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December 31st, 2010
What free IM app do you use? . (4 comments)
$700 million software fraud in NYC xampl (7)
Folks in Europe Rick Tang (4)
Store-brand vs Name-brand tissues xampl (iPhone) (2)
Jennifer Bertino-Tarrant Will County Regional Superintendant par Sammy (3)
Trollop, WSV and folks in Asia Rick Tang (1)
Watch icy 20+ care pile-up as it happens lorb (18)
So which one of you guys was on this flight? Bored Bystander (6)
I guess the dry is over not CC (27)
pirate radio sierra (4)
For xampl, a place to check out Bot is a moron fag (CoT speak) (7)
December 30th, 2010
Obama hates dogs! df (13)
Snow in Colorado Springs lorb (17)
A Sailing Story - TL, DR Ward (3)
Lottery xampl (10)
Best music of 2010? Bluebeard (7)
HOORAY!!  NEW CRAZY!! muppet (8)
Two terrorist organizations: who would win? xampl (iPhone) (10)
December 29th, 2010
Cutting spending works, raising taxes doesn't Bot is a moron fag (CoT speak) (26)
dvd ripping eek (9)
Maven or Ant? Rick Tang (7)
iPad 2 may be coming with USB. Rick Tang (2)
Some things you just can't un-see :( Bluebeard (5)
Amen. Bluebeard (1)
What government services are you willing to give up Rick Tang (61)
If anyone here thinks they are any less Moronic then Bot... Morons (4)
Plain English, writing tips from the SEC Bot is a Moron Trolling (12)
Donald Knuth wrote for Mad Magazine Bored Bystander (7)
They expect 220,00 new cases of cancer by end of year Bot is a Moron Trolling (18)
GLD at 137 Bot is a moron fag (CoT speak) (6)
You know you're getting old when college kids.... . (53)
The slush has begun not CC (6)
how Hoyza knew sth was making that face hoyza (2)
Worth reading if you think you can make a living off the net Serverside Troglodyte (11)
Bot is a Moron Attila (7)
Why do you feel that government should offer Bot is a Moron (38)
My next investment Tip ... hoyza (6)
Did you enjoy Xmas dinner? She did MobyDobie (9)
It's Wednesday now not CC (1)
December 28th, 2010
I'm getting old Fan boy (4)
Day 4 what are you reading for? (10)
Government/public hospitals vs government health insurance Bot is a moron fag (CoT speak) (69) is a fantsatic website df (14)
Ace Of Spades Bluebeard (0)
Sneezing snot emergency! Bluebeard (0)
Basic question about Android 2.2 Bob (5)
My Blackberry is not working... Bluebeard (1)
PS3 has the best good games Bot is a Moron (2)
Is nothing sacred? xampl (14)
Saw Tron in IMAX 3D muppet (3)
Belated greeting card Michael B (7)
Caring for your introvert xampl (1)
Sarah got Kinect for Christmas muppet (10)
Your package has experienced an exception. muppet (5)
Coworking facilities xampl (16)
Christmas claim to fame what are you reading for? (11)
Monster blizzard orbital picture SaveTheHubble (6)
If the globe is warming, why am I cold? SaveTheHubble (34)
Time lapse of 20 hours of blizzard in 30 seconds SaveTheHubble (0)
Hardly anyone in the office this morning xampl (4)
.NET/C# COM Question ? (2)
December 27th, 2010
Duran Duran is back !!! j'ai faim comme un loup (2)
Is it a crime to not repport a crime? Rick Tang (7)
Day Three at The Ashes what are you reading for? (18)
Programming just doesn't interest me anymore... WayneM (34)
Snow storms with thunder and lightning not CC (48)
great site eek (10)
December 26th, 2010
Wayne, my moderator delete still doesn't work, but Ward's does muppet (26)
iTunes store overloaded xampl (iPhone) (1)
December 25th, 2010
4th test at the G eek (17)
White Christmas xampl (11)
HO HO HO! Ward (4)
Why do people hate fruitcake? Scott (16)
Deleted posts Ward (14)
December 24th, 2010
Merry Christmas to you and yours not CC (24)
December 23rd, 2010
shitty, rotten forum sierra (7)
Quarts and ounces Wayne (8)
Happy winter solstice and Just Sayin' (6)
texas cheerleader rape: why texas is a shithole pt infinity Weevil (7)
Australian Economy AFullName (11)
wikileaks volunteers assassinated Weevil (2)
Frosted Flakes, the Christmas Islands Flame Angel muppet (9)
Christian Coalition backs marijuana Weevil (9)
Respect Authority! SaveTheHubble (8)
Suppose Google, Facebook, iPhone Existed in 0 BC. SaveTheHubble (9)
Now THERE'S something you don't see every day. SaveTheHubble (2)
Reading some of my old English Y.H.Tas aka Water Cooler v2 (1)
Cheap Xmas presents MobyDobie (2)
To whoever put the lyric in the sidebar... Lurker Indeed (2)
My project's "War on Xmas" not CC (22)
Does anybody do the credit card bonus thing? hoyza (15)
December 22nd, 2010
200 square mile radius Fan boy (12)
Fran Lebowitz is correct hater (7)
IT Franchizes? ? (9)
Thank you, Nut bra! xampl (2)
I'm starting to hate Informatica not CC (5)
Can we please all agree muppet (24)
Classified ads with "$1" and long list of keywords Ward (7)
Thank God for this shitty, rotten forum muppet (18)
MastrShake - I'm beginning to suspect muppet (3)
People who put their message in their moniker What's up with that? (4)
WL cable: US will punish europe for rejecting frankencorn Weevil (4)
December 21st, 2010
Oh fuck muppet (8)
Stop caling yourself Native American Discuss (22)
Franzen calls America a rogue state and I Just Sayin' (0)
Finding single star accommodation in the modern world trollop (0)
The New War Attila (10)
nipples again the great purple (13)
Hasselhoff 2007 film Weevil (2)
12 most unintentionally disturbing Christmas ads Bluebeard (7)
Classified ads that start out with "I paid XXXX for this" muppet (21)
Watched "Groundhog Day" last night muppet (31)
Direct-pay medical care xampl (iPhone) (30)
Strine and yes, there'll be a Test. trollop (6)
3 Simple Rules That Will Make You a ‘Superstar’ Developer Io (6)
The lunar eclipse is starting outside muppet (6)
Anal sex Lady Gaga (14)
An early Tuesday gift Anon, and anon, and anon (1)
December 20th, 2010
Finally - muppet revealed! Bluebeard (6)
Lady Gaga xampl (42)
Jesus is returning next year xampl (5)
What do you think about their solution? not CC (9)
Best films of 2010? Bluebeard (23)
On Entitlement and Immigration .... (61)
So I was getting ready for work this morning muppet (4)
Knight Rider illegally groped while working as a cheesecake chef muppet (5)
Hippie Liberals fucked us again Bot is a moron fag (CoT speak) (9)
Sobonly (0)
The soon-to-be-ex Director of SW xampl (10)
More Silver? hoyza (42)
I got a rock for Christmas muppet (5)
Fantastic presentation on scale from Google fellow Serverside Troglodyte (2)
December 19th, 2010
Reddit, Bot is a moron fag (CoT speak) (10)
No time for the 9/11 heroes? Honu (13)
Weevil boycott Morons (7)
To the CIA, Department of Defense Bot moron of the year (7)
an update from lorb zed (1)
Oh God muppet (1)
Wikileaks only proves the US loves democracy and freedom Weevil (10)
A Hero is Born! Morons (3)
December 18th, 2010
US has grants for muslims to build weapons of mass destruction Weevil (6)
metapost sierra (37)
Coding now a spectator sport Weevil (5)
Version Control is too hard Scott (82)
The real States Rights issue not CC (11)
What the average poster here could use... Bored Bystander (7)
where the rich live my new fucking nickname (2)
Bat chain puller Attila (8)
Delicious Clones .... (5)
Cutting up your teacher Serverside Troglodyte (7)
more proof assange is a cia plant Weevil (9)
How do you fix the rich / poor gap? Bot moron of the year (30)
December 17th, 2010
Obama signs tax cut for rich Weevil (5)
Justin Bieber Just Sayin' (6)
New CPUs can be shut down by government Weevil (15)
Most Civil Unions between Heterosexuals Weevil (25)
Blah is down, OH NO!!! Rick Tang (3)
Economic, Financial and Investing Web Sites ? (5)
fuck the condo people Weevil (4)
Do you guys play video games? Frank (13)
If giving up your youth to get a technical degree results in a.. . (14)
Babel Turtle Serverside Troglodyte (6)
Paris Hilton is smarter than you .... (32)
The Coming Chinese Crash MobyDobie (37)
Why do people like real estate as an investment? Kenny (35)
Julian Assange to Launch Social Network for Diplomats LH (0)
"That's stupid" xampl (17)
Hydrophobia - a neat little game on the XBOX for $15 muppet (0)
This is anti-competitive bullshit disguised as sensitivity muppet (35)
Pat-downs a result of poor screening performance xampl (1)
December 16th, 2010
Larry King retires xampl (6)
Performance review Rick Tang (11)
Does Fan Boy not read CoT at work? Rick Tang (11) JoC (10)
List of Rabbis you've never ever heard of Weevil (20)
working for wal*mart hoyza (6)
Obama loves the ultra rich Weevil (11)
Android tablets df (5)
Computer Consultants and Undocumented Aliens have in common Weevil (0)
Nice Android commercial on youtube Rich Tsang (0)
Stupid americans Io (9)
What did you major in.  If you did it today what would you? ??? (20)
What percentage of your assets are in real estate? Kenny (15)
I was the first jboss developer Bot is a Moron (1)
Hey, I'm referenced! hoyza (20)
We've cured AIDS, but we haven't muppet (12)
Technology isn't helping Weevil (17)
December 15th, 2010
3rd test ... wakka wakka wakka eek (22)
"Woman crossing road killed by bus" Q (2)
Wikileaks bank Bill42x (6)
Display of social life Bill42x (21)
Let's say that your neighbor plows your daughter muppet (34)
Digg df (8)
Let's say that your neighbors plows your driveway . (22)
Convert JSON to Relational not CC (18)
One Calm and Collected Mofo df (12)
Assange's Mysterious Upbringing Weevil (30)
I wonder what would happen if ... hoyza (98)
So, yesterday Izzy fell hard enough that she got sleepy muppet (10)
So, Billy muppet (0)
Landlord gifts xampl9 (7)
Could you POSSIBLY choose a WORSE domain name muppet (2)
Let's start a facebook meme MobyDobie (6)
CSI magnify enhance trick now real Weevil (1)
Time picks Zuckerberg xampl9 (12)
Metropia - sort of interesting muppet (0)
4chan hacks Bluebeard (6)
Wikileaks are hypocritical Fan boy (38)
December 14th, 2010
Almost forgot it's Tuesday xampl (2)
passive income my new fucking nickname (25)
What's the deal with bail in the UK? Weevil (7)
I will concede, that the economists want higher taxes Bot is a Moron (13)
What are the consequences of changing my name? Coetze (16)
Social Security / Medicare created the deficit Bot is a Moron (11)
I rock at making peppermint bark Ward (11)
the great purple houshold -- is in a higher income bracket Bot Berlin (33)
IT consultant pay comedy video Weevil (9)
I was just tying up my hair and my band snapped muppet (28)
Turnover xampl (18)
Joel was right about bug tracking Fan boy (13)
Just in time for Christmas muppet (15)
Seen in a gym locker room Fan boy (4)
You know its Christmas when... xampl (3)
December 13th, 2010
US seeks extradition of Assange Weevil (25)
paula invented key www tech and forgot to clue in billg CircusAttraction (4)
Fucked up muppet (39)
Another (not so) Small victory in the Fight to repeal ObamaCare Morons (1)
Liberals are having a bad year Bot moron of the year (26)
Iraqi Christians needn't worry not CC (14)
"Who is rich?" according to Judaism Morons (33)
You Know You're a Nerd When df (9)
Here are the poor Americans Bot is a Moron (35)
Watched "Demolition Man" last night muppet (4)
The new McCarthyism movement is on a roll muppet (1)
Don't do this on your blog xampl9 (12)
I rock at making beef soup muppet (20)
Taliban on CNN presentation lorb (5)
December 12th, 2010
Charlie Chan Fan boy (6)
Assange personality analysis Weevil (4)
Metrodome collapse xampl (4)
tlbimp (Type Library Importer) and setting file info help (13)
Robotics X (4)
Rich vs Middle Class vs Poor and the tax cuts Bot is a moron fag (CoT speak) (59)
Was Assange's Death this morning really a suicide? Weevil (12)
Apple's new way to get rich Fan boy (5)
Adios CoT. Money Calls G (14)
Secret Banking Cabal Conspires against You Weevil (2)
December 11th, 2010
Homeland Security Cyber ... Protection Act of 2010 Weevil (3)
everybody who has donated to wikileaks has bank accounts seized Weevil (7)
Remote installer? Fan boy (10)
Backscatter xrays don't detect bombs. At all. Weevil (1)
Joel writes love letter to BB Weevil (34)
Cholera Vaccine for Haiti Weevil (3)
December 10th, 2010
BofA next for WL? Did Bot work there? Weevil (7)
Chavez is nuts Weevil (3)
CBS now claiming Assange is "Dr. Evil" Weevil (6)
I feel dirty G (7)
Renter's insurance & EEO Housing xampl (24)
Anybody's kid have a nook/kindle? muppet (25)
Fun Fact: "I am Legend" is actually a collection of shorts muppet (20)
Having to use someone's API is a PITA xampl (10)
I've read half a dozen of these stories lately muppet (20)
It's 9F here right now muppet (20)
Assange's victims speak out Weevil (3)
Making money in IT, non salary Jun (19)
C Frameworks/SDK Forced to code in C (26)
December 9th, 2010
Third Test, WACA less is more (3)
Did our side-bar vanish? SaveTheHubble (2)
Trouble at mill - Assange may be thrown to the wolves trollop (7)
Pfizer blackmailed Nigerian Attorney General Weevil (5)
Online ordering Ward (5)
Don't ask don't tell lorb (11)
Sarah Palin xampl (iPhone) (4)
update on my business Scott (30)
fox news calls for assassination of journalists Weevil (2)
wikileaks: US & China formed secret alliance to destroy world Weevil (8)
Interesting concept for a movie... Wayne (6)
Should professors be allowed to teach naked? Weevil (9)
LOL - Libertarian college shuts down for want of federal funding muppet (19)
back to basics eek (15)
Displayport trollop (4)
the truth about rape in sweden Weevil (8)
What Wikileaks has done Weevil (2)
December 8th, 2010
Mark Arbib is a Traitor Weevil (6)
analysis of why Assange's condom broke Weevil (1)
Isn't COT POS award in December? Just Sayin' (5)
December again. Layoff season. Fan boy (13)
TSA Bluebeard (1)
how to fix the wikileaks domain seizure Weevil (2)
I wonder if we have to watch for attacks Bot sucks he is a big homo moron (6)
Philip Crowley is human Weevil (0)
Operation payback: Mastercard definition:Wayne Noun:fuckwit (4)
Attila, what's going on with this? not CC (11)
So I'm thinking of applying for a management gig . (12)
Friends and family keep telling me to purchase a house now befor Rick (9)
PS3 games JoC (15)
More Irony ... Nigeria charges Cheney over corruption Gozhai (1)
Assange to be convicted of new crime, made retroactive Weevil (33)
The cr-48 Bot sucks he is a big homo moron (2)
$110bn printing fuckup Gozhai (20)
peeking virtue Weevil (15)
Obama is still a smart person Bot sucks he is a big homo moron (8)
December 7th, 2010
NASA scientists deny wikileaks exists Weevil (2)
How much tax is Oprah paying? Rick Tang (1)
climate scientists deny wikileaks exists Weevil (3)
cablegate: US paid for child prostitution Weevil (5)
Most negative points on StackOverflow? Fan boy (11)
Is Obama worse than Bush? not CC (21)
I confused reddit Bot sucks he is a big homo moron (36)
is 'the cloud' right for your business? Weevil (12)
Found a worse site than techcrunch Weevil (1)
Shanghai: case study in fraudulent statistics Weevil (1)
The Rape Case Attila (14)
On Groupon Clones df (9)
What the hell is he thinking? SaveTheHubble (7)
xsan what are you readying for? (3)
Tell about co-worker Fan boy (15)
December 6th, 2010
"Principles of Scientific management" Applied to SW Development Bored Bystander (15)
never call your girlfriend fat Weevil (25)
win 7 keyboard question eek (10)
Day 5 what are you reading for? (12)
Australia seizes wikileaks maildrop Weevil (17)
Swiss seize Wikileaks assets Weevil (10)
Atheists! df (64)
Gingerbread (Android) df (10)
Security through obscurity or uncommon practice? df (41)
Interesting RC-Plane Application SaveTheHubble (0)
US plot to destroy has succeeded Weevileaks (1)
Average income/middle class part 2 Bot sucks he is a big homo moron (22)
December 5th, 2010
2nd test, day 4 eek (24)
Why do you think we pay personal income tax? Bot sucks he is a big homo moron (46)
The Factory-ization of Your Job Discuss (15)
wikileaks not wikiflood Weevil (16)
What is middle class? Bot sucks he is a big homo moron (52)
leaks show China way ahead of US in physics research Weevil (12)
Chinese censorship of the Internet xampl (iPhone) (14)
Glad I don't live here xampl (10)
How messed up is this? Fan boy (35)
How is the FBI not a terrorist organization Weevil (8)
AARG - Investments hoyza (11)
Strange things on the web Pat Downs (3)
PayPal make another cash grab Pat Downs (2)
Facebook paying $155,000 to college grads, no experience Weevil (9)
Reading Wikileaks can "get you in trouble" Weevil (4)
December 4th, 2010
The day you stop learning is the day you start dying less is more (12)
NMA does an excellent job again xampl (4)
Second Test, Day 2 what are you reading for? (20)
Should England pull out of FIFA? Pat Downs (5)
December 3rd, 2010
more about why Norway is a fascist shithole Weevil (12)
Seattle sierra (8)
Life's biggest disappointments Fan boy (7)
Jack's Antipattern Jack's tiny tip (2)
Yo momma xampl (3)
Vagenda Weevil (5)
the 'var' keyword the great purple (31)
WTF job requirement LH (14)
Tea Party says wikileaks patriots Weevil (12)
Feds want to mandate backup cameras xampl (13)
"And then stuff blew up" xampl (4)
December 2nd, 2010
Happy birthday, Tapiwa! Water Cooler v2 (3)
Would you prefer that posts to a thread "bump" them to the top? Bob (11)
Bailout was way bigger than publicized xampl (18)
Ashes turn to dust in Adelaide trollop (33)
Fabulous Floozy's jewels brutally snatched trollop (4)
scribd is stupid Weevil (3)
Newports, 2 for a dollar not CC (4)
is he talking about something specific? the great purple (31)
"Soccer" is a girls' game Pat Downs (4)
Misfits Pat Downs (0)
Thwarted by success df (27)
To Russia with Money Pat Downs (5)
awesome web app marketing site Weevil (6)
Oh Christ muppet (8)
Hey kiddo sorry I'm off fighting muppet (4)
OK Hubble, what's up? Bluebeard (10)
December 1st, 2010
Reddit is melting... Melting!!! xampl (3)
Canada vs the US Wayne (23)
Frogmouth trollop (7)
But then again OK, really Bot (5)
what are you reading now? Jizzer Supreme(tm) (11)
Fuck Joe Lieberman xampl (9)
Bot discovered by Haskell community Weevil (0)
99 weeks unemployment, looks like socialism. formerl my new fucking name bitc (58)
If Julian A. showed up at your house xampl (iPhone) (7)
Wikileaks lorb (14)
Does this already exist? Jack's snooping snort (4)
Sunflower Seeds what are you reading for? (7)
TimTam cookies xampl (iPhone) (12)
California 101 Radio - located where? Rich Tsang (2)
Cabrini-Green closes xampl (iPhone) (6)
Just ordered a Nook Color. Flasher T (18)
Wow Chuck is getting 24 episodes this season muppet (27)
Washington, Lincoln, and Obama Fan boy (13)