RIP Philo

December 31st, 2012
Internet access while traveling through Canada? Fan boy (13 comments)
Happy New Year! Quant (18)
New iTunes xampl9 (4)
i was in a party EXXPO (30)
OWS Bomb Plot #3 Morons (26)
Seven police job applicants die during fitness tests Io (5)
Will this forum still be here next Dec? Fan boy (16)
December 30th, 2012
The Old Bark School less is more (8)
Husband pushes wife overboard - blames her drinking less is more (2)
study finds voters are stupid Idiot (0)
something worse than asbestos found Idiot (7)
The best music on Earth Dr. Horrorwitz (21)
French constitutional council rejects 75% tax Io (16)
Less Miserable Fan boy (5)
The Hobbit in HFR and 3D Fan boy (2)
The shirt lady Dan (5)
BizSpark df (8)
December 29th, 2012
RIP Peter Parker. Morons (15)
analytics visits eek (5)
how to stab your boss in the back my plan (4)
developing for ios/android eek (6)
Kwanzaa Fan boy (14)
My careeer plans for next year Io (10)
I can program anything Dr. Horrorwitz (45)
Crime, Justice, Media Hype, Mob Hysteria, Trolls and Politicians forThis.Anon (5)
Connecticut Shooting Lawsuit Idiot (6)
Rape victim dies Idiot (24)
December 28th, 2012
Those Barely in Top Brackets Brace for a Hit huh? (8)
What is with you Brits? Fan boy (16)
Oh dear. They don't want him back PigPen (8)
Facts vs Hollywood less is more (4)
Armstrong declines to appeal less is more (4)
So I need some more career advice, can you help? Clyde (6)
What drug cocktail for common cold treatment? Michael B (31)
100k euro per day alimony Io (8)
For all the libertarians out there Shylock, not Denman (26)
So Many A-Holes here. Morons (8)
First month of new budget: completely on target muppet (11)
December 27th, 2012
what fucking planet FI (10)
heyday huh? (0)
RIP General Norman Schwarzkopf huh? (18)
Reply doesn't always work xampl9 (4)
The Schwan's Solution hoyza (5)
Indian gang rape victim "kills self" Idiot (28)
Big Data and guns Shylock, not Denman (12)
solar overhead costs Idiot (12)
Got my kid an iPad for Christmas Bluebeard (15)
Gerbil Startup wayrf? (work) (4)
Any help for Clyde, he's got a job situation. R. (1)
Who knows you more, Rick Tang on Nexus S (6)
December 26th, 2012
If I ain't mistaking it's written by an old acquaintance. huh? (11)
most viewed page on Wikipedia 2012 lemonhead (3)
Sex with a sheep EXXPO (16)
Infographic wanted less is more (7)
If you like a good whinge, you'll enjoy this less is more (11)
The war in Syria Dan (1)
Media praises paywalls as success; Shylock awarded Idiot (5)
I find being a good employee easy, but a good lover hard Michael B (14)
Thunderbirds creator Gerry Anderson dies aged 83 less is more (4)
Not sure what I think about this Shylock (3)
career advice/job offer question Clyde (49)
medical device excise tax Idiot (4)
Somebody's been listening to me Shylock, not Denman (24)
state machines are nothing more than a way to hide goto Scott (26)
Kalashnikov hospitalized Io (3)
December 25th, 2012
Catholic activists Idiot (1)
remote PCs eek (125)
+1 to Dice.Com's new Report Jobs Feature Morons (7)
Happy Christmas to you all Dan (1)
Proudly Presenting on a Tuesday Like Them Brazen (10)
December 24th, 2012
Christmas surprise: India cops helping rape victims Idiot (13)
Japan could make a nuke in 6 months - 10 y ago.. Dr. Horrorwitz (6)
Chinese laser guns bigger than US ones Dr. Horrorwitz (1)
How smart are you again? what are you reading for? (48)
CGI hedgehods in The Hobbit Quant (7)
Wet Christmas Lodewijk. (11)
happy new year EXXPO (0)
Ok, I'll concede--the US is a police state Shylock, not Denman (43)
uPlay, Origin, Windows Live Gaming df (0)
asteroid station coming. maybe. Idiot (3)
US is depopulating Idiot (24)
December 23rd, 2012
mass murder in india Idiot (19)
As if driving one did not already make you look like a twat PigPen (8)
Power supply Auntie Idiot (4)
"hyperinflation is good for you" Idiot (17)
drone defense! Idiot (7)
real time analytics eek (6)
Anyone Seen the Cover of Time Magazine (Obama man of the year)? Mëtäl Ümläüt (5)
Too hot to work PigPen (16)
Dr Pepper Dan (22)
Please Vote Morons (9)
Piers Morgan is a tool PigPen (9)
Steve Jobs wife is a conniving bitch! Idiot (3)
December 22nd, 2012
Woman injured while having sex on work trip can sue employer Quant (5)
cause of teen violence discovered Idiot (5)
An observation about conservative vs progressive cultures Mëtäl Ümläüt (3)
Political jokes Io (3)
So when is the next doomsday... Bill42x (4)
Beware facebook/twitter/etc. avatars. brone (8)
December 21st, 2012
3 Fatally Shot By Gunman In Rural Area gunbot (4)
Quit your Job II hoyza (10)
Tell me again why the fiscal cliff is bad...? Kenny (9)
wisdom from PigPen: More money? Move. lemonhead (14)
runing your code in VS2010 Honu (8)
IP clauses in employment contracts . (18)
Unfathomably awkward df (16)
fucking hate git... dave (12)
Also, it's time for some popular jargon changes muppet (19)
So, what happened to Obama's willingness to go over the cliff? muppet (12)
Private vs public schooling Io (11)
Christmas day on my own... Leaf (11)
Delivery Service Idiot (16)
happy doomsday Idiot (23)
December 20th, 2012
first north korean video game Idiot (1)
the truth about MySpace Idiot (8)
The "Real" Commander Sinclair is Dead Bored Bystander (3)
I like the way you die, boy! PigPen (12)
Father jailed for Michigan school chemical attack PigPen (4)
What has changed in Java since 2010? Quant (27)
Just when you think Canadians have their shit together... Shylock, not Denman (10)
guns coming for teachers Idiot (19)
December 19th, 2012
No assault weapons Bot Berlin (29)
Worst name for a company Shylock, not Denman (6)
VoIP office experiment Rich Tsang (11)
IQ is a myth Idiot (10)
apocalyptic beer Idiot (0)
guns in england Idiot (36)
breast fondling Idiot (5)
Application for 3D printing Shylock, not Denman (4)
DIY AK47 Idiot (5)
Now Harper gets emotional about school shooting Quote (1)
A quick survey: which type of manager do you work for? Tim (15)
Turning down a job offer Clyde (35)
The Two Types of Programmers Io (15)
End of the World party xampl9 (7)
After doing interview training Bot Berlin (9)
Westboro Baptist Church is staying at a Motel 6 down the street muppet (14)
Modern Poetry Shylock, not Denman (5)
Cliché Lodewijk. (9)
gone are the days when internet exploder was the villain. eek (3)
No country for young gals Quant (7)
Have big mouth. Now owe $5million PigPen (4)
Michael Moore Quote Quote (12)
Making a lateral move: Part 2 Clyde (4)
December 18th, 2012
Were those children collateral damage from the 2nd amendment? Andrew B. (27)
Massive increase in youth homelessness under Obama Idiot (10)
Shooter ruins for people with Asperger Bot Berlin (7)
arresting the police Idiot (6)
Anonymous Posts Westboro Church Members' Personal Information "Who am I, and why am I here?" (3)
Bang Bang EXXPO (6)
When someone sets out to kill .... PigPen (5)
My new years solutions 2011 & 2012 Bob. (13)
Sandy Hook muppet (7)
Old co-worker is asking me for help with his coding anon for this (24)
Start up Silicon Valley Bill42x (15)
What is a good marginal tax rate ShyK (23)
Armchair tourism trollop (4)
Question for Canadians Shylock (11)
US citizen makes it onto Aus cigarette pack less is more (2)
Just sent this email to the superintendent of schools in my town muppet (37)
I can't tell if these guys are trolls or schizophrenics muppet (14)
Small Change to Instagram User Agreement Idiot (2)
Banning semiautomatic rifles Idiot (36)
Does it ever make sense to make a lateral move? Clyde (22)
Are you a psycho if you don't notice the drone strikes Bot Berlin (7)
December 17th, 2012
WTF is going on with Amazon Bot Berlin (1)
murder-suicide in California City gun bot (0)
murder-suicide: Kalamazoo couple found dead in their home gun bot (0)
3 arrested in Slidell drive-by shooting gun bot (0)
Police fatally shoot suspected killer of 2 cops gun bot (0)
1 dead, 2 wounded in Lucedale shooting gun bot (0)
Gunman shoots 1 in Texas movie theater parking lot gun bot (0)
2 die in murder-suicide at Excalibur hotel-casino gun bot (0)
Mall shooting gun bot (7)
Only black Senator is Republican Bot Berlin (47)
Say a prayer for the kids killed in drone attacks Bot Berlin (8)
Let's Blame Mental Illness... Herp Derp (13)
mass hysteria hits globe as Mayan apocalypse looms Idiot (2)
Meetings Bot Berlin (1)
Asterix & Obelix now English and Belgian respectively PigPen (19)
Sociopath old boss wants me to work for him again . (11)
Reports of a suspicious man in black with a rifle muppet (4)
Lame duck sociopath boss muppet (2)
Coin Jars df (22)
performance reviews the great purple (27)
Sarah got a Wii U muppet (22)
Look, it's still too soon for this, but the gun argument muppet (96)
if you really want to know what may be contributing ... eek (5)
no more school shootings for Texas Idiot (9)
Idiot when he was 9 years old. Rick Tang on Nexus S (7)
How fat is fat? Idiot (6)
counter protests in CT Idiot (1)
December 16th, 2012
I'm Going to Try an Idiot Style Post... rich dude (5)
I'm Going to Try an Idiot Style Post... Bored Bystander (3)
Diagnosing Idiot (6)
Idiot is a true psychopath MS (8)
Mental Health Idiot (15)
Bloomberg: Obama Needs To Make Guns His ‘No. 1 Agenda’ lemonhead (14)
Best Prank ever.. Morons (4)
Thinking the Unthinkable lemonhead (17)
Neti pots rule NPR (9)
Have they started with the why yet with the shooter Bot Berlin (3)
let's blame the parents Idiot (7)
December 15th, 2012
So, how's this better with Hubble gone? Rice Britchard (21)
Oregon Mass Murderer Idiot (5)
life and travels of an idea lemonhead (1)
professional slapping assistants needed Idiot (8)
Heard at the Whataburger xampl9 (iPhone) (2)
Had a hangover weekend Bot Berlin (9)
Drink water when you are thirsty, not to make you more healthy Fan boy (11)
Salt, we misjudged you. Fan boy (35)
The Hobbit Fan boy (10)
December 14th, 2012
Drone kiling statistics NPR (9)
gun shopping this weekend NPR (24)
the onion nails it the great purple (9)
America the land opportunity Moshe van koskesh (35)
alternate solution to school shooting problem lemonhead (11)
solution to school shooter problem Idiot (22)
Fizzbuzz Test - Would Hiring Parties Really Take it Seriously? Bored Bystander (55)
Two schoolclasses killed, not one.. Dr. Horrorwitz (7)
Canadian killers Idiot (2)
My crawler Dr. Horrorwitz (37)
Repeal the 2nd Amendment Shylock, not Denman (25)
What you could benefit from Traffic Control Sydney Harry Bon (4)
What an asshole Bot Berlin (5)
Software gone bad (or maybe, good?) Andrew B. (3)
The STEM job market nowadays impresses me as barren dude (10)
Gun culture df (86)
A thought Io (7)
CoT superfood Dan (1)
December 13th, 2012
First nations' perspective on Christianity Moshe van koskesh (16)
John Mcafee Bot Berlin (23)
US soldiers raped small boys and filmed it Idiot (7)
US convicted of war crimes Idiot (9)
cracked rib eek (2)
A degree in Information Systems is an "unwanted degree" dude (32)
Syrian commedy Dan (6)
The war in Syria Dan (4)
Fuckin' phone companies Io (9)
Developers off in their own world xampl9 (30)
This is just cool Shylock (3)
So I wrote a book MobyDobie (4)
Where is London? Dan (17)
CoT superfood logic choice Dan (4)
Russia Says Assad Losing Control, Rebel Victory Possible Dan (11)
Absurd military spending Fan boy (10)
December 12th, 2012
Happy 12/12/12 Fan boy (3)
Inappropriate things on the break room whiteboard. Fan boy (4)
US military perks Idiot (6)
distorted smells NPR (6)
Bane Idiot (5)
It is an interesting topic Bot Berlin (8)
My redundancy ctd. Quant (33)
A daily dose of diet Dan (5)
Google image in US censored Dr. Horrorwitz (7)
McAfee extradited to the US Dr. Horrorwitz (0)
UFO over China - many witnesses and other photos Dr. Horrorwitz (12)
90% of the top posts in "What's Hot" on Google+ df (8)
Is MySpace still accepting members? NPR (9)
Wikipedia as first reference? Fan boy (22)
Pope tweets! Bill42x (6)
Is the Earth fucked Bill42x (5)
This living woman’s dad fought in the American Civil War Mike (13)
    reattymen (0)
Bored Bystander, did you post this on dude (20)
December 11th, 2012
All I want for Christmas is... Fan boy (21)
GMail outage root cause Rick Tang on Nexus S (2)
Right to work bitches Bot Berlin (10)
Interesting take on Napoleon in Russia Shylock, not Denman (13)
Who would make a better politician? Bot Berlin (8)
ACL Live in 2013 xampl9 (5)
White British people are a minority in London: census Dan (18)
CRT nostalgia brone (23)
Anyone ever just beat the crap out of a late paying customer? Tenebrus (13)
China To start an H1B program, not enough local talent. Morons (8)
Another holiday week .. SAP Guy (7)
People here will like this I predict.. Troglodyte (9)
Tungsten Bar endemic Idiot (80)
December 10th, 2012
Australian Police: Use Apple Maps at your own risk Morons (6)
Windows7 is snappy Bot Berlin (6)
Proof the daily mail are scumbags Colm (20)
Should I transition into software or stay in IT? Tim (24)
Gmail outage what are you reading for? (11)
Good job, U-Verse muppet (14)
The war in Syria Dan (13)
December 9th, 2012
average age of TV viewers Idiot (21)
Latest iMaps Intrigue Idiot (3)
Facebook & spam xampl9 (2)
Which states spend the most on education? Idiot (9)
What is the problem here ? (20)
alcohol states for europe Idiot (15)
Treaty could potentially undermine American sovereignty. lemonhead (12)
Should Korean musicians be allowed to talk politics? Idiot (7)
December 8th, 2012
Windows 8 Bluebeard (6)
New fast food concepts from around the world xampl9 (38)
Egyptians win Colm (4)
Thanks for clearing this up Shylock, not Denman (25)
Dates Bot Berlin (4)
sharing is caring Idiot (4) less is more (2)
Recycle Bin Fan boy (8)
Ceramic Knives Fan boy (3)
LIfe of PI Fan boy (4)
December 7th, 2012
US preparing to attack Syria Idiot (5)
Video from Dr. H's basement reddit reporter (6)
driving eye dogs Idiot (1)
Do you still have an employer match for your 401k? John Steinbeck (12)
i18n testin- ‘Øredev  Gärtner Malmö’  你好,我的朋 hoyza (19)
Rough working for the Royals Idiot (13)
Anyone doing weed tourism to Washington? Bot Berlin (29)
I bought a flip phone NPR (23)
Japanese Heritage Day Idiot (1)
Feds criminalize saying someone under influence of moon Idiot (11)
December 6th, 2012
The R word Kenny (24)
I am having a really bad day Bot Berlin (26)
transplant recipient flips to DNA of donor Idiot (6)
Jim DeMint Taking the Revolving Door SaveTheHubble (5)
Made redundant yesterday Quant (25)
25% off df (1)
100% of propagandists are annoying SaveTheHubble (5)
86% of murderers are Democrats? Bot Berlin (6)
75% of serial killers vote Republican Bill42x (10)
The numbers: Bot Berlin (9)
I don't understand why Republicans are down on taxes Bot Berlin (12)
I have to buy at least something once a day Bot Berlin (7)
Home Depot Games Fan boy (21)
Assad Preparing to Gas his Own people Morons (25)
I have discovered EverNote is completely insecure DanX31 (7)
Into The Abyss (Hertzog film) Bill42x (9)
Ah, the "Golden Age" less is more (8)
Tanks deployed in Cairo Colm (10)
average IT wages don't rise lemonhead (9)
GTFO: What skills are most in demand these days? lemonhead (29)
December 5th, 2012
Syria legalizes gay marriage Idiot (3)
reddit .... lemonhead (8)
light bulbs Idiot (33)
There you go, have to raise taxes on the top earners Bot Berlin (31)
innovation at facebook Idiot (7)
Real life data point on social media and what to watch for Mëtäl Ümläüt (29)
Indian Govt approvies 51% FDI in multi brand retail Matchu (8)
Liquid Syria dose of diet Dan (1)
The war in Syria Sunub De Koskesh (1) muppet (23)
This is well "Dan" Sunub De Koskesh (1)
just say it ... "President Palin" lemonhead (20)
December 4th, 2012
Not just taxes Bot Berlin (18)
We were all right, just misunderstood Rick Tang on Nexus S (4)
How to Be 'Talent' hoyza (10)
China planning Mars colony Idiot (25)
Syria and Sarin Bill42x (10)
Just a Lonely Jew... at Christmas... Merry F!@&(ing Christmas... Mëtäl Ümläüt (12)
Need to GTFO....what are the next steps? IT dude (27)
Saint Nicholas Io (5)
When gamers retire xampl9 (iPhone) (6)
Are Jellyfish the key to immortality? Morons (6)
Microsoft doing it again SaveTheHubble (8)
CoT voting on the most important issue Dan (26)
How Immature Mëtäl Ümläüt (1)
Suddenly you now have Autism Wayne (20)
December 3rd, 2012
McAfee's Exif Idiot (3)
It's official: I'm as bad as a Nazi Quant (17)
The war in Syria Dan (3)
This keto crap Bot Berlin (8)
nice article on 2013 tech crash Idiot (6)
The war in Syria Dan (4)
Conspiracy Theories Crisis of Salad (9)
Is there any way to fix a dysfunctional environment? IT dude (25)
The war in Syria Dan (13)
visual studio - don't do this ... eek (6)
Would this be possible in the USA? Quant (3)
Nobody is asking you to pay more wayrf? (4)
Terror in school Dan (4)
Incubust trollop (2)
France and Britain denounce Jews Idiot (16)
Annoyance of the day: The indecipherable "half an explanation" Mëtäl Ümläüt (17)
December 2nd, 2012
New Math Idiot (19)
How did all the stupid end up at HP? xampl9 (13)
NSA Whistleblower: Everyone in US under surveillance reddit reporter (9)
Window 8, OCD neighbor, and other thoughts Fan boy (8)
I am a child of a Billionaire, AMAA reddit reporter (11)
Question to Moshe van koskesh Dan (13)
End of days here in Ga Bot Berlin (10)
researching a US company anon for this (17)
America attacked Bot Berlin (11)
December 1st, 2012
This is the sort of Middle Eastern country we defend. Meh (3)
Bread preservation trollop (13)
untrained pilots flying drones in civilian airspace Idiot (11)
The war in Syria Dan (16)
Two biggest issues in the US Bot Berlin (11)
Personal Dreams, Powerball and Lottery, and "the 47%" Mickey Mouse Al Qaeda Consulting (51)
Tablets suck Io (25)
Severina Vučković Matchu (4)
how romney almost stole the election Idiot (7)