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December 31st, 2008
cops suck loopy (6 comments)
For Great Purple Sin-wat (4)
zune problem explained loopy (15)
stupid highschool physics question bob (9)
New years resolution(s) Clay Dowling (17)
facts..people..facts, logic... try it! this is not constructive (18)
Stuck on the side of CN Tower Clay Dowling (9)
Html encode ... when? xampl (6)
Italian women: "bang, and there's no banging" Gerald Hoppy (6)
Marge Simpson is sexy Gerald Hoppy (4)
dude still has 15 million massive (4)
MICROSOFT to layoff 17% massive (21)
Cement sucks Gerald Hoppy (5)
Hoppy New Year trollop (4)
brain! sharkfish - blackberry (14)
Epic Fail : Every 1st Generation 30 Gigabyte Zune freezes at EXA bugger reddit (8)
Worse than the Nazi's Dr. Horrorwitz (30)
Zed Shaw Is So Fucking Awesome whistle (7)
first release of an iphone application sometime this week! whistle (11)
December 30th, 2008
C cuteness Michael B (29)
Just watched "Primer" muppet (13)
For Sharky Gerald Hoppy (2)
I need to face it. My wife is and always will be a bitch. No quastions at this time (4)
I'm inspired to take a whack at improving FruitShow's search Michael B (11)
The new 'look' for JoS xampl (11)
*snicker* JoC (3)
my New Year's gift to you sharkfish (4)
moon by 2020 nasa (24)
Happy Birthday, JoC Aaron (7)
" Software development is DESIGN, not labor,... whistle (10)
anyone still up macbook (18)
December 29th, 2008
$50 voucher sharkfish (23)
Maximizing functions Michael B (26)
micro isv product ideas bogus (19)
is 47% a majority? moral majority (8)
What's wrong with people motivated by money? Michael B (iPhone) (16)
skater dude ed (0)
For sharky Aaron (3)
freak sits on exercise ball at work ed (20)
pardoning proposal: deadline Consultant (17)
Not gonna repay you xampl (57)
you're bullshitting truthiness police (1)
stupid reddit jokes, 10 times more clever than COT fuck ward (3)
JOB SEEKERS fuck ward (17)
Paying for the war xampl (12)
obsession sharkfish (27)
OH yeah the due date muppet (11)
"social autistic" sharkfish (13)
"my reply is too good for the original thread" his name isn't even PATRICK (9)
UK building new aircraft carriers Consultant (35)
Obama: space program waste of money, bankers more deserving Consultant (12)
RPG Motivational Posters Ward (2)
We had our baby! AlmostAnon (18)
Tim Minchin whistle (1)
December 28th, 2008
Age is the great equalizer Bot Berlin (4)
CoT Baby Pool whistle (7)
"Are you saying the interpretation is? " whistle (0)
The future of the American car is here xampl (1)
aaron, rails devs.... html people.. help! coder B (10)
this dump has turned into the jingy & STH show... coder B (5)
Is it okay jings (7)
Hey, shark! jings (7)
Resolutions for 2009 Rick Tang (13)
photos from the COT party bob (2)
Semi-official Windows 7 Beta 1 avaiable MaleJapaneseProgrammer (4)
ruby dsl coder B (2)
More Proof that Joel Spolsky Doesn't Get it. Wow! (31)
Dear AlmostAnon whistle (5)
don't fuck with Dan Rather 2million dollars in legal fees (1)
bluebeard -- are you still trading currency? cot reader (0)
Why engineers would make horrible politicians Bot Berlin (6)
Oh PS Ms. Muppet is pregnant muppet (17)
my nephew rocks whistle (1)
Dear Sharky, whistle (20)
I cant remember my login to EuroBleh... whistle (9)
heh.  Follow your heart. whistle (2)
I took The Things kite flying today whistle (4)
HOLY SHIT!  I JUST MADE $15 whistle (8)
stackoverflow a wild success whistle (17)
ugly male musicians/singers sharkfish (8)
December 27th, 2008
Can we stop defending these guys Bot Berlin (16)
I think I want to get pregnant sharkfish (72)
Cost of living: UK vs. US jings (25)
Bot jings (1)
Way to inspire the Republican brand Bot Berlin (6)
your soul sharkfish (20)
heavy metal band names chart sharkfish (3)
L Word Season 5 sharkfish (5)
Benjamin Button sharkfish (12)
Delurk with a stupid question Jeremy Clarkson's Wig (18)
MaleJapaneseProgrammer coder B (2)
mixing drinks sharkfish (7)
rectangularity sharkfish (2)
Santa Killer was NASA scientist Consultant (30)
Interesting implications of this Aaron (5)
rails?  aaron still following it? coder B (39)
Fun today. Bot Berlin (5)
another stab at women and math sharkfish (14)
Starting the language, first a simple lisp interpreter Bot Berlin (2)
IQ tests actually measure how standard and narrow your mind is. sharkfish (35)
reddit docu on GM coder B (1)
speed reading coder B (6)
have you seen JoS forums lately sharkfish (11)
some people invite negativity into their lives sharkfish (2)
Airstrikes Are a Response to Hamas Rocket Fire on Israel coder B (3)
Do you have a friend you can't stand Bot Berlin (12)
Stuck on frozen I94 yesterday Mountain_Dewd (5)
study: most child abusers are heterosexual women Consultant (7)
2008 news: Patent on all Icons granted Consultant (3)
Did you make denman to fuck off finally? macbook (7)
The Lady Vanishes Fan boy (3)
December 26th, 2008
rick - so fucking dumb, it's funny lz (5)
xmonad Michael B (iPhone) (4)
what I didn't hear this xmas sharkfish (8)
George Michael Tony (5)
death of the mall sharkfish (15)
The pirates are screwed Aaron (18)
For next Christmas Clay Dowling (2)
Your call is important to us xampl (4)
Who are Gomez Brothers? MaleJapaneseProgrammer (3)
Who's Pinter? MaleJapaneseProgrammer (6)
thought:  most really talented people are biopolar b (10)
Should students be allowed to read books? Consultant (10)
consensus: 2008 crash is China's fault Consultant (15)
Mac sucks, I am done with it Bot Berlin (24)
voice is ok, no charisma! (3)
Does US Army has not standard? MaleJapaneseProgrammer (5)
Copyrighting ancient texts Consultant (16)
Thing 2 has herpes whistle (29)
Moderator solution whistle (9)
Best way to save linked page on a page. MaleJapaneseProgrammer (6)
Family Guy is woman-hating in the extreme sharkfish (24)
December 25th, 2008
Engineer dresses as Santa, machine guns family, burns house Consultant (24)
Comcast Full name (2)
Goodbye, VHS. MaleJapaneseProgrammer (7)
Friedman should be an Obama advisor sharkfish (20)
what are some off-label uses Michael B (iPhone) (11)
Four more weeks trollop (4)
What do you buy Grandma? (3)
Happy Jesus Day sharkfish (2)
XMAS shopping for yourselves? probably possibly (6)
“It is not the critic who counts; whistle (7)
Free Tibet!* __monty__ (2)
Pedophiles and their children Consultant (3)
Fundamentalists gang rape lesbian Consultant (10)
eating rotten food Consultant (3)
Attraction Bot Berlin (11)
December 24th, 2008
Maybe muppet was right Bot Berlin (4)
fundamental development question sharkfish (7)
Christmas == pointless holiday Bot Berlin (21)
lonely men on holidays sharkfish (14)
iFart sharkfish (2)
Brainstorm Michael B (5)
My precalc grade Michael B (8)
For the Role Playing Geeks here Clay Dowling (4)
The official Christmas Greetings thread Gerald Hoppy (7)
Problem with the RSS feed from this site? Cade Roux (2)
Whatever happened to Gerald Hoppy (8)
How could Philo be black, hahahaa. Bot Berlin (7)
Christmas shopping df (14)
My best blog entry ever! Bot Berlin (1)
what happens to people over 45 sharkfish (23)
Screw the disadvantaged children Pissed Off (18)
classmates research sharkfish (15)
If something's gonna take 60 days to understand jings (6)
December 23rd, 2008
skype headset sharkfish (4)
Office 2007 question jings (6)
reading, focus, attention span sharkfish (5)
threads sharkfish (3)
You will become something by habitually pretending you are sharkfish (12)
No internet for the next few days xampl (6)
I'm gonna do a Bot sharkfish (16)
"Null References: The Billion Dollar Mistake" sharkfish (3)
chocolate keyboard sharkfish (3)
bot did you fuck the milf? bob (5)
petrochemical problems solved: fungus that makes oil Consultant (4)
I fucking hate you losers. bob (23)
don't do this sharkfish (7)
why does any one ask Pat Robertson about the economy? who dropped the ball? (13)
shirtless! MaleJapaneseProgrammer (4)
IBoobs is here! Rick Tsang (3)
27 paychecks this year! Rick Tang (3)
Is Twitter making any money? Rick Tang (8)
Nowhere to hide -- gay marriage = incest Rick Tang (6)
Future dream tool/application Bot Berlin (21)
Dell XPSx Rick Tang (7)
Book prices xampl (5)
Did I just call Joel a liar? Rick Tang (3)
I'm not the most "femme" woman there is. sharkfish (15)
ward vote- should ward be removed as moderator? bob (26)
Windows 7 to run (well) on Netbooks? AlmostAnon (15)
Wow JoC (5)
Are you smarter than Brice? Michael B (21)
For lorb, simple heap analysis Bot Berlin (13)
Not quite a Darwin Award candidate xampl (2)
Ward's threats to censor posts he doesn't agree with Consultant (23)
Dexter is overrated Bot Berlin (4)
December 22nd, 2008
Can you really support the republicans or Bush after this? Bot Berlin (3)
is it customary to get overtime on christmas? Weary Worker (12)
What's the point of Fort Knox? Aaron (24)
In a moment of weakness Michael B (18)
Bush, the worst US President Rick Tang (19)
Test Yourself Michael B (12)
No one ever got fired for choosing Red Hat lorb (13)
The world is cold and hard. (21)
Useless New Invention Clay Dowling (13)
The feds are going to be hurting next year xampl (7)
"The mountain of bad advice in this thread is almost offensive." Rick Tang (18)
Synthetic Ice to counter global warming Clay Dowling (9)
joost gives up on p2p fuck joost (9)
google against net neutrality, was for it toward the bottom (3)
agreed.. tim bray.. worthless toward the bottom (0)
Star Trek physics Aaron (3)
WTF Javascript Error Clay Dowling (6)
who are these guys? wake up neo (0)
Fairfield Greenwich Group took over $500 million in fees from mo lying liars and the lies they te (1)
Woot!  smart == drinker Bot Berlin (15)
For those of us in the Northern hemisphere xampl (3)
Want to flee NY? trollop (1)
who's already on holiday ? LeMonde Jr (4)
This is my kind of music Bot Berlin (4)
December 21st, 2008
holiday perfume commercials sharkfish (6)
Procrastineering trollop (0)
Shocking news trollop (1)
Why I like some aspects of Java and the JVM/Garbage collection Bot Berlin (1)
unix permissions question Cowboy Coder (22)
My cat rocks Clay Dowling (8)
this person andrew sullivan's blog (1)
Circumcision...good, bad, or don't care? PLL (28)
Try reading BEFORE posting Michael B (5)
How comedic, billions of the bailout given to 600 people. Bot Berlin (2)
Michael B, are all middle-class/poor people on drugs? Bot Berlin (15)
wow .. zed . musically .. awful coder B (6)
Why didn't Mozart develop his own notation? Michael B (33)
the military takeover of the US Consultant (1)
Exercise question Aaron (15)
LCARS for iPhone xampl (7)
COT where assholes like Simon Lucy come to mock tragedy Lucy is a girl's name, he's a fa (5)
It was foggy, raining, and cold Gerald "Ski Bum" Hoppy (0)
No Blah hoax this year? COT McBlah (17)
chuck musical programming language coder B (2)
I have the biggest man-crush on Michael B (3)
What IS the point of solo adventuring? trollop (3)
We only keep on living Michael B (6)
December 20th, 2008
holy fuck look who has the #1 result for botberlin_google (9)
ah recession it's hard (14)
awesome video (4)
careful! shocking story (12)
giving theme hour bob (4)
nsfw markets in everything (18)
One more for JoC to worry about trollop (2)
Never help anybody Michael B (13)
Logging levels xampl (13)
plenty of fish wow (18)
logos logotherapy (2)
for those of you who enjoyed the clinton crazy killer list fuck you philo, you caused this (1)
NYTimes 3 billion in revenue they send a gal to africa to mak (3)
Organizing notes Dr. Horrorwitz (6)
nsfw - discuss! they send a gal to africa to mak (7)
John Doe review Consultant (0)
December 19th, 2008
America is #1! M (20)
Japanese anime is child porn, rules appeals court Consultant (21)
"Sunshine" - anyone like it? The Love Child of Ken and Brice (3)
Careers in Piracy Consultant (18)
nsfw zed (4)
i bit my cat sharkfish (11)
Badge of honour Jim the ESL guy (9)
MM @ google (13)
thanks bot, funny bob (1)
Why American blacks are failures(2) Bot Berlin (9)
Gay marriage is such an asinine idea Michael B (14)
"the experiment requires that you go on" argv[0] (3)
Wotsitname? jings (12)
math and programming sharkfish (24)
plumber sharkfish (8)
The GM / Chrysler bail-out df (27)
Snowmageddon! df (6)
Bot, stop bringing half-wit suckers from daddy's place to here. jings (13)
Fucking.  Exactly. Michael B (14)
Social hillarity at Daddy's House Clay Dowling (7)
SingleCall server activation objects retain state across calls? jings (1)
The new doesn't work on IE6 q (2)
Talking movies (best of 2008) Mr. Blank (10)
Jobless and Homeless Ward (15)
December 18th, 2008
Why American blacks are failures Michael B (8)
on your software dev team sharkfish (6)
Michael B sharkfish (1)
MIT rejects whine publicly sharkfish (4)
Muwahhaaa. Religious chart. Choose your hypocrisy! sharkfish (6)
CoT googlebot sharkfish (10)
Last interview question Michael B (12)
Another interview question Michael B (7)
Technical interview test, for rockstars only of course Michael B (2)
Being an honor student is not good enough if black in Texas Consultant (17)
I think I'll go watch something on Hulu. bob (12)
Crap xampl (13)
Apple without Steve Job? law and order (9)
Data-bound controls JoC (12)
Number of people over for Christmas? xampl (6)
reddit turned on obama pretty quickly Colm (10)
lobby interlude sharkfish (22)
Has anyone here seen... Gerald Hoppy (1)
Families and Christmas what are you reading for (11)
GTA IV is annoyingly difficult at times df (5)
Horrorwitz JoC (88)
The US started WW II Dr. Horrorwitz (23)
When Working Becomes Outdated JackHandy (25)
Do you ever add hot cocoa mix to your instant coffee to make ... probably possibly (25)
Time's Person of the Year Cowboy Coder (3)
December 17th, 2008
Snow Ward (6)
this is a good idea sharkfish (1)
Paul Graham on Credentialing sharkfish (28)
How do you answer this interview question Jim the ESL guy (15)
ooh ooh. Creating core dump files. On purpose. sharkfish (14)
CoT is dying sharkfish (19)
something neat you'll like sharkfish (4)
criticism sharkfish (41)
how rich is df? love u (3)
stoopid question law and order (5)
a friend got laid off today sharkfish (13)
ok, stoopid question coz I forgot jings (13)
Started my programming language, first couple of hours Bot Berlin (7)
Please respond (rock star programmers only) Michael B (15)
Drugs or no and other childbirth options Ward (28)
c++ sucks according to Linus - Part 2 Doink The Clown (29)
Website Idea - Event Media pooling df (6)
c++ sucks according to Linus Bot Berlin (23)
Installed .NET 2.5 SP1 yet? Gerald Hoppy (11)
maybe I'm "unclear on the concept" sharkfish (16)
Flings with married people Bot Berlin (4)
For Clay Aaron (2)
10 more hours the great purple (31)
What's your company worth? df (3)
I'd like to use this space to declare that muppet (10)
Hmm and they're so close, too! JoC (6)
Remoting 101 jings (12)
Every generation is so arrogant as to believe Michael B (iPhone) (1)
December 16th, 2008
some reasonable shit on cot mean mr. economist (10)
some stupid shit on cot mean mr. economist (9)
Insulting foreign leader is a crime law and order (10)
Federal Reserve Rate Clay Dowling (13)
I knew it would happen xampl (9)
Gerald Hoppy, is that you? Rick Tang (1)
I've finally found the Christmas tree I've been looking for muppet (13)
December 15th, 2008
you may recall this video dork (13)
this american life podcast bandwidth is 140-160k dork (0)
did we discuss the "shoe hurler" today? sharkfish (25)
I was waiting on the train platform sharkfish (10)
Anybody like Stargate? Aaron (11)
Horrorwitz Aaron (19)
What are the issues with debit cards? Bot Berlin (26)
Leather Pants Clay Dowling (7)
Stock market patterns are very much simpler than Go patterns. cot quoter (26)
Finland, you whores!!! sharkfish (21)
Why is this guy's min payment so high? Bot Berlin (3)
Seattle Meetup jings (7)
Little Adolf can't get a cake Clay Dowling (29)
Socratic method sharkfish (18)
"My lips will love you but my hips won’t" Rick Tang (20)
Best Linux Distribution? Rick Tang (46)
Electoral College votes xampl (2)
Michael B and race Bot Berlin (8)
Michael B's thread that became a conspiracy one df (0)
just because... argv[0], "enjoying" a dry bagel (12)
selling christmas trees is... whistle (5)
Rape fantasies Michael B (119)
December 14th, 2008
My Favorite TED moment SaveTheHubble (4)
It's fascinating to me More sex, less anti-Zionism plz (14)
Is Frost/Nixon any good Bot Berlin (10)
Madoff Ponzi scheme xampl (6)
bush "midnight regs" -- thanks philo and other stupid people dumb as a republican voter (7)
Most wars due to Jews Dr. Horrorwitz (13)
Israel selling gas to gas Greeks with Dr. Horrorwitz (2)
the economics are wrong, but nice thought rich as america (18)
bush - thank you philo (and all other idiots) assholes (0)
debugging virtuals in C++ sharkfish (5)
More Censorship in US Dr. Horrorwitz (30)
Producing Clueless Users By Monopolizing The Market And Then Con Dr. Horrorwitz (8)
Small Companies Can't Afford Cheap Programmers Dr. Horrorwitz (12)
Regex from Hell sharkfish (13)
Threesome logistics Michael B (34)
want but can't have sharkfish (4)
GURPS Today Clay Dowling (5)
NASA will never reach the Moon Dr. Horrorwitz (38)
obama is going to take apart government waste AT NASA! newsbot (8)
palin's church damaged by arson newsbot (0)
Blagojevich lorb (5)
Canadians Go Postal, Too. Ward (3)
Bareback Michael B (7)
December 13th, 2008
um, is CoT becoming gross again sharkfish (19)
The Day The Earth Stood Still sharkfish (11)
Anal Sex Popular among Virgin Evangelical fundamentalists Consultant (11)
Virginia Tech massacre explained Consultant (26)
UAW $70 figure includes executive salaries in average Consultant (2)
In my spare time I sharkfish (6)
December 12th, 2008
end for flickr ward sucks (5)
amerikan girl ward sucks (7)
console colors sharkfish (6)
Motorcycling update Clay Dowling (6)
rails ward sucks (0)
racist bush administration - fucking with barack ward sucks (6)
Where's Caylee?? lorb (25)
Lightyear, Watthour, Rick Tang (2)
I hate Eclipse Gerald Hoppy (6)
BBC on crack? what are you reading for? (5)
Jew just before WW2: Exterminate Germany Dr. Horrorwitz (19)
Scott Adams on motivation xampl (0)
I guess one bad thing about kids Bot Berlin (5)
I'm their top candidate xampl (10)
May have to get this book, torture you with words Bot Berlin (2)
Dan! Dr. Horrorwitz (45)
Bettie Page dead Aaron (2)
Recommend me at NPR Clay Dowling (3)
Why java and the jvm is interesting Bot Berlin (2)
747-Nasa Shuttle Flyover in Texas SaveTheHubble (3)
Wearing a kilt in the office today Tapiwa (16)
Automaker bailout fails to pass Senate xampl (40)
December 11th, 2008
God I love google Bot Berlin (8)
it is called a "blog", Horrorwitz sharkfish (5)
Gladwell has reached a tipping point Gladwell's nemesis (0)
Another Brice sighting Fan boy (0)
40 dating 28 ... nice~ the insurance debater (6)
Thanks ubuntu Bot Berlin (8)
All is well! xampl (2)
How to teach people programming Rick Tang (1)
dealing with high IQ people sharkfish (13)
What's he do? xampl (1)
arg! and Clay are wrong Rick Tang (21)
I am a Ron Paul fanboy Bot Berlin (55)
Language features Bot Berlin (13)
No more Dr. Rick Tang (3)
English, Motherfucker! Do You Speak It?!* Dr. Horrorwitz (8)
Looks Are Everything Dr. Horrorwitz (2)
US Sales Worth The Risk? Dr. Horrorwitz (2)
Misunderestimated Dr. Horrorwitz (14)
Ego Dr. Horrorwitz (1)
Education Considered Harmful Dr. Horrorwitz (5)
Enforceable EULA Dr. Horrorwitz (1)
Aaron and Philo jings (10)
Schizophrenia is a disorder Rick Tang (22)
Technology Sluts Worse Than Technology Whores Dr. Horrorwitz (1)
Stinking Garbage Collector Dr. Horrorwitz (25)
Protecting the Identity of Youth Criminals df (2)
Swallowing Exception Considered Healthy Dr. Horrorwitz (3)
Secret Opcodes Dr. Horrorwitz (15)
Faster Computing Dr. Horrorwitz (2)
Important GOTO Dr. Horrorwitz (8)
The Noisy Fuck Clay Dowling (25)
NASA to Obama: you don't know shit about space, so fuck off Consultant (2)
The Three Fucks Dr. Horrorwitz (6)
The Software Patent Mafia Dr. Horrorwitz (0)
The case for 64 bits Dr. Horrorwitz (1)
Random Thoughts Dr. Horrorwitz (1)
Programming question Dr. Horrorwitz (4)
Programming test question lorb (11)
EU: keep voting until you vote the way we want Gerald Hoppy (5)
I got "The Golden Book of Things to Do" for my dad for Christmas muppet (0)
Gay by birth Michael B (iPhone) (21)
David Gerrold (SF author) Dr. Horrorwitz (32)
The Secret to Weightloss Dr. Horrorwitz (15)
oh wow Colm (2)
Delivery insurance / buying goods online df (13)
Don't cry for me VC lorb (7)
Youtube stars make $20,000 per month Cowboy Coder (2)
Who is muppet really? Bluebeard (0)
Can the Psychological Disease of Homosexuality be Cured? DD (85)
December 10th, 2008
Invoking the Holocaust to Defend the Occupation Dan Denman (6)
Study proves gays most likely to be pedophiles Objectivist (19)
Strange US Senate web pages Consultant (3)
Video interviews xampl (9)
Aaaah hah ahahaha Clouseau (8)
Celebrity Deathmatch : Ken vs Bored le freak (6)
[OT] Tech question Gerald Hoppy (2)
Gmail just locked me out AGAIN muppet (19)
hey muppet the great purple (6)
morning sickness the great purple (15)
Ummm... send it back muppet (9)
Why did Rick's "Your mythology does not trump my reality" thread muppet (35)
illinois governor the great purple (30)
Vista saved my data...sort of... df (3) a stabilizing structure JoC (41)
Australian Cops are gigantic pussies Clay Dowling (14)
Really Depressing Tome Cruise is a Gay!  No really (10)
Depressing Rick Tang (11)
Joel has given up AlmostAnon (12)
Your mythology does not trump my reality. sharkfish (26)
Your mythology does not trump my reality Rick Tang (15)
Gladwell has the fix for education sharkfish (11)
December 9th, 2008
why do actors/actresses sharkfish (9)
Advice to married men Ex male escort (8)
Goto women and the caveman pack Bot Berlin (14)
Your mythology does not trump my reality. sharkfish (19)
Horrorwitz Aaron (46)
Hitler's soft side Consultant (10)
This thread is all about welfare queens sharkfish (2)
Duck Tales is not quite how I remember it... Michael B (6)
Speaking of waxing... Michael B (7)
Brazilian Mike O's cousin (11)
Office discussion about Gladwell Gladwell's nemesis (14)
The case of the Kiddie Pron on Wikipedia Cowboy Coder (7)
Clarkson goes over the top trollop (8)
Should I take one of those Pick up Artist seminars? Low Profile for Now (9)
Baiting Delphi fanbois for fun and profit Clay Dowling (6)
Bob Rae dropped out of Liberal leadership race Rick Tang (2)
gold star if you can assist sharkfish (8)
Now THERE'S something you don't see every day.  SFW. SaveTheHubble (3)
holy shit they stormed BofA sharkfish (5)
on NPR this morning the great purple (3)
I'm not saving anything for retirement at all. Here's why: Soup for me (20)
On The Hiring and Retention of a Nanny df (29)
I wonder if I still have a job Michael B (iPhone) (13)
Humming Mr.Blank (0)
Pearl Harbour vs 9/11 Dan Denman (8)
Observations of the strip club Bot Berlin (8)
December 8th, 2008
Convinved that all pretty women are naughty in a sexual way Bot Berlin (18)
har har sharkfish (3)
That is some sexy coding Bot Berlin (11)
I want one sharkfish (3)
I'm "calling in black", instead sharkfish (6)
Is this domain taken? Gladwell nemesis (6)
question about software testing sharkfish (11)
"Do you have anything organic?" "Do you mean 'vegetarian'"? sharkfish (4)
CEO economics, you gotta pay em right? Bot Berlin (25)
Chuck Norris facts xampl (3)
The crash in perspective Bluebeard (9)
Colm, I guess this is what you were talking about. Bot Berlin (27)
the ultimate christmas gift argv[0] (5)
How many one hour meetings Rick Tang (6)
One liner Rick Tang (13)
I'm going to consider your bark as xampl (2)
Where is this photo from? Clay Dowling (8)
Does this make you feel old? Bluebeard (5)
Fascinating Story Part II df (1)
FAO wsv and any other OS X developers what are you developing for? (2)
my review sharkfish (13)
So sad Bot Berlin (15)
Should restaurants provide Calorie information? Bot Berlin (15)
my macbook is grinding sharkfish (22)
Speaking of login problems lorb (3)
Well, I've been locked out of my gmail account muppet (35)
Top of Reddit trollop (4)
it really is a pain in the ass sharkfish (8)
December 7th, 2008
Wow Aaron (22)
This is cool Aaron (10)
it's a problem jino (1)
jinio jino (2)
what is needed to put COT back on track? lz (14)
remember and pinging when you update your blog? lz (3)
listened to stackoverflow f (3)
funny.  (real?) f (0)
think we had this one already f (7)
bullshitter how about some coding problems? (3)
bluray/hd dvd $99 shipped (5)
do you ever find yourself googling questions that have no answer lz (2)
Quantum of Solace xampl (9)
That movie was quite amusing Peter (5)
Masturbatory compound interest problem Michael B (9)
LHC 360 Bluebeard (1)
suicide stats you're not going to get murdered (3)
Bullshitter, n. Michael B (10)
Toilets from around the world xampl (2)
Is your housewife cost-effective? Michael B (4)
The remains of Detroit sharkfish (8)
new york police officer Richard Kern sodomized man in subway Kop Watcher (1)
Black Betty live on stage trollop (1)
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note: none of his "primary" sources are primary sources (3)
December 6th, 2008
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well I like the principles (0)
good list of Be Good Corporate Robot for IT types sally (7)
Rumors About Layoffs at Intel (Blocked by Joel on Software) What's Wrong with Industry News? (9)
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CoT Gaming Update: Call of Duty, world at war and Left 4 Dead Bot Berlin (2)
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RIAA:  Interview with Janis Ian back in 2002 sharkfish (0)
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Religious Dieting Michael B (8)
What kind of porn do the ladies like? Michael B (2)
I did go take that test yesterday lorb (14)
JavaFX has been released Lombrado (9)
Too Little? Too Late ... trollop (0)
December 5th, 2008
Hilarious, this is Fallout 3 Bot Berlin (1)
Seriously, can money really help? 1/3 don't have salt Bot Berlin (11)
Lawyers laid offs Rick Tang (3)
neat tool for creating VS themes sharkfish (0)
Necessary Automotive Accessory Clay Dowling (0)
Tax'em some more!!! bastards at RedHat use their rich money... Bot Berlin (30)
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Bush doing booze and crystal meth say insiders Consultant (9)
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Any X-Files fans? Aaron (3)
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Honda will cease taking part in F1 after the current crisis Lombrado (5)
Religious people are smarter than normal people Ward (39)
December 4th, 2008
Celine - At Seventeen sharkfish (13)
Gay (4)
You're welcome, CoT Michael B (1)
blacks CAN'T stop being black; gays CAN stop being gay sharkfish (27)
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Breeders Rick Tang (14)
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Python 3.0 is released Rick Tang (3)
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Sarah (and I) is (are) getting Lego Mindstorms NXT this year muppet (24)
Mumbai : Terrorists, Militants or mere Practitioners forThis.Anon (2)
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If everyone drove a Chevrolete Volt df (25)
Keep your eye out for lost boobies trollop (4)
Dear Candidate, lorb (5)
Day for Night trollop (0)
December 3rd, 2008
Celine Dion - singing at grammy nominations sharkfish (13)
Wealth Redistribution:Firefox plug-in finds free Amazon products sharkfish (2)
Dion is a lying weasel Ward (23)
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WSV for moderator grass roots (2)
I cant help wondering why the baghdad thread was deleted? whistle (2)
Superstar programmer I see developing Ruby Lombrado (13)
uplink sharkfish (3)
Heros Eclipse (spoilers) Fan boy (8)
December 2nd, 2008
apologies for the panic, Bot is NOT going to destroy COT (1)
For the record, we hate bot rich people (1)
reddit - HUGE boat (6)
for his next trick DON'T GET TOO ATTACHED (25)
Why I couldn't be a PHP developer Bot Berlin (24)
Congrats Sharkfish Vanity watchdog (2)
Attention: Aaron Vanity watchdog (12)
This is pretty cool Aaron (7)
Say it with me Vanity watchdog (12)
Citi was at $3 something a share.  It is now at $7 Bot Berlin (19)
RE: For the Record.  I hate poor people that hate rich people. Bot Berlin (45)
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Java is the "best language ever invented" sharkfish (57)
Clay, I am calling B.S. Bot Berlin (8)
I agree with sharkfish Clay Dowling (9)
facebook is ... we deserve to know (0)
Aussie government to ban computers? Kthx Bai (4)
Coalition government? Rick Tang (29)
Praise Mr Moore Rick Tang (8)
December 1st, 2008
You can take LeRoy out of the ghetto sharkfish (16)
Dual boot Mac/XP is superior to all. sharkfish (9)
no degree? Do IT! sharkfish (6)
Wham Bam M'am Spam (on toast) trollop (1)
There had better be tribbles xampl (3)
Generializations Rick Tang (27)
Friend died in Mumbai Cowboy Coder (12)
thanks to me! bob (6)
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Recession began a year ago lorb (2)
Gladwell's new book Dan Denman (2)
C'mon. The Bible is a joke. sharkfish (24)
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19 Faked photos for Hororwitz Clay Dowling (2)
Free (and Pronfree) Internet trollop (2)
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Precalc Exam #3 Results Michael B (10)
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Natasha Henstridge image search on Google Gerald Hoppy (2)
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