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December 31st, 2011
What do you use a computer for at home? Bot Berlin (7 comments)
Quora Rick Tang (17)
NDAA is law Idiot (5)
America's #1 export for 2011 Idiot (5)
Sarah adopted a calico cat named Loki muppet (12)
Isn't this a big deal? Bot Berlin (12)
one of the most beautiful music moments line noise (7)
Happy New Year COT! Matchu (8)
Thought experiment: enlightened crystal meth addicts Michael B (11)
Dazzling Michael B (1)
$200/hr debate Idiot (14)
December 30th, 2011
BEST SONG I have ever fucking heard Bot Berlin (6)
Buying a new PC .... ugh Palmer Eldritch (13)
LOL at life Rick Tang (4)
Don't you hate when this happens? crazy (5)
companies that want your social logins Idiot (12)
Little "life truths" for the stereotypical programmer CircusAttraction (19)
Sarah is still talking about that dog muppet (28)
So, pedophilia and homosexuality muppet (34)
Dealing with an unscrupulous vendor . (8)
SWTOR Canned Gods Inc. (12)
Being black in NYC df (5)
So Wayne, my moderator delete button has never worked muppet (9)
This might blow your mind on information Bot Berlin (24)
A conspiracy theory that's quite plausible Colm (14)
Ron Paul the Republican? Rick Tang (3)
muppet is back? sierra (2)
December 29th, 2011
Secret freaky CIA mind-control conspiracy that really happened Michael B (10)
What organization is so awesome Michael B (7)
Aldous Huxley's Doors of Perception Michael B (5)
Hacker News became Slashdot Rick Tang (24)
A sign of RIMs implosion df (7)
Obama vs Ron Paul Rick Tang (12)
WTF Hubble Michael B (18)
Will the € fall apart in 2012? Bluebeard (22)
aKING Bluebeard (1)
Can we require a Name for Posting?! Morons (8)
ROTFLMAO muppet (0)
LWP - stop dancing for Idiot muppet (12)
Defkalion press conference with Q & A (2)
When will Shylock disavow his racist remarks? Idiot (13)
Apologies df (4)
And when he is bad, he is horrid... Shylock (24)
Old is... xampl9 (22)
All right Michael B, I was wrong muppet (9)
Good Place / Happy hoyza (21)
GOLD still taking a pounding Kenny (39)
Causes of evil in the world Io (15)
Waves of emotions Fan boy (20)
The CCD inside my iPhone 4's camera is damaged muppet (36)
public liability insurance for self employed? Zepthammave (1)
progressives banned from travel rights Idiot (7)
December 28th, 2011
adult actress on reddit Idiot (9)
OK try this one Bot Berlin (11)
Somebody must have hacked Sartre Shylock (2)
First power-up since May 2008 xampl9 (1)
We are not really that bad. Rick Tang (3)
dick soaking Idiot (14)
I must have Downs Syndrome Michael B (5)
Poll: If Obama Stabbed a Baby, Would STH defend him? Morons (7)
So my company is looking for a new manager... Somebody (18)
I'm really starting to hate Windows 7 Shylock (20)
Steroids are to blame for everything! :/ (4)
Can you really be racist in a modern society like this? Bot Berlin (35)
When Paul is good, he's very very good Shylock (27)
It is that time of the year again Attila (4)
How many stranger's photographs are you in? xampl (iPhone) (1)
Are you happy and how do you know? Michael B (19)
Whole House Surge Arrester Question Bored Bystander (15)
Obama Chases yet another fine company out of Banking Morons (47)
Mission Impossible 4 -- Ghost Protocol -- Review SaveTheHubble (17)
Just looked at my Walgreen's receipt muppet (77)
Maybe Ron Paul is crazy Bot Berlin (5)
lol (1)
December 27th, 2011
Michio Kaku blowing my fucking mind Michael B (11)
Do people know who you really are? Bot Berlin (36)
We find ecstasy at the Michael B (6)
Tuesday boobies PigPen (8)
Steroids Wayne! (8)
Working over Christmas redux PigPen (6)
Aisle be back ... or Maria and Arnie PigPen (6)
The cynic in me says this is going to end badly PigPen (6)
Does anyone here like muppet? Rick Tang (37)
December 26th, 2011
SOPA sierra (4)
Girl with the Dragon Tattoo -- Review SaveTheHubble (9)
Fuck you hippies, I like applets Bot Berlin (10)
Happiness achieved at the top of your social group PigPen (34)
It's Tuesday! (posting from China) Idiot (10)
For Shylock Morons (1)
Sometimes my ass bleeds anon (31)
. Michael B (0)
Oh no, I'm starting to see Idiot's point Shylock (15)
Merry New Year! Anonymous MoFo (1)
How A Child Learns Michael B (5)
December 25th, 2011
Merry Christmas, CoTters muppet (58)
Merry Crimbo what are you reading for? (2)
Holiday movie marathon, request for recommendation Lee (10)
You let me down, Jewish retailers of NYC Michael B (11)
December 24th, 2011
Inviting Hacker News here PigPen (9)
Windows Vista & 7 are the stupidest operating systems, since eve MobyDobie (6)
Happiness achieved at $75,000/year Michael B (41)
Winter is so lame Michael B (18)
North Korea Subreddit Idiot (4)
My response to a recruiterq Bot Berlin (6)
Living in urbania Michael B (9)
move from developer to support? fexmachine (8)
Idiot, where are you in the world? Michael B (16)
Valium + MDMA Michael B :D (5)
What are the peak earning years in this field? Santa (8)
December 23rd, 2011
Ron Paul on Race and Justice Idiot (12)
Paint-On Solar Cells Developed Tərcümə Etmək (0)
this is why we have taxes, dumbasses fexmachine (16)
Yes, Egypt is MUCH better off without Mubarek Bored Bystander (28)
Thinner wife makes happier marriage PigPen (17)
Ron Paul's Investment Tips brone (6)
Race is obselete Rick Tang (3)
Update on my situation Cliff (10)
New York 1655 Attila (15)
I'll just get in before kiwi Bob and say trollop (8)
December 22nd, 2011
"What race are you?" Fan boy (39)
Thank you, Neighbors Fan boy (2)
Omakase xampl (iPhone) (11)
boycotting sopa supporters Idiot (16)
Trust the Cloud Idiot (10)
Obama/Senate Republicans vs House Republicans Kenny (2)
employer doesn't give us time off for Christmas and New years anonymous (30)
Presented without initial comment Bored Bystander (3)
Michael B, I apologize Palmer Eldritch (12)
Ron Paul and his racist newsletters Shylock (24)
Why do policeman still user horses? Morons (25)
THIS is CrazyOnTap SaveTheHubble (2)
Pretend you were a girl Michael B (34)
December 21st, 2011
Should police murder people and then arrest the victims family? Idiot (11)
Watch out CoT, you better not let this happen Bot Berlin (12)
Why big companies can't change xampl9 (12)
Holidays and Vacation CircusAttraction (17)
The Beginning of the End of the 9 to 5 Workday? Mike (18)
Will I regret not moving for more opportunity? dot (37)
December 20th, 2011
Potential for "The Cloud" hoyza (32)
Tuesday boobies PigPen (8)
Sigh JoC (29)
My New Years resolutions Bob. (11)
Do you like Nader as president? Bot Berlin (14)
Groupon scam gets even more silly Idiot (14)
Are you a happy person?  I have a question for you... Bob. (14)
Ron Paul is not too old to be a Congressman Bot Berlin (20)
Ron Paul is too old to be prez... Bob. (10)
interviewed at another company . (14)
A child support time-bomb waiting to happen... Bob. (4)
Can you tell the difference between Newt and a Supervillain? Peter (2)
Mitt Romney's little buddy Seamus Idiot (10)
December 19th, 2011
The underground drug culture of NYC Hasidic Jews Michael B (5)
CoT better gear up for a tidal wave of new customers trollop (5)
Women really buy this? MobyDobie (6)
REMEMBER Michael B (2)
Goodbye Dear Leader PigPen (11)
indian peasant invents foot pedaled tampon making machine Idiot (4)
Ron Paul - Candidate Idiot (24)
Newt nudes el (1)
Angry man df (11)
Managing Email (boring) what are you reading for? (8)
Isaac van Deen (for Shylock) Attila (22)
What's going on with Cliff and WayneM these days? dude (6)
Deep Thoughts with Michael B Bot Berlin (19)
December 18th, 2011
Tiling my desktop background with this Michael B (1)
If this doesn't brighten up your day you have NO SOUL Michael B (13)
finally... sierra (7)
Only in America Shylock (10)
Why women need fat Shylock (14)
Should I even bother fexmachine (4)
Jobs vs Hitchens less is more (14)
Twitter banning users who are political activists Idiot (13)
90s Gingrich Dude, you're harshing my buzz (14)
speaking of buying/selling gold Honu (2)
Would you do it even if it killed you? Michael B :D (12)
What do you do for lunch when you're at work? dude (12)
Viewed in action during afternoon stroll trollop (8)
Before psychedelic drugs Michael B :D (7)
December 17th, 2011
Drawbacks of working in a quiet location Jim (8)
TED: 5 mindshifting talks on happiness Michael B (4)
Another take on Hitchens Shylock (8)
66% efficiency solar coming. Maybe. Idiot (14)
The internet's destiny is Michael B (4)
How does this job opportunity sound? anon (8)
Saturday morning in the life of... Michael B (15)
Groningen 1940 Attila (5)
Tamil song with NSFW lyrics. Matchu (4)
Introducing order to chaos Somebody (13)
My economic rant Quant (14)
Hitchen's last article for Vanity Fair before he died Bluebeard (0)
Missed calls Idiot (2)
December 16th, 2011
DNS caching Idiot (16)
Just to clarify again: Rich Tsang != Rick Tang line noise (8)
Two deaths from brain-eating amoeba linked to sinus remedy Mike (6)
This is actually a lot of fun... Wayne! (7)
His name is Mudd JoC (0)
Today's Dilbert Idiot (4)
"Reasonable" doubts Rick Tang (2)
Glad I don't have to attend any company dinners or parties Joe (8)
Congress and hurt feelings Idiot (1)
The best cities for tech jobs Mike (27)
Fukushima declared to be in "Cold Shutdown" SaveTheHubble (20)
Ugh my sinuses are completely dry in the morning this time of yr dude (7)
What's up with RIM? Kenny (29)
Vitamin D deficiency Michael B (4)
Paul: "You psychotic fuckers are genocidal fundamentalists" Idiot (6)
Anyone watch Unsolved Mysteries back in the day? Robert Stack (9)
Work's goals Fan boy (15)
Hitchens goes to meet his maker trollop (17)
Bot's hero, dead Idiot (49)
December 15th, 2011
Linux support applications developer (11)
Rossi designs a boat PigPen (6)
Iran reveals drone hack Idiot (14)
Republican debate Idiot (26)
incest is best wtf Idiot (15)
yet another product launch doomed for failure पूरा नाम (14)
economy doing better than ever before in history Idiot (0)
sigh... JoC (1)
Beautiful Wilderness in an unlikely place Shylock (2)
Iraq war officially over xampl9 (14)
Occupy Wall Street declared terrorist organization Idiot (10)
Obama bad Idiot (6)
Food bank + Ramen xampl9 (15)
IRS Io (12)
Would you ever move for a job? dude (27)
MySQL vs. Oracle Shylock (33)
Krugman smacks Paul down Shylock (11)
"It was a computer error" Fan boy (13)
Java Rap! Bluebeard (2)
Rate everything with Jotly Idiot (4)
If Ron Paul doesn't get a chance Bot Berlin (11)
Giant plumes of methane bubbling to surface of Arctic Ocean Bluebeard (7)
dealing with management crazy (8)
Hallmark Stores have Everything... Bored Bystander (1)
December 14th, 2011
strangely depressed the great purple (15)
Chinese cyber-war xampl9 (2)
Gmail cert error JoC (7)
stupid 1 line noise (12)
Republic of Wadiya Idiot (2)
I made Time's 2011 Man of the Year! Idiot (7)
Oracle wizards... JoC (26)
Ability to multitask is decreasing CircusAttraction (14)
Nice Reconstructions Attila (3)
How does Radio Shack stay in business? Mike (15)
open plan office vs. cubicles in a quiet location . for this (14)
New Spam: "ACH payment failure report" Bored Bystander (0)
Gold at $1610 = buying opportunity? Kenny (8)
Men's fashion - clown shoes Mountain_Dewd (25)
Back pain MobyDobie (16)
The Greatest law to ever be passed has been passed! Morons (13)
when your boss tells you this Joe (17)
Freakonomics bad Idiot (16)
December 13th, 2011
Bypassing the labels Idiot (8)
Dr. H's Butter deficiency Idiot (6)
Killing yourself off of facebook Michael B (17)
Some people are not an Facebook Idiot (4)
Michael, this is for you JoC (3)
For those download a lot of files, how do you store them? Bob. (9)
Tuesday boobies PigPen (4)
God particle coming out of the closet... Bluebeard (3)
This company says "you're hired!" after ONE phone interview Michael B (27)
So I started applying for jobs awhile back anon (10)
It's Tuesday :P Io (1)
Williams Idiot (24)
Grenadier in Belgium Idiot (18)
Haha JoC (2)
Would you take a job if you were underpaid if you had perks? Joe (23)
Heisenberg was wrong Idiot (7)
Thinking security? Thinking Blackwater? trollop (10)
Canada: Global warming is a scam, fuck it Idiot (6)
I'm listening to the same tune over and over Bluebeard (9)
December 12th, 2011
Don't delete Hindi posts please Idiot (8)
Last night I dropped acid and... [fixed] Michael B (8)
I am not seeking forgiveness Shylock (0)
Burn After Reading: most realistic spy movie ever? Michael B (6)
Chrome becoming an OS Idiot (1)
VA Tech shooting: yet another massacre caused by video games Idiot (0)
CIA was behind CarrierIQ Idiot (5)
Good reason to boycott JoC (8)
close one ... eek (1)
My friends are becoming more cynical with age Michael B (12)
How come I'm never offered delete links? Michael B (11)
beyond index Idiot (11)
Graphic Novels Shylock (8)
Countdown Io (0)
Just launched my latest pet project bbingo (16)
Hugo -- Movie review SaveTheHubble (8)
Shylock and Retrohipster deleted a perfectly innocent post Dr. Horrorwitz (14)
Meetings at work are starting to be in Hindi all the time Angry Milton (23)
I'll be working from home today xampl9 (7)
So they are making a sequel to Top Gun? Mike (8)
December 11th, 2011
Ad Block to be improved: won't block ads Idiot (20)
Not so bad JoC (1)
for the few here who like UFO stuff.. Morons (2)
wrestling with my mortality worldsSmallestViolin (25)
Problems in SO land xampl9 (2)
Masonic Temple Fan boy (4)
Hungarian folk dance is such a slow programming language Peter (0)
Dr. Horrorwitz what do you do with that hunk of iron? Spectatortot (23)
/////moyo Go STudio line noise (26)
Flickr Pro Account vs. Cheep VPS + Gallery Software? Bored Bystander (9)
US fight to keep oil prices high Dr. Horrorwitz (9)
Fuzzy deduping mp3s Michael B (2)
I'm becoming as cynical and jaded as Bored Bystander dude (19)
Moving to the countryside df (21)
What I've been doing the past 24 hours Dr. Horrorwitz (8)
Can I get some kind of kudos for DoSing Dr. Horrorwitz? Michael B (4)
Last night I dropped acid and.., Michael B (56)
December 10th, 2011
Austin salaries high, you guys still live there? Idiot (12)
Partially soothing my email paranoia Michael B (7)
VA tech shooter was gregarious christian football player Idiot (2)
article about developers being worth investing in was wrong Idiot (34)
Santacon is out of control Michael B (1)
Your torrents line noise is an Idiot (7)
we are watching you Idiot (2)
Candidate support by billionaires Idiot (8)
hardcore marxist rant Idiot (4)
December 9th, 2011
SQL Queries returning results in different order Fan boy (19)
I'd hit that not tuesday? (4)
What in this Universe/Life is important? Bot Berlin (33)
Thong Thursdays to complement Boobie Tuesdays PigPen (11)
So I guess I'm living an unhealthy lifestyle dude (6)
HP plans to open source WebOS Wayne! (3)
Hey programmers.... Big Mama Joe (21)
Whoa this place is just like the Joel on Software forum Mike (39)
Ultimate Warrior to return to wrestling after 15 years LOL (3)
If you are taking a vacatioin day somebody sends you an email Joe (10)
Manager aptitude test Io (21)
new methodology Idiot (26)
China happy US copying its technology Idiot (0)
Keith Richards xampl9 (0)
Structuring your day/week to be the most productive... Cliff (5)
Teeth JoC (11)
Shall I buy another half kilo of gold? Dr. Horrorwitz (49)
So I ran the idea for my project to a couple of good friends OneWhoKnows (14)
New Ron Paul ad (hilarious) Idiot (2)
So I think I'll buy some headphones dude (20)
I'm not ashamed to talk about my faith Idiot (8)
Welcome Joel to CrazyOnTap Bot Berlin (7)
December 8th, 2011
The right way to drink at parties with associates Michael B (22)
Daddy gave CoT a shoutout... triple-dot (from my iPhone) (26)
Huffpo has an odd understanding of "survives" Ariana (6)
Trolling MobyDobie (12)
My Pension Fund goes after the subprime mortgage cheaters Attila (19)
Automatic garbage collection Michael B (25)
Stupid misspellings xampl9 (3)
Iran blew up 34 NATO trucks in Pakistan Dr. Horrorwitz (0)
Iran hacked hyperadvanced spy drone down Dr. Horrorwitz (47)
the poor are the true job creators the great purple (9)
latest shootings Idiot (29)
The interweb JoC (3)
Is all Business Advice obvious? CircusAttraction (7)
LOL, Gorbachev comes out of the woodwork to tell Putin to .... Big Mama Joe (0)
Job offer to CoT readers Dr. Horrorwitz (10)
What type of work environment do you prefer? dude (22)
Lolita Invents Cancer Cure Dr. Horrorwitz (7)
Malaysian Computing professionals... Idiot (23)
Just Be Friends Idiot (11)
FEMA internment camps staffing for OWS round ups Idiot (17)
What's Arlington's beef with the I-95? trollop (4)
"And you're only immortal, for a limited time. " worldsSmallestViolin (15)
Wakeup Michael worldsSmallestViolin (2)
I did it! I can finally downvote people on HN worldsSmallestViolin (12)
"I'm a regular, highly-ranked Stackoverflow poster" worldsSmallestViolin (10)
It is sometimes reported that victims of a Michael B (10)
December 7th, 2011
Lilota trollop (1)
It looks like Michael B is fell off the wagon again.. Morons (8)
Suppose you woke up right now Michael B (8)
What happens when your Google+ profile Michael B (0)
Why do we like music? Michael B (9)
Bill Gates is developing nuclear weapon in China Idiot? (3)
Follow-Up to half life of a tech worker: The Jimmy Buffet Life! hoyza (4)
Programming is sublime joy Michael B (5)
Download's damage control trollop (6)
Mythbusters accidentally shell a house xampl9 (8)
Occupy Wall Street people pick a house at random and Steal it. Morons (22)
Do you people respect Joel from joelonsoftware? dude (22)
MSMBC report on Rossi being invited by US government Dr. Horrorwitz (11)
Is it true that managers like to promote people less competent? Joe (21)
University Of Maryland Fuel Cell scores SaveTheHubble (1)
Now you've done it. SaveTheHubble (6)
Wednesday Furry . (6)
I finally am ready to start on a new software venture OneWhoKnows (16)
Fruits, vegetables and cognitive improvements  (3min video) Michael B (5)
December 6th, 2011
Open mindedness test Michael B (16)
Putin wins with 99.48% of the vote Idiot (3)
New Blog Post - The Jimmy Buffet Life hoyza (15)
The best internet fads of 2011 Idiot (1)
Jobs on Jobs Idiot (14)
Inbreds need love too PigPen (9)
feds clamping down on bloggers Idiot (25)
American Slave State Idiot (19)
Threatened by Outsourcing? SaveTheHubble (4)
Driving while foreign arrests in Alabama SaveTheHubble (19)
Having a boob-job?  Then don't smoke. SaveTheHubble (2)
When you start losing your hair.... . (22)
When geeks allow themselves to be bullied Big Mama Joe (13)
Sitting is Killing You Squatter (8)
what is in south carolina? Idiot (8)
Tuesday boobies PigPen (4)
What do we know about Idiot? Bob. (29)
So much for Sweden PigPen (21)
corporations using open source to distribute malware Idiot (6)
ok, which of you guys is lakirisoft? hoyza (1)
December 5th, 2011
At present, Developers are the only Gold Standard Idiot (16)
If it is yellow... Fan boy (1)
Big Daddy Commented on my article! hoyza (8)
I do not like this JoC (8)
Uhm JoC (5)
Would you dye your hair xampl9 (14)
Why People Riot Idiot (9)
Need a CoT Wiki... Bored Bystander (1)
School board member takes standardized 10th grade test battery Idiot (11)
Ouch df (5)
The part of society that needs more technology is... df (17)
IT management is the most thankless, horrible job on the planet Joe (10)
xampl, seen this Bot Berlin (3)
Supercar Pileup in Japane SaveTheHubble (11)
December 4th, 2011
"I was being a nice guy." Idiot (10)
Postal service committing suicide Idiot (22)
snuff video (sorta) Idiot (4)
racism in IT Idiot (20)
Jerks who don't capitalize Fan boy (19)
So this guy at work was asking me to do his homework for him... anon for this (53)
Because none of you lazy fucks would do it…. Morons (29)
With Cain out, Ron Paul polls at #2 Idiot (15)
10 years to actually learn bash Bot Berlin (7)
Drugs shouldn't be legal Michael B (14)
Delusional programmer test Michael B (31)
Is there any more proof necessary that the drug war is insane? Shylock (5)
Thumbscrews on Pakistan Dr. Horrorwitz (6)
Flash mob at mumbai Matchu (1)
One simple reason why I don't believe in e-cap Bob. (14)
tagline eek (2)
Ghostery Fucking Rocks! Idiot (12)
December 3rd, 2011
Wireless transmission question Michael B (31)
Trump the Debate idot (0)
Dubstep Michael B (9)
I am not asian idot (5)
Fringe sucks this season Idiot (3)
floating rape ships of death Idiot (7)
Matt Heusser writes that when he went to work for Google..... Cliff (20)
Herman Cain is out Bot Berlin (6)
Common knowledge Io (7)
How to reconstruct shredded files Dr. Horrorwitz (19)
Director vetoes idea, says "we're not an IT company" anon for this (23)
Is it harder today to stand out as being smart? Fan boy (43)
December 2nd, 2011
14% graduation rate xampl9 (4)
Do you believe in mental illness? Michael B (40)
Chrome overtakes Firefox Rick Tang (5)
Russian dirty bomb strike now inevitable. MS (10)
Java Kenny (4)
Quick mod rewrite question MobyDobie (12)
An intelligent way to play the lottery Shylock (18)
I need to remember to log out of Google(+) Michael B (6)
I guess SE is having some difficulty selling there ad space.. Morons (1)
Why can't it be Ron Paul Shylock (36)
Fucking two faced Democrats PigPen (10)
C# book is so bad someone has published a 46 page errata Ducknald Don (13)
Ron Paul's extreme antisemitism dooms his campaign Idiot (15)
Michigan Works! Except when it doesn't hoyza (23)
December 1st, 2011
Find His Porn! Wayne! (19)
Only in Colorado... Peter (5)
US Attny Genrl: "Patriots report illegal music downloaders" Idiot (9)
wikileaks not as dead as imagined Idiot (8)
Battlefield 3 df (19)
E=MC2 isn't "quantum relativity" stuff but Newtonian Dr. Horrorwitz (6)
My sister won't eat at buffet restaraunts Fan boy (29)
kucinich eek (3)
Defkalion admits stealing Rossi's tech Dr. Horrorwitz (30)