (0)
Need a cleaning device for machine learning. lol SuperDuper AI (0)
Dems: Hillary absolutely rigged the primary MS (57)
The Twilight Zone is returning to CBS President of the Brice Fan Club (3)
Diversity in the new Lion King Qaz (14)
I just fucking gave notice Los Pepes (26)
November 2nd, 2017
Secret government program is keeping the truth from us xampl9 (0)
Anyone watching the Deuce? Shylock (4)
Battling extremists in your religion Shylock (11)
This one is better than Roomba. You can write program for it. Whoa! (0)
Sports - Why The World Series Alienates Fans FSK (11)
Hey Brice, I have some info for you brah! SuperDuper AI (5)
This site is an expert system for.. Bored Bystander (6)
Car shite, part III brone (3)
Great! My tax goes down 4% to 25% SuperDuper AI (26)
Wow, this is a great idea! I love it. SuperDuper AI (4)
Fossil fuels can prevent sexual assault xampl9 (Moto phone) (1)
Warning on Staples - they will over charge your credit card. SuperDuper AI (1)
Tech Diversity Activists Simulacrum (14)
Prez of Brice, which one CoT member on here that you will go SuperDuper AI (3)
Why don't you fuckers ever talk sports? President of the Brice Fan Club (27)
Reports into the cause of two recent US Navy collisions Tristin (4)
November 1st, 2017
UK Defence Minister resigns Qaz (3)
Outrage after Kyrgyzstan reburies its only ancient mummy Didn’t say it (1)
Former Catalan leaders seek asylum in Belgium Reality Check (11)
the James Taylor, Michael Bolton and George Padadoupoulos band Reality Check (1)
Could have been me? Io (6)
Is a Roomba worth buying? SuperDuper AI (12)
Google Docs is watching you SaveTheHubble (8)
Wonderful resource for music lovers Bluebeard (0)
Just Pitbull things. MS (15)
Scott Adams AMA! Simulacrum (0)
Fuck It! Lotti Fuehrscheim (7)
Donald Trump Jr. abuses Halloween SaveTheHubble (3)
The Shipping News Lotti Fuehrscheim (18)
Compare and Contrast Simulacrum (2)
So the Queen grants "investiture" to crooks? Small Thief (0)
And another one gone , Cup (9)
Weinstein vs McGowon Reality Check (1)
A Serbian Film Reality Check (4)
Dramatic tale too dramatic, say sea experts Reality Check (4)